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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 20, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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chaoivreakg ou inct. t al t steoets ere. ao a akcordou bnakin t numr of st s pre.este areathed ou idea rd bof tin paramen buiuming of prtereheoue tarenuig hensecau oa ntrorsiaaustity asur exnsctedauo be oassethis a morn ia whst wily turis m easuexedbe seisdo? alrdy w rn ini alwhil t msu arovado lr la w nig andni iludeajor a va x laignd ide incases aorwells peion x cuts. lindync loeshan allpen ts ndones pting$1,000 ba aftes a png jge ripd he$100 r nobafollftingrobaon orrs. jsteno iphe this no>> mlls gbalo n's or a.ions enis deli mrate madit iloossise afor nsm to pfo h stenc the li dtentowadwome is cesier. r to pfo h snc he dowmece. probion,s you kn as obn,ouknhes prosutornowsnd aays s be in vie i a osorws g afts nd be n ie th ie's methg caed lkg a ft hse ihe gmout >>thws owth ica l lke haa h i jue.ut w l ju >>supeor crt judccus loh>> of peilin conrterud counitserve anuslyinto ver . oh alf thisin smmin rom coitrvanin 2007 r aldrunisdriv sgin cas nd am
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miemear th07t chge fm a lohahad en mi bacea ithch f cou o ieisr. ha d nombernd tacsee iethe oushe' actlly veo gack tonoer taie he e'ct y ju doheo gmmuny sercek to yore obatjun, aoift!un r yo r. it'sor at a thet! jaitime >>hey,ou know's we' beehe jai lkinabouthismeobsla y, ndowe'ee the esidt h no s pped inouis s relaly, ver ally add ssede id h no reblic s leaedrs, nt o the re , ad wr h ilyo sel hisdded reiclan.ea, o he did t ge a wwher ino telis sen.te. u kn thaidge aer tey'rgointo- t se. knmocrhas sa we'oing to try 'rin - pas tthisiece by p cecrsae' ng th tfirs tpiecrywille vedn asiscey iday >> ttht's rsriect.ll an vsohe predentnd joe ay tbides haverieen t pu inganit. rewhatnt intestioes wre de goveg ton laypugothin. the atntti vic w prgoidentosaidyn tsdayin atheic housn ha at pre unenersiid t ay oft ushat unsinnsy anof. anhe h dbledownnit esntiasyy wh an he's d sedingn isit es iaat uwhesss sgs we ps thi j s us e ll, tes pll ihireas if j t repuicanstan in t ir, was inotas makfg th t up. puanan twa takthp.
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>> erytng ie hed proping is wole jobyts b ilhe ishis jus opmporg y. w e le meob b tell iss us or yolee tl is not teorarwhenhat 911 calyo imes s andot tearent911al w an s isndein rapeand es n shop in w me tsin ped nhoin thep. 's n teorar i theheuy wh ne stee iareingeld u and ithers aheunuyoited wh hisst i ng d he andhe und c sh serap andd is 's he nnd chndki ed t t'sot n mpory to at sre oer!ki ts ory o gi s me o!brk! mpory. gi>> e is ian ebrrgenk!. or i een 0,00eachs havbeen lai f. 00 >>in mchyavenai >> myciti the rest has en a istiotheesuniq. s murd a rat are iups rberi arup rapiq rdatreup rri ar areapup. laes a genemenrespse re mes veone.romive la a en en spnute to o r a ns houen somm youeci es. te all oight a so mouyom peoe ar s ing ouhatci. ll htthiss pa of m a cpaigeoar sgt rate. is paat tf top cig oth showe sa
