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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 24, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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videshow aat mans son wurkingla o odeow the anods ar tba's hom wng o the nig she oisapared .e s tbaom e igpolihe alsapoednvesgati a suicio liumplser fe thaesti haened n thsusameiorea.p feha haedthmea. 1occu phiy prosters arstedor bckg 1 thecu strthi fro oro peric ared bckhetr adquroters o p ti-cporaemonratoqurs reat-cing ra sto cithall someme ts weeonto a 1 atg toitll me t ee oc apy ccagoroteer 1 arstedfter trygo soc c gote mp i arederrantarkfterry it s s osed . i mont o temert posedailnd a ed he ed bmok tohe ptestosedl a aghen. bto st gamou othe rld seages, e tas rgersotam a oe dboos froa faliarace. se, t rrs osrofaare. rmerresint grge bsh thwingut t fir pi h.ersi g e that bas hh and thng tirpiins hnd anay, at w nol ryas catcng i the tm d an, t wolya rt tc i gaine th t d s lou t card r th eacthe series nin at th s2-ou rd gamethac efor ose ieho s nd n aodyould
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wah th wor seri i's me r e tu sing t to ne ay gdld wathonor ri>> i otung toa gryan a on tche n a tcheryan he n he >> >> y'reuch a>>olan r n yeh a apogyi. sianing e sa tu rne.n od ns a bad ne. apyi e gosi newg satus. n lya a hasadne offigoallyeweclad itlf l h libeted. 're bera ly nolatheit bws. bed. e ra ey h enoe t head bf the. naonalrans ion c hncilas t h d sa goi thforwrd our cod of naalnsn cil saoi rw couct ll burbasedod onf wai foit coariat aw. bsen ai fo it fant tic.ia. and aria law ntmmedc.tely d ia meang law thathrevieds laly thanne an polamyhasvi nla thne fted so elainolhays wheyou me n me ed einian,hehecan u ly ha fourbrid. >>s itown n, fourn a 's a urharem!id >>it n >> guesur tyet the aumbe --r!od oy nows whees t you he beeve be --pogamyhow oou endwshe ouup wh only be foe . youpoan gmyow for e the wnlfogust. w ou gor wod yoheset y lit? st w wo yo t t relilyure. eaki of e lits,
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ere re ll bnonee. kif li, e bne theyill ve lits baks appantlyevennder eyl ls baqaddi, pa ly en erey h wesrn res wh rerd thow bks ddrked hnow,es rap wrent, th's re t goiw bks ed tow, anoer pnttth ohisoiewly o dicanozed p oorldve isly lib wh e th 're t gocag tode opld to veat. i theibecrery o sta whasthe goto juop theo and.ou w ld t nkhe re o en tugh ta'sotblic ju youhe nd uld ink wat w tldave ome th .ic stenqaddoui is d gok ne. w e yoere aut t fd m. enddis rerdle. o hatyo a tppen fs you idm. i h ierim releat uncien whas gosg tbe u i h iimhe cihago t fodati of ur nstition wh youaid islmi w,his fo ti af tion sastwh.ou d >>slmiabsotelys or thest p ple>> whosoly thoght ty shld g ridhe p eof oho qadtfi o tsh g gtingidid o ad barashou be eat. gng o heo, ts is he l tra toung ae t. t ofeopl wand t seehe ove tis l t a ofere.plan t re, eeveillnlyost a e. lliodolls to et r of, lyt aqaddi. weave is n law nd tioy ll to rill fte us. it' not dd wee n comawetel t s l in . t'ot ston omlet'elhave som sen oimishe. on l th exp tst'veom ttamen o ois he sh. rig aft the kil ngth oxp t e
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qa oafi,hatid heyshigayftheilhe o mberne qai, ttng wasy ming rwarer tas mg di omat in parce iibyao tr diatnd p iersueya them te intr docracwasuhe t so, u kne d'tn kno dra wareal. weeardhat to w, pknling dno out. es t t maln hatwerd tt y went png some t. t mn diptmats t bactr left s eme to hp iniptsachisefpr sess? is h thiin asirstprorlds?hing hat ithi aut aticstldng shaa latawr it theruts sticl ho? >> od lckha lgreeawg o erst hoanyt?ng. en w t's r di lers gogeeo to btoug to gytet. nyb wy ons dis the meoage. all ight bugo gbon e e. llwe nhtaveorld tt n long has mmmar n qadfi iveld t n . ng asand hav maarorld witadut i d av uslda biitlade ose e acoupleforei licy cusps fbide te preadentu eof t unieid st es. cy c f convtion wism trent wou t benist. th wou helis nvonise-eltionou e mpai but enatthouel linsay ahamas oelneon of he aihatutat in yows ster y an he samid n o so ft.f he'sallit on t s eran rep slica n fndides f pre dent'slin to gepca id f reead ntd ess gtial ste u and d hallgehessalteresint o
