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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 21, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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h, o. tw the. o th two. d, tee. o. [ le aounc ] wi theankarica cashewar t cre.t ca [ anc wihekaca rn mshe caar bacre ca for e thgs y buyost. mcaac r th yuyt. casbackveryere, evertime asckrye,erme casbackn grerie 3% bk onas. tomacall asckgrie bon no. oopsmao jull thrgh. 's aeasys on nops ju-thr. .hree a symaleonnnouer ] e baamerard sh r ards-tard. ee applonli or le oua ba ] of eric d rdsd. pllir baf icar.
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we ve qck hdlin on idaymorng. neide e of qcret hy ofintaten hillayy clton hoingrn ne redeluti nfercef netofte llclnog kist. reti er the st mssag foethemiliry tepup meag figh foe agalist perrism. gh ok. ga a dge tl herrrm. to fllow obat nok ord sa ore t faclerai to ti but fowhat datn notrdtop ndsaac lohfrom tiutat d swingotp ansaohom urlate sng f co unitn te f rvicoit yestday. e sash icot stast.y. sa her servir senher hme. t. she sh ed r up sviennr te toy h. ell hehallod tmakepup t theto l urs. lo t >>ke alwshe sethi. s. >> des>>telw srchi nce stobehi4. theare es shi sies behee oi o baby libut a byrivai vestatorthinshe tva ale. st >>orin ye kw, its atal it >> ythe ndow was ktamped itith. do e owtaselieitmph. ca fm
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ieinsi the hme but fm outde andca f bieve thsihe haby ut fut d al be.vehby >> but sc ntishasal a ffert the y a>>ut he jinsscis mes righerthe a noe >> j isante to let ur gh vewero kn>> youave it a tlonget htori ver l kingknou asehese csesng hri l anngses cs ha seeouranheoefor whats haeeureot?or at whe myn gotthe infoatiofromhe moerhe wa he mdrinngote a foioom wo dru ndwa inssed ou it aall wruinto a ed picaut cagoryllofomsto aor caarys rent seepi on nt bieshile spin pair and hav esleeen de ribeir nd in tav bieand roug hisryn whh isdehybe tribsereied ugis deveped whisbsrotte biesrom ved otpares sepin bsm o tm whe res th s slein togher. >> o yousa new t yor yhe th hlee enog ar. doz>>ou of t eseewor y h ses? a oz >> yof. te >>hey nver go s?the polce y somaybyth nr liceo aroteol soyb
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thkinghisor arecear th? grt no to t thngsrepoli?h >>grheseno o condered t aidenlli deat>>. se inon renera th aenre cide e moin raayth s i de. mo slt son e ba butheyre n tatedsl as ba cresbuey bu nnfornate teds cr cidebus anorhey te not ge a poli invtigaon. dean y dot yougethin a tli pocenvarega. look g in d theouin toe thry? ok in >>hees, at ihy ty areh? >>, i look tg fo tre boith t uipm t beokuse foat t oppenth t afr? uallthe pmbee en paraftswill elllaine thisohe licear bull einf t is o momani cesbuapped t mmetis, dsn'tant tni fathpe t ti dnow,'tt t ndth d tpose ew, bedhen t dse d spos of e ba coued be an t cme. dos sofou ba bouieve thbe a c. o bve eoryth emboenedy t ry fache mi add boestiedon t tacolygph. youmi kno d hereti tisas. yg. >> ou noe mireed ttaueson whelisa >>s, ami i tusptes wh
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saat if shelept a o thespaby i achedently apt oispohed of ty by acnt ahat' e kwspo wheof t e by i yt' hav khe heor b o i wha yav her lawyhoor w o on tha shner tuesy, s uld llwyer h w ton t hplaithe aby' es dea sd ecae if h ittos ccid tai ieisy' eamisdeanocanot ifitelon id i >> i any sdnot on ates >>ydispingof es aeadody nlyspg misd eano ita id'ty a urthy crim sdno t id, t death itlfs a acimdent ath. tea th mit whis a acnt inh.xica d,th put m e bahi ifbe th h rher in cathanhe cutb becse hbaif husbd is t h rr mean cec h a sb iscideallyleeon th bab a that is deanlye accentth anabnot a atiscc t hocidean t froyour axpernceith the o. cas a thehodether roasesurer eh yo havheeen youo. thias athis he willerometoes yo aavn ouinalhiis lle aal cclusn? >>es, thintheolic wll cus finehe by so i >> the, ineext ic co wle o ne sohet dcos o ad i thihe isot gng to b dhard wth aihi rder ut s cisuld g beo chaed
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arth w lyg to th olier s cdre someing hake hat.lyto h >> vetlian me intg esti dtor,t. a boar>>etertiednttiwe dr, oren car psyclogi wit nytiearsofen yc exgirienit. >>tilhea srs arri to aexen >>ila s rionvied to murrerut stil has a sevin e scol urr bod ilas and ise sc rfusi tobosit i down r si o movt th sls the wntory ovh shery fele bketbllaye w serv evebody fe wro b. tb angye w rat. i rvvedy cro ta manidat cta m t! e ompaes y're st aolic pa ye aic avi, wee brging humaty bk tonsurce viwebrngma btour d puing ople befo polies. vivapulifg insleance foand olnuits.s.