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ybe teis w. jusa one t teop o evt.ow sape, caus las week we n wuse ne t wain int evmiigan i , us as ekliev w he d t se orwa of scemian ictic ev e tw, ds s tfs scicre nd d anye o t the althare sar taccsre whenomeny ofhose ad o e th --e s diear quackly? en >>ediefse qdicklnd th- tiet waqufolly?ed badshere >>ehey re pklhing thomanff t t wall b s re iff they eelc ir. png t an tgrdma. thi is f a sre tagric oa. ich, yhiu owio a slo wh you aytaapes ondh, y murrs e gog to gop inlo a wh oues mmuny.ur yo get gotoopleo atttionpin righ th is lun par yoft letton cam iggh stthtegys ut tl ft of eam tteris sts itgy t actlly tru f at's hat mebo neeer to fiit out.ctyu 'sis it boeeo actlly fiue?ut it intesti. i a feow bcty he ne o?ason itntti fe b n oon marra oas bn on thi ograa nuer otis. ma hea orksoor h ban nhients he ranu ocaug uptih j heks hiden tsstery anehe aed t vce ugp j esidt, d thedeice pr ideneran a r tret v usg aid d raphee pr en rerenc rto dtcribg.o.s oppotionoap t predent jo bil renc dibo. re'spohe vone priden trent joil 's vpren >> you regt usi a rape ou
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rerencto dcribeg replicansi oppotionap >> hatrencaid dib let'ep getca postraonht, gu . t n't d rew ound wt'het me t's t itra, gu t raigw .nd w >>hid y useme rap f ences it >>list to ig me>> y se>> iap lifenince >>sto me iliin >> saiapeas u thr tis. thaie arthe mbere go l uk athe nhrbers murd is up.ti thare er ra is . l anat nurglrsy i uprd.s .that exaly wt i ras said an>> ithegl i republiupns d't ps at xa wis b il, thenape llid i econtue teprilise? d p >> b mder whele contie to nt t? se. pe w ml crtinu wtorisetito alcrim wil connue . w c nurise se>> dyou ink 's a ropralteim il foonthe e ce pside t use du k a pr nguafo in e ch aw p?de i' tso uye got t uan awgo. mr. i' veso predentot t - >> yh,e's goto. gor. v re ntn't rew oundith - ymes ot>>t's tereing gocaus i t on he vt otw nd hiday, tre's me go g toe des cratre tg tus a on v oting votgaina t ts a's gotodeat t a ll. the i jg t hotopein whe tn a eopl outnd giv s eche tha. he th jh aeuallheell e pluth ut ivit'sot j sthe ghang tbe th all l reblics whthare votg 's ag jnst is b gl. t and the y, reic awhordie toot ag t bson d heterr ihi adi soe artine, hsaidhat jrr bi in salsoaid wish th y,ti hid mtning jbi reblics, h somsonotid of i at ithwasy,ike tbe o m theng otrer siic of homtif g
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o ise t o tohe hve a otsi f 0 podan o sndin oove hou tell g yo topobmit s ingueswh o? the's me llmen'yo gupsowit who es ths are sn'ingow g cansou s o at i feesikere f sg aan soman to p sibl be ieesped?e f a lf queions autan som p blof t lanage ingd? sed on lue nsthe ampai trail. om the r tane gredasedn a e aiemoai.nd he ey a calng oworen'sed a grou to and ndoonde aal owos th remaous ano d tye aode llinthemresp siblthand ma an an s trited a and h e'sinheem qutionsp- webld sink,tend as a hs qu onnatiwe are k, ainstsapend arme rob beryti bre aste e hame --obry b is ptionf thbill cos ha- $3 bill pn.on th thllqueson i wheos doouet $3 th mon? and llter w didth tess iheempoory th spondingnd a hosed reopl wid t s pose js fter bei sp ngoppe ase uplp fo a jear ad erhinei get pe uonomallyorsecan foaar ad n fordo pu g omlysen rd$3pubilln io tendg posionshat$3 all i un ford le fnd thaste?osnst pl pking unrd fhast pl pngspkingf ste poli deptmen is fctio oftatend lalspngstvernnts. liaccoeping ens at f'veio
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oftead l rn pticur jo cog bildoes venot dectlyire lice whas heiles t kingt dtle cebout fi . ere? ha he on tng5 blionf thi ut moy go to irst e?reonde on and e o btheronhi mogoo st rede0 blionoes d oer to bons te hers th dn't stop theters ve thpresent om rchin d out'tto yeerdato 3fourherade es att y rorinut counyeda 3ur de nnsyataniaor grad scho andune wa makg sy hiiapitcto t m.adhondwaak hitc t lien. w tnk t fedal ligove.mentn w hingn, d. w shld s to te ci tesnd ted stvees, ntoke're go wgngo d sh sveo ci t st, 'rou soomeg ney. 6 so youcanire ackll sehose oplend t wayy.e're gng so ou tono ite ik we'oingose a le tayre gpeop whoave a toit l i ofe' moneyng to p jus litope bhoe morin l tas.f mey pusit b or>> u g ttaigur tho kid -- why ot j gt re t a urboho?id me ohekids whe-- thehy j rehave famous prson me o or dsen jt ahearenhe veora yus onknor a ibli j com atoheen assrm,or y tho wan aliom toearsr bookthan liti to urthgradrs?o r>> 'sretok coo tt t ti o th es padside? o the ited tstat wouoo be t the cls. t t i' s ure pdea o the oe edre atoue hel
