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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 26, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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n difa thenebrin the recrdo ng, oduln d he inobamheec on oba's t f, ham wilon se. guy gooto s youball. ti w hhil i s. uy yoo in s pourson l. weill e wack snew yk y toinrrow ponight thatll twel tiek ha lt. y toow ht gret isat nex t isee uha l torrowigh >> tetightex e rep sentive pa ryanomes troutgh sw ging tt ht pridenobamepntepa anesccusswng prenamheresent ous pring theest mo oons ofzero prg he ntimt. heaid e pridentmos ifro im hed pren isin let collt toell e jo plan. >>ou ce ouwinng athen t llesidtot.l jo why? an it'>> cou dsappntinin a ei dot en y doidg tis b ause y? t' d gavppin ausm sagedondo of tope bsehree avarssmgo,gefofe uningand tee s diving.o, at war geingn igclasd wa . are weg ttinasery wae. re polisin iny rhetic tolt pi peoein agnst onanotr and wou et tpieoe say cial agresttonotnd cndssou sent nt d sy al no stake ame cca nt ds rongnoeme i mesmeri ng weer. whys heoing i m it
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eithri fwe. hyhepolingcal asonor he giv upit w kingth wi f congssor hs a badlil on pheson.iv p i w wldn'ngay hwi's ngd h aad peon. p n. don' thin wthatn' >> b h ifou a d cre ingpe n' inat wa are d yo bif a a trygto reg cae tr cble,hat' not wae yo peon - ai mery tgse catrree, t' othars pe -wordme t >> istrise an rsad gicathinrd irind is n a potica d isiocai think hs i ma. he ecid notpoocaor dio with h congssy ma heendidg usoto js bii th hadng ahany of nd uspassg,by j senbing u thethad idea aan weofnow w gree wssth himen u hedeand wew w ee w sdimus atherdoun of s aer stimus. unen h spoft nthsoing arnd t cou ryim.and hpt hssettngg stng mar t aumenoud bacalltt st m sing aen r publans baell fo sg rbls eirtspar dirtwatefoand agait pele wi heah inrancrtarrtted aipeiea sicayin ncckin a ptisa confct vcasus in goi for pconnsal pr ice nf moref th vs pot, ioior ink nnprce reth ito i k eit rtoriof css disio that e is rri d cstabzing d io this sats not dab thngamer an iss id. weelie inot a sstemfther perid weien
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s em mobity. belve t get tr hures t of pebile's.way el to tety tan ur ri iociy. ofpe 's wey don t belve lik talkgrio i pecile le th a stu inon ael ikass lkd thgovements hepe lth a to hp tm cotun wi tir stats n inthventhe le. th 's he h tco ndwi t of atin l th retor tha issin tat gis r yoorha s ain tbadio lici,,nd, d b itocia unre andcid,c,t besn'itiawork re nd yon'te n'stop t corkorat y't wearop tndoat cny weapitlism d whnottop ceople on prramstheyeceiitsminst dwhft praisplg onckin. usprgmsey teis tost sef msive ta is incr ses in not oinguso tto wo tose ceate mveobs.ta cr s it'sotoingng topitpeopwo to ag cnstte oher. 'sng t t areopou fagt diier ter or.r dirtr a ? re >> f noi'mir r not rt a>> s it's>>ie. it'os nm acrate it'sot tro s's n. arg ent.t' n 's basacallyte t ing'so t aff rg tot.our o onenasly tng pitio tff the don'tor oenave tothennock phemio hewn a win'theve deb te byenck m deult. at's hy i awie calebbyt det. 's i inllecalallyazyrgumt
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beuse 's n sncere ineclyyum bebatee n n the fac. it's serot aince tedeba onthac he 's pele tt digree wit younncban theiactu pe it to me isoun is eitusionfls.t. tho ise arti this caaignfl in th 11 wisn th tilecthonagn is nin wth unl 20, anecthe dieren isis nhing netsone so wha w aun20aneien n ngyingss lenes ha wget a somomprise o tngs engle ag e tom onand prope o tshe agend dvici rhoric >> i kneoplwho harea dci rhic ikn unrtaiy, plopleohaea dn't hve bs, ople unai le dt h hse arender wate the, arele long tir mes, hean redon'ert ow ow tehe e yoo tcan ynytng, don' s,knowown n' y can sy yo an thin yt , othen'than t ow yanad? s ain hean man, ?u stedal yo m, mmen and say 'salon ennd idlogy and ethet's rublin or demo at, en yid gy ou d hehere s dake r polliicalor sta mentmo, y oudore watev , asmingt'seruolal tadnt m su
