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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 25, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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gets rw hi iof i cagn ts rurs ohiefeions anru o inightg. shwilloinfens m anlive witherin ht late onshthellath theinhite m use. ve itd plr detls o th teneh shocheng te ne ropoe.l fo plet oth aoc mi lenepofochool a se emi crricumn noo yor se e ci tha h pents cic ouaged we a n on ore cioadha h ptsued we an to012d and hannytarto2 ritnd nn w. ar >>i predentl cdidas ri perrrent cveilda arioldlan irr nort carina day a the iley pot ofldn h i rtropoarla y a he t 2poof atax. h t'poake t a l 2ok. x. tod i l befee l.he od lef ameran peoe my cut bance er eo myandutrow bcelan. d w cutsn. tes a itlso utts e sndin ce tral a myto pan sin iscel y gin p ery eric thes oponf g y ic he throng ophat mill nro o rds o th curnt t ce,t ll an i mist ad othethur tcost of comping cth an amiadestof
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mpg of tat c ae, inrdertoay t c iner a 2lat ta on 2 eiratta i come e beepre ntatrn iny ime pl bes isreatinpostrd. is ithe des at hple we e alkgst. ie s bout hightwe he. lk taayerwill be le filut ht thisut h taer alle fi the il is tes o afihe tthat o at r blk wot bblapp somefois oonen in b thepp racemeo ha thehiteouse theyave t be oennsohe ceha he templisentar eyearle r tobey fmer eakeof li are rl touse,ewt girich f isr edke a prs reasehat e,t hislangich sll res tpr in rore sebtisreanon in tesine u.sea ginginch pns cal t fo.s a ng pal 1 flataxfo mpar to aperrs 1 at ar to%. helso opos arr heo osowerer coorattax ra. whhas the prosal at ll he youcoat thxamerana eopl wh sbackhe trol wohe?ou thininerme whpl ck tswerhe o
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ho of in wh erarne and hof coany, startnendcoy,arne stand teealsith beelne e ryd ls ngleholitybe d -- e >> let's easu. it >>t i d- ok, at's li mor esuhan >>ythi i is , tha i keiainor an his tain aboha maj i n evions tabo aj e t de vi s wt in hi t pla rry is day i in shiplan lais ts t y relts yn oanherm t in te 9-9? >> orm y s, bcaus he bzed 9e? >>ails he wt upn thpole y bec bse us hehead bd ls a wupimpthleec he tac refrm a pl thatas pmptty racal. ac de pgresefloing hat. at py ral. heragg eve body plse esth hi aning tht.k th whegg vedy fre t an cent andhiani ehth isse, fre danate ntint ndhe elecon ss of 201 d e t i ink it aec 01 f ulouthin k >>it f counginin the t c e th answ at is te? >>es. i wld l ce toin seehe a thang cth sw t caus t >> i.s sourde ome. w l to yes ee how ase angouoing uso g i so dethee. prite es sw ctor aeall fedng upnd g movierigain sor itll goto be f ta up refm. vi lorin rat itotbea feref lor atbefe
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-- deduionsnd g eriva- ctor goidu.ns g erive stor hasva to do or ioi noiv sdeport. as >> agr. wh t i ve dbout ihis no prirypo >>gr wh utasonas bn ths publans ri vebeen mor on bth blold s the enpropals,ornd oneersowe di't td khebou is ops,overner so jo husmandiho touame t whs s plerbou twojohuan me ths wo, ll rpleiveon touo coervave mide.s l of hese r plave ha teopl thatcoreva citicinge. the ofse la atake aspl at wle, cereicghe is ke movesnt thathey w, ereale we is nnot gvew thhaey ecomynlesalwe we dl wiax ot gformth whatecotheyesme is u dwiear me permle s athe ahs t thrill ver ss pe she co ress we sho dn'tthuppol r at beuse co wilssneve ho't ppos. i n't ink at'seces rily ue. be e ilvehink newresint p ithi t k 's a esly necongss cou. actulynkgetew si don th>> i this nengheou sulttut of on rman ain ihi 9-9, e lt thg f th's h penian alrndy i herm ca 9, sth th s htainnig hlr i pollrmtrenah. >>ight >> the poame sin h out llen tday.>>ht hepo mesut t ney. new rk tes .ne w t
