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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 31, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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specl thgs hpeni -rougut t w. f t fit ecthing h finirs le s ug t on ou theews an sfie bigngfirses newn onhe thes g.p. guest t comehe ntewnhe t extme wther l t meor y n th rng.noe. xt lea wer y th tee mrnlioneopl incl ing easelfakinup ts rninwitht por foowin t mon pl is wclkendg snolfstorin t inthpofoin wndnoor rcesr, maachutts, of e hst h c itess witmahus, over 30 ihes snow h hhere c theitcenen itr is snowstchter, rehe nenew rk wre cws wed arou thelocko clchrr, ssiv treew from whe c whighys. what theouceneheikeckncl new iveeom jers?gh . wel go hereat livhee anethe ewbott of e ho. rsd fo?the rst tiwego wre'reiv a heing om t ttf ho pot now foe t of ti we jeebluelighthatas heg t straed othe towmac if jeueghat rannec ocut er se tnc ihos! afr i ect sen ho af i nded asood d war r edt, tasd wa r pilo stoed rkng. t i'lneedo hav t coloequetoes o a c. 'ledarav t si ing co froue o o him. c i ed topsn boa t sig ro om. rpla .i t >>e cat ses toetoa t anyelp fromy ow coany. la >>caseopolozeornyhisp but omsow co y.therany y yo can get a tuglozes
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utand ery yowban oetere aug t d sba and o eget towedomewreo and t gedeew or sethi a i dot ca. ta us ywhe g. shi doca tas he toake tters woe, o theasse ers dtoe eret o wo thpl oe. th e wehe no seaces fhemo o thpl go. thny owethemo senth f nigm on airsnd .co . oem s cong ulateonig "fo& frie s" ou'l rs eaco fro one co u te thofo sseniers.'l he'l real atro ene th p ot ho had eny.. 'l it rade l im e ahaid r hilife p d e earcite ad hife forhreeissi wo ers e a grcin pla in nsasesumg at oreesi sunwoses his g la rnin a asumatassi enlosi atishe sil in kill thr oth rkersi and the en wsit are misngilre ll hr th esum to er nd deae wre e cae ofishe bla is um so ll noaknowbut caofrainust la hily elosis. s noow t ew delopnts thein ct as o hi esi ssinbaby l is dophiss hemo cing. o torn cin sh t in whobys no snger orki onmo theg. cas ernillinhho no ho a ns c fere eer tkiaynheas il plaing wt we wron g.ho ns cre t lisan disa eareai wweon octor 4t sa poli wand asa trareed eciast t questoon t4t ther twolions anda tara n.a. amplia tes tain. erose woins rvie scraped athe st mine at endn.
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e fin lietcrd ae ek. ort inportly ht a fndig with l . t t rt h figfami's o therth lyer er wther they ould actumily dthos ointeeriews lr wery ld tu dostews ohwow. ohwow. oh, w. oh wothosare t ohastw.poken wds , of ppleose tceo stev jts bere ke w pasd lewaot j earser tes as nth. in har tsist 's t chinh.eulo h reprted st tinlo "thnew rk mes,prd mona spsonhar tth w emot nal ment thats,eookmo shisonar t cldre a his otl ntatwife.k she eveasd hi chiing chonere aiswi. callhe td he toeeahiurhigpne to ll the lo to fo h was deey sorrto bleavg feverne. h as ose e yoee rr bheavline >> aittlbit erla.ter,el e yove waer heneisaa on atlnt r, he a shaa. wenl ta andore revatio sh in is wetandeon-tbe bes sllin evbookio the inws l t nit ca out-tnes in theveng ok hate lnicaut aega tiths en ha beeta aa agatist haee hern cainwere aegedade ga ainser inre hman ain wedn hease nsesidt ofhe niona restrantssoctionack hn w he thlate id90'sof nna stntoc
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on>> k ght. th te d aprent'shese cims t. apntse a that cwo wsmen w word a at wn wor wit him it ongsm e o him tha he had legey hgs oimhae s ualld ge h suggtiveehavr arnd tm. geuresnd tt so o sllthin ggveav arbig tws her i ge tesre w t so o parely fanci inyout g thatescrered i t w thi re f aciicleut as fe figatecr i fincial hi ale payout f i dot knig lallypeinr,alow ut do yoknsel lythpe but aprent al parof tsgree mentyo is th thut youe nosuppaped tnttalk al abart th te eents thounopp tlk se.ab th the ames othelleg ople. w heeseceid oeeg mon hlee nobeenadeubli weitonall. h noeneli hava rertnlynl. avre polico ay the havbeen someenia by e inli aheaven campmegn oia anyy untord mp ony tivi towds tse wen a thisointto viow t w a thmere isnt payment ooney in thre ay ntaims no pro oositeeyin tha the nducactuly t k pl e. mnoroitha e uctu tpl nylaim relt in mey beinpaidn or r to imnd teat n
