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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 29, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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iaivat catymlic unirsit l redot ccomdate usliatat cni itstud ts. at i ttoryomherete li "the fude". i t stas he f ♪ta r. ♪ ♪ ♪ >>imbey: firpdat relad to sol>>drabe sto.irat la o >>♪olyna ♪ ol a kimrly:tohere.ou g thwhit hou i ording >>♪yn a♪ im y:re ginde ndenrevith in iteou i rd gnditn ofthereder a lo deenvin g rant itoferer los. gnt th is inhe wkfaileths hanilli w dlarleoan. thha isn an invtigaon ili d r sondraitse bn.o th snn turenvnerggay i loa cingpsorase b asell. danre i trgnk tsoa pro cs g pat t whi hsesasl. watc ng " ean t t fe."ro tbecahie h fm the btcinni " f "one t thi s ica f sughested wa the bnihoul get sebod ye t hi ito d auged ndepdentwahe revw.ulet sod doe d't h aeo bepnt ev prosutorl. itould e soeebod h fro b otheagen thats osor itdepeldent. s odis iro me sious han the heenat want or ough pet. e wo is w ml susnhe com ntr gh bk wo wl to om
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hat b theohahe th sd athinfter lynd is efirs th lns s ain it'ers a the nds rs os l aer. t' a he solyra hixndepdent o a. vestatio gng. incl ing thely h fep.i.nt stio g . it wonclg bhe ove f. uil iton bve t u b.i. >>reg: can tait uil yea now he>>g: yanrunt u in you wom aheea nam ow ar syndr y n >>ana:heostinouom aam pularar sdr na . >> >>a:reg:otne wilnow par y. na wherdid ha>>g:omeilw fro >> ric:he g serd wil be firoer. >> reg:>>c: ama b fisl. i >>g:reat nmae. for a iat n ory. eri nowhey'ow -- th comttee s riow ting y' ster - the comttees trygthomee get- ts tg s imptant erheomeery oba's etlack trry,es wtsmpnt altheobessassncky,here w shinback romheal whie sa hous buthis isre a hug inckm hi hugessue us weute gosg tos f adut meug geue f m >>reg:ou mt be excitd. hot.ill you leep t>>ightg:? m be >> kberl sethi ci aboho lou e riewfep theht nerg krl shi depamentoansbo thats rw intesti andrg
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gnif ant. pa yontns at dide.nttind herb a isonift. yo who de.vers tar rb a on wille the indiduahoinrsar char ofhe llheversht.ndua rembetarp beiarfhe nancl dasters. rberp teit inc dte t s. dan actlly i wan -- ct bobygivear a bre. it iid w wk.- obve wtre it w to cgrat ate w dao foher cate csistt,ersient d ca forfor a cstnvesgati insi t tohe caor loa. a alsestihen rson ty on'tto oa do sol dra ls r it'n tlrea't begdo invtigad.ol a tual at'ea procutobealnvga alroto fashn. sh is goo ia. hel bk for a lg te. s ioo i cfessow hat el i book orlike at's l torth ileoi h ce ss an itestition k i'm ad kes ty'llothte a h iti onpefuy geit d em s tll ticklas t ayan so fuge it' d not rt of thekl t camoign at' fa as 012.t ohe ic wl kamp in a gng ofas 2. 2020 w dan k one iinaloint gn at poi20 201 anne ale whnte hse nds aoi01 fl
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wh h ck. pref nablyot o a runng f f esid t. . unfounat y, sefeonelyn th oun f lls id o foat sneth s d.e.hink o iope e taet d i.nke n on y ta bac i >>ric: nob rped nhe sk o sten cac. he's>>hec: rned tt shod b ote c. ll g. 's t ho b >> kberl goo g mas >> ec: s reta krloof as ergy e s kimtarly:o th mea we c me on. erybgyy is bimaviny:wellthea c mnighn. lovit. ybis ta abo b monin all gh l byisov. and taherebo aon aiffence re he i layinis oka i won d re ke mfeey fem t iinka lbyison t m f bdler t hav eve gre leris cessdire a besseroav theve itere hse. avess sree asxamp of thet. e h .whats oure tak smp f t >>ric: micel ats kemrer i ak clrly >> lobc:ist.ic heidn'em i aly forcly ob he n' stat a bor heobt empys at be bbyimps. yi y pdle iluen --ob or d a, y clafy pehis. i enif- youeddl i luen for a d lae, i'thats. obbyout? dl i eno ioro s you iave totignby
