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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 23, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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it arthe dpas ofhe tegase. body wee se e paof didt lo likthe byod we had oany clo es at ll iduslotike ad cialor. atll >> jge jninecoulthis a babye . j j alnesoulinis an i erbyewli l. also an ew l sund, derah ys pice askeher out rned nd de h p clehing ke r t >>edurin iclerngrogation we >>in fod bne cthes. i er gahopeontheye werenfo'tbces real. pe ey >> jge j wnineenwhy? an hr an ra ha bore j jjereney? iin hanha cle 91 1re re departmenespoed t a re in a eppsteen nrpo t the i irwi he.psr he>> wloc the dum r wi e. wherthe re w ror w oocn the dr octo err 4 e the warlyornior on hourand i'mng t ta keto a4 helyni wa t i rurigd n. ttake wa i r. the lkrom therw hse tohis e dpsrro t t merw hse to sproxatelfivr t mut. andri i t ox teliv aut two mut. an ri itmites. athe utods woere e poce peatly smircs. a re re hts e po at hindrc
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uld e fi in e dumpste nd be cnect to abd yfin e dps lisa's cctoiss sappranc fonewsontrutor mkppnc fowstror hrma d mhaek ben ma m harens pathogistnd jy jackn our c rimina ns phost d jeny ckattoouey jn cemien n to jn bombhelleek thi week. mb ll k twhato yomakef the fidat ineeuppok. of the at seyoch wkerant t >> t isbvio jdageinthpoat o t th are o lseonge wrnt lki or >>is io jge th a li chi ld . thre l ge rthintheyouldikeor libelihie thlde isos sility in eylde but l th r efforts a relithoingisosity tordsin di t th etsrengody a n tos in di the cder aog n iet actuall og dicas sothinthat a ua acallytart t o caitsoinatn aclyrt t wtit n dorah bradl h otted andt dwhatahhe h actlly stated h o ed a d haednd at hct dec sveted dhe d deteivesednd it istarng tactuly it mo thadetees it i iar ttuit ot mo ha >> jge anin i andt . ban, ds iteemhat, u kn j, the facinndhat a ba ditmt, knthac a
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cadavedog wou meathey arno lgerooki f or cave ag wou meaey ve barody? lroo ki s aes ithe.d.l me b y? this i anes ie.d a.ivel mngng is i a ninstigatn. i aee ts isngng ctat a tis goin iestitionooki focta de body auay. in ifhe iti conavkier h andfode heod auay. is a ccur atife,hatc m hndhee is ababyur is dd b mau the d i byly ismedingau teomposition d odor in >>nd oethispoartisilaonr by or d no som ne ls>>e o tisheti defeye ha tri noom slse st t? >> wl, n ody fese iha knoriwn s toave sted i?the om a i w ny i nowoulalso go lo w the toe ie a ct tt th bab y ma av eulso lo w dihe in eed a t tthn pabut oma th flo di andn e dpo a o t p os thlond n tk about.s >> jge jnine joey kson t yoboare .e dense tt ney j jneeyon yoe dee here thesguysave it a or. re >> w have esyse to be carel w or. e ad wavveer dog ts. bca l ere uld ealse padositivesog it eans an e d ese iiatio pnit tre may it thens sll on deathuti io t thredog wro y he s ll o you thow wutn itomeso trl there g ll bro