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thesdthin.ll here a sppetsi o es >>intohe re set replicapart >> naonalecury maers,e've t a jobep caprobrtm. we'v gotnaal aurmas,ve n ionaaobecuty oboblethat grong b t'v t a da is pnaside forcuhe lt ear leatro b an taa da has ad pdeor s let vryr pooran natanal curiasad sdecions. v raelas en torown atder l eri bu cis. soel w don't he tn ar plabu t p a wn' he lapris ter. ife a cauottargt,is. were ifau w pot rgthe in a we timehene n d p topse in ai iraqn n t sur ts the ierveionn with aqe're goi to t s g he in i 201ve2n wit nothne thend oretheoidaohese g in01itnone he o deesiondathatheseresint ama kin i deonatthnksi e a ratecallinunso d anour pethle nd totep and tellsoanr pe ntop nd chlenghi >> hwoulhavet dch bng t esidt gin thhirightroo hulve le bls i tafghista he uld idve sgiod bth theghooresint i le itheilitghytae id s, sthei bhegoalsi i e t, wh leing it10,0i teial 15,0 tros in aq, wleg hsaid,0 t wou havstoo ,0 byroinhimq,n hid all ose ouavooymhis b t l e present s puolits ov b
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poli t. >>nterting hingess wit allpuit ov theepubca dates sill li >> toerngngwillcome i tthnk ubere' des o sl toco t 13 e'le ft o mbe ty shld cus. ft m t oksh goods. inow wve disssed at oyour adok show.od iw w mae itouldeis aed g d id ourad . no ma itwe kldw th thecono is gid ont d ceer b forgn no licy ks vethhempornontso his t ce untr band orny bel vecyveor ty arsntritely intrinedd n oneel t othear rimayblyit wld ba godeain toed ne stos heomplely yb wha wt bgo atheo reblic s fe abo s reigply licyha >> ty go oee focic ofebo hat ig ppennextver cy tgoaq.oc o u ha to gure- ant one en oxtr the ingshat. hao reanne linay g oham e gs sat is ey'r dcin thein stre gs inm ehrasas 'r dciecauhe a soons we ereint, mera inflauncen a in onwee or m tt coun y anflin efa i o t ahmoun an ahdinefad to nn yesrday thraqillmooost effahts tneto tr--es ay therthq inlstff w tl bst trer effos to i tra ira pole. w b fotoraraol eat. 're avin we'aki o trairs asuenly t. e in irae'ki os ai ainhereaying wsull hlyp you.ra theayt w re sinn w hnrida u. tha this shehat we nted w all snda
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haissong tande nedodyn l amera, i thk, ithatg d n ynernaiv i 've then iat negiati wit hem e la sixonthiv e dictlyeg tiandithe denseecreemry w laixth talkg ab t thdily t d w dksse are w about lkhisabth frurati in w ous haerinruout tin finalde. the yhaint faldvis dad.etra to us and e is "thwashagton postthatrahe disio is antosnd solu diste th weshon ton w st inat diosn luaq. dite we td we wre nn losg t .pee. >>e ha owe n wonrfos t pitic is ipeolvein t ing>>hao sheonf up t p basic ive f tg predenthbama onhat cisi t inaspaicul. f havanarentma pino ominon upt si inpa ul the t of e avna7:00 pohourinp s'll i weig in wthh t hf thohts 0 thatur in t s mealim ig -- w h befhoes we lea atis he tea - ot r th g thef's iortet t l eaing i ove tweend, otthth it t g ve t we thd,e afgnist predent th hamfg st kareai cnteorwardf pist anam ka cewadmeri has a pst anrias a war, wll si wit pistangain tr, w u.siit can u im pinetain tinin his t enre fce u. andave n imim feght t inis en f ? nd >>ei ca ftactuly
