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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 29, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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otacate. ave greatoday e wee gatooking oo forou.reun eoong oor. is >>tonit wenue the roadn >>niwe 2 re hthe he on adn 2 haste a otnhi m ast at f sean. it's been week fean. t' meeeer foreek hern cn. as or t or les tr polln.ho m s with t a 4-point loll o th a 4oi h o loseival mt h rne sealt ric perryne h ic d pppryed to0% nd ron dpp pl receied0%. des rtethlurecge theop thre puesican fld, herm t in is sti thpuan feluctahento c hi ielsfti the ucta frt-runno. c t e ahiooelk.
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he >> wou sayhaifrt-. a m teaook. of >>ouay i ont runrs bec ase aesou onknow becse asouf are tee five no ints that cf re chaeee froem on weetsto thahetther i n't ceeeroysm as a c are theer i 't fronyst asar rner but i a on rigt up tre i rnerut t p rk. u > int i a double t dit ldk. > to dble dit d rque fro tntounnertatu r mtomne fysuner atathtu frt-r unnemomneys lastth plshows hit fr 4-r1ne% he votelast p towsit cn's 41 1te and ro cn's plnhir adi1. rolirdi. oit romy oa in ale rley in newamhiin h mhle imp talent a inew thi hh i mp c acuses or terandate i ccuse thereante w ern analys. ro willis aong renhena chaianf the ro wil ssta ag rehe aith and sta reed cld ligatn.nd
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entl ened, go cod l tate yo i nt to begin w it htl yenougoyo i tsomhi bngegtruc wmover y lasteeknd t iherman omng uc caer n tsthaktet i frohentrm unnecaa loof t nhese p thatestro ne lo etti t p roundske left iry in tio dimouinh ef i trryngim to mgili him trng ishe me thing thatgi li happeimd to rah al. e me tng tt this pe weeko e h the. washington posd begin heiseehe whito rnoutine osgi wit rio rti e t i w comn rhey e c n rresthreatsohe libalm. r s ou'vhrts goto llack man 'v g conlaatane won and cservti lino. onif anywo ofndhr were crvi lo.ain any o trctiohrwith wheemratic pay, ttr dioemoatthic partyhe em wodti bce or. pa t dmoefatis onar t n iowoide or. dest y th andef hisow on its hern stthnd h ca i's t hurn.n howo youhink h ca i ts hn.dling ow y t being inkthe hrosshas on i h in ghe lt? b>> i iehisshayoon reallya le it. y l> k hi theeaat. 08 e cty
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resbara oma g about same p cereage of the wratema g a bo vo t gorame inceag l tosing voeffort g ain george w l binusgin foin g200or b thhilly 00 throhi am lanlldslide he w ae toro wi l 9anli o hfe ae t the african-acan vote nd hwi was a 9bleowi t 7 aic ca hete h hasni acote.o 7i ad aniot ad cn-bioickets nowbiicke i'm gtihe o mysef,no b'mhe african-ameca nse and lino of cn ofrranca a nd rin of cyeo or typ r crentl eo ts it is cl whoutqus tion aagger aed at e h eawrt outheonagleeraled stra gy ot the hmocrats. o evenot aal bigr rorabl oem ie ncrs. th en rotes act. he banr crobln i isn t th r heperfitionf i themeca eam. th is man erho greonw upf ihen m. t ths n c gyreup of atlaa inhehaof t csegratn.f la inhe w theha fst member ofis gr at amily to g wohe tcoe. fst mbe ofhe re isroug ielf an il t of go ericnusess rheug if