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to i be a souobbyetond bn cogn ed a oe abyobbyts? b yoare doi hegn a se tng. >>ana:by lot?f ppleyoneoi c. t st w tk. n >>a:ot the p- tey wi ove tompl w and regterhe t as wiveplndobbyts bauseheeg r cons uenc andashe nishnt f viobyting bse tt law nsncotnd bng sh f regioterengas t bbyi .w if bou dony stfeg hayre you' atyi dinr aif youo say sf ay sothinto saker oehnu'tin a whoumigh hapayn t be in s ert th ihn whghap d tehe thhat. d yocoul be of colian. it wkednt. cef youle ostic co anrobes sete wdonfiatio c for eupre cou hic had be se beenegisred fiiohe r re ou h loyistady a l fir en isd tho i alosta b lad irnse. soth peoe i o arcomy. b en pe.side obasoirst eo sa he woun't wt ooom he p deba bbyists wking fsae himou it w h thght u mit no ant t yi wng f im sathati becse tre are stht mino t t ma expiencpeop insa t re who snto wkor tmaxpncop n admi dstraon tt ma o decid woto. t >>miob: rast l tma fir cin wa ingt who ire>>: lormeir mberf cgres who areotwagthoeme al w er ceshore tobby theal llea tes, mberre by heinflncedy it. it's deaficu, ero n ind
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fledit mebo in ashi'ston o i dcu one ny o adthers nnec dbo tnhi then i e onflu aceer ec the lu sine. ne obam didt kp00 of wt he sde w ldam becseid k hf w codn't but s is ls wec riant hn co't lo yistt s ls >> ec: i 2 r8,nte sai i willlostot u e i 2ai i lobistsi ll uwon'useobbyts for mobts mpai forn' me whiousebyor m pele pbabldidote ai foror mhi sehim pe or >>ana:iste t t s.m >> knberlt. i'l get gre>>sa:te t t retion do any e r kemberlpres'lentet obrea sang ts authereon dony r bees tbbyis? thob is sa07. t a ke aiste >> i m iyi ths . ts ate i i rac tac toel corrateobbyts thtor da ofettior thete agen iby wasngtoarever. thda f thti hav notheunde my en as catoaigner. th wil not wthkavot inde myyhite ca gnuse. >>thimbeily: wott ab wt thn? the ary steongirec lear e. >> beword w ab greth i w otalthar sg ec confared bwhate rd s wal nf b at bbyi isn aad shing exprsion f yisn ourightng to pr onpetifon gernmt forurht o
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ievaessi jusmade ti gnm thaor vasi usde up >> b: thha wasreat gre tha you up 's not bthasatobbyg. re itha aboou ying. ot it nny,henby you see aitbong it potici y,nouee ahat poci comt o abt ga rigs b he' g. omthat o oma. ab ga sayig h b hate' g atobbyt b o. ay hat i inoveby bith obbyg. i>> tturene methor?h >> gg: nby 's i the clo t tithre lng.etr? bob gther nis n i he prloidentalh candate lhat. beca predent hat ouober n coul't g somprodyenn tantet care ntmpait tra andut it p ul on gheom airy a tay h d n't ai marand ht saie ouldon dir a h d tante i t nka h oaimald d erspe th. shodn't avete sai twhat he o sa. sp inthhe coue o ho the'teampaain,ate pele s thasa. everinpresent oues. o he paery esidt cod be opepe sha to ts. eres t . thi rank h y id hascobeonepe ss o t ithan oers ve.hink h givas he cret f t t. ot n o kims rly:.ou bughtp iv h methreg f t imy: bhtomen a thathwas impoant. you lkbouten the pre adentha s d th c paig pot. u utromiherent th cigsmi heairecely abo wt h hadone and t he percentagofbo w th he cpaigromi s hha hnend t er
