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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  October 29, 2011 6:00am-10:00am EDT

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chin us toni at. y. al ys rk embefothe sp wins sps here nd veni al r abeesp s reat red hoda weekd as way of latkingho a ekasayof r lng ayou. u. >>alyn: od mrnin eryo oatury, o tobealr: min yo o 29 uranotr fr oaybe otfr ght doment erolyna a woof oth t qudotionntle oanyn faom awoth th qu onobam adnistantion f we wl elain th >> am g.oad.ston w hefulomne ein byssin .oe flow hul byin ca idat andoing f rowght fo.o tta othe caatndin r pretdentfo >> ha has ohelamed grge bus hasme gew. repuicanus cgres a.t. puan c es chin.t. its ...heooks f som nein it.. ksblam f >> bom the rivs llinam bhe puncs ofiv in teir ncof on. tr >>ndhilalphi cld o no t itone agai>> d nlatherhiot cno itneai
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ner-- codtheco caeinal st. uis carcanalsal . s! thks farls bbing th f i in in i you arein wa hing fox ou frrends"grea y to bwainngx frs"ea yur dato b davedo ng. ahow ve aout . tw st. lou cainals10 at1/2 tt.ameouut. caalwas 2ntilme i. was urrys eyil i loongastthe ry eylubatoote :30.b anmy wfe ask me 0. 3:3 uld an wsk woe i sayed:3p un ld 4:0 towo tch e ov gme sed thatun:0 endto at 10 o'h ockov gha a.o, nowndou ne to 10o' ok an a winow ph adelia, neoou g oanin ocke phout el, ge ne ke t nd sne ry and-. s rydave a dgreaworld sees. vepefuy th ringearl reec e
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th.. futh alis: if rngou were th le, we is apifecia you wetti up lwith us. u arapiaoubout tti see th news. arvideut tfrom afeeanisnwher aew natde co oy homafomisnderer aat aack. afghcoista h oiciaeronfi th thr ak. ghta oia vilisfind oth hrpoli offer is dad ihe li homide o mbin li anffdis de i hr rerts at he mis.roop in coand bmong h t res asuaopies. coe tabanng t cimin uas. reonsi litywithtan m cein resityth deils m itomesn. bi rredeurns t oes evts i e se o iern ov i mssin ba o sarwi her mily is mina beig w ke r lys aw seret w locion staw momes afr ey clled s potceoc n a won meaf ned cedo ti ao n poer. o owids intmissg ck inpo. ow 24. ds sh saihe ssstg wa edinto ofr 2 shai wa rofuppo .po imina rter anant ma to er
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aneak terem aeboh. o en ts is k ver aem a sdbo and t s do ar ahater hppen wi snd lisa fdo ahete expt henhewi counitto wp the sa as arouxp tem coit t wey goheanotr a th g ou tomi t.goot th >>isynanotr stnge ist emirwin kans ci>>ynot st ety t e bsed tohasinan eni ten off e bcased. o srd on t why f twese onhy wi hea wh t judwi ea ys abohe caswh tud cerin it boom sart to fiassh c atint sto 95. the fiut croliatunmawho prpted 9 ckdoe of t cli ma ohoolafte prhootedg a do anf t ficehas olteeenaugot. a thks tn a tip cepolis arestn theug. th t aipli a-yeastold eatri lwren in grevilland tok hi toead theri hoital lenfor eatmtrell nd t guhothi ehoalr tm gut wous. l pice a cha in aou l olen ps.u.e and ahaoundn h a otheaparent enompl u.tnd hend h fi d se sh sheart forepl he disaeari int tfiseshs wos. re wsarint tvide fm stwo de lou fstou
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ere e cdinaon davethe e cna cebratgll vee nit loheard clcechinat thei nilo1thorldrd srieslin ei tie, le sthenldver t ses rngerti ok a sr the tmass rer hmani. a he ishehe pssy th saled h upni he smber pth sedp er 11 11 >> wt a g e? w th rdins of a wod g th inf cmpswo cps 11 >>da: the i thkipp bicomeback for hedath ithardils pp wh werbimeustck oor stkewaydi whfromertlimi otiont tyce in omame mi onsix,nd t howne x,boutt.ouisow nati, thutisvp, dtividthp, ddries settg apost snato recesd ttg wi 2sts stoec rbind wil wibrin youbiate ril in hhligs. ouclayn: tyte comeutf h
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ignowhend su enlyay t ge toom e fillnd whe ushesu thely e owhy me ali ll ne he gohe ba y lie in yr smber aalis: sorapn. y ser >>da : 8is so2 ges ouinaphe da8 mo h of2 oct gerouhathey he done mo ofstifdctty h ne oject .if clayn: we n octse ay whe fit snalln e noheas fisnll sinc the vil woas nce inl wctor? >>da: yoememr thato >>clton:ait a dayoinutemrha cl n:comet n!ut ri : t me bgest snce e cil wrir. t bst sen te ci w repts t bento ep kept weave sen snoinbe eont of oct er pt wee s ino new rknt butofct.8 i ew in ut 192 ll in922.1" a ost.1 1" it. a in mosf tesestcases t fo washitgton dcinos thefwill te passe the ow flfo shtalson wit the llstorthatas wll e fegin a ralsit t to y, aoratcros ws oro sowin a asra get into aaterhios ofteron
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an stheolds r is er an anow,e eld isarnis fom ac ss wtan vw,rgin dni f virgia, ac wo vin mne so rg, wi-sprd sn evend msoe wi tal abt wi prt ofsnve pces withwialbt 6" rof 1 p ofs thnow thats no tt" bigf a 1 deafl owd thesatno t ptsig butit is aea octor. es the arleav on ptheut tresnd itill be to atharav heaonere w snoitlo e itilleanot wbeno e ightitl flfy tstuf heavwet ow a a loht o trele magerom th uf ndavt a a a lotlo ofre gepowemh aot weoutas. soou ne t getyour batties d gta tuff rsodyne to t spd etcoupur tts gff r toys wispoutup powe whis t go. wi ittill c d.we hi th snow iss gngocros westitl c vi iniaandthnos vgini gosst viiad a v nitowa pnsylnia and a upwaate pwyl yorand thiss mopl,e eor ee, is the uthe endmo, ofhe ts, hend may up tof t ay4".up t oundew yk . ci. nd y
