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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 13, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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your questions. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight from sioux city. that's it from this "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, a government agency drops a bombshell recommendation. do you hate regulations on our lives? wait until you hear this. plus demanding answers from the executive at the center of an enormous bankruptcy. >> shepard: when mf global crashed, it cost workers their jobs and customers their cash and senators r. now demanding to know what's happened to the missing money. >> estimated $1.2 billion in customer money is missing. >> funds don't simply disappear. >> where's the money? >> what did happen? >> shepard: tonight, lawmakers try to get answer from their former colleague jon corzine.
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iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad now talking about the super secret u.s. drone that went down on his turf. not only is he not ready to return it, but he is bragging about how he is going to use it and now word of another drone crash? but, first from fox this tuesday night, the billion-dollar drama in d.c. just hours ago the former new jersey governor and senator jon corzine returned to capitol hill to defend his actions in the collapse of the mf global brokerage firm. jon corzine was the ceo when the company filed for bankruptcy in october after making bad bets on europe's economy. the chapter 11 protection put thousands of employees out of work. in fact, it was the eighth largest bankruptcy in the history of our nation. but up to $1.2 billion is still missing somewhere and there are huge questions whether executives raided customers' accounts to cover their own losses.
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so today jon corzine flat out denied that he told anybody to break any rules. >> i never authorized the misuse of customer funds. i didn't intend to authorize the misuse of customer funds and i don't believe that it would be possible to construe anything that i said as an authorization. >> shepard: and his former executives backed the boss up on that. >> i do not recall participating in any conversation about the use of customer funds, customer segregated funds or assets for any purpose other than what they were intended to be used for. >> i did not authorize approval or know of any transfers of customer funds for any house or broker dealer purpose. >> shepard: none of them seem to know where the money went. auditors and trust sees say they have recovered 20% of what they owed to the customers. that 1.2 billion is still out
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there somewhere. investigators have now warned it could be gone for good. late-breaking developments in this story and james rosen is falling them. get to him in washington. james, hello. >> shepard: shep, good evening. today marked the second time in less than a week that jon corzine was being grilled by lawmakers under oath. it was clear that corzine had done some fine tuning of his story. a central issue is whether mf global's final days in october corzine said something that might have let a subordinate raid the client funds and mingle them to the tune of 1.2 billion. check out how corzine addressed this question before the house on thursday and see how he handle it today before the senate ag committee. >> someone could misinterpret we have got to fix this, which i said the evening of october 30th, we have got to find the money.
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>> as far as i'm concerned, i never gave instructions that anybody could misconstrue. >> also on vivid display today the frustration of lawmakers whose home strickets have ranchers and farmers who have lost money and absence of answers from the firm's cfo. >> do you realize how incredible your testimony and the other two gentlemen, how incredible that sounds to this committee that $1.2 billion, first time in history this had ever happened could get drained away from customers and it doesn't come to your attention? >> sir, i wish i could, you know, i mean, we found out about it on sunday. >> and it's not over for jon corzine, not by a long shot. he has been subpoenaed to testify before the house financial services committee this coming thursday and mf global faces seven
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investigations and then there are the lawsuits, shep? >> shepard: james rosen in d.c. the presidential candidates are looking to get in some last licks before the first presidential contest in iowa. the republic caucus there is now just three weeks away. thursday, candidates will face off here on fox news channel in their last debate before the caucuses. and even as they get set for the showdown, they are very well aware that if they keep trading punches, everybody is going to walk away with bruises. and that could put the eventual republic nominee at a disadvantage when it comes to facing off against the current president. carl cameron with the news live in des moines, iowa. one of the front unrunners who is known historically to ratchet up the rhetoric now wants to tone down the rhetoric, he says. >> yeah, you are talking about newt gingrich, of course, shep. the frontrunner nationally here in iowa. everywhere but new hampshire has made it very clear that he does not want his surrogates, his staff, or his supporters or any super pacs, any independent outside groups to say anything bad about his