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goin what oesi'ea ohee do inatsexacy? whis htalkgboutthato >> ke hing aac f ouwh hlkutat footll pyerho p hg a a f say okot prhohi ade a lay'so over thwestoastoffese.e l, i jt wa yrr thststautofeaph.. let tal abou rickierry jwa y a lile bakin a toh. meba etal ou ck th rryard t li som bfin his ba lici he' putt g ou r fdnt t and omnt. lais we ek h cie'uttt outou f his d ecomiclan. la me pple id hutisfilly. ec ic it n.s a a ut pe ergy >> iwas. fi y.w e's t oing a to a put outgy f its. ta theut tmingut cou benterting f ta becae. hern engcain oueerng999 ca pner goso minh atntio and g99 p ev ceragod by mll oattheiond gther publ ans ev theratageby o ecoulthise good time fer rick bl ps ryheoge s ul itisimo fim f flatax ck 1% p s atosshe bard f fo most at 1erics. >> apparsstly,hat' b whadt's fo sting be. 's gng tbe a fict tax>> andary,t'ha s stev e g fore.s h g t a fevead saxend evors h detas. ea he says ey'r stiltweang th numrsut taaprent , nohes 'rilea in meth oumamilsntil theapyntno hit in6,00il0 ailenhe anyting 00over ath thewoulnyg payer alatthheul
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17% x and,ayf acoure,that' whatteveorbe % mseld, tha was rt ohisur ptfort'he heat ve bes runelng f prehadentack s o s in pore96. andun frentk her n cain say i alre6.y me dingnd and cngin myercaay i 99 planre lite bi andng ind c ingoinyto me su ion'throw 99an itthe biorndnder ihe b ino msu't i ow ink at e er hman inil b com forwd an say k hers wt hn i wanto chomges we rwany menoneder w yest iday e of nt arcchtecte of en thied thehaveo fe sty of rc ctned of hiheweve. f >>hat'righ stay uned or td t. thhunt forhosewe wiland >>t'gh aydangedous timalinhio th int orseild overngs alall e anoals i reasedn er l an s tuesy fr prite fmowreed aprent accntedor. esfr ri>> fikew mccthy i apnt focced. efilie wtteccyve iowromo t liwt lumbomith the t very late . mb itas m uherstdinghehat e ry te it m onanim u remstningngas st e sortf amonk gh onnow imatem aningl s haseeen lled rt a ors innk ghcuody? w ni as n edwe theorbeliine thatcuy? imalas b n ki ed bwe heothelianim thaeshaped. th sear is al b ckiplet by ov here iimohiohaesd. thars cetov iio althe anilsheshiff' offi belalves eve bn
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ni acuntefor. thatnclus sinimashf'hat fi el wes bre uedacter.aptudnd aterelusi ma bend mtat e cweombusooreed tuis drnine the be mnimat ctuay i cludeus thre inle ardsthtwoe mkeysndma ua a ide grily .re lemealeds yo thr mghys th a a riow s e ofhe amals leha y werehrhotnd khled ast day. sof aere lsre my of them or ret kd sty. e m muofegonheco oty therwere6nima on muoncohis faerrewne berryman omps.s faey bievenehompn oned ryeps anims' c es a to bveiswnmp od life imthe cerif athero defdedis acti sayg puic sfeety was e if ers toefd pritiity ayichpus why styas e sato 49 of oseriy hhynimaere sa9 shotnd klednf eight. ose cludmae 1ot kdgersn htlis, e ud 1rsli a bamboondwolv. th oneonke welmbvedoo t be msinglvate st he bieveke wd t mnge t.hat o bve of e b catsillethat monyarli t inhe oy.f b i' telyou, t watssleat veronli in frig enini'situelion r the u, wavingernear who cled lice igfor inlptun th ngarho c>> d ceah, r ithin i jt see on lood lih, iin jag jr oee on wo or meth g.ooliag o wo itr as ithmy rd.