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and scntonci 4 butthe d huonc on ver aa 4ute sengu r ae sixixix t 1". th i b t 1 thinte b srm. >>ayto andhete t ses. hav >>t stoed tndirleav so the t avavy e. s t riav: mo surfahe aea for thy snowo hng orimond ifa aor thno getso h heier tt i ishy w wi et e her robm t wths the wi ob whe tes. dave i hadto bak t. veut iad bhe crit ct rape on fday rnincr c i wa't pen fady.y maritoll s. in bu t iwa y. rill busn't iread 't adclayn: a mo ayrid a nitoocumts om thwhit hous enverne id lavin ni and umady f hthpy hitr at us :00er i lin d y f m., en h h thwhithouse0 reasedew d cume, s. thisitusime, no rehe wedte dme hoee, o annocing wrevi th eneroeparent'loan no ng
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ogravi thi thomes in erespoe ar t'an evethinthatas bn ra hi goinon whesnpoe veinat b in w syndr alis: th chfof af says st isdr timfor depeent isthch anysis of yshisisim anr pet prtfoo. th isanisignifcantis ecau h p fosaid thsnintau h$36 llio id loaortfio is sppos to6o iooa totf "gen"is schnoosgy bo terohat"g " ha enedno bth syndr hertope as haed form sdrepe t asuras offialho isrmhapped wththis t urdffl he is pp willondu w ais 60ay reiew and e lldu theare0 rw tternd wning th gnshate coue er wng stou impment. >>da: wt,mpntwait wa be er wdating wit sisthanwa ur own ficebe wngsi o manemenanand n ce buet tt o sayanend "blist." >> isynreddbug t insereayb norestin s yndra a>>yntheydd arense yingo fi re sdr aey outrehat oer ng fiares tey couenut o >>ve hees tsou wat thep. ergy >>e sectary wys thehe ogra a gy hlpin ourecountry compe inth the ra g abal hin ceurnt f
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mpin he the gown,l athe eanner f jobsf t e fu ren,nd iheook n r foard bs tfu tk fod wornguri t t nducng othe rview to orcommdri t ste uc oe r tewo enore t depammmentsrotetein t teres of ten t pant texpays. t yes,hat uldreofe a gooal. ay d reblic are s,t d agoemanng ey sl. reheyicre cld subenll an thwhit hou sey doc centsub all th titirouorreonde oocts thll sondra tffai ey hvere node oh gotenhat ysora andheyai hveot hno subenae otthemett but yf tdeyey do hitub reaes em otheut lel. t do>>clton:here cldres he le anotr sondran cl tn:re corks i you look otso whra t peoeksoul i ca crouok whapitism bcaus eother isul caro anherit imestm btus errms andthe cenr i ctmirma was ade rmerfundiser cf prmaiden asobamand e o the erompndieser pr en wil got amand ohe apovalfor amps ilt $50 llioapalroan. a soeop sa w l,0 io yo an. op chum with eryonain whe yo wh ae hus umit eon u ge wh0 h miion lo. ge alis: th ismihen vlohicl prottionroupettg isth $50s
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llio vcl ot gonup,uptt g ma50hile io chr accsibl gp, crs a mail chraxis socc thbl sou cds aikeis somporthnt bunessoulantutke f whaver asonhey ndedor thibussnt50 fhar ony llio nloaned andhiheundl assoatedot oy ioan thnd th prdlious cam ign soed o008 b theth prpcomusg camamign 08 and b epromedomamnd $ 0,00 om to buleso he w cnect $ the00too t vehibue precti g up. w cct he w t whi t use nd thinkprti they gave. thi pot, ed t eyeays wel poey wnt thrgh allyshe prorel whr chanlsll thro is o-ye view rocean anths theis ye nothg fiewyceboutan tisnd tth th trhi is,tut t is t trhs, is iest itou it i rdo fd somne whou d no i ctribe. fom >>da: wewh erether no c coibaniethatid ot hdaewe e erpolical coieonnattion heres hthe partnt o lil ener: annon cisi re torovie rt o th vecle rod tioner gaoup wassito
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tevi theeodon gpas --adeaite o the ritsfter two- yderste of ohe reew tserwo oicia y atofhee oiado loat ograsoronycapilismoa char sra ainhat nyey prisedouldpism not ar aat h pen. thi praned issldgoinot rwar inthe hn. ca aignhi youssin ar wldemage.cagn u >>ayto and roey ws oag the camign >>tond toils o k ping hee ams ben der aack for tome ofis knge posions beut r is ak keeore sof fososns isee earl onorebod a he sehim he rlnmain bo aposi on n theothesem in cand atessi n takethhe a lisn. ndes heke budtasis bmed gege ushudepub bcansdge sh congss. t.m.ubnsmach es. ng. m. 's ...t's,he losch.or soone .. ble. th pesids,t shldoake soe bl th p idresptsibihty. kes ecomic las difcult spbi. woec.ic la he borwediflt wo heord $7 blion and id i wodold unploynt$7 b onnd bew 8 ierce. o hasld notunoyeen bewbe8 perntce
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as ot sie. hen setthbeer bog. he ssed si . heet heog he fai d.ed he ai>>alyn: al: anrick pey,some of the otr g.oanp.ckeme mdate s aofhe cuseot.o mte a uare on se roeynd reon talkoboutheth orot mneyas lkutthr ey fp-flper,nd n hunman on th f.flr, >>d nunnon itho t nk>> wewant a esidt wh is tent coiste, a idpreswhent os isan inviducote a o ha es at et o misalnaluedu an thhaive it overy may.ue an h buve theit alry wa. seone who buhe has rlcordwa d sne aho co iste s reco not rrd bng on d ts sidcote cootf b anon iss tsinid this ansshielecon. is sen ather eecti. ec co.istey is se imrtan a eryou y not egreti me ut co teyouison't hveman to u wake up ot there we mo ing,us rin' hperr goiookep he be e sa mouyg,ri irr twoio ars be at he wassawo yea i atw innd s
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th an erasea ato i thn th "ye" >> cdidas ne toh sho leadyeship can u nobe a cdaneoho rfecy adip n no a briced wtherein ecn the portt isesof theay ic wh wher er isnhe lrtbya,is thdebthe ceilg, wwhtherr ts is t la,hbt il weris t discsionroun t kach bi in sconun io whe gvern t mneyas bkan bin mis nghe g inrn acti .ey bn daveis ttin wti ve t w perctly lubratedeath vei ifyouerly mibrededtheiif it.u >>ayto midot. y kn >> theto contversl smin manfrom y rmannhe ntrssmanom an in? ? huntandaugers hve prosed with hintugs h sporodd. th >>alyn: d hcastpo himlf t al: quea h cstanim out de tbutow hasheea o cened thut t oras tohose o edthowed to se kepedo o k o
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♪ ♪ ne, o, tee, ur ♪ ♪ youay ♪ , t, ♪ fp itver d reay ♪ ♪ou f♪ witll mr e evreythi oka ♪ w mev hi♪ka wal♪togeer t rig way♪ ♪alge t ig♪ayo, d♪ do,o ♪ ♪ do,♪ @?@?
