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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 21, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>>anxact .>>ta e f n gre: lo a youstat air. yourect intested i relo ou atpolical hr.tory. i'goin to goue yontte iittl lil potica hhistryy fr mi'in g yo persctivin t arina stlte pocast fr ir. was rsivac tri s . ias1958henived he. i ew uhere i i58ned a zona he i wai ure i with m wderf ana motwar whis hopitully m wrfatchgot toniwht, bause'moply menonin her chery gnid r toe to ty gd azona sta. fa ttoto t ana pasta fa t o baroldwer liratu wheas h was rning o arr t unid sdwtes senlietuhe has rainsng earst tni m sarlas. then wasy nsar firolit malla evtht inasyy lifir it >> retawhatevin difrenc itif mas. >taatif exancly.t >> g ta: o womad gu s yo>> woulbe ve priden andxa. be g: wogu yo back her ul vpr >>enendack t aezonatate ckfairer when kne>>you re gk ng tbe t aherenand youte invired me ienneu g t said re aboulute iant tonv comee ieeai gr a anab helte ft andoomeom bk tohe azona sgrteanel fnd fer. b to ana s>> gta: eat see you. f lot in on t w ld g: t ee toy yoou t tn ught t qaddi w i toyo dea
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hodoeshat thanght dd this? i >> ion'thinkeat's oingo hoes chtge tngsnguchhi i't immnkiate.sng e fochs t rigs nowhis, ummte kn, wh fos gigngow to suced, knwh go qadduci. isransiona gernmt ere rddlly d't now wnsna gnm e ry dw w theade thde a lf figing. joing r a ligg. pos ionsjog theos rnsicalnd a qda and ose superter rwillalry to a mo qnd euperllno tmo he a lotf sayn thisext toverent. h don kwot hfay it' goi to is t turnut tt wert. one on of khe b ht' oi qu ttioneverne h. rn t w okayneine,f b lqu's goner hid o aye, ddaf whatucce ls g qadfi? owe don reay af atnow. ce it gooad? tt he s one.onea he wasw. itoo thee. as tant ttbama adnisttion mamuchiffent te of war fortf yo wl. adston it wchfe tofar rtyo w natled, bvio wlyhe uned stes basatallyd, natio
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we un ss asly heat the ptner the. mak t m horhe per conibutns.he wer 't tak lea trs i was m mo of onut. eruropn tea iasnitiive. anmof wopelpetie.ore an mt of w thepee tori mof wer erirobay -- former sectaryf dense b gateointutba thi--as not rmecryde e te ournt val nionahisecutyot inrest but diduruppo v n tnacuffor it wkedinst ut. t id d ipo thi t we'or a wd gd tha. iddafhiise' gon a w gheha harork afegin on who swceedsar himk at kind of wh govnmenare sed we ing im hav it kingofooveneee g av proest? t g eay incatis arehat cod b rowe dt?'t knoeaintiar wont kno f co b yea d >>ortfno ieresng. onno f well watea >>tthin on the ies. we ouatide. wonr holeadsinearnnhe abt it we h eoue. aonhoadrn clihere ofab secittary h sta hilry cnton i thk sh i inlire ahanifan.ecry letasiliste ctoon thithsh i nis ihowhe fnd a outni. tt le qaafi tes dd.hi iw fut t qai d >>
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wowow uncoirme. coconfmemed portabou qaafi ing capred. nfd rtou qai g uncoapirmed. yeah we h e ha tcome my --e he d aahunch f h thase tefor we mave--e h had- yo kw, ach hav t haorhim wee ctureadyo k aav num rham cre of um tis. >>retafunnyoutfe tis we al got ti cerasnd w >> coutannuttieewe al ot e bend t sces. creas is wou ourlveseari thi be t ce impoant ws ands eveurheesrihi pot nd is,ve wow. thiis t firime hs, seenhat lip. w. i hi h t hirrd aute t hthe ent receed ip. o r a h hlack arry t o a tcet i o acky msage o do y kno it mind te t fit retion had mget y rnoinds nd t me whe grgefi busreonasadt r idsorme abouthe orldhe tde ge cenusr ming ime ou dowe ld is a ten ng schl, ay cdow mess n, whiers inch ais e c and sawhe rctiohis wasnt qu ee cerin w t it d was keas queer woingit en tyallehias ke out the actings tle simutar e >>tiretayou ver,ou kw,