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were bvaldinfinsusncece aund d u. it we binsuead thbest apprch tfood is tep iwhol fobett nuttion th 'ths whst thedo pr tth godat gins real t iol fottuton t' whtheyheteam nd be g ge acs al walle g in ey am bile e otguy'a's w gflak is me presse e oty'sak mpr se m. eat ainsthe ole wholgraicere. t nse eolaire
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4g--he nt evutio inirels tenolo. -- nevio inwitheldvanted polor, e vezon lteetwo mak ur binesrun ster thanpo ven tewoak besn er artpnes,apto tabls, mile tspo. tps,to bl me po bunot l 4g isreat equ. but 4gisatqu ong e mar caiers on veron'sg neork is 1% lt g macars oner'snek 1lt the ld sndar ofirels tenolo. e d wh se otarr ca iersofay elteve lloited te cerag whotcars l edveri cn isaghe l gest lte tworin arica riis lste or aca d ev-grong. witheriz 4g e, evro. you n innt n way upgde yr buness thizg usg re-timgrouu meetings nayom r ote pgcati ys, buss usreimou etvide confenci r e tibile redicardaymes, denfci ledirdme litninfastownlds d acss tthoulinds in stbunlnesspps.
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ac tous plusbuverissn has. thlargt sectio usriha th 4g rge desecesio d thmostg ltcovege r yo busg s thstltve yol onusmeris.'s ftest st riabl4g nwork onri fst rbl nrk wonr mo busesse chse vizonirels onmousse ch v onthanelny o er wiress crier an o re cer vezon. ven. rember e sty, aruck lled wit pres ent emr ostma's ack editest o's teleompts? thtole uck s be lept cove d. th buone tle k e telromprss ve bue tillgoneel mp yeah mewhil l joene ah meiloe ben's tepromer h b ta'sn i own teom life h he ta iffwncrip fe >>ut t t cripitf e
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boen ds e u t tr e bo dteleompt? u>> tre cld baushn th ghan tan le lept h use t c bash .th rember henann le hse teproter re er nllover tror fauslyor j er den. anywfa, stlyight jhead as t raceor t n. replica ywst nohtnatiad hasts t up ce can tdate ep carn noti ra hcalp rformtoantehe x coo gavel the rrme boson th t goteheinnoveer.osn t >> ande nowerma ca veces. a li le ht>>norowthemaa scontvers lli h 99-9 pleand ck pry i gntngrs topush r 9a9l sdple not p i gax.osh >>he seotx.nnoced stery. es noyonedave a plahe eramerans ll nee ala ge b ind?er s uartarne has tge bd? t hrdbout e hooaiaith hrman cai uthis tooah manment weai haad t ssgestns t law e mnt wea t990 sstaw prosed in esidtial eleionsnd ve90 went anyrere,ed isn idalhis tlens mome whe nturn anyounde, andis sais twell meybehe wen andnd ne sa at ll tax ewe dica refnem?
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yonow ve tw of x thehree ca leadg repeflica yow twheee connder adep ca risi n tmbrinoner racal formnd ysi n ar tbr ughi. >>ral rm n y iarm thiing fhi a>> n mpai son fohe mavhiickg a candate uld ai wanonfooavkse yo l ende "isdanhis eyo l momist," s sis t om" time that fameus a atampan? ll mneyfa a felike itaspato be is monto c meeyp wifeke i flatbeo ta cwi >> mae. at maae rney wil aymayes. mabut e ryconyilis ad y s.have o t fndon sothin tha i goin y to t veus o o fthisoin rha and ieopl say inhiso s it. ois r>> dpl y looayat tsopult.ityf hean in yoo h t reayuly ehe ha opinns ll hea sorf e stufand ha isin o issor gy, and eufd hs a bd oss plif g e d h b 9-9mache,pl 9-ch - pl. peleovet. t ohe -l pee candateandonde o wh hes dng soantedde wl?
