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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 20, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EST

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>> dana: other thing i don't like and they agreed is "actually." >> kimberly: that is a problem one. welcome to "red eye." i'm andy levy. back by popular demand, let's go to sherrod small for our pre game report. what's coming up on tonight's show? >> do knot try to adjust your television. this is "red eye." coming up on tonight's show, north korea dictator kim jong-il finally gets to meet qaddafi. and a bad case of the front-runner blues. ron paul makes newt gingrich his back up dancer with a third to the front of the pact. and if that is not shocking enough, a criminologist from nc charlotte says if you are 23 years old and haven't been arrested at least once, you are unamerican. and speaking of unamerican the l.a. school board tries to
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make students eat healthy lunches. students respond by tossing lunches in the garbage and screaming "whatever!." in an unrelated story, tonight's whatever, it was voted the most annoying word used in conversation. whatever, andy. seriously, whatever. >> thanks. i will see you at the half. let's welcome our guest. i am here with leeann the guest of "poker after dark." her new album comes out next year. the demonic comedian pete dominic. you can hear him weekdays at 3:00 p.m. on sirius xm raid yow. and with us is the writer for street corners .com. it is 50/50 whether he murders somebody by the end of the show. and i would like to welcome a first time guest. filling in is greg gutfeld, co-host of "the five." glad you could join us, greg. and he is losing bucks because hissed for y'all page sucks. how are you, pinch? >> hi, andy.
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i just want to say having you as a host is deaf natdly refreshing. disash -- is definitely refreshing. i look forward to friendly humor. i cannot emphasize gutfeld sucks. all the news that's fit to print. >> that's the first time i have ever liked pinch. >> i don't like you. >> i am back to not liking you. shut up. >> you shut up. dear leader, more like kim jong-il. news of the world the pint-sized paw rye yaw has met his maker. kim jong-il died from a heart attack brought on by exhaustion while riding a train. the only thing we know for sure is kim jong-il did not die from a heart attack brought on by exhaustion riding a train. what an intriguing freak he was. barbara walters got the wrong
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kim for her year-end special. this is fascinating. not eddie kardash eight n. except make -- maybe kourtney. she is like an onion. he played his one card, nuclear weapons, brilliantly. he left north korea impoverished and starving. and his country reacted stoically to the death. that didn't look stoic at all, but it is a different culture. how is the rest of the world reacting? let's get a live report.
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>> we have all been there. gavin, welcome to the show. kim jong-il was a caricature of an evil dictator, and he starved his people and he was pure evil, wasn't he? >> no. >> okay. >> he was born on a moon beam. he has never urinated or deaf pho indicated -- or deficated. i guess it is like girls 13 and bubble gum comes out. he played a game of golf and got five hole in ones. he was a god. and i think if we keep talking about it we will start blubbering. allergies, look up. >> it is a sad day. >> i am disassociating myself from all of that. what do you make of the video of the north koreans weeping?
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do you think it is staged? it is like they have never seen team america. >> i would like to see the background guy saying, okay, now, down, and more onions in the face. these people, i don't know if they were acting. if they were serious, andy, that is terrifying that they were that upset. i haven't seen anybody ever upset about someone publicly -- look at these people. and all of the women, are they the same woman, by the way? they have to wear -- >> awful. >> they have to wear the same outfit. that's all i was saying. they have to wear the same hair style. look at her. >> if you look at some of the wet marks on the cement it is a tear base. the spit wi have the co wag giew lated blobs, but there are splashes implying tears. >> i feel like all of you are missing the point here, pete. the reason those people are upset, i think they are the 1%. i think in north korea you have a true 1% and 99% split. you have kim and his cronies
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who are the 1%. it is not like here with your fake 1%. >> they may be the 1% that get to eat. and now they think they will not have any rice. and when i mean rice i mean singular. >> is that like dice? >> let it go. your husband is a former air force pilot. >> he still is. >> oh, i thought he was civilian now. he went to north korea, right? >> they were actually going to get remains from the korean war they were giving back to the united states. he was going to get u.s. remains. obviously we tracked -- or we, the united states, tracked them going in on satellite. what they found was that obviously they were watching their plane, and they had pulled the planes out that were literally gutted fuselages without engines and pulled them out for show because they knew we would be watching. chris said he was coming in for a landing and as they taxi
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they look at these planes. there were no engines on them. they literally had to be towed out. everything is for show. they wanted the americans to think they had planes on the runway. there was no traffic. i think he said there was one small china airplane come in the entire time. >> they have the entire prop paw began deville ledge. it is actually a chocolate factory. >> literally the guy was staring at -- there is like two north koreans facing each other. i thought, they have two people. they said, no, they are watching each other so they don't defect. >> i used to do this when i stapled center folds to pillows mpl. by the way, i am also an air force pilot. >> really? >> no, are you not. shame on you. i think you just violated the stolen valor act. >> greg, you were close to kim jong-il because of your similar height. you were ghost writing his auto-biography. how far did you get into it?