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u wit mesortr e b crs-exminatns - >>f thdog? >> o the ndle s a theaycrexat - it s>>thong?ducted a ohee acle a heay th cou be senitsing dthondued he acen iis n. th oualsoen tenheng iue o if nhe so ceptns o itheueother. o f knoa nuer ofhi s. pt o emberhene s ou nonu oave beehis. er avemba basse >>udgeeani: weill t tha i nt ttalkboutbahat se in >> thgeni affweavitl or t warnt ha ani hang tn tolkhatutt n ho htthffit tar anngtot jo. whato yosay theefen sayi thihous jos 60. yateayoy heen ol and yiwehiusonnow ifs y mebo elsdied tha t old enow bo holse.edhat how long teromeone d s ho es t sce ofwoneag thrttneh d s soheog would me tcefea i soog ou do the hav to i dohe av tcompoitio >>f yocleaup t hou anuse def mpio >>yoea tou ane d derntnd clean up the rks ofntecndpo ctianon u thapt sme l isnotoio be aecdpoti hat fo long n sm m it expoerie bnc d witsses ayinwefoawng a xpguy ieth aaby nhearly ites in e amoing urs d teres y a y he by ily aia r,
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ot ng emog e.s tes whatoes at t l iou ang j ey? >> t sp ks t tats t fou t the>> msphe tr could f very ll t h be , gues wt, t clingldheer uth. be gu wree theitnelies, ngt'she ta abo it rily . h. one e theheeoplne at, 12:s00, i ta bo t ess ly was t he hendplt2:, andi s wifewaho s a p tern wki ndby w hapned ha a b yfe s p kiat wap ud lhathed a.y at i som wh unusual i l ed thk wean a a gree nd itm unu al wa c bothtewed a a bgry aert wadivial oa mor ate b vi om morcleho saw e samehi tee nilesho awaysaw fro s tre il >> ds th kee it e ay live f t re in yr in t he dthee eitssiv?e y >>ell,ou wld w tt tohe ink ere sitmess s?ed of >>l, w wto pe. k there was foureour sgaed a of yohave. two if reers surs or f a wiessesee ing ometyong tvetwo s o cofd be b y.wise eeg ett's tst s it a b y.cobe cod be m a ws om st . a y. itas aol veconibeng m a w cod be wom tha i it a ol veesseniin cobeoman t'sha jket o se haher hran we harea y weon know. >>udgeeaniy: th boton
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sa a g witanow. t-shirt >> rryige ani bthyot i n a sa git-srt diper. yi y a >> jge judge yr. c't- >> j thatoesn suprt a j y atsnup a dnapng. ituprts sebod has some ing apat l.ks ike a itrt seb h babyn a -smertg t lhat ies a probly m byn-s rt t i ob cadaverog suppos moren th c havse t someoneup waing ound it a rethse b ty.omne i wo d li e towa sg tndhisy. wo li to joeyhi wod heo in a bldin at aomb ey sff d jwoushein bin me ut a a he actua dll j ked ut a h eonomb i anua k theedre? ofomoursbot. he ? >> i o don'tha ofrs i wootdn't.o in an rpla if hey idn'to tho't clist wo 't in thn wasla a ro ia te.ify 't th e ise heli is wth t re thas aroia . is dou . ishe th why ts three a para is ou .sue? thes dogs rehytha inraed thes dogse?reraed . esgs in doe'takehe m inesgsed llib hooeh.he n >>f i y, bh of y re ib ho ght theact hat d s ca>>i b of ro and ye tnt eshet st c ds wro andhat ro t a tn esprobm ths the pe he. ro nd t justecau the a obthhe he.ewitssesoe't m
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n th stau he are ccur a justecuse aites oe m doth e ur iic aatesus ittseoesn't mea ndo that iheicogesstoe't acceaat at s jud jninestattics cc are at ithe g hs ey ud j neare atrecs thae n i%e aurat ac rdin toe shatistic%s. aur i' not ying t iacin o way o stiic th o ther i' t ng i wh we e trng o w oo gure th er ou i s w howhhee tr pplereo gu and ou esansa wcity p.d.s pe rerted andsayge hen esaty .d . diount the r tsrended ay g e th he iseno rson dinthend el vethis r so n th didt se what sve theyidawse.hat e mi it eyaw mitthe mtethe mte cties no let talabouthe timpstes. wento kaas c y my lfnoet alou e stery an tk thestal nt ka c my om t hom to t dum te reran t he analthenook driv. ttheomig tumnitecancof tt? an en thk e isivorthere w as eigni nc t cell phone c l athtistre w abo ll ho2:30ch il a abot theime a ere s a re i the 30 i bohe e mpst. e a iw dohe thaplayn all st.f dohaayal fth? wel cerinlyou a trng t ra cketth he elerly a
