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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 28, 2011 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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nd, ar t thse fam yyrdf me tt turbed u , tothi. am mi tob is ve i k sas ttu u citywithheateshion mi obs th i ver kstran ty wh isth permpti tan c postneme of ese whs ptervtiws t st mmee? f e >>eporr: wl,ou rv did mclar y i>>or wightid we t it frar kan is ci poleht tha the itnterews th t franciol siingshaas pos onednotthers t canced, t itomes ssigs aosedt spatetwe the awyenc, ites reprenti the aaren atwehe ils yeer io a prtiheublien fo m,s t infortionhat a li th intview was foostp tedoron t me athe ficefthntewas ttp ry ae ce hig t pfileew ork igtorn joe plekacopand rnoe waselay to eansaop ci pole buit s comay ato e sae sa timinfoatio ciwas ollayebutheocal srtomt saimfoio s yee alcyn sdy sho hadeen uscln ofor fed o thoad cas nsheespoedclaying tt of f o t joeas epo tacinainsn't tn e potiono fi anyeac a't beuse e wos fothe poonfiny clnt n forbe ae wofoe lyer. expt a s teme frocl nor l r.cyndshor s oxpice ais smero moing, jon jon: ndoro oe theond srch mog,on
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t, ubo herm caiisn alhaama rtehari day,e's actlly rmoingai bealaegis ringy,or tscty publanng pmary ne mch is ngt al tadytumpg fo bl ptes ryd h ms alymp pfohing his s h # 99lanhich pngis h c99apulndch him t h culrontnner stus aordi to em t testox ns po butenter st asdio een ming st npo ut modicatis tohe pn afr cricisnthatt mg uld ise xes r l erditito p af cris inatmet a ricad . e s so l h aounc inust dhe aca so h witn thlast f aaysnc at h wilt andis p nitthst f tosakeure hil tha a n one po toee fami thaha mak nne und $22,0 a yea miouldhaakay any taxndnder is 2,aeald pla that theyaxeder povtyer atthatheerov abo 46 llio li. ople abo one at isixbo6 io amican le ne nna: ix pet the aman tri je . ni cera:inlyot aot oethe atntio sompokiri fun ni er lyat a i o aell, clingattioomki un the amou i aizzal, cng pn, a th ouattuff but wt iza pt a tohe enomi fflan?ut w thi ithe plar ato emi n? th e othir paes oft wela shld a kno thboutot pa of>> rweorte welsh 999sno thutorne tone
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f r hteel 99 ecomiclan,ut h th doe of cnerse,neave home oer ecicn, hoe ce,e epropals. o wan to imine the pitagaintax,he ops. este anax.o inth he ao wa sta tinx, cuteder es. a waspenng t aut iludier rermin enntitment a idi pr ramsmongretherinitnt propals. prnna:mseternga loer o ergyn thstre s hereops. a: eroplelolad o see gy hth? re >>re >repoer:h led eeeah! h >> >po: yeah it'srobay goh!g toain here so ty'reovin it i ideah 'sto tbasgoton theer. re t rein an ipeope hav bee l ting he all.orni to n. anop avee sot's ling g be ll pacnido so s use.g e nna:e taed autac montum justanteto k w whe. the a:actita was a le. petemo umrnes than you stryte kwhhe ti as lch te esan. u jo predentbama s lettg hielf f on jorentma techttcalihi. f on dung the 200 cpaig ch liyou ght rduembe mhe oba00 cidiguote lob u t rbemris m ba wi notork hishiteteobis use. wiotk iste but zensforme e. lobbsts e, iact, t ns workg inmehe bb s mini irati. t, anwith rkinundrsing niti anth oma drcampnggn tts risted o mp t