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>> there was the language barrier. the love trans sends all language, and we grew close. can i talk about the weeping? you know what the weeping was? it was like the cat when the cat lady dies. it is like all of a sudden people come in and all of the cats are there going, what do we do? it is not like they doubts love him or hate him. is it is like that's all we have been -- >> the north koreans may now not have anything to eat. >> exactly. what do you need? you need a metaphor cal animal control, which is america, to come in and airlift delicious food and ac/dc, cd's. >> if the cat lady dies the cats go -- oh, the cat lady is gone. they don't go, meow, mow. >> they are destroyed. what happens is then they eat the cat lady. >> right. can i say one thing about kim jong-il?
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obviously he was crazy, but there was a lot of food given to north korea. think about how much food we give them. he would take the food and put it in his own coffers. he would put it in his own warehouses. >> we stopped doing that. >> villains do. >> he did that with the giant rabbits too. he ate them. >> he told the people they were the first people to walk on the moon. north koreans believe that they were the first ones to walk on the moon. that's what he told them. >> those lies are harmless. they don't mean anything. the problem i see is with the weird marching. the weird marching creates an i will illusion that you are an efficient killer. the more professional and artistic your marching is, the worse you are in actual combat. i am not in in the military, but i could have been. >> i don't believe you can baking that. >> have i no facts. >> anything different going to come?
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>> judging by people crying and soiling the cement with their tears because a guy that was born on a moon beam, i don't think you can fail with these people. the bar is not high. >> and he is a big john claude van dam fan. >> invite him to america. >> he went to school in switzerland. >> you have to bring him -- obama has to invite him to a hooters. invite him to a hooters and see beautiful american women. take him to a concert, not maroon 5, ac/dc. >> he didn't say beautiful women in switzerland. >> you have made that joke twice. i'm sorry. you recycled it in a great way. >> you are a great bill schulz. >> why don't we just bomb them with information, literally drop nintendos -- well they
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problem wlee already make them. >> drop the internet from the sky. >> drop them on them so you kill them and give them free stuff. >> i don't like that idea. >> i don't like it either. >> there is already speculation that kim jong-il's uncle is going to overshadow. this guy is married to kim jong-il's younger sister. >> don't have you those speakers in your car? >> my question is -- it is a serious question for a serious man. is kim jong-un going to be a figure head? >> probably. he will be mostly head. have you seen him? he looks like manny from "modern family." can we put up "modern family"'s many? there is kim jong-un and let's look at manny from "modern family." ah-ha, look at that. >> i like his smirk though. that's a leader. when you do that little -- i'm manny. i'm just manny.
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>> here to me is the worst thing of all of this. he was totally farrah fawcetted. no one is even talking about him. >> or sarah palin. she wasn't running the night steve jobs died. >> it is similar. >> from korea to iowa. does a newt fall mean the rise of paul? ron is making a run and it means it is time for another edition of -- >> polls and polls and polls. >> i don't know what that means. a new poll from ppp or ppp finds the doctor taking the lead. romney up to second place and gingrich hem ridging supporters which i believe there is a pill for. the top vote geter is nobody because another poll shows that by wide margins they show the election process isn't working and they are not coming up with good ideas to
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solve the nation's problems. fewer than half of the americans say there is any candidate running, democrat -- democratic or republican. you know who else doesn't like what he sees? >> that was very apartment. -- apt. >> it stands for apartment. >> let's talk about iowa first. the other polls have ginich falling as low as fourth behind paul, perry. i think what -- seriously they ran all of these negative ads. they ran the negative ads about newt gingrich. the people of iowa found out this is the same news gingrich they hated in the late 90s. they just realized that this is not a different guy.
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you it is the same, arrogant name. >> 52% of the people who responded to the poll think the president may not have been born in the united states. it is not only hard to believe -- >> just the smart people. >> they are the same 52% who may not have graduated from high school in iowa. >> so they haven't been indock trough nateed by liberal professors. >> but they may not have known this is the same newt gingrich, and they still don't like him. >> it is one thing to remake a great movie, but if you are going to remake "love actually" people will hate the original even more. >> that's a perfect analogy. >> i need to go to an analogy gym. >> there is a place called metaphors on the upper west side.