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we wch o leaimrs. an >>taeu r, k w o fgethatea t.y plaan t ve a f dtt p tticur wla and t th the areery muc a d p curpri wd andut w tthhereyayuc ri a w rave it rlly theobf bng a ve r y header isf b s flu a andou he goto bquic a ers slund heady >>got' bicery a difcult to tablh thdy >>y ageaiflto bause 4 blth hos agthey d n kno thege ag bda wse goiho to agey d n lyano andhe ag w ddaf oi o today lndt' a lib af t's ada qa aafi. o isoingo sceedibsadda a. buwhenou a pqasidei. o isthe ngited sed stes. daen y getp inbuheenorni a. pde yo thi youe now edatou ss. are yetin ni gog toyo dhiou w youreon't beuse rl evegosto d u cnge. 't wod evts appebee ve anyou ve t ce.espo. woevpe an>> gu ta: tay. u wahing thepo012 rac >> o g: . wang absheutel2 ac wi gre>> ontert. >> gta: bsll mel whado y wi re ke ofhe - ateastervery e gis t: king mboutha yittl bit o -t blost bryhr s tng itutppea totl t me outde lo beten bh govnor s perrtan govnorea t meomne ut >>hat et thiovneedr to rr hapnov r now hat tyneeed >>t hioedo heap w probtly fer tyd candateon t h
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stobe. f th havall h theante t tn. they st thavl h ndhe t t while hatey dow n t th top threehi ot fr the ow and t the hav a thopee mor o fth d suhetantaveorebat i di't p ticurlysunt likwo atghts ago hedi p debcue inyasik gas. n iee tsgoebinheersolensi s. i e amosi bweensohesi ariousi benandites reay re tohe oudiurfas. eay it ras tootou knotfa itas enteaini, ino gss. t iartilarldidot njoy teni i it ihink g. weave tioti grld overheoy inke bice ring gthenfornate asp terrom my pepecte anicallng tho ehatorte sp wantm ty seearac pe obactanlho t deated nt is teeacba thabara deed ibama present ama ouldhaave raen the nterf atttionma he s uld esvet a ldeen e the sta the er nttht.on sd n heta th wast. nthey.pentoo mucime fitingmongas eac eyntther ucso ihinket's pbabl fingng taceoer whit ie thnks pblown. don'knowhen e t net deba is t itheth tophree on. n' ow n ur a nt hop ullybas hey havopee o more aop serlyusyavubsttive diussi so e reote werle abst tve see wdiresi theo vers te
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wallytandn t ab tee whe vs lynd iss t. discsing thess scngawnervi forhe the or fou or fiv mutesn isvior thallyorou oiv mes rsiculs. >>retahow outly mr.ain? see to rul >> stagingw t 's ieresng t wat hr. isn? ee o doi in e s pngls. ies >> teat is hheseal oin p.eal. >>havenownsermal for a nber yea onvewnpeakmagor a touright nr aer i eahe wasut on ficeak i wo d urunht a i ioas him o ce wo peodicly. is ivery gdim peakpe. ic. ise a ods ryusin gsman he h beart ak isa thiin hean is h very b srt.rt he oesn hav a lot ofhieser s. po ticahesnxperavnce. ot get t dof tha mter? >>olit alpocaere. t doha mr? expienc>>it >>retayes. yesit ds. xpyou ncll s tha a tim com >>tas. d he ay b veru sha a ryom uick. u hahe to bveerolital expe genceo reay gck lgth. hao it but, e is hepeealceea geal. hes a lodh. t,isll. mhe.a he i somodyha i heeen iendwithor muite som iomy i hn me. ndth te t,omesolital eeriee . do matr. it gre: yo eknowiewhenou doat lo at esidt bamare yomingowen up, dlon't hava lot oidf
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pomatica expengence he h b, n a dt satororavlo o apocapece h b a sor shorperi of ame did havpolical perice. or he rid pfitic e eriee. hed asavli al ri. e pic eie tate sheatoror a fr year a u. senor fourte sor fears he h run ar or u.en flectrn agnstrs hbobbunrush a losctagongrts. soe ha bee in bb tsh are aoos togr sohaee tre sak. hean cn haever bn in e ara fo s.his. he tal cdha ter binimou arfo kw, i n', al sen tright mo khs i w, s agoht u ndmo to rai a lotf mogoy orin nne oo heseai sawot pos toetn mo tortop o s hastpo rtose th tuchoney t budide w as one rfth tseh straey pls nd rbuhtdow h w is ne theop t t r. ra pbut has r nerun h fs he t t as nffic f fore peop likare u gog toice asng aotf re opike goto uestasns. a poticaexpeenceometng th iserst i.orta. poat dcasn'tpeceet ean he thts gog toe aeo itaandl d't in e but 'llaitgo andto a s.o dlbut is i t oodltnd s man t s>> gta: w abthatd99 ha youhougan abo tha >> i ghoug: abtittl bitt abo ha aou greugboha
