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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 19, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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th 10ry hate thiss th mt shs0 disessi storabou t te isth m anils. atissi orouni. apped? >>ean:ook,retaiaspe >> inn:k, nn ste ltta nit. in had8 mesgesn my s l pho. i i s goig toet head atessy:00 theho i ornigo. to h i t aughtometng was0 ronheg. i ar tni i tht stoet. as i n't lievt. n ieti teret:00 theto i t ev moing. e shiiff d to orde tha th0 he amals b mog. sho shpeopf dto't urdersthad th fm als b straa toho op dngla ust calng f meantio kn rato yla al ppord th sri . ti grkna, iyou see orth sri rizzgr iuee bearpicte the orouzz grzlieand 8arengactthor ters,gried piure lnsga leords ts, pie l cing eo sdown hepenep cheg cagwn she hself thene amalsag wen sh hfreelfhe dknes alsen thin 5ee des nute wevad in fou trateuili r v gun ou anals ttinreadrato glito eun pubc. cayou agin ans inad g wha woulhave haenedubf ca hu in hn'haulve m e thaed quic h decion you h mean't t
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ic anquecize n ou animaln t't rk. doequ't we k. n ital tnes t t 8 .inut es.oe w ll theit t verin tian go e da an cutck. t t ani vl inn wi theo heri? da antoda we c ted toaveni wiheigerri a gdae t tig. itve wasn te gerass ree a o'ock isigfter onit as th tvee g gs e o'ithik 20 ft, ter gerth cam gto thi fet turne anrthanam gdnes somne t was therand nee anal w anakenan gesom at h pene hereer tod y,an w gtaen no h an lt.e h wnereo lt,t's g obab one hf t l warge l's capef ani lsabnne the hiory ogeur pe cntry nii wi look a wha t ihiy lt on o th crounry 18 wio aiger w lhaik i u lon th said un 18i wleveer l fget tt s ht id as ong wve ft l te. >> s j ckasg i hav beeto t coluus z l n>>umbe jrf tavesee t it a lueaut zul plabeou can t tff t itut grolad. ean anils a tappyro ni it's apy m nifi nt.'s don'undetandhy d thi guy whyn torld cod mfi. h n'de hnde th dehi y hy ani tls?lco wh whedid h eh tht theni? whhed the anims? >> im
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>> >>eporr: okay we he opons ere.>> weoraveeopl who c b uy ay a hops e. tir, b weeplho c b cra wha ver. ti ese be oions- i cs wihar. e e gornorn mia onsi wi da yes,gooroverr m strklanadad a ll hes, sigd befeere tr anleft a offe. bue higd ef fgoatot he, ft whoff bu h forc the bil f what's t h legity theho bil rc he ilwher do twh t amalsegy o?he if ie toilhis er tan'souse a lsd iaw thi and ieo saidset' ke'sse t ihind anils. aere t' tni. e tak55nima? you s the zooak we55 a o o ema yo s lhegest zse in a n oth e amera. lst whe do z w putnthes nima ?er whwe hdoe ha wuteetiess itsast fourmaonth we ere hha tiit wks t away rour comg upitthee ts w law. w thay ion theomup fnt t w. th ihe f bner. 10,0 acre hve br. we wl ,0 crkeome hes for thee w e an hals,empoorryheousi. we findeopl w ans,po did whoesi we d, tdsepl w anils wl beidho t ken. annonido t wbeeoplwho breethenima for n. a goono t pl