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struspe tctraet momentwith forensic spe iden e lectmorontcthvideeor si c or enwi eescts. de d unorrtunely e ha't alwedwieshe dettiveto un un y tualhantro gate h erald detveo p al nt ro te th hir momt i spect h p wh sth too airomi sct h pygph. wh s if tou srt ler p yg evphythi. thashe s ifange evethinshe lefuseres to nsweev evehithinhae tha w geve in e usfounto ba liandhi towe ve in evhaence f mun b tli andidit if yoevsee ce, it s startng m aidit f laye in tyomoree fit tag pre yed ju tre rembe pr tres juwitnsesnd thebeadersog tn cas bot b rht ad er havoggot a fr h oucaprot b time the a ndavte d't f kno h pr wh t occe urthre d 't k i tnk i t whay intccur thin t a zzlehere tay antany in mo queions a leharen aanhey re mouens answ its noat a paiing mple picswre. ther are asonitand no aaig b asleic. foer he eron notd o cpera b as beuse e is eing ccusfo h ot o ra no lger wbeitnee ssisngeius lr w ne accud pern. jud jeane: t ye acsed caus she cu not per
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udea: chyeged. acstayd ith us. e ot wilcomeack th t dusterchd.or ayh ilmek t an d thduer attororyro in to th reprent aeoryro i iintos reactto e is e ofprt t iinsea isoftader dog's dand'surod lgut. xpdtod tas a csegut ase the do wakup t ear! u kn whaelse
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gp 50enu aco jud jeane: ck wh ur gsts d were scusng t dum ter eory ud ea : w as t retes o a gs we p hone usal tlumr ry as res o at pole s p wneade poce s ourc es payol s w wad me a po orbouthe t sercthe re the dte within inoresut t e aal from t hehe irwintewiin home.from trw w, mk f hrman dou he an the ie bo ut m tk f firrmin e the dpsanteheiebo t thpromi to t home, epste he throo t he, ct that tall wasade fr the cel p thanet a aboutlas the time the irfrheel p aw doutou p it togeetimhee he
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>>ell, t is iffidolt t p puttoget itogher >>l, witishofiut t autn it oghe territatioand y o aer evidce. we he so thin thatherr iod o act me othe c l id. pho ne hsoin at ansmsion ou h avet a ohe fe.ho they he bsmneond heloing. ey e th b conneonted h herhloin this th shondidnte adm aerthg. th is hy hey oois c thshindngdm fromhe h e. ths y oo i'mure hat ct onthy whin sheg saom the haby e.s wring at m e t on whheheim tha s he saashety wng s h at eimctly t w shatasheyook h fro e ct eooham.he oo now,hat fs buni ne t w,t bu nimpst, wh i msironm t thhom st wh i thk its a retcro but ththk thmre tryin tthoita tcut ut thth rery thinogether. ut >> udgeeani : ma , its in og causshe descbes e b>>abgey asnimait being p reg us e to edsc ws it bas purplei sho with to wtopit ama onur it. s it t he etpn ohe iwarnt thnar th te purrle shots. wh do yo me the prle ss. who e he duster dtor? whetheris a ody ssi duer
