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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 30, 2011 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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ctwua bamhireecngit op so iio cwina aw floridaam hi ove a easor e beforea adelori theecision ve e bore un. he is>n a ron plho cam inun hird in a ton plho c iow p rdttkend t romnyor iliflopinn ke mporn imnsuyesing quotelifl henl hae a nsorwer rint. qte >regg whethae re ans docrts sayt.g ou the> ggpacte sre ayar.g he p repacter:hey y th candatesre oering mor e of. t sam epr:y th thsame nd kesds of oerolngicior tof amt uinto the ethconomemi c ksidss o f theirstci t place. u to tdhe ethno say psre de hebastma pce . oo o a dff challayende baen wfir came to the hite a cll wusr ce t we e rete teeri a g e depssio g mepaio tgh cls tgh so n t cols decle. th coury c nff t t g cl ba tohe samth pouiciesff at ba rooeheams and at p rrroy andal tndhe epblan cdidas ar a ffering. t >> t yre ready t coda tar down erg. e e tnoy in ordeear too t trown wn t pre side .e eno ior heedor forop tooraonre de theob seed
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>> gregra steon eobs tnkl.s. >> re hgthtefr hernain to go rnorth rick pryhoerain to s o rn hoorngok pveisho crics wrong hoo pisryin co make wng upin foro ke oco usor bygring oospp b in fiveoro sakinabou s ive decisn durisin excluve dnterview rix ns suay. pete e horteromw whi to n.nsuay . >>rerter tas te geror rickro hirrytooway s>>reer gerice'ks p arrytipa in f moe's d p butepa f adtt he wanomo the dute bt adebater.wa saysjusttau seo ne at. does ay well up on sstgeoeau't seo es me he'elllup do w selgein the white't use. me i r hlly ttinut wel tndhet taing tpe le e. ry in ju lik tan tpe talng wjuityou loday. yu he te to yut ialdeas w.itu . whe y deb hate t ao yut s iotash. p iwcihann t whieb hou a rit noot at pi nt aningo torhik oouut grid fnoor america at ifoug woort o tnow g h f aommeodcay oing w pfono iwn theomody tur ng te aook atfoh irhe
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r pa.e a oo repkte at hhrhis es pa beer iepdeas t spr h hiss beer ior tdpr h includghe flat taut inayclhe fla t is simpleo out you n tohoe spleut 20%ax r nate to oreurntax rat 2nd write it re orn ant rstca. nd ri>> i isthaple t caut. it ispl th ostcd. th is t. th tcd. th s hen ppleaveheondence. peo e navehee confincheon dehee. b creeoarse the i pon ge i preplae bk t to i wk. gethis is b pttio ck.dence hi t i tierce ereent . >> rorr:en his. ivalry witr:h mit ht ry sms toivlr iitntensify. ity sms to whe ienfy. chris wal lahece negative c hise talo nive again he romney's ecord. i d'tetgaonsed ritneh tell g thor tthd. detomeo migitht llyth thas givom oif wreig tlinghe tut h bout tg somee. thtru is feru t.ngut
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me eth th iuts htsour.lis or not h >> rorte h govtserourerryaslisor 7 srt rteoverryas 7 newes moine regte pl. n isotesoi segwetein pg s s it yeit ar yon. >> hthatch ar. the thatch ente inrvie ringt 70 m. rige he oinniiet ngth f 70 new ighaele o ni gret : fr m faine to myl ew mi ion srefr of mnepl teo myl ling miowoner f afteplre a lareg afnotoe reesnappg und toe wgh of t hvy s esnappnd ea wghtorm b ng tlamed fo s the dth so f .to s btesfedme fenc also thd s odec fred ss ifnewmeamenhirelso mas checusts a parf w amrk.hi jue ba derassus aive in arone the rdes. hit jubara aas ienn e es h wt imilfer, newamhi w >> lfer, hi it'she t got 19 inches f sn iow ahend t b g cbs 1 ihet'ss sn wai a high b a you tbsl.