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rivals. in fact, mr. gingrich last night at an event that had over 800, perhaps a thousand people in new hampshire told that audience and he got a standing ovation for it today mr. gingrich signed open letter to reporters that there would be no negative ads. he let go a top operative here in iowa because of some disparaging remarks he made about mormonism before he was actually hird by the gingrich campaign. the former speaker's intent to keep it clean. mitt romney not so much. he has refused to foreswear or swear off negative attack ads. said he might rub them. has been very aggressive in criticizing mr. gingrich. it is definitely a two person battle in which mr. gingrich is trying not to throw punches because he has a lot 6 things that could hit themselves. >> maybe the least surprising announcement of the day this these quarters. donald trump announced today is he not going to moderate a debate for news max. >> no big surprise there. he only had two candidates
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coming. so the donald will not be moderating the news max debate it was actually scheduled for the 27th of this month sandwiched in between christmas and new years. only rick santorum and newt gingrich agreed to go. he pulled out and said he wouldn't go forward. he has a conflict of interest. he complained or suggested that many of the people who chose not to come, some of the candidates is because he wouldn't rule out an independent candidacy of his own. mr. trump today said he will again consider the possibility of an independent candidacy and make the announcement if he chooses to run in june. no trump debate but maybe an independent candidacy for the general, shep. >> shepard: a big maybe. carl cammeron live with us. thank you. most registered republic voters don't seem overly enthusiastic about these candidates. nbc and the "wall street journal" which is owned by the parent company of this network conducted a poll and look what it found. a 1% of respondents view the republic field as average. 27% say it's weak.
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21% say it's strong. no matter who the republicans choose. president obama could have a tough fight on his hands in some crucial battleground states. we will show you why coming up in just a few minutes inside fox report. first though, the former penn state football coach who prosecutors say sexually abused at least 10 young boys decided today not to face his accusers at least not yet. jerry sandusky in court today waiving a preliminary hearing that would have required his accusers to go "on the record." now the case will instead go to trial. coach sandusky's decision came to a big surprise to court watchers. especially since he says he looked forward to facing his accusers. we're told the judge even had to silence shocked spectators in the courtroom. the defense attorney called the move a tactical decision and one he thought about. one alleged victim's lawyer says sandusky is just a coward. meantime, the former defensive coordinator at penn state is out and quarter million dollars cash bail facing more than 50 counts of child sexual
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abuse. he denies all the charges. saying he and the boys were just horsing around and his attorney today vowed to fight the charges, quote, to the death. >> we're ready to defend. we have always been ready to defend. today's waiver has nothing to do with conceding anything. there have been no plea negotiations. there will be no plea negotiation. >> shepard: also today there is word that coach sandusky was involved with other college's football program at least as recently as last year. that, according to officials, despite the team's coach being warned that coach sandusky failed a background check. david lee miller with the news. is he live in pennsylvania tonight. and we hear from sandusky himself today. you know, the headlines would have been david lee the accusations one after another from these accusers but because they didn't have that part, all we hear is a sort of attack on the victims. >> you're very right. this was in effect to some extent to control the court of public opinion. sandusky today once again
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proclaimed his innocence. we have heard him give two interviews since these criminal charges were filed. but what's notable about what happened here today is that this was the first time sandusky has spoken out at a public event. minutes after waiving this preliminary hearing when he would have had to come face to face with his accusers, he left the courthouse here and instead came face to face with reporters. >> to stay the course, to fight for four quarters. we will await the opportunity to present our side. >> and don't expect to see jerry sandusky in a courtroom very soon. although he has an arraignment scheduled for january 11th, his attorney says that appearance like today's is going to be waived. shepard? >> shepard: david lee apologies. i called them victims, should have said accusers. i apologize. what more do we know about sandusky being allowed to coach at another university even though he failed a background check? >> last year sandusky volunteered to coach at a college about 20 miles south of penn state. the school conducted from a
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background check as you mentioned and it did show up that, in fact, he was under criminal investigation and his effort to volunteer was rejected. but a school spokesman tonight tells fox news that despite three directives from the administration, the school's now former head coach allowed sandusky to continue to volunteer through the year. the school spokesman told us tonight that sandusky interacted mainly with the coaching staff and not the students. shepard? >> shepard: david lee miller live near penn state. a fox you are -- urgent on the payroll tax fight that's underway now. the breaking news is the house of representatives just passed legislation extending that tax cut. but it's not a done deal. frankly, it won't be. remember, this battle will effect how much we americans get paid and tonight republicans and democrats are accusing each other of playing very dirty tricks with all of our paychecks. plus, what doesn't our federal government regulate?
