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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 19, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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a t sherd: nigh schorlsnt nceld, filie hforc to stay ndoo he: aghch m el f vs.ierco b st ay oo thehi a marmld.s. b heml newearcat tome the missri m who wotrc trunk ande he loster ss mhonknd st bab buthis tim invtigars ce ab with buis warnt.imnv ga c toght,hat lice and th the far . e sing toboutt,t cethisnd srch.he f sgutis sh. pluspracce i eingnd it jus autime usac i eg forhe big itus ae me. tonit, gtingeadyoror tig fit pih ofhe orld. ni gngdy t sers fipiofld ght re it. t i l. angood eningrom bch adiujust aboan oneodour engmwa b now fm iuamstboner one e ho tea w f cdina ting tne angeho feam texn c naat's teen g t daryndge f dexzzly d co and'sn wind d dy in dly cond st. uis d tnd w dthersn not ing getnyette th . s t werotorectersalli fg et te te erates iththe per 4.ecrsli f oppi int the 'steat ie r durg 4 th
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pi gamnte 30ile-r-ho win.urg th 45amile- r-ho30e-ho gusin. thaton'takehingny e-ho eaer f theus pitaters.'t e ng the mou t.j ea f wilhen fothe rangits as.inst heheou.j cds'ilfocee ng a strisarpeer. wils los gamwo o c the' rld seriepe las. ear lsos aaminst o heeiantrom n dranccoieas randonig he ast isoing ntm nc digesng what goi to hpen. at oio tirs bab hn fn. ti meareab f meowr reasedn ppose la nig andeaheri's owputire speed hou thr pghse t la ig ndght d toughrihe morng tiyingpeo troukhrown t t t thighery or daerou wilngife.trkn wehi hye ce phodaouil vide. tt show what aweearso b hce ahoearid
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t wa erin righowup tat a ars roa bnd r nofar om a pol ewaingh car t a oa dome new phonosr austolominar in owe sewwingome hohetin animsead the in snge ound you n se im beas andd heionsnd nd u setigeeand the. ns al sawle outn t gra ge dhe the alud slefterut pol te hra to sh t th withhe hdguner andol h evo high owershthitifle h thun all hndpenein t evig town oerle th llnesvle hnehio. t it'sow obout0 mis etf svo. 's ut coluus.mi eere vestatorsay e gu whran thi lu. e story gunima l pservwhnhi lock the cagpene tirma prv pe fre ckheheagne all then killperell himlf.n more llhan anilsim esc.ed. d by here teolicn otni sc th.e, i was byuite ticcene. th ias >> ate oicernes gotut o the cruirs, ere ere a ani olserot ohe nnin ui, eeooseutsini o t fenc aina. hadsesi teputs th ncad t a sot ad anals th tirut sidthrms a t s clos ange.ans t thatid how vsatil a thi os situioge was .at ow areot v talilngbouthi tu yras re alrmaleverut day houat or y do thes alerayou a 300round benldo
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es tige thawe he ha a to00 putndenl gedownha h ha o sherd: utimalxper jk haa wn he: aler j say ranqhalizi t imal w simyotay annqzi ttion >> t shealff wimyn knehe h too onwhat e ha tohe h o athaan'to. tnquize nima in the dk. 't itpset thend t te iuitma outn on te d itet depheies. t i ut >> hepa : ja t han desibed theepituas.on wt it wou >>pajaanesed le if eua witoah' arkou wouaverash l thaif sllh'rkown. ou e ashmals ha s escedn. inc ding8 als sc beng ters. nc 17ng lns. ng siblac ts.ears 17 the l. ctici lysiacears. rs the motain thions ctwoci wves,rs thr thmoin leords,ns threo m wkeyss,ndhrhateos, aboo re alof t mseys wanringt anils leoo toal t seanngni rettle usualo11 s 911wher usal yr ca ergen? >> yea the is 11erion on y eunt enrry >> readhensnnrati. >>kay. t erey a r oounterryti oad?>> y. >> e is obout prontbly aalfryd? >> mi i y thfe isig hor bn omi the o
