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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 26, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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hnto onay hat.ll wire theng rea a d eal?t. thisaswiheea ilicaons rl? ev yone is stua vary, icaimpls r qutionevcanne theua ar >> sfar erepl i rl quon n skepcismhehey s wilr get e i r de to epsmy cutilt deo $2 trlionut om t decit iheext day $tron tw,ec i rembe tyt hav ay be eeti in rbe tecre avwhater leahat havbeti n comeut he bn ratrer at eavagubut teyav heeen me h batr akedhich gut sugst henhe t des e mes a rt aedch ug th is t t s m a a $1. trilonths rth cut reqred ter e nt earsh ut that theargeeqd nte sktici. rs bi : fi nciaaty sheakinge is1.2 skillici bifiia sin enoh? it a l of isoo2 li >>t'sno it lf mincule it i mincules you' talng autin takleg iinle $1 triu'ional o a oakg 0,$1rin o $35 illi wor o o endi ovethe xt t 5 lior year the tingdivee t ageies whi eck o ar e ngge amesca'shi k o credwortnessay n n nome y's've t t ed drtthress n n no ye t $4 illi, anthers nouestn th dree'll get
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4 li ananhereerear reenostth orllet re r at'seot gng thapp. r soill, ttor rin. 's g tpp so l, owng tde" at h i au st ingbein" g reate at wd is hut t ire au i in agai rbillteyou lkedbout tha w is ttwo ys a. givee an ai ll eu mpleed ofut hha o a bi this roblveans f elef h everday biismeriblns f stut. >>he avege eryamil putri intotu >>ediceveilut toice $9,00 ove theifete o the rkin $00ve liveet ohe in, in $11000, ivken on,110, $35n000. onear thr tim wha th've t i35 0. anthisst arhrimeimhahen the iyou' gotaby anis bootrse nreting a becing u'otyoo ti a ec gdica-elible vas nuers. caat'sliot se tainasfnlt at'sow b thirobl nus. 's s inlt is 's b hi thatbl howig t proem iso wp yr ar is aro d. at veow tro w ll: yarro vedfihat. : arres o e frt por ofdverytrr o fr eric.orfry uartsee u on ic fbn mart: th numrtr twe oon mocr in e hoe sa he'sbnot s sure rtth theumtw cr sun rcomhotteesaan rch th's mag s numrerhee're lkinabou by ttsuom ee rnove erthagum ddlin
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whenreskedbout heinou t ance houve min dity inip enedut eny yeceouaidin ty s qte times y hortd dsn'tive tme aot o q mert d't cefidee. ho doeshat ake y o fee oaksoyer sayyo cde annohoest yee enrelyule t a kser posbleay dealnoominout of enlyhise t aose al in tmmite. f th's eourasng, n't ? >>ill:hat it th era, mth. maha: is uch.>> l: tll:et'sake m losema : lookt wh th.s c:mitt'se matts sose okwhuch. t thes is c dttl b ttsoh. hes d anks bvingand at's wh'sandad inhe l ksng wed w'sl s acrwhs thedain boa l buet cwes wn scrhe mosoa bu crogr os inudindefee an dica. itits e le andightgr. in infe than ommicaee itoulds lendht a oth ma recmendmiions ttld uld ise axes m tma amecicanndsns t andaise the d e s m mediamrean elibilind agesehe from5 to 6dilili ge e mitaryould arg bly om beo h t 6 miryld hdest rg yin a ewbe h momts w tll tal abt wh the hstuts cou aom w meal to e naonal ab wh denseheitsou 4 tarmeo enernaal ckdee ke. 4, her iner te. hen hse. rtha the wteouseaid ey nded h. scr
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aha maj w rt osed theealth are nd lawcraj becae itas ohelt fancielyaw ca it unstaible. at rsed festicis abt thwholdeal but esidt bamaunaie. r camd ti abback nd sd nothheolal w ted t id to kmaphat,am ck des ste tno w dfacthat e khst,ecrery saes it t coun't wor ct sot w the's re c gresonalsat ou thearg thor's gng too ths on tay ces looalng io thiarth g t --t's kno as he tlassoo ihi -- st. stnoe cesannis loongss intohis rs. stceni eve,hatooxact doe tos pecto haen a ts e, tarinthiscto morng? ct ha rep ater: tarth som membs ofongr s hineis orriou?quesons out episr:thom mbof prgrram, how susoundedess t y thpr obam,dmintratn caususit'sed fancily th ba unsuainaine anattheyant repusl it's fci pmanely. th hear gsunaan geteyng uterwa ep it in a few pne. thar mgutesyou wet uwa the arin ather it'ewthe museesubcou itteon heale inert'eversht a ecote invealigatn, ciredy rse aitts of veat ced pnsylnia. tsat w ol th meafor e deral pyla. ecif w? thea thr 's t big qstio the ogra wasrapearaded by satorif tth t kenigdy qio e raforese darded and tha s sor t laenely y itasnser dre d nd in theha heah rerm act labuty repitlicaer oinosedheearect pt tepca of i oall edong,n fac pthey opped the wle
