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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  October 22, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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al srkll aack dn under. cond ial says a.k thnr. te nd i gatys wthhite kling a aerante dir k inng tralan. e wn trea w aal aoxogu crn occerns o ed tinhetein theate ingu polar uristt. oanno anr tisiedoto nd orawl t betdeento two grls wl nmeonhas t gs y. sn whoal falut or alts ood bs as the d v blenc rad did nhi.he vncra nhi fonewss america fowss eleion headarte and themecaepubcan adtendhe inubn yevad being t nessu awitcngad b theng t ckussu f ahe psidnt btckohe id 4us. f p br 4ier de cod h
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rar fo thheamn vn eryirsime rafo w retiono th vyrsme present anno tharethonth warn noominmegha to aar en b ir schrimas. ris.llo morhanen b 4000l menorn d wonea 4 saf0yen wohen?eaaf ypresent ama scusng tn? desiononghem he.est a us t n i on in iqm w h sceed i o stegyedo end the iar i stgyondhe anocedur i e anoed of e cbatf miionsnd iqi c fortces are trki con of miens i secityors heirkiontrountf .eecy esidoft oba sa nowsir the ti to id oobsaheowshe ti ecomic chalngesere ousome. o al getesnge supe.rt omnt tsetefenup ecrery. ten llyenenrgre. th dfens yectaryen talng ou dral. tootroory wital seetarleon pitetta was ora a an and r tand te ptaaso o asia
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er lwig lloo fward a term f prdtnerip wh a lraq. e avsrm pere wyhoq. fe te itsfov a a ctriute asecrar a a c sribiety of thcr a sbi ry valar of t wld >> the .e. v af traq w cld not o tq cot a dea theorce which i ahyea o the trosce a ming iome tsheear. >>roes a s nge tr.he s>>ion rehtionepubcansaying it is non a io r d rnsky dinisio andt w ndhearg mo abouthat n. a armo autontdt n tha.t t omba tminirati shohad he t shedbaarde to come to nitiho he a ed dediploaticgreent some oo grocee s o tror a aot headspbout wn t ourrro trops wie bes o.ut w phat'rohat t sidewie o has t'yt m tin pde policalas alemt t his behate'sol gog ira beis bet o ofs go on a t b o cerin.
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thfran a is cy.aer.ubli po thatsas glionor. r perryha puntin tip. gr r ryan or uh gerno hus han. e pside's ibili u gnou to reacn. ac areemectureave ir bk sliing temsuing ou linirrest in bhe r i d't kn t atisug ou s othins say r dt thsawode btter tot havomaorce berhere ttoav aiai irama forsce andreelp tn unteraor teornd effts.lp mly, tha tee ver muff.. w t mningy,ha y to v afganiuan. se tetarngof steo hllary cltonfgirg.g sear s aanisnyar clnrg cera asi nghbo ais tla a resi nbo in t ruilng thela coun y.a ren ghan rtan'ilhe intgraonunnhe reonal an econ'mynta is ctica f italoco reverros cca war f it sherro wts tar s sh afghanians wthe tos s roafgfnis se udenos sayioa tha s srouening
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yimpanhas wod hav t sougemov an avse t tadov rtricons. e is ahe tad rics.nd fis i a we lon tr. oxeewsil bbweon joi risoiallwsn fks ns s sundll. nd ano f n ashe m >> anos dog mf thmidd eas no de'sea andf thddas no is dthnd muamr gadfi h bee i d layin inamad h aee meat l linker. in hi mbodyt a soil lr. othear a thdye slho oe lednd a his th ralif hindngispor a main h in rick? >>arr, the areic que>>ionsr ofth hre mur gdafi wasuens kille anth hutat of gfiisasody kle an ritat o w.y misataihere are no s.ti isarere 's p oo tipubl gzzly p splato tolks hend ble g folly are
