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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 21, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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anni f our i trps.ur th i howupmeri's f m itar rtr. th efrts iow iri mar iq wi ef es. >> m iy iwi rublins sing is en eng m t qui rli sg s en tui wning th desiono cme ck t w haungh thedeon u.s c >>espe thatheresint t au isryin e todo..s wou all ike>>pe tohaeee ansi in endto . to o engouemenllthere oron naowinof ind t le s do ongener ir y nain i thas le do smt oroesn thr ten yrha sesmrityorsn we'lhr worn torigur out aole r ns sety tms of 'lovidorg urut serityecau i afe tis n thg t f id stgds, 'lsetyau i t heessholdis in raqst, thanond has. s at ddisn'tsake a lo aq oan nse. nd . >>ight ow w dhave'toree a tlon 4000 top on i q. e. of cial>> sayhtg ju wvee t bou2040 t of i of thalay wjul st behoud to guard t u.s eassyth w andteh htolp artrai t.sraqisecuty esynd fces. he whe ho e al ai sayg upqicu fs. wh 5,0hoal amecan ayntraupors lllso b i ,0meraq n rasrovi so curi b for.s iq r ed rior henlivet thehite houslo. ed edin se waen is ivehete us rlly ednot swa i ry t surise.
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>> tt's ght. s wheresintia camign urs beed o t t nots n tht. whthoutsiiaam inq wa a b o miske. t otth uele his ousegain i wahilly clton d prisedo is b tle ends fis finst llcln pred termen b he'soing that n.ndf fwhen he oiciay s kerm t 'sng irti n enerime oiainisr t ss t ir moing out tha themeis had t sere vmoeog thaheonfence, terwdhe psideadame ose v to adessfee, the rwd pde med. e he oever u d thdsheorded heer vtory u thtoo piticdly crged vl try o ctrov psy aicut cetheedmissn acmpli ed t r toarly. cov a he ss act inlirestg toly tha yesrday af r coinnelst gadfi'sha deaesay the esidtaf mcotionl osa bin den. ad's dea t t ag ne id tay a monsa n n. h trie toast a d tag sor t af h his ieo t iri ploutor asroad visory ir for putasad viy t obaor adnisttion i wld ne th thendf tba ad waston in ira w nflecthhef wargernra ec trsiti. thtidef wa iser rec ing. tr tie thrawddenwain iqllodsecg. towdn focus o i figlo agnst s alaeda a tochie cuajo oigagt ctorsalgainda its aiejo aderip orsncluinng otsma b
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er den. lu >> ohe b thi pside too offi, the n. >>hi pdeoo re 1,000.s. trfips ith iaq a aghan tan. 1 00 .ve t tr i ind - aby t endf th yr, tt aan wl b t cu - in tnd hal wiseth yis tu w b a isorknowcun jo wilal besetheumbeone aorssueowext joil ye , th sayeille ty to bekeeuet theyease th wouay dowlnoth t ofo tho war a shell se yedou owth off se hoo gar b a s s ldennd otheff g te boris. l he >>o dot joalsoteis.tay p beuse l the pele >>do comjog so ba wily eed be e pe lea somof tm. om ibailed menoned efor.therare ea omriouques tons dienonceededorere ououtes ts s. >> tt's rig. ce publan satorohnccai t tthe t prsidens rilig. f m 2bl8, s orn waaipret e hah inrenriis critism day, f s 2ing tatwaet ha inis cld be hug itm y, sg set tck he caed ctbe augarmfet andead ca setbk f tmfndount tb bause f he tays e secity ins ntuld bbe lset owhe as thairaqouldecy s d esse iall l go bk ahaaqld to beg al sello oken bp ioobeal en i pces. e ba sto ishe.s. had en ps. hop g to
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opo e behd, a few ousa u.stroo bt th had tiseh a que io w sa.sboutoo well b thad tmmuny fm iriue ls totayutehin llun and fir bical ljohn ccaitosyin ming tnd chae bal hnai m gat t oba admistr tionha itedooong t neg tiateband dmtr thn's w it eledhroh.g ta tegte th a wtro ta lien. >>e wi a becomptelyut o iraq bausefli th.r >>wie mimpandllyg of o tha aq bthatsehrhe nber midlofha o goaatof th inian iso nr gethe uned stes o comoaete th ianset un ssomelyut o aq. mccn chgingly o inill . cckechng aanta ofhis icuum nce 's rht ol he atafs um ordee r owhithousoffials shed backnd sayhede initrnatusnalfi s edmmuny wi hol ck inay accotablif ty tr tn taatl unwiol i vante o t s cobl ttrituaon.a >>ll rht. h ry, ntank u ve o t muc uaas w.just >> r.hear s e h, gk veuc wst lawmarers syinghey' wored g fo a sple rea n, wms ngy'or fo iras se nehboreaand w th cou ta advtage rany u.s neord thou x rert chf.s crresnden jonaan h t lidr. re iour chw yo cwsesen r m na hli ir ow.yo eocus in r and syr..
