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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 30, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EST

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>> steve: ouch. the mud is flying. with only four days go in iowa, we are here in the final push. and. >> clayton: if and you are illegal and get scooped up for a crime, the federal government. a 24-7 hot line for illegals in need is now available. "fox and friends" begins right now. >> it's "fox and friends"! >> steve: top of the morning to you or like i say, top of the muffin to you. thanks for waking up. you have a given true, kelly, ainsley. >> they deserve a vacation. we are glad to be with you. let's start with the headlines.
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president obama took a break from his excavation to honor the heroes, the men and women who died at the pearl harbor. the first lady at his side after a moment of silence they scattered some plower petals into the water. the president has no other event schedule for today. he plans on returning to washington on monday. and new this morning the obama administration getting ready to sit down for talks with the taliban. past deals have always fallen through but the administration is hoping to change that in the next few weeks. no doubt part of that deal, today there is talk of releasing a high-his being taliban detainee from guantanamo bay. he's been connected to the death of thousands of shiite muslims. no decision has been made because afghanistan's new government doesn't exactly
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agree. and are you in the united states illegally? now there is help for you from the feds, and it's just a phone call away. the feds have set up a 24 hour hot line for illegals who feel they have been victims of a crime. most don't report them out of fear of deportation, but according to the obama administration these folks have rights, too. this is seen largely as a response to a number of states cracking down on legal immigrants. and occupy protestors expected to be out ahead in full forced to ahead of the caucuses in iowa and they are going after democrats and republicans. yesterday police arrested five protestors picketing outside of ron paul's headquarters. they were rallying against his proposal to get rid of environmental protection agency. another group outside of headquarters in des moines. they want president obama to stop accepting donations from wall street and put an end to
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home foreclosures. i don't think that's going to happen. they depend on the big bucks to run their campaigns. we will see about that. >> we will see if the occupiers stop any caucuses from taking tg place. but they are busy today, very, very busy. peter boose is track them. that map is getting crazy because the map is going all over the place. >> very big caucuses on tuesday. with the pension of jon huntsman, all of the major candidates are criss-crossing the state, as you said, making final arguments. romney, it is interesting, would beat president obama 45-49 if the hypothetical match-up was today. that's aword to go the rasmus reports. his only stop in iowa today is going to be in west des moines while one of his most influential backers, chris christie, will be moving east to
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west and covering for ground. see there in the dark blue. romney will make a trip up north. and huntsman is focusing all of his attention there. but iowa comes first for everybody else. ron paul in iowa is going to be up in the northwest today. michele bachmann and newt gingrich appear to be covering the most ground, as you see here, moving from the west to the east in the middle of the state, while rick perry is all by himself further up north in the red. and a surging rick san is in the middle of the state, sticking there today. he has said if he finishes dead last in iowa, he's going to drop out of the race, and it doesn't look like that's going to happen. but the way the caucus system works it's important to be a lots of people's second and third choice as well as their first choice. it's like a rainbow with the colors, a lot of back and forth geographically by tuesday. >> we are running out of colors.
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>> and take a look at this. a new poll out this morning. a new gallop poll. we know the ebbs and flows of what has been going on in iowa. but a new national look at the gop has mitt romney surging and sort of breaking away from the pack a bit now in a national poll that's out this morning. and to some that would not be a surprise because mitt romney has been a familiar candidate to so many republicans. question earlier was was he conservative enough. many thought he was more moderate or a flip-flopper, but he has the nameecognition. now he has to prove himself and iowa could be that testing ground. >> especially given the few extra points he's gaining in iowa now. newt gingrich slipping to fourth as we talked about yesterday. >> everything changes so quickly. two weeks ago, according to a poll, two weeks ago he was third place in iowa and he was behind newt gingrich and ron paul. things are changing this morning. >> and we were talk before the
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show, now you get the questions, if you slip in the policy the immediate question you get is are you going to drop out. that's the question now being heaved at newt gingrich who was a frontrunner a week or so ago. take a look at his response. >> and considering that i'm 20 points ahead in some other states, it would be foolish for me not to stay in the race. it is a long way from pick a nominee. >> he said it's too early. some of lagging way behind like michele bachmanns. they could be posed with the question and it's a legitimate question but nor newt gingrich not a legitimate question at this time. >> and that's why i was asking it. bachmann is down according to the research group. bachmann 8%, huntsman 6%, perry 9%. these are the folks maybe we ought to request the questions to. >> and bachman last night on
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hannity was asked the similar questions and she's sticking firm she's the most conservative candidate on the race and she said this is the last turn to go up against president obama and beat him and go back to conservative roots, a she says. and now we have the match-up for president obama. look at this, for the first time mitt romney now in a somewhat commanding lead, and mitt romney over president obama in a new rasmussen poll out. >> that's if it was right now? >> if the election were right now, mitt romney would defeat president obama and mitt romney speaking to fox news last night, as a matter of fact, said president obama started off as a candidate for hope and change. he wanted to say that he failed miserably with that. as a result of that mitt romney is hoping to be the one to engage president obama in national debates so that the candidates -- or so that the american people can really see the substance of mitt romney and versus president obama. right now, according to that
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poll, mitt happens. >> yeah, that was the headlines this morning. some are thinking will obama make a change with his vice presidential candidate next year. but that's yet to be determined. will hillary clinton be a better choice? >> that could rally the base. and we talked about it with dick morris. and he said that's not a bad idea. there's the liberal base that's a bit dissolutioned with president obama and it be the jolt of caffeine they need to get back in. and the wall street journal said this morning democrats don't like him, as they didn't with jimmy carter. this is one of the most amazing facts, the president's own party doesn't like him. he's referring to the gallop newspapers. it appears for the first time that liberals aren't really back, they think of him as too liberal and are seeing
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themselves more aligned with some of the republican candidates. and many liberals are on those unemployment lines. 26 million americans being affected so far through the obama years. okay, when obama started, he could rightfully blame the previous, his predecessor, bush, for the economic malaise the country is in but he's been there long enough to stem the tied, turn things around and as a result many liberals are saying where's the hope and change i was look for when i'm on the unemployment line. and a lot are saying i don't agree with his leaning left. they want him to come back to the center. >> working in washington a lot, what are you hearing from your liberal friends? >> liberal friends? >> yeah. >> i have liberal friends, conservative friends, moderate friends, i think they are all saying can we make this country work, can we get along and work the way we are used to seeing,
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people are going back to work, people are getting the jobs they want, children are educating, getting educate in colleges and being able to get jobs as opposed to going out and staying on the unemployment line. >> well, everyday we get a new nugget of wisdom or some little thing. it's kind of miraculous from the campaign trail. and every morning when i wake up i have a lot to say. >> we have a lot. >> here's one them from the campaign trail. former utah governor jon huntsman, he's avoiding iowa and putting his heart and soul in new hampshire, he said this about iowa. take a listen. >> pick corn in iowa, they actually pick presidents here in new hampshire. >> they pick corn in iowa, and they actually pick presidents in new hampshire. >> yikes. >> i was surprised when i heard that because don't attack -- you can't attack the people that you have to come back and try to get them to vote for you. >> because when you go through a
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general election then and you go face-to-face with those same individuals, and that's a swing state. it went to senator obama then last time by some 750,000 votes. >> as long as you are talking about president obama, could huntsman be doing the same thing many people have accrued president obama of doing, that's blaming the american people for your shortcomings as a candidate? >> that's a great point. and part of what is coming out in in the pieces we are reading is there there is a feeling he is treating iowa as a flyover state. you go to the coasts, a west coast and east coast elitest. >> and you don't have to live in iowa to feel that way. everyone is wondering what he means by that, why wouldn't iowa be important? >> to his defense, it doesn't have a long track record. as we've been pointing out for weeks, they don't have a great track record of picking the
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eventual nominee. >> but iowans are not happy with those comments. and rick perry is obviously not happy with santorum and he's going after him. we are seeing the republicans kind of can -- >> i love iowa pork, but i don't like washington pork. and that's the problem. at of the washington pork is the one that we've got to watch out for. it will give you a stomach ache that lasts for a long, long time. senator, i'm calling you out. defend your earmarks. defend to the people of this country and to iowa those earmarks that i happen to think are the gateway drug to the spending problem that we've got in washington d.c. >> the gateway drug to the spending problem. >> that's been a problem for a lot of the candidates. this is why very few members of congress of get -- win the presidency. it's rare that it happens
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because there's such a long record of track record of voting that they have for years and years. but look for santorum to be the tortoise. >> he has been. you are right about that. look at the recent polls and you look at rick santorum surging a bit. we will have much more coming up later in the show. give us your thoughts. send us your e-mails this morning. we are following all of that and more a new report shows members of congress are some of the worst investors in the market. if they can't manage their money, should they manage ours? >> good question. and she did what she was supposed to do. her owner did not. why in the two are these two clinging to the side of a cliff?
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>> welcome back. recently we've heard about several lawmakers in washington who profited from stock trades about information they gained in office. but according to the wall street journal, many of them are not very good at it. >> here's more with the fox business network, charles payne. hey, charles. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you, too. >> this is amazing information you uncovered about congress and they can't manage their own money. what's going on? >> we found out half the members of congress are millionaires earlier this week. it's one of the real interesting things is everything is sort of laid at their laps. there's a big deal by profit on things they could be he will together. you can be on a banking committee and trade bank stocks. how ludicrous or how crazy is that? on their own they aren't very good. when they have the inside scoop they do extraordinary well.