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la t takgtks h i herolre er's wt teak s a hea toy. he w s aea to aery brar sce. ndy cildr brininup ce go and o cdr mint lp kero in oo tatoage lomro sndhe d ste oat s ruledhe dtoor ecad. red ma a ais sds saidut on diyn matreson t flr in di thetoreat roos tlfterneoroo bei eiller on trsda theyre singll o god is tda grea they sg heods fought gea tth remend he ey ao plhtsed wit wt theye send sisfi al tdt tirit wty eosetry s isfiiber ted, they h coy the psof. the, tsy h is tsp e.. he ruledssorhe 42 e. yrsnd n uds tter ne la erer le a madog. a a hap l a i aape dea i is the feeeangs of t
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s peop. opsfheuestnseesf how t he >> diesfstoweie e transitnalovemen sai he wraitale cauent iaiross firea one a v wtimauf i fir thshotse vm that klledfim etin. th cotld ha k beeedfire in ager a cs eerre theodn ar a dplay in t he nnerome say dayn tictar er ng ueeml fandin itar taat inwe i hav bnold tha umlhis wasf avay bfd tha plicsas dilay ethst wlf t b pc diuriey ietlbu in w latio b tt will llnm lio t td sect. th fol do totecant thi pers and rsndoloualthiit rnedntou torrow rriseds ao dh. isow don libatio arki day onibio egig g aay pt gadkifihe anthat pad ilude e aer anat deces ide ecictarshi demoacy and lectofns, taev.
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mosy whound gadafi d ict, ev atl y fir w houdadi i expenenceand yir fst han ceewitdss aount gdafi fs ne fro it aibyant, bk g tfi yo roheya bk torld awaso to s wha a nerl dwa wilori. yne duch.ha ndanuill, v theh. huiner chor gatl,he wte huhk ter aeric g div i w hlledknhe wa r eiv trd iiim i eda jt wks. t wh ie th pretor j i bieve w. threre i bveurki and rawl ntwnnkind two teege cwlught tape t pe theeen c hht wernd th owow k us, hoo. whe >> uo. and a50 >> year ond aea o mpe a loim behind brs. mpe ahe sai loim hee didndt cmmit b.he crim ainow h ieidr w h i ak. stwbery bana! malennouer ]or smooie wh re fru nutr ion
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d'ad8. thbest apprch tfood is tep iwhol fobett nuttion 'ths whst thedo pr tth godat g ins real t is tep iwhol fobett nuttion iol whtheyheteam g ge acs al walle gin ey am bile gflakis ms w e presse m. e oty'sak mprse eat ainsthe ole wholgraicere. re♪ ♪ ne, o, tee, ur ♪ ♪ youay ♪ fp itver d reay ♪ou f♪ witll mr e evreythi oka♪ hi ♪ka waltoge
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er t rig way♪ ig♪ayo, d do, o ♪t rig way♪ >> a cat and kl ord for >> aatnd k eatrdhiteorhark it hped o t
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tterk oater hpe tpert 32 mr wasa ldtackmecahile mivinndas cklein h ittitys n h relase itty authitiesay the nawele thurryiey of bbhes ahe the ryf a iends bohe sface they allendboorelp sce aer mey outlef thelp a wer pug ut thirfhe sha w kilng i the weekir aromping haeil fir i ek ampg atralira'sisto or toin call andrack a srk. aalsto fllndck a s ve ndase a mg ar who vishe j mo sly tha a whoago. vhe e sibin wt w sno.y ot lt s her husehileheib moer w outern hele arran mo wut th hadorean tn a ehad you volueersnd t affer loong lursoue. theyre aingoo 10,ey0 ag for the
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arnemone0,or bringig itohe ,000rgi i ockl's rand00theraid t poli and lklnderedd are t notli pndaygnioghentiedre becae ofter race. paynti shs thcae fofeet rnde. weing a ela shotsteg a t-srt and -sd sanndedals. youlanowho anas. ounoth mowsing chils ilstf iisa ttsarwin jue pro h enll ove y.e st ju poli p h a syingve li a a sng f.i. cavedogeacd to t sce f. a ca deadersog.cto t eres s mcee to e theads e m soor dgdghe pioill he sor m lnirmatn. acin he mdul f inat >>wo chaes on inlsn fin irlsighhang in mpa,lorih.n o won i watchin a,reri adus. at e on wit thedu han o on thr hi.ithean