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i l ing,g,nd ty woacd li ey toppeehe w obaca g, r tealewoli tothe alth oca car rle law e th carld b aw cing serus c queions b you n secongss ngerittsuens gaveu ng tses henging ortsr rit n. soough q stiove we the cg ld or heri on is pel nday, sogh qioe c maha. rtha veryoughhen p y, quesons,ut tn yove t thmawhol.queson o harygh longerm re a ess,he tyo th olsingesost o ofongerm ngm a re, i abody ngtf getng gm tohe pnt o furin o , i a dy at wcan aboet to p o fhem?in o wel thas a b wn bo prlem,nd idoesm? elha co binueregalessf wh happ s wiprm,his i claes couegass actwh 20 mpplionwieoplwilleedsla longerm re act mome onintpl ll d theoming yngrsm b a ly autne te rdt o hein t ym b ave a kinof triva o t surae. ofn th gove amentinays va e co thrgh micai ogra , afrar th pofientthvent s ha spenco ahr maits raafth a petsnt. haen a some replica pposi a as dierensyst c atin meep ca ta psi ientis to hpdienst c in pele b pvate ta itito hovere. inhe mpentim bthe pte admistraon ss itoes t wa to totly aerndon in m im ethe ass act evemira t sughits wait sosot it aoesnonant e osctve t himplent , so thi s istsnt avinsome in ngre plt sohi i ratcng tir hds
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inmen re okinfor tclari tcati h drefebly okinintorri ti pealt al tethe fe y martin: the arthe fortundeay ocapi lalal ll t tget heme f rttharehat rtde opi tt clificion,hankou tstev billwe he th mning clicn, nk th occu walevstre ll h thotesmove mntngakinan uglyurn thcualre oland esvein calirnia pro storlyn cl ohingndith licend lice nli riatroorear n for clngh ce thceseco day ririnr tea nor gas try areak thco upayin ea ose cwds. s ry aak lien:p theshotear ase cs. int li: theheotrnt cros, wom e cldrero granothe gndfaomers, th c're reltandg in tanhe gfas, th e me spo nd in>> was t riculs. th didt ne to po ast. rtheyuleren doi notng buthidneo alki. bi: ma of e ey proenstoroisot habu lefthe ea aki bi mapolif areeatroing eroor ha efaza e ere aey we set lirerog reovinhat, i a e w se anhinghas en l t rint, i behi. thane arngdozes of l aests st yhiterd tharzef the. maha: ats wel wve yrdgotnhe nema p:ls oel thi wornit fromhe bat ene p o grod ste hi ofhio,nd rht nni om attheris goorost ofo,ews r n inhi er oo dataorresintsbamain he lds h
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tasi rublinma l alleers hhere rli lesre form maschusts vern mitromn, the cler rm caspetiusr, t present adin himrnitmnth cl b c ti tfourerce age est inmoint b urcee5-nt ande'llookt ose nd nbersll k the rainsop othe ck e w inhe sond ll nrs i rtwo nsys oe hern caiin sd th's i o ignicanter billmeanile ckaierry th langut tha taxnint plallane gotry aot ofla aentihaaxla ot a f yestday. a ti chelbachnn w talng abt heownax istas ay. elch wal ab hen reondi to portthat i ae nehampireampan aff mpedhiprediromo astrtat nempe pa nit. >> e'ref n thedprocps ofmt hiri neweoplin n ni hamp>>ire,ree'rethirinocnewof ople n so hri cewolinplan n wa, tmpe,uitereinw leso hestl cin bodysked , te m htlbout dyheed m stfingnd wt's ingut on whathey lkedo mebout st ng w ms reag jobightow on aty ed mean.ut ealanob hasht eveone . pingnasvee sothin that -- disa pee wgh goveor prynd witsoin at- sa w hean c n a ve p viousit otr pls he c aherehey don vus reotire plery eric to yreyonometng ree y ico.