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fuagille th c ig takemi h h lk at i aerfule th. ke >> l kp at i a ccklith i. m draw>> ofy c kpaig a cliromi i m awf cig omis.mi is. on a wee i tak i out makeittl che. on ee wee goak iutbout 60% de ketlhe owegout0% d fa inhree yea fa ineeea ieed atherive toet t otr 4 don id a>> gerg: heis no tha t far ot 4on of he nly g p hmise ntwoha hopend cofnge. he weyot p tse chaoe. ts. so pe ce. tt's we tha so 5. ts thother 1e d 5uit th hesmokg 1 dt >> b: you on't ok knoe it s king byo >>reg:rue.'tno od pnt. s >>ngimbey: a you >> g:e. ying- p. bob i>>be sai aouric h ong ofis obiai shac h o ofs.ha --ards >>ric:ot a cck. got- a cck.ds >> c: >> areg:hat cs a. gre t a c . persatio >> g: kimt rly:aon'treuit ur dajob. rs eriio tooan heck imy:'tt
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. obdaa.b. iall t srioock oba's fuz math ob the ime mlh t hesed wheeba uz id i youthiv u e medhe $ iou u 50 blionin $ smulu emplmenton'to up bgueson wha slu we dpln'tntave'tup js or esreatha th obs. dte j orryro se andat cree th s. bs. orzzy th. s u hand can putre yr finr on i . y . bo om lhae --anut y in >> imbey: wonhave i cha bo l --hereays >>be wctuaveyha res thiuayhi is ganitionhat eps tck ofhis. prsises ept,niont 151s t ofs. coromi, 46 pres omist,51roke 5comi 46 we a reak is prose her kether 5 stled? a ak wh doero htall mea er bobstrepud?icanwhoe stoed ll eam. kim rly:oboehnpu andan coany. to 68. inhe imy:hnnd worcoy. 68 in 1. noyetor red, o. 1 >>ob:'ll tlnoout wt r , is rht. >> i:l t w abo --otet r . comp ted the pro iss o beg dboe.- st o hose mp wild he gro obe d don ostald are rseublinsil g stopng tm.on >>alric:ar rli op t aost? >>c: at? >>ob: % ofhe pmise
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wereot kt. by>>he: timoft's ove pse is re k 60%byim s t bave r somodyhos is e priden0%of the nited ba omatesy s gre sucsses ame promen he notekeepg prises . es e be tng e hreuc donese re bnokeep proprsesesik be t hon tmo. bros >>ric: rig. o. gre tax. >> k berl we ve a>> quoc:ig fromill aily reromax pol kicalrle auo om arlclely onmolal cirmvenng ngrear.e n sai y can g itoneiren caus therere n ai yoopeantes gt eso t demrats nd heushe n repuicanmadetpes dficu t emr thts pside to be anyt ng lpueande a d chicu exthutiv p de othiseed t a yt l fstraon. hifigu out wha exiv e is t a can fora. gu ut hathoucongss >> b: thmoreou doant, th betr of oue'llnge. bth noreing ll go tough ngreth.etofll repuicanwillnog gtall tgh anyt scw th .puanll ll >> da: m beyt.he wte scth hoe d shodn't m sd up w leslatn evho theenat ho de'tcratcan' ssuppt.p >>ob: at alehot!atevheat >> kberlde thaatn'pp >>: at! zin krlhain >>ob: ere iew erifin tow >>: e i >>imbey: a rig. congp, gd ecoifmic newow >>be yea aig co fi glly. co ct doew it mn we' ea reay pu ing t ofihey.
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dot rec msion e' ors thiea o newpug o nmal?econ or whhi oew nl? kws? whdon'forg t k? e-ml u n'rg t ♪♪-m u ♪ ivxnco ♪ ♪
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♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ eri welme bk to he fe." at lgast, the eco myrirewel bto f".5% ove e ast l thrt,heco w mohs i' takt,%ve but vent the hr wheousemo aits it'i'otak ut enoun.he you whnto tkse abo a thist' it g d new ou u tk bohi 2.5%rowt for theit gewuart. bett thaexpeed but 5%otwtor he whert e ttha speuldut be. whinarows a sde. 112%. a wel ta a >> b: fst 1%. gwedtat. b f ns. g n the rales are w e esre u w than t oba uo bld eric >> kberl b whewillhey paicback t ln?s.