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td au oorties ckthghihem wnes tckgm dharg sing ty d rgore dn jt wat th. he's me.or jat m ugtnt isiol vio. ol cug grls slain spuns a g puing ir a ilart oun a unil achilg en a a iner of o t ther invtigars sf tt di'ternvga s jtappe >> di the p jants arnepe tt esehe isss ps wnee t occringnd e ssey hpe wonccgenghi f y t t hype bough the tnhe f sce. >>ghheide t clely sws sc >> tde adtsle s wchppeang to me ad e e wrt oeao m intrvenon t stop ohe fht.nten t opetectes dermid th ft.t dsmith a adut r adund coaginot sller cren to figh >> tea t s er26 cno yea ond olea was ch orged 2 witea ribu ngolas tochedit
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cobuo theuenc -- thenc - dequgenc venica tad a bby. ethequncoul't g vecanto a ere. b. >> e.heeopllee t gtetideoond th tnkt >>pl lks lik theeo th t adul didt d anying. lksik camule oidr a dnyg. i ot wanothemiram o a w stted t i wtdt tappene nr t. a apartmtne nr colex. llya aptmandl act coawx. the ght a i hdped actyowhe t almo i eryoeas h aeen it moankso eyoe clnenndt yo kse. >> erybo incol i e lboen fugtuffi abo i l i fornk ibo i i i f bff thi chdren >> ty d bhi tor t droeng t i t itas oro t.e. would o want to sto tgir i wldan asgwastoir iyauger th was jery
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thas cambelleramll portg. aming r a mob is eamg a tnob splyi for a res me t a cover lett. ttores wou mak t a beso or aouak t inteesiew o pross. gato aaler fo reple sy 5n anfonlikyep spot. desikte wyd st. des w lifs bes fortifes rt drmoutmay art f an rita.
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it'lcauscavies, bad eath pa ents'lill usy anvideal, withd t bythrinkg war. wa war wi wor pa ents'lill usy anvideal, withd t r a w sendsar. t drwakingwit,or 're bu ye drng biotite.oio en l thbiote pructs thot rays he l havee.nzyme in ysem. e whe foulatn st wks vy we. veymn . foit latves e mo wh velinwefres 'm hpy w lh ths resumos es d myaties arhapp th t rests, need o lomy t anarfartppr. nfidce. ailae inolor . deland fin womor is w peh. id s andefits fike omderws me gat ptectn. loantse rw dend. pgoodctorni. t da de. its a ell of goodime. is tit juna er!l ioh tat iunmagi!l. malannocer som paries ed aowl que. igi s ma fro acreal velueeta d zty rel tatoe hile andreen
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oe it kes zy ge rtoge ter ette s gege te ♪ ♪ w' cenryli... w ki of oadbd coany mmitd to en lith h.est,es ersol seice, w ki of oadbd coany kif dbcoy ersol seice, lt5-ro se ane,consk gut,anteso tent fasspee. 5- p lgute annsntasee ♪ ou evy-nit buet.boodlt. shthou en dlsura t al tate aar e waevout ni herbueach. t er uchil s hea aboou en dlsura t al tate aar e waevout ni herbueach. thvaluplan an hshp le. gemore en dlsura t al tate aar e waevout ni herbueach. thvaluplan ke o cal ton altategent shlegere oal cal toaltenttategent
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e lk con fderhatndou t tiononrtmploent re i ts 9ring aloundt or i .1hong apercdt.r nrc effortdea i 9 i mbat ihea p ableof eor at uncumeed wkers ple rsetmeng w hid. th deptmen o theet andhom curi lnchdheepen o pgramhe knnomd asri lchd eerify. pam kns theyheckery.heeyck sial curi mbob tonsure s tl yrire lellyur authorize t w tk he. leyutri ey a aut wre for oy h aut 0,00 oy comniesartipati. t 00omfesawmarstiti iashingn haveheir wa itma wou ingneveirat ndy t fou f all busesses imule jll groh. se i tnk i t ulay jero m tt i popur wa the cate m job in puamerwaa. teob i alle are sige ll tt js galdreye illega sould t go jldl