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wee amica'natul ga d he's at wdid day: su ortewenearam 3 ma'liontu gastea job he wd y: sute ar mrossonur cntryea. ob ..scieiststechcian gines, mhini s... ss cry ..ietschan ne mni. nrly 0 biion doars ourcono... ad ny bindos urwenoe at.ork ovidg por almt a arte we atk ouridomespond b iness...lm a te . angivi us eaneride to ork d bes.. anvis neded to rrowto k wescould..o ev mor clear, desti abuant and eatito jobownow. weldevor ea dtibutd tiobw.'re erics naral s. the e arteicpowena todl . arn re aangas. e teweod n aga d
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fr fasfoodo fi ding. and at'f's ast alodyou fit. in ere e exrt aisor whansw immiate d 's alu e ex aor whsw mmwhenteer y cal anabsotelyo reigtranctiofees en yal ansoly iganioes do youcardo althat do ourdply alday atd ea 50,0 tima rewds bus pnts y y ea0, maew b ps en y spe $3,0 theirst mons. y peth3,' s $6 towhed yost onne triwhenou reem t'$6owyo nerien rm rougultite rards sowhy ttleor gd wh yocan ve smuchore? ugti rds soy le gwh yon sch e?che sahirerefeed. a ca of diffent lor. chsarefe.caf fft r. ll t numr onour reen or vit o webte tappl tumonr en v oeb tpl
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>>n 20 predentbamaan a polical ouider >> ving20re nt mato aolaluer chae vg whing n. >>ha hy whaecid w wng not ke wid w otc moy,e wth n be bjeco to w scial intest n flueee. we ecave to cha scealonttgo ue weve t haead d s tohe lobistsin dshinon, ur d seto of setngobts e ingend, d af b aece rndport sh as .15 of p bside oma'scebigg rtrth fundiser have pde o's tsggt to nderve ts lbyo in and l ieforreonde wth in ewashgton d frede w eshon exaner, jos . an inrestg pot thaxar,johows e pranideninst tpohnictlyha ha norok twsat romir teny t icfounaha nooophe. k twhatis thami t opho ? un gues itph atpend onha e hoaninf est ndn lobbst." therinis sethi caled bbyibb di."losu a er and shial it reques aoneho yidi ssund and ar it ndayhan0 p cent qu of aeheir s wo timonarobb ng tayn p nt refsterithir the woimenat
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t itbb is tnever reerhheat enrced itnos ove haso dearenhemsedves l obyis andas wha hdee ms haseneda numb l isnd pele ha wod h haleaedymb ngagifpe wo bbyi whorunobbyeagag bsinees a yi t on ristedbynd, thefor bne a eaisi mey rte fd, thwhit th orhousare hingsi m ents f forhehit use hpresngent. r exple, hetsheadf tor est. exe,ad t loyingipof pferas lo ngrais morthan $50000or pf the predent nd is hasoraneld500 th even andreas bntenasd a thehite use. e heen ofnd t b ahe tebbyi sh ofe. hef t coast,heelevio yish gnt,cot,ev hasone s gme.t, numrf ppleouldhead ssmalela s fir. umnd co pultield firmad tha a alir elusily co tivote t rmha aobbyg he don esi e te tamebyhing h one dfferceme ishe nge metibly t der gistsed a ti y bbyis. st a>>alyn: probm as y know yi you al: obas y ow canotou sng a dd cat alkan wthou hit s dat lk wouit lobists
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sowas it ev aliscobts f thesosresiitnt v se tat hiisc f bae th nonesi erse tonneed i to lbyinwoul ebah ort of ether ite neuse? to >>est: linulell, pbably notof ed w shoe de?ay >>t:ot ol,y pblot sethat bar whohe mpai o of seat 20r but h is ai stif sying it in20ut hmailndsundrsingti smailngthatithe inresint iil ndindroutng n he ilisatsi sang h i doest ac ptin mtey n frhe salobb hsts. is i notesac mlleg trcce moy f m bbs. i letnonis unreg t t cefedel gu emo fanes t lerepuniicanunareoing t it. deandguhat ies par tof he asonpu an eengresit.nt doidatit i soear ca saonhe ssi b ter thoio reblic s incasahis base.rth bu reicinise. cearlbu the is gam ing her a the c isrlh iisn doubthatam pple whog aveer ahe s volv in i ubat pehoeobbyg ae lvn contbuti to eresint's bycamp agn >>da : yo nttio siroug's u th mp da yo linebett tnug u rthublins," at i nett that e rli," i pside's t speesmasaidnfrid. pde >> thispresimant hid bn theid most >> thinspant isiterm h b he stdiscsurethe st tpaethi il inrm
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rms scre thee mone illhiin acpt a the ney he w lls nothene lacce. thace is anyonheho yhe wot ccepare s th isthuson fa we he thahere wll cre b usa h andhare werta bly tepuican dta t pundidanes a not evenakin an eortnd e fa i theid aotvein e t esidd t's cord ifa ihe idunpas llelrd. i >>ve: t proems pael >>ansp: ency tro rit, spron?cy >>gut:herha ben ari n? peerse guereffe b e oba admistraon re ha meanapese t of peoewhofe ngagob if mira r habbyian are no of lonreoeguloag i stepng s yi treyno canonontieul ep sto t ancontbuteti >>da: my coactsn waingt ntte say no odamyco ts regiers awagt lebanistay o gis a baalisst: byrn, yrk tnk isyr y now t joing. tiwa recwiter are begoi. allo d inwadeecerrebe cho s,loin alg wiiliryho reuite isal hatwi faili >>ve: membrete he tblacerryaiut ancyhat >>last: mb day? ecases
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>>alyn: me f qui headnes forhe scond stra ht n ht palice: fnui ads fo nashlle svend ra n pe rest26 she occu wal ststreroteer defycugalhe cy's rewte0:00 p.m. fyurfe despe th cs arrts00 m. demotrats vofew sptoth retn torr the api lmoatvo getundsto tnighth pi lk abt gcards treepgh the d.a. wningab altshatar eatiep e a. wng as tsat of ti lackoficore ck cacausthe hrt to beore caus daeerouy hoastbe goodo daoust odnow ick snkersow k snrs >>ayto y problysaw
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e m>> cotoai yroywsmokgd, wellcohat y wouallokt, wi lltheat you cllmpai t wi cmpai ade cai t caioll out wi hil chiut s ff. wihi an aewhi scond dr s th. an sndr th baer ba it tusou thahe camign natis ineasetuas aresuha ofamn hattiin ad.sesu >>daof: $ milontakentd. the nth da $ilkehe h oober >>al yn: oero j ntsm anotr g. p. al:j sm r val,otg. his 3, 2 methg dahter r del,dedois 3, a 2 fny se thdauper ed th caaign fsead. rehs eircagn.visi. >> 2012 r rlssi >> her 01 weave t prilegeof s er wahing ur ve trige fatr, jn wang athunt janeprentamera tee se ratentimeverreas a bacer t re a hoas se atee twererm a
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acvern o a ut.ho we atw songlm belve rnur dt hae t s expglienc ael d pron trk ha rord. t xp nce a shalessro trromkin o r ike n otharss ndideom o faly's as d t,ke tens ntgain no o id hfa's se tsin o he tri likri ese tose gls. ♪ik e te amica g .♪ ♪ m a dave♪funor t cigattes i dot i ve intati t the gaes do i iti hesincest rm of atte but t esnc atealwoma to fear ateut tlmao r must ahe. uld u dot on t shst?. d do on>>clton: aoluty. th set tp esh titter ac untcln: aut thet ttect hdle n 212 rls,n a he itte 2ccot a thes,n a tehuntanco t a ca has dnehe wen sial dia. nt okcaas to de s tlitte anhe was a.t havngo a tteanas ampgnav affe typeutmp seaksut w fe pemmenng orick sks w pry's siti. en ock alis: hes art p's y.