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bob they killrlorkhen lly it pa ck tak t l 3.5 obey grolhk t it get ak one int off.5fro tnempymenet it's longe wayt tff get the mpen emplmentigur dow'sngay t et>> ec: kberl--he kimrly: alk plout nteurow rope mar t? e k rl >> ec: n imy:k t pelfar e n pernt gwthn the backf conmerer gpendhghe gog up ck if yfreak it dowon tr whend the goendiup camrom, y ak tcread sowndin t ohe healcare e diam cream,d s ndinea on sin o util ies ald inreeased endiea sinn on ils inse diasole.nol not gd ne. >>imbey: nhey en't if out loo g ane the mpac>>be n lyg 't itif youantoo t aeheositeac an opt listi botitouverlt tit an enptusiati bing aborl it. ter oenia rctio tg bo eupeant.arke wt dn. er oit's ractio t tthe eoeuanke w d decled ainsthe d lar.'st t u ha to e keep itn md cl ast dr. lancg ou the ha teet eation md ncoue. eio bobfirs by tway, obrsy t ey, tasurotes t inrestates wer dow t ur es >> tric:ou kw wh i inbuyistes ierow
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thmost bizre t ng>>nc: t kwh i yirld. i ll seet thstiz t occier t d. capi lism snd at tt. yoshou beccreall mad a pi sm a oba be tuse ey peneyoou thee discllntadindo a here s whaobbee nehey dhe. sc do gin th ban t abirety tha go ty dheeder govnmengi th anborr t mon abi t zer trenderoven rron a turnroun anduyerreasys yore ointrngun o.nd thene,ashe tpaye rayyothemnt o 3%ntert. en soe're tye hdingem ove %3% oner sore lirall hdred h ongven blion li ofll- h ed o >> da: bonco of 220 [ l dghte eri allight 20na, at i lourte te o rillhthe , ir t o grow? ow >> da: wneedorow a 5% orore t cat u dp w toedw awherwe we and d it oore tat uo seral ars. e eu peaneritua won ind dt stil sel s. euanua i nkno. il e whe hseidtno gh potica y. whit's hotoodnoug th i bterpocahan wt t'sydug dithearlon elyn i brhen w t admistraon t y haa gdidrl e week in t sck mira tha mar gt. ce peksiden bid t sai her s thear oba r over pdeid ai er sdou can heudgebahat. r er bob exacy.
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s thbest thianhey havoingget. r th ob polacical ithsthi lyavng pectthions olal it so iad theast l tng th nee toctns itoo isheumpt t exctatthns ueeo yofo oneo asp excedbout exat uis. yoen'tou?ne a >>xcreg:utrew . 2.5% hile 't? sten>>g tog:his. w kimrly:.5le c entos. imy: tl! c dan heitr wght? t >>reg:oth ws. at wan jeitean, wt? >>g:h d w w jn, d a gn othe tes tha w ve t eited ovea oe t 2%.ha w t we merom eedve lviao 2 mlithnia.m fin me cha le ia y tha. in me ha i ange >>ob: u'd talr i yositp. ge >> g g: i>>id.: d al i eri dan syottut ely g ithis. m ningrian pie srom e the all reetis jrnal the m ng famastihe she l et jal talhed a utd. fati this e thaal a how eount is chaing.his ingshat ed tha keep us w nts totherhatartg.g tohin o .gst t ee sarti totoerrttoividn o tio us.ids. >> da: pgy nnan a
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eat rsonoead ery d p we n.n a no mir i w hingt n, don. d e e doive upwe i. newnoir i yor wng d sh has fdoanyep i yea.ew ore wres i a wsh thaas fays y t me lkea aoss ame cawr and i a w explhan wh iss goi men. l as ten me intifnd wit plwher.soi inow not n iif eitrybo doe. so thininteistinwabouot ebooe th wtividso us.inteinou i tnk i w the wteth w ids. hoe thks ty'reryin to t i wpulleoplhetoge wer. rhothoint t isreinhato wle the llpl gee tt, the hehentst w heblinrs oandhey d 't d the h reize thereausi a in ody fuher dvisi. whher notret'sehe si inteionacoul be datedfu r si twhr othesutco wha t she tenaul ded icohahe sayi i yi betr f replica th predentbamaontieset f -- ep>> bca: pey is gatthre ntma wrtier b w the - fai t bpeis g reco ize re iwr b w demraphs ai of the cntryre cha ing coe i emph amatallyof cry nuer oha whig pplere at falying dmatilly dnu ohi pe arnd t wore're nofa g lo der ttiy suppowear t ora loreof mor lo t cntri -- upwe erilo y lik m t dhis cri- an thr the ri yumbe outik t whatoous mnhe umbe ofanhrhe bewhitutpeop in theount at m e faing?bef >> ob: p centite oopnhent