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sunemldoyed g arins. nessed ari.grictu bu ic atthatuss rlies oorersro sout res ofhesoar utfarms beevetfouldrow oolrmbee of eloye aldw p coendi tha the o eye a me cou co haipplhee mou the pl farmi iustr mo aerheans wl n fmi itro mo amenier labs tha w n i requir rhefheyresvee iobs eveeir not ployd. e> we arefy not takg lcalt oy repeop's js. op jel onel wtso wor no inne w nheorinerd. theee w.kopil tohe i spansomin fromexi. i an nowinroxi. theal wk fce a ow ashe i w f i asno asasse i t i ngreionacommtee nod nt nnosehe t rubli nare mmhouse e f n us frthonsidetion rlitrle harr. rrlway goost o cseyou.talayoo
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beeal hnramorld e dgeel cvictld him of r a e sendnceim serd afe lif unl theer a innenceifrojeen toek isasunth casendnnce hpedje hooo ee. hd h corad and mil.tary famies dng cad thr soiersorilry f themi firs me i a thsorsheear. frs fo i ar. fo inftryivisn back. ra oere dranfngyisn dan. os m dthsgo. it w wios libeteo. tra d no avactio heen eraio onohecio big n annoeeceme tha aombat omeeha hom b a tba e un oml yeae h >> t e o o ngeatoreaatch >> oon gorchn nortest ogonommi. rt ist o an gdmi siz he h h p t tt bz som thy' deced t get p r t of. w hos taveet set r af.rap i
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[ mr dav ] iant fin a y toreakhrou. ou toake iencas eitin [ mr dav ] iant fin a y a veo ge.u. toe nc ein v g neeto rch per, who falng bind. anpushanet who'6 chtershead anshet o'chrsad ♪
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ons ♪om dl, solu ou ] mr dav can iake acucat ln litt morluperss al. d evy stent els ike r on stunt. dl. th pow to mor d thowo or evy stent els ike r on stunt. i'm wifei'm mom. an chaix wked r me m it'fea mem catim. i c anha wd me m it'fea mem catim. i c ailet but upn myyste m it'fea mem catim. i c [ me anunc ] le buongupith mypporte rove mto hanp pencle ]it s king ve re hpee ur to angre in haviur, oo m ophosadlity agit ion,ng dress mooiand g icidoo thooshts ty actitns de ssileooakind id or ter ooppis chactix. not e an of tr se,pi away optelinyouandoctan ll aut aur history oghdepraysion el othu al halth aobleis, on whi cox.getorse hileakinchan h ledon' h if iu'veouad aeteriose all gic ve or akin ioactilltocit. ifou delophese nd s youdoct rig awahatotix. se as op can e lito-thrkiteniha. s ifouyou ctve aigistowa of el pasoblmes, d ve nlihrni s ifouyou ctve aigistowa of iftelu your aoctotoif yf ht newlr wovee sy ptomsl to l hee rigw awawo ms if u ha symoms to l a art tackwawo gee cadiion heen digvinga rati mac nery hayms a t ck gee cadiion heen digvinga
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hyo t e wao ♪ causyouromenis n. ♪ en n nngndyoay arn re n alldu >> this the fepo. timeor thi top ohehe f newo neallarestto i oheew occy ststet donsttion inor maccattaand is ol st i dsston ffert. ma d lice oakina4 i yr erld cenadiin y i cldtody dicale a 40 codyculprendho sangle he uld notomlpa hown ildayoot chae bom blonmyo ae signd. elo pte gn. i arnd a pte 4,re0ir peo aeroteing agast the g,eo doeminae of nks.te efo thenae camping outf ns. eonopea cenalt nk sce la eea wk.en s fici ls araving w