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at'shy forign >>ca polystu il fr ont nd 'snterorn let'movenoloy steve job the r tader fer appl t've s biveobheiogrhy ers h tinghepl stor tbiay a ogrf th inte hstinng or tdbit ahere ore ath loof i tereteing intidts it i can wairefor ahis, by lo ireg the dwa ian ai >>rhe ahors,y wn e "60 >> a rnute sheing wcoup of e tail one 0 w ichtehe g ups,f parely il priden cline n dung t wh re moni lewprskyenindu tcand cled onteve jobfor vice niewynd cd d thon's vveyobr ceinerting they kt th vlosinerngelatnshi p ey er t yea tanf oscose ste joathi w a tlsoea an aisinco stjo present wama om bind eo scen butame t an tins bok sang h was est a bd edisaoint witenhute t b esidt oba an toldsaim t hs his ce tt heouldsantit ba on te ld t on cl ton,s t heheld gaveim bon te advi andesaid t.sten n donn, e kn if avu diit ootut i viu dindd youenhao beonont kn f dith t o amecan ipele. l hediotoun rehaonseasbeon ston sil tce amen he wpet. o tohe re sey th sve jobs o eredonil aeim w a ploe t th sta s as hob ooed t visichel a inple h ohe t thohthatas sielineat. stevfojobsay dho met a t.vor evn yobs get tom d hks te vorce yoetom h
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t ov my mmeral? heovaid m nogointoy ero? at. he d henooundin ouearl ili hendourl biogica a er aet iostaucant dn't aliz a at w dt iz wm. freente the place. hisistretee ple. snapprohed tst ologal fher d ha arod t convsati withim at wt some ing ogke t fs.r ha he is e nv atihoit of m e w bo meg t helters af isaasonalkibo aut eraanki a mo. >>o mo goeo theoffee mo >> shopnd mts tmosuyoe whohesfe nninit w op m tsa amohosther th gs, en sin was ysa knowmoer how th, sas s yrrkne is but t nho he ys srr thate haisutad atherhild t d e mo ss hat atppenha to aerld m? i dot wel ne sr he frot eno h dokn . ain.wenehero and en h sa h ishn. y cod d hsaave snhe w yn i wcod ruing e bger sreaura. wn i w ud t rurung one othees brre rarestrantin silon uvaey. tu neever oodyesedeso com stntil therva. er evy sted jobomsed eat ther er an
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evnteob i sd rtat of eraken ackan andites s herrtfen t guend dsn'tk d es y ste jser is teou d't son b e lo s st js iocke on ye hwas a g atlo ketipp. >>yehe rson hhindas tat g ory, appantlyppteveobs h>> roundn nd t out me tngs outy,is palyves h ndbiolicalatr tt t h ts t dn't li soe oladal t h dtold h sliisteo who hadfounater in feld h sdo nte telhim w heno youadun meeern hithat 'm h n actell somnouee hiat hit'sctery sotereing uff beuse he did hve 'sy reg f beeeid h relaonsh withis bologal ther >> sve js, t y relardedsh it s loof tseog c vers ionserver s j tthereed llot t 4 tis the crs nsrt. e he's a littlof 4teveobsis he lkinabout. lkingor h pahents. atlves inou lng h pas. >> henasooki f nki fy biogic mothobvisly, you ow, okin bi foricthviy, my u , inor ologal fhery a lrned a li le og f bitrbout ahi land ed didt lke liitut hi d id l wat arne wat an ne i aked her
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an n i toell h ad erwe n er met ando notlell h h anytng aut me >> t booet hind totl hooksres yt atoda me u ca prob tly doon loi it t righnokss da i ough one ca oobthe dlot gh ieresng no thgs aut iwasne o i ghhe ne orste iesroje sth a is o h ndt ste je hte waniak srte in hfath's gara wasack the da thewaak ste usedno have tths tngalle araask he da blhe boxhhas edometng ye t coul tuseole make ill albl poxhon etcall fre yphon lls.ule m itell pn dupcate llreons.he s ndsitha atup didte ty butnd sold s s abt 10 o tm a atid the tu thouot, tds is abntasc. y is ohe t l ait.he >>he sd th is oue tis begiasing c. is l.pple >>righ sths ther >> saigh aheagiong ts monyle morn g, ighopou'rer up sghea t ey s ducont tpe can rn i f jus'r abouanytupng. t an sirpluce? tpean fus ouyt. ally an plthisne jt go cared for taoff. ly >> dis j tgo c pedsidort kein a ta f. caaign pro se t bri t ery pd ke eric tro homfromra cagn ro bu vetansri o tt wa say igicroomom s onof t om is he wi t us wa ay xt. st on tis hwis .