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loyistare n alled to rte giveoneyut t loste mocric n nionall t commtee getng a ve wey t arnd cr n tnat. hemm nowe cetis a w ar t tierheltow c ij iwill piticdito and st oerower pla ill o p icfox wsto d oer livlacole whatapped to ohe x bbyis wot woivle in atpe mto whitouse yiwowoledgnhris m >> iitdepes unse yrdg defitionf thisword ipe un y"lobist"nd wt yo fi onth derdniti of e wo obt" wyo "worde is tidf hatwo yr finion o th ors t "whe y hous isot's the ni w on wh whh thpresent uss schnihelly le wo wh fulthllest plednis aby t lbyinut ul athe se ti opete i a pr tyedab sndar l opeinting fashn foat stipe w ihing n. pr jo sarpe counge of nes a shfo wntiongd in youjo perouof n a pl. l g tlemioinou p ssman w ad opl. gemoggi f dru san w ker o pzer,he'sgi fruaise wh , ar hf a llio pr, 's dolls fothe esidt'se wha ha io caaign ll>> >forepoe er: idah that wt "nca yorgntime >po : rerted at w tod"n, 15orrmeore re ed the fol who areod15 e gagein heolhoobbygre tivi, bu bause t yge e noby gisted vibu bse t no st
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bbyis, ty dot fa undeeathhe oma cayiaign tdo profabiti de thagai ot ctribionsso theye abca tognotro onlti ai gi the o cibns mey eyabutonl gibundhe o conibutns fm m herell-eled ndonut fonor r al-ed contue tdo sandave or brght at a nt teast s d mileon f theresi nt br sot art thetimest il n: lso'sheuro seme res.blic pol ics lw an someing at y sai s out toave me o the reicol s anndid es s kingmeng t yirai outoe ohe s ng was rem tk th congssmaron ul mad s. asem prthidenalandi te o ng ma n e reblic sidad pr en obousldi he ode i to reeticidaier take obsle io lten: wou youer p dge kere toght u wod no run in ln: ouou pe thir tot wonounnarty >> i plee th i iraveo tentn ofoingty ileth i e >>o ntofng [ught] i jon: thas no exa [lyht sayion heouldthano runxa. ishat rai ngyi someeld concns ang ouner istaiom candncates a o >> ndoors slmed the. d the tng forther ndes nor caslaigndishe thi they ave th fig te ouorer whicone thetripcagnhi the eye igou tr ger icr pae , whheoip is ahe aunch cservive, ho itrr pa wh a i a nc lertaan crvhoe, i is
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ias ltas rst,hichne o the i ndides wld bthe e, wo d itt,ch oe mi romheyho is mor id w be wooderite th themiom re ofhe fieorxcep er thmaybhe j refieep htsma ric yb j pey whhas h tanmaedic wit pa suprterpefor whs cadewoulanit bit paermauperr deinul a bormemafedel rerve mberf ksas me de city ree er ks a ty whi one mig trip thi a pty cdidahine ig r pand ipuitehi psibl p c da delir pa a sond terte p tobl pr idenli sd oerma. n:o mprntimenmittomne o. angoveor per a moingimttne it anve i ner ang hpshi , mit romn is rea iy ri n gng th hhimi gov nor mnseari. g th ist i doeov't ir gue painng h as outderisi oe i ueoill te an in pos hion,s utr h? >>lell, tan aos cn,tainerry hitng b k on >>l,he a cin ipflry allatio agast it b on roeyositns on gun fl llonioga bortronit oun n grt rria, aost of g iues, e sa kin of aiaacksa t fat htomne in is, 28. sain aks at r hney reaneopin fo ihere 2 is an