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ou takehi ai wet aig a heaou snow tl. and add i ttoakhehi treeset tt hano w cere d aadd ito wehed dreown.t the eacngre a still o an tmwehe dn. becase, cerse wnge' atillti on in fa. is icaresu, ingen w dnelld tiesfa and isugn downed dwenerin. t athatnds bgest problem dne thinro.hout t eatntire noresheast.roem throut e irme tee mi nionas pplelo the eas t cst aremiio wutowlo thrigt now.astst re here inewamutpsowre ane ig o nr. hewam 600, remnritut power hich e're0, t r wnon't biteut per esto red tilchsreat as t next w't b e dneay. in tod clonsctut msextha ey. 750 c00ut m ctorsithout per aally eak e reccordfteritutur pca a lyen hithe tak ien aecugust.ft eople cou b eit whoutta i a ugt. ectcityor u to pl c ou wk. be who i ety u masosachust s wigk.stnow itot creaslychtigst 6no50,000 peoe ot wilpelynd height in t 6 d,0k pe tonht. wil peat least hrigeat havekn on .amed on lhiststorea st hte oen emergcy av eamee onn dechireorn hstamhime ee cnectic aec masuset h m d pasew ycorkct.ic aet
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pa pennsyan a m yrk. w kled we aensy sanaden wree k d fl on a h s homehile naing. fon cne hic alena pinson d i rafficicccen p sonn msausetts a raic 20-yearsausldts a dieho0-ar stieoppwhehesaw fifighrs steed in tstpp hehe wrg ple anas fighte i e tctrotewr pl an many roaem clod ero te beusef ow nedan t rrees aem c pwedr lines besef ow edtres service beepnes uspee tought t he tr s noerhea.een peemergencygh ticia areel linonga peoe staof the r oadser incf yuia reel dot ha trave eoodetahe rds i yo still h edootha ofra close rds t yoououtti t areeot o f f cact here r toutin ft wreesilrd w litilalrdmpossiblfor e atel itru to getmp tobl tr ocatiooday el e'reotru out tf theetoo ioay reutth b itoo looks likeeautul da ok lke gutggul:da ggg: my hea lifting pting i myveearor t lti d. gpreng lots or horeavy ltin
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.out heot >> hyti hther: ye aht rit.he >> > and the h sthw: orye t rito ay behe meltingwor and hedsf b rli mtiasseers thendamage ised alfaddone. lias senearshe two i alad dneenlits ar t iverd to bley internattsnal airrt i win dsorerto co ecincutrn incatdinlhiirs. iinor a jet ue cotnc fliinghthi that t on j ueli gh thearma tct ororte o than sen hos. thpasenge sayorhore pene tran sout ofhe weho aseay ah pnen t of w t bhrms had be ut o. inideheirrt bhrms o erd e o inraeeler tyir didrtn'are oer mch beret >> are w gngn and outm b op a > quingpsndut >>e sat o he aarmaui for fourps nd >>at halfaror fr h rs .nd julf got hre aeitesgo. ju g ee mayei btee sleepg he in t ayle g apoe in t a. >>ot fun suati . > >>reggwe wld lik toseun
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whatou a deang witti. >>f yggou waveik gre ptu at a oearit vi tape yndouanavte g ptu to s ohare them i tpendan-m t srehem trert at a git it' youram a latn git' yr anief dcripti whanyou arlookg a anf dcrtihau s tarok to vwers o s i tenyl vniwea. oen ylsaynig goodmorng inch ayg snooow tdoday.rn his is a s htchno tay. you do s not a sanhtt to s oou d youor nng it its o pretty y thougng cfe . > here it i is anea ptty tier's >er back iyas.anea shes n piyl'sni n thckya of hes p nallntown. o mrngf a llhiow hlowe mrng i a'thi khwe > heather:n anotherto heaer:n rese ath crews tporarily ussnde tir search cafwsr tpo ri hreeple is sing aer tnearchr xplo on o eeeraisi elenvator i lo o sternsas. tley atorrati o ernpeals.ized t a eqrpmen athe tiastiloled threopealed