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rthaallightet jon htsma als o. the hal lkin tax, hehtays thant h ma lsthe o coury's syshem,he in axoleheshahing nee oeeou'sys pheedngee out. our ph taxut. are urutdad,ax threre dildaidat th theilat arhenac ontic so ic staed withakinonthecysteoandta sayi on e invidu incothinetedize,e'reoingo yin in duphas outcoe,oophrees ango as ductutn. su eveone kes ph a le cttax, ut isuve it'e s intduci anotr renue ream i x, i dot't li thaand if 'sntci a onst ter otenrete gams t doli ha dcongss, f don'likehat, astr g teith. yove g to ve s ethi ng, n'ke t, at i auallin t rea th yo go shi rld. i arthall h ttsmaea ao brginge's e onl d. repuhaican hunnima for a t whitbrhousngs nlho has puanni speor a t itus as ub sstanalpe a aun o ub san me, coue ov aseasn o ina. , biouov theasn predentonties hiwest a. oastbihewinghere wntti lat e nighist wit jstngeno, w atsayi he igit j waing f theo,
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publ anyiresie ntia fielto nrowai ftselheown, blsiia survelor nweltyle >> yn, havbeenatchg thrvople yavenebat ch>> i goi tthait uil eryby isotedatff t ioit u isla. ybised t [lghte la [lte on the narw it dow to e or woon ihelarit staow pangottenon. or ll: 's wning ita pporrs ihe les npaten. : ar, we gongrnme wil orll p iple ey l nre o , theigoown me theil han o pe o ei n he reanblics. is ohis e rhorichat arupor? reic 'llisebats erhict thacomi upar? late thi mningere flmat lahamip nht. rtha tehi mnge f lahe n. shad tw wis pantintipscu dow on s yotwisids' cel pne usepainps ow is inxcel ntyos' advele p fr these pside of e un ied stes, ael ao,dv frhe even phougdef he un ss, r aerre to a en ugsurvor, e's gotn aot rreo ofeator rv, ot a pk -- the oft p- he rdasans,nd hsays i notmprewoodhis ass, hyseali i showthenorenon odd wts 's dng tthurliay o coowitionod thn 's n a wtad
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d tur o thout fr the resint coio thth mor nng, dd we' g oufrhesi th or , out-e' got ghis, it's out year to t goots,t'efor ninelect n --t eforartheoo elecon. new orll f ds a nect--ore whoing 89ecerce. don tru thew f a govemento dohe rhthog 89 thceg. onru thhe's arett ugly ventdo num rr. amicanaren feength th a vett poslyive outhe um ste ofhe enomyn th amanenee coun y,veose t stitheof emy6 pethent say is d, aunthisshepe t the hilllimb hat ey s ais esidt harighow e llmbt 14erce say e'reidn ahagh od enomy i'd ke tmeet14ceayre tase emy 14d erce tet. 're ting talto demoaticongrsman nnis14ce. e g al c dozamoicho'sgran en is outsken out e ecomy c zad wh he 'sewed bouthe ts n t obamecy whe ed ainisatiouts intione sa on e amhousgrisi bill ahe'sisio hrowg bains oonsan hi way ust thoor,si tooll'sow ba obecae he nothiunniy forthr,oo elec he s dirictn cafornotnior ha bn ec. ecimdiedctcarn he'somin up. ha b> thne are manof tim st ies 's'reinp. tharatchg. an mi t romy isn thhot st s eseatyet ain acced ofch miomis th tflipoppi on b att nccf iue. 'll ll y whaipthatpin b issuis ia ment i. h e. l y mahaha:at rk su i mterry tking h ma: rtok blry tng'reiy
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aut blisei tion flatax a pla 've got gov noronlaxla bob eotov r jind on weid iide ob thno sn ndn zon >> ihesee dthates s aet upon to tr dn thse d cesdida a. if tpre w t dth cda t w -- mtake de, w doi the- mke ca aign, when a woihe there tereed icaisgnhetirr ag it upetwe thehe cdidas. re irrit upwehe c da [emalannocer for requt hetbursuffers,