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atiipl he s w t awo t mapl.over r. w y hen't he tm gteer h'te g re acti. >>clton: tihe "ll seet cln: jonal"ai tame s a " s gut are srprijol" we to tme shear mor gu the re s mriia, thee 30-arcondoundor ets fm the ma,he0-ndnd d ates f spdheto him 3econ and we desosp not ar mm e i 3 phed onthend de theoot eba i a he pd ase elheatedahe ae eledevel >>ve: econic pan wa th melt espes>>: aonon p wa econ istsut sthme of mthet pe libel a posionsn e on pats seof coule not ove omebeosns epa ulot tvem,e althghomne snd i tnk it ts b ause th sheo sneilar s to i t s bse hemneyn soo saro rards butitt s beeeyunniso r fior six rdsut tt year seeni fi alis: joixn aruntsn and she autua is frjondnd my tsfrie sayndhe sakssh soathinua r ke s m ienguaays, a he sksoinies s methg li fi ua ahenstrentss br lianthy, alifihis m netrts
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econ bran aisook. m ise a s a gu and enushertgu a ight .d heclayn: h oug t aht ay h ug enti of lick ti f>>alyn: s dautersck viouy ar al: c verau rsd ouar cr ging him gg miaresee. m >>ve: ll gir mill bse on ox & iend on >> t: sday ir>>clton:l b teaoner paid & o erndn tay $100 00 i cln:ea pidsionund obut lks ay w h wi00 i if pinondt s wwi paut at tif axpars pensa >> tisyn h yopasignican ns otheever me you dres>>yn i hognan he er m aou cstumes yo hed for a cumo hor llown? iturnsut tt couave lastg owffec oitns t yououve stgec oou retionip. reon.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ ltip sous kingelod tun] [ ipou ngodun ♪ ♪ [ le aounc ] atorthp grman, ev[ y in avatinc ery atlutith grn, ev in times geth y fotia si le ppose- s th fo sito m pe thseworl a sar ple. mthrl sapl that thealue of pformce. atheue prm. rthr gruan. o hrru. o
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6:33 am
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6:34 am
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6:35 am
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6:36 am
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6:37 am
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6:40 am
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6:41 am
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6:42 am
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6:43 am
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6:45 am
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6:46 am
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6:47 am
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6:48 am
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6:49 am
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6:50 am
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6:51 am
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6:53 am
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6:54 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
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6:58 am
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6:59 am
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7:00 am
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7:01 am
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7:02 am
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7:03 am
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7:04 am
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7:05 am
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7:06 am
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7:07 am
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7:08 am
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7:09 am
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7:10 am
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7:11 am
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7:12 am
ganger. 20's oppe ng . davehave yo h 's arobm wi pe veveyo a hob wioupl' coume? >>clton:end ourpl piures o e?we wl cln:d r swhem. pies w >>da: s btm. coles da bostucos.s clayn: n evencehat -awli cod htuebeen volv in thay nv tercerat wlco h attenk. lv na fthmer c.a.erperave wghs ott thnd it fr is c. intestira w sy w ar j ostthtisntti lear j alis: anpolicalar. s iseanlil shinou. wh do he ds yhabouthe u. present who oue andiestet s? di
7:13 am
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7:14 am
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7:15 am
7:16 am
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7:17 am
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7:18 am
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7:19 am
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7:20 am
7:21 am
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7:22 am
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7:23 am
te. gr nguld ois bthe futeofth . d b e leviuton? xt, 0,00 is theumb o ceboccou svi? re rted, 00s he haed iberes o booueed ha ies --intest--te eac day. >>ndac$56 to ety. a bger delired6o t a you branywre ihe lid untr get touyw ie tr on.t onne b.gainite, there on shipng t bgers b finzee,he ovnigh ipd t in buararsee f ovgh fr hnes theknowinra aout th y icfresheow $5for at th in icnd$5 outr stl. >>inisynit is mnighth utaginhat. st you >>nowyn i w you mcollghe in kidst. ou e? w no w touyrell nt a dsarty th are no t ntnty clas thre mo andmoreolles oaser mondre dnigle o csses igand nstrto aommuty c coesege d btimotr aount mu te hes e ofcoe heidnht bmo nt clses d nete os oferdntude s. cl gos morng o guy
7:24 am
deu digod nor juet tf uyclasid u?di n ugues no, tbutf was as rd es wakio,up.t as alis: so j ki. y is tsoch a jychogy cse eheek yfrom t miighto ho c e 300k.m. w didom thmiht s 3art? m. >>gu t:id th st? wl, gu thesychogy w heograchycoornato ck not rly raorto 200 theot tri t y00he plemt thri pr trawher thwant to, emthprer thnt reay, ctureo, anundeerve polatieaf cre uden, th coldegevepoti enllme enth ol has incenasedmeover 40erct in the pastha furncearseder 0d werc finnd that hereeasst f gup orsf we f statentsrethoseopl go do o e sng sttsos sht,pl oireon, s rses a thshre aeadyre es ah a dyake. alis: dwne, oure o of t stunts ulde.akes is tdw, odnig c ss. t wh istut lis dto es in t css in ig che. m dlwh ofsliight guesin c in mfht es pfect alis: whove u t nt t sig pctup for
7:25 am
hisiswhe cou te?ig >>est: liors sd i oneou the >>t:studts tis ishe t se that am ne he awandud t tiss is te y atmwa free ts ti.s and fo m to eei pudueyfo m edatiooand dohehin i likeuto in lfeed thiod osn i ex llen , anke it fiin lighth inrest my sedul exenan t >>isynjofihavegh y inst alwyys sul been ni t>>ynwl ove i yt rdlw r yo enavei t o psenc of nd t yoeachn ve the tiddl penc nigt?f t guesch no,hedl iit i'm iglway eso, i'm ayawak athat houofhe ev ing akd itork wl foat me t oubecae i eve onevheg eaitoasrk w anfoi mm ab cai to tcn uaith as al my an fridsabn t weso coas uh al y thrithe hou tes dfferasce amy husbd is a nearlyeou bi derand a one the sbis a thgsrl theollebi d al e heoffe whah whe cale the al earlfe birha w ititu andcahe we a ablerl toiroffe itundwe a lelassto staingfe elyas atag 645 a.m e an w aactuly tnkin ofdoin 6 i.m aan w ttle tu tinfin i le rlie
7:26 am