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and then it comes back to the point where i think some of these guys are just -- this week i looked at the list of top ten people in congress, millionaires, and only four of them are self made. the rest have inherited or married into money. >> who is on that list? >> the ceo, congressman mccullough, but although darryl issa, a republican from california, he start the the alarm company for the cars. >> step away from the car! that's him. >> the larger point, though, is how they are managing our money. if they are this bad, right, 50 members of congress lost all kinds of money in the stock market this year. and there were some good anecdotes, one who bought a ton of shares one day, there was no fluctuation and sold them on the very same day and lost money. there was no fluctuation, didn't do anything smart about it. so if they can't manage their own money, how can they manage
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the money of the country? >> that's a fantastic point and it bothers me they would be that ioptic about watching the market anyway when they should be watching for us. they should put their money away and lock it in a blind trust or have someone managing it. how can they do both? how can they have our best interests at heart and be day trading the market. >> how can we be confident who is happening in the future when all of the members of congress return in january and have to deal with the same situation over and over again about the economy and the payroll tax deduction and unemployment? >> the answer is we can't be confident and the american public are not confident and for good reason. people are very smart, verien twotive. they understand something is not right. they understand there is a serious major disconnect between
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what is happening in d.c. and what is happening here. when you hear of nancy pelosi staying in a hotel where the romney costs $10,000 a night, you can say raw-raw for the little guy, but -- >> why are they so successful? >> we all can't marry into wealth or inherit it. i remember when they said power is a heckuva aphrodisiac, it should be because they land pretty good spouses. >> thank you so much, charles. charles, always great. >> happy new year, guys. >> coming up, it may be time to switch carriers. one cell phone company now charging you more, and what you get for it? actually absolutely nothing. you better check that bill. >> absolutely nothing. sorry. >> pan am helped shape the american airline industry and changed the world. so why did they ultimately fair?
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amazing stories from former pilots coming up next.
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>> welcome back. quick headlines. a new fee for verizon customers. next month the company will charge two dollars to make payments online or by phone. two dollars for using that credit card. michael jordan is now engaged. he popped the question over christmas weekend to his model girlfriend. they have been dating since 2008. ainsley.
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>> for two decades the next guest navigated the sky as a pan am pilot. now the airline is completely out of business. what caused the heavenly airline to fall to earth? joining us is the author of the book. he worked for the airline for 26 years. thanks for being with us. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> tell me about your book. >> skygods is about pan-american world airways at the very zenith of his glory days. the term "skygods "is a word we applied to the senior pan am captains we flew with back in the '630s. they were legends. they flew in world war ii, they commanded the planes like they did ships at sea. and we found this extended from
6:25 am
the cockpit all the way to the top floor of the pan am building. it was the pan am persona. the airline of the sky gods. >> and it's a little sad for me to talk about this today because i flew yesterday, i was flying home from christmas, and you are lucky if you get a bag of pretzels, much less a nice flight attendant these days. i know not every one of them is rude but some are these days. we used to dress up to fly and now you are wearing like sweat pants because you might be in the airport for hours. it has changed so much. to hear you talk about this, i wish we could go back to those days. what, in your opinion, has changed? >> class and good taste. in the '60s pan am passengers on international flights wore business suits typically and ties and designer dresses. they were presented with a menu from axioms from paris.
6:26 am
they were served champagne and cariear. and that changed in the 70s. passengers showed up in backpacks and flip-flops and crammed into the back of 747s and that was the end of the age of he eloquence. >> have you seen the new show? what do you think about it. >> i like the back drops, the music and the glamorous steward he is. i would like to show them more of the sky gods in the cockpit, as well as the cabin and the pan am building. >> it's fascinating. it's fun to live back in those days by watching those shows. i watched last night, in fact. thanks for being with us. i appreciate it. i will have to check out the new
6:27 am
book. have a good day. >> it's been my great pleasure. >> thank you. >> we certainly want to see more of bob and his fellow pan am employees, which needs to be a second season. if you think so, sign the petition. the link is on your screen to save the show "pan am." is pelosi ready to pack her bags? yesterday she predicted she would leave leadership. now another big development. plus just looking at this makes your heart race. a dog and her owner stranded on the side of this cliff, barely hanging on, as you see, but there's a lot more to this story. wait until you hear how they wound up there. first happy birthday to lebron james, the nba superstar turns 27 today.
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>> welcome back to "fox and friends. " will there be changes in the air in 2012? if you leave karl rove yesterday and watching the wall street your honor natural this week he had big, bold predicts for 2012. among them that harry reid and nancy pelosi would bothing out
6:31 am
of leadership jobs in congress. >> by the end of 2012. he said the republicans will take the u.s. senate. >> meantime pelosi's daughter reportedly said that mom wants to leave congress. here is what she is saying. she basically said she would retire right now if the doners she had didn't want her to leave so badly. she has very few days left. she's 71, she wants to have a life. it's obligation. that's all i'm saying. >> she did this telephone interview. it's a revealing interview. what is revealing about it is the don't -- doner side of it. this speaks to the special interest problem in washington. you feel you can even leave your job because you are so beholdent to all of the money you are getting. >> she came back to clarify her statement said i said she is
6:32 am
destined for greatness, not wilderness. >> but you look back at her time when she took over congress and she was, of course, the house speaker and take a look at this. $162 billion national deficit when she took over. when she left the speaker ship, 1.2 trillion. that's her report card. >> important to point out everybody was in that gang, though, of raising this deficit. it was republican and democrat alike. we should not forget that. but it did happen under her watch. >> you see the approval ratings, like 9% approval rating for congress or 11% for congress. i think britney spears has a higher number than congress. >> no way. >> that and lindsey lohan, too.
6:33 am
>> you take back and think about the big stories and think did that happen this year? the washington post compiled who had the worst year in washington, folks. these are some of the folks ranking it he top of the list. >> once you see the list, you will probably agree. >> look on the far left of your screen. i don't know, it's hard to say if anyone had a worse year than anthony weiner. >> he had a tough year. >> and it just got worse and worse as the story continued to unfold. >> herman cain, tough year for him. >> the american people. >> and we just mentioned congress, of course, with its terrible approval ratings at 9%, 11% in some different national polls. i don't know. send in your ideas who you think had a worse year in washington or maybe they are already on the list. e-mail us. you can also find us on twitter. >> one thing also on the list, and molly and i know it, we
6:34 am
remorse over this, the washington redskins. they still stink this year. i'm a die-hard fan. >> i'm an eagles fan so i feel your pain. >> thanks. >> we are just a few days away from a new year. if you had a bad year in 2011, you have a brand new start in a few days. now for the headlines. a virginia man filing his own lawsuit to get newt gingrich on the state's super tuesday ballot. johnathan mosely is working without the blessing of gingrich or his campaign. he claims the former speaker was cheated, he had more than the required 1,000 signatures, but the republican party and the state of virginia messed up, quote, in determining how many of these signatures were valid. yesterday we asked gingrich if he was going to file his own lawsuit and he said he wasn't sure yet. he said he might join a lawsuit started by perry's campaign.
6:35 am
and desperation and fear is what you are about to here. firefighters in connecticut tried to save the family from the raging house fire. take a listen. >> we have victims trapped in the second floor. we are going to rescue them with ladder. >> he have a report from one of the victims. there are people in that window. >> we're gonna need some protection up there. >> yeah, i hear yeah. we have to get in there. >> the fire ripping through the home on christmas morning. she and her friend, michael, made it out alive but badger tried to get back into her house to save her parents and her three young daughters but it was just too late. the deadly fire reportedly started after borsena threw hot fire embers in the trash. and more news. work has stopped and there's no chance it will open on time. a new fight over money is
6:36 am
sparking yet another major delay in the 9/11 museum. the port authority can't seem to cut a deal with the memorial foundation. the memorial was set to open on september 20, 2012. a new date has not been announced. and a hooker and his dog brought to safety after sliding is hundred feet down a cliff in california. take a look at the dramatic rescue. dozen of firefighters came to the rescue of the 19-year-old man and his dog, lola. the trouble began when lola tried to fetch a bottled that been glenn off the side of the cliff. he went down after her but couldn't make it back up. thanks to the rescue crews, they are both at home safely. >> i wonder if it was his bottle or he was picking up the trash? >> i don't know. >> the rescue crews, being able to get there and being trained to rescue them both so they are safe and sound. >> remarkable. did a muslim father takes his
6:37 am
faith too far? turns out last christmas's masser and might have been an honor killing in disguise. why hasn't anyone else reported that? >> you see the ups and downs in iowa but now it's crunch time. who is really ahead with only four days until the caucus? jason wright has brand new numbers. that's next. ♪ [ male announcer ] if you're giving an amazing gift, shouldn't it be given in an amazing way? ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited time.
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>> welcome back. some quick headlines for you. it is not exactly the grinch stealing christmas in this story but more like the grinch
6:40 am
stealing baby jesus. two teens in indiana took it from the nativity scene and placed it on the steps of the local library. and the endorsement for ron paul sparked a major backlash from fans who called clark son a racist. she said she's sorry and only likes paul because of his commitment to smaller government. over to you, clayton. >> thank you so much. we are just four days away from the iowa caucus, if you can believe that. where do the candidates stand right now in the rankings. editor joins us. nice to see you, jason. >> good morning. >> i guess i shouldn't be surprised, but who sits at number one right now in your rankings? >> last week we had mitt romney and newt gingrich tied neck and neck. this week we really feel like mitt romney has pulled ahead. we don't have a lot of data since christmas, only one national poll to look at and that's the gallop tracking poll
6:41 am
that you have been talking about this morning that has mitt up four points. at the we have romney up by 3 so looks like he's pulled ahead in this race. >> you look at other policy, maybe newt gingrich in iowa has slipped to fourth place. these are the overall rankings now and you have newt gingrich and ron paul tied for second place? >> that's right. if the rankings were based more on momentum, then a snapshot where the horses are on the track right now, i think you can say gingrich might be in third or fourth in the power rankings. but the rankings are a snapshot of today. even though newt has cratered in iowa, absolutely fallen off the table, nationally his numbers seem to be holding pretty steady for now. >> is it those negative ads? he said it is. >> i think it is, and the fact that he looks so incredibly disorganized. i don't think that team gingrich really understand how damaging this issue in virginia was, his failing to make the ballot.
6:42 am
typically conservatives are not the party that runs to the courts to fix problems that you are not able to fix on your own ahead of time. and i really think that has hurt the perception of the gingrich campaign. he already looked like he was whining a bit too much, maybe a bit too disorganized going into this. now the decision out of the republican party in virginia has really hurt him nationally. >> karl rove saying this is politics 101. you have to get on the ballot first before you can of become president. and also on your list, this is interesting, you look at rick perry and michele bachmann, it looks like the bottom of the pack is neck and neck. can we see any surprises there? >> everyone is talking about rick santorum and his potential to surprise. it really goes to the question of what defines a win. rick santorum is obviously not going to win the iowa caucus, but if he comes in third, if he really shocked the world with a third place finish, certainly santorum would call that a win. i heard him talking earlier on "fox and friends" what that might mean in new hampshire.