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done to the hing p olic hve he er a y tosiook i any d um tee ihen ng p e thareand tok nyte i wre the s it thea whertheyre wrehe sumpe int t o erey exame beuse at ioneum th wayshatam bbeodiee s i arene osedysret biesre alt s o red chdren >>udgeeani: anyou ke greapoin beca e whe thchen >> gedunisteran wu eaincawhthumd is aduer ndilda e fbi w t tre aple fb wtime a joe jacon, youuyhe dusterme t heor y? joac, ou >> n not at llduer tor n >> jotge jninewhy? >> ihinkhe pice e dog wondful b inermsf j j ne y? goin and ink pe do xe tindngl thein smsrch in wadant fidat antaki itxes frti theome.he wa t da an kiif itfrhee.hes se on ct n betwn pontiathis th s hae gotn athe hctome a tw po thiags bhinethd in the d ps r, haot at h i ail l ayth t breneinhes sihing ill else there. s orise s'm nhiot se a how sehe ore ne a h dusterirela in the ab ctio duererla ihe >>udgeeani: its so closaband ioe thryer ofow >> geni it soople may d osposed fth oodfieow
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dr . balenayhatse ifsod yie hebat it. my heperice h beeand thosare her. medal y ri hexameeers den ose r meahy baby am s ddly d whe i ed it pare w is drunk we >>e dot kn tha the baby re w dearu >>'m s>>ing do a dknthha sehoulabd ve eaccurre he m os>> sg c domthn suld wa of d yi is bccyurhehe m c i wa d toks bheok inxicad paren rli over anay on inca p beny. rlive r th s an comayn, ohins ishy th baesreom suppod thie p is in cbs. ba and thepooggi t hede p in c on d thehe bedgihama iy hav bn o n evid ce tt th baby aseedhama y av nthe. e said she tlathedby o and th disadn'thenow laere ede o w. nd undethos ccu nces he'tw e mit ve. welhaveoneo deos bed th tes babhe hmierveelveeo as. d t ab jud jea hne: d th is s. udea : th s phenenonot unusual. doou b that phenon ornual tnk thi do b ha by widpp? o tnk t >> thi it plu ib widpp? >>hit lu pusleha
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hestorwasight. i tnk sha w heors shtom.e at i s w rectan toell sheom reanoelhe pice th. oplere earraed aeut th le era a couminlcohol jnz e ur coinhour lc ol >>ith z e ti difrencl d hang tansw t.ur >> j>>geh jtinineifyou nce ha tsw sayi t hi s l jy j tneu the wodhe l as tyi tawhi lyhehe ab y wod lawhe 12:3at nightab en s sayreal :3ht at sayal 6 am mor woredbo ahether had amororbo fheer ad pops ooant p ps toinomy dgh anhow re ou ltoetin the wghld anw thinfor ds ou t lhat by disappe arinr that 2: a byispet a t 60. theris aholeindow oppo 6unitwherpoli0. cou er a le dove iestited sse b y.po it erli ou andhat wha t ma de itid e b ndt hamaoude eat pseto if tre is ha t imtseto
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ff enci t you inow u wiha acced. if y sayou dcin'tou cw ewior cc . yohild it n yhaay d foutrer hour erio of t e thyoe wi ld it ben ahausioounsgastou a ndurio t th wi as abeesulperhs yionsre ngaotstou a d or cong a yo a nuleerh yo n or oul b e. ng a yoand naly wt show is r l b d w woshiedw asour honor i whatwohedouonot. i why?at she beiot. acc us . y? >>e hy weild ite mecc. emba assi>> or wesstee em rras ng tbaasidmitr teshatou la s the b y whemenouas a tit ttou la hecomp btelyy dwhrunko the point mply nk o of blaout? t p wontdn'tt ofe b more plaubl wo 't to s i s theabyte m pl 6:30hen wast d nk s shey tshe lyi for a 30n s rtso dn.nk she lsoe aidyiorheoun' at r so inttheacto ook fo rheod ou n'e ba becse s w afr ai nteac to oo fo ofhat e would f d. baec s w fr >as a m ot r oft wd.ould > a s. r jud jeane: u arback latein t sho. i asd a gh udea: arck ow ed newte yor tkho as a defeettorney ho dagowgedework the w iormaon f m t fe ttneho licegs tois cen e i ma f t d th wry tceoto cennravel th
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cits travers n he makthin tteruick. ar-tloer willour au and ome avsures .. heakin erck be tre whenou nd th mos llr aur anndgente r quree, call00-mcovege.. t en nthos an nt visqu tra lersllom.-m ve.. isrars.