inead basally you ie knoind excisi andgoin asly wk, wyo arnosayi exeexisesiourndin ind. w w d g toar yirkxeeur and pd.rsue you gr o edatio >>isynyouavend pue tureou as ed iorning ow>>ynuve hts, the reas in wa withthat h, he aitud joy,ahis ithatappeng a aud mo d re y,s clege i acrshe pe acouny, ihinkoherere ab ctge cr x rit no w ha un ink rearte the dnigb criasseno bu wa d at ite so ofe ig t csses cse sobu the s dent iso arehere b t cesso defat, t y theught th w sentrere bsigngp f fa a t:0 thtth wenoon gnass,gnd fdidn res it won d-mit an s,dnet w nnotraner mi ant. doou stentshere ot ancideally >>gut: w o, dot antsdre ty are de lyst s gu wan tyregood eart sbecae t on cssodrt wos f the cahedu t but the cind tt thewo f midnheht cls duuthe rksustd a t he well >>gudnt: i tacls a st a spe al ll gu ita a achelike mspe goie heoke ech m the auseecau the a a go w thhoug iwas e 2 no e se onaubut heen a youave thug iaseacrno on t o cou engee yo ait mit ac
7:27 am
ankeepyou cngyointested a a is mi my anep mstuntertingteed alas isat my m miight er ng>>alyn: at is estent ou,miht oy. al: istt u,. due, wno yleep >>gut: aut the hodus wn y aep guday. athe osomeere 9 day wherit y.its me e alis:ow,ay er youre ats pagon isw,rodoutivi. so y, youpan will ep dog th?od vi gues iso lo ou ll do atualth. es stloemeer w theirst asemealer i me diicul whest andhe me i unersi, thiul colgeasnd s unsith suolorti of thi iniati d en hensutifhinti e ollmt did ten suort elmid sut fuing,fug, ourean a theoordatorthey ket ur goang an s ad w e willrdoruppoey e th becse wego arean seal iil po th busthessecfreal thussindicreave ys o ucatgdieatudes. o alis: th hav at acevedde it isthavaced
7:28 am
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7:29 am
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7:30 am
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7:31 am
7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:48 am
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7:55 am
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8:03 am
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8:04 am
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8:06 am
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8:08 am
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8:09 am
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8:14 am
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8:18 am
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8:23 am
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8:24 am
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8:25 am
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8:26 am
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8:27 am
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8:28 am
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8:29 am
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8:30 am
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8:33 am
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8:34 am
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8:35 am
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8:36 am
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8:37 am
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8:38 am
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8:39 am
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8:40 am
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8:41 am
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8:42 am
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8:43 am
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8:44 am
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8:45 am
8:46 am
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8:47 am
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8:48 am
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8:49 am
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8:50 am
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8:51 am
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8:54 am
ionesy,o, i cat beaneve iies ica >>da:avant de ye i expe tha tpe o dava d y peha treacon? >>gut: i o exctedometng bui dotac? th kgu ixedet buitdo was asthk abore as wh wasassexpeed th morashas >>ve: atpe wasth m >>: uite tas scam. o wabehite t sc. th wahi pl? gues itasactuly mth dland m esttu husndthey bot d woedccup tussey plaoto dwo a upsurpse a tslaohick dil-aecau we g a the rpery auesy nght ck-a foaufami g nighend yesony t nst rticar fday eyerefomi doigg a p tomotn so ic fy e th doade p ot bieveo tha ithe was bveha mitdeas th ihad lando m to dier atthdan chi -filto diat thhiightil an th fixverying u andhht anthixryg u nd theyothe eyidea d itas cry itook /2ea mons ofit k daveand e surisinon o thin is
8:55 am
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8:56 am
nt tn be tofethesnd ts isil us tbe the tais pnt istuts a s ain. is psiffentt havgswo a s n. pa ntssvers offt paravt,so wh you paaves trs o pantsndar foa w lewh yououavee tneas p ent,fo w it cou be rll pt, c b r roh. thof us. davei beeveouroives gog tus uited whveeeou mvees go tto uedh misuri. m ve lo sffsergntisi. a we we kypi thi moinglo sbut you rge ing to abe wnit ipihimogt ssouu i gto td?it i gueses. ou i m t shld b in es. msour m for o yrs,sh b in liev mandurhat r ys, ev s ate- dedt posion. davethat is ppy se- endi . si. thk yo for veingat wis us.y stafserg nt hankdi ythyo forr g i ur svice wes. ppre ate afurgnk yor scee ree beugon. lian lbeder amma qaafis .ad. but,as t tli l or enedma theaioor foal . t, t oedqaed he alorady fo imping itsed alyxtre fluempe. g shts m he lst ttre ue esidtialsh mominion, h l
8:57 am
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8:58 am
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8:59 am
9:00 am
>> od mningevyone 's turd octob 29 . mngev yo i'li n 'srd oob . camerota. i' othefrid docent mp om t whica hro. severhe he idsooct pracand and tw, w ti h amhe adm inisatiois f ordrandnd w, t to nsdm eisio m fore dquestions. we' to e e exqupltin. >> d e: se' mayave sthe resintia ninexionpln. 08 dbut saye hlarylint may be tsi onliaonein whon can d08eatt h ry tntay t in c20 d12ea. t g.p. hear w20 com12ing >>layt: plas yarouom gnicanothe ever ade>>ytpl you esass u yp in costume yanouheere ated fu ores hal upweenr a ctu ytime othe ed falenr ayear me o tens o thacoulhav stingffyeectsr on t oouharulavnt ire inffts o ratiohip.ou "fontir& frnds"our 4 r siortp. ght fo frs"r 4s t ♪
9:01 am
♪ his herman cain a s you're hwatmaincag "fox & ies." y 'r e alin: wtreou guys at indresng ufo f oiens. li the wreou g ay of es u n halweheen. claon: ve y ay odecid. al >da:. la: y 'lbede >da'lbe rgel fm eel f mfs e he fssaid how abo papa smu, idtow s ae heap nao ed mutigs. se wh abo you no alin: sp thgend ig benng wh>> cboytonouone me i g li sthndo dss uenp as a cone iwoma gn. >o> alyn: d al mend wsld u as a ma >al: aln wld secretly liktore uas fele crlycharacteres. uas davfe i'mti not over iac >>layt: anwe w tavo 'mti n o vove ornhat i we're >>ytan wt goi to vo o drhaste' uon g torw on the shs and thoan of yourew he shnd t vong ynd t ffnd friends is twier ay d fen ome are meanme aay nice injoyom meaarnme aon.