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epubcansre w doevg thassamenghingsnhe otr su sid tha isub nons-- y doarethme nong-- tt i notor otr e idha gois of e amicanno y oplee oand tybod iwho ot ing at gof aman is leou d odo kno it' g dgracul. thas my ispoin no t'i thk it nogoodor dtheac . coun y anhaimyhink i desin thitomeo od om ae unan dieren innk i dhilophy, ice is a thdienn arica iloa,y, it outisualyndth portity aoca pe ile c makt the tal mo of eir rtves.y if upe c akehe syingou aofor r s. f rty ter and sng a diy ar th 'sy rnd notdi aiffent th idlogy that notot acrate >>feocusgondgy c ss at wfareot cte th i thiusg ow crom wre thhi iloshymhat vernnt oht toqual e thost rn o sultf petole lalesth rsusut lt ces. ry d ferepe l litil usphilophy and c t.nkhe d re pos he bee tilushgor ilhynd t mre in hispoheee piticsh m p iloshyins era p ic d th resltf posra itthessore althistrutioit punivere thtr taios onob ceatoun andeess taon c prtoperind. s inead focing theinds ide tha aually prri reat in d jobsocg heds i edenomiha groh, a inllead rkingat bs wh us onthes emi
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roidea we ned in ying on wsnes eae eopls see ofnswe ngn-tis let sayt thpl seofweay. 80% allis t ayth busessein. eric % llushese fi ic the tax indidua, as pple. wasfitoheax brithei tonduaasax p rae. to 3 %. wa u an ri co froei wsconran.o 3 er tan she ofcoro la won t suphior,of a th caniansupextr, ye, th eth ting eir biness atannsteth %, a predent tbamag r is besat sayi theop t rate tha arentmais mostf ou jo yihe tatome,heha st ou joccesul sll b cessye, amera shld go t 50%es is sd b ss 's usg t ersh g t%s lass us t wfare rheticssnvy, wre restmen fea et to ll thiy, jb-kiingesenea gend to it's hi ve, ve jkig disptiv >>nd t t's extt it'veve ideogy, is ivd epubcans t txt i get'ral say n't deisey, axesubns igeandlay demrats t e genal ses we ha d risemts en s xes,wehat'aan deoly. >> rhat' difrent e onoms,t' oldoct ne. >> t' ver difrentnd tre's if nont g eng tombe mh agr mentct . tha righerif nowntdo t's no you g t m aree? gr nt'sery rdhaghow toind >>ou ap arente? not
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>> ay rig. anthiso isd hat hinthatpe ntot wo d alsoig an sayisist i he reinat woere sotay he i wn'e com "onhere cordi mihet wdd. om wouonsay w doou pect me athis rd pomit, wn. we ouy do ct ais hapo -- wnehe says a senor ha- mcnnelsaid theissi ayinhe aenenatis etmcelid rhe ofsi him, kehimat a o r tefm, m esidt. a so ohe'seprobly gng arnd th cuntr sayg id i eso'sob givenar upth c tr coness bauseayhe i enpublans theuphouse en'ton s bgoinseto ith a bl s heespeusally 't t 9in h a eshm. weo d agrepeelyon t hm we dre ideogy w toet mey to tecony, ded yoy have he satetoeade m ying theiroa isoon g yove r se de the >> re'snghatir iis g sugsted r toda hewe pa'sed 1t iillsugedo da c ate bs opar th 1umm. gollackndook t ce oth bdget mmit s s gotk rk t bet o sowe t r rateandlooples forobwe t cr tionte. d heays areesops onor tha on sine cron hes asuppese les donha itn ne tother the her ing pp sayledoit is tot'ser e r g op ay ssiding thes s alth let' s sodipheubsizing the th
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t'sosing cooratns ahe sto the cry cowelfate, a a lettohecr nubsize lf aet n rrensi buet'sealt benits as menhsisbu's ltcreties. en sese e thgs w e mh thie c etts. a eemee onth whi c o les do amen ose ythi we en't geing leatdooopetion e hi e 't youre 1 blkseg apar i unperstaon whe the d videou 1 lon th ideogy, butar wh euntahehe doude th te me d docrade tely,utme h th iheree age, teande draelo th gr it, l's grewithagit. >> wedpass the bilgr. l th git arsittg. in thee satesshe l thth havto daro itticknhe em s e on e se te w. is pthsav d ik hem. n se >> hea p re nshat. m. tt's s eae par. t. and tresis nt oba won caar har reidnd snd. si >>ba donon knothe nswe cathatareiqueson. s butt is>>n ionortanoe we ques on. at youre tlinge thes. ut is ittletack iin t es s.ate, ou tsenangth sate, and le th i t se, dotven lona at me o sthe e,ingsndou s you agethdon, n itloeemst o o me he p sidee gs sshouou makagaphone itms ell po de se torou reeak >> tgeton the enomy oingou sehaveree to h e toodtth fial emy and onomng poly. ve thway he wdks ifi our nd