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>> what happens if ron paul wins iowa, anything? >> if ron paul runs iowa and ron paul is the next president, i am going to dance so intensely that i am going to break my back. i want him to win, but i want my grandfather to get laid to. -- too. it would be a wonderful, wonderful thing. >> why? >> he wants little government, and i see all politicians as bad human beings. . the best politicians are the ones the least themselves. he is also crazy. >> i disagree. what is he crazy about? >> a lot of things. >> scientologists. >> he would be the only president to get up in the white house. >> i think the reason he is reporting on is not known, but being discussed. >> ron paul fans -- first they are mad and say he is not reported on. then when they report on them
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they get mad because they are not being reported on exactly the way you want them to. stop it is what i am saying. stop it. >> you are a libertarian. why are you abandoning your brother? >> ron paul's message in a different vessel would probably sell. >> you don't like his hair? is that a hair joke? you know what, i don't have to -- >> what don't you like about him? >> leeann, every poll regardless of whether you think ron paul will win in iowa every poll shows gingrich losing steam. some show losing a little and some show losing a lot. does this help romney more than anyone or a second time at rick perry's turn. >> i think perry is done with. he is rising in the polls. >> bit -- but marginally. i don't know that paul is actually going to win the gop nomination. yoarng he -- i don't think he
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will be the nominee but who knows. he is not conservative enough for some conservatives and some libertarians. he goes both ways a little bit. nobody is happier. i know a lot of gop people are like, in the end, whoever it is, i will vote for them over obama. whoever wins is still going to be better than what we have got now. >> i am quoting here, ron paul has as much of a chance of winning as i have for filling in for bill schulz. >> and i guess i have been proven. we should be celebrating the american electorat. the fact that everybody accuses americans of being superficial. for superficial we go for the matinee. the guys leading romney are hideous. they are hideous people. here is the problem with romney. there is no i'm implosion
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factor with romney. there is one with paul and newt. something bad will always come up about them. the newsletters will come up again and again. you have everything with newt's background. he is a mormon. he can't do anything bad. he hasn't done anything bad. >> speaking of newsletters, you have endorsed him and is america finally ready? >> i think they are. as you know, you and i ran a newsletter business out of my garage and we made a tiny sum of money. what we wrote was really, really important. is that our problem? maybe they weren't ready for -- >> i do want to say that even though my name was not on the newsletter i did not noah lot of what was in it. i want to make that clear. >> but you were brave considering you know who runs the media in your name. it was impressive on your part. >> again, i did not know what
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was in the newsletters. i don't know who wrote that stuff. it was a mystery to me. i made a lot of money off of it though. coming um, what a surprise, why are we showing tape of lyndsay lohan? you try saying no to greg.ouncey you are watching "red eye" on fnc so stick around.
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they can barely drink, but they are already in the clink. nearly one in three people will be arrested by the time they are 23. to put it in perspective, two-thirds of young people are nerds. it shows a big increase in arrests from a previous study published and it shows only 22% are arrested at the age of 23. the spike is unsurprising given the tougher crime policies now that youth can be arrested for drugs and violence which they cared
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about less in the 1960s. greg millses those time. and other factors driving up the crime rate among theouth like poverty, lack of education and the music of maroon 5. one thing grossly unreported, cat on bulldog crime. >> the cat is out there. you need to let people know when this happens. >> what was that turtle doing there? >> not working jie. should we be concerned about the youth, or did we have so many crimes that it is not worth it to get arrest ?ed. >> we are incarcerating more in north america than north
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korea. the problem has a lot to do with drugs. we should legalize all drugs. number three, we are making four profit prisons. that's a huge problem in the city. insurance and prison. there conte be an incentive to keep prisons full of people. that's a problem in america that we are doing. and then the immigration laws, if are you arresting anybody that is a taco, that will fill up the prisons. take all of that together. yes, i was arrested recently. >> we do not, turns out arrest anybody who says tacos. wait, there was that one time you yelled taco, but you were totally naked. here is the thing, what is wrong with prison? haven't you seen "oz"? >> the thing is you are implying that the government is moralely driven. we are only going to have prisons based on who is the bad guy. they are driven to continue the stupid programs. they are just as corrupt as big business.