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corpat o wfrlo re aticns sucches. h asrp latedo theatmerican cc h dreamhemecan an obama dam args i an oma ari's as si and ihortomin tha'st we si a neeohooconomnha w eeo cain eraces everhinghataimnica s enrasces erng r. thamics wnt ak has him powfu heyaid timy wld th owfu to slow he amygn daiown tylittth bit. ey wante himowheam t don sdtt t. mess age wte aim cain t gowd me ss e isciined. c it cls to m tehe ltcene ciin .inhe c t m tovtcene he otheanat oth wh rertant rfond he lwoo rert t t he l sp satistnd t ysw sp whatinddo? so heysy ae l wkit ati the? numrs stey sta. sohe y hee tkid aithe mittom nem s stahe mitd romitne m mityt belight mi mn b haslihtdema ndagd.ea na s cain inteheremag eai'm wonde in
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theca intehe c 'm caaignon isnulnghe baca ttleit to c ty to mcaakegnulngurace le tyto ke ttain iur fus so there is so er eesishat wk aga it horeafs. ecau h i wkgai nton-t hradion au h caidat he star n-tdi playing ca at it fe hoes itta hurrt pyiim? t >> oks rmaurt cnm?eay be > rth only, be ise t b bges oy, aet e he caicaai bges pullin hm acat is not goihe t c mak sse. ll heinas t be out nheot.oi he h t akosee hehe t bout cheharmer the h t pesonhe t ctrm ralheas pntust r tkingbout u le rmanai ere stngut getting awa om le an t. e s ifyo haveetng athis guyom prents h imseiflf ase anis guy ut ntprt hse an nseativyouant to makent surehat eivuanonseoate retiences a hearingatroherm cn a do nie vies h a b lip aoneangheherm c a n scien or a bp thetempar sc al ornati to t tomy. mpw,he alti po bl homy. b onehe mon. h doe't on
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oe he cenly . tald abouthe cepoldiffy enc t nbeouike inhe a ste lik e lwffamncre.ik nhere i n a ste lpangwam rreomne.y' re i ne to cain meyng. rne omney i s ain mey.uppowe whe n ine is a ces tooney.uppo hehes ioi to be a to c t mbarondey.nd eso b a s thaoea r aran ain'smagef h se notutear thentduci him lf an'ge h pre enotting himself a a hent ci dimfere a kin dprfng hse conservat aiv thandittre k romnef i cse watoulddd ant womha you h wld be sang wou monic wbehaa strikeeheonepli w estli shmeriheha bn pointingli ou tstheirme probls wh nrm pannting ou t irain roings 999 pnan i goingo r aisen tgs. 9 isn iot in thougse tough i hotis t ugsitn toughabortion or rs totneiolicoron o itr doest s t tteric becseman itain domeso bctk s er aay ec i'gong taio lnes i adierenthanhe res it o'fg t l the gu. e airien paneohepl r o thgu spefilly t ahe rubcan p
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rimaryud iepee,y tca cseativ audmancry sayudsie wikhseat and udncay trush tst a hese i strst authenticonrv se d th is seesge a.heic rv>> and n ths age p ro ss al potici whi is a p bigl stth otici whenou lhik ats t ahe field b, do u see nyenea llat tortitiey, abody ls s ter asor ttity a cdyservlsiv altnati toer a rom ty toain if ercervivelttio so omy tois ivnger about gn sotho in tallotvoxbon in talox giri bhman girianybodyls b hmave a st? >> ihinkybsls ere ylu sid it inksigylu volatile it ra. ig ifou lookt so o vfat te r ifon a ltheokolls you o c tited atthe li op ohe ahoewls ifou y cigteathe litt oleho i dperig ttlep dr toalof t voteayphey hen'tal fofly t ma utep tayheir mindsy0% thet fly i ma s ue of tir thesedsol s0%a t they coul c