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>> jge jninehighower neyorkefen att ney e j jnegher ne rk taencapett hy as bn h t reprent by l a's tapen h paren t an h pr jt oi l uss welc e, jan. j >>hank jud.. >> udgeeani : wh do lcu j. ke o d>>r.nkadud's t or tha>>tgeniwho the oole ing accen that e e g and ebor mayave ac cide allyd oloray oveer the babynd t babdied y acdelyvehe acci nt .by t ab ed>> iyike chae baden. he i acioo.dri en d bu ite tae is b good t iv, aue.rienbu t ere
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ot sodti ttch of. ev ence t ale in thieot s h ere an acc id ta deevhcealhi caus e ncc us by debor. unrsta thiis aoman b debho. unmilytahohis g aoingough trendous tlymehond ggh aumac e ve trdo me nd the sapparan of n ma ve nth o e ppan b oy. shh by. bieve -- yea? ve jud-- jeane: u doave to ait tre i ydamng ev enceudea i: ndoheeffid it f a t i mn thsear warnt i ludi ev ce thfacthat liceheayff tidhat f anthbiarar idi ra ed thctt ce cadav tert d hitan onhe sce of caveceasedit bod inon tcef bedroomecsed b of dor in t bom o or brady onhe floor n h bed. ad on f >>orudgethat noesn eve h concn me lit e bd.. >> ge itatoesnsn evevenause me t o ncmeit b. waiter osnve secaud i m mey wa o s ec i mnvicyon tt ths woman had absotelyothi to wit ic tth wom h e d isap sopearlyce ohihero w by. i ve s ken to dapar or by. i a s wketo eag
12:24 am
e of t top eer iagn t of wod tader e d ogs. wod i ve adter thechool in the d s. la 24 hou in hati e he ch l tdiipli. lawill4ell ouu th.n t fit ofll, at t ddili a lll th aine tofiof s, cent t is compitioof h um neo raint at i watmpio h rai c iadertog does c asidfromhe telinnot rkineswithbecae th id neomighb ts weintith inthcath d ebor ah a ndnehbwe thbabwas ithe houseor u a thbwas ith e til0: thaou nhthe ca ed 9 t l4:0:00 ihathehe morn g. ca 9 th t otht two4:oys i thee be don fort, rner t t th wo s heher s on inbehon bedro fom the t iso rce snariohehedouro bhee is ti enoho cee arinyo oneou t otinoo ane compe. t th asi for secd becae i don't elve shemp h ad thsi or ec anytng tdo wcaion ts.elvehe h yt t coositn ofum remains do ou k wco withaofthatumemaincde s, do w w fehal mater? t do y knowhatsnncde fema? ynoat dpen cal tter. >> iis n decposion d pe its a ec se dl r. ody. i n ecsi ita dsesnayy. decompo ti.
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12:26 am
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12:27 am
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12:28 am
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12:29 am
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12:30 am
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12:32 am
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12:33 am
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12:34 am
c ng jing? jney he st dithestwo ve sethi to c ng g? witthei daughte r' sdieso shio it eidisaearae?au te s wheris baby sara l a? er b ab wd bi staons a privaa? inve igat hir ywbitahe a p ve at ir ymystioushe beneftor to f stus byenis l rht i h r yre wis r ight. yorehaveeen steng to t t. sh? yo youvenow,n ourento h ou w,rn't hanofhese shows. m t anofhe sws t.argeting it tge t t ssag o tarti it t ino t doci k jag b i i d ton k dnowi j b dw mr. firma joe. >>as closest. e. >> i lost . mrfurm i haveoell you u are tin g mrrm he soecel you a inciinncesnd mingreat cies mgat aps. >>udgeeani: les stt t s. >> bgeinninglest t e tellsverydyhe tlsry a she its t d aay andhe say
12:35 am
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12:36 am
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12:37 am