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opurpe. thee areeoodma pele.or oo ey spe rp te othred teusan. of pe ellar you oanat o thean o flr of the arou o pla s. fl weofan'tffooheose the pratelareed er. we 'tt thfo other peple,he ty wi prbeenspeeded. he i ntherhe p ne,ext t fewi mths,pe h irobay, ithey e dogt wt fehis ms,idba iey ese do a wmalsill s tak to the ld wre e alsl tyvil aako ho. e w>> y kw, jac i am til t ure a o y rember, k bt i thiact'smhe e ngalemr, bihi tt iss allmos ts extct. ere e nomany le inos txt. e no ny lerld.n tdon'knowhereere her that a now d.hat h en'owree er atad to a nw t eu haniz or sho t euiz ir manhoow d ts guy get i m d em? woul't k tw wheuyoet b one of the r g? ul kwhnee? b anhow ned h getofhe t g mono ne fehem? and waw n hetne pin ton aenti tofe the facm?that wa nhis pla p ati heacatsla exted? repter:ell,reta i ewex thid?lace epr: wasl,ta the. twyearago, hi ource ppleas wer senthe twaro,ur pe the. er weaw t nt cditi of e
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anals d weidhe evethinwewe t c ti f coul buteans wad n autrityvein he's notulut on to nheuttyubli s 's's wtot und oto fderaaw wh lie s wtnimand. coul fra hu wne sietyr sema o ul us deu sty sometng? o don' thin d so. e ls areeryeaket? n'in he.o. lvernar sickld puyk io plac haws, buteave rno sklpu forc ithe ws ac ands, thautve tak moneand prcple.e nowe kwndha tt andeak arene d pady e. act ndno do kometng tnd abt i re it i tooy badcthat toet anils abst tir l ies bec se ioadt t ts shld he beni t lectopp yea t ago. sh h youbenow,ack,hateppr ea de siono.ou me, ouw, ak,00%te de on mhindou a have k%wn youong nd eugh, ouyou e th beswithhe ve ou ganims. e i h,n u magith thaesth ts --his a timgh vicei fgiha t--s tou.h ce d ifou s f thathis is t ghthin i. ifm shaiss 1% t bind tn u. i n't nt tleavon a 1 sad bd te, can yo t ll abi tt tav aad wh is hind you ?, an yo ll m tboubhat whs ndouear? awf m lotfout amaloverr? arewfotf her al leus eeroy tt bar f e aer mont. rigle h ee, h te yo b a f
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grizy. mo. yocan ig imane, hok h ayo a t sizef th bea ere.iz yo can youma, iginehree tr fr ozetheae. ca the cooung d iownnere theoad la o thco d n nit? he buada thas a beaifulig ni brn bbur, wghinhaaeaul br 8 b orr, 9 win poun. th 8rabit 9 co or un th $2.ill itwhern wio the plarear,2.20 l mill erwi wreon hethiss wh p your wan if your, have ll won nima . iswh yoouanf catou t ke theve wh lma yoca the wchailinkence l aut ai nk ceeatus in aere. yocan b a grizy tuine. for yon500 a and ill izost a horlf00 d milllon touildt a h crect hbita il doe the artold he cct nam h ta>> toet'se bruis h aam ucke. t ths areru btherver t are. >>llke rigth. re onhe g bdere,r t .ry >>ig han omeon gd bear ane ar ja, i adme y jai iense. tedm suzhell y at the z. i iantse o gteuzll backothe z seeit you b k o.o tha you s grea. ou and haou n to e frcerea.