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hangs ohair mds. tse had anhey eve sur co nightngir m . in d m nead ia e with the nht faithin d mndne ia whe fed coa litn and we h a th candida fs ede.oaln i we thought a tick cdi perry a very t gugodob. er ithough at v ggrh did ag. good job.out perrgry dideep anye on h gd b. rreepn kp h an eye on ginichk a anye stom ond m giche a bachman if ysou loomk andthe t ect bathme y l a t thectathaet k the hermaarhanot surise ts elecrateer suse me intg ele cete reblican mriery e ectate sreinriry 5% conatseive. 4 5% ce. selidtifie e4elal andelal ofiehem otea ptyal mebers. nd o f wh im herman is dng he mers i wh hma ing ovperfmingmong nsertive velidrfenngtifinged erve evanelics. th is el% oid tfihee iiwa an icabt ha th thots eo iso the caili abha ot among ieasoty cameliers ere eads romneymoty aut s 18e .eaom
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t danger aorromney i18s whe tanger is forelmndegins w fdinnow afteiowa a new hampsin hnoe afwa a nayew endam up he on m onoingnd wh so umebonde has too moih ttsobo ha>> vy foido situation tt e ta abo t volidutitonot ta sbogle repub tlican hol vutotot y. sgl rub gre h s veet yuy y .hank y re > com sing up yheeb nk o r>omg he colctivre bargaing prile oliv bgag p riviess rang i ividaho.ra itheho p.erson vowedot t aept oney lby tse psovo t aeputt ey tunning wvince has bren h pdge the nn g amecan pple.e it w all pdg ee xpheos by menle the "new wll yo tim e."xp akeure y tune t tesdneay yo imnight f or e yunean'say gh f cab excsive wit c formerxcsi sta o st atit coolee r fmer.ta ostat coee shae s. w t ae ♪ ♪ w t [ le aounr
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] ow uld lunou proin ijellish, ♪♪ [ aun] dluou ro illh, impa lifexpeancy the.s., paifpecy he., re este inong ng re std tine opg icsndury ingermy? t atop. ros priu inrm wenderand e coectis of comex, obalcono. atrori weerd co ti it'sust ofe reomon , al ovno 75%f oumutu fun 'st re be theov 10-5%ar ou tupperunvera. t. we p ce. beinvhet wi0- con denc erra re est ppros.ctus nv wi sumonry pncspecs withnvesent formion,re t riskos feeusand pens um pec to thad aes cont der rmrefun,y sk beeore d vestnsg. aonr fu be st
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ese gs we upoo ely! you ow wt el is ely? e wup e! dica u open wnrolelent. e? now cathro h demberenth.olt. n itick ith old edice plw? rodeer. sur ick h orldind icnew plan wh tterovere, ls co r ord w w erer lco bo. edice pls gi you frecanc scrning bo icand plllnegi visous re nc crnd 5ng off obrannamerescptios d neis wh 5 youffe i o anthemeoughsct hoio it par of whthouheal icare aw.eghho it timto lk, copare. itar thalre. itim l co anrechoo theightlan for u. earnore 1-8 -medanareoo he ht mencare ov.r rne -8ede mere.
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♪ cps fm he ardsrom ere ♪ ♪ tra it l thugh ce ai f heth 's lodssticm ♪e ♪rat thh ai t'loic♪ ♪learg cuoms ke tt ♪ ♪ hry uno t♪e flar cuths ' ts lo♪stic ♪ h u tfl t'loic♪ ♪ll n tecolog upbrin to , ♪ ♪ necog upino ♪ ♪ tt's lostic ♪ 'loic♪ > is i often aide eed to s ma t wfthite haisedehed t pele ma's hse a we t n w h t pe le clos he t doors n for lobbyists andclet them u dsers t firime l abyts a wayo d rote temheir uown a i erests ove t heayntoes o frote t ir the awnmecan pele wihentshevehe ntleaves of butod th a wen are tpeakleg w ahe av bu modor wre tg st mor tardulfillg thi st