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>> having a for profit incentive to put people in prison is insane. that's less than what? >> than the government. >> what is the government's incentive? >> but continuing the stupid program and getting their pensions up. >> i don't agree with you. but the people -- >> thanks, andy. >> who is this libertarian guy? >> they are lobbying for the laws. >> the problem comes in with the big government you love so much. that's your problem. gavin, i'm guessing you have had some experience with what i like to call johnny law. if he was arrested for minor stuff is there counter build ?g. >> the year was 1984. we were going to ontario and we had a rule if we were playing kick the bar good evening in the air they got an atomic wedge gee. it means you wedge gee the guy so bad his waistband comes up.
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the teacher took us up to the principal's office and she goes, these young men were trying to insert a wedge of wood into a boy's anus, to the principal. >> that is bringing back some memory. >> he goes, whoa, whoa, whoa, margaret. i love it when they call them by the first name. margaret, it is called a wedge gee and it has nothing to do with 12th century germany. i i would have been charged and rotten fruit thrown at me in the town square. >> i just want to know what is long with -- wrong with marge? >> they are too discipline. >> i am one of the two-thirds that have never been arrested. have you been arrested? >> i have not. >> have you been arrested? >> many times. >> have you? >> busting mail mailboxes during the daytime. >> i don't have to answer that. >> i love my job. i am greg gutfeld. look at me. >> that's not how i sound.
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>> i am going to do greg a huge favor and go to break. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at red eye at fox news .com. or call 212-462-5050. he loves listening to the message. >> yes, i do. >> still to come, the half time report from sherrod small, god help us. >> the half time report is sponsored by those people who hunt with, breed with or eat birds of prey. thank you, falconers.
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let's go to sherrod small. what's going? >> it feels like a special day today. you said you miss the 1960s why? >> i didn't say that. >> you said because of a lack of a -- with the lax attitude on domestic violence and drugs? >> no, i said greg misses the 1960s. >> gregory misses it. >> yes. >> i actually found out greg's arrest record. do we want to hear it? arrested twice apparently once over in jersey for lewd conduct. greg, do you want to talk about it? >> well, back in the day, they said that that was considered lewd conduct. but i told them it was a certain kind of parade that was allowed during the day that you can express yourself feverishly 1k3* fruit -- and fruitlessly. >> that was not the time he
3:32 am
was talking about. >> what am i going to do with you? >> what is the second one? >> i am not going to even speak about that. >> leeann? >> yes. >> leeann, you said the north koreans believe they were the first to land on the moon? >> that's what he told his people. >> i actually did some research and i found out neil armstrong was one-eighth north korean. >> my bad. >> have to do the research. >> pete dominic. >> sherrod small. >> petey. >> shaw -- sherrod. >> you got heated over the topic. >> it was the prison topic i got heated over. >> which do you like? >> i don't like when immigrants go to prison, so both. >> do you not like it because american taxpayers still have to pay the bill even when they are locked up? >> i would rather have american taxpayers pay the bill for prisoner when's there is no incentive to be put in prison. when you make prison private,
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sherrod, there is a tremendous incentive. you make up crimes to keep the beds filled so the prison can make money. that's wrong. >> do you think it exists when it is private prisons or state owned? >> it happens much less, absolutely. >> i agree! you know your stuff. >> that's balogna. >> gavin, you said kim jong-il claimed he never used the bathroom. >> yes. according to his people's beliefs which he put in their brains, he did not create urine or feces. his food -- actually there is a good case for this. it looks like all of the food went into his head. >> that was the cause of death. he was full of poop. >> who said it is almost illegal to say taco now? >> that was our friend here, and i disagree. anybody who has read that bill
3:34 am
knows if you arrest somebody in arizona, you are uh -- are you allowed to check their papers, but somehow that is the anti-being law. >> but didn't the sheriff -- didn't some sheriff in arizona get pulled up on a federal indictment? >> for beg racist actually. and you are right. i was wrong. i exaggerated. the people are getting pulled over as you know for being brown. >> you know, the problem here is -- america is so hard on illegals. there is only 15 million here. we are obviously way too strict. we need to maybe let it get up to 30 million before we start breaking bones. >> andy? >> yes, sir. >> back to you. >> i missed my spot right here. >> take your time, sherrod. >> where exactly is bill schulz tonight? >> we don't -- well, we kind
3:35 am
of know, but we don't want to know the details i think. >> somebody on twitter wanted to know since greg is filling in for bill schulz, is that why he wore the pink sweater? >> how does somebody on twitter know i am wearing this sweater? >> i am tweeting your outfit on twitter right now. >> thank you very much. >> i have a twitter army. >> you ruined the surprise is what you just did. >> is that why you wore it? >> what is this? >> this is salmon. >> salmon is not pink? >> you should know the difference between color, my friend. you have been dealing with injustice your whole life. >> i don't see color. i just see shirts. >> white people. that's evil. >> bill is actually under the table. what do you know? hi, bill. >> back to pete dominic. >> pete, you said kim jong-un,
3:36 am
the son of kim jong-il looks like manny from -- what is the name of the show? >> "modern family." >> "modern family." i agree with you. and here is another thing they have in common, if their mother starts talking i can't understand them. >> they do not speak north korean which isn't a language. >> thank you, pete. and i am going back to you, andy. i think that's everything. you are keeping it tight. >> i appreciate it. >> becoming a real news 3457b. -- newsman. coming up, james franco is in the news. and this show is about to take a turn for the hunky, and it is about damn time. >> gises will receive a complimentary other prizes
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other prizes are other hub caps.