6:43 am
even with a strong showing in iowa, he has no infrastructure anyplace else in the country. he's been basically living in iowa for two years. he's been polling at 2%. and rick perry also about 2% in new hampshire. tim pawlenty lenity and herman cain are at 2% new hampshire and they aren't running anymore. i don't know what it means except some confetti that night. >> you talked about momentum. how important is that with just four days left? how does that influence the rankings you put together. >> it's about momentum. folks get up in the morning and turn on their television to fox and friends to see what we're talking about. right now we're talking about polls out of iowa showing romney has caught ron paul or is leading ron paul and national polls showing romney pulling ahead of newt. if you go to any of the popular blogs on the internet, including
6:44 am, it's about romney and now having perhaps an open path to the nomination. if mitt romney wins iowa next week and he's going to win new hampshire, this race is over. all this building the last couple years about a tight race, it could be over in a hurry. >> it is shocking considering the fact mitt romney has not spin as much time there, really focused on new hampshire. and to be able to pull ahead in iowa like this is pretty remarkable. one other major headlines of the morning, it's about the evangelical block in iowa. it appears they are still struggling this morning to coalesce. some of the headlines i read are they are starting to form around ron paul? really? >> i'm not sure if i buy that. i think santorum is more likely than ron paul to pick up that vote. who who knows. ron paul has seen his numbers improve as gingrich has declined in iowa. i will be remiss if i didn't make a quick note about jon huntsman here. a couple days ago i received a
6:45 am
rather angry e-mail from a jon huntsman supporter criticizing me and for not giving the former governor of utah more love and attention in the power rankings on "fox and friends." so to use your name, matt b are farmington, utah, i say to you and to the other 16 jon huntsman supporters all across our great country of ours, we are sorry we have not given the governor more attention. >> ouch. i'm sure you will get a few more comments from matt b. but talk about jon huntsman. he has decent numbers there but almost insulted iowa last night in an interview basically saying iowa picks corn, and new hampshire picks presidents. is he right or wrong? >> i suppose he could be right. historically speaking new hampshire has a better track record of predicting who will ultimately win the nomination. but jon huntsman, what are you thinking? he's pretty intelligent, up there with the newt gingrichs of
6:46 am
the world being the smartest guy in the room but i honestly can't believe he said that to the good people of iowa. if i lived in iowa i think i would change my voter registration to new hampshire so i could vote against him there in two weeks. one of the more boneheaded things he's said out of the entire campaign. and huntsman has said some strange things before. jon huntsman, i know you think you feel some momentum in new hampshire, we just don't see it and i don't think the numbers are there for him to do per than maybe fourth at best. >> interesting. jason wright, great to see you. hope you have a bond everybody full new year's. you will have some new numbers the next few days, and it is crunch time. happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> coming up, did a muslim father take it too far? turns out last year it could have been an honor killing but no one is reporting on it. >> and should the local government be able to teardown the stars and stripes? we report, you decide.
6:47 am
meanwhile, we will go across the country. ♪
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6:50 am
? with mild temperatures forecasted for new york city this year, they are specking record numbers of people to pack times square. which also makes it a very big terror target, as well, as you know. we have the latest on preparation. carolyn. >> yeah, good morning to you. we are certainly getting into the party spirit. it is sort of contagious here. there is, of course, the very serious matter of security and preperations are already underway. commissioner ray kelly, the police commissioner, said there
6:51 am
are no threats that he's aware >> they will be look, bags will be searched. no one is allowed in times square with backpacks or with alcohol. there are also 500 cameras in place. and shoppers will be overhead equipped with infrared cameras, and 1500 new police recruits are also starting their job, first day on the job tomorrow. so certainly security is a concern, but the nypd says that they are prepared as of. new york city is prepared with more of the fun aspects of this. they have a ton of confetti that will rain down on the crowd. some of the confetti actually has new year's wishes written on it by people from all over the
6:52 am
world. and also the crystal ball that drops, it's gotten a face-lift. 3,000 new triangles, the crystal triangles. and the theme this year is let there be friendship. and speaking of friendship, mayor bloomberg has invited one of his good friends, lady gaga, to push the button this year and launch the ball that will drop and ring in 2012. that's the latest from times square. back to you. >> good deal. thank, caroline. like the glasses, the 2012 glasses. the all-american new year, you can watch it live on the fox news channel from 11:00 p.m. to 12:30:00 a.m. on new year's eve right here on fox he hosted by lil and megyn kelly. >> a family had just finished unwrapping their gifts around the christmas tree when a cold-blooded killer dressed as
6:53 am
santa entered their home and shot them all to death. authorities later said that the murder opened fire because he didn't want his daughter dating nonmuslims. we are joined more details about this. from what i understand, this was the father, as well as an uncle to the children at that christmas party. he dressed up as santa, and then he committed this heinous act. why? >> because he was very unhappy with his daughter dating anonymous let -- a anonymous le. with his wife divorcing him, becoming more westernized, he started getting an islamic identity. and he wanted to save his honor because his daughter and wife was an embarrassment to him and his community. >> but he took out an entire
6:54 am
family, including his brother-in-law, his sister, his nephew. it's just an amazing set of circumstances that took place here all because he did not want his daughter to date a non muslim. his niece was texting he's here dressed at santa, everything is pretty good right now, and moments later she texted saying he's acting pretty fatherly. they knew there were tensions going on but why are the honor killings going on and the world not hearing about it in the united states? >> because nobody wants to discuss the islam aspect of it. it's an islamic cultural thing, not a middle eastern thing. a lot of people say it's cultural but it's not because you have a lot of people who come here who are not non muslim. you don't see christians and
6:55 am
jews doing this. i now how families are, they hope to mend things around the holidays and hope for the best and they did not expect him to behave the way he behaved. the reason why he kill the whole family, he thought they were covering up, they were protect being the daughter, who was rebel against him, and he decided i am going to take you all out. >> this is a horrible story and it's not the first that we've heard of incidents like this. it's happened before, even right there in texas with the gentleman turning around -- i say gentleman, but the father turning around and shooting his two daughters while driving in a taxi that he own, by the way, and he did it because he said his daughters were getting too westernized. what is going on with the communities that come here and can't embrace all of the western culture, and many people in america respect their religion but they are doing this to their own children. >> they are. we are seeing more and more of this, the more we see the rise of islamic immigration to the
6:56 am
west. this is a new problem we are having to deal with, whether america, canada, australia, i think land. in europe they are having such a major problem with it, that they met at the hague in a conference just to discuss this. >> real quickly, because i don't want to lose time, but one important question is and i think you alluded to it with what the hague is doing, what can americans do, and muslim groups and all racial and ethnic and even human rights groups and christian groups do to help the muslims engage in this community and not do this to their children for the sake of, quote, unquote, honor? >> the first thing is education. it is important to shine a light on this issue and begin discussing it openly and throw political correctness in the garbage. the second thing is establish hot lines or shelters where women who feel threatened, they can go hide and they need to
6:57 am
feel they have an out where they are not trapped within their families. at least we owe them that much. they are, after all, muslim american women, and american women who fought for women's rights in the united states more than a hundred years ago he we owe them that. >> thank you for sharing your incites and hopefully more will become proactive about this situation. thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up, does the donald have something new up his sleeve? he's quietly making some big political moves. details top of the hour. then they are already restoring order in north korea through photo shop? you saw this video of kim jong-il's people. the north korean people saw something a little different. we will show you what authorities took out.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> good friday morning to you. today is december 30th. i'm ainsley filling in for gretchen. mitt happens, big news in politics. mitt romney taking a big jump in the policy, but not in iowa, across the country. we will break it down for you. >> and just when you thought the presidential race was starting to take shape, enter donald trump again. word that he's making big political moves this morning. >> and that flag is flying high to honor an american hero but the rules say no flags allowed here. so should local government be able to tear down the stars and stripes? seems like it's happening. we report, you decide. "fox and friends" hour two starts right now. >> i'm donald trump and you are watching "fox and friends. "
7:01 am
and if you turn the channel, you're fired! [laughter] >> stay with us. >> and we will be talking more about the donald in a few minutes here. perhaps more political aspirations. we will talk about that. >> we actually spoke to him and have an update. stay tuned for that. >> if you are tuning in and wondering with steve, brian and gretchen are, they are off for the new year and you have ainsley, and kelly here. >> we are four days away from the iowa caucuses. the republican presidential candidates are making their final push. they are busy today and peter doocy is tracking them all. good morning, peter. >> good morning. a lot of criss-crossing in iowa this holiday weekend. the way we are keeping track of all the major candidates there is by using color-coded maps. here's the hawkeye state. you see a bunch of colors together in the middle of the statement that's the des moines area where romney, santorum,
7:02 am
bachmann and gingrich will be covering some ground. gingrich and bachmann will be making appearances without toward the nebraska state line as well. north of them you see ron paul is found in brown out in the middle by himself in red is rick perry, and the dark blue out east is chris christie campaigning for romney. romney is also going to be spending time in new hampshire this afternoon. you see on the map that the granite state is the only place where jon huntsman can be found. that's the only place he is and the only place he's been because huntsman is not playing in iowa but everybody else is. even though the romney campaign focused most of its earlier attention elsewhere during the earlier stages of the 2012 campaign, they are trying to finish strong in iowa in the end, which is tuesday night. romney finished second in iowa in 2008. based on all the recent polls there's a good chance he will do just as well or better this time around. back to you guys. >> all right. i think it's interesting, peter, we were just talking looking at the map and seeing chris
7:03 am
christie on there, the only noncandidate. a lot of questions from the reporters to a lot of the people, who are you going to pick to vp some and they are saying i have no idea. first i want to be the nominee and then is chris christie a future vp nomination? >> the only one not out there campaigning as a candidate. >> and a lot of people support him, chris christie. >> let's look at the new policy out this morning. you are waking up and you are wondering how does the race look this morning? here it is. here is the new national gop poll out this morning from gallop. this is remarkable. this focused on a little bit before christmas up until a little later this week. mitt romney way out in front now, pulling ahead. basically beginning to pull ahead of the pack now. >> absolutely. so much has changed over the last few weeks. this is a first for romney. according to the american research group, he was third. gingrich was first, ron paul was
7:04 am
second and then he was third. so in two weeks a lot has changed. >> and here's something else about mitt romney that we need to look at. he's actually beating president obama in a hypothetical match-up. if it were taking place right now, here's how it would look. romney would be at 45%. that's six percentage points above president obama at 39%. that according to about a thousand voters. and that's beyond the margin of actually winning. so more and more mitt romney, his campaign is shaping up to be something that people are looking at. and perhaps he can get that tracks. it depends on what happens in iowa and new hampshire. new hampshire, it's almost, many people are saying it's almost a guaranteed that he will lose. iowa we have to wait because there are so many variables who will take place in the caucuses. >> and a new gallop poll out in morning is interesting because it looks like the ideology of most americans and how they identify themselves. do they see themselves with the independents, republicans?