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us >> ieah. solundyr. >>h. luly. aq ss fily bweenhose o.natis. tohe wes sfi bense ti to ries. o priden aad m f l he uld. bbene ted pren a mausi fhe oubl ind bned raqsio dlect tent n frbl hisown tuble at hq hom d ctbut the ast,ntfrisarn tle h ggerom t ncerhet,ran, alrerdy er senn,ng inroxi rosslrhat lon rrow torentry cauin xi trble. ss cordtg to so forgnonolic owory au ex rts,ytre. rdtooithdorwing.s.ic troo, weexres,hdng. ffec velyoowe ceng tec reglyn tran ce tlisteg. t >>ecidto g cfron the an ania thre st di ctly>>we'rid g notdecing conhe o hiaere aresediely'r t inhe gfci th can h be aseesefu noinjust ggain thethaneranifu not osterinhethres, trori thats,ni teats o fro aniare t riproxs tt erge, we'ths, tts ro basi llia oxolli t ee, t dice'and reing si onope thisli ticd poi. re>> bg whi hou oficisne hi say ey do no beoieve brahiou ociisnyay moonotroneenougto mo mkeon
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maagaithn gurn nm higatioe vlenc b t ma ai try n incase s po an t i y nce mo an ibe n m cncidce thl-saas n jt in cid th the lasa f day jin rurne frhe in lawher fay hha rne bn gogfr thr igh er h ligis suide try bogo beme ahr atoll. gisue ry an wl nobeoubt a allik hav wnobt aladr av t cenr ofhe aqi overentalr a perps tfuncenoninof a aiert aeryer ncin powful oxy for traniyowl yor t ayollani. >> vy inrestg ting on s r urn. ay lanath vinunt,sthanktion y ver r n.much thlet'movet, nnk y toerew edenc tochght. t'e bave who n vanhed om hoo enc tot. bahoan md sour mayho b dd. wee lrnin mur a caderay b dogas d we lin incatea sct of adeatadat og the ho of lite intescofat eho lisfit irn's rent isweb sa dappeed fm th rme mse th twoeeks nt a b d andpe fth hepares s m sothbodywoustks ve stcheher a fmnd hereers scribso dy tbut t s inhent'srother fdmitd ib fox t tn'she ns shwasitrunk d atoxeastive asseof nshs
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winehen r chink dappe edatste se an nen todahi aolic daffipevit realed aanda.b.iic cafiver tg ware broedhtnto a the.i redenccar ewaro caoverheog iicatrenc ecar iated potive hited po fve thecentitf ath nea t ft of f thent moth'sed. h whatlse ea t fof t th kn? d.>> tre a sev al bats ofe infoatio omn tha taffi avitev b ofat rllyets ur fo aioenti . sayhafitthat ryebor bs dley ati to polaye shdidn sech at fobabyisaor bney t to bolk ofshdnsehe fo byhousabecae sh wasuote t bafraof of at uscashhe mhtaste fd. itralsoof say thathere mas dt inhegard tha ft ookeit lio ay hadatreeen d inrdhavertnedke tihe adn poce. rtlicedemov fro tmhatouse so ofhe ts fr by po. sa'sceovroatse so rfm, tfr b purepairf 's shts. if y r rembe wheur babeir sh lis. origally ent y rbehe abssin she was isdescbed iglyearit pure in heiras o hort scd th alstookriolls our tap nd o rt tethlsok spenr. ls po oce he apvenno t rson en forpo he n taki tse ite. rn attoeys presorting braey d ir nkissu tte tos esng straemen
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sayi thair cperasud wi polinswed queionsten yindha crawi to rate liwe accdatio.uens lice toheyte s he,cciouote cestardhem y wit soldi hte inarrmatn,m itdi hris. in mikat i kn tha onef the h s. moth's f me f endsik hnha nesomething say about tths. f fwhatds tha h pson meg ay aut tayi? at>> thas is wom p whonnew brady wh sheas ayi tisomhow ili ry adwh wihe anli ortwiragg e sa she nuyinn th tearthattou sromgg braey. sa here n iin theth arat s qte. m don belvera. h. i i heston'telie on el kno s h ani tn'tie h cryr. on keno s tat. kw sh ts hryn aood ton. ksh artt, a vodyood nrtisrt 18a da lite by la ha vd isen msingait by lo l oha sus mcionng no sid lovidee. harr. >> rusl quonk, b ore let sude rrhat is t r cqumuni be t oing i'veeen curusatecau at t cni firsyou d alngthes ndre veofn vuntes. ur whau arethey rsu dalnges re ow? v >>teou k w,whre thiy y ill de a t of? >>eopl kominhi y out l a inarnef withe eortplto in fiut bab lisin ne ityou' alys gng et o fi havabhe is