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ca. ca 25, a5, a mi2 anerry0. >>t'si ansy t unrsta. ry >>s am gleing om t thunta mr varnir tt's amrrecletg th u suprt mrrn ts? ts ec >> suprt e id up of t racal tax upefor lo r ridesndof rafewel xeducons.oro r >> weor d y supucrts. 9-9 oron a fat d yup9- or tax a f i ke nt ggric ax propal andlike n giche opnd pryke opos becse it hs th be chan o p possingececauit i hsth e op onalan o that a big pngaueal. i an i l eopal tat cai anig plabecael. an le ofts tailacaimpcity >> donofhink cn ismptyhat >> on simpnk. >> cis9-9- peoe seto at unrsta it. mp i >>9- inkeoheseonsution tunx,ta t. and lkin kboutsu aon t tion d salein ta treut istilloom a i inkon lea for tiscuion outishatllm becae th c turek aorotcun t of at e ca unthrgro cd ecreomy d des wi thessueff unowerro ec y come eopdewiotheue hving hofulleray as mechop a htheng
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rich >> butholls lk ahe at tchse pocy ut toy. yohavehe moritof lkthe t tuntry no to 70 yovef mit thicounye tr thks tt n aeric70 isnhiun deine. d bythhe t w, th aic ares ght, i indee.ecli . by i' wth loing re t, eli i' enomi log siatio the eurean emi u on si iouhe kurw,n grespanays u liliho of co kapserean orys th stro psibi ty oalihof cocollsese. at dors thth m n fo tro.s. p bi oand ll.ur dth mfo t. e onom d someayt'snothreceion. thi e iom mesthcen. p founhiy i un-arica ve bn re 4 punearsy -aca eric is a bget 4rs up a ic a got u a sociy,o nami th's wh it cis. mipros rityths itwht ve nure. at'smeri . osty weit are nowre ner at a n thie. 'sri mont. we arereoingnow t n oppite ahi dictio mo. reng t appe diio beme re a an me li e eupe a peoean dot li m th. i >> ithin if yeu a weoeetoesigdoli tha. i instem yrom wig satchwipehe ate can. em >>me ll mak syouchpe pre dente c>> t.t wo dn'tbe v>>yood. t ifouakurewerent
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two 't vd. degn t if rebest firestax stem,dehat t uldt st fesx ? s anm,t f getd aut a t noi of w t canld ft a a t psoi w c andowany p ectol ves yound couyet. >> iould to vick tou fa taou >> rig.. an itheldk tata debaig istil l oann. e >>hat wod yo pi?ba s >>il thi i w old >>t d cowoumptnyo tpi aswell>>hi w >> bause d ickcopt uphe tll unde roun bse ck onomup ifrug ealede orun cmina wa to buy om ifgar teyle par cwantna t buywaouy hoe, tyay. t and ople nt h tr sotimeuy aho ty. nati al rail lesd le x, h thsome a thinon t ofhat i ti rl s he h t in tpayft y sta inc he x. >> but t you emina thetance ir ut >>he simicit enapoinheisir >>portt. i n't thimkit peyin ges eugh rt the i tthpe g eh mplityhe pnt. the plita cd p. isant cell te p pr en th cghdhe pstal rvicet ill gng t pr w theyay p onlplanith iche i gerry t n is wbecae i s aneyonptioanh inead bei ablry is rece ca th ian amotio ind eibl re thmo of
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ti furin oufi ouraxe you fouldinave outo fur it outor bo pnsurxe ou ldtove gure f i outituto p h relocwould beut hap abou th. >> suoc. ul >>e m wa tap gouhearth romitt>>su >> romnwa. ife gar ces dn on hislanomt and mes wnmn if c on don lisernaxndates s al aoss e pured thn you l kn we'es aivedalt a as pot ped hwherthatsou knee' a iedue gang po foard. er >>at thi it f owerates i g acrofo thed. >> bhiard.t it f is i doert kn whaes theat he >> y bd. hintitsill doknhahe mpli s. the y meage liinle b?ll >> >> ie havtheee li b bk,'ve rad >>. ne 's iav cetrac i'vread th bve r 9- ne cac'vadlan,th i'vreadhe cricis ofll othem ann,all'v oad crisf oem anllthem o a inem an- a beer tn wh omas ging yo a >> a if be twh eonse oativgi yo afwin, e ll bseiv aive. and te whe hse i n,worrd, t y ca out b a te.s monding tforewh h 10: i andad sorrbody trom caeut t mog re0:nd sodym oma camig smisng oandam disng bth t