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maim. d in to idorsureto tt t l suit m. doo n't re for trdithtn tual lesolition wha dot or happhed. so wan d to ee w t healol n had ha ay au that pp. o an sto w dhed d aeryby el. that hapned ter e mning s d dows re de. ter yb"facelhe thapd r mng s na don" r ace hman in w ask thiby a narepo"er. hn wskhi a po. >> sasicly wt he id i m no>> goi t cment ic we i peop younooi tanno ctellnte wh theyre opou no llviouwhy, tugh, his eyoryn is d and agolks i me ou th,s y th sto is oing dndag toks ctinu to g w anthquittos ngnest to c prnus isot gng tstop g uanntilit st th fin t pris g top uil o who thin -- theknowho- who ese twoheow wen a. o ewo obousl thecain waow ian fensmoderyinto f ureob sl he ouhow resndinoa ithis >> tns dessueins fe who souw utties th out isishe lt p ting this ueout?ho theti thut is l rig pnguttis thi out?t? he theyre gng tbeig htiarhidt? qutionand ey g t ndor har diffquult onswerd perps. geldo rffverat werer p.hing hd
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ge olastightith e of rera w png h sthth of cain okesople let'takein lisn tothis. >>e li u,es nle you havet'okeis to lel wi .is >> arliyouenyi or i n theouve lewi aruyir i ndidhee,ermacain dying th he er gaveoyo two idmain dng thmen e o algedeyhat hawo sexuly har sed hemn al bdac int hathe xuardm bacn e 1990? ise dennghe ch90 paout ise toen e chpat t omen? >> s. yo t kn in?an tell u,e' yoen ts movie played iutl e' befo . toela dit's conrvate fo lader 's rgeton byate bera. mr. ca lereser s be er t n etyra this . >>heca merbe des tve m chette th isthis >> mrdonte chith is spokmanr. spokonmanhi the oknr ok henan cnhe camheign cutn i wt ur dial,f y uld, to amn wlitt bitore dl,f yd,o substtntivite doou dy thahis bsiv do d eve has ppen? leme jt teve you, en le jte ts
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u, isust exale othe dia tack t ist xa - oe a >> ck d. undstand sle -y poticsmated.ndanle pocste peonaltks >> hr yo pe alheartyou. it heazyo it's aru. itzundeande 's it'shy i'deve run f dede of'sce. m asng y i nowo tave abo thun sub fancef tse of. alleastion yow tadid bo hapn? thub ce s it t- ist beg leon d ap itseg mionsted? s the ined her- y or mist ?no, s the ash thin stlemert yr to t , thh fele sem empyeesf th nati tal rtaurt asciatn?empesth ti r ur as atwellll i'm telng you rit now 'melsouhis som hingri no at ty are tingottacs om ng t>> ar tgd.ou semac- ou e s adinmy estn. waherer washereot a in st sh ware asselemere? >> geldo. washerer wassemehereot a cage seto.emen to asworeasre a f ale ca ployets ofenhe niona restrantssoction fe oy>> of nna gerstdontocll ion goito er ioi te yous tt ts is a poticaatta on a te ou tnsertive that'isdoin awell. po ca>> tanj.d.
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whaeryou've sayt'g ainll wh youeoing r ht ow i ad.hau'ay a reci forwhisasour, r i a m tling ciorasyou, m the morng pa rs a tn't ngst tir adli u,heor ar youpa at tir denng tha li the was a ar caou seenleme toha twoheas fale caemeowo f e ploys ofhe niona restrantssoctionyes no oyof nna >> woulsay stntoc yon'ds ave noo uly get at f ym th retaurt assoatio >> he it oes.t f th a s rtemeur to e soio p. hits. h ssaysmet iso n tend reesen hfair ysis n tatcks. whene sa he reen askirats. hern caensae abo theseskepor bore iter cabo acthellyse bameor beblic he id ictememyr sothin b evaguy abt itic an hershe te hin in m iyemso in guabit mi . an the's ero isses he. tinn my yomire e herths is hoin to resnd yo toheth e or rt the waa sh inoyoutesok th's one tothr th wathin some dy igoin tutbebleohne provwhetr orot t re win a came pay it soin yo tettele b cura onov etor tthat w cathe aymbersowo tyongste bhe ra n send ptatf i e iser t wheer o not 's aitti orenyi se pt fthatheshe o t atiryi at actityctuayook ace. o isctes yuahe.ok e.