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[ ma annncer in bnd tte tts en ru uschospreg preg ! bu i'vemaeen nnyinger ragu or y brs. t t rusosegegbuven nggu y. [ thking i wder at oer quesonab choes ie ma? thng wr o esabho ima [ 0s dce mic pys ] [ ghs [ d m p ] [ ma annncer choo tas. chse pgo.[ s manner ooasch p. [ aounc ] t col aie ca ovehelmg. [ ough snis esp iallwhen[ ou'r asicknc tol aicave lm no wi[ negh ni s sim ler ackapngllen'rck ritusn® ma s itimplnoine to get ime rir t rekaef fo yousympms. rus®aitpl tow sit ler rickagreg, safo effoutivempelie. sir ag saffveie ritusn®. rief de sple. rus® rf se. malennouer ] the:00 m. solar he t tras an a bule ou ]ride he0 sar traanbu dee "il slp wh it'doneacadic. "isl wht'nead. for
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yea wee be insred you r ea webens d ouande'veeen nore toalk th y nd ven toreelp u tok ge ywheryou nt tbe top geeru t ♪ ♪ becae yo momt isow. cayoom is .letothi sta in ur w. ethitan w learmoret keer.e. arreke.e ahh,ne. o. ree. h,. one. e. tw e. and,hree tw malennouer ] th t banmerird ca rewd,ds ceedit rd leou ] tanri earncaore ewsh b ck t fothe ingsou b mos rne b foe gs bos 1% ch ba evewher evy ti. cbaveer evti 2% ch ba on ocers. 3%ack gasautoticay. cban er 3%k as hooto to camp tough it'ss ea as e. oo o -thr . 's ea[ mas annncer the nkamicar cash ewar car. hr apy on ne o at mann a ernk o amer a nee youam ar sharar apon o a oerneou
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[ rn hks ] hey,t's ndra- om couing [ h ] y,petes ra m can ue gat y're sy..te bu youn ere nna lp u y e c..nch e nuers r acbuuntsou e recea able uoday ch nus actsceleay i an inow thathiss imrtan ll, th a imptant i le is bewlearatsiman theare t th, aimpimpontant o.lebearee th ipot [ an ]he reivaes. [ ma annncer michin kws is be[ er ] rva . r xox thelpanag the finmace pnncesserg. ch k i beso ey c foc on xepin tthe lprld agving ein pss wit xero you e re cy oc fo rean busiinss.e d ng trooure foeasi.
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go morng, wcome t moay. esidgot obmoa dernared wll me ts. tops ll bout iq by d.idobdeed af r fa ed t ns otia bons t th i er i gernmyet toar d. lea affa nias some m itary behi gnmillto tsea an a me ou marhil t accplisents a codotenoually bccists ercoed?d a maennely b cpseterer? fro ma eratn iri c fedom anderro foun r of atir iq fomnd vetans runof i congss a a wyeet s yourreactn to t ngnoun ament n idaye ur >>cton tto trfa it sou s un nt go toayring a >> ta i theroopou goong ahomey chrimas. en y loohe atop whahe hoicmeri, ing yoo etryhaingl troic me oleava , orcegf e autgl ro 15 00 i oavcehat a our enersave 15 i ked for,tur mntai serbilis ine iraq nd t checd k ar, lely mai slin agessi aq tec a iraan iluen l in y irag, i siink at tra ien chon e to vep ir oi k t notiaonshooo
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p exte o our stusf norceias agreent irais a gteur ssbigce ret ra miake. g thewantetwe 10,0 to 15,0 to ablto d mie.. hent we 0,undetotandhe ,0o bl iras we. u de innd augt we singouldra we yo buiu an inugwe sgld embsy i youi sulmb i causwe'dike ur psenc there. ere re almanyractns i us'd e iraq phat nced u there nd kew. e ey n adny usct i ere. aqt >> uwhath fasenati k is t nds suis we.t t kur >>atasanttis t us a my ofhe su w modate t ur iitewantt t g ap t mtf doesodt waes i tent t t g tt r icaleswa iantimerin t r salhiit led by ti ri opleike sitassa wy has b n lilenge inran sar w theas last bew li yes sone're an ndong theoset yeso alli andhosetherre gups aon t e th wanus tre inavorf lindseer givi g thes radalhiit whathan t theynwaor. i rembethis viheaditha eywa. onve ratiobeis befo the sue. ve all ourloodvend mioey been wasfod ihesu weon ind aa ur od y toeave m raqenasn iepeone?d th was ne o the asontowhy ve u owitqonhosepe w hav th asst t oir le esonndy oundownse batt to wy tavo w thi t l thind anwe tto nd t it w hihihapped. antpp.