7:05 am
the new poll shows they have moved away with any affiliation with the liberals. and here's peggy writing the wall street journal about this. she said democrats, according to new research, don't like him, as they didn't like jimmy carter. this is one of the most underappreciated facts of 2012. the sitting president's own party doesn't like him. >> that's why he will have to make changes in the next election. there's talk it will be an obama-hillary clinton ticket. she's very well liked. and we will talk about what people think about that ticket. >> and mr. wright, he said i don't have any insider information but i'm utah abouting it out there it could happen because vice president biden has long loved the job of secretary of state. will they flip-flop? that could electrify the liberal base that he needs. >> and also he has to be gaffe
7:06 am
proof. >> is that the marker? >> we would miss some of that. >> and there's also talk this morning, we were telling you a few minutes ago about donald trump. is he going to make a run as an independent in 2012? >> tea leaves look that ways. basically an e-mail was sent out thursday afternoon from a florida tea party leader, and it was -- who is a personal friend of donald trump, by the way. the e-mail requested assistance of building a team in texas to make certain if he does decide to run he will be on the ballot. here's a look at this e-mail. this was an anonymous e-mail sent to " they don't want to make the same mistake the newt gingrich campaign made of not getting on certain ballots if he decides to run. >> donald has eluded to some of this. he wanted to make sure his season was over in terms of his contract and then he would be
7:07 am
tree to do something. i remember hearing him discuss it, saying that there could be a possibility of doing something beyond may. but a response from trump's special counsel, michael cohen, a full screen quote here, there are millions of people interested in seeing donald trump run for president, even as a third party candidate. and while this letter was not offered by trump, it is proof of the support he has across the country to make sure this year it seems like his perfectly ripe for a third
7:08 am
party. >> would anyone have the organization that donald trump would have, though? that's the key question. you have to be able to organize, especially coming into it late in the game. >> and there have been organizations working on behalf of independent candidates to make sure the ballots are secure. for a first time they have had a larger organization than they have had in decades, actually so somebody could take advantage of thanks right now for the headlines. occupy protestsers there be out in full force yet again and they are going after democrats and republicans. yesterday police arrested five occupiers ticketing outside ron paul's headquarters, rallying against his proposal to eliminate the environmental protection agency. another dozen protestors arrested outside the democratic party headquarters in des moines. their message for president obama, they want him to end taking donations from wall street. >> and wall street will be ringing their bell for the last time in 2011.
7:09 am
asian stocks already had their last day of trading. the nikkei rose 7%. hong kong saw modest gain, but don't let that fool you. all asian stocks were in negative territory for the year as a whole. and are you in the u.s. illegally? now there is help for you from the feds. it's just a phone call away. the feds have set up a 24 hour hot line for illegals who feel they have become victims of a crime. most don't report them out of fear, of course, of deportation. but according to the obama administration, these folks have rights, too. this is seen largely as a response to a number of states cracking down on illegal immigrants. the funeral procession for the late north korean president kim jong-il was picture perfect, or was it? a has been full of toddlers were
7:10 am
seen keeping the lines of the procession from being precise but you can't tell by the pictures a photo released by north koreas state news agency is slightly altered, eliminating those people who weren't standing in line. a picture taken at the same time by the japanese shows the difference. can you tell? the new york times and an expert noticed it. >> and you had a camera crew standing there getting shots of the parade on the left, and for whatever reason the strict vision that comes out of the north korean government decided we need to photo shop those folks out because they don't look like they are falling in line with the rest of the folks. unbelievable. the minor little details of what they don't want. >> you are talking on the far left? >> you see the three camera guys there on the left side of the screen they are photo shopped out on the right side of the screen. >> why would that make a difference? >> but to them it does. >> talk about making a difference, let's look at the
7:11 am
state of maryland. a state i live in, by the way. proud to be a maryland residentening but i'm not really pleased with the next story. i'm trying to figure all this out. seems maryland has a problem with the american flag, at least in one community. rhonda winkler, her family put up a playing and basically wanted to put up a flag to honor u.s. troops. >> her nephew, actually. >> and it was removed and placed in a dump truck. >> it's unbelievable. first of all, the disrespect given to the flag by throwing it in a dump truck, number one, but then removing from the traffic circle. state highway workers came through right here in this roundabout and yanked that big flag out. >> there was a car accident at the roundabout so it knocked the flag down. they picked it up and put it in the dump truck. she wants it back. >> instead of putting it back up and the community is not allowing it to be put back up. >> she said, quote, they told us it was against the law to erect a flag on the traffic circle. they told my husband that
7:12 am
whoever put up the flag could be arrested fortress passing. we figured it is the american flag and we live in the united states of america, how can anyone have a problem with it? apparently someone did. >> they say if you do put up a flag there, a construction crew or someone with the government needs to put it in, not a random civilian. my question is well then do that. let someone with the government or construction crews go out there and put it up. >> and there have been a number of people in rallies, the community was outraged so they came out and supported this. they held a rally and a lot of people waving their flags. they want the flags put back there. rhonda will be here on "fox and friends" to give us an update what happened. >> e-mail us what you think. why put it in a dump truck? at least contact the family and explain what happened. >> and they won't give the flag back to the family. i wonder if they know where it is now? >> love to have your e-mails on that one. >> and watch what you say. some of the most popular phrases
7:13 am
that you use in everyday conversations are now banned. the wall street occupiers might be especially upset by that. >> and we were just telling you that the rumors have returned. why are people talking about an obama-clinton ticket again? is there something to this? we will see what our political panel think. there they are. >> yeah, they are live!
7:14 am
7:15 am
why settle for a one-note cereal? ♪ more, more, more... get more with honey bunches of oats 4 nutritious grains come together for more taste, more healthy satisfaction. get more with honey bunches of oats. >> republican candidates gearing up for the iowa caucus. could an obama-hillary clinton ticket be in our future in maybe so. apparently they were named the most admired man and woman of
7:16 am
2011. let's see what our political panel thinks about this. hi, guys. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> exciting. we are just a few days away from iowa. things are really gearing up. what do you think about, romney is beating, if the election were now, if it were now obama would lose to romney. is obama going to have to make some changes? >> i think obama will only make the change we have all been hearing about and speculating about and dreaming about if you are a democrat is, unless he's really, really in trouble and so far i don't see any indication of that. >> i don't think he would even make the change then bus with hillary clinton as your vice president, you need a food taster. >> and i don't believe hillary wants to be number two. she was number two when bill was president. she's not going to run. he's going to keep biden.
7:17 am
but if a republican is in the white house in 2012. she will run four years later. >> let's say it happens. what will become to biden? >> maybe he will become secretary of state. >> he has said he always wanted to be. i can see him going around the world. >> having joe biden and his verbal gaffes brought to worldwide attention, he would be the ambassador to disaster. >> obama chose hem because of his former relations and expertise but with those gaffes i don't think he's diplomatic. >> we will see what happens. i was reading karl rove's article yesterday. he said republicans will keep the house and take the senate and representative nancy pelosi, senator harry reid or both will leave the democratic leadership by the end of 2012. what do you think about that? >> republicans will retain the house and i believe they will gain the senate. i do not believe that harry reid, even if republicans gained the senate, will step down because if he does it will say
7:18 am
that was the wrong leader in the first place. nancy pelosi, i don't know. >> what about her daughter's comment? >> i think her daughter was quick to say she was miss quoted, she didn't intend to say "wilderness" she said, "intended for greatness" and i don't see her stepping down. she loves the job. what is she going to do? is she would be very board. i hope she stays. john, what do you think? >> i think if the democrats don't pick up a number of seats this will be the second election she'll drag down the party. and i think there will be pressure for her to leave. and chuck schumer is already laying the ground work to replace harry reid. >> he's ready. he was the ground work in the past election, john. >> and pelosi's daughter did say she is ready to leave. she's only sticking around because of the donors. >> and she did not deny that part of it. >> this is public office, it's
7:19 am
not donors. >> but it is about the donors. it's not supposed to be. >> the fact that nancy pelosi is staying in hawaii, the enormously luxurious hotel and that is all the democratic donors around her. occupy hawaii is now protesting in front of her hotel as we speak. this is how she's become part of the washington establishment. occupy hawaii says she's part of the problem. >> we are gearing up. which republican will win iowa and why? our panel's predictions are coming up next. plus, a cop drunk behind the wheel and cruising at 150 miles an hour. so we are going to be talking about that story coming up as well. stick around.