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i mean, think about it. tonight, a new proposal from a federal government regulation imploring the states, all of them, to make it illegal to text message while driving. to make it illegal to talk hands free while driving anywhere in america. is it plausible? is it policable? is it on point or is it outrageous over control? tonight, the journalists of fox news will report so you can decide. i'd like one of those desserts and some coffee. sure. cake or pie? pie. apple or cherry? cherry. oil or cream? oil or cream? cream. reddi-wip us real dairy crm. nothing's more real than reddi-wip.
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>> a sphunning recommendation today from a government agency. federal regulators are now calling for a complete and total nationwide ban on text messaging, emailing or using cell phones in any way while you drive. all of us. coast to coast. the ban would apply even to hands free devices. the feds say distracted drivers are just too dangerous and they are pointing to specific examples including a
7:16 pm
crash from last year. this one that involved a pickup truck and two school buses. the truck driver had sent and received 11 text messages in the previous 11 minutes before the smashup. that crash killed two people and injured dozens more. trace gallagher with the news live in our west coast newsroom. part of the thing here, whatever you think of the regulation. the ntsb which investigates plane crashes and the like has no power to regulate like this. >>. no you are exactly right, shep. the ntsb only makes recommendations to the feds and states and to locals. you have got to remember the ntsb wields a grade deal of power and if the ntsb sis to do something, the odds are most times it gets done. a lot of recommendations by states may not be followed in that some states still allow full cell phone use sages. some have higher speed limits. here is the other thing. if at some point in time the state decides not to follow the ntsb the feds can then threaten things like pulling
7:17 pm
away some of your highway funds. the ntsb is very full aware this will get some push back. listen. >> our recommendations are not always poplar. and we know that this recommendation is going to be very unpoplar with some people. but we're not here to win a popularity contest. we're here to do the right thing. >> the ntsb goes on to say they believe distracted driving, shep, is the new dui. it is costing that many lives. >> shepard: appears so. they could forbid eating and slow down the speed limit down to 30 nationwide. more importantly and on point, what about the phones that are already installed in our cars? >> those would be the only phones that would be allowed. if it's already installed in your car you can use it if you can physically grab your phone in your car, you can't do it. that's what the law would say. so, the bottom line would say that some cell phone calls
7:18 pm
accepted and made would still be allowed but texting would almost be impossible. if you look at the number. this is what the ntsb is talking about. this is back in 2009 the last number available. 5476 people killed in distracted driving accidents almost 500,000 people were injured in those same accidents accidents. that's 20% shep of all accidents. that is a major number. here is the ntsb again. >> may seem like it's a very quick call. a very quick text. a tweet, or an update. but accidents happen in the blink of an eye. the things can go from working perfectly fine to being all over. it just takes seconds. at any given time the ntsb says that 14 million of us are
7:19 pm
driving while on our cell phones, shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher with one of the hot button stories of the day. two u.s. military helicopters down on american soil and tonight questions about whether this type of chopper is safe to fly. and, house lawmakers just voted to extend the payroll tax cut. but the political fight is far from over. and we are all in the middle. we'll go live to capitol hill next as fox reports tonight. with the capital one venture card
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>> shepard: you can call this one a high stakes case of finders keepers. reports from iran. not only are the iranians keeping our drone, they are trying to fly it iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad
7:23 pm