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4,9 amicanhaveen kled ira 4,amanve kd ra coul if is goes oul,ould ulf stheilivebe st?l, ld>> absotely lefteiithve fourst arin who so ly le eve thin fthhey d fur orin hotherandhey le didveoiny tnkin theyere ing p tecterdyid our t in untrand ke urey coue ryg a p ct tterlace weure haa mitar icttry d dou the bama dminertratcen is we haout m turarnhatty milary e mavictiny inat ais t durlomactily ctin a dma deat. w cantonvi e tde. i qi gornme tha wit'sn than vi tgion besinte ist t kee gome ha 'sabilthy foe of a rica ontheres we teve f tledee ilfoof aca dlomac ere fd dma plomical diomatally >> me pple e wa hingomal righnow yingi'm red th war di atnow lycan end rist s an pe wathengolids wi mygh w ngfam ly.d thwhataro yosay ow n thed stan e id >>wii unyrsta thafa. i un rstaat thayoy we'r taleng >>untaha untaha 'ralabou aelately smalforc 're tkingoubout aattabiyty foalerc main i e tngut garsonobi keefoa inan e i onran andarakn sure all ee thworkhat 've edonn all n nd e bldell
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thathwe'vrk expt dee nll bl theris n ha'vxprave n >>ver 3200 havbeenoundve >>r aven asell nd thenes at he lo the liv. weave tasl indhes h y,loheivto we wen t d ese men a wonomck, w the neejoen ao theiunploynt iwi tk, thnatieeal joavere. ei >>unou'royso iwiri tt. >>hankou smuch. ti it sernds ke a la>>e'r l eri >>nk sch ss a le linout of a hrorovie it' a h ra seal ristie 's.ttacng membs ofne clege ororsey. rt ac lievngg mmbt roofey wl ge cgeor the reblic nomatio ut i ev th m's tro w gecase w th arereicoteromio i th till hoppgse for w somody re eler? wh's tt miling,fppor om y anhing elthat nex wh mig,f anng at ex [ me anunce] is icoacpark... whosnon-op d stts wh ba pai .. mance iacrk. osn- d st an wa tae adl no and ybe to ur ia da anch. taad
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no or oosed levee nd to pil i da foa dafreef pa. seve til fodaeepa y tgo, ach. ♪♪ t, h. so w orredhe ceal♪ ♪thacan lp ler oletero nd w or red w tr yumed cer cl?lan lyummr le[ roman lor chestel. woredtumermm [ n [ mlo 2 ]chummyte m ]i gmy th wro di't malannocer wantreat stend wle gin os gthrodit al tnot car helpnt at wer holeteerol w g o h ey n chetios.calp erleol h nhes. -- t nexevolion in welestechlogy texoln wth aesancechpowegy thverin 4gte nworkakes yo busess n faer: acewe
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thri4g nrkesyouss fa: smtphos, ltops blet mobe hopots smho lps etobhots but t al4g is catedqual t al cedal amg thmajocarrrs onlyeriz's 4netwk 100lte, amthjorr lyiz 4tw 00e, e go staard of welestechlogy angowhiltaothedcarrrs m w eshach limgyed l covage, anilherr m ha im lrizoovis te, larst e neork ameca zo tar nek me aneverrowi. th vizong lt anerwi u cainve neways topgra youbusi ss vonlt usinreal ime oup caetinve ewfrs remtoe lorationou si inale p indeo nferfrcingem lomoonle c dit-rd pment o erng mo ct- pnt lighing-st dnloa anacce to ousaghs ofg- dbusioass a s. anceo saof us, sirizo ahas the rgesseleion , zos ofe g ltesdeviles n anthe st 4lte vera foyourofusinlts. vi ane 4e ra fo aluron ainrica fasst mo relble netrk. al acaasmoele et. noondemoreusinses choo veron weles nodereinsoo er wan aes oth rele carer. ath lear. verin. ri
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6:24 am
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6:25 am
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6:26 am
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6:27 am
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6:29 am
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6:30 am
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6:31 am
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6:32 am
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6:33 am
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6:36 am
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6:37 am
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6:39 am
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6:40 am
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6:41 am
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6:42 am
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6:44 am
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6:45 am
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6:46 am
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6:47 am
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6:48 am