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91 wh's your em gencit i >>yeah the.'s 91h l ynr emnc n>>ah he mot pey roa li jt drove bnd i wked mo oupein fnt oro e jndve b i wd ou f o iwas eandi the. >> ahertaly s ies th g di heu dot exct t s in hio.ta s tht a one doex t snnywhe acrs theo. co try tsid ayourerontwhdoorcrhe authitie do nco knoy whyidur thomon rntease tor anils an theythayie nev nno kyw thaomt rse t f suniecae n aney sevcide n ke wha fund the prsuertya n thpsonas sderele ned w fm d he pron apr ftyew wks a thonle af fr pr aserv fg aewne w yea iso terf on feraleapo ch ges.rva foreahe wpons so- exerse me fal po asor tchs.nima her at e or wnsex zomethisrning as they e beimaer t ke inuaraine tzoisf thng y neraeipopution ken vetenaris hera wite the o th wi beheck g on trair hlthpuon day d teri thet'it thee rimawi eckon t h cohern,herehey oy rom her t he sti upma inhe ai con,reymer tiobvipsly,hey en sll ai gall own b t viy,y tho spson s llwn overn thoonskeg couy bu erack nna wkingithhemoeg ou bu y toiguut wre ty'rek goin to a wngh whemer io b er togu at whe z t orre nothin ohe i ve i atohio zi'mr meth icart nd iackio tom mu. >>rt i b theoway, ja han
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>>ill upith us aheswelly, one the thigsjae saan aoutl ph s it a he id ill e heookehiliksa at no 'site ik craedight keikther >> wll a hnoim in araht alf-urer w a h comi i up. twsenars s thehavef- a w to ix tmip. tw hounaing srketheandve ha fortogner tb ouroug eteal d tatend tn gi the haorer b osas. sounl od te twe'lgiherepot,ou' s. deciune. >> 'lpou'cilus i >>hehiteouse throng ay mo ofus iteourse ro amo monef anotr grt we to compy th hasret tur ne a otgrweo mpprof. thas u vaey tacesurhat pic xt.of va dotact c . sre arodith doe, u! sroh [ le aounc ] crberrjuic wakup! ♪ ♪ [ anc crrricak! at'sood rnin ggietyle 'sd in ie lehmmm malennouer ] for lf t calies mm leou ] r plu tveggal nuts tion coud'vehad v8. ugguton
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ouved . innevoic] tablh coecti. givee vo e corol.neic blcoti apicatns u vevoeck co emal. antextessas.apat u hak s inmaosit n.anxtsa rbag hainit ten 'em ag perft.n em adblinspotonit. rf 43 m, ni. adinotit mni pendilit yea actite dnd.itea bigg dog [ ma anntincer d intrucin the inveed ggog 20 toya ca y. manner trin e ve 20it'soyeadycaare u? ♪ ♪'sdye
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[ an ] i g thicitihankou cd an staed ening lods opoin. [ ]ghitink c anta englo oinu g a wtherallo ith int g w eryesloi di h t [ an ]poin i culd se for st aut athinsdi [ ]in cd r a ain ♪ ♪ ep ♪ goi♪ in is drectn. ke iridgoverere. p oin dthctit i e [ dgn ] er i ue.d mi toet aholeew pspecve. i [ ] umi to ale p ec.♪ ♪ [ ma annncer wre yo sto th t citthakyou rem r c d,mann er wiwr no yoint tops d pots tt do t ex tre.ithaou mc wi geo stat ed at thanpoouca t.citdocom.ex. geta atancaitm. atteion,ere'some adce iou'rooki fo ten,e'me
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ad ivestnts. 'r eer ear ki anyfoompa enrsedy sts. r r nypa600 nnsyania aven bec seen theedarehrong thr suort d o0 syia mney eneche e ro bend y anher gthresut onerg my be yn rcomp gy norein fancirg pel. strt vary he witmp no f ci tailpe aree tal ngst mearhe aboit il e ectral car m anautobobile >>we'r alkitrar abo antole >>'r gre joki comniesbo tt areleo ing re joombuses tre l 's soldra 2g p ikes at. brinyou tola cas2f eendel. .at's inu tubsiaryfas lgerenl. 's coany,ets siy lr$118 co mily,ons t velolithm i18 ilbatties. joe b en g slo onth i a vis to e tt pls.t. e gn prob am -- ttis como ny i plw losi a obon-f t om ine it ner ma any siney. d itne ptut nemany stemeny. sayi it' tryiit to fi p o whher cst staenin bines yit'yiofi o whr cta bes it ather exale oth govementhovi mon and tritng tact a aerxa a o venre ventvionnd tr t t pitast, yingo pi en wiers,ryintoick a tawinn, gng ipi try wis,in whkour a nn taayer ioneyakiy lusy w r oiceand endposin ataer ey ki loof lymoy.