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is he i dot kn howouee . >> u g to doknow sepatehe t. he g dosn wan tepbee tttac.d to t atris sayin d the was wan ta acpayo t risoin toheas he resuran sociion rmeryomplorf othesofolk thundeeslyinan cin erlossues di iteslk thde inin ft haen softue dididn't hapen,here fha need to bsoai'than,obusreenia by . ed b. if iusiay d haen i nee d t beha tee airmae hat i haened amae wasistat ir ha whaedver as. as ese tacts ll srt to come ha our todaifr. . e s so ceca doeounotda r. stt toespo ooct atd a th he t caouoe illt st atoisedpodocat a th he put the ou wllh t aedmokg th ecamputgn magernd erythg ishat w is t winng iheok iowa oll mpd mhere e poiths u pist s iin i thnatial pll. wa l keepn mihndoito uo,p i rardls of thti p wh.her ese o th gs aep mi tr or not,to rdlof i ask whour e thths, a tr r t, per, abodyanask up toths, anody d ma ape a accdyatio pandof tost gre oany ma mccio pers allydnd tt i'mre00% o m incent i mrse aly taccal'm % desion in nti'm mying an t suatiac lwher therwas payo d i deon m allyngant t t s gti thr gherer as
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yo d i trl th cou emb rasslyyt t g faly a allhr theeo aplr trgo fth a oumbsspa ff.fa a ll thahwas ee pplnt tt fs pa. maki earhaer as y've pit t t rit onhe hd. kiar a yve th factrihaton hhereas a yout assing thctt tre wre a ut ssyoutgs no t p wof tt th alletionas te. utno p tth le on ca ts ar stled ech a ery day whica thear peoe sed echho a e a y hi he eo cuseare t, i a glty thesellege ion ihat's bee ma aga gst tym a the thinheegnret'eeade as amaga bus tess a ohe someinmes policalesuscisis. o >>uesshat mes olal hean cn wi be the fosix >>ssat nechanl toy, he cwie heo:20.m sternetimeandon'toiss it. see w h0espond at at er meme.n' s the .anti t e oth hndt big .stor that he w hppengtilast tth ght wig t orf thatmembs w of h ene maff fstilyeren t w"60 tthmbf ma mi andr, th"6rema0ing n,he mis. otdrr sothcommtemag uici lt otsomm arci and l rut dof the i of d ut rniemado. he's aofnipphef owhy ey'r ienow mingdoorwa.. he app oy 'r w ngwa >> h
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sa>> evethin ie beenoings h asavein i a enng b alie. he s ad th busess b e.s s athuss pzi heme and phe f m ime mplely sventnd i bro f i anthen jusstar d soleing. snt iro anen usar sog. and was ocke feltike hed ads keplod. imean ilton'te hinkf hehadad tolde heas od ian al in,'tnk i c hldd ldve bhen mo al c bmorprid. >>he lked ockeri >> ld ke shasked wt aonzi seme s shkehe f wst ziesti s?e e d n't ven uersnd tht. f menswengati dtn urs th mes i 'swe alfakeha me i aldafas,ha youkn 'sno bee dogda wha hsaysoukn ee ohe'seen ing.ha hys and ollod ttpnd sd 'ss, in e beg. lng to lld oflo t ull sf these year ibe l i'o bee lyi to of ueverody. he seve b n lyg toar i'eeyioery. bly tose my btheras tmbli wit ber
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ra it heas aoluty fuous. ra he autfus. ma washe fst oneotand andsaid i'm fmaereas fnd o hetormnd nd'mut of ee heroomrmnd i if emmedtelyollod hiom iand lked ut.edlylohi >> andd ed r.h wentn t s tt >>d she els wen cpablenorer t s t s e sath causmark calkeblupo he-- is tt marr h usrkkedrew he i t ma whoillar hself sd brewk of elatmanshollith hlf s bn br of inriso she id nath b d a inttlesohile ere n- >>assi pubc rel ions waa lele thfami is ifat, >>siub rambelng tns kin ofthmi blise iachfa her. t mb t wh regindflech r. w tthe egnancl imopriies te utnc wt ha enedim ri s forend whahapped ter. ev wybodhaised akin grehapphs a r. tryi t ev buodilinympay a for yitheipotionu i dot knpa howuch mpat anody tsor eipoon at ts doknowh at any int.t t heshusbd defde o. t. sison t ks je ner esn'hesbdef o sin kjer n' ink.j. s sonnoct. k. sooc tima tail authe las convsati witnico
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ma il stunt nvnti plaitco wil he uden pay or sin.lle . tu don'tellsla ouriletuest enay e at, n' sayllit wlur pt st stentsn deer dt. , ay w p sttsde d malannocer in 14, ilianood me tohio al noviner ipen 1 tom oes iand anal id lian teasoiod me. neenoms d ian so mee fo gotamou and on didhe cf. footou d id c heo, im ch boydee. he ich oye. qlityngreents noservives ill eve bow qtyrets rv es l veow [ ma annncer cranrry ice?ake ! ♪ ♪ manner any e?e ♪♪ th's gd moing, veie sle. th gmog,ve s .mm [ le aounc ] r ha thealors -- [ anc haus heggieorutri--on. oulve d a . s ieri. l a
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i te myultiitam ut wted do methg mo or mnutrion. tmy tithame's muc infoatio w d ouo therthmo mtrn. wh's g d fothyou s day,uc isfoad fio you wh gfou y,is fou orhad idewhato chse. unt i fd nd deatonuchient.-- aew le o supemennt fom c ntrununta l oupen wh ci torully ust. oma-3 ppor noonlyy het,whtoy 3 butory br in noandlyy ehees to. robiics lps th distivutbalabre nd e t bis s di ivandlay imne fctio andruit vege ha anioxint pperts. ndim fionditegha anxi p rtnepronrien frocentm hes ma nuttion ossinee.onenront he mautonsi
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i wodn'to th. t maied? , i uldn usehat sing mil cret ca. wo'tth mad? i dnsetngilreca nicring kck ioff. icgnornghim. withhe citalne kvent ie caf. youarn. orm. thdoub c milal onntverycaurchoue.n. shar ] 3d i so rubl laily. onrych ar i i rig r herlalarr if y're t eaing doub mil... iigerrr y e yea're gttli ubfoilhalf. eall ye li folf alaidie? hat,re w ll prescho? [ le aounc ] aid ge?the nturcard t, w re hoat [ anc ge e urnd erdn dole mes cn evaly pucohaseveryay.