says his country's scientists can now control the united states top secret spy plane, that's what he says. it went counsel in -- down in te islamic republic earlier this month. suggested iran's technology just as good as ours and they can figure this thing out. he also shrugged off the united states request that they give back our drone sayened and i quote the americans have perhaps, decided to give us this spy plane. our country will decide what to do with it. the chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt is with us here in studio tonight. we learned today, jonathan, that another drone of some kind also went down in another spot. >> yeah, this is a drone that went down in a location from which the drone monitors the activity of the somali pirates in the indian ocean for instance. this one was mechanical failure but in a conversation with jennifer griffin on board
7:24 pm
a plane afghanistan today. defense secretary says officials are essentially still in a the dark about both of these drones, listen. >> we really don't note reasons why that happened. i think, you know, you can make all kinds of guesses at this point. there is nothing that you can rule out. nothing you can rule in right now. >> but you can bet, shep, that there is a pretty mad scramble at the pentagon right now to rule something defibbively in. >> if this is sabotage, could the iranians have brought down that drone? >> a lot of experts will tell you that is higigy unlikely that the iranians simply do not have the technology to bring down that kind of sophisticated piece of security apparatus. those same experts will always tell you if you are looking for accomplices for the iranians, start with russia and china. listen. >> russians and chinese want that technology. they know we have had a lead
7:25 pm
for 20 plus years in this technology that they are just starting to catch up with us. now having this aircraft will make their job a lot easier. and that's the danger. >> and a very grave danger indeed if not just the iranians and chinese have their hands on this sort of technology, shep. >> jonathan hunt, thanks very much. >> a vicious grenade and attack on shoppers. teenagers killed and 120 people reportedly wounded. details on the suspect and the ongoing investigation coming up. plus, a high school girl credited with saving a man's life with a skill she had learned only days earlier. >> his face was turning like bright purple. so i was like this man obviously needs help. fair inclusive,
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at the to be at the center of a million-dollar lawsuit which controls faulty electronics systems for the death of two other soldiers in tennessee. family members recently filed that suit after the chopper went down in iraq last year. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. and there is breaking news now on fox news channel. the republic-led house of representatives has just passed a bill that would extend the payroll tax cut beyond its january 1st expiration date. both parties agree it's a good idea given the state of the economy and the rest. but the bill has no chance at all of passing in the u.s. senate. and it's clear why. the republics have attached a provision to the bill which would seek approval of the controversial keystone xl oil pipeline from canada to the gulf of mexico. republicans say the pipeline would create thousands of jobs. the white house has called for the keystone decision to be
7:31 pm
postponed until after the 2012 election reportedly so the experts can further study the pipeline's environmental impact. that was the request of a governor. just seconds ago we got reaction from the white house saying quote this is not a time for washington republicans to score political points against the president. the obama administration already threatened to veto the payroll packs cut bill because it is rolled up with the pipeline. welcome to washington politics. there is much more to all of this. so many things that democrats said we won't vote for. compromise time. mike emanuel on capitol hill. this is compromise. how did the vote go down, mike? >> shep, it was 234 to 193. and white house press secretary jay carney says congress needs to do its job to take action to avoid the scheduled tax hike that is going to hit 160 million americans calling on congress to go back to the drawing board and extend the payroll tax holiday without some of the other issues. here is a sample of some of the debate here in the house earlier today.