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r py venteain forry reoms aying o pnt h own ampay n, ais ownin o gume h, an keep im inapa awn slugst ttasn'hurt meanep i mny but has t d eug tn' favrts r yutas derry jon:av chrisry s erwa n:ri swa all thgs pitic, ho o llpowe pla tha you th p icchriho wer pwey rlashaouive the ri we go tfo r p rews.le ae he clic on tweink.o t s. aght ere uee it ic t thek. ppert e u rig hant cner e the seen. nna:er "ppengigan n", cr heauthitieare sinven.igatg a rrifa: " en cras n o thiee nveatndiaa if as hig oay. haisiaaulkr is theig. breahang ns de and hlk s re othehe tory ea n>> rdeortend lete ca hh eryo up o whae happryed. rte ltetet ncaht famyf yop ha at l st tpp peo.e in l a nam va there batieveto l teo nve psibl vahe bve bee ecu porbl imgranee livg inhe chico ar wnesscu s im anpareivly hin a dr or icar wsomessing -- a s dee or re h dor meth g in he rmed ang - haslow doweeorr stoed thin a ran haow semowiract traer tton a t thbackf theminictra t
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van,thevenckeoplthdiedi cludg an inft. n,ne oenpl theed we' td, udannf was arina se elt, ondhee' e ba t wasctuay in a s in se r set, but it was tbaasuaut in inhe c a prorly. se ut we'vtasot tin c ppleroy. 'v currtly,hey re t pair-eftedrom e sne. you e rry,y ome ctur fro r- edere,m till s pho.s c ing u ee urro intoox n s fre,llho cg the. th areurrely lted to ncritfralondion. thhe the rivethfrere t ltd sem itdi. th hetraiver al tt hpitazed.em do t kn his ai alnditn. buwhat he hata jusd. o leknned is theast ltl it bu at haile,usnd ienti ed tled he wot l famy, steolic i e, iti t india nobeli ing atwoam s e seicn p iple who di noli peg shedn th wer a se p emberof tho sam famy, peedther a jenner t amtheye stl loing am de niti ly dnnermi wha ey st lousedg thi but ain,itnees de tispec dng imiwaha sethi ed inhi aturt n,ne ec i posbly s ahi dee ur th the hit we'ros leayingore ee infoatioabou t s,thhe it we'lcont ue t stic'roneag e th to e th fo cioditious, t if t y 'lnt ticmpro, of the tho th c ti her o pe le w wer troofhe hospaliz froinsi the r peni v w, aserells the trac rspizrosihe tra er vaslhe dri st araorrie, aul sne ri an indna ari tlway a s
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nwlnd ne tay briolear the mi igantateneine. nna:e'reriropinhefor e bestor tmiantee. a:urvirers ankinr y. jo here ast trowivi lis k y ofjore lmake in wwihingn is callgn at rney lkenener w ngeric hde tollgat reyign the wakef thfaster ic hurioo rn he scankel, ttht's ste bohed iougraffkingting r an t s bogund traicki sffngngng shou say n lraked ki the deatof a s u.s bder ouay ent. l d hekey mber f th at aouse.s br diciy co ittet.joinus y er talthabouse tt. jea: wre g ng tcidigcote in in tha alsouon t je w g men tonedg in t meainime,hainte weatr, a it' notvenened t eahalle,eente at y a.t'otn wherheavsnows for astlln y ah yd of sedul b i er doavt thowk the'sornowt ah of sforeulst ist. uis, b doth j.hew n nobecae tt is re i. s, ere t j. noliffcanger takeis ace.e e tmazi hffer thae ss the.worl sieszi ho aha s th rl cisi ss gam a sev. and hom si tow hoamakes eve pla d omow hes la [ fale nounr ] yothinyourids e
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gtingnougvegebles fe un] yo in urah,s aybe ot.gng ugge v8esv-fuon jce ges tm a ull rvinof vetabs h,be. v8fu j g t a l in vab us aull rvinof fit. bu it ast tl tes inke f fit.. but t s . w ft's .ur nber? ws nr?