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>> we ced nd inparely, is lo coany ys omo >>fwe o proemsre, ise igcouredy ohatf ohisros ised norwgiantar cpanyas gsng be yingt bu itooks ke t y'rerwanoing c tony go e ngbut beyks t reup. ng oe thgbout venree pita sts,.houg the doth agut lot en invtiging d tas,ughe a t rearchnvg begre tg y pu thr ha cas bhind. esn'relookchike bee tederpu th ha asvern bnt dnd . >> no n' prokivate ernvesr rnheck d ouvery >>no carullyrat wheer o esnot or e is gckng to ou mryearlyhe o prof .t r th igovement g t invts o m of potica reasths.vent thnvpres oent ntedo eance po cae grasn jo ograthest ed wou savamerca. ece wou lea d ugrjora t ouav proeriter . heouea u ieste ton poroticait ason not f go iteconoc o ca ason now e chi ens eon coting fgoomeno roo. we'r aboon to o w he hhioks c g r moe oomo y.'r bo >>o ou c old aue, htook tha amo montur >> cap calis a, toould havha id ok s muur as eapisusins mildt beav intruingit o y mumakes up 1e% othearin how ntrng oossiyakey ke 1 oe moy, pmat. i w ndxpecsi toey t moy ou mo p >> e i geniecs inheo go rnmemoouhoug hat tniin goelecmeic c mart wouug justt t takeff a the he be ec c ar loou of mandorushese lkehium ahe
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hbe onlof attendewhi tsey we lum su idiz g. whte it dn'tiake tf, aweyou y, 1% suiz of e mwhkett i'tse au ectr vicle 1 u'veot af mtassi ersu ly tr v ofleithi vesi su of iconhi in bterionattees a so of boseri8 comniesha on te the aaxpar sof e ptoneyomntes in hehe npae of e grn jo p ograeytheye nogoin to in nf grsuccjod. >> ou'l succrad aneyyou'no beino on t foxusins ccetwo >>'l cc an u'actlethrehou toxnd 1in mutewo fr rig no w.tlreu chk hi 1out me frignow.:20 ster chhit weekys. forhe rord, dro the 0 er vo. ek vo. was rett coolor r d, i roked hee lt. you volid, i didvot asuttol i we'rd convting. ouu. li >> i donidant t 'r paynvng$40,0 on >>on. >>ntut y t nev bouayt g did0, you? r a wee k.>> y ev no,ou gluggid i i at nigh u? i ked a ek.. >>o,avegg yout sn yr light i bd l >> e t?ou >>that yli bue. we e on >>atamil mmer. xtwe tonyig foriler tigorfrdom. warin fhtinfr form. in the edatio f inwhy orngre is kingawayhe tuio
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edio y asrestans .ng aw >>arbi tu ausingontrersy as yean >> biagin. ho youearssingtrsy stuaye. thisime eragh. tattua ise ba wh's nt, ttgo bare? ba. wh n goar welce iho ere ey gw amera's vori toes eryo kno idalc pot ioes ste e eat. g ers ri es yonodaots e t.t diyou ow ty'red foyou o? di u t re th're fogh iu vitans a potaium. th e id idtao po atoes re n ta m.certied car idpo esthe nart eckm k frrt thed ar eric hea asstion e t km fr her fos lo in sicuratea fatss onand olesrol. folo satat d esso tl.y'reood r myamil anfor urs. tred myil anr s. arah taalwa. loofor e grn in idahseal waoor grinahal
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6:24 am
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6:25 am
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6:26 am
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6:27 am
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6:28 am
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6:29 am
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6:30 am
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6:31 am
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6:32 am
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6:33 am
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6:34 am
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6:35 am
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6:36 am
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6:37 am
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6:39 am
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6:40 am
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6:41 am
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6:42 am
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6:43 am
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6:45 am
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6:47 am
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6:48 am
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6:49 am
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6:50 am
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6:51 am
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6:52 am
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6:54 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
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6:57 am
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6:58 am
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6:59 am
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7:00 am
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7:01 am
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7:02 am
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7:04 am
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7:05 am
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7:06 am
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7:07 am
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7:08 am
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7:09 am
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7:10 am
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7:11 am
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7:12 am
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7:13 am
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7:14 am
7:15 am
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7:16 am
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7:17 am
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7:18 am
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7:19 am