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edo mwhat in ur wlet? wasevonnapu sesay ryat.. uh h... atn wt?asnay . h. weome ck, everne. present ama tryg to vamp as y weweree t, serdente. an pesgramt nd ha ryto pmises mp ywe t sat ints gog to pam h sav pse big igoto moneav >> b becse oth chge ne ec a out ch a 1.milln amican couldee eir 1.ymenll go amwnan b huredsf doldars r en ao mon and huds dothatsnclus so of e stentsho a her a monday.nd >>but atlusof st wits tax ayersernd u fo ing >>at btl? joing wiaxw,rs h uus efocatig b and rk fce c mittjo cg hair hus and minsota eticongssn jo d f ckleitt gooto sir you, dinta ng ngrejoman,n rson ei oo>> g sd toeeu,yo >> whave lite bi of re n, nnesona weher re o gto tyo w vertheitt cobit alady tod ay es>> wwer o tdo. thas fobrin ng i hecoaly d ay les ge t wohe.
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e hasidefo's in i an he. i kn you legedigreeith tsde st hent an prknramou inssen adi aeeoh t becset st wat an xecuvepramder. inen a awhy? ec >> warighcut.r. we, thresint y? ->> thi gh t. minirati haseen wethsihi bypa ing ngreni on tisueasn ter iue aft issu t y'vepag ren e sort o r ift amouysu tve rt o issdunreou of re cnges andss exetivere rorde to pass congressndo i xe veink at's miske. deo ssgr al, i st ti nk k thi'sisis a. stak alit'si ery tnfushig a i'vealkedo l t fak peo e'sy us abou whatvehe keesidt's opos l is.t iteo vere difculto figoue at ids out.os s. me o the itangeerare ingifltig t t. fect oe gee gery smal goup tf ct uden. so of em a goi toryffema g paarge gup en o studsots.f a oi ole ofge git i oud coure f mo borwing and l ive t go taxpers ldinthe ur bamoor ng>> "end lve tlant" xp ds ine aba s dy " and owed accntdingo tir da lcul ionsd tudeeds woccd onng t save0 a mnt und this ul ns dean.wo on e bger ve iue toendshi t . b r gherducaon b ible. o m loing t fts a fires. siereca be. log 1999tude f aoan de fis. has isireasey99dene 5s% wh ieas
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sposle iome s on incr 5sed wh 73 . os ie on soou heore acrd me famies w73 simy cat so a hffoee a m toeo t olmilege w soim tcay ancurfo tomorend me t.geo thow d y seeurhis beg re m. wresoed? d i ink y'veeeeense t cos of colge gp andso u? andi k eup.n tos olitio gand nd ues, endup.olles d ionived itie a gng, to llve tface he veie aact g at t ther s no tance endss splyft ney mingrom ate d fedeerl nogornmes.nd s yey'lhave t y ngookm ae tir de go me owopering sts d s'lrveo t k artaithe tst ogoingo owerg s s corege. we simaiye o canin kproving coney t fedal we gornme in ime fo ofan kvi y bsid teded or actu go loame an fo f pe grashene d 'tid havr atuoa a the ney. pera n i nt t tal tyou a dutav thexecuve or s.e y. that one oi the tal tu prilegeof e preidencu or athe cne do oehat.rige prbut enknowou bieve a co allresintt. do it t ow yo bel bveve in a ts lsise,e'soit yogoinelarou coness n g tet pae, of ss jo bl in oucomponsheds g et>> ll paf jo b ihink he' eenmp ed in ll ink te't, i idn earlr, on iss afr issu t, thicase w trle's doi onssfsu withtude loa by hirse w ansysisoisechnallyegal buthit ideaoatrety fim
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anisohn ly al hi andbu iet ft waono he nd inte of conwaess noo th at te is fons me. >>ete askth yout a utid >> aou a axrod'commts yestday,e sa fixg thecony is axd' mm pa y, oth worsa, itix a lth oonis thes litt typ of ings thpa thea. thoritresi lnt i dng ikeesttypf gs th tudeth loahe pgra thasi i d ke ll a encothassdeoaolutn to praha xinghe enomynd he w atco son tblameutto replica sayg ngat eepubmycansre weling w to t am te dow theep ecanomyay ub in nsder w ng takodownhe pside. teowhe emyn r ak-- twnr do p tdepresent. thas outreous tdo o t fefest. ha .tr us facepubcans on con fess at pasedill ter acubnsons bil aftebillwe'vasenl a reast pies ofil tell'v ast lislaon ove r tieoof e sete. waingor l alaionve f tm he se . wag demoat-c atrolnd sete a of f whiould elp impve the mo -c ol ecseomy ad of helamerans hit bald to lprk.mphe ecy delers bao . our vw of e job bl i methg th r a vowsf heob b i thth prive seor as toow. we ivseoeed. biness to he confenceoingo t fute dso b tesy'llto heake the nftepscengo tut t ll hi peoe soe're ting eheps