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is roey pndis bnd t rry anro p an put ogeer in a y mo.n t ageomninsaid if weon't . ss t apresnent' pla rap idif anmurde wl'tgo tup aest'laap anrd w a repuican pu-an a demrats yingepubcansant- aemtsirty r an wer. ng ub onenst c loooutytrait in an theye w. ne anday cooaiin eidnnd imove erytng. dn theirs tngeaga d when ime yt. ot hetors t offgae,owe d en ta rat fort evybod ff and we g s thtaator enomy v aod dd ect prall. gth >>ood toee emyou. ad s dt p called y >>do tablhmen .i wa you o kn s th, becare y we weonir. blen d waoukn i? don'thtbe thweker. did. d i?d cong n'uph ngrewoma d. miche b hman wico be rema ch h be, an buwie fst h bu f prick p jckuchan shs us wat iould jhaook l eshus w i shaa labecoshe laofldk l ee halaandcosla in d libin. d dotorge i's tibxt vo
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tuesdoy. toght a askg wod yo ge isuppt t to i esmply tot askwoyo pp t meatio lyafteflat te. xmeio teat use andsype res, h2nde fo rno ans,2 h3 have fo cue.n e relts raig ah3 c. res igh dadd co in e war! somedy dn't ok withravecity dd cowin h 24wa cusmer ppor me hel dmovet hem thvety wi24us r toorhe l daely prveisedm lo at i'm immi! todapred sobody get lor a t ny! m mi [ fele aounc ] thtravocitsoguardytee.t a ! frm thpric to he rfem to ahe tncp thavitare. youl ner ro alo.frthic to rto t unerolo somhings sily e
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cor ofold, om ng it sially orthore?co ofd, we d 't t thlyk soth e? che sahirerefeed i a rd oa dierencolo 'thso chsarefe i a odien loat' 's causyou wayset two mes e pots otrav 's usu ys o s po oav fromaxiso trns rfarto hels, omistr and l kis ofinin.. ar hs, fromast od tfineinin d kiofin d th'oms not all tu gene in the arexpe advors who swermmedtely t'nol ge tharpedvso eredenevly you all. and soluly n foign ansaion es. evoul.d lu n fon san . doesour rd dall at? es r ap dy tol y an?earn0,00 ulmateewar bon pois aptoanrn00 ultearonoi wh youpend3,00 inhe fst 3onth wh oundat'0's 25 tinard fur 3thxt t p wh youedee 's td twhouee thugh tima rewds. so, y sele f golwhen you n ha so ch me? thh maew., se folenu hao m chassappre pferr. cardf a ffert cor. aspp prr rda erco
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ply w at chasapphe.coprefred. y atasphcoefd. so wn ishis ud mfin of yrs cing er? ansec- wo-m-isdad,s mn y cg ? yoare t meing m okinlikeanhat.c-m-d,yo e i lome fing ju a lintle keoublt. witha bagainrand cook g ju lick,e ide blurse bend t butr. thbainndoksp k, e dose emb rassbeou? t utyeah i ld y ke aajilon tes dombss?ah tose new d im ovedi am y ail t you comout inne p ceto w imed li tho mufns the. ouomtin p ok iottao. lihouf he haveun ccake iwilltaotal dief yocall mehat pubc ev cke llalieyollmet ubevga pam lpsou likpullt ofm ps ev betikr.llof araned.evet an. welme bktohanny." fe i stell bnn"
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was like e idot wtcomth hi are wor offn the ens ke we uld worom e orffheen o. we oulde d orbe woe engh eypt. o t noweoubtld taka ok atwoen et. nobtak ypt, atliby d ht,as and iraqby iam is isin hin e an mi le aqst. iu ske aooktin tur y, i mithin slam. is aok akeng. urif y i in wiam, it ais geat en awenin of i am ynd iwi titnk g tey s the wesawin ias iying t t, s th wst haheesngetreed, e we'sth whaoputionar dyiand re , we a ovinweinpund oonyid t amein has me ain a i camin o the t se nth s d aight a cntur i am >> th it a gre seh dht cur aw enint are o radil iamicawin vws? o rkeydistard ou i aicot re vs? eyar ou modete tn its toy. d a tt o the ot r de tit to cotrie thea inuenc of o inthotr grear, tcoy ariehenncf i fuing ea t ar proxatey wrs. fug ad th oxeyre w. ath ccellg o whate d. heade cll o at it dsecur ociehe ande said w areitcuriend aai m wlimre cuntr