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el tora. fa g? eri >>:t's pnt o elra strahtfo ard at tri whi s poputionas bn rafod thi prey -- puon gre get b awarom there -- racehingor secd. re et's nwa aut rme.he 's cengec aut n a r css. a c . wh ias gwingp,he ch we airednd ywh gwantng to e w a riced y nowe ntoaveic a p turewich peop owesometnge it's a preh claopweetarfa. th'serela iqualysutfa tht's nostat i talk. youan - stac.s nou caat me fro totto u - ta perctile nd u ca m ro w we tl thetom youan't a rcle u itreat divion. we t he eri notouhat ey't can a t teit ppleatniv mn.y riott an leve occ y wl strtet pre m oba evy ti heas a vecc w catrrat milonais anobev tie biionaes a corrate jetca owneilaian re badbina aor teet gre youan't hav pner pele wadhout r h reou't peoave. p pe wut >>imbey: t poi r tha eo amicanamils fe lik ey'r>>frozbe in tace.oi ha lotfam uncantainil.feik th don fee 'roz on imise.c abtt th fute incin ermsthoneef ois th econy thabth weutan i g tms o thonthe g thi ohi
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hes tryg to get the unploynt nbero %.he ry tich ethe pro emorun ooyma nr for e eleh ionecau we'ro t p oceiv to havhree r len auarte ofe' p ceiv gro h. pivoavee bobtethef buru piv nrobers rgesincrse nobeur morits nrs th ount too eslacecr inn the st men yitrs. thntoo ce n >>ob: e y. >>reg:hats n what >>: theye taingbout >> thg:'re tlkin n aboha ineyualita andgutlass the in>> ec: tre hboe alys bein divliionsndssace, lass e t h al whnot d t ngshatbe useivns e,to kp u tssether wht are tstse thningnd c ckin k u t he >>ob:ou'rereelpi athng cin lo>>:'rpi [aughrlo [gh eri sepate crcht caolicniveity ri nexep e chcaicvey ex leme tl yoaboua ve portt phe ca i me. le tyo ou vewhen gotrty ph came mcareard, i re ized neeend ot an red, medire sreplemedt ee sura e caan, top. di s meemcare s on of tra greca to th gs aut tning5,
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mereon tre th a tng t itoesn cov everhing fac it ly ps upo 80of yr pa b eitensesn ov erng act pup 80 ypa ese ifou'ralrey on elible r mecare if'rreon li e mell nre to nd o how aar.. n o medi ore s plem t w arsura e pl sureby utedh lthc e di s inemranc comp y, rapl re udh hehcs co r so ofin ncthe mpdica expees.. he coso nofpaid y mee carecaart pe .. th canave u fr payg upo thnosandidof dmelarsre. t thane fray upth ndout d yoursown cket ese e thonlyedice suleme insancelans. t oun et e thlyic su meclusnsely cedorsns byarp. wh youall w, yus'll y t rs bythisp.ree formion t... whoul yl th ais youe eedrm n .. tonrol soou c joithe llio peo e wh ahaveoulread... tool so c oi pue theiiotrus in ap eo whmedivere seaplem.t inranc pueius a di s em inus ync'll t th freguid undstanng micar yl threid ndan mar the ices are mpetive. i n ke e my oes doc r. e ete. ani dot ne a rerra to ee ai pecikeist. ooc andone rra to a ci cat. nowo ge a ee iormaon k. ca owus yge'll t tha fre iguidma k undstanng micar yl threid ndan m ar anthe vantes dot enther ooseanrom e rangntof m icar do en erpple nt pns.. sem ng m ar that re ale com pred. we he a an atfor amostomverytie,
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pr. so ou c fin one hat fa s yourr eedsstnd bryget. so cine f ur ds bth at. medare suleme pla the arvirtlly no alaimedormseo fi out sumela th plar yourtan kyp noyourimwn dmstor fid houtital th accts micar plou k ur dr hoal thcc mar anbestf al ese ans e... the ly micarsupp ment an stans aldors by rp. e s .. e marppnt s rsy . en ty to me ese ans re eorseby ap... ttoe e s ese a.. had ly o thi to y... signe upd ohio .. ca theumbe on yr scgnen nup... anfindut aut anarp dica supcaemenhe be in ranc plan y sc n. annd a anp caupen inncan you' gethis ee inrmatn ki.. d gue to nder andiu' et s medi re inatki toelp u ch se tgu plato er dithat rig fordiou. top ch tas wlah al medi re atig suorleme. pla you n ke youown ctor d ho ital what alceptdi medisureme la u keoun or hoalt pt di get lp ping r wh medire dsn't. ansavep tohousds t of pollag . wh di d't anveto us ca thitollofree lamber ow. cahille er.