7:32 pm
>> we have got reasonable responsible bill that really will help the american people. really will help create jobs. i'm glad that we are where we are. i look forward to the senate taking up our bill and passing it. >> you cannot do this by saying we're going to put something in the bill that the president says he will not sign. this is -- it's hard to understand why you can say you are for something except you are going to put up obstacles to its passage. immediately after the vote the minority leader. harry reid said the house bill is dead on arrival in the senate, shep. >> shepard: it is astounding the way they work in washington. the government is going to run out of money again on friday which it seems to do every few weeks. they are trying to come up with a bill to fix that problem so the government can continue to work. what's the status there? >> that's right there have
7:33 pm
been very detailed negotiations, a lot of compromises. and essentially the appropriations folks, the people who deal with the money say they have an agreement but now the democrats are not being allowed to sign off on it because now the concern from the democratic perspective is if this passes essentially republicans could leave town saying we have done our job. here is a sample of some of the for and against on this issue. >> we can't move until they sign the conference report. it's a shame they are toying around with a government shut down here. it's being held hostage. >> i think all of this is theater. let's be honest about this. this is all theater. this is done, the machinations, the dance of the tarantulas. >> end of the year squabbling before everybody goes home for christmas and over the holidays. bottom line, the obama
7:34 pm
administration says nothing gets done until everything gets done. so they want to hold this up to make sure they get the right payroll extension that they want. shep? >> shepard: washington, working for us. mike emanuel keeping watch. thanks very much. the president will be facing an up hill battle in the key swing states that helped him win the election in 2008. a "u.s.a. today" poll. it finds president obama trailing both of the republic frontrunners. the former massachusetts governor mitt romney up five points on the president on a head-to-head matchup. former house of representatives newt gingrich with a slight edge. the election is nearly a year away so those mean nothing. obama campaign is predicting a long and tough primary that will weaken whichever candidate ends up winning the g.o.p. nomination. some republicans would agree with that ed henry is live on the north lawn this evening. what's the white house strategy as far as we know? >> well, shep, we sat down today with obama strategist
7:35 pm
david axelrod. he laid out some game plans if you will will how they want to get to that magic number of 270 electoral votes. they start with a base of 276 electoral votes that are pretty safe democratic states. so the president has got to win a state like florida. one of those battle grounds a combination of ohio and iowa. the problem is that in a lot of those battle grounds as you mentioned from that "u.s.a. today" poll out new today the president is struggling in those states because of the jobs issue. so today at a campaign event he is trying to embrace the idea that he is an underdog here. take a listen. >> we are going to have to fight for it it's not a slam dunk. we're going to have to deliver this message effectively all across the country. >> now, the other problem for the president is the fact that some those quote, unquote safe democratic states may actually be battle grounds. a state like pennsylvania that he carried last time. this "u.s.a. today" poll, other polls suggesting it
7:36 pm
could be up for grabs this time. the electoral map is expanding. means the president has to fight for a lot of electoral votes all around the country, shep. >> shepard: ed, a very good source whom i trust and told me spoke with david axelrod says is he extremely confident about this election. >> well, we will see. today at this briefing, he was trying to be very coy and say, you know, at least publicly, that they are not sure how all this is going to turn out. the republic race has been pretty wild and all over the map. they have mostly been firing their shots at mitt romney. largely seen at least by pundits as the more electable general candidate than newt gingrich. interesting axelrod took a shot at newt gingrich. there was a chicago -- who once said the further the monkey goes up the pole david axelrod said the more you see of his butt. right now newt gingrich is pretty high up on the poll. we will see what the american people think axelrod said about the view. >> shepard: ed henry with a
7:37 pm
nice view of the white house. thanks very much. recovery with retail sales on the rise for the sixth month in a row. not a lot but it's a rise. americans spent nearly $400 billion in november pushing up purchases by .2%. while lower than october's gain still better than what we saw last year. take this to fox business network gerri willis. good news for the economy you have to spend because it is the economy. >> you and me what it boils down to. consumers spent some $52 billion a record over the thanksgiving week. that was good news for retailers. i will tell you the big question is can they keep it up. the federal reserve is saying a lot of the spend something actually coming from credit cards. you have got to think there is going to be a credit card hangover come january. >> shepard: a lot of people who work in corporate america complain you have a meeting and you do nothing. that's what the fed does as well. >> that would be a good analysis of what they did today. that's for sure. they had a meeting and said
7:38 pm
they will keep interest rates at 0 to 25 bases points. zero that is that's what the market likes to see. then they herd something they didn't like. there would be no asset buying by the federal reserve: not going to buy up those lousing cmos. >> what are cmos. >> collateral rised mortgage obligations. that's bad news for wall street who would like to unload some of those on taxpayers. >> shepard: do you want any. >> i'm fresh out of cmo. >> shepard: never seen a need for a cmo. who knows. gerri willis airs every day 5:00 eastern 4:00 in oxford on the fox business network. rescuers save a window wash everywhere after he fell from scaffolding six stories up. and that tops our quick news across america. >> shepard: new york. the worker dangling by a
7:39 pm
safety harness which as you can see is the only thick that saved him. new york city bravest grabbed the guy. >> it was a good day for him two weeks before christmas and i guess he is happy. >> shepard: emergency crews checked him out back on the ground. hawaii. a landslide completely covered a road into a village on the northeast coast of the big island. heavy rain in the region caused multiple slides. we're told this one took out some phone lines. no word of anybody hurt. new hampshire. a sink hole temporarily claiming this car. a water main break reportedly caused it police say the woman in that vehicle thought she was just driving through a puddle. then the pavement collapsed. we are told she is okay and went to work. new jersey. police say a teenager helped save the life of a 7 a-year-old man at a bowling alley northwest of newark. >> i just looked over and there was a man laying on the floor.