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7:20 am
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7:21 am
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7:22 am
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:28 am
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7:29 am
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7:30 am
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7:31 am
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:54 am
read forgr bok armaddonft you ell is out.ama, ad rrk, e maoncupy s, hu dol t yt. , t in thepy h norati t yourote in he abt? ntioute >>i thk th exelify it ab ve wel the's bi>> chatherthxefyt i m ve el ok ths ha ian abo imeri mn anbo educion d thriretu o ucvestn tu o ofheir d andsevol st. arofnd girting tdsirolle btol pun ar t amicanlenow ve ver a n aman w trilon dlarsn coege r bt. at's the ilquiv dentrsco oe the . enti 'sheivt oeustrian tionom we'vsunk atrn etiom advced 'vnk a worleconynto etidvne sdll rl onutiq nic mket o dobt sd the iqicys met o d gdman ac hs th edn'to toth. ey'de beer o ptes gngan at he d'tn ofto admsion 'dbe o p esfice >> l ten at som dof tofir oerdmon de nds. ce lt fore losn es fom t o empled, ck a dederls. re fo five ltude loa a pl, a rlou foe deoa meione and at aut ireasgtaes? ha weeardhis mene befe on d a iasheta? richhat 1%ef thrdcouny?sefon ye ch1%thun t ricyest1% aeady
7:55 am
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7:56 am
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7:59 am
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8:00 am
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8:01 am
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8:05 am
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8:06 am
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8:07 am
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8:08 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:13 am
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8:14 am
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8:15 am
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8:16 am
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8:17 am
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8:18 am
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8:19 am
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8:20 am
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8:21 am
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8:23 am
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8:24 am
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8:25 am
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8:26 am
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8:27 am
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8:28 am
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8:30 am
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8:31 am
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8:32 am
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8:33 am
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8:34 am
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8:35 am
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8:36 am
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8:37 am
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8:38 am
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8:39 am
wh choe di heheghooes sanriff a hail? asou kw rom. kwing whnimaho di anomin sff ha o youas kom kng sw, tmas an inmorng, oyestday rnin oou cod ha bee s t sry b ond rn ost y in co ha is i problyhe lgestee cape sf bdnima n tcoshen. iroy lst pema untrs tisto. >> gtche pole sath owneof t farpict edtr he,to re ased g theolsa anemal, tarctthen h commted srecideed t he fced arge asl,oren animml d abe sde fd gend nlect andecenyni releabed femrison afr dng nctnden tile on fderaweapsos chafges. d livupda fm theoo congtin uraapncluchngs. caliv thada f we juhe coelead ulualha weu toea 911 >> sve: w veo of kaaso cy,11 mis uri. spoli: v oorki int theka nig c scringhe hise ofi. likinte lisig sc ingin. hofis i . csi enci isinghove ci boetecon gr. thngve rdedboec g th tpora no-y zo ovethe use de t searwoulnot tsturrad. o- eaier zo thevee e daytheyeft t artheome wulht two ur broear heaperayey ft gs een rehte w tere.wo ro li's pentserre n alledn r tck ie.o t houli pts nll unl poce say i'so toukay unpo y ome. y >>rianhaveou see theye
8:40 am
noe. >>anve veeeo? he onooteoive eecenoth v? und ailote fds.e ce the aouncent comd lo f. a nct prestsurneom v lenc atns. 'secau ofprtsne a vnc auaterit. measeau exctedfo beassein a paiame thi morng. au it wor d fasheexedbese pannoumeemenhiof or. the fu sorillave y efft onou tens thfulle orniff'sote. >>retcn: y t thi thi woulhave comni up hee. >>tc yhihi ob ulveom p tervw. thks rv sm su mel krithy mittg s s csu't s mim. rie beyty ss shs do tt szens cof s oots beor sshdo sporllus atednsnd vioriarol ts cret but she orusedownrht isiia etuthe rrifdf thenr i if wathe. >>rianshe st h to ok like latd. . gre hen:>>hen anu loe lik h o thatyou n ge wayke l wht. re >>n:teven let'lolookikt th at u geweatr onhisy thuday. w >>vet'ok th we g liv atonshuy. piuresut o chico. lo rig the g ativ tap. iu'lles oe cicagis i n ic theloig het mi tle oth srm.. ll cthatag the i bgesthe stumi ohere s .thatake micatganhe bsttuightherere at ongeicnlakeht srere dveherehe g vesrekeoingo be s dreiganc
8:41 am
la rsngbe la hi win waingsaveen y. post. hiin it isags aoughay inn t st itindy scity it's aindyghn th i t winity. dyl rit. thty's a uick 'sdythlooktinour x travy. ri cas th a ck bri: cong uok grayr av nonateingeas rico uraatas note ge beddgfie is re. w do i knas tha i ca ddies . s do h. n >> gtche sheha goi to ca peorm l se h for gheheoio us. pe mod mning lors. aain. mng a n.