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mmun y spu't beeen lose g o be oeve tavotheand st nt to elpunspben ere butbe sewly t bhed sury asou g o p re aore of t st sy bvidee,ur as gyou' hava a l ofeeopl t raing tdeir u'avyebrs at lfpl thi ra g moth t. >> t goodbr queation, whire i th b by. th ank u fo too theuen, lat wt. i b. k fo bunessn hehean cnat cchin flak robuss conhervat cesor coents h cin akade outonbortatn an tcoay htse h wasnoxnewse trt an tplai hng ect lasws - ai e ectly l erehe rllytand - e whlythout weould eee ry gislion ptect pple nd om t erswhouweld in arica ? sln to pghct a n pe ts cradownftern aonsca to a bea nandra benwnler gerssan wd aea toughdenl rs w oo. yoare tchi the tgh mt porfulame ews, o yoe yhihe kn m itpoule s, ykn f x. tabl? f ah,aybeot. v8blv-fuon jce ges tm a ull rvinof vetabs h,be. v8fu j g t a l in vab us aull rvinof fit. bu it ast tl tes inke f fit.. but t s . w ft's .ur nber? w s n r?checout ge sings at bs prshop anat bsproom, ke.. ect sgs bprop an bro, ..
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us, n't ss o greapumpn haoweeeven th weend. , t o ea mphaeeen thee. co on . con (cama flhes) leanam...lflnne!s) hodo y feeabouyourew cus? an.le! oh mhogod, y loveeit. ouaughur s? at wld y sayo a iend who md,ov. gh w yaya nd o ght skeicalbout ford st tt th makt a qukeityal veutcle.rd doeshe snd stem and t for u? tthakquyvee. yees s sm d r anwhen o yoyeuse ? um, use allhe te. loveisteng tanjazzenn thyo e ca , e yollknow the oy thg th st ksvete tzzth ca yoisowou c o't hthe a thrtin st (laus) is c ha in au [ ma annncer to t 5:0a.m.chol. thewo t ins d a mas nner ri r. t:0m.ol he ts a rithe 'll eep en is do" acemic e l p idoacic fo80 yrs
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rencst acrdin toayy t h wli a assakiate aif nc prsacinofk pol thatss comtered th a pruch ol hi er 7at omstd a afte wh the ectihi 7 ftn w 208. the numr ofhe a erictis whsay 2the. e nomy eumof i verpoor a hictingwhy a e emy ierorew h hhng hat samurv h t am of 43% rv e pside sti lea his of3% top publan r al, et pdetiin aea is statticatie th b h p rmerbl r, assacsettgoveor mt atcae b mneyer ac att herven m cn. no tey geoia busessm aer c un r fi forno rect co tentseoussm he unfior madecco tsoutbortn. caaignarl, s weno had tliven ort ca dcgnl, newweoom h cain fed b k t ayve o ritdc he ew onom inox ne f b t chael. i >> h h on ah, neid. . caha was. ask h abo abtionn th , asesf. caas re, sk inbost o lifef thabmothonth jues thether nig. r d saiin ofethth quo ijuheer gsig dn toai uo that iamil g d dwhatoer ty at ildeci, th cide i sh ldn'haveoat ty te the what dciisioth deto ake shn've fosuchehe at dio seitivissuand ein wwant o oncho saythe vernnt shldn' be tingseoiv telsud w nt opleon erythg toaye drn shn' es tcialg wheelt le ces e tthto d
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soal ecisns.esalhe hasee c und fe froso pis. liasconsvatisnd frond priva li andamansontrti mod jt abvat anmatrod jver abincer >> tt isce c ar tis. thas tir disioto ceak eaw. th's hahe t d io mily k deceion. >>he lhguagwas ankl the lyecn. >> la luageaghats kl theohn herry usedn th lalect n autlage t ing psonaheyn y oppo d, bedtha ct aallongpeop go p mana decipoons. b at'shat thin rloisedop a ta red cis. 'st in red fgs ta ed peoe. >> hman in cpare t f joh t rry. theo is h sern us cet ore toh y. mistes b ths err. cn. o cou cau lting inin inst b io whe morthan c haloufau l ofngopin caus iooersheoran a acctalf cars a ccscridvanlical nsertivewho rid all nanca ggle erveooom allrtio hars: wle tt waa lem aio picar w fo thermwa ca, theas anher e corm foricheeath anr eack hn hing ansruesonsorhee th may sheutll h es k in hg nsheess thay iohe hbask a e maybin havi aprobmn neosk a hashiryb vi sheobne mes nbonewithhat.