7:40 pm
he couldn't breathe and he had no pulse. >> shepard: so she gave him cpr which her health teacher said the 16-year-old just learned three days ago. >> it was a wonderful thing to hear. i'm just so proud of her. >> that 75-year-old said to be recovering in the hospital and he is part of a fox watch across america. >> shepard: well, the president is taking heat this time from members of his own party over a decision that limits access to the so-called morning after pill. but this isn't the end of it because it appears this fight is going to court. plus, we'll take a last look in a military moment at one of the most advanced weapons in america's arsenal. it has stealth, super cruise and sensors to track incoming thefts. the f-22 raptor carries a pretty high price tag. hours ago the last of its kind rolled off the line. we will see what that means for american's dominance in the sky coming up. ty line.
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>> shepard: showdown over the morning after pill. court agreed to hear arguments on whether age restrictions on emergency contraception they call it constitutional. girls under 17 now need a doctor's prescription to get the pill. just last week the health and human services overruled government scientists who had recommended easing the limits. the center for reproductive rights in new york sued back in 2005 to make the drug more widely available. the judge in the case has been a loud critic accusing the government of playing politics. the air force designed it to own the skies now production of our military's most advanced expensive fighter jet is officially on the back burner. the fleet's 187 and final f-22 raptor rolled off the assembly plant today at the lockheed
7:45 pm
martin plant in georgia. air force officials say no other aircraft can match its super sonic speed or ability to escape radar detection and especially stealth sensors. that technology does not come cheap. it costs about $150 million each. making it the most expensive jet ever built. even so the raptor fleet has never actually felony in -- flown in combat. not once. jonathan serrie is live in marietta, georgia tonight. explain why they are scrapping the f 22 raptor program. >> this is one aircraft shep that may be too advanced for its own good while supporters say it provided a strong deterrent against emerging power such as china. critics say it's too expensive to justify in a post cold warren vironment. congress won't allow the sales of the f-22 outside the u.s.
7:46 pm
f-22 manufacturing has stopped at least for now, shep. what about all the employees? >> well, they are still here. this plant here in marietta manufactures and services other aircraft, including the f-35 joint strike fighter that will be complimenting the existing f-22 fleet. so lockheed martin officials say even though they have stopped manufacturing of the f-22, it's going to have a neutral impact at -- on jobs at this facility, shep. >> shepard: jonathan serrie live marietta georgia tonight. five people reported dead and more than 120 injured after a gun and hand grenade attack on a street full of children at a christmas market. a witness later described the chaos. listen. >> i saw people running,
7:47 pm
screaming, i drive my -- from the market all the people lying down, bleeding. >> shepard: among the dead, two teenagers and a 75-year-old woman. several of the injured said to be critical now. we're told the suspect had a history of drugs and weapons offenses investigators say it does not appear the attack in any way was terror related. >> the republic race for the presidency heating up just ahead of the first in the nation iowa caucuses. and key debate there just two days away. it will be here on america's election headquarters. a look how it is playing out in the hawkeye state that's next. [cheers] >> shepard: just in time for the holidays. very unexpected reunion between a soldier and his dear mom. their story coming up. ÷
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>> shepard: fox news is america's election headquarters. three weeks until iowa votes or caucus in the first contest of the 2012 presidential primaries. all of the major candidates are set to descend on the hawkeye state for thursday night's huge republic debate. the last one before meantime texas governor rick perry and michele bachmann have each announced that he or she is hitting the road on bus tours across iowa this month. congresswoman bachmann vowing to stop in all 99 counties over 10 days. as the candidates make final pushes which voters show up to all important caucuses on january 3rd. steve brown live for us.