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and at's gng tbeefleed o mm ctr d 's g t ls. intherleordsur rigio n ois goin l ovein howerdswe rioove in duleeowveurs ves.le it quiatul. a loofrs ours. ws i ituihetu 1th lo centy usur io flec 1 ntus t ec chstiaattides e gre t chia tiakens g. thre wilrese a oble becae in sensen thilot ase le ca thinns muims aany wt to lith a od li accmudings t they wto relion, lit so a o th are saing tccsng the our t eli, so no h rethe saest ton ur tno et- cquer and led us d nit'sur curner nd >> d u ta wits hhe n aaultn'srn chtastiaitcitynd althe chia cattylic fait et tera. t ithis isatche re it t radicaislawe com ireiss to r th old wa ca latheoldom war o weth h somldhing wa ca ed edare homng mutucadestctio an the sovtutsespeed i'man no teov surepe t a mnoihaistur ismistif tt's ehat
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overding isstphilophy ts f th eaiti erorng tem i hven,ilhyth ti tha fe t e ists. the hhrean,fromsla hafe es. he dieaerenom the vietla un n ha dien t usane et nha ofucle tan wpons if sethi ofappeled hat isis wwens wo d shill pe atead. is t thoe cotrl tother hved. adp th abocoheoerize hf a eir portare outheze siz of n. r rtnlane sothean'teat eiz res that anayso what'tthey cesat d it wasaid i at ey alria cin 197 detas aoingid i t moveal iao97uropand a oung ntravectorover iurop is op dgoinou comfrom t raor woersops fin omom ou twowome looktrush huh ouoingome ok shse 2uhmillneopl sea ng beeen w 2 allplea050. they lreaben a los10 mlion 0.nce e c ld ey wear. th's gng t a haos mon e c w th g tislac cotry a by 205ussi >>lacoy lo at they05si proems eat >>lo t itaihehas en deingithros t and beiu andai fs nceegandh dbend fed nnin
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in buahs pubc. th havsepatebus cture and ub thethavep reicaled ementthey cdn'treave nde abity tand e upo ral e thent trueeyr f se?'te aby nd >> upohe ue f? >> actl th tl sa thummeithas fail thsa tohmes ilermy. afr sepmber1th toeyrerm af fing btle cketeperh o in cebratn. yosawn fi be et lon on thinsumm ceat fo s fr theyoiddlwe etand on thhemm ples fm fofrhedlhe etariband l f riotg inhe reet ib londot. in in et ris ey re rninndcars inby thousds s in 205. in rsat h tus hppen is eupeas 2. h neve hno oen lars iigraon.u lks eomi in f mve oar i ra. cotrie s ai culres o fave neveeen coiessimated and ty uln't s ve ae vemelteng po >>imed tylast t uestn. yolt spoid i a rentolu orstst yo coenta you sade i tt yo rtluor thk th cotaoue te tyo pty m bolt i th thmittromn iteth pomin m. ol i in't liev thattt mn>> n her is t tng. was ked numinr i t ev at ques ons nout ero wo td t. b
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es d a um go thi par can in catees s t and woaidyou b kow, nd i golisthi a narber ann thte a i d id u id, k, i no. st n arer ouh a runng ain , o. >> re nun a d r pauhasot n asd me r au s vic priden >> w am aase why am ic he,pr en t? w >>am a tnk trehy are mlks o h t tother thi >> t p ttyndre s dohinther toerhire pme t part iner fks d so flks t bier at rt romy, d ifhe f so mocr fs masge t obiatetom one of if ose divi als cr themahird t rty tnkonof e e vilects n wiherd y t be 451 e >>ctut ywi suprt rom 4yf he the>> yupomin? >> iomf ishehein no natei>> thi eryby hasto sporthim,otehi incling ybha srtm, the clghe bapst and sapckinducaon progm inew yk cy. nd its sinexpod. weca ha oginopie y c ofheit sgest powork we bak. ie u wooft seliest wha rkyour buden or wo ks ma sn beiehaur enughtr bu kma fst m shelebe ht bachbun f mle hs hehts t onowa ile somch of hatisers h hes ona ienewom
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hhampire sissbrupyuit she iwill b he mpe lve wh heupit mpai . e beurel bhe to l whe tuai bee ino morr nit wh hernain lltu joi n t rr taniwher n out soi 9-9ta t lan. straht aad -9n. ra a
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tionde iuran at'sp ? at'sanisng ductie all out on i an ys, 's 's?monsatiotime 'sis dti l t t's ow cl's , nd. nsiome okaylet'say m yo sura e dectles cs . ay t'y ery yoar y donra havde lean ccidt, $0 vashes y yonav anid $vaes the xt yr, othe$100 e y wheram iheoing00carl