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eqen e stilled t sereo injed to mor .s inj i cou m b seenrom miles iay.ou >> g sgg: leanro teneoese are adolwing a.kend o gf: ea t eneweed v e ionce oletwienng israd o ew dnd vio ge militrats. test g incilidt inolvi a iae stir siknc ot sevneralvi ilitts iiaen retal siaon sal it eatsie itackn a r alad ehangeow ea jeockpaizg ny hope oae aow psieo cgea-fnye. op ae. lelandite h laorei h tionce cortieed in nday nigio.nce c tiwe hed roc fire o ifn azdaaig stp but hoc fsraeeli sikf.aza st b esidtsaere sll. cleg up f neay 4 0 idocts tre w serll c g ured on s atfdaeayve 40ts t i ad o beg s on dnesdayith i a pow o strnuggle bween h asesitnd ow ismictrgleiaden a hnd hasad the poibity isic of innii outf a h co trol. ibyf niut col. > theoctstarted falli ju
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a s> pheeoleocertseeginningtaoedal eak ju fo a ssab pthereginngo wor dage s was an artnt cplheor an s fe continunt. aheumber of fear csti.nd rtsbe fellightn tarhearking lot on pertssoas llilht was toihearngot a he waonserupa to we dog se takinsg cuper. at iwhene dog ssrap tinl c c. ihim enwn esidtsapre bin cng t m sto ofhe amide. goheadinndood aoafl theam goburnad out t you rn g o a ss oef t ou isi a and sap these a ndhr sapnap t sehole th is d hmetalpn tha tle cut ths h rough taese.l t ift do i ct to aar ouh e. c ifdo i imtine aatar it wld do i it ime t w do it aso it >>e areoong aso >> a wrecke. theyreaurehing missis. ey isaungis truckountocke tem tuc thatouasntseocfor t first time inhe aack.te atr t fisrstliimir finor ak. pounng a r
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air t fge pn a azaatripilling atea nine peop anazaipilng wiess rateportedinpe aumr of wies r orexdosns whichould iicata the were,of ieed osch wldponicat stagthewe,acilitdies. poheti havste beeacit trngs. toegte atiav cse b-fir btrut dea ng wohhrse-f s bera eahhr grps s insee ttri which is diffcu to getgr apsnstroncrechis de. ff oisretli oicls tre wl beonre schln mo r they cicce te w cbelaes f chl mo su.ay bausehey dn't antey ccee c kidsunng arosuund bf setheasy 'tt goi to cketds funirng ad theggas b koioo et. >> g gg:g lelandko, reporting. ggg fm land, poin gsouernsrael. m heather: ounsre fol hlowingheher: dth omoammarhafyolwi dth mch oamrfy coernash sfaced he. corn thisisfancee. stewhere heas hi ot ead.n te maerheibns sm b nfid encema in thnse sm iim l gingnmen and w oridriedcenhatth theinatiimou png eg intoennd w cyced of tbal vioeiletie a pngnto
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yc f r tribubati.ioe dav pipers seangive rbuti fromri liav. per shat theea ngatesivone the om wheaut o f t he eson tha fywh'sea ofonhafy?on >>? rrter: h i li ed er nghri nigr. e seemed rito n eig thiou overhe l t nee dd sceis t fathrwa er ln kled sce inis s th weundstahe has been some kd ofnda hasn indict sod negoatns wh t ndterition cminaourt goat w t eaces a egratonions c onaarrt crimes t re deingheaces aegns ei t-moimh-ol lib dn g war. w ueindermoolstanfromhe lational wa trsiti cwncil uheyeraanhimomhe at na be lough back ho trti cilya facm e gh ac kusti b tos time fsl a ti b t smsso wime tslaegias woith w internationacrimal crtnd ta his chs hereteatnaim r catrthendr hatanisomgchkere nd finre r a nom triale . f >> htr:ha is l ik ttheal now i n l>>has l ito un he qowet i l ouee traffic moving
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itounq behind tff mingind yo >> wlyes tpo is g etyong ck t wo vy mh lipoke i thes gest on t c tntry nor we hen't v hmad alinyheepts o t cry hajor't h aep itsidts iolving or kdafy floidwets o the ivi lt te kfy dswe oheince khada d d.lte coury i nowin tinhag to dve o 'sou i ver ny s p trocess here. o t y sti vav sen't an punce hd a n gov erteny avthe'tve aotn a the dnemocraticov elhetn thotleheed i doctiec ext eltheveralle i month te tals asouev saal hereon conr about tse ls assa re evolutio onrybohter ey al noliod toe t toer gi up the s.y al n weto w tked t gi upro t tpoli t elast fke ds aou see a l tpoli f arm m ston t fhe streetss e anouee tugt et ng back t mor tlhe seen h t heaeter: ngankbaouerly mu h ea : kviipouermutrmi live ro m trpolimi l iv gree: he at me fivroe men trli uste d i nrehe lt angelesniv e ennnecon wh a g te in h l aeles invoing t heec w sa unit.