8:42 am
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8:44 am
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8:45 am
xe li rigeg no a ys te goo mhnning j oi sit'smpornt aiig wcomeews for noe en re oo mng wor 'sndor a w mes escial the niter enstat.or known asthe es malhete doof t atmidd owse mo eas t ron d re an dd brded him he cald hself t kg ofas onre ki s anhebrdim heevelaled a hlf t re ktatiofver skianel a reti lif asr deot aif pernsho mmisoned asdessinion uadserrounthe rldnd mt faisuslyednd mtsinn dsune d m tgicay faly mt sponble rhe 88 tcaombi of one he pae am fght atbi kled 0 pele ipa ft kd pe ilockbie. bece aariaat e encke. oec a his fe tia way tt hewas en earlr o s tay thesn rl h le, iictedby th hinteatiolrimi ll cot overhe sum ir, atengith h thteio mi cofami for arerum a cresth h an mior crisr ainshumaty. an alsriame t a nsma. lsetanithe t e uned stesan eliernd thwas unstnvold wi e ourer s traoinar reolitioprogm wi urerebyrisorsere aoareioctuaogy ken ebso teua
8:46 am
nibya tya soitle wnabe a le psonho kied ousa ws ofbe ople trie ato t a pn ucleki saeapoof le om ie hina trieto gle nlearpo na ie g wpon n ar om pista ha tieith wn pta vtualiehvery rrort ornizaon aund e wod, f vmalfrictory t ororza ad wocifi fico t t mideeast someepor fi eve i tid irendst ne zemeand,orve ire azetrald,. trdoave aal. t trborines e stra ta a tho irinews zeald tu on rae gernmts aho iw the. al hotuiblen desp gablenm pson. ste: no oubt badth g. nohotheleeporsplere t ptn. e tenobtad g has noe or be kil td eort a rels as theris o rept hebeasilho et a he heperh rs its was er oephe an r serikerhitas badn ske guyaken out dther are so who didt wa th preuydenteno geinto thut thiner to reartohoith id watheye gng t beth greng, ntgeto can h st ino orectt itth peeyr -- g t ey'r ggoin, to ban goi hey ec ouldave itkenpe-- h 'rin bliv he soiuld t hiy lde dayn i h civrt sd hiay i
8:47 am
eduted c eduted at h du d du wod d h t be wo ten livee meepor t id ven't s ot. or the sue cameverheumme an dt s.arli th thie yearme ether inme fanct, shod belihiar he paicip fing, ho i b t no eort pa ip gto iak tt go trnme n eut.t ft, he ute tgo smetes . pull bacfrom fits uarli fort sthersin tms of th llacom mbins andlillow rter t o theth innd bulof thowworkg t tohe oer ulto a th rk foe. t ofo crse,hereere oo aroop on t gfound thatof ce,reeeop t gdat knof. th whe goafromheno star wheer iwas stad or th no to woaom arhe istaor kilmoamr noo gaafi. illl hamead anda endi.he sourgthat h asad d impod onhendorld srgateall f poonld thll f lt 40 yrs nce th seiz pow l40 i y 19. e >> sve: sous lieas coiz toowhend ofis i 1 ro. snall: someouli jus ce fcoo af ose erico famies wh hadll me en wausing fr a i e thaicdog am thesiddleastwhd isag de. i>> sve: is deed ha
8:48 am
g petehejohndln,st is j, thdek y very such.: s edl r ht. te hn are goi j toth y ryh.ompl el r.hift rears jusa mont. mingoip, aocktoull ofpl ft suns ne, s userfomoance. fm ng acklf ns , tashfoce fbeddgfie. go morng tou. t shrs i he a goo feeddngie go orthat t kno. actlrs haooee whabill mmerat leanostorwill tl . >> gd mohaing ll you youereaorll gthinmog oubout tus yr, 21, thinut t y is 2he ythrhe dictors nt dn.s this yreakg nes a b at i dnextor t t isakne vernnt? b o . ixteall t kno. rn ? at's ext r th oegioll w dono thaaffe.s pol'sy t th inhe mdleio eas doha wefel ta tolaren whoin me hadas chilweentaen ohooardad lighil103 o rd 1988 theris smucho ge . gh we3 he yo sy wis hen 88 marter and schgeoin yo nwe hyo abo s wi teninutn o rt "andricanyobo nut o anewscaom." edhe ceal thacan lp ler lesrol a who orde ed wsthe."ummyederea cla n lmmy.r s[ woln ] lowecholtero ahode hemyea y.wo ] manwe ] an y got.thatrongdidnt i? [ale noun r ] nt gat tate a who g oatotatngdni? [ e thauncan ] lp g loer ctalest aol?hoat hon nut heerhas.n lo cst?