9:02 am
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9:03 am
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9:04 am
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9:05 am
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9:06 am
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9:07 am
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9:08 am
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9:09 am
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9:10 am
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9:11 am
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9:12 am
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9:13 am
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9:14 am
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9:15 am
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9:16 am
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9:17 am
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9:18 am
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9:19 am
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9:23 am
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9:24 am
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
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9:27 am
makeor gat fil and o tnkoa as the tnsea ke gat med fiand t tnk usnsea gotedia gat riws fro the t ttic pk gat of the weeik l ft t ic nig. othee roge lebertgrea revi, t ig e reity isgeereatoo, were wt to makere aty fis to, the vues hate t chto tkeo own t t t kes tch to weralsownp onheilve ks ree to erhasoonelicate il ba nce tweethe o is hy eo eelanatteeo to o abande ateee i thhyfi. one othe eoewhao y aouan watcthwithfihe. am bec ause oe ha is tcthteecau >> ve: gre fis reat msa. > : threand fihankou a fat ing he we appmreat . thd nkchec a o the nghe weppmovie. . com g upecan o uhepdate to a mo dee.veloping sryhi omupanor uninge to a tf afdeanlotan. s orericnis kied ia cvoy ftaaf andan tta lat detai ls icki i rict afvor thy tand tatetaiea ri aflso,thahea bk ofmera, nowac king do,nea bofer from tse acng n ntve fia dit cd tsefees veare th? d d nd seral statefe are e th? gi g ser sta a ttef rewier cluding snoxpted here a onhewierast
9:28 am
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9:32 am
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9:33 am
ccaasee aitrankli i stronhey s tenou alrdy a c theyeon nt tnk dlielaytrhetria oulr ahe nk oamera, rortey tback dg ofayoniahe plan o oer r techar us rsckofn pno aon ar usforsingrs the debit aon rngcard ts. aer aebit backlashrd. thaban a w likelyll ckemsh sid ste pthn w tiky fees sidte las t t comy wh otheree condtis like l ap tying forom whth ank amendca cret ik o ap nga morinimum lae. k me >> clayt: of o0,000. mim >>ave:fe. >>ytofcose 0,>>0. asyn:all a n>>e:ppsey an:l ml. reppauras rertinan u ckf peopl inmg w re ra rethin ucell p hone andck ipaeog w s th llposeneto rndeal people se cfsay t y'porese rop offendedhe y's cayfsinay morere atntno aofngrynd bedirayhanor e od ary band ary bds ahan deliciods. andsome res btadsantsrea li brki t trend aanmen r estats grgetown,e s h br trd tedndn crger goret cn,tomeers s tse rd atedheir cerbels.or c me dav rely at>> asyn:ndbe. turavns lemresly aton:emonadur ls aadnoth
9:34 am
re aauraeurnoth bght h o rera ripa >>ave:ou d't wght to h eat ane pand it's >>e: d w tat atundl. it' >> cytonhow thi diffent an aa bok attul. con w hi tablffe at aboat aing urlu a atg alin: tt' heavier tha alubookh. >> cyton i'm lioing t her rokd ctonhim whilngyou lk to ri.d >>ave: nd ohiilu t t east crist. whas fa in e: o ri an t asumella c ha fat'sinlrea appinela >> d e: g youself ea gusppin d gouf ste g and y, take lo te a d big t storming throu a l of the a ig nohe tor ang theou te lea o i he n't memb sec ons d no a t heta bout wit mbecs nownd lotemputatures wi a t ofeo are n going lo toavmpe poweres acros ta ofeo ainteor n gingns toavowos t ite oi i gethis ld a you wantoi to betes p arered sohat youound wt you b p fmy sanha souy warm moveorw d, y couan he seeyan y thermto delop in averw yan hbrinng snow e a d theelop te orinng sectionno a rn achess t c a ha wi llor s tienra
9:35 am
ioacning t into sw ahawi we m e throhouthe ra ternion anng durntg oe a ovnig h ou me aakrout a rnan ur g ok he muc sw e ovcag h expeak froin srm a t his h aucionaw snoe wca i n t pero s c ae, d tns osshi ar aeaiono w the tntrppacan ac d shi we'var already seen thp teotrppacan a 'v 10 lrdyee n nche tos ofnowfl, mht 1 nothhree o rhe fouofrwfnc msht in s s pots and m eth feewa oounc sinarts o s s ts aupstateeework anden nylvaa a t sthuoniver vorleyeali d withva potaen tiall up er v abley aea footf s nothw aot newll p rk ab aootcity, sthnoe aoivew rk incs. d thci a, eoiv inla. nc th a tre damagndin power oag recausof tag leas onndhe per tre. use la t areeaa ion pts new re langlare i theulls eye a n lkgbooot of lasn thelsye g bosoon, tthreefo fe inc as well. s teeo e d ie,c b tyou winsi de >> cytonthan, ri. d tyo uthis is asi time he >> conanri. hen you is a wantim teo save mey a keep hethe yat nsnte touor house a mndey a k gpd way t o e stt.eouou a wh y oug wwind ts, de wte isstere t. t uow tw d yoou d it wte w itish ge at unsll dioonit
9:36 am
t ws. gat >> is ha oarilio you n'sa y ou'rte exced ihabo oil y ndo , bu t i y're excit eboutbo win ws anddobu i patioxc orbout if n yondurlddowson't p miosure upian't ihink o a thyog ws't m eree, i'm sorry, upi'torking hi onhig llmo rneing. i y, iha.or ng thiis t per ct te thioll molookhe ag. iha r. ci yhi ter t t wiows an ok p aio doo a i'ci tel y you wh y, you'r ean pio d loing, yi'ou'veleou gwh the y o're lo g, sile y p'vnehera o and sing m ey aleou cnou ra sa undp to24 % ngn aneou c ills sa t youepla24 yurn wdo ne wi a g ood ls ergy oulaffriedo ewine gdy erg syr wiow >> y canee he e dra congwi iowour house w yhenano ve se ofrahos >>cot mas iou hseno senof. os >>whenmao yosthatou sdenl giveour hou a feen . li. >>ent'yosat n snlust abouvetr hgye libut .'s aut renov ating nusout yougyr me. t a r ovit'sinmazig theiffence it ou ma s, l e th. winws he 'szihefeet ma lthin h anrs. >>heseou dn't itchut thwholwind , yojust anadderssomeing it. >> se >> d tt s ch dethd'olndyo st deme40g 0 sities >> a tilde washepce nt indo he t thiashypofntdo ctua y,doouon't h t o takeut t wledo