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6:49 am
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6:50 am
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6:51 am
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6:52 am
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6:54 am
seniin edirs dca's nidiami minstn. go morng tu. >>hankforavistme >> ihink goids orould te >> nk rlowevito wrheime c t inkes s ld halweeno schowe. w ei ian els e c op site >> ialhinkenalloen ho isay n s overown d gtenopte inkotallo outs ay ofontr but basical in tersn gnalut couny, i on'tofhinktrou ut as alouldne ba ting fro schos. whare un i'tnkrinc als ldbag roerreting ho wh e >>i'm nd onncs mixref re sings here >> m if o the gaveix a goo sixcushere f if he nohavi gcoeumes ai geoous f compnotelyviine th .esi it s distctinfrom adinmpglye r wrting hint tatst in om sc ols ould e teinhing su, i ink wrat'sngineutn t therobl scs ldteng ihat sui k 'se ebl the'r i t vinghesesinixcushend yo can' be ngompeseed tni go ocu thothesidefis. yon'pe t >>olet' olook a som ofth theosedes. excus. >> itt' hapokningunfo aunat sy, om f t a le ohool cu itbuckapnngfoat ele ntar in l o oren ol ns ckstum.learn re'she reperiende, ca l smth. at dum she aual 'sy? ri dodee haca tha sm. dhe aal dohaha >> n le to sdent le clusn. ishathe osays. snt tha o of e bos r sonsus isu'retalki about,ysja
6:55 am
mie? ha o f >>righo yeh. rns reere kis a abhoolt,njae? porand that>>hat ghey cyel the e quita ol commtee ord indhe sri fatt c lhe uityithey mme idn'in wan s toavef ty llowyn antheyn'ano lisde verareass. owan ey foexame, se sudenis coul 'tra afforas cosfomes amich s s en uld sad of culrse,xcepfft the ft thaoss ouh d nee d ad ce, epexpeive st th fha dee pee um. u ca he atsnd cfts ca hay cs teh yotoe stumte.yo th toe is illxcus um anf courth, tho s mmignt ll excuus, yoknow y haanurth lot ig ofeopl cuyoow yha andot of cpltur tha dot li hallndeen. grewp inout curhaorid do i liver nce lln. ewincounuterednybo fr a didfere ci turerce or ffert etic gupunedbohat d fr d reprobm wi cre r haeroweeet g >> ght.t d le s go tobwi lnee elet.ntar le goscho they ve bne canle ar co. th're plachog itithy b someaning alth co ma e reth core acit hpeaps? meg th's tth mareor pncip carpe s? thdaws t. yeah pipar knn ws can yeah spearkn ecdollyut inav an ner on eaenunted dung ydoy i yes gog tr k orneon trting someeenteduho
6:56 am
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6:57 am
erse. wh's gng owith hat?nl i'm whkinghose lotg of muestns se day. wh g o datht? perin sm snghe otfst knowy. >> y knodai'm pine onsweow ynom them.we rmanain'riti em ann' ti iticing m foweigng o probms wh gio. icg fo igherm o caion o pritime in ob w matgir ofinut to spon rmai orimen atofuto on at saa, wbelie hoor inot xcluve the ilit ry. t a, wliho i tandommients nolimi d lue heo onit's m.itaroath ndmintnomi on marth theame et ovalu th drivouratios mitar hee oluh iv ur ioaremihe oars w used bud us ban re o w ed om f e cuckinus an cret cads tloan
6:58 am
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6:59 am
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7:00 am
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7:01 am
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7:02 am
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7:03 am
ssmonty. >> hey' nev b getldo wahih foiballn sun ys to nt at.>> y' ev witetso mwaany follveun t >> ah. i .t it it myve . i it gns hop s hop ngs hopat aigil f miing by la s op ailirwi f mig l ♪mazi grawi ♪ ♪ >>doze ofzieoraettend thserve in♪ront >>zefeoen of e he thrvinnt wherthe 11onthld f henish. ere li11's mthher ied e e ire me cngintosh her husbd. ne li mr d ee urve lanc ciner sb nevio,ha ve nc ll dthiso t cae? thisvishaurvelancvide fro dis ta ga you e isvenc thadero ga shastwedn. ar u appantly manhaalkiut o the haods dar t ba'some pa ly an e nit shkidisaeare o e s tbae nishsare lice iestiting spicus dpstefirehat ce ppen i in tie sang are ic dteret enn sare fuymanack ack rocng o inonorf wi frell las tfuank koc o innighorat twi fllas kendy nter ♪gh t me a g noe en er playg in he s t ♪ ma no ayin s got♪
7:04 am
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7:05 am
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7:06 am
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7:07 am
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7:08 am
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7:09 am
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7:10 am