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er ie neng yearl.. neea at w wei. wei t awome ♪ natnwidis oyouride ♪ awe ♪atid oure ♪ malannocer wheer or a p omaxwl hoe... or can pai... alno r u ca togeher o vota oxwho.. to r are.n ai. caogr ot to luntr. e. d n, thks tyou, o nt comniti havmore to sle a ut. nth tu, omtiavre s a. at'sext? tl usn fabook 'st? tus fafookmanynexi hel reeve artbn sytoms usedy ac flux iseafo. nyxiel ree tbsyms teoposis elat edboac fra uresuxnd ea lomagnium vels ave opbeeniseen atth n raes logn m lsssibe sideffeens inn ude n m. heachediarea and domil pa. ibidfein eotheseris st achhe hecondarionsay sll ed st.mi pa talkheo yori docstr hout ndxiumns s e.lkyo oc t um
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notll t gop cpaig have encnter umpeoton t top cig roadvencer th 22andpe the t latt to adbe h wit b 22 nedshe at mitoesot ongr swom h micitle b e chma yestday miotgromic meers ma sty herewmes hashirteamfferer a mo exaini staers hairamer m ex thni tastats has esigd. h alough at theashitack clingig algh ithe atck u cuthongzedews rease nt b p arson who esn' u howorkdors te rse c paig b pon aho hast n' ha auth ity rkpeak t on half cig the aast hathy ampan. ak he caaignn enselfo pss forw dhe i iowpa hop gheaognse p re in t rw ment i thowop he re t hentwin eth aeshe saw hen oll. an a joing me sisinnl.ota anjoge congsswon, rublinnna pridenal c ngwo rli iicat miche prachmen. c i at welc echback hm .how e yo >> gat te lc wckth yu. w yo g t it aearsou ha w nat yna st fsert ars lasngut aa tat naonalampan, a hest er tion camignas aayin teye e naal nopa a te. is his onaam bnp in tinoade what gng ono her t is
9:25 pm
s we e bn thinroce tfad at g ohiri newereople e ethn nece hampire. areriewpl ringew pple soutcaronena a mpe. io re b ng pitee utro a hostlynoboio b ask me abt th stafeng a wha is oinly onbo whathey sklkedeo abthaf abo ahais sn my ratl jy sedrigh nowbolan. at's m r jgh pan tow turthen. onom's mrou. pele c fin p t tture omou pe cin t a a michlebaman.m. m mo thaa ta pn, i a bch baeatin. mo plha. ta pe ple a ixcit ti aut itl ingperoun atheit coury. >>usttay a ot ig foruneneou. >>condt ay you e oayi tha inothorg happed nd th e th e aru e no yiha cothlictith e n iona pphtharond necoct hh pshi sta ntnall? o. at i saneng hhita ? e isa rplacg pele n n amps rre, acw his,peand nre eitedpsbou, wherhihe cpaigis arighd ew. ed were ainou peroplein a t c ig astatgh ande a gro ng. we awe a vry ple a t atnd excaed. st tros l.t eek a v gav axc . ma r t l tonomek aressavt a the ma om commweal cluin san ancio an ai lasst outhemy mm al luonom lan n rcianlaturngutthe
9:26 pm
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9:27 pm
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9:28 pm
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9:29 pm
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9:30 pm
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9:35 pm
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9:36 pm
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9:37 pm
thecid wthe rip. a o >> ted uermisp. pareal>>t thor uy.mi pares rlly ve strreg feelgs aut wen or tir ch dren resre ry mtrure ough r el a w t chen ady or ethe me ghit'secesry giv th thiyr hend i's wou es gue 's n nec saryivo gi thhi th i allou is gphic e nec ryo ingirmatn. buth pentshoulbe tll one gic oosi inat th. ibu ptsul tne thi if sith the ew yk cii hoolantohif a parts whhe yci infoolatiotheyanntend me a anarpare ws n ma tha fo iocisiey abod anre edmaatinha heirsi bo kidsn thereas tedt'sin up the ir but dshe makas tsup th decheion t unileral beh fak pares isomplely n wegreeit t t.ilal eh but u saretheispl ynger wg. eee t t sa e igranc er and reme er wh hoynort ig nc d b ndand isme laerwhe sod rt i' n a po ed ban pla. aat'shy i s i' n he. y arpothe pants laere 's iinande thear areepas guedianfor ki d thd aret gtinghis heinforeatio howboutguan thri o th re t aft gngs choofo aftio theowuth fi osh rding ft maoofthe ficien r andng arni youanowthe bass?ennd >> ini ouink e thi;oweas unrtunely ere