9:37 am
ua't h to ke tam youon'take t alof at. you ke o thetop y molngou 't e dalem ov y. r ssh u nd o hep allol tngs have ces o nd em ssh isimnd y a one ieal ts ve un c t otnd goe snnd getsimn o inalun tlatioesnetidn tt mes in alth iand ti's g inructions and tveryt ing me u nd and s im id goolsnd in ct nsoo wndt yryoug get nth agh s yoolsnd t w y l eetla aghnd sudd nly, yt can atuay la a open you rindo n and ddy, yyo cu'renguay s av on ou renour doergynd tndse a grreeat, s on th'r e gy t til at w hgrnit,t and you ca nth pul the til patrt w.h >> anit ndtestgl w hayodca nul t thhee gpasrt onhe a s w aewgl w had mont theo, me ihen ari w daned nnt to lo,ayfe i n adiridu surg th d ed n t eces lfon. a p ff mufacrer d ur g so rht n too, es. i pf macr e've r n to goo, pricing in ve nd gos, you ringsave unp to nd y$195 0, ve t dpendin on yourpeal$1 oer on s pedcialndin o oern pe wialowsndat doos. o s >>alf yohave oo er hrgh wi owthe sole oute odof gs.ting >> yourve wo inws e e te gtiac wyouinuywso t >> uoullstl.1-80 ho me d epot or ce
9:38 am
and urercesro wil1- 80ho d otte yourha te hey nee a d thcecoolthinrog, w a of te tou t y eeecia a ord er y ctholin aetf tus iaabourd any pce c rge a styus thiss a semeou wiow r a i lo the, a e ty otisa me op lo shetca h outheot sh stchut d heir sh wdowsith thecame. >> c ytonr wws whre y thpi th. ut. con >> t coohire a yboutis th uett. ventilati toohi a toti lly d tet seneelan hens ui lty . hey' re e aavuiinlt a lot. f ne y' >> c eyton aand nallavthe a l sl idin gdo. c paton dood , thll ise a big on sl in g homanyimesou'v atooths b a hom w heonou c hony liteser'val b fl th air a comomin roouugh. c iter >my pen li ving hthadirt com sa proroh.blemnd mom> would penling h t sait pngrohere under aom wld blankengherend unt ailheyothe n blkenthe ydoohe >>nd y're havin to le it t oheelsre t>> y h inrkingle rit. it d t thiishe anothser utt f g rindert.n a l k t hhiisnoth t be fautiful isaple ern h comes be iti witl h dfelerent stesnd om u caget em wite oitthe dfe ntthe nsidsteso ou got acat w oe
9:39 am
kinds o fens odiondust ou ot r aember,ome and oalk abust thopti s, wwi herber, akeheal kmeurents a ndab gth ti wieverytheng oered f ou aend meur en a ain saven aerytfedour ou a vide aaven af a p atiode doors. >> fantastc ough a p io he i outs. at anst he he ut d aot.ctom alyn, w ht'se cinup. ali n: td.comupyal aln, stres mov centinakingup in lial tmost hal mylial dolrs in onatrensovotinargnd now stal ol th ey w tinatoarnd n protest on the th wt taxayer'dim. pst wll exp oinnhe w tha meaxs,r'm. hey w e w bas tically wtme ts,o y basalt t ted-- wll tuck a that t-- >>ave: grammwyinucngk cethist >>e: yo-rayoa iins gngng be graceis and hs ya goinge to sre ra nd sosew tes cing . oi to so t cg ♪ ♪ mamamama annncer it'time makour oor looketteand el ma nnhow erout t' stame akr r th t guaoknteetelow d ice s r.on t cart... w t ta tuaee
9:40 am
w ehe p , an tinstarlati... les gepeacof md r a pfetian.stti lege ac it mll a s up o bea er ctipet a bter ice it aupbe ct br e ana grt-loing om trsford. angrlog tror re sing.ore ing. thas thpowe of e ho dep . sg.e g. get 0% o f hath orwe8 mo hs s cialf inanhongep t o ormo o scaralt puanhas of450 mor y useoourr puhomesepot rediofca0 or yser meotdi
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[ le aounc ] tohe 50 a. schar. t two rainand [ bus a nc twoind s thr."i'lslee whent's ne" adem. th'lee ens " em r 80ears we'vbeennspid byou. 80rs 'venpi by .nd wve bn hored to wk wi you w b hoto hdp yo w wiget ouere u wa to hyo t e wao ♪ ♪ causyouromenis n. ♪♪ usuren n et nhingtandn yo way nngndyoay arn re n alldu
9:43 am
>>welce ba to "fox & iend" quk he dlin>>lcba forfo you, a adnd squhe froinmtiorsh si eru,adel seromanle d aller ad e r tates so san clell he rsurg try oner thatat. s o e's eeted t org oerthul. 's ecovte. to oesnouul ght-- it ov. snds cu ratesn, butgh - do n' tt cuteun- >> l ksdon' like hloen c bun - sca >> for lksike c gwn-ups nd weca or ld you gwnpsnd we ramif at ns y rcin yamourigcantth ofeari cole's rcin yourste. ntth ofricole an cetus le t eakups? c tut cleou t b in he dblea ps? in the f st pl ce.ou b >> ankse. dbl an he her inoplere. kseet. an h nd aertweet, coupl coumes s d be agreeerdeeou byot ares and o sthwid aeed a jor r etby inar oneesnds o emrrr retasse ibynisne orer em corrumese >>nd how. orer >>hayou, come >> w.clayto >> whal, theyoy'reay tingn w
9:44 am
tnehearre aalf million dla tingn don ioarnd aal nhe ilon cupi wal stre d movent nd loong tget a breakhero m pialreov t un e saoo tt bak the nanccomtteeas fid f un a t e encxcepmtee fi fstus a. eept 501(c)(3) >> suld ey blled demonstr at01)( sd b othede public mo tr di? >>et'ssk oth tpuhe polital di ed>>'s f tn tll. pit h ed fnguy.ll >ow a yo h >>lisygu owe a foryo the >>syweupyorhe wa see hadup s wa s inad their coffers an inhe ffan f f013 c. f13 cht ch chitab orgizatns a mathe t atmpt to ch ab rgnfat aence egismatione ndatto sh thegetceison 5het (c)(3). thi it'clea there nofo 5r ofit(c in3) my s se s hit' ea of that nofor itn pyas ssose ihink i of tsome sense theareasersoinink i emegible, i gue you sse t say d fo them to ee,ct iuey ou
9:45 am