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iug it pebole uerstd i trehe 9%lo s espe tax ustitho i % nstition amement s tax ho elinat the iomeax i my ti onme bont t doe'teall elathe i wek. iit'syay o rsebo aoe lll of w 's r venu a l 9%hisf te. 12the nex nu 9%s t tim12 e ex gre: soou d't tst ngre, bacallin tms o im the les re taxso d t n re ball t o e saxould nonsir onl onsir aldsi nl lue-dedsiax.a sale t. thate-d wha. is isle tf i atoesha salonwith conitutnal i endmt th replssth inco onax.thonutl dmthep caus othecoise conessill. thw th ince t busk onhe e thone ansit wl gl up athth thenc t les x wil b gon than w gp up. a he d it wil usts il ge, y kno p. govement ill itil bigrt a yno hard to ventl sinkigr a it. grerd: alorigh we c s't lkve tst. dis ssio re wialoutghalki abo the c l tis io coresswin. tki arboyou heoud theongrsman om ts ar? >> mcoss saru bend hegran t quaare? >> is ing a g mat j senorki hardorua s g a the g j cstitkints, rd enyingt. hei thk hes cit os, of en theng lears om w t i have bnthhe of tolheea
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wyiav b hers fremanoly css. >> g ta: rsn foreou?n >> is fu t c. g: fo? obsve. iifu wou tike to giv himdvicbs . a l tloueito me butiv hnowsimic at h lisoing evy on m in whiut h iws sugst ings hndng s etimevonn ehiug jus gsu kn, go abois s oim wa butus thakns thgo wbo it o shod be. wa doe 't a tor aothath wtfhoe. oe aadvi. >> g ata: n foou. niceo se y mr.ic vi g : foesidt. . th k yo sirce se >> aays id gre: nothto tyo fooir a s ride andheas ives no ter gooto t s te dendes. g t s -rizo steair. - iff jkinsszo o in the st midd of . r. did y f j or nsce o prendenthe ayle ddf now at t id yair r stard berere antzona was le w ate. t e stre wi b 100arearsbe o anaas xt yr. e.and is st fwir b0rs o i y127 d f yrs i7 o y you owheth it' t res o the gam . u th i' jusgoint' t r he toam a i' iusbellin whatouro forit a tng aut i thll fai at obvrusly fithe t a footh ai theood. whbv'slyour ne? whatoo you forit hed. wh thi?r n
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>>he atood.ou fit >>he fds s goohihe i >>d. >> feechss. sr, y areoo lkingt a i re. over our ch s.ulde h ye, are l yng a gointo re r er iur sde >> h a y no. in r >> wha he i is l king>>o. t,>>hae sco i lng if uill n u the at thcotop iis thef sul uhe flit. ethp sma iest ptablhe swingn noliharol a. itma is tre i pblng penix hownool its i abo pix w tt ld o o t15tecon wh's yrl.ame? o o athon wh ye? da. th what youavore tng aut e stea. atouorair. t a y fer sthing. you der.hat fng t ng yu toodns. thfairring out bra t ople let dn tak our ewerthirng outr ra here t-- le t akhe gr es aer ver ha o. wh 's yrer t g aer nam ha wh>> y tcy. et's goam ove ere racy t .t's e if 's weo canve actelly win cy a s ife pguineddyanearct tyt'sin a tall tha tcy. p in dywhat the jobr ts llha t h.e? atke ihetob in? nk t h bal off f iheoard itn?ot t tal bffe ave. rd>> bk iitbovehere t give b a
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th. bal blet iet dn tove breinesiv re w al e t you d reao b tescy? wo.m-hu >> dmou rolea eryby ac tss?he c ntry ishu d ol woerin areybac weoingo cryin?s , da woinre ie oneng mor? rialda. quic iy. ne whisor tha al ohy ic gwhdnes tra wonha oh pengn,hat' gesraon f tastng. ju comovert' he and lies, me he, fst l ies,ju whaomser hournd l s,favote tng a ut t h sta ls,ha far? >>he vo t a tta fce. >> wt is t? fa >> the g>> for. >> fhe g. wis f ce.>> he gat's ridyou can sor bind >> ghere f the. 's staidhipuan s bd spireingheta p dpig y use graty. i tught yseightosera. tht mhte lch m lmorr nig this i ate bacall if u carrdreaig ihii up, ey wl pte i ba ollf ca aea itaff fr, ay a w you pan iat o it. ff gra, y wan toomefr a oou her d w somt. gr yane oer ames w om gri i kwhatome th foo riwe h ielrea k tked outte oo sois.ill come ut hnd reae t td t ridebut o hatsooodi ilom r wi sta t ay det o ft.d i
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straht wita ahe arizooverr f n brawersere. he weave lked tzo her myimes br ov thee. yeawe ee eciaedy ab tt h m heres cradownovnhellegea eia ab imgratn. sh isrraoingwnon t recegd" im atxt. shrougsut tight showe ngwill tec . ug tht looho bac at t ll bt ofoo ac tortd >> gta v susren bs rea to cfe td g vusnsea ceut.. heer er peect tch, ightpet h, >>his >>s [ches] mak a b hehrow at hpensveryncen a akile. bow hnsryea e. oh >> iot so bad >> oy,kay, oh i okaoad >> oy,ka comn,reta om my gta. y >> ion't en ha t baetba g sho on.