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ci iarng bssel lkinabou t cris. bel orouank tnr presrire bink pes l naial iefsreurinhem acctinm mjor loss o cc greek bos th mr hold oxews gek s meri'slectn hequarrs. inri ia, wct'llook he nowar.t thein face i wl akowhereedceoalion fl ckn treideialedorum it ili fl a i aethceor veersloum faliaror vshe candate sefaingarheonatn.ante segot ey wl takuesons fm e wak cowess f coressman miclleachnn of cow mneso a ncotssnicech of m gsoinich a n texacongssma ron pl gin andh rrxa angmaon pe.nd ve r p ric storm and an ndneman rmanicain sr we tenen ralanineedt we aldi w thehe. gdihinghe off ackng 'll dpiff in if the is brking al dpinf higigtshe
7:32 pm
sfromhere br ans a cdidas kwig wt the omthre t thean cda rep wlinhe pridenal nom tinatnheooksepn atenom liks traditially cans rubl da aeedratily t vep rblns a frodanua t febr try. ro br abo. it. it thwaaonth lonbo bale i itverth theon staes or whould bhe firs .rhe rs .owh theld b scheduheascdu set peatduciookiet a the ndidates aci whe theki s and ghtheow id a>> hheman hein s w won hn w onrepuicaneadehip stw pl puandespt tryingo ou eexpln tohe soalsrngo nstiwho w ppro fece hea w he pro i pro hdea if h anye was i aro a ion thill hnye tas comt a an crim th im leg.rtio t shod nom a b >> abut ioho nhat b familyakeseg.e det sionta tolyesrk th law deon tha is ttoamilsthawecion.ha
7:33 pm
>> gvernilcierryn.eliesha s fl taxrn isryie sl meax attacte thhe-9-9n. mttt th as-9ampgng aunti. in is opg ati t t prt c suc d a pt t suprter tf p micrtlle ucchma who a psuper wkingardice tmaho oot wnshe wngrd rums t tthe t enre n hamhireumtaff t mpedhip. t allreff ertlltaff o huitff eec duindqui and hit so roli s gger. d it li wldave enice for gr. tm to tal oit w ue eor t alase sff i u n hampire d mp we nrsta ty wantoampan a w wk mota. t arepa a camng o w imo iowa ntiream o i i e c ucus.ti orge. bu has our cs. pct suort ingebuas iorwa bhi p perct suhot nsix .o hingrier ix pa12 ariomne haswen pa
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rcen . necainasho iwe0he en o tint wi i37 perenthe o tharr? rrwieteert >>te dooy. >>eontiooe to he scess >> the pollinti t sur hys a cong o s ofss ekoin tourugh a w w of aoh suerinessang a stubles. thsuinesage abosa aboion.tues and amo ismdmoebobon. ess in aismain autitsmow his campgn fctiong. mp w fthio the.n d the s tidrl o wenneee.he d sarehate s touraven oeennee. 'llegiouen wit then roaeam lgi. dtandhe aoaistas ameoned campgn gs an a oneta aho wked r hiary into >>mp w gannereoing wed thi hi camy ignton >> w dieay, h'sw.y,ndhi he'show.amn by dign. w hkgo uboutil peoe w fl-te outtaff ding is f-t off inc
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7:37 pm
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7:38 pm
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7:39 pm
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7:40 pm
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7:41 pm
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7:42 pm
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7:43 pm
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7:44 pm
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7:45 pm
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7:47 pm
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7:49 pm
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7:50 pm
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7:53 pm
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7:56 pm
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7:58 pm
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