mpai ouy jfo rea the ydefiitio the haveaiha r ecif goapecic ficandioatesnd shevehar, ro m ifoa ci hat ve sn, hendyes s absolur,telyrooave th att s s ion 'tsoavelyethat s prleonwith't tem beg t empt. pr thjust teelbetbad, fnk f theet. few stleod,pl o tt f pr henaeommiee wewhoeoavet tr yomi worraavhis m a tr ymaoense tesfy and tryoorhi s atu lyomy it taxsela tw,es ary whicoh is hd engh w ityou' naxla ic h urunde w by u' n anahych turheseuneo by are and notubct whaa i tseeo ar ca allheot doccy ahad tnkle up, tcankle dow o dr wocte a th t'rnkdoin if i greep,it tnk dth. w n le w ith thein litill ieeit whh i' no l don w't titnkhe w ld g whem ai' t e bause jus ont t n't ge ho ts mon i aseause usgoing o be pe t ho in a m onble y bin ganbene. >> a weh th dea l e b >>isy.if you givewethea to t m unris 5if (ou(3iv y t caun wri i offnd tbe 5 (cl(3 t irsay scari youanfft nd t iolved wit ny tamign aivittan may ave eviseolddit at, u'r aitayotlleing seto
9:46 am
ca aign, or ar candateor e iveinotllmpaigng in g. ca gnw ab at thantheteoue impgn stda a spabts oththise e weound st osp t ohaist occu edwend protters o toc otrs ty're basicly tre sqasttand se h b ch geth whad t shey d hidn' ca a ptestr rally, chge water t it yisn' ty' ca pcharstd on grouporll doingt att aron ro fuporfr deeng. t isthe a uble andard? f >> ofrfours treis. is a tolelrifyhe panrevirdous pot, of rs th reareis i'deing oyl wfyheh pvis t, ths, th theeay're n'damigeingng y for yonespecic gott. he >>reven e f aigreng sayg r neec they d.on't ikeotside >> n ob fa ve mu a. reg sof the cro sseyn t'thate de obtervetouryou he toook so tro iagai tn,ha bheoubl er htokiain,heou sta ar i tnk, iseall glarg, andoreoe ke ta t e, iissll arnde keal ly, real ily ustalting, al u ha a suati inhe chmond t ea tpangy, ty hel ha s tithrenralls in a ubli p arhmkd n r tichmonelverheou rsre ollin aub threyear they a pp redhm f ou o ermi herear pai fheoryhe ermi nd t c leanmiedphe ai f ter he elmive andnd t t cy wanentp rhe el ome, a wennoheame occupy
9:47 am
e, lltree tolksre in t he me pamarts o aupndy cu in g, ee ks re iottin is e word ou me pts aedcuin absuty cura and ntiow s or d r wes an mthsn end. bs tray'rendot n f lowing any wefan the ruenled.s. i metre i f clorazywihanytf erule te pamey, a ind l czyha ading pa a cins actually aredi bngng pushednd a, yo kn ow ci a louangyndng bse tpuheedy're a yokn pling the rulos,ng a i thseink t isreea t,pl whag thehe s, a i rimo t eathartyks dosg,ea hathetre sdi ng a e-icrie tmooeatys do thg,city sayge wanhet s ourdi a mone bac tk andhey hothulty getg thanmoneturck s honeulack onendhoulet oupth bnereed shone d fe rentply th thether >> asyn:e shl we w dfent th heriermond as t ao sn:ay ashboutwe w hat. a cal dit nks fndor t s aut a .l it surnk fth > > daco: apecia it . ur stl aheath daapialtitgr my astrd wah yyoamy a bracin be agrs. perfmin for br livinwhene co bac ♪♪ rfinr iven coac ♪♪
9:48 am
♪♪ ♪♪ u mit thk althescost abt thsame. mithales psttectabboutthhe sme.. t wh if u ha anpccidctt?ut s llste acdentorginess star the ay y sigwhup.f ha anid stacntgissarhe yigese .ys mht me yowait a cole oyear we ce 't w mt myocoupit oar c w upea [ bbles no u caot. bes thks.o ca. don menon i th[ ]hop ss. get re. makene cl toon enan a istatagen de ]femap ann.ncer t .callllste noke c to an ayou'at alsenget free ifet e memaershnner llstno an inu'ood lsndst adsiee assettancmesh ind s sissnc
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>> l right. ourex gstds no ghin oducti and e'ursonds n omuip grammy awaroddsti andndon one of heipt f gamoummsy arndelsts er andof neow fou yso- ma isst embracnd ng aewype y ofsi theemoaact aodewype o ssn,t's lue egrass mu od hsn,t'ere w e hiss fwhseris fw micia stut ye chri a dmia s gtuthem rig. ri nai ad it d tha you, iheesve gramig f th. aiit ni to seeha tyonk iouvern g. am f>> le yoh tie. nio ee t> tnknk you. >> w lyoidou dtiide.e t o s trt u. w dng b grous? >>t's sll bed ond b
9:52 am
fridshi ve bn b frieden o wnhdgar ri hi er 2 0 y b arindheseh are my dg rien ver 2 y ears a 20f ndhere cour it'ens jr 2 yrs belfy b 20 eaur at'go s j we dec bidel we nt a s makeec mic we togher nt dlue m grae mic t ogher daseca g es a all dfe rent ca enre but t y're all dfent tuly re b t t feere tuly ee ts t gre proof. > i curiousheameprf. o th e i c io alb. am thgoet oth od eolb s sis, thet whe diyou com one thod.eo >> whe diu c one . wreiv igoat rod tuatn is chaicnd erygoatod s an hatiss tgohaight ondr s htig everneasicly-- y'reor rieder inetightic-- ooy,orut wedked itt htwe. >> yes, hey, wd alue that. c >> from s,ndips enses talhat om everytndng is nsingo be t fi. >> c ytonour dien wilerl i g thebeudgeus. fi conr enill
9:53 am
hege e heard meomrcl th hed ringhe mmeral bak. l th andou'rgoin tplay a ng er b se.ctio nd (i'rudibin) >>i'llet tutplf aour sey,io (iib from>>llheoa rfeo se ioom r eohe isyo- m io es- ♪♪ ♪ ♪ we buildin a ship ♪♪e ♪ bld ♪ shi ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪ ♪ applse) pl) t's ng y up. ma? wh areou ing re? s whit'sreegan g i'm ?ttinnew surae. 'sanm inw ra rjor, yove h a picy th ufor ree ars. oryo h py ur e s. it'seen ve yrs. fi yea. 'sn y .wellprogssivgive gan scous th yous di't. fiea llogivve n outhoudi. papeess,afe iver ani gegreaserve. pes,e erangeearv
9:57 am
redi, wh's skin'baco ey'lfigu it t. diwh sn'co ttin you 'le diguountt u derve. w,th's progssiv inll ou clicditodant dee. th ogiv oicda
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>> lcomback tomorrow don'misshesh b ig omck tocounyowuperar n'ss tob ksh b are reun. yer ar s a gho tunte arre amy a guneyndantetasticecl, and myou ey anstcostumes ghd t,alloweencoum t,ste. al getloen ithe vote n ande 'leterps r vot some nf a thostomoow a we' s ee r usom reevl he stosesmo. ae' yyo ma o usu ve r al ggesstoness for allo en yoma stum a. >>ake re t t yoask esuron wior tlo ou donum't fig>>hte o tryok wiwha ttouonigr ha costes >>rend. >>ou'vbeen watchinottco >> shnd. >> 'v>> aen h wech f that's t sh msage a. e f andou wt tdoha t'sthat . yemahgeha. for thend w tdo thos >> aye in thahe aorerhehe show, a n sh. >>hat e hay g


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