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7:11 am
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7:12 am
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7:13 am
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7:14 am
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7:17 am
er o 12 psideial cangodatehepis we andutho pde olfante"ts is wehermnd hocainherm "tisca, go moing you. rmin go ing,rm cago mog ougtche >> i now u'vegoad s eg, diffultyith e aboion ghe i isw s he's mques on fff youtyh bon is he mes thi fou moing. ouldbortn is parhi othe mog. polildcal rtscusison?ar >> i shod noe quite lil us? >>hono qte anklbut posion s be coklistet . i proife.os n beat coteirs i crolipe.hat u laye s tan out ofrs cpcontt.t u>> whaye watay?ou o nt itas - i w tak oha wa conxt i that rio it - i t wak o at on ihaio ste t i amro li . lieginat cceptn. s im thliway wasaken out fliin cpt coext tha thy asheen rutortef was tryi to cot ha rte pignhol meas yion - t whigfol ie's you dghter - orour anddghte and u're wh in o of iesou s duatites or thr 'sdd ated lirer ea of es sti siatio lifof t motthr, fe olithe ildea and o and nsiioif tot and ? o e andiimp sdndf o youndet pud ed tthat ani pexnt touet fami isn go pug to teat inki aboex wha theaws t a athat miposnt.oto
7:18 am
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7:19 am
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7:20 am
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7:21 am
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7:25 am
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:28 am
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7:29 am
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7:30 am
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7:31 am
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:49 am
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7:55 am
see le sohwes stoms si poly is rea yee lsoes incoiste and omsiolisearbitrily cotend enrced somemes u neit to lyy a seco seaando timeened mes yneo a coea d n' if to flimet isover yokedll be are n'f. t >>lit'sisalleits cusmerered of ze picy d th rul bereis a >>s le s i usdersrnd, u ha to f ab p toy thitul a beten t i rmrs, hao ab orestandt's et inc ts ross stn yodfit mforbly one s nc ss yot ory ne t irsea? ta don belve myeopl can tomfoably inheironel m seatpl but nn fit in the n yoirre rht aatutut tnitnhe coorta e s. yopat. r a t acro the spe trumcoftairlis. alparigh rohepeumli al sogh y bouthe sondea and en s ebodsoy ce y bac to out you en y wer sdlrea ed ed sod c ansaidaco u ere' yer yr mneyea anid back e'we nd to yit myomeb y inhat air? ck n to ebint y r?orrehat' wha ha ened had iniyallyuggeed-ret' caushai watraving th m ha ed nt a ad uniclly age uswaavg w mhad a u clitia ay suestethatithe one them wdwill s ia nexsu tteathee e he not dispt oll dis surbnyex t othepassgersn the
7:56 am
ot plais o is bd thehesaidsshat rssn't poiblehendlaventll heid tt t's't poat tley endntp ts doin ty >> iwas atnduliatinn ri t is the wh thecame back that's wnt yri wer tking th wh abhet inme youn-leck mon ogueth w y errighther tng w, sabthwein didomeou bckl adonue i un rstagh theerdid sweidapomegiz b atheyave u reunundtahednd poz ey e voher r red fute flht, nd ght? >> s. vor utfl, t? ey gav m 50 uche for aav m tureligh antheya i theheiror le a bus an i f inre itgh realy aneya i tir l bu anonichat feyint cealt the ve bks becse i don ficdt c l heythi verlovi abo the bec poli i.on f you e sout est hi terviewsbohe ev y otlir we. for u eutt ts discminang a instevome ot we ornori gro or anoernd it'seall scna aste rirotranr t atno the thin they'sanll mofyel andan t purcse lhees sinoey wt'vmond ac allyrcone l tri to ea s wto ttm o'v the own levelnd iaclye rio tcide oto sdhe thewnel m i own lov decks tha s thecoulhe m puhasewnomeov s haheulgnit ecenpusee and me compsion i'm pingthereoplit can den thsames d wemp.on >> herem ou gngerplan d we tthnk yme vermuch forwe >>joinreg us godayromrlan to t yerch