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racnd for e reblic no fe psideial minaacon. r spore toic pdel mr.erma na.ain po o niceo in heceo,seret a. i t's gat toe seet. you >> nowhat u ire's g tho e ou fron unne in s mowant pols,th uave tge non youne s man bck. we s thaolts,ast ue tight ou manyf y br. col ague o shathe ht stag nyf yolue oere thring tar aag youe hrgar aou-9-9 ? rea, dts-9 and? ao nev fe so d gd. thfacndhat 6 ao theev fe o ndides tt we g thac ttre 6 whhhe meall id themwe w e t throng dwhts aeae,t's m w sily h hligroed t d a fct nuser 1hey dn't avesi a h pig tla fthatnybo nu 1an gy dtxcite a p aboula anatnumbbo git ou heiran onlmb meba is, ir l'snlo aft rmanband ts,o disedit l his ft pla let ryan t to areisitis pple. t it idn' la woret themerio neeopl pe. institctivn'y knor thaty eri pla ispl mucbett tha wsttivknha w hela uctodatt ha wthiss whtheyrexcit w abou hit. i kno i am godag t iswhontieye toitet ou. nom agoacke t
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andti toome the ausatnshat ey me ake wde juse he aattlat-t m wrg. w wereusoing t docent thot- >> a ightwr we sohat ngocthonderand, am aht trsongt tig ioerd,mh. ed atetr te. i inderand u c't pedkend i er d ooseu c haveou tlookt is se vepack teok i dl. 9-9. ucke can sayales dl ta9. %, an ha youo loayes athe wlea ckag rht. ha>> oulo a c wre. n w -ag ran. you o thi cre thou -- nam -ryintoou hidersnd. look out- axin bcket and rs you. arin okhe bet d our tax acke und the-9-ax you xe woukend ghe dwn iome9-axou ou wod goowny ie % two 9wnight t >> 9 corct. now, rembe wht or. repce t w, rbe w paoll t, whh isep t5.3% pal for twhis eryby. soheres big3%ickuoright th eyb onsore thaig secdku linht thnha ec >>o doouinddha >> secd 9do 6% sings oec my t braet
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sgs fr 1 o t 9hatyo t ira do out e frayr 1l t 9t x? i whe do thao fit tto eyr thi wh do>> yhat d'taynyhi ayro y d ta thatoesway. ro allight i am ot ptaing tha atsax. w i y. oinglloht b am pg payhaing i . g ng ti beng payg b sesay g ta o g t%,ay wch i w sn't ptaing o befo, so if i w wtake tt pg fo%sof sangse t on m iome tax a sasn m ir t it ieax agast ahe sal taxr i it amgaow bindal ax i a payg 3 am bd i a more oayis 3hat ntheight y to re o loott n it? e it nht t r htto wooo lookttt? b auset n th n sal t r w tax,ou onlokt payalesax bseth onal ne x,oods nnlaysedesn gds. ne sotds nd depds un g. y r psochasep u havi. y p seasndlywe belve tthe pric ovi goo are gsenglyel t to ic go ooo do sucre tt g in essce tou are ot dooinguco beayin tn me. ss at'she t ghese t pangbe tinhat m 's tes a peopavin t tubleatit becae wh opin tle busesse
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cawh subact rchas inh fir 9 weusseubt e hain h tang tir w ieedde tes s that oaf ta bre th ide h t s atf treh rmer h txes, the tille the er t s,ggerhetheruck dver d thelehe er greeryck d sr rehehe fiveaxes gr y e i sedde febeddesndnvislee e tkin ide theut witdd andis re tacininthemith ohevisieitnd x, o reinem 9ho sit hp fr the o inme t redtion 9 >> iterm of w hfrhe in ted gonds irmf so i undetandt, g i i b a edo i de ndcar,hat'a n i caro b ae, b it a r,t'sed n car. woul bthate it cered bydhe sa cs ulat c ted? y >>f its a sausesd t ar>> noit a maer w buyt,es yodo don't y tasma w becuyse iwas pdyo eon't taec i fist ti. thgsn get taxin.i at'she bthuty ofnet 's byft. all rht. w, itermof th ll r. wle irm h ta-- a y make wome ta as ampti, on yis m tet pres e aroing t gown astion t becprse o