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jon: foxews ert,nd a poli cha takg pce rin:t noox ins t, a li reshaentiak p stres i ri dnolas,n texesti . re i ds, the psonriviex t.t silv car nehe pnvipper t t ftha cor r oflvhear scen jert bend t tree as hau caorof seesc j isbe t ees ca meon-- wl, aeees thght ybe wasomin on an w and. th sot bodye ho iasin wanndy. sody i lice aarenany, ty ied pulhi or. we e toce i aen t the200 d ul o blo weto nor jimhe0lo milr, tt's ore roim i dlas,exas ild th t dsveroo roff. i ds, whas ll, o th dnowsr u ne.r knhy t sewh thin, ws hpen. nekn t t in kdfis o h itn.rom the dfoppe o as u cat s. m ithes gog thugh redent l stpeets s d ica sen loodit likgoth ah areeyntsts i thera mont agooo butik a poce a con anuin the ermogout puuit.po a onnna:ine'reheryinto fd oumorenfortionbout put. exaca:y thre areinthat fhe ou re ca areoronriviut acrounthat reat th tim it lks care maiyviun esidtialthim . l
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we'raieariid-didalbout. an our ffer'rce iri llas-djustfterut :00 an r e merning i so assterost t0 mng o coutintrafc isone t thbigt tuestn i coin whyafise thth guygs rningit'sst i alwa theuestnhyn th cuy rng's wa he stchas we d't kw ifnybo c elses inhe as car d kifbo. aseittlin davu,ar earer th weewe hatl ather car du, chasat aow spear in thsee h aerar anges, s a li le bas of ape a rnn ere. gewond s whalis go bgfn. jo thas ca tain thee. ca ndhago jen .jo ha cthisinuy dhesn'teem t ca knowxacthereen is h ds'tm t gog, jt dr ing rounowdctre hresintia strts. it'sgo a jdrgunakin pla a li le s th ositheiatr. i 's a ain laa lile b wes ofli s oe i i a63 li bes and stf i45 i63 d dlas. agai jus45 i of j ds. aius o j mier rd, is m un rstaing mi rhere i mhis unaffitastopg rigillreoos ple. anagai jusfiwhenop igi ems ke t guy i pl an ai ussloweng do i andseady t s t uy ve u iandaybehat' goowg todondappedyhere towt udbe t' do smgo ttotheperears hav comeo a do s stom t thesav
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mea kdfto hopp egains folling dfis f us om e aipp andin we d aear llg fs to ainde d have ar wel the vehle ceo to atopndhere oesve theelhe eh gu ctakie off o apoot!re s at rarhey end gukiff o welt! maybhe ar tnks nd can ouun t oneel oybicern ts an e blk an whiatro ou tne o er ca may hs wat edblan hi enou ofro the pole chasca oay hsatv toufhenowol tha when ouas gethreer fow or fe caha inv ved, en u'reetot geeng t hefo mu l k. f jecaa: tnvgh td, re g tnow h mu ts l je t t int. w th t foiget' tou t to s whasappeng o t. the toundoiou the. bu jon, his sght ha thepe o time hat ealle tnd pole he of cersre tbun,s mt the metll tol vuerab , beuse ofw rs t th're t in mhepen,ou dovut knabbefe histhuye in hasn, weon oanyt ng ledokn sthatand yas got think we o yt lat t law - ofatd y theot lnk enfo emen tat t tim awyou e onhe tof of ehe l scen, at rfof,en tim the u ison tf meon sc, walng. r don'knowf th's ahes of othe ry on ttop eal.cree wen'owth aon'tav oe cont tl ofp thi eeliceetere shot'tbvio lu a ntof- shiticr otviouioy anuas w lea a s mo we ll bng tt to ou an w yoea a poce cse in moe b tto dlas, yo oks kepo ct'sn onootnd ds,
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s asgetsn btert vual, 'll ing to und as t ow y br vl, me l g o u y m. >>e wiee you tomrow >>wiou nit!omw ni jea: did y s thaast jeid y sght! haat w an azingame t i ow se ofou wer wat!hingecau you were n inme i twit sr anofwe we certtin throhoutwahe lngt coauleoue of itan w i cingsinand aproeciautd th l, becouse kepte igsd sapingia -thbee k tpte sanebut at sg gam beeen ketangendhe net am ben rdsge vidries it as he run d obvisly,esendi the aards he un ge sen ainsthe viy,diheds ngerin t wor gse ast sies. maust akeer tor ss.n . ma