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i't eha t babahon. [ le aounc ] drking smohie th nvegeble tritn? ♪♪[ anc drngmoe ngee it ♪♪ [ gg ] straerrbana! g ] [ le aounc ] f a ooth witrealruitrar na us vgie tritn[ anc f a th itw v8al-fusitn smthie ve it cod'vead a8. v8ussmie cove a malannocer ntmery nd agailaggi
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had tre thaborthe ost raraland nogicar fruintry ailgi d rehar e twhic provared d car tuiir eryinaial ed. icov t r rythuaer rl blind.] thu er cshinhu] rin an th, inne b ndi blihu c inof eye anhin bili ye thr tr hadents lt. thtittrtheiadraymend ja ls fian advor iteiymja fiey h predvred r ev thenthiable hred evhehile ♪♪ an thedanc.♪♪ seehat raymd jas visan canheo foncyou.
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et ymja isanfou.
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>> le athe azonatate ir cebrang t 15t niveary l foxatews aannenate c rad t5t azona vey govoxnors anne rewe goodveni ana gernoov r >>elco to erizo stewe od fani. >>hankou v gyno uch. >>co
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yoo have bzon s fa >> wannkring vroun h. ea ieronigyo. ve b >> he. it beeanngun fab ous. ear >>ighat ve y>> h see itee >>eautulab >>wentt o yhe exhitee hal i >> wenutto theea.unne c entoxh pla. al i ve binenohene c imanela g i bma g sawich. >> gta: at's disstin i ha actlly gffsach enki g : 's isisinalki abo thehacty gki ki bopeophe eathose >> havnodea.go i ertaoplyat wousen't >>ava. ta iulgeou.t gre: prty disstin lotsoingn in ihisge. s te.repr legaisin i ins th has s bee. a gahot d of i thara. thas ee discsion a whatt fhaeen t awsu .scon atderagovementtillryinn t to stou don osu. tha ra thevehaventeenll sucinssfuso son oha fa he ve>> bntom ne iucfueave fght with he sremefa c brt.m i theysked f 30eay ft th sme c. spen on.ey ed ey aed f f0noth 30 d tensenn to. ansr. a f agrthd.0 so de hop t nstonsear om t gr supre co t psobable aopund t maybthe 1h or tovem r, theprco p blmidd a ofd ybe 1h oemovemr.he see if,ddnfact,hey are ing em heat or eef, nott,y re >> gta: havg the ealegaor imgratn asnssueot ere. g : avu hae alsgagot imatasuee. on
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halst enoous nountf forlosus. wh's gng owithnos ntheousiorsu wh g oth he? rely bak. at csildheeder govemento to elphe you re >> b. t c botmineer i vent thatopou >> ariz ta's onomwas basotallye i but onhaousi. d we aveiz hads om asasly buonsiorrie we e siadatiothat aas afftedur econyriere. siandioat weffd jusre honing thae.ith d e myus hgha cpetiveackah aobs pa age at w canet m ceti ka bs a arings pa ie wan m angeopl t i estaish tho jsorhose pelepl thaneed t. tahho jse thpeefor the arethaedoingo be ae t pay heirthorhereng ortg es. a t's bn aayisasirr. ofours itg.ould b baemisas ifof didn tk abtrs tld feral b is vernnt.f ey hdnen't tabt bee t fal m hrn. h'tee hp. >> gta: u arnot big n m ofhe feraloverent. no h a g: art g ot. of >> fretaalare eru a t.g faof o e. >>tae a fa predent rent >> >> de. wh he prosed >>e ould d whero do.d has de nldhingo. b kee as d talkg abo nng his bee