7:52 pm
sioux city iowa tonight. many conservative christian also show up as they always do. who else? >> well, it looks like there is going to be some newbys and some that might dilute the strength. three out of every five caucus goers was eevangelical christian. these folks are expected to have a very different political agenda. >> they tend to be more socially moderate. fiscal conservatives that focus on fiscal issues and tend to be more urban. so the campaign, that can capitalize on that is going to do very well on caucus night. >> the bigger the jump in turnout the more diluted the evangelical gets, shep? >> shepard: any campaign actually tapped into new group of caucus goers? >> almost every campaign that comes to iowa thinks that it can expand the universe of caucus vote. the iowa republic party's
7:53 pm
chairman thinks he has identified one who has actually done it. have a listen. a lot of those data points more well rounded. ron paul perfect examples. new voters into the fold who are very much economic minded. shrinking the size of government. really reducing the role of the federal government in the lives of iowans. >> and couple that with this observation from a lot of political insiders here in iowa that ron paul has the best grass roots organization in iowa. and that traditionally has been a key to success in the caucuses. shep? >> shepard: steve brown live tonight. thanks. this thursday of course it's must watch only on fox as the candidates face off in the final debate before the caucuses begin. the action starts 9:00 eastern time. 8:00 in oxford. right here on fox news channel. christmas came early for a soldier serving overseas and especially for his family. the family had no idea he
7:54 pm
would be coming home in minnesota for the holidays. the cameras were rolling when he showed up in uniform and the look on his mom's face. wait until you see this. [ laughter ] [cheers] who is the happiest mom on the planet? she called this moment the greatest surprise of her life. he walked into the cafeteria where she worked and right into his mom's arms. we are told he will be home for two weeks before he heads balk to kuwait. space exclusive destination before too long. that's next. ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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[ male announcer ] because enbrel suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been tated for heart faure, or if, while on enbr, you experience persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. get back to the things that matter most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ male announcer ] enbrel. the #1 biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. >> shepard: would you look at this? huge. big news from planet blago today. the judge gave former illinois governor and blago one extra month of freedom. last week that same judge sentenced our blago 14 years
7:58 pm
behind bars on corruption charges including that he tried to sell or trade former president senator and now president obama senate seat. prison day moved from february to mid march. there could be a new way to sightsee in space in about five years. microsoft co-founder paul allen and the aerospace pioneer burt rutan announced that building a giant airplane and spaceship to fly people and cargo intoor bit. they claim the jet will have a wing span longer than a football field and carry a space capsule with its own booster rocket. good time. updating some of fox top stories tonight. federal regulators are now recommending a ban, a total ban on all use of cell phones in any way while driving except in emergencies. that's after a government panel found they are just too distracting. up to each state to enact the ban because the fed don't have authority over that voted to
7:59 pm
extend the payroll tax cut the bill also includes a oil pipeline provision that the white house has threatened to veto. now it moves to the senate where it is dead on arrival. and on this day in 1918 the president then woodrow wilson stepped off a boat in france and became the first sitting commander and chief ever to set foot in europe. after the end of world war i. a war which had killed tens of millions of people. the victorious english and french wanted the germans to pay for all the destruction. then president wilson arrived with a grand plan, what he called the league of nations. international organization which he hoped would peacefully settle global conflicts. but the ensuing treaty of investor sigh would instead sow the seeds of world war ii. an american president put his foot down in europe 93 years ago today. and now you know the news for th tuesday, december the 13th, 2011. i'm shepard smith.


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