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scuiol t. hun po dn an sffill d8y sc t un li dan tig, woes, ars d ll otrs. w th overrliayin 'll siigwo a, s ot. exthutiverin ordl si a o dangousxiv exic ps. a sirdlarrder pireinhe o ngspris and wxre p sirerear ngre they e harind w proem a thear ey ha nesvle fm ahe docunts owin b catere sv f be. keptn unlo ed ccues as thein b at ware a ack pan er i thptlo c ahe wa bamentnd nghbo compkinedanbout i lnhat was bant nbo mp edonut lhe loe.tas >>some lmake nigh are oposlog a al f forgner >>me lo linke to vegh i there os ua . forer come n oveloo but ibrinheour u bigmen ve t waet wthinou. r wel exain nt. igplus t'swa t w bigst stu . everweexn n concted n cusls tig ptunes er d bronned cance pu'llsant hear wha brscieistsre sing forece you ke our llxtt eaha iets sg reou calr al
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thppenheo het so of etred rmesusmasso weaener hsof lori es aronandearialifnia. tad ar faacatifna. t f hom. at>> hris:s mu as e pres ha faln,ha wi buy yooma h s prsome eoplare haainsal ts. wi wi iuyt rllyo t.ecom meple ns t lawi i r thibill hasom bartin pporlaand y bu ness rouphill as satheye on btioard stil gting ord busstup thugh saey on ngre inrd il g ngis pitic enronmthh cld ren p beic ennm ciffult. >> iigraeon hower is fft. coentis s i iraow ciset d aco ti ar o iromn eecti c it a hard o to smn eti aoneitvercing th rdartion s an aegioelrcg dierenths ntided ranio imdigratenn nd refm to imatass >> se are teftoplanayall shorofsssign icany urni s ar tarouheanhousgl arkor. fognanni ou thaus ty argrk, th fo onomy nds conderae drha i ty urgmplothent. om n onbackraoe dr i you u lo hart.s: aight ckthanoyou rymuch worlou mar ts ar aowht anu ch rlar reting posivelyo grce'sates mos toreng avo si banlyuptcgr'ses strimongto woerstherevoantc areow
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7:25 pm
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7:26 pm
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7:27 pm
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7:28 pm
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7:29 pm
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7:30 pm
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7:31 pm
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7:32 pm
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7:33 pm
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7:34 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:36 pm
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7:37 pm
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7:39 pm
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7:40 pm
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7:41 pm
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7:42 pm
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7:43 pm
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7:45 pm
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7:46 pm
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7:47 pm
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7:50 pm
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7:51 pm
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7:52 pm
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7:53 pm
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7:54 pm
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7:55 pm
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7:56 pm
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7:57 pm
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7:59 pm
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