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tmpaarn domisfig lobhiistssect t pa sisicte obts limsn uer s aicnye oer adnisaon i htory ims the wilbe a uer adanisa i hry eil aann ban o lobbyistsn a bnythinrvin in t admistrion,s we. loyis >>hatthinasar ac tkdmtr on,mawe spe in>>tot reporte on he ac ry firstmada o peicine telaimn ing at his dm fisirati o uld ke tou ghimerg nc heis at iainob ts td haou aghny oher in is ryin. ts th tpresent aer h doubl edthoest that hledgbut cega romiouingbl thios cpan ll atdgt gat mig taccet dpaonatn ionsll fm lobis. t hover,ccordingo ce e "n datns l yorkimesise resihoder,ndoro e hisampaign rkaveseecveedsi upwardf isamign $5ecve waillif fro $515 peoelioc ftd wh lob is teoe fmst inasgt. thehite lse cim b ecfsenasgt he tse c pimple areot oiclly ts pase obis th pledicll inctut t "ne tyorkimesle"d is n buyg it epinortt tnerkes" n uy egisre idt r neprt the isred nheuners
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are iistinguishablun.ers e d ieisiniscarney was askedoredeey as iatsko are pssriin i >> thiredeasineen he tde asostraeend pnt itermhef tnd p dcl iosurm anfost ethicaln d euey hen wil sosearch. eic then ino neoey w comarre hehusneo far. c >> he with rhueaction e the fa fo her mpaitnh rnageeatoio thordea fo age rdoseah and reblichtregisndnd fme adsor to g eorge w.ictris bush fme adrat t grgw. b joat l me srt wit y. jo it srt whe y. hypocriit her is pridentypochat hisaid no prent w shahape or no forre sobbyists oior fav an rnfluce. w,ob wtse l f romhene yorlu. tis" smany wf thee b moneyomhe ne suyoorrtere t s tnyoth b onbbyis. suorte he is t yi gng sin lbyg
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he gng and h sin s i whg he astr hght ih fe. > first o all ttrt ainistrion hasonth e m fost o ll shua distr then h m olving d sr. he on't think hav doneol r. engh b the hav doon'tor te th anydyone elsene bheav door thny h. e they don'tcpt ath from. he d't cny athegis fteedmobt whh i a technic al y teghaisiwhi a doecic ayee t i s ridicu dusoo y these 15 reridinoo wld tn'eaveone it wlde e glisin bil olla do gl youineaeed la mlion rai yd teahese ppl ihi it w am moniskeor taihe t se mpan too i i wt a m. the ato i ink n iot j.sthis cpa t not a t psresidential caais sd put a tan on psi nt takingoney fca sut a lbyts o. ta ne ongey f theeplicans havts one noha ep ilins tnk t he e presi suld i ve ge th t erail evre tughul the areo gth registilered nota keevn theug ne t o> m giedno htaockesy t b ecau
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has m emaced o bccy ll as street emed but o h sure le sreuthe hure money f mlionaisndon blionres mdoeon'taie? >>hat ightre th is k oed of a >>t aigful d th byhe pside. o wh he really dtryg toell by p dee ameri ca pwhple e h rllyry t ladmira ti wil bebo ari h h miti il efbeboeproach a ty w't be invvedepac whh ty'tnydy behat nvd wre iolvedy linre herere iol l tin rere kws h pass lislati if you gngws hto build aouse as llati if you re bld anse chitt y and eeer. n th a dminchistritatnndr. lks h ainfinly ttry dnon't kw how to lks ass t irf t a dnda.'t k h teo made s aa. m pmi i atrge wayleoe w saying i heg ha't yiv uep oe t whe p sroinseg an he raid hat uilp li t f pro the an r opled t he isilli f t demizing. le>> tere h a questnorou. emizg.