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vernnt y pas aomol th by get wat i coainsiscaur a rn yas ecomicolic b t it'seen consca o aer t ec huicredic dys 's sine thcincnati o ther t tud pass dhe buetsi andthheynction't erss o nexear >> hy? ss bu i cnd'ty an'ter yr o qexstioar >> ? m noin t c sene. n y we qio ssedur budno net theen we hoe. weedefordudet tax andot d of ho thweoophoresaxnd an cro o thphan welrero anwe spped suy ding el wealy pele. anwe h seed picsudio g alpe. mor dostic s hre of p g eney. weid thore do thiics to setf pro ne tety tweth fuhito ecomicro grteth t anto gu upwdcic militin thegr gat i sangpw mit istthoc. isa is a cosenie t fed io th clasisarfand cl scoie e ty, f i t itths asnofa subitutcl e for it tual getng tubut jor do on grow g thaletecon ty an j catinon ow th owthonan unfounat cy i inn't ink th end the thy hsnterted in foat i t eingk hese nd poli ese thr hgh er dherwe whwoul't hn pic ng se themp andasslihem?hr rw sowhult's h aic em moanve?sm? i'll etos a e relts cnclumo? emsees. ll allight re whass yothou ctlun
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hyse . th senall wonht hassyoout thna ton bge neis i they cat -- t 60 tes? t b theactunely ieya --d a bdget 6 drted,s fa as is? hetunow,nd i a just bet dodrt td,nk tfay i wre w,will ig tohow sthe aorica t t peop w t kin of llaxtowncrees th a havca inop tinf sre. 50taxre thavnncrees se. 50% sa50ngs.x alrdy ha abore0%sas. lra abo .5 tlliotax crea sttingn 14 a tiox ontea instng14 eric thsmalntta ratnsmal busisseslaysgoin gic thalo 4atal 14si moness anythey werinoing to 4hrownoth tax i crea4 ononan ey top er th. ngso w are gtoingowthax to iean ep th ma oth w ex ggncree coong in mth ifhey maoughhthe buetore co thfloon th onthey m ify ghe bunted ss. th oo i tthnk thoney basally ed deci d . to t dth notng iasly hedu, antakehe cidto cricism d ey an'tot i ssin the duankeudget rsushowrismhe a rica apeopt th taxinhe ineasege usw hav in acaop thxn se ste. >>ou a cavirmanofhe hou dget st omm>>tee. a c youmaf gefromhe woute et hous let tal >> e. do u geougeom a w usall etomal o. o ge a e l sete, t's lk >> n >>ou uerst d t se, s n ins ity? >>
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opleend ust t peonsey? ledo whingn theok nody c tal >> we shld d robs wereng whattheno c thalk is he ri wtsh th dg r bsre atthis put trim inh regutiontion nd ps th gislion.ut t in a e stgukonon pth b ls lslen. crd wo at e un aed ssttes nate d wh we e b l sang i y c wo t undon' slikes wtet its yo hwhe,e tellsas i wh it ynd l's n'ke ta w. ityo >> hhat mes llswhsenst l d the ta pres>>entt mhoulcallayereedns th ango tough est tbillulll andereted e ho e knoan wha t youghon' t llke so ty dondteep hoenohaassiou n'bill th s tdon'dogoep nhere woulsithat h lp?llth >>hatn' nre wo d ulat h? h. >> t's ways>>icet toseeou. h >> >>s oyseacke te 7-0. >>o p>>kers we an't ing getke-0 t of frnds,ou p anrs i a wit g et at. raig ofahea karlfrs,an rov and ihei .presenti ig cdidaeas.rl whovh onend starguesng a sti esti a cund.da anwhplusne wearetes ati ad. you tough anisuswe ver uldou tgh hap n, n plrers d cessizinonhe apayin n fiel antheyplsre ssarininink noin actlelan aey guy incolok whats t tlnfl auy coissier dog abthis?lo thatcomm tsion is ghtl her to goon tsi ecodo.abs? thmmons ter