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ght. thjustisrove bynd ior wald b o he ouin fnt ome and itt. wasstvey andi theal und heou f ondtas dihe nd stetlit. >> sparda li nexto t horsbarn. weon'tnow stfli t s is he srdli ex tdy o the liorsrn tt we guy'twf tis saw t i oestietorsio say tt'suyow poiblehatheyaw i fintilyrsays accoted r all fpolehetyin anim s. cod anwaitllntilou hr wt ey tnkapped to o of im anitil h w th. te fox over tepeto now o f jonaan ht wit ometh eryteoxer ow tereing tail abounathe h itn wh ownehisyarm. refirsg righiltoouhee whcenewnurs ke tinnm. z esvi e,rsgh oo. ne ey sll seahingr w tt's th zwordvi o s noweang w stis seahing ath litrde b. thatolf at wowissi ti geangng itto tsveni h b now een atf w siund. g washot d tsni howillen e on oth ad.mal tastt ile onth al t accoted r i i cod a mony. fomoreeaso tn youould ink e exponts ayforeeoplso t ou shldldn'go awher neark t.xppl the shn' a derectoarof t colbus o asell he a t dto w tdsolass asl reco aendethathe mkey t sh w code andat my k led. sh it iery psiblehat isnd morn kgyd. i iy pbl cryint rn i per ciner hpes
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b. its veikel hs tt it s itveel rryi heray's v. tit howerack han yier's vrom the ow lumbk zooanayse n belies ttm misng mkeyhe w mboo s eate nby o of the li tis larr my w te opredfors,he shearrd. sherd: w, i had ed havs, been the. he: bsol ied unbavievae en surr tl sce of lifime fol nbese vaopleho ome ut orrfscof theihousif ae fheres e le lio ein t o ydnd eius a babren on theio t y po. waanyby huabon durg al ofhe po wayb hu is?ur al f we n't ow ony iurie but w d now?here e wast a o iie teririan ho tame dwreas a whin orrian 15 rdsef wn 300ound por g5 s tir. shshothat gerith00nd p g a ti trshquiloter dt t anrthehrugs had a eect. the ge btrameil dan aggessivangs ke s d any t et. e be othggiv simalhad y d toe t st anth lled the ooti of alesed nimato s ane expts greeed it's e ragitif ema buxpnavoeeablet'iven tgi rcumance >> i sor thibuhad bevo le endone t sheff. um buceif y iorhid e h 18neinnihe. bu y tige, evyone h run8ngroundni thes nghbooodsyo fol
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uldnge havev wnetedunun t es s nnbods olwhatouldav dnav wd t hapned. s >> g ernoat jldnasicfhio toldox taptd. e n gno jico wan ld t no prope leanslatn litinghe lef opleatling exoc anils ihe ckeyexoni i ste. ey sherd: erifsaysis ofce h bee recving s. colain abo thi arti larhe : ifrm nys fort of hee lecstng scoeninbohitir n orars. urt cordshow lhe cs s had evioly aestethat s.wner t rd ow con crgesad iioludi ate cruattyer to ces anals. iam fdi covageruontieso annaths. hun fove cefti fox rort thcorrunpondt wit t ct pt of ox th sto. r tis oer, at a rrnd lt. it t yh, p sofp, th heto was o, a welknow l to y h s neiborse aas anilelow ghts tivi hshoeirs fqueny a ni acse h ts fviruel tards f en thenima eac kep h elalsovery tds wl ema kwn t theep auth itiesowhoryharg w h oe k t you sdheack thieorg hn 20 o ithou s k anal celty and als20 rdedh an c hityproptyacndls rd n 20hiop a20 a foun133 gunon tropey. inunact,3 hun tad jteftpe risoint,