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h t hpe voeagrl trhi mtht. atn uua hedpe buildingr using mth f atnrainuaed brcldises ung f ra pinlice beliercheyereow pce bel evelereurglarsow notpecting to elfiur thearsot hctugg e fiheunugta > piceunn dlata ex>as pice unu dsualla missg person cex hey re searc ng fnu aal ssn-yg eaper-olond gi. is l tly e src r fight y l rht she daparedaster night wle visting sheedel nivht isng.iv jmi may hav been sep waljngi wayn tyav a b aen an th areeponcerneecau talng w t chd was a othlyrencneearau t paj amch w nd tempetusetr 3aj degrees tpe ovnig.s ey a scoing t deges neigorho. ovey aig als.osi ea arcco dgog t ig hoand. alssieleate d. >> ggg: itas deen almost tee ince gitas teen o accosupt tlltonrethovemceenirst too okcc sh e. t thovlaemest onirhitsook wshndtht hidemssttionafte pole me seralrres m asttaloneste p
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e crosth salrr csountry es eaoserth: cnt hisan haseenhian caut fasmrunk drieevi a don ties >> a g atautrunkri wte doties ate sha sks s s tee i soks a ur fro ee cifornio dratitaur of frviv nex corni drtif ivex we a buiing webse by oselv. [ won anunci ] ther s an aasieuiway.g bs olv crea ur o smawo-busaness cite.. eraniey. wi int t weeaites omauss .. chse atylecustize, puish d gefoun.. wintwees ch aleste,puh geun fr jus$7.9a moh. gea 30ay fe trl... frus.9mo ge30 ftr..
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capal o 's nnt cosh r ardsard gies y a 5perct nualonus p o n r dsd youarn pergint y 5re crch. alus yooure nn saterfied ith % cmoreash,end bac yo natedh reh,d ac ll brighhere waing r it bgh rewho uldnwa wang moreitash?o dnanre h?[ sectchirng ] i'l ta it. i'll[ ake ct raiirup i ]here i'tat. malannocer the w lle caaital ie care rewds cd. alno r e e ca foreoplca l whcawantew0% m ce ca. caorpl whnt mca at'in yr waet? rry'll ean is ut' ywa? sho dn'tryave l de in rain uo 'te iin [ ourr ] e aming ory of wtherovinhea tise can ke ifromustria a u[ . lar] amg y werina istoa paent n in ime fom surtrry ula y se liktoa trpaped-t h lywo f preurse. se♪ik ♪trd- hwo rebu.if u ta awa th dratic ore. ♪♪ bu tawa thrac e. ta awathe zzyi 0-deee cera ve.. tawae yi de ca .. [ tes seech .antakeway thever-e-tostun t sch ankey eyor-re stoll lunt wi pret remkabltale yo bu s, ok l, mawie ke theet emindblgentleuperdel meo.buokmakehendnterl o. tha you [ me anunce] iovate mecal lutins. aou fex. so tionmthatanattece iatmel ti. fe soonatte
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heaer:imeor a quick loo the healine m eea:haen q oo thhee hilline peoplee a shati thekol withe theil rlire pple stormti. heeavyain akndolwinow t knocking sutrm po er t o hvynes andusesnoing utl ro po t h tees or ea ro.e > auraan jge hasnded a >auraan j h nd nion stre for qa on airways se qtheay say the a fwalyin could rume he a searlayy t ahe m fony.ou ti-ll tratrl protestor as m in nas -le contie tot p dteorys as curfewtior at third d gh felike ather rhiallies pole mad no rrketser. res hey s p tewill m berr survetsng. s t
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llth area. beur h aa. > grg: er are new quesions over n rlgry a n $30 esns o rllln fud30etemen ll volvgitrp.etem bankng glviantg witr acsedof nk g nt misadacgse invtorsack 207 m th i havnversk sinceeaed tt 2 setemt withav scet etwi c b a fedal judg s aycsoldn. ed dgayol itigro whi mad igro wi nrly $4ad bill in pfi in yis $4 llquarr ilonenfi i ay thi sn't quiig. ar ne t's bri hi insn q b. t' bri bne in od to s y cigrou was to peding k croas ed k claralized ebtblat c lawhatrazedappens? eb >yesit a atancyap tnsm?fo >s wh iasallyanm inv itmtasal thatasacked bynvoragest. ataced ts i b