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well, he dropped a d on an a-lister. is that why he was fired? a former nyu professor claims he was canned forgiving actor james franco a barely passing grade, and now he is suing for his job back. he claims franco got the "d" because he missed 12 of the 14 classes and other teachers played favorites with the favorite thespian giving him good grades to keep him happy. how could they not? did you see him? gorgeous. let's discuss it in the -- >> lightning rooooouuuuunnnnnd. lightning round. >> pete? >> yes. >> do you buy this, or do you think he got canned for another reason? >> don't buy it at all. maybe he was getting graded on his hosting of the oscars.
3:41 am
>> thank you. i just get so upset when actors that are established go back to school to study what they have been wildly successful in acting. it is like president obama going back to school for constitution allah. you have already done that, and you succeeded in it. why are you going back to school? why is he at nyu? you know why he is there. to get chicks. do you blame him? >> he is going back -- there is good looking guys doing well there and then they say -- oh [bleep]. i have to go home. >> gavin, fra ?-- franco said the teacher was not comfortable with having a celebrity in his class. do you think that is true? >> i think george bush's degree is fake. j.f.k.'s degree is real, and james franco's degree is real.
3:42 am
if you are a liberal and handsome, you deserve everything you get. if you are not, everything is a lie. >> all right, those are my beliefs, and that's probably true. >> is university wrong for trying to keep franco happy if it makes them money? isn't it just like sports recruiting? >> it is nyu. if he was a normal student and if it was me or somebody else, if he missed 12 or 14 classes you would be lucky if he got a d. and who says he is an a-lister? >> it was in the script. >> i know, but i am not a huge fan of his. >> it is fair to say a guy nominated for an oscar and hosted the oscars is an a-lister. >> he is all right. i don't think he is great. >> if he was an actor he would have cutoff his arm for real. >> are you attracted to the a-lister? >> not at all. >> what if your husband drove his plane into my wife and
3:43 am
they were both lost. would we have a snowball's chance in hell? >> no. >> okay, glad that is out there. >> just being honest. >> it saves me messing with 9 brakes. >> franco wound up teaching a class at nyu on adapting poetry into short films. a, how awesome is that? and b, don't you think he was jealous for not being asked to teach that class? >> he is a fraud. he is a guy that is dash -- >> super fraud. >> he is not particularly good at anything. and he likes the attention of being cosmopolitan. he can do so many things, but not all well. >> he annoyed me at hosting the oscars. >> i thought he was awful. >> your fault for watching the oscars. >> you're right. i don't think i will watch
3:44 am
them again because of him. >> if you were my student i would give you a d. >> next topic. for a third year in a row, "whatever" is the most annoying word used in casual conversation. 11% chose, just sayin. >> where is literally? >> can i finish reading the story? on the flip side, the most popular word was twerp. >> sorry he interrupted you in that joke. >> are there any big words not on this list? >> my problem is not with whole words. my problem is with the abbreviation of words that kids today are saying. >> brieves? >> ridic or gorg or fab. i heard instead of jealous they said jel. >> pb and jels rules. >> he said he was jealous of my friend's car, so i ran him
3:45 am
over. >> you should be proud of it. >> how lazy are we? >> it is an integral part of our heritage. >> are you canadian. >> it is north american. >> pete, i hear you. which of the phrases are most annoying to you? >> i think we probably have said them all in our dialogue, but i try not to use like or you know too much, and i probably use it too much. i have to admit i have said jele to my girlfriends when they are doing something -- >> do you say do you have the jelly? >> no, i don't say that. if they do something i am jealous of i say jele with the asterisk marks. >> are you supposed to say tote-jels. >> have i a lot to learn. >> one is an improvement of the language where you escalate it.