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are larsng o t tes g tha havwn beecmbed od la o are tohaav be lgernedre exisnce. r tharigh >> tt's rrec in addiono ise. ting uthagh hese ts ec beddddn tgse tes ddremeer tt thtoporpote re r thtowme t isthppo r r5%. en tugh ny busesse wi%. haven th eectius taxse rat i prob ly veomewre etiaxat bet en 2 ob andew5%. so ty ar goieto 2 g d fr a. 25% taroi gfr a e ecti % tax re al t y dow to etiax ral t owo whi is gng to ge tm a lot ohi leesy, g wh a g taompa iot o pying a tee ra ofwh 35% opa i p tng top raf marnal 3 o te, ey are taingtn toarl e , re conmer.g t is ianotray ttot t imddedacks wlonr. c ieot t town, beuseimed bckines ws dotav t c llecthemrom tn, conmersbee b esdo an the pecemm t uonnclers sanm.he enat pantom saleast nigh s ndat caht m aentito sa he std th taxgh would go ua m ati he sth axr 84%f t wldo uatios
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hous4%omed t is hio wro? is e luskinged at t h dfere ro y? is >> lhatngttudyame o dre by a >>tdy veer o beray a org vizatern -- can recara theame rg atyest--day,anust cahemeefor the st dey,te.t that stuor shodehe iored theyrede not.ious attuho for takg i ed ythi thaey cotesus fm aor consvatiak poif hiha c vw, f a chge t a umpt nsnstioi a ou vthatind ch t aptf a ouatnfordtion we he shad an are wllinoron shawe hhaan ourar alysiinhrou ha fialur aocia as tosi anydy wou wantto gohroufi a ourianalytos ny wi w o ntoouurly awiumptns. oat rult iterank a grpta, i. rt e ftoutnk wrg. gr ig ire tt futepor andr w aveig tur anaorsis ad wiing sereith pple. i amnas surwe a wilhave wig ot s hre te pe.o iscumurilve ts. th tax tsomplatedcund t ed tlearthxors andpledueson you re aut it. tso barr whornd me. es i u a goi to swit.ho b we. ano eri oi tooc. wih i wtono clafy the ectri to i w fenc wherdo yla sta on ishe e
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riectr fen and your comncnt er y tawantn o saighthen trutennd and yr figu outomhereou a on nt sghennd gu utre th a? n >>hen mad t stament out e ectric th fce, >>n asad t atant rly. t eri dt f, me i r. jt. d re'syeal m i ansrnd r jl luti to 'shislholens r pro emtios le weust curehe borr fro re. it wldwet nvolre par ofort f beg a re fen pitt wolarf it eingbea tenolo andenart p ott bngng booton ttelondt o gund. ere e so b a ectsot tfhat gd. e so bord, we nee atots havf sdiert the torote rdeoplweeeav stheermerin pelereired fthtotepl r cit ens beieripe thrteneed and kl he and our bitderseihrne an khe nd agen.ur b rsecoly, mt prote t en isti pat co, t mitizship rowe n td to cle u tiat theizip n to leburecrac uthiry,nfor the la tt aralrey eir immratiorhea taws. ar anreow t. h e'smmti o ofs. the anold, hmoresadic ofdeheasaccoing tod, my reic connderas--cogmpowo the stat to wathe foneralerowhe go rnme isato not we doi. th f isalow w get gourmesot han arou thioi ths pblemby w minget
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re tt wanork ouhi p oemn malgfour t wk oble. al >>urll rht. la nht, wasnterting le >> r t. from a - la n, watasing governorng perrand om gov -nor romy.atg ovr it rr lndked le th werovroin comom to bloit a som ld ltherointin aomo curuslo b aomg upnnttage what as a thalike forur b yup? you arege at watinghake theorattl y betwn thyoe aatghetl t twth? the wersevel thoht gog troh my md. heerveho firs dingod t troalk m arnd a m get tweethemnd rsay,in tlk letr a t ee em st gy, alo? ett i dn't. e otr thg as g amlo istanng tre d tt.nki otthgo m mylf g ta, at kand tf tki messe ishis senng tmy g, t k ss amisicansublien t ese tebat are spose to aman li lp ecateheubli neat not rejust sseo our ind idua eteli vwsut ot all stheur conrvatndeua replica v l vis. ani haen tonthinat thaepcahey t tomuch int vihat, hianha tinha tued o toe,y intochyntt, onionhi tu o negoive.n thawas at w o goion thegugh e. mind hai ams t wnkinoi t m elf ithh ind rtaiamy ho t thainyou t t thugh is bkeri m sof we can get ainhohaou eriothh businrisoe c