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acti. we likthe hieoso preredent to sg to ti caweaignikg anecomeork th toutre amentcans sackto t cagnanmek ome ns wok. t >>ongrsmanohn eine eat seeou bght a wo >>grann earlne >> r l t eeplsure bht >> s yougain so. >>rl r. >>ominup, plcialreecury souin runng inhe rso and n w>> >>in, alur prnnosaliny th rpresndent nuld co pralthaxpaesrs at therd267 co biion. uartarneup nxtpao b aeaer7 wn tse nbersor y. bin. rtne n b t nrs y anthene wajust a anenwastfiure, orgeclooy's dhing t difi on e,eir latiship geoos dng t din r tiip welce iho ere ey gw amera's vori toes eryo kno idalc pot ioes ste e eat. g ers ri es yonodaots e t.t diyou ow ty'red foyou o? di u t re th're fogh iu vitans a potaium. th e id idtao po atoes re n ta m.certied car idpo esthe nart eckm k frrt thed
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ar eric hea asstion e t km fr her fos lo in sicuratea fatss onand olesrol. folo satat d esso tl.y'reood r myamil anfor urs. tred myil anr s. arah taalwa. loofor e grn in idahseal waoor grinahal [ me anunce] ow a we ing mak ths seon bter han e la ? mance ho aaboue makig it akight thse br n la hooukit ht re lorf... ♪♪ e rf. ...d puing l ouhelps o wo?♪♪ we an b ld .pu ong our ouvorilp tra tion wo we b on r ri byraaddion a w neones ♪ ♪bydi nees we'vall t gaands and dgetto setch ♪♪ 'vl ga ds and thietyear swe cch keethemoth ergrn. anhiar c eeemh gr ♪ ♪ mo sav♪g. m♪dog. th's t pow moof tav hom mdepodo th tow tompo coratution cotuon ngralatis. rati conglatis. toda theity cha otte can e vezon chnogy ngti dahe y ha instere bessen veton onsenoe en gy nsand bnitosecost toseen
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maki comniti greer.. ngralatis. d tost ... d budingkias vomuablti reto..he b tom rane..ti wh ! . bung vbl to bm .. wh t peoe inde tm. ngralatis. .. teoin tbe use en y adderiz youcompy, rati bee y ddyoizdon' justouddmp you ltip. yo♪n' disstver methg neu .. ip♪ ♪ isverir n. thne ri
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6:25 am
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6:26 am
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6:27 am
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6:28 am
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6:29 am
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6:31 am
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6:32 am
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6:35 am
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6:37 am
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6:40 am
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6:41 am
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6:42 am
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6:44 am
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6:45 am
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6:46 am
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6:47 am
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6:48 am
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6:49 am
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6:50 am
6:51 am
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6:52 am
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6:53 am
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6:54 am
we'r helng tha ballha hav'ruc ds exeme ars at i'rselha inteerinavwithheirivesnd in texs cae , ths bot ierce te ineir thimalir esobia t>> scawe sth inothe cipce r al fro thshowia s s"myn cip extme amal ro th ow obiathatouyxt act ally l ke em dwhathey ar t iaatst. let becty dear,at iy t d'take. ete yboddo ar,thini dtheythoosetoo it. d whod ain ey youosorce sebod toit. somewhing,t doen'telpou ce sod them so w ask thememg,ooeot itlpnd n em ka e's wd kheckiem caso andot nthe st othe ng, ey d ka s itn thrie asndow e >> w ot wae your, eact dn, diesitwhenthour canto thisow wwa urct esudioen and u sawhataou usetodh to fearhe mt, so f ioampl d saat if wse opeo up at butarrfly m fcage are plu fi? w >>pe ip utly actll geeele fi? >> reallct confent w. el an iake the rnll a nft i'm an verakhe a hay wi theust beceruse ow io o rha suwi ahe hugt ece obia i >> .u a w, wugt abt th spid s?ia be.use saw ur rctio whe wab th u ca in heid. yotook stebebacke w riohe ca n he uh-h. yo >>okow ate youckeeli aut i -h >> aouli a i righnow? >> i'm anxus and m ghw? pal are 'm
6:55 am
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6:56 am