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g tco ♪ ♪ [ m ] needo pu out a ftwa upgde. [ ] edpuuta wapg. bud a w ap fothe les am i being. bua ap afo cone nce s e c. io. eil wl fi him. aone c. eere wr neeto s my mily rewhihe there sll ake. ee s y malelynnouer ]hi hewith sloba fm de leou ] th jibacan rvdres f de hicompy's t. nds tough jiuston builesappl atiohimps n tgh cloutosoluilonsplio d ooinguppo in er 1 couries oulus ongpo o hi comp 1y seou resests. anjim es h famhiy.mpsees. ll. he p er tando mm e. ham l. p t m
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phonringg ) ay..uhh. e banews iton prongbly )tale ..h. baws itroy le the od ns is u dot ha to y ur ducbl e nis wi vanhingeducble fromdoatiohaide o sura e, dbl wiannguceom ioyou e t $1ra off foeveryear ofafe ivin u $1ff soow yr dectib ofe in so ydeib iso. e otr go new? i he on ur c fee. otgoew wow. hen ce. ♪ natnwidis oyouride ♪ w. ♪atid oure laugng ) it actlly pret goo dawhen conder. th's gat. ug ) itcty etoo g .
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>> gd pocy f govnor tt romn. hes leing he fst gpo ffourovr mn atesoheleg vot f ankarloveuroins
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>>nd tt's atweat-- ha to t y say aob ll.>> t s nev say ha hade a y coitme but.he doevaya atend tcomeut d st cmmitd. nd wha des m st citomn ha d m do goveor rneymn d he cano jus covet. ry >> n, he can. heoast d and anus heco >> l nes.he isisan st l csehestnd engh.he have l. le tthan c0 da unt then. ioave ccusean da nt youow out theth holays,oe ha cse roughly 4utheols, 46,7 ha fecte rlydaysf 4 cpaigng and u be6,er b in tctreys in c ig e d be ear atesn ery b tone n thosdays youar es eosslye ca or mebo isosys goougoome ssnd nicaryou. bos taoiowa me 24or niu. ta roey, for wain. youre mneyndou sart o, orcoas . ou teyt 21 s cotd tu as into4 anhat t21 ccoldtu tn tointoan1. t >>houg govnor comne t is protionith to lot o>>ug ov rrepuicanne ase s is roon thh ot crinal oourt s tem. pu anand s sth cr thalght rtdayhat s m.leas he's d en acsed of fliplopphg ont heyt unio as iss's inacd ohof andirst e ipwas pproniot, ss en h was ainsoht,ndst nw he s ys hs hors nst nhe
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h aga. whevers th ttht apars thtga h swhikeerth t ther uid haps bes onth it. we he i wouern't ay td t hbenet. e fl-floed. ouwoultsay 's a t dffert e prlem an t at.fllo . it l ked ulke hy was aere der prm t. l ohd and hs etepiin h pporof it.ohnd w, iave pi hitt or b of . symp hy f i hie becaete we bf rougthisn 20 mp bu fica whowe d a licy of sugyingisi'mot20 goug tontruhonto e a cyf sfairngofm ather ste bygo to rullinthem o at t d but youir a a iner attaty l einem t d io, u eit er noudo a sn you a at e f l itor ainstt, d , ei yo n can s you s oueor bey ft ast sa ng inow t's tyoan s theou e peop b of oho dece issa iws t hesue b l op mfohtellou wect i uldikeo e b l iny m hom ll wate id defid e su waneopom undstanwher youe e cofing rom. suthout wa heade aop mindakean er ustery by com. ying yoou kow 's nhe e ie erby m thoungt itas syort k of n h to m regniz howouit sprobmatithatof s htond me bk toy an s re iz w wanto bobtiat c ars i'm sd ry bto ian s i ffend ananody bby n c'm beg s ear. i theinutyou senan iy n ie r. of ndedheutu she mi ite t i ofed "f" comemiup they ll tir ey. >> "e mey ty did t lo>>thati'm
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soy. id lo>> he loatedmquis so o it and e's aois ate i oue.t thands th a pblem he lood li hee wasot i. tronhath pem engh thestepooli forerd aas say onis ian iorta bate, i'men t epth y.or aay i i taat b it notust'man y oio sue. e an bitissuotyout oee e. ansuu in sconn an idian it iorenf aonan sate ian i ieue. en hdoest st t the se i pl.e on way horest e ot r anhe 's o pr atio iplonaywoulthin if iotasan rningis c paig oi woulprio belitt nerulusin i beuse me o rng t c othig ul caidatetter areuch mor be e odecive o tnthhe iss.caatre h or ci oabsotely and o diss't tnk authis ise wh the kn the wer so lygoin to d di t ohi a ands gng iswhhekn he erone ank in whe the we hi callndg pele g balf o ekhehee llpe oposion bf so o lokhi hppenn a osn campgnsobut lis h isen a prob matimpbecae itdds t thearrave ttise is not obtica it s stro . e thragood tewsis ot so r 's ro stroer tthn thodrests ofthe o ck. excthat gu sro tthst the of probm ise .hat- ixct sgud, ihe thin he robs thise riatf ein s ion protiono hein r doeth't hei que asin ch. rodon'onknoweow foroe h giv gqu theas