9:38 pm
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9:39 pm
toildr a pl to thkehem rt of thenoe dr a ho persual lturm at of he such ayoun hrsl urage. chuest an thun reaning >>obbi the kide. theiinnonce stth earlieng >>andbihe rlie aids. goei tnoseee you ie bo. tid to cheie in aith go tee greou. wheboas thtio tanghenth offn moay nreht t ng? wh yeahyouthta kn actllyff a mo n t fa?ly th g di ah u>> an faly tctng?y a i tkfathithe ght off a >> aa fa tly? hin t andhat'a ge dtff ex ase. faa grt shin dt' g tondht. havexdona. grsh tump oason . ce a inavna tp resrect ahe rthe iesishctou wi gvern he ih perr wi and ere'aook t, grn a nderrrl ne w d be'k,k and erne bnd br humis me ande wi brum m nd outndwi if nald tmp was toe vires ent. utw abt f atld e? >> that'a gowa to qvistio es t.i ab gve an >>t'go qio i ervi wit gan g and i vitheyitasked meho gies nd yo ar?ey keaidme wars yo tru ? id di. i h wve aholeru colctio i ha thedihole hing i >> he gve h me aleol fiorari hadid he gileng hu g ame aerra? fri
9:40 pm
didd eiive y aerra?ra id yeustve yralike e rotr as ga me e fothe5thke ahave wo nga. e fo >>e gh a jt. ve y. no i'mve oy n kidng.>> >> g ty jave thanom obut >>not t elle yo >> lha nott ourteart ello l ot trbled someeopls hes wiurrt exode. t mi. trmed not meplhewi jeous. ou exe.reat reatmi. meriotn pnel nexjes. ouatatri pl ex tnk
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9:46 pm
aleaheoral sexut a aal x mual a ml masrbatn? byome teaer w wil say yoasareat goi to hbyvee theea w il feelaygs, 's okaeoio hitth dries me uts. el, >> kkas a hangbabirit tenmes. >> d k elen y arsabien o d. d th palnts y en'teacng tm anhing >> y our thobas imp tant'tour ac tkid. an ng>> i agre y t ifmphentr pa nts d. i arre't dng wh ifpass? thr d her iend wh thut r ndindorinahem a. >> t therdo poina, i tnkm a a >> t of troi thei kid t exi beuse of thrheid partsidn' kwhatxi eeye we oing th theyadaridsn' w kn thwt we verye yongg. i eyn't ink at'ss wthwesuch ry rrib thio say i off t t ofk 's baes tt wech bo ibhiay f of caustheiapare ts newe nothg abt seeducion, boey wthead ndusadeirene thabsexse anucn, wt whato yoadxnow?an >> atyo ll 's n likwew?ren' goino talabou tse nikn'hing in li ey do'talouave >> b i d 'tli d wnt seone ove don'tharey lues alki b d
9:47 pm
toy ki. w s >>ne dout ttre are eski pents ut to thkie in >> dialhei kid a t a actu ply htsing x. th >>inut ty dlei areid aorci kds in the tu hg >>lass t yocan'optre o unlcis yo k optinhe t fo sse bi hyon't corol o pnlt.yopt fo bi th'scol p bogna. th patwhatoou t to soa. abt th? >>'matateadto goto to s abth pitic>>ad the'salwagoto prate p ichool >> tt's ght.he wa my x drlarseo to olay f ts puic t.choo i ny ver dersndto then i p f duble pu>>oo nr hat'wh y enhoul p dle g uche >> wt'have yulno hay m gium. he wveve myoura mm. com nts. we mshouurn'tave x ucatn buoms. th ideaweoute on' needy atbuthea grdchiren ing n' ught edrhin g ht bstaly. >> igree >> tt's igh bar boual just ko ed. i ee all he o ters thin are har fi. us >>et'so oko. ll o plitiinre fi >>folk's ay. p tit's ok athe cblk poly. cas aeustaing.cb lo atol hishe w yo tima tag. lotis yoim s wl, l rit, cael nsid ing , uracesistill
9:48 pm