8:49 am
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8:52 am
>>retcn: s's knn fo h hi >>tc s ngs,knongforite h hinataa s,g te ddinield is he to sngta inlds h"weitles offoer sates bum eid ales invffvedes inthis ve cm paigalfor nvrldn se-estm. is it cks cigr sestff his t s weend. merfoing nework day s to kkee. offhe wlefog ewk y kff weend w that hapninghecke itdutn atapngckt faceok. >>rianyou' bee senadg ce dur.g thbrea . >>an itu' timee f she radt of the rld urthea o heitim f u. rofhe >> i sinng dheweig lessit iallyinits wittheopicfigss lf-eeem. 's alyuts loitngeic -em. a wholo youreho d. >> ban: ke iawayou nataa b: iay be ingf ldta begf ♪ ohyeah la, a,♪ lla, ♪ ♪oh oh,ah ha ta, ep rindi l, my♪lf h,♪ a
8:53 am
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8:54 am
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8:55 am
♪ fe as apirionoa♪oury fas fi aed whri he ♪ur ♪ . fi w h ♪ cuthe singsnd l h♪ me ♪ go ♪ ♪ut sgs ♪ oh,'m l wghtls ♪e ♪ i'm ♪h, wtl♪ ♪'meighess♪ ♪ oh,eah,ghseah,♪ ♪h,h,eahh,h♪♪ [ apause♪ apse >>rianwow! at w >>an aw!some w ame
8:56 am
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8:57 am
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8:58 am
vi ane 4e ra fo aluron ainrica fasst mo relble netrk. al acaasmoele et. noondemoreusinses choo veron weles nodereinsoo er wan aes oth rele carer. ath lear. verin. ri malennouer ] inki a sothi witho vetablnutrion? ♪ ♪ leou ] ki shi thvebltrn? ♪♪ [ ong stwbery bana![ g malennouer ]or smooie wh re fru ster ba !plusegginutrion leou ] oo wnew re v-fruion ooth. usgitrn uld' had v8. w -fn th d'ad8. ♪ ste: weook r aw and e's ve iourtudi tewek aw nd tash s eddi ifielrdi ry pulausic sh u'vedi gotel miion hit how la eitedre yic to anch vetotndie atnhe couitry m ic w eed y o chawar? >> i soatou mexcid. 's ar ac ally i- toong nci e chts ocly tthe untrmusing ch ts. nknow've waysad a ch o l of fa ie thatrsi ch. aa, b iowse ys a jt lf fa wo ierfuha t a b bat i t jat wofu
8:59 am
t bhow. t >>rianyou' a rcal flat i'metti tw. sevance >>an u' a whatt fe rs lil to at 'mtie t inevce bandat fe liwe'vobeenoing fewn inteiews oget r ndd it 'venng fun ewcaustheyeasee te thwswholet itun useysethol ti. i ase em rght bk. >> ban: youant be a nd? ti oulde tri te rt fin byou b: out e ? ldtrin u nd? yea ste: li theonke a ? band nea te tlievishen. ke >> ban: ey we ndanta >> ou w bt to: e th werumm? >> ban: woullikeota b. the >> wtothmm dr mer. b : ult mykeroblo bheis i'm drr. mybl tent'm ss tt i ma dan ptrid loo lik a gremaan gui pristid oo ik grehen: eare can be uiurst prren: peon. >>riandid u hean whose r cong onpe. >>and heho coomoow? >>ontevegladou aed. raldrive, aryou mili withmo h?m? >> ve ad a oh,.eah. ld >>vetevearhe'su oinglio be n th ou sho h alsooe h,h. >>ve'sngbe pispoou gohornor so bbyis goor jial a miclle b re. form chcellji of aeic de r scols. >> retcrmn: lch on,lle wif dhaveur aer t sho sh ght scter s.e >>tc ln,broawiast ow ve a t hoheresh


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