inteerin%withheir lvesuc s muchushaei tary'reseall teinthir wilngs to srust ch t treocesll til tous tesclai t eir ves. wh youon'nowais k atr whoun'w kat h a t ta a tantul >> yh,t isa lile smalr. i feul it ycricts a itisives li my al fetic ates om. y thaade morbrav. hae or av ha offor all o youor ercong yr fharsff andorll o ou ctorfor elpi tm co you f >> tnd show cn s een veryorr pi t frmay a t sw:00 c pn .mnaste onry fr a anal pnet. y, rie.00ten an >> pt.gret en tha rs. guy. woulnot do>>g etha thatgu can phob beculet no sessn? i atink. n obec i tnk icoulpossly d ss i k. anwh te, iulss d a we inis wh up a thies ishourlet telp y whas stightheadhi urt el yha st whht doead't daldrump thi ing een the whoe disesdtmp cisi?hi hel jn ug n livhe to defndesnd si hej u defiiv. t >>efnd mt romn wt doe h dohen 's picfing up >>ore mndmn w oemore hush don pporrs bicpe it'
6:57 am
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6:58 am
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6:59 am
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7:00 am
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7:01 am
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7:02 am
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7:03 am
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7:04 am
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7:05 am
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7:06 am
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7:07 am
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7:08 am
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7:09 am
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7:10 am
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7:11 am
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7:12 am
maxim. so -- w andh ttsoes tybe pose me te of xi so-nd ts e se tof -thermighbe soyp of -ifer betghen t busheopland e prr ysof pifpleet t th per peoe k eepshpl gd ng p rr ck a for pone >> bore runthut oereo kpti g wa a to orow tson be un obja tha s halween hewado o tsnd u'ren itao,ha ith !al en wah th. o reito,h wath >> ♪ h ♪ ♪he's h♪ a ser fak ♪ 's per eak s f ♪per f eakyr k o♪ yo shou be rppy thky is. o ey me me♪he ppkinndou yo outhe e y skel on.. urt mhubbme pinone. i ow e >> da, wha'sel you. akertnbbe. ow d thisha are ouu hay wi theeay u'reeing is ptra yee ha wiare heu wried abut you reng pa ye ture ndeae rs oair? wedbou wh i t ink sreea or? - w vy mu surisedomeb y li awh tk bob - w vel muuredebli a b s iam a sunfwer, i all ppynd nfr, l syshin and i
7:13 am
ink wou thi i suld the sinnd k ouhi sd e genwich wih. >i am hored to chwiclud. > >>amou suld . you' be clud h atedo 00 ud >> sday.d i'm u'e otudt on toy but'mn y.tues y an 'midayno >> wutll lk foard 'm seeg u torrownd t es ranst othe ay we and atch w tod lfod ee yway toow t grea oeshow we>> indlchod cheshhis ay ment en mo , daea.ow ihe >>sok mt >> k wingmohereda wldn' othe >>ok mean kile,ngtrairet wn' heead, an e,tholaiolleccus ofd, olle ofndinusfusli by t dilayi croes. ofinliy diyiro. u'llear fm a mhose son gaveis le in llr ffghastan mose onprott ve linelighausan ottolence. rutig maoflee. ut onhy s wil not vorcma her husbd, bnie,n jai sil t rcersb be, ai malennouer ] inki a sothi witho
7:14 am
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7:15 am
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7:16 am
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7:17 am
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7:18 am
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7:19 am
10 aore so tiit musemtudeno whothe prayive mes10oay heus plene toho -- let aye mes ask h youbout tha plto be-use et- >>eet msk a you aututhatha - be lee mask ou>> m a y at - le a mutkhat -- whais tt abt? at- >> ha t abrsonly, thin it' >> silless. thinonit's, boutint' llsis.llin s. in's ut i ink meonis jtsiin ting i k on the me t jteizen tg e a tnze issue an jusse aur amecanse wayf usmenay li to st ppetue tir nfoc the olio hi pstu that t ey w t to o a it's jusc he ti totopiseinha sil a in t'e tuse we ve tileot,pin let me al. you n a t hae th e wo ad beome ouat wld a sayoura go odes. onthwondbe ge at w sauro son diedor tt ve ason sohatheseonolk sed tve cou bri thon kinof a ctn.tselkouri thin do y a seect i tt w oreet y dieeereny? i >> ti beeve watr eveoneas the ght dien >>bee vee t e xpret the opion. don'belie thre pheople he open. n'lith rht tle h use tysteor t
7:20 am
theiown t i ink at wte ein . rlly hi ek o w y atntioand yes, expss ry h ourrdoms at totioly ad yes, xp beeve is geneman hasr the r ms rit toxpre hisot ainio no tobeastee theenan ashecou rtri toreistimeio >>no itehe tnk y on bualfrt othetime tion for yr t ynn's bf svice o e d thk yo for onpeakorg o ys stodace we w h yo so w l.thyor thk ak ou. >>nex did y knodahose wyo w slee ess thghtsre >>x ctingid y no set ees ts me th cng swe dr ms? wh yououlde mthosinwedr? wh thsandof dlarsy stouing ld d it thndha doweers so st'vg e ot e. so creiveays toitakeha aeeo 'v soreeso ejack'-laern d yodon' eveneed pumpn. cklan yon' end mp 're dssedor hlowe toy. e ded hwe to ook,veryay wre ung ore d mo eney. k,ry w uhe w ld nds e mormoenerne. here it ing comfrom w n orer re t g ♪ om♪om hat'why ght ♪re in straa,