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2:28 am
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2:29 am
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2:30 am
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2:31 am
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2:32 am
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2:34 am
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2:35 am
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2:37 am
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2:38 am
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2:39 am
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2:40 am
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2:41 am
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2:46 am
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2:47 am
foldailyn the cpen cos ldly isehin thehecene invery n rt o c yr le. is inat ihe thenen bryeal? o y>> k lberl looat ihe o bl? k rlmmerooal bak >> gg: i o kno >>ric:art er b the proem g i no ishat her n cn is>>c:ryint toheak hisro ister c mnksin toisere. me. vote spreson du te sesi --u >> gg: youldt gue it--romhe cmercl. g >> yric:'m sprisld youue it didn bri it m. crc >> b : i'>>talkc:g to s theisou dnrit prod ers. b i'lk to canhe tk t ods. an tou. t. >> da:ipe yr ne. >> b: n d proem.e y n b n [ lghtero. ] lte >> gg: atheroint itea thitory andhey sa her n g aerntain, theiton't hi ryevenndavehey bpersaern,he'ttick s. ene br pridenalandite who ck don't ve bper prenditickhos. makedohimt he brreatt ndide evck.
2:48 am
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2:49 am
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2:50 am
somhing gd prtas i m ono tv. omng g stome, youn dv.'tste,ouote. de. >>ob: aad. dan hilry cnton s >>: a. leing n this anewil cons "me leg gazi polis meneis intesti "ecau ziol llarvers mit neomnentyti iau ar rsit th-neirl >> kberl thiis th tereing.l hiary vers m t krlhi omney reg.hiyer an. h. >> d a: aot oan docra hnow ey wl say t you d o a o dra we, yo kw, i w was w always tou or hiary into we yo gre why kre i weaslwoing thhi nowy to sh is nre runhyng.e whng thow is ehinsh nun. thi wh >>ana:he hs bnin inhilatefromalki abo >>a: h e b desti polyssueintenomki bo thlast thr yea . dtiol ue kimrly: thsthrerea favo bili ratimg isy: hier th oba voliatishith. >>ric:baouldbama stch . out llar with >>c:idenld ma >> sob: hould but he t arth won'endo tt. i on't>> kno: hyld tuty'doe this n' t it'sast ilini'tno t deadines sh is 'stin is n gog teaes run sh ybe e wlis r ngo t in01un
2:51 am
ter e ama w sds rn son r a s rm. s kimrly:idenantso n . imy: inen016.ts >> ec: s -n6. >> ob: e eve sbody wile - . gre why>>id: imeve dodyil th? aif to rehyeoilla? th bob probly.a o sho h wealak t re blic obob. cdida s aho. h ea t gre howoesreichat cda happ? a bobweak wereontrows the oter pp edia obak. tr he o eri foxolli theox iaewerho wld in b lrioxlihe reil or eraracbama w b wh do youhink ilrac itouldmae? wh o>> bou: back onkma. ion'ttldnow. breba o. o'rlly i'tw. wou 'ry w.ou w dan tha iss revan as tkingbout hil ry.anha s >>ob: ght. r an it' m ver tsng youutil. you>>: t. t'beat meer upou 3o 1.ou ybe to ate. p cong u 1n e o co "e u fiv -- wathatalmo " ltight oiv- walibuat ere mo sethi lht bu fis boute shi seafd. i donisut e
2:52 am
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2:56 am
kimrly:f yoare inki of avin imy:yoe til ia for ki f dier, inarneil or fiftdi, ofneheeafo sold nft per rketfs misbele so yfoolhink r etyou'isle havg se ynk bass yore nu'. anody uavetse you n'tssikeish.yo n >> gg: ian dony e uish. u t thseae ish. g i giaon toi et.h. >> k berl thathis aas negave tng.ia oi >> da: i ave krlha aeall big ga t. d ioblee wh t --ll kigw peop wil say i sot le w t- k probm. ov opishiil. ay i ho can yo t ery ob ov stauhint i theorldhoan and y ey he tresh eish. i au ield meand t t hoesn --shth. i es nea t sm psiblsn- thi n this s probly pbl >> kberl hihi my gosroy k rl >>ob:t's theyos janes th 're ge f h>>: peoe.she i jon'tes eatishthe e fher.eo the lyishi'tat udh e tr. e h u eat -- t >> da: hp hi at >>ric:- lovasebl. d h hi >> b: i n' >>atc: fisov eb
2:57 am
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2:58 am
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2:59 am
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