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h afte sving a yea j onthoseso weteons sngharg. ea he leasnse b indwes hisrg weheeaaria whis bdis a wareny disaughofia wh evythi thahas ppennd sh ahaen aised tghthe ev ahimalshas en be urieshon t a t ppert als ie t p shert sherd: we' heang abt th ear ts morng ihe he: e'ea ab stthloui jonarhan, tverydy or isike i w kee ostuionn, keeryp is lioe w ee anaboond ters ee tio an ckya? oo oh hasiber ts t ls abouch ya oh aser thgs. ohihas lbo th mosiber thws i.the his t cntry.os eraccoing t i humee soety thefore h cry cog mor iiden tum thso anyy oer thor htate in ft,or sce ien 200 herethny h oete f been2 s inc00entsthrere bea h at cks,enwo wdncattsreea attks the snates, anim rhtsthsn actists s tyta freq ntlyimet r cals to helctts s tpeop inhese eqly sittional o lien.el opnse >> ainds ofiton clizy.nima ts f adsf v comounake ma see to ikeverydy was to v goukene. eeo e rymonk swato gonke do. s uatink. s yocan y keobrao b you s tin't y cmonyon ensera
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b>>hereayou beommo sse i t cn se ohio offials redicang teight mo sey wl movpret qickl to io fi s angeca tho tht w exoovcet ani qlklo law geho aw sherd: nath hunon a y fothe es iohio. sh he : th foun a foe ews iio is ameca's eleionfo headarte insusts houfterme'slen e adteepubnc's tght nouhtner ves, docra ereubs t n pncin o onof ittve draomnes cment la pin o n ht. on hapned ten t forrne c ntgove or olaassauset and n. thap td as t gorerno rvek o prysaet nd re g ng a i t or gno r p g im agrat in. th odemoatic niona mmite is alrdy u ngimat bra th moic neweb nna vidit.islr herelook utt?ra >> w neiredb aid. law reok comtny t w mow red law d thawadomlleg t imm rant sw thatereaworki theth.egmmnt atekihe ♪ wsaidook,ouan't he y ill als w woridngn ourk,'t h oper. i'runng fo offllesororur pe's er saki' nnfo iffan'teave any iegal peor peak i s'te's,e canny he ial an lleg ps i' runng f ss,an h offi. noanit wegi' wng. unnot fas fi no i wegal i'm w f t offe. houg ial mun fawas theffne o the ug moasheninttion ohe ptfhe mo nt
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deonte. p >>hepa: toy onox ns chnel e ofoverr de rom.y's >> paadvitors toned t nexpl n alof chl >> hoesn bieveomsn vi t tplirinal th il gal hsnmmignts, bve perd. an of inurse illigs,er anf se o aone,f yoareun fffic ony o kind ayou e,e cerinlyyoe f not ic gog to hirlleg ndu er lymigrts, riod ot i thkgotohat'irs jteg govnor gr, od romnthxpreingt' jtovrome frus atio atmn thereg absutee ri culo nessusf thiohe chabse. e >> spardall ght. t's grilo tssothha sampardn cal t. s gmerolive tn la veg tod. at'sherehepaebatca wast rovela eg nit. od weent roug's thiresholeat l wnt coany ing thni l twet ughile l coy g th lt campgn. at'soverr pey's gle he kl? >> mp. 'serpes e wl, the kgoveor erry d gein tuble wor h twnve ry d potionon i egalgemmigtion tle h beuse poon sup irtsal inste igon coege ition forbee illalup s imgranns i t as. co e thatioad aot oorllonseativ ncerd abimt hian pos tion.. atatne a o pnt sd if yseiv don'eragreab withios himn.ou t havno p sif y art.n' re it isimseimnefenav on lega imm ratit. picy. sse sobyen goi aeritn gammti r pney,y. tri toso turtheoi a tles. and t souc r ony,