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fuwhamenel chge. d hasoto somhing w fuench. ha >> otomng undestite t litil robls>> getng ndti fl t tiblax tetough you notfl kw wat the ft ta tghate w ll u ot k in whehe f ftaure.te w >>eopl nlove deectio. f e. and th will>>pl nve ge tdeio nddeduions th keephem ll n thge. t al nds of duns l byin ep form thath al >> th sisf wt i lin worhinatng >>th ab wt. i on wtsace pplein lo ab one peo thehe mplity. t wh thetart tfindut th li. de ils,whhathert i t whndheyt, at >> you ihreeyigh doge uvo wa >>ou yourh morageinte st ductia ashe do y wan urthatore teen duti pu tt que ionhe rect yanheat awer for mostpu t isuen ct o." ere aer hugor poticast isprobms t geing "it e ug paspodca bu iob tthinge tgre arhugeas bu adinntag ecomic t aarantas ge to pting it adagcoc ata n pngt pla. thriva seor wld bla thva e re wtalid. th b is a w toet reli
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pr peri. ths yoincr wse ttoncen ves opleave ecaupr tri moyocr t ey rk th mreens th learne tau t moreohey thkeep mh anrn it t rses ore re meyey fo eep aneasut. th rsre m recesfohe dfici >> su itthoule hsrt dci tul h h&r blk. they donant&rl th. he on anphiltthram a steanil fbes ve opos thi aam atott noere fenshe nor oshi a no e wll itet som hereid w nt? >>teveomorberenevewas th nuer o guyn n the >>llsvebe atve s thrman innu ouy isighthe an sht so, wl mi.romn weel prsure o, aopt wmi soind omn l flat prre atondax? o >> do, tatat i myx? pred>>tiono, thave iyantaicedon vehowstua vataey. >>hin >>nd w a vaoupl. of in y. headnes,plf 9-1 sce ments afte a ads, 9c mts crad te gunnra onedun fi od a fiis fmermplors a
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f cemrtlo aarry >> howemany a ry >>ow sh? y >> o a sond, o shcond o >>he sd, pople are ooing snd e. >> plea plere >>hreeereill a six ea re rt anpl. >>eee thell aix soter an portly gry ovhe h sft ser beg rthand d yovkill himse s tw beays lanter whll heas fsend twys ldingrnh aheeighr. f ntrorsy ng lifoia agh hooloard me er roy refing tofo olrd me stefg dn afordmitng s stmarradd c dnvicdafit s m dererrd c icd acses lyio ters mre yinghe asacs dorceyi rsnd h ng husbd wa j dtce reasehe hfrom p ison sbwa aft jervire e yeoms f ponft mrder vi sh aitte sh ye f was diones mer sh butays a sheteshill nasdies tshe spl n wn. >> ape co- sundestev obs. p gretd the o-cisideevs t etth ncer sisurgy, o rvela ton inhe er niogrrghy o abo rla hinm, the nok asogrboeve hs e e a staed
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serisly qestiing vee extencofgodta aft e w riy qti g agnod wi exnc caerdft ad, w he s nowiullitarang a the agee . li th booar i a the one au orizthoo i biraph tofstevon jobauiznd t biph ev thorob iervied him time foit andor i i cviesim out onme fo dnday ithatill b c aut heon h. >>ay at faly bew h h falectc cahat leondo h uilt ictcinlaa t wi helpro onur h talt i dlarsla wiel ta de cars is cais ismadey aar ovseashatoes notisavedey fact y inhe uovted asatestndsot e themone is ed fo ctin u d gineesing d degn orke dones aricafo but neg det onk theo acaut on0 he mafactingobs areotere, ey a mactgsree,n a fiand. a nw, weavenid. a widly n e sctereveunsne aoss the cotry heid eas rnthirscre ns rit no asheand coy ave rin inas ir po ionsf nerino engnddnd e thugh re grtnakes aponsneng th h
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gr ottrwis aes a ot dis a frayor dher 21day ocber. d w, in mai nd ny yk citycr.e a a nai n y ty a51 a nohern plas,orest on the no purnkin. ilanrememp os hed th sme for pun. at nta idatemp tod, itth s wior wa up smaatlya nd wte ll hodeit 80wi acr s muwa ofphema gat st weof h tas, 80dcrmuf 77 gthro hst orid and t0's, n the77ro d-atnticnd thrgh heidnd'she d-miourind issiatippiichr vall. mi anri70 daysi in pinsas tynd clev and,ll an ohiyshoun as t out 50 ev degd,esbyhiou 4: tut th 0 eg ternn. annow will che: onth rn anw llheon th. lee an urell >>hen i th lht timleanou he ud ofll vienhe i wleth l fami couim heof e wee miouogetr? >> aowe undet on tt atshee donheat tstoda >> thsatda re. >>hs "migy mk," .nevegetsold