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. n'ow voteor are >>everodiv ishe onrobaon. bodys ru ing tere aw wit ert. s fo yean ago wba h. dyrugawit silar fositueaion,go r wy h giianii inr tu n,fronand rginihomain send ain o toony.d buttwel yea bus wasmanse a o to tbueleausas n 60 it wettl. t itasn'ettl onc he60 w we to ntl itampsn're a he but eryby iseonroba on. n is i aps a liffe.nt ntest ybis opleba. arelook g i aat tsefe candesates sayng w wan tle reatok t bam sondeesayant to w knan t hogoodou ar owamsntton oursf,hood povear usou e cable ofoing tis thg. rs an sin pto es hrt caeofwithngour t luesthnd anin ph osop and h titu andthrssue but es iant ph toopeatnd bamatundndverydyueut is i t tot protionntil'mma cvinc ry yo c doisit >>rooeon ilat cnc mean cthatoenat sant>>um h a s tneaatat iow nt h s t anspear gngri ha aowhot in aneaowa gri ha >> a ginich hot ad god debewa >> inperfhmanc h. thqueson i gwhetr heaneb rf trncsfer hemthesnto ieetheearl stes. 's srtedtro merem upo inrlome the olist.nd s ted nat mnaleup n u hahe to membli the tnd-sat. l pele i po.
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haowa o d nembhehampire -sand uthpe car iinn pticua r ne bualsompe vada ndd harlori. paicully t fir pcu thrbuso ey tdaethisri eriopaly.ul t irey a conminghr l of t isinfoatio talng aut aio. lo a andonheyng lof wan to ee foeseioal a a ca idat alondy lo an othat whee e ca acaat gngri needo belo spen ngatimehen tca a gri wa, edwbeampireenme d soh t calinan orr to maxize , thoppounitmpthateheyave so beeniven bca thenaortoaxe per rman th poin tit polatyy oe the en enrfornce b heerailer an >> tol gvern operrhe or e s eil new ad>> g rn ourrtalkg ewad oulk abt $2 milon jo he'gointo b and stery weot o wit mr. abrman$2ilain, ajoe' inb bnd ader thawes oit gott . ann, l of bud.ha tt goveor lfbu per'sis azvebut it'srett strghtfward er >> iisnd is pottive 's tt trwhictfrd i i he probly eds ove hav my onic queion i hase heroy s pentav onenouue timnin ias ewa? oplent in io ou sayimf i ? len seeoay yr i tevisieead bore u hav beenn yyr tesi counit b youe reav en hoyog. is wasittcoitou rney's ho.robl a feyear aaso.t he r a lot ry' bl fedsar befe a he r endot a nsidablemouneft
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10:22 pm
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10:23 pm
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10:24 pm
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10:25 pm
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10:26 pm
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10:30 pm
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10:32 pm
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10:33 pm
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10:46 pm
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10:47 pm
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10:48 pm
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10:49 pm
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10:50 pm
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10:53 pm
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10:54 pm
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10:56 pm
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10:57 pm
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10:58 pm
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10:59 pm
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