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riommigurtione poli ts.tsel d butso onigon li . roeley'sredilityut ond inte ity rod hi's pasditty proems th tssue tey hiasros t ue ep? sherd: llarl,erma in tk l o ? he h: t lasl, ghtmaor t his l o h-9-9as t tislan. ev gov-9no per t dumd on th tng. >> hn. evov dider umvernon per , inact,thll t t. hrepuic candateidaidhat rnerint, t pu. ca'sante 9d-9tlanon't wo. r. cn is caow takg 9 stns. 't hergues t t th havwo got cis akeir galys he ueon f tday th thiav wotkr. cn wir makys tro nex nsta fmenty hi w his p cn. wihe wakl go t tetroexta andnt nveiis p w gos plorroo-caednd opeirtuny zos whh wod pl sentlly ovidcaforven opun lozor tawhratewo tn isnty idrn lotate-9-9 t planor depssed aas aund eount.-9 an dep riced a ad per notonte oic erne, ot tsdayf nexweek o ll bin o, nvei t hisayax explanekhichill lso b beei simise. ise gog to uaneilch al ftobe tim oposis to gotoway th u tl a f t exisng t sysm, os oo y that ste is torbeys has oelped h wit t an sstvee fors sailbe beaspe h ait an17% at t sor thosah the romy
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mpai won t k num% rs thoth untinexteek,om aihep.on t rryumampan, tixtk, sor. p. she rd: yah, hearpa you or uerst d. cahe cam: ron , od tar seeou y. as heepubc ust candatecatookam n tm ateeac oth la y ightas ube priden wan bacteonok at histhlaht bus daypren try wg tacellis his bs p n y s y agary t t aricalis t it w p yomeby egae t fro aca e admitistr wion w madeb ehe romost poi eddm ptrhn wodayo pads at stoi phay p bil detas a t rubli ilrespse c ing ta a u t r lid ga one fsp cgheall u cssic ga st mutesne awafow. lmorero cic meswaere. atusch retadi. the metoet cchdstryi to knk offdi. the e to cyio akn. cffmpiohe xas nger on frid aight cio in s er st.nouis fromheri jrnaltsht ofoxin t. isnewsthis s om a jaledneay o fx re rt lwse onis the a shaw of tne f ch. re lonhehaof t . vegebles ah,aybeot. ge v8esv-fuon jce ges tm a ull rvinof vetabs h,be. v8fu j g t a l in vab us aull rvinof fit. bu it ast tl tes inke f fit..
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but t s . w ft's .ur nber? ws nr? [ sffs i ha a cd. [ snfs ] toodayql bu my sse is stilharunn c sn ] oo[ myqe anunce] trh is dayql don't eat at. rebuly?y iilnn male nnou er ] m an ceka-strtzerislus ghts yq dour wt st ct d sy.tomsre? leou ] -sers tspluit r ieve w c yosy runms nos [ delu bre rh] avesome younos malennouer ]es, is. dethares th acoldmeruth leou ], s. hathldth okpeop. sh me the st w to sign vacaon oa bu et wh pedi makit wk. okopshe e okin wa flo ht bgn itlf icaan u ooh.bu w diak w infl b it i u. see we n "stch" tother betr de. that a he t, ae oine"sh"toeretde at h ane ooh!ee wt andra d? boing ur fght d hol h! the wame anme ga s yo pric hot s anairl es wbo't g ft ext dia hoow s araty.hee gyo icok iotanrl w exa sat i jor w faor! r fa! wheryou ok mters pedi
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keer.e. arreke.e m yo bli spo [ hming yoli poanmy j is sy.hng hidbig ings an js . u'r goodd.g gs cras] 'rod [ aughg ] [ ream g ] as [ gh][ am [ ]res reec] d iyou med ur n pre onar iuran[ s ec iu d pron ian you uld payg r th youelf.u d ay thouf. so g allate, u cld se moy d beette prot gtedll e,fromayhelikee. c smo beteotdom hekedenn ] shopess,et me, mae oncallo an astatagen nn ops, m maonll aaten sherd: esidt oba brginglongackuon t finaday thabus ur h has en oheto: sidlobhis jsbrngngku t nay ha s hll.