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jae coy hate me. jody tou jacoha he? i pe h m jo did jenn he oud to thr o h i h s heltid becanne hee to didt hr nt t o get hit n thelead.caheid jami you taveethe btitth storof td. d . miou >>eeporr: a b i sd th e lier or t you d itaye u d lat>>eor a a s th e eru cldn' ell.u i ye uit was sate a gam you n't css in'l. as s tonhtam 8:u , ont on iox finionly n to m8:sed,onn espeallyfterhat ni name.o w abt the md,uys, dav pelyerte. heweab andhes,av rweand,ndheyrab theall,n r ad,ybcenao th e ayedut in thel,eads ey dnaidedthhey re gng edn gethe it nds mter w h dedy g it theyett not m outreld w h iteachey sea tyutdnew ey we peectl pochtionea to tatchhe ballhen atw wpetl poono ch itti hlln --henhe wning hasti h -- n de. wng h om arry.lle, ilnois wated as ty craedrye, thelis bat h jatped es t ra fenc land ne the e blat h an too j id s his ncwn.annehe b walhhis! anoo iis. was! hits i tough the tscent! i we till ghe yohetomoow
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nigh >> > rentrter he wwen'tl yomo th onl one yinggho get the brel,ereann wndt j thnl e ngt heidetnde sai e y bnn ow wt he jid wh he i he pai it in y his whe w pan! to iake re t t pt nnodyis el cou get thean toe han t on t n'll yst lea that el ouet pa of hee sty atan ba tl ea buhahe dn'tave it orpaf st at veryong,ecau heasba gibun th dethoice do tu nt t leav the ryrk wg,haue egithico all, tave we sa h e uldn holthel,ountsa h hoage,e hato rurn dn, anolhee enedntimseo hoe, vihat to r-n a an v eit td theseo clhousvi surtoy a ght d vi vt thehe won foet an theyaveclusur aa thert vi on aditn, jna, foe aneye aer eddi -- eit j, shrding e hisry di- hrng ming ouver, is the wning mg jsey,veuess e w whnge itoing to jy,ss whit cperswn! nggueswe'lall ve o make a vit tre sn ie crs! es 'lnt tl remeer ts biakg vi t s i eght. nna:hat'pret tme - ti bi wawonding w t. a:t' theet - wand whgped e jsey w o. i ess he washat whd e jitiny o rep ter:hey i it,s as t's tradion it' ein theepr:y t, tdi t' shdderit's big tritio thehe. and m weang rsher'sutig'm triohe d ea balaed. r
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nna: wasoingo as yoabou tha la. as e yo yoouha sur >> i a b of. ranyors fa ur>> i ever ake i bfan sid! jea: fa iere jt go to aid je you we'lbe jgoo a wchin tightou 'l jae, tnk y vermuch w inthat agrea thtnecde fo the ja tame. y er chn: whaatea a grecdfo end ge toe. ha me s. jerea:ait,ndou'reario reoo. sther sjet,'rrionsp acyoingre. er ! >>jon:sp'm ny pulng f eith tea st pled outf th >>n: n ulclos thi f thea morng. p> sod hat'uttheth weaer osing hi be lik in or.. so t' euis ear th big g gameik gn e sias y probly recs lthig was posamoned becsef g si yroyec sathe os edjaniec dea le in theox we her henter niea linhe j.d. repweter:r es, erd we haveome ow t tk d. epr:, we abou but t's lk aveut ge e t t sekn tonht. don'thinther s go g ou to et as a g wea erseroblson. n'inergo to a wheasoev, a allyicebl y rit noin souis wheeva temlyratues shld rthbnd t rino 4 s geis emtush hb ttime 4:05, g jen s'll b me5, havi hen sl poprn a b bing h n ls ivi hop a sur t's lk abiut t h n i othebig ory,ur oka > s a tre's neast
11:21 am
heg y,eadeka ouway fore 's nstalloende wher i'm om, ouis iy re lo pica we l h e erm , i o ca e costes tt ar h aize o birgnd w st g tar out and ise big eal utrg w f gutolksndn i thnortast,his iglare. f kst's ke alook t tthrtt,s snow ae.osspsta new orks aok t and to n ow eng and.s tais iewkoingo be d n muc ggerng. eve. i ngt's beke aookuc at somof er vethe ow tot tha i s we' akt om seenn th pas ne otha ie'ctob. weenouldthas actlly rpas the owobotal wesold thi cty coasd ben e hisricalvent hi son phidelpcoa, wbeisc sawnt so 2.1 cheshiacklp wn 19,awut lo at w yo1 , noesk eve 1 an ih ba lont yono925,ndve wee f iecasbang5, we 3 in let quily lk athe tureadars w in go. et ui l fuather t in tim rehat'ars wo fu sar rdayinrainim in shint'on, c., t headg in saayinhen o rnigin, , turn g ovad theinnow r illynew rk, oig tards rnovhe w boon lyw , -3 ihes,nterr tds bo sectns is,er 6-1inch on e ct pumpns, n-1ch scon ! jooly mp, ow!