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
>> welcome back. time for your news by the numbers. first up, five years, that's the amount of time china has given to its self to advance their space program. we hope to launch manned ships by 2016. next, 102,000. that's how many santa tracking phone calls were answered by norad this year. and 100,000, the number of people expected to ring in 2012 in times square. >> and the weather it going to be mild. that's if news. there's just four days until the iowa caucus. who is going to win and who does this all mean for the kick off to 2012? we are back with our political panel right now. we have angela, john and judith. who is your pick and why? we will start with you, judith. >> i think i will still go with ron paul. four days is a lifetime in politics, but. >> why? >> his people are passionate. they passionately care about him
7:24 am
year after year after year. does it matter? i don't think so. it's the population of panoma but it matters in terms of momentum. i have to go with him and romney is a close second. >> john? >> the only two candidates in the iowa caucuses in the past who underperformed were moderates, george w push in 2000 and mitt romney in 2008. i think paul has an incredibly committed volunteer race and i believe the finish will be paul, romney and then rick santorum. >> i predict paul, mitt romney is going to be a tie between santorum and gingrich. i believe that santorum is going to take the votes from perry and bachman, the evangelical votes. >> how much does a caucus really determine? or this caucus? >> it doesn't. >> it weeds people out. there are several candidates who are probably ending their race next tuesday. >> do you think it will happen before new hampshire or of a new hampshire. >> effectively of a new
7:25 am
hampshire the money will dry up and people won't be able to go on. >> michele bachmann isn't doing commercials right now pause she doesn't have the money but she said before the caucuses she will to a commercial that will be very effective. >> were you surprised when newt gingrich came out and said he's not dropping out of the race? he's still in the top three or four, why would he even say that? >> he loves attention. >> he's the donald trump of the candidates. >> there are rumors that donald trump could come out as an independent. >> but there are always those rumors. every time he wants to sell books he launches a new rumor. >> he's the lady gaga politics of marketing. come on. >> we called him this morning. >> there are three words -- there are three words that explain why donald trump will never run for public office. financial disclosure statement. then we would know he's probably worth a lot less than he says. >> he's probably watching you, john.
7:26 am
>> fine. >> we will hear from him. >> he is definitely entertaining so it gives us something to talk about. and the race is heating up now. are you excited about this? >> you know, you live for this, and my area is foreign policy and i still want to know where these guys stand on a lot more issues. for me the kind of caucus and the politicking, it's important, but. >> i love it. mitt romney is electable against barack obama. i think he would possibility candidate who could defeat barack obama. >> the latest rasmussen polls say that. >> and it's not the conservatives, not the democrats, it's the end depends who will decide who the next president is. >> and romney polls so well with women and older women in particular and that's a crucial category. >> i'll go further. any candidate who actually has the credibility to win the republican nomination, would probably beat barack obama. he's at 41% approval rating.
7:27 am
no president with that low approval rating has won begins anyone. >> that's interesting. i still have to put my money on barack obama at this point. >> thank you so much. so good to see you. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> add up all the blizzards, the tornadoes, the wildfires and hurricanes that hit us in 2011 and you have a record-breaking year for natural disasters. why? and will it happen again next year? rick is here to explain all of this. then kids caught miss behaving at school? that will go on their permanent record. what? and we aren't just saying that, the feds new move to track your children. yep. ♪
7:28 am
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♪. >> go ahead. >> time for the shot of the morning. these are pictures of the lava now spews from the kilauea volcano in hawaii. >> can you smell that? it's been erupting on and off for nearly 30 years. these photos were just released by the observer to there. he said there is no threat to
7:31 am
homes and people nearby. rick, when you get near that lava, don't they say that stuff is toxic within maybe 30, 40, 100 yards of it? >> pause of the fumes. >> and they said hardly dangerous, hardly a threat to the homes. >> you can get pretty close. if you get a chance to go to the big island you can stand on the cliff and look down. it's really neat. >> it's been a crazy year in the weather department. you have been working like crazy and traveling looking at a lot of different damage, a lot of major storms this year. i guess you have a bit of a look back this year, right? >> i guess when people think of this year you will remember big events and you will think it was a little bit odd. well, it really was an extreme year. take a look. we put something together for the show just exactly how odd the year was in the u.s. >> never get normal. >> normal was just another
7:32 am
casualty here in tuscaloosa, alabama when an ef4 tornado touched down. >> it left a scar through the heart of the city. >> the mayor said the rebuilding is just beginning, eight months after the storm killed 42 people, flattening one out of every ten buildings here. >> it's one thing to have damage to power lines and streets. it's another thing to have 5,000 plus homes gone and 600 businesses destroyed. >> holy -- oh, my god! >> it was part of a three day outbreak that spun the most tornadoes in u.s. history, 353 of them in almost half of the states, costing more than $10 billion. and that was merely one of what the feds report were a half-dozen tornado outbreaks in which losses topped a billion bucks. >> oh, that is a monitor tornado. >> like the one that produce an ef5 tornado, destroying a third of joplin, missouri and killing hundreds of people and costing
7:33 am
more than $9 billion. we saw a wide range of other weather catastrophes as well. the groundhog day blizzard brought chicago to a standstill, resulting in a financial loss of $2 billion. and late spring rivers flooded at his soric levels. and drought and a searching center heat wave in the southern plains cost about $10 billion in crop losses and livestock. wildfires burned more than 1500 homes in texas and arizona and new mexico fought their largest fires on record. and catastrophic flooding across the northeast cost $7 billion in damage. >> the real dollars will be the recovery. >> all of these disasters have diverred attention and possibly federal assistance away from his community. >> it's reality.
7:34 am
we can debate whether congress should or shouldn't appropriate more funds but the truth be told, we will have to do it with less here in tuscaloosa. >> you knew it was bad but seeing that you realize the mig stewed of it and how bad it really was. >> any one of these draftners a normal year would have been something that we all would have taken note of. when you have all of them in one year that cost billions of dollars, it spreads resources so thin as the mayor was saying that. they need that help. take a look at this. this is the telling figure. look back in the 1980s. this is the amount of billion dollars disaster each year. back in the 80s they average about one a year. in the 90s it went over three. in the first decade of the 2,000s it went up to about five. this year twelve disasters that cost over $1 billion. it's a frightening trend that's going on right now across the u.s. >> very costly 21st century so far.
7:35 am
>> yeah, that's exactly it. now you have to figure back in 1990 there were about 60 million less people living in the u.s. so when you have a weather disaster now, there are more people that are going to be in harm's way or potentially in the path of any type of a storm so the costs are going to go up. >> finally tuscaloosa, that was a big focus but how is the rebuilding there going? >> it is going as well as can be expected. the community has come together. you see that time and time again how people really take care of each other. but the resources are so thin. the mayor, when i was there, he said the morning we left, he said we need you guys to stay here as long as possible. we need the attention in order to -- for people to realize that they still need the help that. night bin laden was captured and all of the attention was immediately off of it and a few weeks later joplin happens and then we forget about each one of these places. but it will take them years and years to recover. over 50 people killed in that community. >> amazing how much money is
7:36 am
sent oversees. everyone wants to help out the needy. but you look at the pictures in our own country and you talk about whether or not congress is going to give them more money to help with their repairing process, you think it's obvious. >> it's a big battling point whether to continue to fund fema or not without being able to find the funds from someplace else. >> and the gulf oil spill as well, which is not natural but manmade. >> that was the prior year. >> it was? oh. >> it's been over a year. >> its going too quickly. >> and the tsunami in japan, you have to think about that. that was the last winter but still in the same year. the earth quake, largest every in japan killing hundreds. >> good note to add. >> the main artery for vermont is now reopened. >> after the flooding. >> yeah. >> now for the headlines. a virginia man filing his own lawsuit to get newt gingrich on the state's super tuesday
7:37 am
ballot. johnathan mosely, an attorney and tea party activist is working without the blessing of the gingrich campaign. the lawsuit claims the former speaker whose cheated. he had more than the required 10,000 signatures but the republican party and the state of virginia messed up, quote, he says, in determining how many of these signatures were valid. we asked gingrich if he was going to file his own lawsuit and he said he wasn't sure. he might join a lawsuit filed by the rick perry's campaign. he was also disqualified for not having enough valid signatures. a group of teenagers bound for a ski trip are busted for having tons of drugs. it was all on five tour buses. to store clerk called to report people smoking pot in the park lot. 250 students from parts of arizona and california were traveling for the trip. the cops gave them a choice, give them up or spend the weekend in juve.
7:38 am
the kids handed them over. a cop driving drunk 88 miles over the speed limit said his termination is unfair, and guess what, his union is agreeing with him. they are filing an appeal to help him get his job back. they said the officer has paid enough for his booze-fueled joyride. he served a whopping five days in jail and completed 150 community service hours. and out with the old? you better watch what to say in 2012. michigan's lake superior state university is out with its annual list of banished words. number one, "amazing." researchers said it is overused. second baby bump. trying to find a way to say pregnant, and third, occupy. many groups grabbed that name. rounding out the list, man cave. >> no, you can't get rid of man cave. >> come on! >> that's amazing.
7:39 am
>> just call it living room from now on. >> win the future and shared sacrifice. >> how about winning? of course, this was the year of charlie sheer winning. what else is winning? >> what do you think about amazing? do you use that word a lot? >> amazing. >> it is overused. i happen to say it a lot. aim going to stop. >> we will get rid of them. who had the most amazing year in washington 24 year or the worst year in washington? the washington post has been asking folks to send in their -- send in their picks and we've been asking you as well to add on to this list, here's what they came up with so far. anthony weiner at the top of the list for the worst year in washington. resigned his office there as a representative. and actually, though, maybe things are turning a bit better for him recently because his wife just had a baby just i think like a few weeks ago. >> okay. that's right, she did. >> we are looking at rounding out the list. the american people, herman cain, and we asked and you said
7:40 am
resoundingly, the american people have had the worst year in washington. that's amazing! >> and who had the worst year in washington? it was the people of the united states. who had to watch an endless parade of deadlines regarding the use of our money only to see our debt rise higher and higher. >> and dein west virginia rights the american people had the worst year in d.c. we got way deeper in debt this year and of course it's not our fault. of course congress did well financially. it was herman cain and congress not doing well. >> we got a tweet from michael. michael states the american people. poor economy, poor leadership, poor national security. that about sums it up, michael. >> we are coming back, though. in 2012 it's the year for the american people. we are going to fight back and do better. >> e-mail us, and you can also find us on twitter as well. coming up, kids caught miss behaving on school, it will go on their permanent record now. >> oh, man, i would have been in
7:41 am
trouble. >> not fair. >> we are not just saying that. the feds have a new way to track your kids, tracking their behavior. >> i knew i shouldn't have been caught chewing gum. >> and call it a crude awakening. a honda maker claimed they lied about gas mileage and now she's getting pay back. taking on the auto giant single-handedly. >> and first the trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1977, this athlete is the daughter of a boxing legend. i it know who this is. and came in third place on "dancing with the stars i be first to e-mail us with the correct answer. and today is sean hannity's birthday and andrea
7:42 am
7:43 am
>> down here in the control room
7:44 am
for some quick headlines for you. a radiation square after a major fire breaks out on other nuclear submarine in russia. and new john hopkins professor wants to change the calendar as we know it. in the new system leap years would be eliminated, allowing dates to fall on the same day of the week every year. >> i look forward to that extra day every four years. i feed that to get all my work done. listen to this, your child's private information may not be so private anymore. the obama administration has passed regulations that will allow the department of education to relinquish students personal data to other federal agent sits. but is this an invasion of our privacy or a measure that will benefit educational programs. here to break it down, emmit.