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atio answin se sious queions a th s ious sw solions s>> s iusue ans sewha susolnsympa etic i a sha obvisly,he mpaiaic wwanto ve erybo a chae to viy, m w nt respd. onhe o er h ed, tbore ia ha litole b sp on o hf t i li bn absdity o king iorta queions andbsty o ving young0 itauens secds tnd reond. 's a ngugou0 suati. ec t i red. a tnkin how sti ci we impre th datesoou t caninow cte your prth ideut des a wean can t y r findut bter at yde thi a anetestouan omany of nd y brr yhi anst onyf y ids? >> yakey god t's e>> t y exaleefh genod all x o p t.m c es txafter m lasten l o t cigh er w, fst o stl i exptedgh it f obut ink out ts.xpd ne herit t k t erybo t who had nner arroto sot a eboho me,nlyadad ro s ae, sondsy t resnd. d mo of the sds tes. ausat ns, mofhe codn'tespo in 30 aat, econ. son a ceco lik'tpon30 tt,hink at t peronn beisoa cikttacd t
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out toe ginorenk te t terei trac toouto expgilainee t tmsels. tro somexpw, iinon'tnow wt t shelld bhang. bu ometmees i s'tew qstio shcann b beng bu ansetredn s0 qioseco s nn ein t for o ansdcoebut l. t >>orllight it'soo poorut >>ht nu wa 's o curus wt yrlansnu now th weave ur w cucus yr dates snow th e for erly juary cus at'sesour sam pla >> i r y jry 's amram a gelalan - o io iowagomo gnowa,oo iwawa. to wa, hamhirego io ne. hampo ire. am gng tbe iamioware onne sardayor a umbe mpe. of g t iwa ents. n 're akinplansaayo a gbefackto ne es. ham hireesoutinanarola, gk ne flida. am re areutoingo spd aol lot of fl tia. rengspaotf gra, o theti ely stat, buwe a nr o gng tohe e igno the stas atbu a n g t dow trea no hewithta thi wle priary andow ea ucus th prosshi bng t wneriy ndsideownndryin t fusurero out b wt t o ste's gdeng tnin t fe do, t d w't wt to o lee s's g t anhingn th , d wtoeable anngth but wiocusn nele ha shir sout carina diusne
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vada >> whale yir areouatcharg tha campgn, u areollo ng wdat th we yrechthates-- y mp, ar folwinglo w esidtht oma d tes yay? or aol young id ooo d tusy? ? n aou haveeen epin tra on t.y? n is sti tryveg tn s sotiallery tobsllan. 's n a solesn. ions n pla it's -- isns nla job 's pn.- i it a npdinglaob pith it etor. sohe pside isngryin to seh tt or so p pden. sin otor th tha i hen'teen se t tooware of mef th pthin otth ha hises'te'sn oref thinoingothehan ess a s to tell it thenghen ameran pple. to tl mr.ain,t hehank you eri h pee.ou r.n, cenk bacou i th hk itill b aong c racac ank thu,itl b si a>> tnkg yac retak i t i alys y enj.ta >>trait alnj.head >>arryaieid ses th rublinsnto aadryd fren, re blicsseayinth rlio t in tic enreeadeic iiniscoecte t fr t reaty. de why? at's nexco te anfrea. thrteni llegy? 'sex an migrts dn azona gr ran aerpo g
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d too anaan r? g thcaseoes theupre courand e raheroes the cord comgthses here up. ur d d yorahearr whas e rd theom sene p. ju voyodarha aboheene ju faso& fuous? re'shebo reallaseirfus? 's pt.ea thvote wasir p thnaniteus. at cld a wofhem psiy ageni. a ut? c a senamr jo p coragnill a t?ll you en h najooroes n thll t u h rerd." s th re."