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> ehen e aue 200n8oreou builthe n e barand o008hopeenduiange heheasoing t c h trahe o wopndge ash inheon wks.asoi t ch wyet h he hsin t win.g a lo o bigeton h ss tina odniraon iggeing cozy oeople thad anira closeozy loyi s. eoe hehas poding csehe rich loyiccy hepo ngwa strthe hich is tingccory ney trom wall htree tha aor y her wleeanda t in .s. hryanda isn ttamagg .shhe oma snbrand?t >>e haraig sedore oma anond?han >> ha aiybod in hisry. onost ofnis. tst i mli of of tntri itionof ls th ali hdred dlars o 15nton lth $25 hed drs somehing15 pioneed t $ dean cpa h meingngo p p tsidehe igea cpa hgoon. de inhe oba cpa. the in o pridentheas dot b teprrt tasn anod in hete idt fnfi alo i ofis.he prie onfibyis o hid hut do t
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prhe resolviby ome pt pldoe t a r crioltilr.f t e beca puseple tril t cae ink e should t be moreobb ts ik n ge ovounment. he be doren'tbb it. do d tt. i tnk dnohe tt. e tsnhe iss like dsonancike if a gngfted mncliaires f and these pplefte asso mliedaires w h hes ppl loyi firssoedaisinghillions lo f ir aingilollirsns rs it's bad oics a it's uldnad'tave ne i oics dn thie i fnk ly wh theay fnk wh he shemeourt ruled on ci ze s urted r theedrere o lotn sier w uayedohe move tt onot into seromethi witutomott it onei een. to s hihe ibeiut tnspare i abotut at n. at i isei somet thinsngareost bo the ndidesre ot iomgt dohein id>>attreot can he g away widoin at i c h e >i t gnkwaity oes hurt hi
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i >toe s i thi h it ave bee ni t azed thatave ee nsernapprova aatzegsd at ha ee nernapprooodatgs wle ha jobd wle prbatinav e tanked in the t i0s. hehere isha sryikeha re hadoesr presents oma aike suorts. o mak the aesmetic o people say su rt wit ainut akhe a kwe pplsay c't w aun tin ecomyery wellw bute is he tshooticotrghtit wheleut is th he would bee anooghithe outside th ae wo an do osi thingsdiffent. o ife les those vhiots tffent. ca e l tbohout vetngs corruption ca ou ofetngov cnmrueniot ni tnk is i ofmovnmen ts m ierd foeeercti. >> gat to see you.o >> cin.g up a g t seehoouow.over t cin u ahoow ercollective targainingrivileges hilltiith unioarniri vi twges ste l awmakershi fmith theio twucye stetate l maoinrs mt.he
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ye ste in ot. pfe claims mli oman rts is cim bseing vla by n c rholi ic siverty b ing v lawashinon. y be cusho ter school iarto shin. have be oss in soolar ttoav claess e ossin t he tola ela thaet posion. h to[ ma annncer yo tare habusiss pos.n. yourore mpetcy ...cmapetenny. er yoe si p ure et .cte d fronatial. yore berouse tily n.iona le youhoosany r theisle.and o. bee nna leouos y u ca even ake hefullleizend abo caene lle and boill y thmid-ze pce. i'm ttinan urade d l thd- p. malennouer ] youm ish,inusin us prde le ouas y ] wis ouh,in pr go niona go ke aro. yis n nonathroo h ja aary .rn aree y wi eve twoenta. norojay ae wivewota findut me atatiolcarom. nd m at ioar. do y havan regur hetbea caed aial ybrilavtion afigu heea thca' as nol causil byon a hefit va e prlem? t'nousy heare vau taprng m?warfin rede yo ri of roke caus by clot e ta rf edyo rif ke usyou y ouldotnow out adax an iorta stu shod u ldat pw daxat
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50mgax itatuho p xaremgced rokeisk 35morehan rfar. red kek35ren ar d wi praxa the'no nd fothos relar ood sts. wirae' nfo ospr axa re pror ess.d s. prada cacausseri s, pra metiros fas.l, bedin adcausri tifa bdoi' takerada if u havebnorl blding d'kedaf veorblng anseekmmedte dicacare for expeed gns bleing aneked care r likepenusu bruing.s leg praxa y inease yourleedg ri kesurug. you'pr 75 a oldin seve kurney edobleri o'5 ld or k bley ing lendit n, ke smachlcer oror ileyou g ke it piriprod stsch er iu aidsrior bodod tnner ll yr door aut medidsnes bu ta t er an yplandod me acal or ddital s ocedtaes andon't op t ing anadaxan mewilout ur d dtorsl pproedl, ann't tg ax wit drsro astoppg maincrse ur soke sk. asppma crothe sideffec s ince de .digeion,omacpain hedeecnc gen,acin upt, oburng. ifou he af notause by hea val pro emup orn if hafotse byeaalro ask ur dtor praxa c rece yr ri of stro. k dr ra c re yrif ro fomorenfortionr helpayinfor adax foreoron lpinr ax vit praxa.m.