7:45 am
>> how in the world did this happen? we are talking about federal programs. we will get into examples in a program. how are they able to monitor kids' information? >> what happened is a texas two-step. the federal law prohibits the federal government from collecting housing data bases on student information. we are talking about highly personal information. but where there's a will, there's a way around the constitution, and around statutory prohibitions i suppose is the thinking. so in the 2009 stimulus bill, what congress said was that if a state wants stimulus money, it has to obligate itself, promise to create these massive data bases. >> so let's be clear about this. in the 2009 stimulus bill there was provisions in there encouraging states to gather data about kids in schools, such as, and you point this out in your piece, std and teen
7:46 am
pregnancy prevention program information. so now a teen goes through that program that's correct data could be shared with other federal agency to know maybe your daughter went through an std prevention program? >> yes, with the regulatory changes that take effect next week. what we have is, shall i say, an amazing change in privacy protections and in the government's ability to troll a personal family and student data. >> just think about some of the programs or some of the things, behavioral issues. right, as teens, as kids, you go through different stages in your life, maybe you were a rowdy kid in high school and you had some issues you had to deal with. now that information is available for other federal agencies to track you? the department of education said, look, it's for educational purposes. they say it's being used to assess the effectiveness of individual programs, not to track individual students. the new york post article is an
7:47 am
incorrect assessment what have these new regulars set out to do. parents can rest assured their children's personal information is protected better now than it has of been. " so that's a response to your piece. what do you say? >> well, i would say that's a gratuitous response. it's important to note that these regulatory changes allow the sharing of data not just from department to department, in going the federal government and state governments, but also, also to private entities. so this is just a radical, radical change. i would really beg to differ with the department's response in that respect. >> okay. well, let me ask you then, what's the fallout here? what's the big picture? will it haunt kids as they enter their career because we are tracking the data from a young age maybe until they leave, maybe go off to college? will it come back to haunt them? >> yeah, i think it could come back to haunt them. look, we hear almost on a daily or weekly basis instances where
7:48 am
personal data is negligently or willfully incorrectly released, whether it's by the government, even the department of defense has had instances of this or private companies. you know, we get upset when they find out that private internet concerns or credit card companies are collecting and meaning, analyzing data. now it's the federal government that's doing it. so that's one fallout. you never know what's going to happen. the second fallout is it's a radical change in america. >> right. >> i mean, our concept of government is that the people do not belong to government. the people are the ultimate sovereigns. >> sounds like something out of a science fiction novel, i will have to admit. hope you have a happy new year. here le will have 500 cameras
7:49 am
tracking our every movement maybe it is science fiction. great to see you. >> thank you. >> let us know what you think about this. do you think it's okay for the federal government to be tracking your child's every move in school. coming up, call did of it a crude awakening. a honda maker claiming the company lied about gas mileage so she's taking them on in court on her own. first, on this day in history. bj thomas had the number one song in 1969 with "raindrops keep falling on my head] ♪ raindrops are falling on my head they keep falling ♪ ♪ so i just did me some talking to the sun and i said i didn't like the way he got things done ♪ sleeping on the job those
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> welcome back. the answer to the aflac question of the day is lala ali. the winner is tom from wyoming. thanks for joining us, tom. most might be hesitant to take on the sixth largest auto company in the world but our next guest is preparing to do just that. she's the unhappy owner of a hybrid honda civic, a car she purchased with the belief it would save her money with the 50-mile per gallon fuel economy as advertised. show now says the company's game were blatantly false and that's why she's taking honda to small-claims court. she joins us live from los angeles. heather, good morning to you. i guess when you received this car you thought, gee, i'm going to save a bundle of money in terms of gas. and it didn't happen.
7:54 am
tell me your story. what happened? >> absolutely. you know, i had my brochure. i'm a bit of a pack rat. and it said 50 miles per gallon, both, you know, city and highway driving. actual mileage may vary and, of course, i didn't expect to get exactly that, but it never got even close to that. on its best day it was getting 41 or 42. generally in the high 30s. then they did a software update that was intended to save the battery so you didn't have to pay $3,000 to replace it and now i get 28, 29. >> wow. that is a difference. there is a proposed class action settlement going on out there. an awards trial lawyers would receive something like $8.5 million and you as a civic owner would get about $100 and rebate coupons for the purchase of that new vehicle. you are not satisfied with that, are you? >> you know, i paid thousands
7:55 am
over sticker for the car. i've paid thousands more in gas lean so 100 or 200 bucks is just not going to cut it. >> and that's why you are taking the matter to small-claims court. what do you hope to accomplish there? >> well, at first i just wanted some common courtesy. i still am absolutely stunned that honda has never even called me to discuss this. >> you mean your entire time you are giving them the list of all the complaints that you have, why the car isn't living up to what it was advertised to do, and no one from the company has called you? >> no, no. and the dealership has made it clear, and they will at trial, that this software update was designed to use the battery less. and by definition that means use gas more. i wrote a letter to honda. i gave them lots of options, take the car back, pay me a little money, trade it in for a manual transmission and they have never even called me. i got one call from a hotshot lawyer in chicago and that was
7:56 am
it. >> what can you expect to accomplish in small-claims court? >> well, in small-claims court i can sue for up to $10,000 in california and they can't bring a lawyer. it's very judge judy like. it's very easy. >> we like to say judge janeane, but that's okay. >> there are lots of good peoples court judges out there. and i started a website. www.don' to let other people they don't have to take $100 or $200, they can go to court themselves. >> as you take them to court, as i understand it their lawyers will not be allowed to get in there? you will be facing a company representative as well, and that would bode well for you? >> i believe so. this is just good old-fashioned customer service. you sit down with your client, you talk with them and you work out your differences. you don't hire some lawyer from chicago to come in and beat up on a regular consumer. >> all right. you are doing that january 3rd is that correct?
7:57 am
>> tuesday. >> tuesday. wow. we will be watching. heather peters. thanks for joining us and sharing your story with us about taking on the sixth large effort auto manufacturer in the world. we will be watching you very closely. hopefully they will do the right thing and give you something to live up to their advertised 50 miles per gallon. thanks, heather. >> thank you. >> and happy new year to you. >> you too. >> all right. he was one of president reagan began's right-hand men. now art lafer saying newt gingrich is the only candidate who could fill the gipper's shoes and create jobs and he will tell us why next hour. then robbed at gunpoint, he took three shots to the chest and plugged the bullet wounds with his fingers. he caught the bad guys as well. you will meet one of the toughest marines there is out there. he's live next.
7:58 am
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>> ainsley: you made it through that workweek. i don't know. were you working this week? it is friday, december 30. i'm ainsley earhart filling in for gretchen. mitt happened. that's the headline. big news in politics. candidate mitt romney taking a big jump in the polls. but not the polls in iowa necessarily. we're talking about the polls on president obama. >> kelly: police pick you up without a green card. give them a call. they're launching a special hot line to make sure illegals get their rights. >> clayton: he was robbed at gun point, shot three times in the chest. this marine plugged the bullet holes with his fingers and then busted the bad guys. he stopped by his kids where he was with them and he said, hey, i'm fine. i'll be back, i'm going to get the bad guys. this great american will join us live this hour. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> you're watching "fox & friends." that's the great way to begin
8:01 am
your day. >> clayton: that's right. wake up like donald king's hair. only in america. steve, brian and gretchen have today off and you're joined by kelly wright, kelly o'connor -- kelly wright. >> ainsley: war games in iran getting more serious by the hour. the country claims a it's about to launch long-range missiles in the persian gulf. the latest threat as the dispute rages on between the united states and iran over the strait of hormuz a channel that transports oil to that region. the u.s. fifth fleet fired back, saying nidi corruption to oil service would not be tolerated. iran's navy commander says the testing will start tomorrow. president obama took a break from his vacation to honor the here rose. the men and women who died on pearl harbor. he laid a wreath at the memorial to the uss arizona.
8:02 am
the first lady at his side. after a moment of silence, they scattered flower petals into the water. this year marks the 70th anniversary of those attacks. the president has no other convenient scheduled for the day. he plans to return to washington on monday. are you here in the u.s. illegally? there is help for you from the feds, believe it or not. it's just a phone call away. the feds have set up a 24-hour hot line for illegals who feel they have become victims of a crime. most don't report them out of fear of deportation, obviously. but according to the obama administration, these folks have rights. this is seen largely as a response to a number of states cracking down on illegal immigrants. occupy protesters will be out in full force yet again today ahead of the iowa caucuses. and they are going after democrats and republicans. yestday police arrested five occupiers picketing outside ron paul's campaign headquarters. they're rallying against his proposal to eliminate the epa. another dozen protesters were
8:03 am
arrested outside of the democratic party headquarters in des moines. their message for president obama. they want him to stop taking donations from wall street and put an end to home foreclosures. those are your headlines. >> clayton: all right. the occupiers not stopping the republican presidential candidates in their final push before the caucus. they are busy today and peter doocy is tracking them from washington. good morning, peter. >> good morning. and when you look at the map of iowa, the candidates are mostly spread out today with the exception of the des moines area. that's the state capitol. that's where you're going to see a bunch of colors on this map all bunched up in the middle of the state representing santorum, yellow, bachman, green, gingrich, baby blue, and romney, orange. ron paul will be holding town halls. gingrich will be in shenandoah. north, rick perry. red going from waterloo. royal blue out east, that's chris christie campaigning for mitt romney.