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lkgbo jsis pgram j spenng a ting. pam endi and t ing. en ait'sot aobs tg. pgram di wendeed met tg. 's as easr to poam wed m sine in ericand as tocertnly thetatef arona. nen icd d it tho rt peoy e thhete cr te t jobarthata. h wan to taittohoeotheath cr tobat h an so, om tath hop g , thaopha ce fro noveer nt wee we he a chge of c resencero n cnge ve n weweesidce h butaerso nchfesce liv ng ce inhereat idutso riden. iv>> g ta: takein itatoure ren g: ket llowg 20. en dou ien tndor? >> i'mowoing20 to w dt may ior t moorer mon.>> 'm ng hava t wig dateayere. i'goinmoto lk anon see av wha d eeyre gng toe.iscu ai'in lan iee ha th hav gotette go solionscu aan wt i ve ieardo far ithavt te thinwe he aolns wonrful ench wi rd oof pplehatarre i in run hng a ontheyulllchnderand he pet iue. thiunhat ey ty --erhedssue that ie ar. hit facg a t ari--na ues be on atarheorefnt o soac amanyfri be then. e ecomy,ef jo o, heoth ny car he lega ecy,johear ga iigraon. u kn, th see to the
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ash intn a t ira. kntheeo he h t a t scusons. >> gta: e dierenidean thus ides. of illal g i: igradion.en ea image ththde arina i sftll wchinery ira. agthri iarefly. s at pticur winy iss. ther doe seeto bef. a pcu fferce ang tsess er caoeidatee. b >>ell, thi ameca i er a t wa hing ca ati t>>nkl,himevery idynderands e is ewanghat e're t fingndry er itdsot onl is itactire fg azona itnl gatay. wan itiur bor arsna sure. iat.hink a ricaan wanheor s e.rder siure. nk a's aca sanples thawe a er grat sul fe. theittl v ait se e feraloverhaent as d f hebott lintlis v fel o twoerordet i d stl op and ettin s ollworede havist peoope cond acrs a we ar s hevieoco ripiecrs ofhe ae d gsar d ctelsnd therime rieofnd d you ow c andlse ar theheme gatey. sou fm arindnaar ihe goeo te wionsi fri i >> yoe menon aittl hilewisi ag you av yentl ale agouurpl a. howouldhatpl ow hldpen?t t an hur botm lin lete hn?irst an sayur ot in izonethad eorst bgetst ay defit inhe ste, ond thest bt
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untrper fiin sapit, heso w wer etrr rllyiteall rlly wer ry llrtin r y we ce foard d dia pn inmpet ive ckag c fo d we cdiahe p bget andut ete ag a ost c bilon o bftnd 8-lliodoll budt. th's a w ale lt of il m oey. f thene wt8-ioll forudrd ath a w lf m. en e w esblisd a w aorhori a a enurag oth binesess toisa a ri come aere ae pnnedenndagth d b es to theight mee aay. were v py,eder d he grahtful. hado awe lit veoney i'm the adur bit ey su lus m at wngcanthe hg ono thatnday offittl b fsus wn ou d ht.on we d have at afftl b splus ou d out $50 dmillven. a wee prd of sushat. to us eat efrt t50ll weproft. tos totef onl withhe ppl ofrizonl undethtand pg buthef leslate mozong for rddendbuend te leatmoorffor te>> gta: ill 3nempymen or ra sti abohe natnal g: l mpen avraage.ti bory tgh >>t isatl tou.ave. ar tona n th come>>is bac i ha a pn. ou we fol w ttara thmelan,eallac ha p beeve eol tha tweill pbabln, leadhell natnn beeha rlover pbl i'm ad pingato. rer 'm >>retagove or, ngce tsee you. ve yr steair.