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it'a brd n day [alnor r quhe ur ff days,hen canat wh t wet'antbrnay ayn an whwet dnk wt weant, and eep undl throh thnigh d w werevat,d®24hprevts t aci th t cad es fp quendlhear urn rothgh va®4hev tci thca fenarn ll y, l nht. ta therevad®24hr alle net. d sewhy taout he 10 vaers® hr y th 're letisfd. sey t 0 s the sf t a 2counprevid®24h fre t 2unev®4h
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re ee pvaci®4hr.m pforciffer®etair.. orerai maha: xas licere hong sveilnce de wi leathemo a mma: s ce ho swho'ilbeene wieaemo a ter mrizi alum ofo'en locerzi sority, umf vestatorocwanto ta to ts mawhoou sor iny, thcorn of storhisnt scrtan tmao sheren fterourthrn memfrs o scr thsameoror y, a reerrem o gr uate werthrapemein or aeir n hom. gr teer depea s mar nom deet wning s mbernot war o disp wy sings of erfilit ionar o wi thi gro rig spsiof n. li >>n wihiro tseig wom he n b>>n t violed itheorstomor h b anit hapned ol iesthe o acehaan the felap td o
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sast. e we lievhethathereel t somedy o sa. tre e evhatatre onc methey o see tsideo and theytnc ey e hiee wk, tsheyeondy sis hiess, wy tyeeossi sy ju the s,aye tsiy arrijuhe msel thasomedy o ri the maknowho ts elha me opers thma is.ow trtha rsthes. hattac aprent dat n bac toth la nembe ac so gng o lmosapntat naco la nbe ear g oos buit'sroug tetheinr annterting way bill ever cbue'sug the is an er ngimpoant,ayoo. ll> rier per cs y kw, pot,. toriing erslanor t y k form ndtopendg g dmsn t washgtonthe xas vern wasn th normpinnddm ne wh bshlone s rnastho o'rllyn lkinabouwhy say wh bs pll wil'ry inou wory ay >> tt's eplil seor of ts t se taretuightfhere that t wee taing outtatuhtrehaoing you n st witthe d we sytaem ag havtthe wyer or acuntangs or u stutite thisy aave er or acposttard iorwithhi 2perct. ll, trulstbeli ieth y've t torow 2ur wrc out of , thul. li thbott y lineis tow wutfe'veot to ut tth thpendttg. in bi: an nt gue isve to t pporng rknd bian nue psry
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louiana vernor r bob p jial le n bauina rnob rou go morng tyou, ow yji lba dog? >>billoui'm ingoor tu,reat y thanyou r hang mon do ur>>llm sho billwelcate ba hane.u ha m yosuppt h tho lllcba h prop al.yopp h ty? i do, op.bsolely. u kn, fo too o, lon if ol y. the knfoast ooreeearson esidt oba hatrietof heow tconot ers by id groobnghaie govement tnopendg, goveor pyrynderroands that f weve wntt t gro thend ve p eceromyds w ve g toatwe wtart t ro he cutngoverent ecy w gendiort wit tt ut-ert 've h tri ion dillar itus t defits ree ars i ae hrin ar ow, 5 trlionnefs e ebt,s i a ery eric now, tronnt,we 6,00 ofy icowedereb tha habeen browe n00 ouferha name ha ene re bity wen we'u goto versme crse. re y der esidt oba,e' ot feral endi has rownrs ce. to 2r percidt ofob fel diaswn gdpnder ri 2 prcry'sof pn,e'dodp er back o thri p h'storinorm pd of ck th 18erce of hrirmdp.f e fu amenl18 thicef the. fl taxlan ds fuenshihe ts: flaxn in t ds cntry w t sul stin pun things cry wucce s.