8:04 am
romney will be spending some time in the northeast in merrimac, new hampshire today. when you look at the grand state, you'll see an egg plant color making a big triangle. that's jon huntsman who concentrated all of his efforts in new hampshire. romney will be heading back to iowa tomorrow. huntsman will not because he's not playing there. but everybody else is. and even though the romney campaign was initially cool, they initially had low expectations for a high finish in the hawkeye state, he's pulling very well there. many supporters and his staff are looking to top or do at least as well as his second place finish from back in 2008 in iowa. back to you. >> clayton: egg plant color. i like that. let's talk about some of these new national polls out. with four days until the iowa caucus and it's interesting to see where some of the candidates. we've had ebbs and flows. according to this new poll out, there is one candidate at the top of this list who is pulling away from the pack.
8:05 am
that's mitt romney. they say when you look at the trends, he's one candidate consistently at the top. we've seen michelle bachmann at the top. herman cain at the top. we've seen newt gingrich at the top. mitt romney hauls been near the top. >> kelly: keep in mind, these are national polls we're looking at in terms of how romney is doing nationally. he's always near the top. never trailing, never been in third place, as i recall, throughout the national polls. now he's peaking, getting that momentum. even before what takes place in iowa. if he wins there, he gets the iowa bounce, goes to new hampshire, bounce, bounce along with momentum. >> ainsley: the new rasmussen poll puts him above president obama if the election were tomorrow. romney would get 45%. and president obama would get 39%. >> kelly: that's significant right now because he wasn't there before. he was always within a few points of trying to gain -- >> ainsley: two weeks ago he was number three.
8:06 am
>> clayton: now you're -- >> kelly: you have to understand what's happening in iowa is more conservative oriented. if he wins there, he will have proved something to the republicans. >> clayton: we had jason wright on the show a little while ago looking at the political horse race. he really said cratered. i think that was the term he used for newt gingrich right now in iowa: some reporters have been coming up to newt gingrich, even though he's neck in neck maybe for the second or third spot in iowa, whether or not he would get out of the race all together and he had this to say. take a listen to newt gingrich. >> considering that i'm 20 points ahead in some other states, it would be fairly foolish for me not to stay in the race. it is a long way from here to picking a nominee. >> clayton: three ballots there. those top three. if he's on that third spot, that's great news going into new hampshire and into south carolina where he mentioned the 20-point lead. >> ainsley: i don't know if he was responding to a reporter,
8:07 am
are you planning on getting out, because it seems ludicrous when you look at the numbers and some of the other candidates, i'm looking at this american research group, the iowa caucus preference, and gingrich is number two with 17%. number one is romney with 22%. but if you look at bachman, 8%. huntsman, 6%. perry, 9%. those are the ones that i think some of the reporters need to be asking them, when is it time to get out? and i'm not saying that they should. that's their beef, but according to the numbers. >> kelly: let's not forget the fact that these candidates want to go after president obama. mitt romney making it very clear when he talked to fox news just last evening, basically saying that he hopes he's the candidate who can actually be out there to go after president obama and challenge him to a series of debates so the american people can see, according to mitt romney, that president obama talked about hope and change as a candidate and romney goes on to say, where is that now?
8:08 am
he wants to talk about that. >> clayton: you're right. what's interesting to see is the independent vote. and in new hampshire, the independents are allowed to vote in the primary there. they can't go in iowa and can mitt romney get some of those independent folks who are disillusioned, who maybe voted for president obama in the last election, who simply say he has not lived up to the promise he put out on the campaign trail. peggy noonan following on this poll and this information about where the country see it is self. she says, democrats don't like him, referring to the president. as they didn't like jimmy carter. this continues as one of the most amazing and underappreciated facts of 2012, she says. the sitting president's own party doesn't like him. >> kelly: why is that? she asked the question. it's a question that the president himself i'm sure has asked because he's basically stated if he doesn't do his job the right way, he expects he's going to have a tough time getting reelected. >> clayton: you heard that on the campaign trail with him earlier this year that it's not change anymore. it's change is, right? change is slow.
8:09 am
change takes time. we knew that this wasn't going to happen in a few years. >> ainsley: that's his motto. >> clayton: the motto changed. change is. >> kelly: i think where he may get into trouble is finding blame, casting blame on various situations for the economy and even blaming the american people, saying that the american people are lazy. there are a lot of american people who take exception to that on both sides of the aisle, left and right, and that may come back to bite him. >> clayton: and here is a comment that may come back to bite one candidate, jon huntsman, former governor of utah who is staking his claim up in new hampshire, and thinking that -- he's spending so much time there, he's all in in new hampshire, but not all in in iowa at all. in fact, he said this yesterday about iowa. >> senator santorum,. >> clayton: what did jon huntsman say? they pick corn. they pick presidents here in new
8:10 am
hampshire. and that had a lot of people turning an eye to him. >> ainsley: it might be historically true as some of the pundits have said. it might be historically true. you look at huckabee t put him on the map, but didn't catapult him to win the election. so the question is, how important is the caucus in iowa? that's not necessarily the correct way that you should say that. you have to be sensitive of the voters and the other states. other states want america to be united. we don't want you to pick apart -- or pick which states are more important than the others. we want to be united as country. you can't really say that about one of our states. >> kelly: meantime, we see these jousting matches going on between our -- or verbal matches between the republicans and rick perry, he is not letting up at all. he's been basically going after rick santorum. here is what he says about santorum. >> senator santorum, he is a prolific earmarker.
8:11 am
we talk about -- i love iowa pork. [ laughter ] but i don't like washington pork. and that's the problem. that washington pork is the one that we got to watch out for. it will give you a stomach ache that lasts for a long, long time. senator, i'm calling you out. defend your earmarks. defend the people of this country and to iowa those earmarks that i happen to think are the gateway drug to the spending problem that we've got in washington, d.c. >> clayton: the back and forth between the candidates and now picking on senator santorum who appears to be in the third place spot. if he gets third place in iowa what, does that mean for him in new hampshire now going forward? >> kelly: what does it mean for rick perry throwing shots at him? >> clayton: you got to, right, because he gets in the headlines that way, when you're picking on the candidate that's surging, that's a sure fire way to get on the headlines. another person surging is ron paul. a lot of candidates have been
8:12 am
taking aim at his foreign policy discussions and trying to illuminate voters to his stance, including what he thinks about iran getting a nuclear weapon. listen. >> if i were an iranian, i'd probably want to have a nuclear weapon, too, because you gain respect from that. >> clayton: there's a problem with that. michelle bachmann has hammered him for that. that may be inherently true, that there are a lot of bringsmanship plans to get a nuclear weapon and never use it, it gives you status in the world. but the difference here is that they've threatened to use it. they've threatened to wipe israel off the face of the map. so iran having one doesn't mean they won't use it. >> kelly: we're going to follow that and we'll be talk about ron paul and his foreign policy later on in the show. we'll follow what the candidates are saying as well. coming up, he was one of ronald reagan's right hand men. now art laffer says newt gingrich is the only candidate out there who can fill the
8:13 am
gipper's shoes and newt can create job, too. art joins us after this. >> ainsley: and he is one incredible american. robbed and shot at gun point, this marine plugged the bullet holes with his own fingers. and then he got the bad guys. he is here live this hour to talk to us.
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> clayton: welcome back. those who knew ronald reagan, including his own son, michael, say of all the gop candidates hoping to win the white house in 2012, his dad's economic programs are closest with those being proposed by newt gingrich. take a listen. >> we are feature ago person that we believe will help
8:16 am
continue my father's vision, a man who fought in congress for my father's programs. that person is newt gingrich. >> clayton: so what makes newt's solutions unique? joining us now is art laffer, the architect behind ronald reagan's economic plans and announced he's endorsing gingrich for p. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. how are you? >> clayton: i'm doing well. you have a new -- happy new year. and it looks like with four days left, art, man, you waited 'til the last second. what about this economic plan sticks out of the as the reason to throw your support behind newt? >> the plan is comprehensive. it's got much lower tax rates, much bolder than anyone else's. it looks at monetary policy, it looks at global policy. when you look at this package together, it's a single most impresssive package going right down supply side economics, reaganomics to create jobs and prosperity for all americans. not just for one group or another. it's for everyone.
8:17 am
>> clayton: art, on the screen here under number 2, you saw the highlighted there, which was end all capital gains, you believe that is the biggest point and that's perhaps the driving plan behind this economic plan. why? >> end capital gains is very important, but not the main point. they all fit together as a package. that's what's really so good about newt gingrich's program. if you look at the capital gains tax, i mean, seriously, every time we've cut the capital gains tax rates, we've gotten more money in. we've gotten more prosperity, more output, more employment. stock prices rise, pension funds benefit can increase. i mean, all of that happens with the whole package. that's where newt is. plus, if i can, clayton, newt has done it twice before. i mean, once in his early years with reagan, he was involved in that. but more importantly, as you know, clayton, i supported bill clinton, i voted for him twice as president. and that was in part because of newt gingrich and clinton working as a team to create a truly prosperous country.
8:18 am
this guy has done it and can do it. >> clayton: since we're talk being ronald reagan and there has been so much talk about ronald reagan from newt gingrich, why is it not resonating so well in iowa? i say that because he's lost about 50% of his support. we saw the polls this morning showing mitt romney pulling out in front significantly now, even newt dropping to fourth place. let's remember, iowa didn't vote for ronald reagan in 1980. they voted for somebody else. so does ronald reagan style politics resonate in iowa? >> i have really no idea. i love iowa. it's great state. i've enjoyed being there from time to time, but i have no idea what resonates there. but what i do know is that i have six kids, 11 grandchildren, i'm 71 going on 72 years of age, we are going to have critical moments in our history in the next four years or eight years and who do you want to sit there and having believers of government? if we had a financial crisis like 2007, do you think bush and obama have handled that crisis well? if you do, you disagree with me.