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or ll uyourtory inusaymano thanyou vy mu . u >>urhankryou. >> l rit. whan dou vmu you >>nkth.k? ri whmailous friouds ath xnew com. il n thusgovementrieall aseiz arive buness it j t ha enedewnm. rizoth andventlliz u bever beievebuousshe j ha taedayerre gng tfeezol tnd ef b venow,he awer t taer g tee tri ta ef qus.tion thew, aday,r tdre. theri wner is evinqurom on ennesa.y, dr e w rs hrimtod at ined lm bst . es amuch s yoimliked t lny wt youike, likeaew ch yoeet ked spy sh mp woue, l fo$15.. ke t spsh my me iange tra fo 5.d i a fo difrent. y igera i foifnt [ aounc ] t col aie ca ovehelmg. [ ough snis esp iallwhen[ ou'r asicknc tol aicave lm no wi[ negh ni s sim ler ackapngllen'rck ritusn® ma s itimplnoine to get ime rir t rekaef fo yousympms. rus®aitpl tow sit ler rickagreg, safo effoutivempelie. sir ag saffveie ritusn®. rief de sple. rus® rf se.
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7:59 am
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8:00 am
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8:01 am
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8:02 am
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8:03 am
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8:04 am
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8:05 am
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8:06 am
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8:07 am
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8:08 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:13 am
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8:14 am
8:15 am
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8:16 am
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8:17 am
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8:18 am
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8:19 am
40,0oias job ri gre hen:,0o wh do u beeve be e nuer o issuobforoun staren: owho bee e nu o connsuticur is icreangtaobs? o >> is thsame i nnncu c inecteaut th it aros?d th coury. i th ismeutti ieople bk cct tht rothoou. s tirkpl b is mningver 0,00 peo e wo up m mng ste whout ar 00eo wop s jo wut th're rrie abecae ty dot kn iforejo the utsiereca t comi and hoseindousiknss afe afra tos h e.mind se esi a sameratoro y're heang. h it's egulion,t'smeor ye eaxes,. it's'sheuln,s unctain. so enepreurs en'ts,illi to'sakeisks and wencineed tsout enpeopre bs k'tli to toeksnd work. d >>retc tn: lda mahon s op wi bing tak anotoerisk.k. >>tc l me's oning wig aknok.e gng s g fhe sete i nneccut. g mingp, i soued fe ikese i plotine raig fro aect. hro ng iou vie. kereal lotee igro heria rapt e. altargin l memrsia o oap spec ic crglege rori. em anwho kne o the ecvern cntge ri co d see a anivatobusissne ll, jushe hpenen rn cosea atsi , usariz ha. ne th one afcts aone who was touy a iz thneafs aeome.ho b mawai extoainsthat a ne.t. maexnsat n
8:20 am
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8:21 am
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8:23 am
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8:24 am
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8:25 am
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8:26 am
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8:27 am
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8:28 am
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8:29 am
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8:31 am
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8:33 am
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8:34 am
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8:35 am
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8:36 am
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8:37 am
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8:38 am
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8:39 am
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8:40 am
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8:41 am
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8:43 am
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8:44 am
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8:45 am
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8:46 am
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8:47 am
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8:48 am
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8:49 am
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8:50 am
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8:54 am
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8:55 am
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8:56 am
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8:57 am
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8:58 am
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8:59 am
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