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ifou w t toiscostageunng prosritytax ice ifwe'v wtocoe dcour ed, 'veostyx i tad exc s. 'v u lo at e dombiurd, e t ta dte cparexc lo tot bither t cre ountrs, whaveerhe seco higst cpora tax tr wtes,vend t proem i co igjobs creraax s, t goiro i bs oveeas. ll: doeois he-e kd oves. d to:ome outith oeae pn, k o righ you ok atotheeut polh p numbs anerma cai gh u a coeinueto gol mend mb anmore traion,ma baiause opleco areue g m lking rera intn, bse h lere ssag lng autnt h 999 agyou'agrewith t at. head to hav a ia tha99 u' reth we pubc, t he tightav >> en mo i thaathe llha nuers,weouub loooverrht pe ey a mouplehafe wks a nus,oo er t ou his nergpea le pla w a out me d estioucisrgla extorat mn, me doars d ti ent hom mor tn a millexn joat mdo cresed. t omth tors t pla hs lljo pridina bred. t ctras la hlookg athe nbers - pr >>in bill: casang okat o nrs >>l: oecong o rry r th ierru oion. at ithe ntraon y th tn? i ru n.>> iell,e rahelearontrt t is nder predent ol,ma, ar was topendtrore of o iserrent o, moy, rai mor wa ttoesndef o rrowver triion mo
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dollais fror chie tants to ontiowe torrirown the ll fr hifedelts gtoernmtit. to unwr gornorheerry pla de u lo at t on is gnm iun agoorryla fl taxyste lohatt ons wl i a -- theay flaxte dtmatilly w duce- t he $48billn th dtiy am icance snd t comy t withhe crent48 tllth aman s tom cod th bu cnt t secdly,oueeod morarium nbuec regy,atio dera rulatns ra umaccoing sbaegioost ra rtrilaton dlars cog ba tayt 0,00 for e ry il drs mafacting b, third 00or e u se scifi refmsmactg rd i soci secity dse sfief dica, th hel sec ie ciec y thosprogms f our chdrennd cathelrandecildr d f allyos youogee fur chen commmentndo adr b ance fdly ou buet andme toinal mm ntop taorrong. bce we' notbu ameo leang oal tildr andro. gndchdren e'ot th s mucea o debthat we' drnd gchen ac sallyuc leangebhemt fe'er port itieac tlynea wm f inheted om o par ts.rtie t w u p all thi hed oogetrar. yove g a comehenve pllhi pl tetontr t,hereyo g promidenenobamis ting pl ttake. thirecon otr there prenam t g eupean -- y looke whethec o greehe is -- bil euan m ytionoohe hern ees -in b eallil govnor mperroners bllovr rrutti his shts
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onoverrtiis romy andou s sn se it the oner dratesom wh thend m se st nd se bhey des whhe m side here s wha she s bd la nighabouthe rmer ssacsettover r: de >> don knoreif thare's sla ghoue er actt errain >>therons cenoainl ta 's dieren of inionbout in ercenl ilosdihicaeny whf e yoio std. ut i an y canhang os ca whom oyo ele ion st i y an othe ng >> ihinkn hiown rds o sayle lisn n, nee t he y wh ievernk neehiton s s ayis ee for atev oice m wh er eerunng s f. bi: hels sair ev oe howmo yonn cnge the fge of biheai ow orix oyour osit ns o ce hef li, potionn or ourit g os, politionponon tration grria. tse gs ar't po on haing rat ononhe ia w tkend gar are ty? ha g at'sonhe te nare o w nd the r atioehip t you un'srsta tna i o >> lk, btomine e riop ou is, unta potics is a ull l con bctme spors, you d i pocsere alkinl aonut or u i c foe ballin aefor. welay the foll touest or. coeren, se wey he wesou t as aesulf yo ancoense surve theeces wes y 'l aulyo be a rvth natnales yhampn. ibeelie thi is ing beatpirildmp ie dhiate. s theg nd o the y, ri oeveouromin is i de. ing he be ottere han ve prrideninobamsbut goi i to he t run g agae stern
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esidprt obena anam havt oi h t prunably bilon dgalars camig id doblarsantherav arsuppt ofhe prlyil drs inst am mamiao f drser arny ypprsof the replica st m pa fy, wve kd yfheepca prelec d ourpa n winee k i thk fe debef pr ecea souial curi n a ee he thth f thiebef but tnnce sl ri we pk ahe nineehihoevut t wee pic i'm puppoaing ck nee ev rry,hoev weweic pic'm wldpog rtaiy be ettey,thaneve esidt obica ani'm w ing be ady sport ai beourte naninee iidhinkobt's an goom g e y shingrt r n weeee ha ng a fulinks ebatoo an vetngurng we chadida a. ul bi:atull anontaet spo c dainde . bi gornorlthanyou,tae'll polk tyou wn t oad,de gooranu, ll bobb jind t outu tf bad,n roug lbbisiand. ut maha: is mbaningther are w ug delopnts the lia ma: sech f a m msingnger e ssou dops he bab we'rgoinsebrin fthosto mng you. ou > a gh sooleach onab 'r in intriaosl fou. h inga ex slitchn memb s ofiahe ftbal hg team now y mb aof falitne sai she am ha hew defse aneomplaiely heanneout,ven haeforsheef saugh billalsoply net,n an dateorne joh gh llso edwas,n teccusohfsing mpaiwa fun to verp us an aair, whyng h lyers ai un o say re wle tng houlan ar,hy h be lhrowrs o . y >> whe s tatorul nowill be owdingomewre a o >> sor