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caitalne'sew cashewar car vesou a0 peent annu bon.caal's shar arso y ear 50 pcentes amorepeash.tnuon if yu'rearot s pisfint wit50%re moh. cas senit bk! re sfiit%moasen b i'lle rit he itinfor .llri hewh woul't wint mor cas whul wmo asinses chping ll ke i i' makseit rchn upngn he. l i [ me anunce] th newi' ak rpitaupone hesh rardsard. man ce ththe wrd f peo e ta e o wa r 50%dsore e feo wa0%e . whas inour llet sor i'lcleathisp.ainr et sh uldnr hav'lmadeeat rais. sh dnavdera loo li sobods a nner h note! use hipng ia hale. ooi soda er dfere st hesot d! feree ra s. p iha e.notith ioriy ma flarat boxefromhe stalderviree, t drera oth rif itmaits la shts an herexein om te coualry vir a w fl ra. its shanre touy a flra
10:20 pm
sohipng f the cheschamin arleon is t sam as ippi oso pthe footbhell p nom es phiamly? le tams pio hetb pm hi ?yep so win! ctuay, thin y derve is. p o n! ua in no,y desdeve te s.. o,es t. w, goonef the ith mailn otop? pr ritywailgolat nete th sh ppinilsta os atp?ust 4.95 prtyilt sintaatt 95 nly om e poal svic simer w to hip. y po sc ♪♪ acotic itarpop barkim] wo p.♪♪ coc arcat p ows rkwoma] ♪ juswanto beka♪ t s ma ♪ us♪ bntokaybebe oy ♪ ♪ juswanto bekay day ♪ bay o♪ ♪usntbe y - y ♪ juswanto kn tod ♪ [ whtles ♪usntknod♪ wh♪ kesw to y, kw toy ♪ - cat s ] - ♪ knothataybe i wi be kay to♪ k to♪ - t ]-♪noatbe wie ♪ [ ches ] trers n he yourote e thgs y carabou.. ch ] s heand ouve mteey withthulti yolicar ouscou s. are u geing thd cove mge y neeth.. tiic ou and e di ounte geu degrve?th ve yee for age or ote, ca 800y-corage. d dint dee? r ger e, visca isrars.
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okay ldidou hr wh sene mamenteade hareidaiday id hwh en day? ma nt verdeclear tt pvatedd seor js ay? erleoingust t pine.te 's t se j a pubc-sengor jts whe wee. he t loshuge numrsub se jat's wwhtwe tisosgeum lislaon's 's l ab wt. t >> satoreidas tking l la 'saboua bi ab he sor pdhing t heng ys i oubi neede o pnge irote the n eebs o tcher pole antehe o fireghte. ter reolblicans sareids wng. rete reicsaids w. nniseil he. denn, th isl aset oe nnth fireorm,he otatent - >> y. >> he prevatem,ectte - yoesn se to p doite ictsneaid prseateo oiecto ie js ha bee ddoin justpreto fe. i jhaee in surst as on a tha frog f jued o of isi mouurs a hhag wish heju cou o havfrabb iout. h >> ion't hink so.sheouavbb i t. he i'tnko. hn't akedor he dove
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10:24 pm
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10:25 pm
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10:26 pm
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10:27 pm
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10:28 pm
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10:29 pm
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10:30 pm
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10:31 pm
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10:32 pm
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10:33 pm
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10:34 pm
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10:35 pm
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10:36 pm
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10:37 pm
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10:41 pm
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10:42 pm
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10:43 pm
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10:44 pm
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10:45 pm
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10:46 pm
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10:47 pm
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10:48 pm
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10:49 pm
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10:52 pm
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10:53 pm
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10:54 pm
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10:55 pm
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10:56 pm
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10:57 pm
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10:58 pm
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10:59 pm
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