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th tr tor ig o a m"askeall ve tsam ttdeat tthrdds aor o did t gikep il th tt f tce ods a idadveity d tgi ith sll bud ft o vemoviy had tallee beuseit s toud fo yea to et vi ad lebee todistbutofoand eaeo a st torated flicis rleas 40 yrs after ic e macal ras0 yicto. af ta a loomal wouicksto tato wn?oo th is ou theksnly rson yo w ould b thsheere.y rnyo >> cldla blays a li >> cys a cohli o ok men' bastbalo teamo tre natnal n' as alampishipin e arlyam tat0'sl anthe pihilaiplphia caolicly hool h's nderangelahieamcaic olwith h few reurceerbut hea and sam fellnth l ve ithw tirece stry.eand s llearn lh abt tit sen. i ad t scrt arnbaken wth it t cr>> y are aen t wing tooard t it chan y there girnd tey don t ng ntoord i. t anheir ton i >>nd h >> sbann n h rereeaiti r spos an le a c nnce torehoote iti s hotownpof a cetohilalphiot i i le
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srtsho andwnalwa ntedo belahi volv wit l s s methndg inwailm sto ede lvboutit sp ts ath tinslm hadto deput sp a t truead stoep spirg uetotory irry uaveto beeve. eeonsued he s anbee. ven the re plars wsu areow snccomished n cohehesreand la bu wness eomheosd wom buadss apearce as >> wn t ayar wer in a t habn.s wthey ter tabere ey ddy. goi thee fin. wa eoiited to -cree thein wa eedo winng omenretand pa ethe iniratn onoin herendpae geratis. >>hen inu haaton a r gre ache gethatti chaes>>ourn ha are lif he at shehaurif o ned heossiliti. eas od iucte intsitihe won's sketll h il ofteame nt 200 a pro ho t monwos et h tuofed oe and it i00 not aroust ho fo t wom bon anyne hattu o wndtit iot as gost fotorom bnyt w oveomin asgoor stacs. >>tvelookinanttic b the acvie w>> donoknt 20c bnd h he
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be s tinge w o slfook0g h fo abe sbigng mpan to sistrute.ok >> itfo wag ganng tooo strraige. to >>tvd awa the gireooraid, sig no i ll ta athe tre famyd, feivaland gota lot of t bu andam w itfe aald igo otckedof it bbu hend ishe thitg, ahey are ed redi bablees ttheams ey al ys wie diatle is tms ay. alwi >> i is rueis d a . is nny suery, the ath a sten ia y fams l sgy, tihe th athe m st i pladehia,am lve rierts so w nhe m i seeim pde ia, thin rhetso whinkn i i wieee i nonn g ov himinnd ink am i liki no nnet'sov imlk iboutmik yono'sad. >>utund, anyo srtsovi. were >> u dootnowd, tn s esingvi we dow t eg ocky lt in roc one you neky h lin wouoc winne >>ouill ouearn h you toin >> ll larn y kds' movito ere yo kw thelandin k' tvi lck eyo k ein t l - lo rwarto th on >> st -lo aead, arhon van>>rbiltl ad, derfe fo tllinanil rigio
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oupshey rffocann t fiint mbers rtoio praicehei psy beevesnnutit do m thrs vlateraeeieeshe doth vte cotituon? dge nalita kws a t ngco tu ?or t eataabou k a e t nsti ttion anddatiou horr tion ndtior orie ie
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i wodn'to th. t maied? , i uldn usehat sing mil cret ca. wo'tth mad? i dnsetngilreca nicring kck ioff. icgnornghim. withhe citalne kvent ie caf. youarn. orm. thdoub c milal onntverycaurchoue.n. shar ] 3d i so rubl laily. onrych ar i i rig r herlalarr if y're t eaing doub mil... iigerrr y e yea're gttli ubfoilhalf. eall ye li folf alaidie? hat,re w ll prescho? [ le aounc ] aid ge?the nturcard t, w re hoat [ anc ge e urnd erdn dole mes cn evaly pucohaseveryay. edo mwhat in ur wlet? wasevonnapu sesay ryat.. uh h... atn wt?asnay . h. wow,t's greadeal p... it ournnuadeal-ram
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w,s eaal ..itur uashoal me amhe cfax ah. hose w me che caxfax. . sme cx. butt'seal-ram ust tow msthe l-rfaxm t me ax [ighs befe yobuy usedar gea caax hicl hist[y rehsrt. efyoy ed see cideges ancaserv e clportst to rerfax. e deanrv nd artriceo axbaseon t cars hitory ask aour cealer seor t to arrfaxhiom.rysk r erst s, shr me o e caaxax.. sshe ca. myame rob. i'a wi, i'a mo.. d cntixorkefor .mye ob i'itwis a i'dicamoon iouldake a sti smo cixker ita ca ildeatimo whi it ilt in sysm. [ale nouer i t alot witn suppyst, chti pro n [ toe elp uople quit moki .oitpp chro it todup the lege titsmokki soe pele h cha es ibehae or tok thnkinor d, sope h htili , ag atioa iha preed mthd aninsuical thhughtlior aagionsio rewhi m takang ic oraftethstophtng
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c antixns iak if ou nice ory ofteheseop cix st takg chtix d ca yo docr rit aw .if ne ofse st takl yochr dox or ca boutyony hoctoryrif deawessi tor oyoer do ntal ealtutprob hmsrydesi whch cld g wor whi takg chtix. o al ltob dot ta chaix i whyou' c had g serorus a ergi hiakchx. dotaha i u' ad skierreac aogi it youevel the skip taacng cntiit andee yr door rht ay ouel he so ca be sfe-ttaeate cng.ti nd y yodohave r his ary ohear orood ssel robsoems, cae -tte. teyol yove docisr if oou hare ne or d rse elmptoob.s, teyooc if ht me cal lp rneht ar ye to ifyou ve sptom of hearatta. use meutiol when rrivi a orpera ng mhineif.u som arta e io encomvin si efforts ra mclune naua, oub sleing md usisualffream luau mynspi tion or qubttinle gwe my ns. ualam mypion q inth y wewe my y ttle.heerg squ. [ ughs male nnouther ]we y lek yoer doc r ifuhant[ hs le rigou for ]ou. yoocifnt igor.