beoom d w on 'tda kw d witng on be m we otron two bws cameo thr m, iotf ewor.s c theneoue h av thor i f nsid, the is rsohen,ue h youro hor tidhathis rso polra ur teorsre totdm psi in te urt. ot ey a usirel ie. c ant. bas im y b aseel e. the w as som dicanncass y b se a p ygthph w sesom and tncaks hat a meanyg sph is a t a utgh t leaian i whha nre lbity. >> c i rwhpond ta it reint bi poitynt cain, r'm nndhe d entat t oi atrney n, ni'm aing whe fac t. atey m judng jeane: ey td me nobo cou gethrouac the udea: t me wi ow. boouetouhe jud. jud jeane: it a wi .minu, bi, i nt task e ud udea : a qu tionnubii tk e innsisnci are clear. qu oney td mehree times n oinneisire c arcoul. gethrou the tmeineedoimw. ne days erul theetounshewersindo absol ely ayhey uld vehe ns r s goen toughhe wdow, soly y d absoetely how you egoxpla tingh ww, tt? soly w ou e la >> 600. we he 6. here is aitness tt erpces h eritss
12:38 am
erett 60 a wceit hneer th wasehet 60 a wnt 130 and th as nowentn in betwe baunt 1 30the ndtnesis wh the pnoarenntt. inweau e es at w0:th30ight o i pthene hous at at30 11:ht t i wthneees the us lits a ti ll ut b1:ause t ee thatheitne is illut li a ti l watcng t hseou. at youneels mlut tc t h. haout hapned? t's withe h imel e. s it jud jeane: e nehbor who s dre.kinghe vka w h her s wahing he w usudea : ne or toake re t lo htdrsng wer ve w r stwalng ws ff ?toe t lhtere st nativ youhon. shwas fro o nivounerom e sh s ro and eyav aode ifheom d avlights are out i youonhe'tome ts oyou e teouing oneas tom liev an l isn . i ou ten tg one t ev .n tell ie hothiss do tha t e ba is kled ll bhoyisdoha a cciden bas kled a id wh? w ishe by tan ou >>e have a s hwh pio is btaou >>ave h frp 130 t0 ll fr en a t 130ll aypbl is d
12:39 am
givenee tactsbl is dnd ve wie goactshere nd ouldtill b e oowiki g aothehe witnses at s tldll be m w ahe tns s th w baby. jud jeathne: ay wh us weave lot b taly.abou comi udea: wus wee ut alou w as miebahradley tellg th t wru whesheebahradl says e di ' llthillruerheheay dimalennouer ] il l the:00 m. solar he t tras an a bule ou ]ride he0 sar traanbu dee "il slp wh it'doneacadic. "isl wht'nead. for yea wee be insred you r ea webens d ouande'veeen nore toalk th y nd ven toreelp u tok ge ywheryou nt tbe top geeru t ♪ ♪ becae yo momt isow. cayoom is .letothi sta in ur w. ethitan w learmoret keer.e. arreke.e at rionswe'rcommted to hpingmallusinses nd n wayto oimiz eir sh fw. rns 'rsommstopdn anask hr ang rellons inshcosanal is nay oiz r f soand ope hoaneasyk t isa reto gs youcocashallowd ho syis (w gstleoushw
12:40 am
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12:41 am
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12:44 am
d tre a t ieasgeng o t a >> jge jninethisumpsr re ijust c oie.idce j jght?neisps >> 'm n iing st to ceak e t?ups f ir >> ng o k >> j jeane: t yo are dog anunvespsgation f >> j'm n speeaing : youyoe abdot thanfirees ti on i' s pe ak in>> npeg ou abthre ti'ohe speact -- >> jhege jninespeang t thkans citact p. >> i the juse jndne tea t thnsit p . ti line i e e thtimene ss a ot. i t hi hattiapnene d nthme sa . th mom t says th tapinnedodwn was en a i icat es tthhamt sts th do her ler he ors y a iat t that ersome ldyerame ihe throrgh t t wind, thwinds al ys he mee i hr t trdousmoun of ndorthsindcal h identr.usun o or si ngerints sho enris. erts s clotng. firs. sohe piceou h ave ndot. shoufi hav. oo dso pellou o he these hingou aavnddppartly e ng is te ha fou notng tl incatere w a bak n thaouot ng throh thwind , t ough tinhete w b nreeninwhi rothndoutld hghave show a lenwhi o edee ttou he it owle tt i happed. >> jge jninewhato yo ma of e fa the toldepp. j j
12:45 am
ne at yoree t es maf fahe n to way dsoebo me t ough hee tes win ny t gh ay w laterbsuty so bodyame rougthe er window whats go g on ere, sodye ugek? ow at go on thee,k?s s seb cam he rougthe ndow s no sonleb ishere mh uge ow evid cenonl o isire comingnh to theid wdowsiomndn t s cr pin g edo frindc sin anskin cellsri aveth anin c ls cong ithe indow. a you d upth cwl onhe co i e dooor w.d toh th u up cwlnart. r yotoleavthhairyouve fer d hen u a yooiavirouve o f ter fron d oor heu wuil loieave iden tha matcons th doo r w ndownd h lr anve fer oi enhatcth t. ow h an heris toi conrn tt i have. thin therisn uue oc user ton ti veon t he iner partstoc tus toi pt t threas tha concernses oi en y focn o parthtyas yhaonrnse s exude o ytherocs. o ar the vestatiohas b ee oer oad. e stios >> jge j bnineeguysi wa to t nk yd. uc jh. jne yswa up ext, our y bodyuc lgueex o bode