d fra theast segidnt.g i'mnotceil emrrasd. frheteg . an ay, 'mtmas an, ahea >> yknow w jtadea yow ngrewoma w j chman n. rema shwas hot e coed ma o. n shcomeshs ba? ot ca co pry c oe ba. wh hmeba ca hinew p c baopos w. >>ll ts is u in e r. iw weead a os >> tis u phen menan th racerom weee be anninhe na ck, en yth hav 69% cem theein opleas w fod th , yavweek% tho samera i slen wfothek saecleer i an-- cl >> >> i'vneve en aythi li'v ve the nuers. t me te y wha 'shangthg allnus. me tte yha pliti.pp. wengeal h th t ouide pti ienaweon hh a ssefue dpair anit's bee na fatin s aund. dir an 's eerst fin wit ad. nald trump whit he w in e re, a th ld mpbachnor awh hile wn ethen r ath pry. chd th it' ale lndeden oherm p. cainthwho t's no ev for l aed orm ile nnin aampa n, h wino noev or ing e in apa h w g botour t hi plsre hdingo u the urre t hi estlish pnt h ng
9:49 pm
tack u he m, t bh docrastshnd ck repuican h b eshblis dent,raust it wit tru or y of pu anthe oplenesist,the t oittsid yru r know hatof e lehapps? th do oellid yhem ld u owt >> thi it'pp sil lonthwayol m t. u are >>hit' stl siingilony thrgh guri outho re istsiunnig. whoo yohr riut lis? ishat harni que.ion? hoyo ili metist peraruen? st m th i etsan tonier andpersally li md hi i a n nindrsly l . li hehias a l hariheatiche w vry rsonle. butho driic w yu li vor on pr.iden utthat d a dfere qution >> y y areli pr rigen. iat d warequ mon y frecal use ig ia orr m anihinkitt fl omnee has a r loofannkhosetnes tngs. 's lobusissmase and ts. hehink ericneedsito bma ru lind a he bunkness spenng i icted b oruicontl an nobo wanbu toss eigenit i i o ani thk wentan n dboanoermig mits i ani thwecongssma n d you n't m ts a lif. >>re y goi tongma u n fot r ifliti ? >> yo ylikeoioolits. >>fo , i n't ink ti yoke amit no >>y. i >>t ustk cheing. no. fir ofllam ou >> anythat he g. knoabou o. ir hf, i kn he's tnytunni for
9:50 pm
noficeou >> hin'swo nior ce mths o rk pey le andnowhe's mryins r penow le's n d evew lding'samon inrepu ican votw s. nve l ng >>onnd achpun waan oot fe and >>no cai chwa a o f anmneytays ai eady he' a neyys leing dy e'mong pple o n wa inials ethg tong pee a pridenni s he's traing o ro ul. pren th only ood'sewsra forg perro .s the ar thlyds detes ror ther xt tee weths. ar ife des th c s op t gingwe if tervwse mit cbe ok s. g ng tt'scold it'rvs te. cami is aok g ty.s ld t' t ca wsderf a lle g y. the waanotr pol tha me wrf thwaotolha out - t - - >> dyou thi newt - ggric coulhave is m ment duhiew i d't tnk s gic ulveut m thentolality is ut d t s of ntro here >>heho dolaty i oba fef rorehe >>doost? u ar abfe leral o does hfeart? t armost >> a it' lal
9:51 pm
oe h gooar t qutionst we, th at' atckinooomnequ on so weth a obatouslin teynefear omne >> weave tobsl takearne bak.wee t enev leenke twder ev ee e thws uut. tw r re o thereare reath ureat. o heketa gd. eaea g at amicananel g >> gman reely? theempl ee othe nth isss. theew srk cd fromapit one srk mthes gples m o e e moh rewdsss he s c omitne s mof a g msm l bumonessewredicard the ark rd rns ubleiles a. smbussdirde k soe res ly leesd top ougame wh spk, tso bosre eas dotole mouesme w spon tery osrcha , eveay dado m hat'settg thbar prty hn h.y haevda owni my n but'nesstt thhas rver pren m he rerdinniy buss cs ing r roug mrein [ ma annncer intrucinspar thsmalbusi ss ccdit g rdsug om c ital ne.manner getrmoreiny charsing limithd doalle msies ct s c 2% alsh b.k on veryurchgee, erery mido m % b onrych wh e's i dyourallewh iurle
9:52 pm
malannocer wheer or a p omaxwl hoe... or can pai... alno r u ca togeher o vota oxwho.. to r are.n ai. caogr ot to luntr. e. d n, thks tyou, o nt comniti havmore to sle a ut. nth tu, omtiavre s a. at'sext? tl usn fabook 'st? tusfaok
9:53 pm
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9:55 pm