7:21 am
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7:22 am
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7:23 am
7:24 am
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7:25 am
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:28 am
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7:29 am
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7:30 am
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7:31 am
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
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7:57 am
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7:58 am
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7:59 am
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8:00 am
he smid poalesys lk fothe own ido se. al lfoe n idse >> gtche goomorng, evyone toesonda oct er 3 gheoorn ev 201ne es da happct 3halleen. m grchen01arls. hean c n, bpp sto tis llrninn. he' grenls f cedhe c bto t t defd mselinaftee'r fd aegatns o t ef sexu elte aat orass nt. xu o won, t pauts lege y. ss. he wo t fropaiss camign. ge >> per: hessenrs sandeonro jetam bn.e lan p: en sdeforc sev et hour bwithanoood, wat orcev urbathoms. th was sod,at oad t th pis.t asve s ti lledheolic i g a prlemere on t edic grpla. rm i edeonhe cop t ooard theris a cop la i op ord er s atingop rht heren s frong ome. >> reterone the assereers o lid trooughhe oligh jos. >>ere heses us li tghgh jo nt. >> ban: guarstee u, he ispoli cha tt nou'v b : arnevee eve h is seeliha tt'v befe. coveveeehasg aop aaitef co
8:01 am
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8:02 am
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8:03 am
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8:04 am
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8:05 am
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8:06 am
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8:07 am
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8:08 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:13 am
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8:16 am
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8:17 am
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8:18 am
si the 'e r wl b a qutionraew is,ereeopl wilng a totakehathe i r excngequonfors,e pl ilsimp rtoaxkeat ixcersyst? >> p er: thimpao-cled t ta stnumb two pn: hi tes-cd of stacial mbwo inreste gross, se are ashi thif splanal whato yo instro s s?re >>hiook,hiirstfan at allyo t compxity sf >>k,stll t t tax s tem mpsty st a abinat tn. iax smeall aabat ilievllthisurre inco taxyste i an evisre co alaxtrostearou the n ik ofn t amican conaly. osou mohe busess nopleofillay the me thing am anis ia oon mo simusifyis lel thee ngsyst isery i o aracte toimyi the stsy aericct tve bn ashgton7 iceo ye bs. thwhol pow strture inshon washgton ye pet tholevolowstr re oundhe tin shon settem. at'solhy aost erybo nd t lk t sm. i was ngto's ha as tt e boflatax bausehey ntto t ke the iastoha t pow at bse hy e. keheow h hean'sase yshis gis wer ck tthe pple. he'se messt veris r te sile. p e. u ca fill o m urer taxsyst sion a. ca posllard ohisyst .axst a os thd 'ss a vstyro gwth th and vry pular g inh rmsf
8:19 am
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8:20 am
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8:21 am
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8:22 am
8:23 am
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8:24 am
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8:25 am
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8:26 am
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8:27 am
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8:28 am
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8:29 am
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8:30 am
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8:33 am
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8:34 am
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8:35 am
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8:36 am
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8:37 am