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1:24 am
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1:25 am
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1:26 am
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1:27 am
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1:28 am
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1:29 am
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1:30 am
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1:31 am
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1:32 am
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1:33 am
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1:34 am
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1:35 am
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1:36 am
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1:37 am
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1:38 am
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1:42 am
tohhng o gernmt pnt ctracrs. w ba to gn thnme rord. cac. bao th" rd. >> gta: areive phoix tonit cebratg th5th g: ree ho anni rsar of tni foxceewsatthh chnel. izon sena niar tox presdentusse pice jns chl. us.on na od eningsir. re nt thaseou. piod js. eve ng eng r. >> ghata: ce tbe.ere. ve ir an gd: t govnore. srpioto ea >> is aanovr sio ea d icac i a gre: ha youver ten . >> yes >> dave acu. >> rehaour es.n gre>>: mae i ll les >>ou.e >> >>egul. dret. mai i ln't nt t cfess. her bu i h>>eul een d it.i t t c>> gssta: erts gng o herinbu h the e ate. you e up fort. g: r gall. o er what up re e. t t? u up kord of an ieresng rl. t ck. atp the r tallctuay tart kof tn i esar b tore . w veneworn rlua irt tthe y tt btarte w the recnlrn wa i f ous e f ttrtheec wa fs h f own hor out theiddlf h ownorapitut hedl presti o sb 1it0. partf thgrouthat camprownti anbput hug 1 rtmerithn foug oat am the nound an andtugesectedri ft o dee ledndndecdt. de
1:43 am
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1:44 am
foispresentr rht now >>ell, g toor c bda fo cesefult r becaowe i ve g t>> tell,ou i go b ve t o culhree fcai t gm tel eatl t o and mee t n -- tl d ove hman in jt c ne- heraste w hk.n jcked cheert hou. w miele chma cam downednd d a rouable therou omine ma amwn boer aoule secity. and at a o gat bo ly.ecy. d ahaveot g ls o frids l pporveng mt lomne who i ri thk is wderf or m mant. 's aneoughho i this wrfan iss . agh an eveually iwillake decion o whoss anvell illeappe ci oho o -- hmanainpeas fun. nd-- o hn rninde me o rond n.agan he s od evythi i w rlddee le o to honr a cdida an s s.ev hi wwas l e reme ha cda s isress. e me >> gta: . do thameano i ke i assy. rt of g lea: ng owardohaani a. hean f cn?ea ar wel ainhe heury c stl outher is aelot tbe a de.y agn, tsestouer d ates ake a t pce d thin t ingsre deseaid. p so iinha loong gs for-d.'m looksog foonal ioo rean. m loing orr uy tt okakesfoal me fl gead aut log ameca. t
1:45 am
at h thees vals, flhe g rald a reagme had. hboutheal rd famy. agmitead guternmt. m loing r th hteond g inm hopene o thesp wbil. re log oth h th i pe ohe wl lev r. >> g ta: w wethot ttalk abt th fai bindev s. g: we tlk abthai bd fun,sn't i gat n,'t famy i g te. >> leheideseopl havamg a l t of lun. >>eshat'plhat av is bout >> lou d'tf get. t't sut >>o deeet d't get toeehe frhat d fens e. to f>> tyt nsreiffiltamils you n't t com becsefiil u t ccern abouthe nds om cros tect me her ey he so c nigrns o oue s ro t extrely cen redrouner h sofamiig. o ha goo tryendun mi haooecury. phni pd. it's safunurlace >>phntertingood p t 'saf booce senaerr, tngnk yd t s. ce tseou.oo >>hank na t y s ou. t .>> gta: raig ahe>>, ounk cebratn ofox ns. chanl's th g: ig aheiveroury ceat of nntins li fro ans penix aer anfromhe bolital inliro sties the big pix rialanome bit re herest s hea loig at thealestf "oth re rd" at'sextre lotheto"oon't greo" 'st
1:46 am
aw. >>'t hop g y donind in you aw >>hair op >> i yon't minatondlln ou maybhe c fix i wirle i e i't in ere dakeare the gyby. c ix i do he wo i hhligs. >>e akedee hisheut o you g anddoe h wiigout tingou>>es o fgersou thasd goowit ng thisnimais t frsne hahat oonot thi isma t oneutt tausehi the sars seasnein asi threas thase i thihe iar a assi thasha i hi idelicy i aa. thi guy i how d is hli i a sev and halhi yeauyld. i >>w is h you evndotalea him mon.ld >>ouightimon mongsehtamil a fil ngoctual y canee fr theilyes. it h a fery lgtu yan frhes. hai h lyes l inhe trende -- s h tha l lo taiinarou yrreeck ere.-- sha >> e turlod aaiundou yo skw i e. m th 's vy>> ne.ur ad s i m th v n
1:47 am
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1:48 am
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1:51 am
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1:52 am
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1:53 am
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1:54 am
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1:55 am
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