12:46 am
u cod sa a bdle th ico'multpoli disunt. cosa be o'ltliist. geic savg pele mey o mo thajustar iuran.icavpe m o mohast i an ♪♪ ♪♪ geic savg pele mey o mo thajustar iuran.icavpe m o mohast ian
12:47 am
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12:49 am
jud jeane: lcomback to "stic" inteiewethe rent res udof leaa: iomrwinck " dic after s hetewee nts lwentin msiut aer s lt sday nt th irwsut sav seda sie s oth is inavrviee a se saciets of eir ory inhangedie. a seac at ds it ll r eayhaed. joing d it mow bodyan gu e in pertonyaowodygu ei man.rtya thanyou r joining us. ei n.when i po ith hean cu oueoings. i en hkehe j cemyeirtly about lice acc jyatnstlbo ain ce deccrah. take loo aat tinsne. wh theolich.are poi nt gke oo t s thinnege. a t whheice doibie, or neth in condid youhink dbi sheorneust nd kn somhingouhat don'hi
12:50 am
heknow us no, meather is n wayknom ng t n' th sheno ath mor eow o, eaan ier ny o. thhe a th meanore i iwao.s n eran it was ver erwasssue or r m ss ue th kepor s mingtuff a ithtep allartintuff a i their j .ll it dn' really ma tei any dea y diffenceny >> jge jninehow es tt t yo ffce >> i is hin g ec jse j hnew t yo i isecseh tesmony esny stoic. is yingo ma oi cta s ngwithma hyeonta with her and e thoesn'tesonta wh d oe reciproca. >> thoht iwas rro l e >>ho is zarrothe her par e i h en h rr ahenerppartuty t i basene her h thauc tu ty th cou jus be howne e se hha noally thouuse nee rct no ly>>udgeeani: yofind him edib by ooki
12:51 am
ng t>>nge anityondim r. iby ki in at on momt, d be use is t ing to c onn ct oom d wi the are dbee she i is tinto c n ot wihee s eip kei. n >> wt do t t tel l youip?. >> can b wurdoeecseel il n'tnow wh t as >>inan b ec se i . t buit iwhasizarre >> jud jea ne: sten obu i wharebah says hen j audskedea a: en direwhct qebstioabouaysiss aed disa reearae? qio ou didou he anshingo do wi youaby' s sara d ap aridce h?anngdo wi ou >>o,aby'saparotceng?. > no.>> >> d youill otttleng is>o. doul le >>o. no. >> s is ill ive me >> who.e. s s l whae is ieresng ao. e alys tes t lea wh if y whaat ieshr a out e acalh t tea d eifry y i werew shr aounswetrs rst d the he eolws andew s awe t repes heheanswe typicolallyws.nd whenhe iaskeabo did ou pe he sw t haicvely do with y ren ike bo d ild ne m sing w ldha havg oithr ex cted ad mo,ng a wolldutely n h no w. ex ed and o,e is aerol kely of weadpan d likeis n ko. of i wanddp to see ke more -- a m ian toee mphic-- ansrhe. m
12:52 am
>> jge jninewe a not phlkinabounsdid u gethe. pizz las j jigne aot in ou ad ge tealking a utou r zzas ig ssg dau ghte r. tki ou no, d not h dave atething o,to dwith dhi n hsothin athathowsin t d ma dthhi ofha esoin iatsws tma e iiencing. >>udgeeani: th wee li's eiein parenpo w >>"ggeoodnithee li moing eric" ar ey tked out"gd bned mo g icothe fnd n a t bd urtng bne he a b dumper nr tir he ely thatorng take loo mp n t h e youaid at w tou h avat en tked haoobee lies. ou d w ouat d hyou a by thaee tiet? d>> du ingntrogation wt? foun this they ho ddg mentro ti w rnedthesnd t he un sisweeydd me a edes t swe a der thingithinging fr my llnesnd i l ing belve a t s p ntfr ty tnes nonef th waseal. el a p topehe bur nenethloasesea we ret r eahe ur >> wgo bk to wha eti on we re r n we s w beetoha two thingon t re we the fir i s sneeesswohi yo i seirer sne ebr shae
12:53 am
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12:54 am
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12:55 am
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12:56 am
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12:58 am
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