3:46 am
when you do it you say my friend leslie came over and l-ron tired. that is fun. but then there is like every second word and literally in the wrong context or say like lick ratly which is a contridiction. ab ry eves is fun. >> does your friend write juneau? >> i find is anti-sametic. >> then i have achieved what i set out to. >> i don't mind these words at all. what i hate is any kind of jargon that masks meaning. that is like -- the reason we are in this economic mess is nobody understands anything. buying debt makes no sense to buy debt. that language bothers me. the 99%, the 1%, that makes no sense. economic he quality, that means soak the rich.
3:47 am
i find jargon worse than any slang. > i find narles in charge. >> you nailed it. last topic, tmz reports the latest issue of "playboy" with lyndsay lohan is telling out across the country. news stands has reordered them several times while the mag has the on-line service. leeann, you were on the december cover of "playboy." how is it possible low han just sold more -- lohan sold more than that one? >> we don't know. i said how is she doing? i was told she was doing well. they said they won't know for two or three months. you know, people are fascinated with her. she is a train wreck. i was interested in seeing the photos. i will not lie. i searched and they were everywhere. i think they are still out
3:48 am
there. i looked and i was interested too. >> greg, are you solely responsible for these -- >> i was going to say, people assume the covers sells. there was a question with the late james cocoa. you don't know how that will affect the numbers. >> i prefer to think it was the interview with chris wallace. >> do these sales numbers surprise you, or do you think they have intimated that they are made up? >> i don't know who is buying "playboy." i think it is collector's items for gay men. >> you are the leeann tweeter that posed in "playboy"? >> oh, i have something to tell you. but it will have to wait. >> you are the extra from "little children." >> we have to talk after this. there are some things. >> gavin, thoughts? >> i published a magazine for
3:49 am
many years. one thing we learned to do is lie to journalists because we sit by them all day and see how stupid and lazy they are. >> and then becomes truth. >> can i get a job here? >> uh loot of them are spider-man. time to take a break, but plenty more on the way. don't you move. you can move, but don't change the channel.
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well, this is a part of the show we were going to do a segment on the importance of volunteering, but what a waste of time that would have been. what about a "red eye" where are they now? surely you remember this fell law. >> that was in 2007. shane wowed humans and pets alike with his incredible talent. quickly becoming a rising star in the canine balancing community. at the 2009 championships in norway, he defeated the long-tiff record holder. big time endorsement geels followed and the money poured in. but he quickly blew the
3:54 am
hard-earned cash on a dangerous combination of junk food, alcohol and firearms. fortunately an unlikely ally came to his rescue and encouraging him to get his balancing career and more importantly life back on track. in the spring of 2012, he was starred opposite brew willis in the long-awaited sequel "hudson hawk 2". this has been a "red eye" where are they now. >> pete, do you understand why i have a lot of twitter followers? >> that was impressive. i'm at pete dominic, by the way. please, please. >> greg, did you know i helped this dog get his act together? >> i heard something about it. the important thing is these dogs always fall into these issues. he wanted to see more serious things. that always happens. >> a lot of the problem is you never get nominated for lifting funny things. he wanted to lift period
3:55 am
peses. >> all i remember was you tweeted something about him beating his] -- [bleep]. you don't follow me, so you don't know. >> i only follow jokes. >> that's all i tweet. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up from sherrod small. to see clips of recent shows go to fox news .com/red eye.
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don't forget to catch greg on "the five." and bill will be on "hannity." that can't be right. coming up on the next "red eye." return appearances from patti ann browne, fox news contributor tucker carlson and comedian veronica mosey. >> time to go back to sherrod small for the post game wrap up.
3:59 am
>> leeann, tell me about your lingerie line for heroes and patriots. >> yes, you can find it at leeann tweeden .com. it is affordable lingerie by elephant moments and my proud moment is heroes and patriots. we are trying to do a lot of good stuff. >> heroes and patriots sounds good. do we have pictures in there? >> there are. >> i will be there. >> thank you. >> pete ?er. >> yes, sir. what are you getting your wife for christmas? >> thank you for asking, sherrod. i haven't gotten her anything. i thought tonight i could get her plugs. plugs, sherrod. she has a plug about religion and spiritual wall tee. it is called smile with your entire body .com. >> are you visiting that too? >> yes, i might go. >> daff vin, tell me about your shirt. >> it is my friend's restaurant, the cardinal, best


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