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at'soingo beco cjod. j.yrk w's wea!ng 'sngbe or cge, theay, j.t w eataki sid. anksor, he, jane. >>one the kiig bksid kes ksbig decion outan >>e he charng b cusmersor s ghoseecn t det ardsarcomiusrs dedsmip.
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ifou'vjustigneup r mecarer wi soo if 'vere'stno tnee li thereseme rewioo toonsir al yo hea h ine'ranc toptilis. hese tosial yoeain ncll, tiw is gootime to te a ok at a, aarpisedicooe sumeleme t a insu nce an arpicsume sue sureby utedhlthce inranccompy. re udhhc inncmp gestard byalli foyourree infoatiokit gear by liand ide med are. foure foio tas y probly ow d e ede.dica onlcove abo 80% yroy ofour rt b edic vebo0% ofthe r st i bup ticyou.xp s. a dica supemen e i tu. inrancplan a calps upver enme o it. th cou savyou toin ncanousas ofolla a yr s r o. thouavu o sa ofin ola-of- ycket osts d yocan sit y door whacces mecareatie s. of-etts yon t do whcemereie rateare mpetive. d the arthe ly mecareteupple entet e.insunce ans thare meexclreivelplendoted baarpsu e scleldo b rpso d 't wt anher nute be se toall day. d wanr te stol y. ca nowor yr fr medare gue aninfoatiokit
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11:25 am
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11:26 am
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11:27 am
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11:28 am
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11:29 am
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11:30 am
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11:31 am
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11:32 am
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11:36 am
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11:37 am
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11:38 am
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11:39 am
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11:40 am
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11:41 am
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11:43 am
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11:45 am
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11:46 am
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11:48 am
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11:49 am
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11:50 am
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11:51 am
geth a oneha mot he re llmand neivotherou. ♪ ♪ iv. ♪ [ le aounc ] wt to hievmoreith ur mey? pnc rtuawall gatrs ur s[ ndin aand ncving wto evreh m? onec laceuallat s incred t anngdebipurcses, nece cheks, anlls,bircs, an o ch , fins,cialnfortion an inalor on itets u sethe tail as ll a theitig fs ancise pice so u c do are th yher mo fy.ciic. co e w yt a momple vie of ur mey c do r yo wa leie m co yo at cviralwaet.c. irwa.c ♪ ♪ pnc
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11:55 am
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11:56 am
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11:57 am
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11:58 am
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11:59 am
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12:00 pm
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12:01 pm
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12:02 pm
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12:03 pm
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12:04 pm
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12:05 pm
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12:06 pm
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12:07 pm
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12:08 pm
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12:09 pm
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12:10 pm
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12:11 pm
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12:12 pm
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12:13 pm
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12:15 pm
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12:16 pm
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12:17 pm
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12:18 pm
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12:19 pm
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12:20 pm
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12:21 pm
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12:31 pm
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12:33 pm
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12:40 pm
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