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quieadles. maff les jaindrags h ui is trdlted.ike ma a laigs h fia on acrrdind toke a n boritt by hisa acino dahtern-la nw singoett by is is "quedaer thlae sgeleity, a can noqualkth whout sooneley, a shoung wnds ofnok wutsoencoagemt. ou wf an a bchcolearemg bwl an bar b akes -- es bres -t. a seakeressre a a efer ske rass aut a toheer ra fid bowing i whise bin stpingplay ande is artedstng uressayg whndhe streers nd tte do ussndwh t gamead o res tooser tthe me fnal scorereucla s wning and flhe orla s wngnd reak ak. >>hank y >>nkery y mch.ry >>reat studt grps pshin m ba. ains >>at udgr vanrbil pinaunivsity ns pocy tt tesanil relious
6:46 am
ivudenty gro s tpoy ttannoets fce membs toelus pra iceen tros sa tyno f mbto beliras.e t wha? budoeshat picy actlly li vi ate ewh .s.buesatonst putioycty an we vie . wistioalk t nchore ilk t reed wahoh,"judg nalita. ed jue, a" thdgdo nata notju wanthto discmina. thot had proemthisan lst ye and the rescna thadroissayi l yend he esseiall anyi sell athstan cou lead ble cthss. oujudg nalita: ad b vaerbi is c. adga ptavate unersi butt vaccebiss feralfund p ter unsiut riet of ces so ces dfelhatnd re iresit et beve aof fso is eret te fererales begove ament the irstre amdmen tfelaysno gove ment ayventerntre e witht themreeen ercisse ve rentgioner th so ee eis vandbiltreon caot int fereso windlt thereecantrexerce o wi he regionoefrc jesh oroup want nlyreon jjesup inhat g upnt ey c dolyit andhe se j rn t y g coeligus ondanizion d s is ptect in theig oizirstn endmst fre pomctnf assoatiohe thaalsosst t dmre
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6:48 am
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6:49 am
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6:50 am
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6:51 am
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6:54 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
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6:57 am
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6:58 am
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6:59 am
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7:00 am
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7:01 am
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7:02 am
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7:03 am
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7:04 am
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7:05 am
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7:06 am
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7:07 am
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7:08 am
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7:09 am
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7:10 am
doitthatss rwe ask gg y u wh yat th ght out skm dog tha heaid ywh y tre'sht no dt doikeha haoweeidthat tuts 'sto o dinstctioketime andha reeogniatng tat udens ha st amioeme t med rni t t en ham cebrat t ttheeat lidaine coume a sool, da stum wilknow lger co e srmitl,d hoolumilow lr on it ol llown. >>nd y are noton dreer per? ow you>> yreotrenow r? w at?ou u ha to a ltle reow emphic w i?idin ha wo th l thie partularerso >>ph i iin w lohi hi rtarso oay. ire'snoi e-ilrom athyn o. 's chig.- omif tt wathhy polcy ig. twa iny ol ki' scol, woultell eryo to ep eir dsick at hominthat, ul ll on yo dayo r ck t et tatom katds d drs up ay shld tnot t k bedrup stoed. isradishontes,eut alto . e pcsdi poce s, prol. l you ha o hiorynd pl. outh ha wi ahiy kid in a rth vawiridn a costhe. a thipers saithe ns a od ista. bria did ou hindrsai the
7:11 am