befe weontie, t resus ofur pl, we aed woefd yowesupptit t suheof p imemenetionf a a pl woyopp ta lookt his.imenonapl 92% saidta okess.% sa %ai n% saaybesa azin n than for otin sa i'm ingbetoell inyou, anorin m g-9-9lu, ha led-9ts wha le foingrh'splan and ck wfoerrigrs toy, mhele an ba man. d ere e aot o peoe. >>rio mle thbak wen. ne t e a o reoorm >>n is cntryorhwene t sre. r rm cryoub peop, thi'mot s. sure'm not ubre eier. opu withmre ha t ei. wi to coare a see a whatorksorou bt itocoenow aee i atks pay re tha0% i bi tax swi woul y ake ha goohard i looax s ule oordt oo th. >>nythg t th sysm. ththyste 25 yrs>>th atho wh i sworkgys thte y f jim awh cter, o wasrkghen fim cr, rning as h descbed e taen sysm as rdisgngce h t scd ta hmanysas ra. sg 's sll t h nsgra, if nora wo e. s 's w di raplusif
9:56 pm
nonobo can dl witwot. di us th 's wboan d pplit wnt b ids. thcouny s fthling w ppart w b they id wan bigthundeas fng >> iagretheyrt ey wtangas ig>> ireey wt eas t we neimpl nam fors we bihe ieainpl the am9-orthin bindh irry,in don'e knowin wh he calngis y, th g. n'ow >>he ft tawh >> b hehe als nam whatthe ne so>> f dota i s be'm amhavi at 20%ne flas to ind vi goi 0%tolaalan the t bdgetyoi anhe020, ll i bheet 20--200, pan. thi i is w mor0-0 p. hi pele wah yohatest wighor tha pmepe timewanh oth yoteghetwohas bause p u ar sma. >>menthou gotit.wo b se speing ar of rmanma c>>nhis, ot is .esmok gpegf anan cd ans, ad at's otte eokotf nd 'steuzz. t's ll ts. >> rely bieve th hernz. s tcain ll>>utre b veited bah iner in he uned stes edbanmeri. if didt beeve th i un ss woulri't b ifidbeeh he i. we r ul bcampgn le anydy e s ev r see buthenmp lmeriny ha neveevseeneeutncandate rike
9:57 pm
heanhave ca. ween ned you nde heet iolve ca becae towether nan dou is. we can ive catoer ke d . th an ounhyack. ♪unk. ♪ one voe ♪nenitevo wetand♪ i sll don git.te weund♪ msed se bont g. pt. the bt pa md b thecut fwhic isain p thoing b fpam tthe lot and ic then thenbigmilng fm t kinond ene cepy.gil buto yoett? in >> tnk tt chey. utyoedia is >> t ttias erbling. don'getit. it's way blg. n'verbtwn. . h's 'swaalkg rbout. the h web ad. lk t dsn'theebake m .judg herm cai d'tke a mdg rmaiiffently i dot a lke him a les fe lycaus his do l camignim aanaesr us ssmok aamnigatte na t ok ad. hasgaverye ightto d tt. just thi n use asryht to d it bu. sthiou ob na smsees a theo ti. tri to budet. ob smis g a isheilikehe rio emin m
9:58 pm
of m gsad. heke haain m m cirettd. a muschehe d liaverycitt no aal guse liry mile aricaeing whheo g mi acangwhs. th doe't bther m at all th >>oet' ber m frky atllremis >> ofr ami e of x fil. reak x fesil fa if ak at's fthe dograic tfay arf goinfor, 'sthine ey nled dra t inr,in you nadde .p to th poiou. >>etteorwors >> itosut othethoi box. whater y wanto>>te saabours it ieverody tal onge aboox at yanaou it it er>>y al unnvenonal bo >> is noinhe itont t nenal i ino'snt convtion pc i polics, nv on policalcttacol ad.s, kes u laugli l >> butact'sd. rea s it'sug rmal ut >> a the's caea art,'s t smi . al >> ahea th'she t,eepest tmiart. >>hat the thng i d pst somet. at resherch, t tt d adom esh, cos $4 t0 to pa oco$4to . cigette >> ty di't ba o itiginte
9:59 pm
tdi ne byorkit'sabou$14tand. anle ne me rkk's y all tous4 qution ase moan foard,ane yll we tee aquon esidt noasmood, dperawesayi publans ntidno direr a draandyi ter blds binsir ad sayngape d mder es r p. bi nats areaye ey mr tnkin .pat? we, yoreuknowi thi wha t inthey re t?inki is weyore goinowtohi hatack he o erey si kis we re goi tin ck run osi weoi t caaign >> cssunwarfe? wi it rk? cagn c no. think te prlem trf wi t ?untris yingo.- t inount tprm tis fling apa a youtrre sungosed tont be l fadinngpa aout. suede >>e's t linusy l ndin>>s h t ane vsyas lin a h e crgin v $38,0 a ple. a $3800. c inin.a., an8,aplruing ou traf c on38.gai n .,how ny tanes ds heave to in coou tol.a. thaf yeaonai w t dheeto >>co anoa.h magea johon, ll smh. >>hey >>eanstiln lovagith oh , him dsm sti>>y driingthilov h ol-a. >>m t thtire t rrihg peoe >> -a >> i thnd of t reo >> mss ntone i therwasof lik a od f mr an na ne ha ersik dshereverne w ce t f


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