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tight ie'ren htre thouhengbop gf ng bust. athe s amouim bt. cigr t is s min aethat thcigr h iousisng m boometha igo hsi t b usom wit i itsgo o mon. b it doe ws n iel t ionvonto hat itoe iss betelng aai i t t i>> ggg: b you peddlg a pduct thathe inves gto: ouhied he val p isctha gog u i bes t v ersons gogeding t soou in etti itil go down. lookti it goow judge is a fokederl judg he handledud bch of f thes tngs. dg wait mine. haned o i'mut tinesg t ts.he bs itin on this mthiin bau tsi'm otht se ithis b au fritro is sete ngs off f t eas he iassetng issue oden qstions tas he eas antsss cigup qstns and h sec ts hean a th to a swe how uld he a sthecits awe fraud of w thldisature a a mni sde beshera su th simisplury of mnide nelince? imy o foduestiolinc wh rean ishere to
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elstveio whea isthisre ppo paltywillelveave a d he is tht eec ptalll at w the a tdal h lofeche at wct t a rest ofctnshe d if t sc r wtasct unsble ideififyhet w peleul tackl de y heveculpableorherd p weul ac s ts? ab'sle crar w thi dge t ver y t e uspious thiersyea >e's b v er ypis ea eptical o bf v many ti s o sftlnts t ny st. hetl toks a . pt bak of ameria settlent apt ade o themedome i etle ad w ca theherem wilbe aed i det re ca whehen il's sc a sma etre w pt ofn shatma pof gdm -ha- citigrou makes. 's - a fift of hatigoouldmaak shsiftfhagold shs h t p. w c it be a d hernt.. al no c o iaseerntdmo aloas wrgdoi. w isdmot negli nt?gdoi is w was ittot ndmtedra
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was otteasra l of q u tion o hreal takes ttinc to task hal her tes t gre: thc would a tppeao toask be a sm inves eer. reth itldeaosn't aev se iese h. cc entay. itas'te thougy delertae. it ich m it al tl tyore d puzz li tha m thet s tecor puzzli wouhald t s crgeitroou neglince base f rcaueatrhaneg se fr inttial fud. ntti fmar. sro l's put ar h ctu uonuthe s cree nuonhe see nis sea for pimime s now?eaor p > thaveime mak theow selemes. th the wt tre wer a otseme o fth ttlen tre t wy aere ting o f get ne. yolneveen t tin kg no et yove when k thei bin edct closedoor wha w hey ery g teiin cse do.doo w y tt sur ws wld eeinstorsost huneds o mill io oorosun dla o a llio
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ti dgroula aad profit tiou aade undrs pof o mlis of dlarsade tdrhis mlis ies there shld t ha bner strter hanenalts s agast t cpa. >>enaltsregg notganl tis cpa. he>>reotis peltds sposeo be ommeuratbut heype he tdsose b sd a me detatrrentty m hsa to ors a fur dent badehvioror. f $2 mlionba sndsorik.e lot whe m citonigro sup mikakot $he biitionro inne m-quarter ag $ bion nechuuaerg chae. > yodon'have to l oohuat t prof. c you he oyon've loo took wt of yohe t wt actlnvesent. t at w gng ctlesnt. whe gng brndahas very muc >> a bra calorha beas ry i ms o>>n hh c ertea aer a isre on w hteh ar er a a kes a giant bite o f s a loial surfer.ite ohi 1 9losuer i bite 1utf a i bef
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rfd a rf it gested t crgeas feeton g.t gte his asie sit wn eton rdin yhi d o sfiit atn moinerey d ste bea. at unt hmoer heardis feaend yell he words ntea no fend sllurferver w wans to no he. sfer r >>he wtto ce. a o>>nopf cthee wav ae.f e he jtav started yli shark het ca 9. srt hehaas a cou feetw and 9 e hiara casou beeedtgw a prett hi gadly. re >>t migh be possible e ly i >>mi noin theosblee aanyre. no ineyra thel ft the o.a retoraf ety sakee lll ft bhe. tafy saposngll these andecmein opleot to goso inng theheatndme > he le t wine bteon t n he ateon arm t n b ftutely hes expeed t make arm fulltute he recer t >>akundrs of a sppersauulghl in t mid e ecteerr >>drofoce sppersau oott. t te hapned a ryoce popar
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ot resapd tow >> htherbackn phe caign ail. es an mow herckneyingnve r l. m ne diinhard cseativr. it' b eedinukrdivnd.ur t' bolital peluk wghs nexndur it p ws ex withiabes, is toh keelifealand. i on'tlwayhaveime to e likthi shbeld. ito eefeani 'tay vethaes whi li e ikucersh sha.s. thy ha slly destie cas awhli er ha he minize bloosugaspikthha sl dtica hein ewhic canooelp gawer ikc. [ m aounc ] gcern ican p r helpg pele wh dietes nd bance m anc grn lppe wdies bce malannocer what th beathatovesour art? w a ut t bea alof nohealr y heatt? theaatesr t? cam aell' thealeay re est up al ishedelious, aml'alret isli s, and rnedhis art, fo bei hea heahy. d ed s t,♪ ♪ foeieaea. feelhe bt? it'amazng wt so cano. el b t'az wso [anale nounr ] forastious brarn emy skner, eh da[was e eledun ] rti s by tarroug prepatioem sk r,for entso co. edas ed tugep io w l sor whertsaloncothe y, emy we rig on ving wsoerone emweign ng ut y seewithhe hp of h raynd jmes nancadsor, yeeth h hay jshesad pnned nc ad er,ry entuaty. ich ant e co inuee p toedave e me s to eive h t coue toe metoe
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. en theipe d ag of87. n hee ag of. lifeell anne fe l neseehat raymd jas adsor n door y. eet ymja adr do y
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4:32 pm
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4:33 pm
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4:34 pm
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4:36 pm
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4:38 pm
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4:40 pm
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4:41 pm
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4:47 pm
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4:48 pm
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4:49 pm
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4:50 pm
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4:51 pm
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4:52 pm
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4:56 pm
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4:57 pm
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5:02 pm
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5:03 pm
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5:04 pm
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5:06 pm
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5:07 pm
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5:08 pm
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5:09 pm
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5:11 pm
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5:12 pm
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5:14 pm
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5:19 pm
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5:20 pm
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5:21 pm
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5:22 pm
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5:23 pm
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5:24 pm
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5:28 pm
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5:29 pm
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5:30 pm
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5:31 pm
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5:32 pm
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5:33 pm
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5:34 pm
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5:35 pm
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5:36 pm
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5:38 pm
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5:40 pm
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5:42 pm
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5:44 pm
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5:45 pm
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5:46 pm
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5:47 pm
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5:48 pm
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5:49 pm
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5:50 pm
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5:53 pm
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5:54 pm
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5:55 pm
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5:56 pm
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