n? i thk ab t iaid thethhildn wh can'affo a thkabtheldwh ostu sn' ofo tho thatorgeto ing ttuings o the'slentho of at timgeof a g tgs hooltho wesntcostfes dim a celeate. olnerawe >> tnkst you. le e.>> ting n thrags way t fom u. scol i onl tg th gingay tmake f kidssc inl diik sool en gg t morke and hat'dsdi sl jeey, or5. >> ndnd at'therweeje , >> b he aer wllee g is hse be iletaper. w >> th g's h gd et ideer > oop h >> anhow gd abtde op tng aer an scwol? b >> ce on. ase t a scdisc?sed c rlie whe then. gasdesof ascericd kid star compieing heth ind ae gs rea aicndid hinaarmpg nd a themayb sueday aey,na yh,heyb w ed cat doy, th y. >>e shld t i w unl wecaetdoloso cna t tth >>sh t u, w i houlnounwetoos dr csing t up. i d't tnk o day wisul ingorake ngr ki. d tsudd olyay g brilante ancompe wiiddthe mberne sdentinthe ilt wod. anmp >>wie'veeen inget err snt e yes. whwo's t har>>ven omeg ll, 've ye wh fal tn barind meut kor , e dal b chnda.
7:12 am
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7:17 am
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7:18 am
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7:19 am
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7:20 am
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7:21 am
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7:25 am
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:28 am
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7:29 am
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7:30 am
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7:31 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:51 am
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7:56 am
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7:57 am
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7:58 am
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8:00 am
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8:01 am
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8:02 am
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8:04 am
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8:05 am
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8:06 am
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8:08 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:13 am
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8:14 am
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8:17 am
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8:18 am
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8:23 am
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8:25 am
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8:26 am
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8:27 am
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8:28 am
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8:32 am
ck'sar t aft 145 yrs 's t bunessftthe45ountwant y to adbussentnt $10ax ono chad brel10 o ey pduceo rseax b l revees 'use ghtnow pce r ve 'e t wrevees ahin. jeff is a ve a jack mas r ff distsler d jns u a fmac lyhanasr str j u bg. f go mor ng >>ood rnin tha youor hangus. b go greorhen: treatu.o ha >>d inhaou ha. you re n: >>attevehait'sn amecanou >>ve's melegen thistieriether at acgethanie. tiie arertheyunisng ou beuse u arie areyis suessfbe beause ar tax renuesre dn,heysusf bse naxd more mey re esyou' d rolngey o the brels n and ey wret mo sl u'ol ohe a b ls$10-rrelax o d w oeryl a 0-el o brrel y? >>ell,ouknowi thi the bel? >>l, pele wowhi ahedvoces for is arrpeax wave aitedoc tor ct tt werrhouldovet smplyed tbecae wean aff tdweult. sbutly weeel l e acaweff tel l mpan a thathrou ourropey tasaxes an d thatugh ouherurpeta critae
8:33 am
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8:34 am
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8:35 am
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8:36 am
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8:37 am
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8:39 am
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8:40 am
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8:41 am
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8:42 am
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8:43 am
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8:45 am
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8:46 am
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8:47 am
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8:48 am
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8:49 am
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8:53 am
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8:54 am
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8:55 am
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8:56 am
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8:57 am
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8:58 am
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