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8:38 am
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8:39 am
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8:40 am
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8:43 am
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8:44 am
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8:45 am
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8:46 am
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8:47 am
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8:48 am
ty d we touink,dhat'waum wayshat atmatts ishe's lwawe sod t k, t'ue yst t tt whishe'swa s ths. >> gtche onef yoweet wh heecid not t o ghe beneyo iet wheidot tbehe i vega debe. yobelie he goi to welln ne gaampsebre? yo >>li do.heoi o i tllnk hnelreaas. w hpshi ips? >>o. t hxtreealy. h hi i crial. kinre crl.of - as t eopin up ere t t kwheandites - sd th tet toop kpd oet toe t k ow t sideof temhatdi thes th st oo k ohe coury ioot abl tid t seethe a lot o o ppleaseou i i f tbl medee d atherot o pee srces i wher n in tewed der ses ham hireer wineamre w tellellolic soal curi llllli esoreme rimpornt. >>e's ver iverd on enyme sue. >>retcn: o of e thgs or. th c>>nsers tiver doner onke aboue.him tha he>>tc of th th word c ferr veon pr iden oba. heouas tm hae amssadoor f cprna.en ba whe in tam thad otrecen po at c ce o. ayin hisniggt tht grrpenpo of c o sportins haenedisogg grbef decrat s rtandhaedndepdent inew e atmpsh e. d >> tep funntn thi is,sh e t hasun
8:49 am
alwa stotronhi onhes, ceas waconstovationrincles. o 's a cayseen nsti prlifencs. asn o-trritiofel maiage o-send andme proax triomage ts. don' knowseow ame tsmagero ca . n'ow t out,geuta hehas to fcus o nt, thin he' sronge. s>> ilsoo thi you f hsve to l ook at heine' sng abi tyabity ctor iohiou ho l atbiandaby or whcanet t the docrad depeents awhn the rep dlicara. >> tt's e on waypee'rets a ingepca ts oonayre win git'soringn lroupf oplend ineel our 'sd h ngthe a litytoup do thatle 're ling urat w can hnd e a ty ding litoe fu at grehen: lot fe g wnfun, ttinaot ngitfu o ren: aotenti. n, ntin to ineet de'll o ntin to a wtich. >> t nks inro havt gll uin o w gre.hen: reato me all t s rreeavfou. >> uhank ou. re >>n:retcatn: tmek abllt w rkine .stif, co ng u>>nk nex. t >>eadtc tab me winalki arelso if acout uoex td me ki rearto a perrmin firs letheck tnith bl for at'sern atinhe trs oetck the h ur. b don' get or 'sat thecare . hemn'r. t >> h you doi?reem >> hretcoun: ftast. haoiy haowee samto y. weot n pol>>ngtc n fbersstut
8:50 am
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8:51 am
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8:52 am
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8:54 am
theylioin hene "fo& twrs eyn e fries." lcomfouys. heyhow it ie" oms. eyoingw tng bab hey, by. >> gtche whaare abu gog toerfo? >>n o y by, b ghehae go to goofo c le>> o b "belveoo c bab" grehen: ake elawayab " bri : weren: be ieve les he ay. >> gritchewe hercome bvele the h mumm gs. heermehe mm ♪ youelie in ingsou c not ♪ ouien gsee c t♪♪ ♪our perstion grantd ♪ ♪an ♪r rson gnt♪ youeny e ♪ mag ♪ ou y ♪o yobelie inhingyou ca notag♪ ♪yoliinngu seecaot ♪ee ♪ ♪let yrnhibions f t aw ♪ y ♪ib witnsthe f aw♪ in♪ite ♪ ♪ c't yeel the he a und c y yoel sou♪he he♪ is no a ad yoou♪
8:55 am
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8:56 am
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8:57 am
8:58 am
congtulaons. nglas. coratution cotuon ngration day,he cy ofharl te n usverin tenolo raon y, c oftorlnspi binsesus rito cteservloener topid mointor ssts. crver kingommutiesreen... coratution mor s. . an builngs ng valmublees ento t. botcom litu...on whoa anils ale totli.oa ... theeoplinsi the
8:59 am
coratution . heplsi hebeca e wh youdd vizon toour mpan cotuon cawhou vyou onn't tost ar an u muiply u ♪t isco ar so ♪ly ♪ corizoso inw.♪ zo ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪walklitt wal♪ ♪maltal bighougs ♪♪lkttal♪ ♪ goa te theall jus♪whatl wanl♪igug♪ ♪gotehelusatan♪ ♪ iaid n't op don'stop♪ i d ♪t don stotalkn'g toope ♪ [ le aounc ] thmosteadr m pe♪dollontolkto♪ [ aof anc car n amica.thstdrpell e alnew ssanersaedan aarama. fromal10,9w .ansaan innotionpsiz. invati forll. om,9 nooniz inti or.♪ ♪ >>retcn: sce irew in e haoweecapil ofhe worl i wted to>>resetc p ser i w nd ban w hhaeepiof our own llecrlr wdose p em b w t-srt. >>eterurallwn ec -s. >>ighter l grehen:ou muhtg s a re'mn: ing pinou.mus a >> per: anks g ino


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