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s e fi ot ly j snedlims jn rgin tod. . fi th lpres jentddmitng s i in mood pop.arhan thest s th annnced new moopn pla to hes. findor forthnn thoedandsew oflao terahe andin the spoesndorhods f th psidealli ra andinhepo for ngre to pdeass theli airstoriece hisreoboill.shestce is l. th $35illi toel stas ke tir cs andth35 fliefigoers ta deach s onheke t csnd f jobigs dchon y hav got cie and ob stes le yavichiotn a new c nd jers thahave hadst lo layhi a oew rsbig haunksveadfheirla o fg ces.ks thatfireanshe fefigers cat a fays. get at t fesns befe figs thca aet bece tajor firesef.e and atth mes tireceorobesore d m t ngers. iteansolice oicer can er reond tnsic ery oeranrime red t >> spard ebut 's ve pridenjoe den meo is maki the srdt ve mos dmatiprenushe n is no for hat kiheartsos of dti jobh no borl.t hents traflingithob b t enrang h present is in t est sn cstereld, rgin tonht. e vi predentarni of cveryerd, danrous inon.onseence vi re>> tntt'sni rigf.
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7:18 pm
that pvate>>t'ht snatorreodob wrowtay ha beenat p pretey gd buthe s rprobm ishatwt ghaernment jore gd uthavet be obisrowi.t and at'shy g younmjoeed to ass vebe e jowiill. youd ook 's theoudtatso iss actu ly tjo ol.osit ou k her mots loss i o tu p tvate oit ctor jmos.os oat's p whyteepubc enator j mi h'shyub matonne mi tdff mne sten >> ty hav't tolve ts job en t av isis the esidt go evethinheve twantob theirst two earsis h e id gos invein off e. nt so thihet'sst timworsemocts h reinize ey weff so ehictedos im le notoc to ree w eed leoto creogph policalheat. >>enat rd's offe ss cog at w t helileantat was >>at tha rsff ss i whe nt rent masthsrivaha secr j i grth h re m gotsn bevaer a ec rthat j tru and thas whgr he h ot mebet, sp. a atrundhawhe me s >>hepa: edenryiv esteieldvirgia tight >>pa ed ryedhank wn t roa fm he tenldrg tht kaas citnk toa f misheuri. to y poceka wer titearcng for wisi. ces ito tpoer t dircppeance r abywisa who c i t s hath diyeseafe the wor oy a rho ha cas s w thhe areiggior up ohe r milyasackyd.
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bu arethregi thepyeallny cser ly craingkyhe buehell cas c'll rt aive ragas eporl a fem sey mingp. aive looow at theorield f hey atng bus a sedium aheoo o aheld toght' gamhet us wo what sumhe oight did tou knt' theam wo chadina aht repo edlyd he fknstheea t cna be a l st 1po0ly g fes o o t coeenti asf aust t l 1 g 2 oh o latcotis iaun e ther lgue 2 divion o watd cd i er leac tha t vi o ill ache wtheorld cerie andha hl e thheeld a. ie d fr d st.ouis t ahe hth fi a fol atl tta a theyfiay ol th ik yo f youtl echeollae and thyo o fou you earbee. lae d ooube
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7:23 pm
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7:24 pm
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7:25 pm
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7:26 pm
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7:27 pm
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7:28 pm
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7:29 pm
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7:30 pm
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7:31 pm
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7:32 pm
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7:33 pm
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7:34 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:36 pm
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7:37 pm
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7:38 pm
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7:39 pm
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7:40 pm
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7:41 pm
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7:43 pm
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7:44 pm
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7:45 pm
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7:46 pm
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7:47 pm
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7:48 pm
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7:50 pm
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7:55 pm
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7:56 pm
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7:57 pm
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7:58 pm
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7:59 pm
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