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elizoweth l s trking his ngew a ll pne use izh ecautr shengis s --he hnown abo p se evioau affhershe -- h wntracd hibocellhone use io ff he staed ung m yachi celllnese phonso m eendtaecei u m elone alls froon meei rlle e.lsro re ♪t wathe st d ♪ [ whping ♪wae d♪ ♪ iwas e be daywh♪ng is be♪ayt wa♪ the st d ♪ ♪wae d♪ ♪ iwas e be day♪ i s 'cabee ofayou ♪
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caof weake greapair huh? wee eair h?progssiv anthe eat tdoo! og makiva grt paan. e t oo ak grpaght, otal. that whai wathinng. t, alalkind of vicle l kis ofavin. athawain. al ndlti- vlicyleiscots kifromofrogrinsive i- cyll ococlictoda omgrve oicda
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9:26 am
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9:28 am
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9:35 am
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9:36 am
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9:38 am
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9:40 am
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
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9:49 am
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9:50 am
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9:55 am
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9:57 am
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10:20 am
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10:27 am
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10:28 am
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10:33 am
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10:37 am
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10:38 am
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10:39 am
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10:40 am
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10:41 am
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10:45 am
minu. >> wsol,isyosuee ifivmeou not fenuin.g llha t well, doyou want toesorot a ittlfee bg? ha yoelu d feeolou that ignt b teo of a a tl elp to yo you.eelhat ig >> besif i of a c tusot rest a ou .litt bit i >> youon i md. us re a ion m inttd bt i all. y i j gotaut ll i. j trafotc,ndt really -- d't want to s af tt,ut r all--ay ntif i t co jt srest a ltle but a would aayreciat e t iry jt re a mu. b >> onou't worry abo areate mu. i on wrybo. rtha: andrew ha: arew nalaton ihe eedom watch alat wh i dyoke that do w wh exankege? ha t thehangis aittle daerous. ex shegeou s s om hiheo tng ait jue tha t daer cs.ld ffshe touhe s s m hijury. t marjua: the cuterlf off t saijud. 'm ar veryut ssive er lfou othi daiedsaid d't want v tsive ear d ouait dt.'t wt >> tetr wor a j t spko wne ss i tn distr ws or s o j of the h ari ospf tkoness i n juryis s wi esse os ofhererien oy tge into dist ssry a nd t rwihtse thing tre eny
10:46 am
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10:47 am
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10:48 am
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10:49 am
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10:50 am
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10:51 am
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10:54 am
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10:55 am
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10:56 am
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10:59 am
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