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vipra. m a me. and cent, i oode exa se m. d nt i dem? hs heing get ck tnorm. ex m hhe heg i d't ent tlirm in floolain he dbu ei'veot f od iliurann oo inso 'm cered buve f ian how' thatso ced nice flooinsunce,t he s maw'at yourome homegain ce oosue,hemaure mein oryoure a aga. or ura h, cgack i out ed w fodati. c it foti goany tho in msize [ fegole ay ouncho ] oy m zefloo insunce verslood fe anc o r a ee boochursue rscallodhe n ber youscre. a bur ll nr oure
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> eaier is wkean was in ea colr wbus wreea w voter will heldol t t wreol on notemberill hld t t t decidhe oern to nemr rpealec legistion t f colleivea gon f bgainin foolste employees. it was bin passestd empye t hetas pse ohi g twmakers. whe inhio o hepokeit the aker go whrnorino h aeutokhyhishe issue i go o imorrtanto t autucyehy hi stass >> ts ise wa imesaned toucye gi ltaalover ents theis twas t o tctrol tirostsertses whai t kctrol ihe csts ha i ocal k levelshere t h it al lakess t aiitdead mm eserial r js.i weant oadovnmt mmworkiaers j pay 1 weort guaraeedovnmt wo psionsnd ay5%ororheah ua tphaont inds reasoble ut inea adtiono th t i if lsooce i ad on gothrnmtsp raing iax l wha itos tgo mnmakestst mor re diflt haoto catsetes jobs. mor > andth f iuenoo j bs.eing >nd debaed o thenati balng ba o she.
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gophopels. are op weighing i a joinin wgh h i republin s tein senaor revubn ste bn a snateev bsenorn a ste eriary. reat eno see earouy.. at lete seginith u, y are overnol et seo manyinh y o over rsere sossan ty ouny faci aerrain wrs in lge rtec secirawrhe lge emandsse mad b he t unions er t demecadsad tha atnstaabni.on dyou care t a ataab u ovnor tal neha tnoal pva neha sect t xpecct 10% are g ecveme ploes conibutg% thei ar pens gn, 1 to tir o o coneauthth ei ca and nsema basedir oay. h thinkcaosndtema a us thionightayosg tha insatin otal rea tnabl ay t, tere we al areeabl a efenm onerwe tre a reformsefomeninuponext week. t here weefms snupext ek.
12:27 am
>>hank re w youn. >>nk th yrefosre.eana and at we heseana governmndentnt s we arereaeo bst.ovnm we e heae hoo dirishat pa diero fhat hethare. paty fhe othfare. cum pay 9 o t economysumaday ohio. 9 we tco cantad oxpo.them to shode twe bde ct whavteheo gatli ho empyede buwe he tose w aveeooli new fos to be a bu htose e to bring w fo s some b atontrol an t bng c ossotton olcoaientnecau weano cdown the rd of tax tau we increases wnhe rf ofaxavinglay offur irees fifiters a ofce oicinsgyof urandeacherst tifiersh we oic sneedm. ndchs t tureefshand edityaners r s ty had to babit to m antagy ehao loc govnm we t coan m bri oc co gunder ctre. c bi o w cohout a dotretrre fitin h d in o wo.ho adotere wfi hnve a i oo.8.5 w bon budge stus q isot gogo cutud
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12:29 am
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12:30 am
butweave billionf scsi dollars -- ut >> y wou bli be nfegitin wit ll --themnd ce u w you niti it em c relution what w arable reluont voarable blr themplor. so wtappe ie t thahetlo wtappe i thaot hatppeningot erte. > wgot e pot.en in i gnt y to spo t terhat. wast cpo ani y oo fpo t tt.omrce >> lor casmitt. i ca t y orcoo werle ctt caide on. ooere met en. with ny e t wand to m me on theithposae t w n wetold not get ameon dlheueposa or we an a nltna gve ias. al or the an ahol i sasaty t heillhos thye b r egarthdleses ofhait b loed le. itidn'matt wha w did rares there wha n one from lo l lab itn'tt hacommuidnityilli to eror wwith nne usomo craftny inomgmutyutli soo torhiths us is what wecrtave dain i so g tood proposal. is w t tsair daroposal.i gd op t peorople san e ste of ohio tndeeotae fostofexam oe, yu cat pdeay govemeam eloyus
12:31 am
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12:32 am
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12:33 am
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12:34 am
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12:35 am
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12:36 am
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12:37 am
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12:38 am
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12:39 am
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12:40 am
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12:41 am
idif uha wt toal law iill f w hapt talo if i yil wan to iered you ap t ller lifea yrnannythgeredound oureris ltersonthindouthtnd go ing risrs on.onindu >>h'mry i tgoog bng clitn.y re >>auseou'm are arylli ove to ng e t te sse why w a ahave ave lawi p.ce. >> at w wve you aorkin oawni a conjunionouor okin njunn on islamic elatns? >>hat iamotly at ielan t>>.t ot ly tt isegalue. t awer is n tisal. t awe n t doesn't make any dsn d mifree. >> sis dt rt oe.f t mlim btherho >ou woist at wer of hat tion >> y canbho ro a ayth in gt oon y anyou sheuthy don'teth tink o abt theouheuhy dss.e tk abhe is it christianoeny t the rht is>> t iy a cis notan ten td. r ty are t aot nend. tar denied. n thmusim studes ty d ienoten th s>> ty di s't sde thay
12:42 am
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12:43 am
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12:44 am
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12:45 am
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12:46 am
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12:47 am
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12:48 am
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12:49 am
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12:50 am
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12:51 am
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12:55 am
nderg mos bac aor gso the qst i when mos he or kw it. t sthe is wot o f h momentu mk i behd th invtigason? ot i d o'f tnkomtu it'ms tt bigehth ofnvga? d deal. t' s what? tt g of>>his is pro dgrl. tt sta ed ha der the b usdmsisat in. p itt h sta pedven t r s tucce bssfulat a n umitr ve s ceys. the idav a problemhe ys th hheav aneroemogrgiz atthion. h thais a pro touizat n. beocus on a p o ma t i f beusnd o. ma furious ndovell, d't tnk the is fio a tory her e.ell, lete tnkhes emina dryer. etliaind te stor is oua yo have a ors ou g av w ang scandal acrs g a i weangiocal borer crs wi oneea federla blgeille by wi nef t ose wpo. ferageily the f t w 200 heeapo t mex 2an dreaarls t hiss ahuge m drarls story sgeto.
12:56 am
>> thi is.ot a suc ss ttos ot is a a s sto o fsre a s trag pportio. ones therogr to begin wagh ppo io wchs neiffer tt th tgr bus theg phgram w twsiferthush w t pam t thtwold about t wnhe tyth kw abt iolndd wt a ut hey d idwbon kab i e hadve m t yimony dhis ek i tjatonyhi nap olit anho ft hree monhs napit iesga f ee nhing whegard toga the nng concteg betaren ftot a furiouthe theea of a f ri saihe i donea ofno aionnyno communicaon nony notheasom nniot no o we hadadot aas nolct wadad o af incpetee o or mfeasancend nc n we'teooi to mfean finnd ne' t outas in holr teing e trh? did hget o itut casfud? iolopeteeg tr g d htonfutse cd.fud? >> ipetgoes to aonfu. >>raparencyes t ise. a ok athe bama admintratnency is a e lymandra ainat y back t
12:57 am
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12:58 am
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12:59 am
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