8:19 am
i think they've done a terrible job and i think newt gingrich would have done a much better job not only in the bad times, but when the good times come, he can really spirit that the way reagan did in the 83 period on, i mean, we had a boom that you wouldn't believe. we created 20 million jobs. >> clayton: right. >> we need that type of economics back now. people are really suffering. but people in iowa have their choice and how they make their choice is not mine to judge. >> clayton: you know these negative ads, right? this message seems -- it's a four-point plan, come out and talk about it. but newt has been thrown off message so significantly by all the negative ads. do you think he can overcome it? >> that's why i went up and endorsed him because frankly, given the packages and given all the people -- i don't disagree with the other people. in fact, i like them and think they'd all make good presidents, to be honest with you, clayton. but newt gingrich is far away, in my mind, the best to do the job and i think it's probably knocked him off message, but
8:20 am
that's not my field. my field is economics and his plan would do the job for the country. >> clayton: i'll have you make a bold statement here, art. you knew ronald reagan very well. would the former president have come out and endorsed newt gingrich? >> i don't know if he would have endorsed newt gingrich or n. that would have been his to decide. in economics, he would have loved newt gingrich's economic's proposal. reagan was far more than just economics, but i'm not. i'm just an economist. i know how to get jobs, output, employment and prosperity and newt's got the plan to do it. >> clayton: all right laffer, former reagan economic advisor, great to see you. we hope you have a wonderful new year. >> thank you, you too, and all the rest of your team. >> clayton: thanks so much. coming up on the show, robbed, then shot at gun point, this tough marine plugged the bullet holes with his fingers and went back for justice. he went after the bad guys. you're going to meet him after the break. then it's a tribute to a true american hero, but the rules say no flags allowed. should a local government be able to rip down the stars and
8:21 am
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>> clayton: welcome back. a new fee for verizon wireless customers. next month the company will begin charging $2 to make one-time payments on-line or by phone if you're using a credit card. michael jordan is engaged. he popped the question to his girlfriend over the christmas weekend. the two have been dating since 2008. ainsley? >> ainsley: thank you. lieutenant colonel carl survived over a dozen tours between iraq and afghanistan and he was never
8:25 am
shot. >> kelly: that's right. but here at home, during a deal gone bad, he was shot three times, only surviving by plugging his bullet wounds with his own fingers. fortunately, there was a witness who called 911. >> kelly: wow. here to tell his story is lieutenant colonel carl and his fiance, tanya. we thank you both for joining us today. and colonel, this was an amazing, incredible story of heroism, courage under fire, but here on the streets of america. what went wrong and how did you do something about it?
8:26 am
>> well, it was a business transaction basically from craigslist, which i'm realizing is quite dangerous, and it was for my fiance. i told her she couldn't do it, that i would take care of this. these gentlemen were expecting her to show up, didn't know i was coming. and when i showed up, they were a little surprised and i thought it was a nice meeting, we were conducting business, and as i showed them a gold necklace, once guy picked it up and took off running. and i said, oh, heck no. and i chased after him. and there is a lot more to the story, but bottom line is, end up getting shot a couple of times. >> kelly: three times by one of them who turned around and shot you three times. at that point, you've got five children in the car. what do you do, because they're away from you. you're quite a distance away from them and you're struggling because of these wounds to your
8:27 am
body. >> yes. i realized i need to do stop the bleeding and tried applying direct pressure and realized i couldn't run and i wanted to get back to my kids. that was my only thought was getting back to my children. so i put my fingers in the holes and tried to apply direct pressure that way and then made my way back to the car to tell them what happened, dad was going to be okay. i'm going to have the police come over here and i had to go back to the crime scene whered ambulance was arriving. the fellow that called 911 was telling me, i got the ambulance coming over here. and it was a place where the ambulance couldn't get to me if i didn't go back. i had to go back. >> ainsley: learning about all this, tanya, i'm sure it was horrific when you got the phone call. what were your thoughts, because you were supposed to be there that day. correct? >> absolutely. he told me i could not go by myself. so initially he was going to come with me, but at the last moment, i had a real estate
8:28 am
meeting i needed to go to. so he said he would go for me and he did. so the that you that maybe they would have maybe done something worse to me because it was premeditated has come across my mind. >> ainsley: i'm sure. so what is your advice to folks watching that use craigslist? i know i have actually used it to sell furniture and things like that. after hearing this story, it's very scary. >> it is absolutely scary. and i think the general public thinks nothing is going to happen to them, but when it does, we're shocked. and i would like to say that we have actually reached out to craigslist and requested meeting with their ceo. we have talked in-depth to police officials about things that we can put into place to make it a safer place for everybody. so hopefully we'll hear back from them and when we do, we'll let you know what they say. >> kelly: there is a lot of corrections that need to take place. colonel, getting back to you and
8:29 am
your incredible story of survival, survival is something that you've been trained for. you've been in the marines now for, what, more than 20 years serving in places like afghanistan and iraq. tell us how that training kicked in instinctively when you were wounded by these three shots. >> i think the bottom line is it helped me maintain my wherewithal. i did not panic. i knew what i need to do do. initially i fell to the ground when i lost control of my leg. the bullet lodged in my pelvis. my leg went out for a little bit. i got up off the ground and i said, needed to get back to my children to make sure they were okay and i did that. when i got back to the crime scene and the police were on the scene and the sheriffs were on the scene, i directed them back to my children. said my children -- i repeatedly made that demand that they needed to go and take care of my children before they did anything with me. and then once they assured me
8:30 am
they took care of that, i laid down on the ground and let the medical folks take care of what they need to do do. i was able to maintain my -- >> ainsley: you were so brave. i cannot even imagine getting shot and then plugging my own bullet wounds. so i'm sure that preparation in iraq and afghanistan helped with you that, as you said. what did the doctors say? would you have survived if you hadn't done that? >> we haven't talked about that specifically, but here at broward health, i have had such a wonderful care and i think that's done a lot to make me recover as quickly as i have. i'm doing quite well. i'm able to walk around. i can eat food now. yesterday was my first day eating solid foods and i'm recovering quite rapidly and broward health has done a lot to assure that. great, great facility. >> kelly: colonel, we're so grateful to you and the service that you've given to this country and guys, men and women like you are in america every
8:31 am
day giving their life and their blood to serve this country and you're here on the streets of america and you encounter two robbers. those robbers were captured, were they not? >> they certainly were, within about four hours after the incident. >> kelly: real quickly, we don't want to forget the romantic side. you two are engaged. >> we are. i think the wedding is getting bumped up after this. i am such a lucky girl. >> ainsley: life is too short. >> i am so glad he's here. >> kelly: he's right there beside you. don't let that man guy. love you guy, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> ainsley: straight ahead. store clerk staring down the barrel of a gun with one of the robbers screaming to shoot him.
8:32 am
>> she starts yelling, shoot him, shoot him. i grabbed her around the neck and slammed her to the ground and grabbed the gun. >> kelly: for that, that clerk got canned by his boss, fired for self-defense? isyo that fair structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
8:33 am
8:34 am
>> clayton: welcome back to "fox & friends." you ever want to know when you
8:35 am
call a political handler, here is your shot of the morning. see that person down there behind the scenes of the mitt romney campaign, holding mitt romney's chair down to make sure he doesn't fall. >> kelly: it would be very bad for the candidate to fall. >> clayton: that's your job today. >> ainsley: what do you do? well, i hold the chair. >> clayton: i handle. he's standing there addressing a group of iowans there on one of his campaign stops. you got to make sure those don't fall. that's something my dad used to do to me. we'd be in the yard and have the ladder up painting, he'd be all the way up and say grab the bottom of the ladder and hold it. as if he would fall over, i would be able to stabilize it. >> kelly: we told you yesterday about karl rove predicting that nancy pelosi won't be in power next year. now nancy pelosi's daughter reportedly says, mom wants to leave congress. let's look at what she's stating here. she would retire right now if the donors she has didn't want her to stay so badly. they know she wants to leave,
8:36 am
though. they think she's destined for the wilderness. >> ainsley: she came back later and corrected that. greatness is what she meant. >> kelly: she has very few days left. she's 71. she wants to have a life. she's done. it's obligation. that's all i'm saying. >> ainsley: that's all i'm saying. she said a lot. >> clayton: interesting telephone interview. she clarified that, going into greatness, north the wilderness. but this is a point, the political panel discussed this this morning, that she's beholden to these donor, more so than her constituents. the only reason she'd be sticking around, according to her daughters, is the special interest money in washington. what did it say about the larger issue of money in washington? you can't quit your job? >> ainsley: yeah. >> clayton: you got the special interest. >> ainsley: we talked about that with the political panel and judith miller said that's the most important part of a politician's life. >> kelly: there might be some changes coming up. >> clayton: we'll see. >> kelly: pelosi and other leaders within the democratic party. >> clayton: it goes across both parties, of course. we know how special interests
8:37 am
drives politics. here is a look back at nancy pelosi's time when she was speaker, when she took over congress, $162 billion national deficit. when she left the speakership, $1.2 trillion. >> kelly: wow. >> ainsley: big difference. >> clayton: let us know your thoughts on that. >> ainsley: for your headline, virginia man filing his own lawsuit to get newt gingrich on the state's super tuesday ballot. jonathan moseley, an attorney and tea party activist is working without the blessing of the gingrich campaign. he claims the speaker was cheated and he had more than the required signatures and the republican party, quote, messed up, in determining how many were valid. yesterday we asked gingrich if he planned to file his own lawsuit. he said he wasn't sure yet. there are rumors that gingrich might join a lawsuit filed by rick perry's campaign. personnies was also disqualified for not having enough valid victims. devastating news from the september 11 museum, work has
8:38 am
stopped there and there is no chance that it will open on time, we're being told. a new fight over money is sparking yet another major delay in construction. apparently the port authority who owns that land can't seem to cut a deal with the memorial foundation. the museum was scheduled to open september 11, 2012, a new date has not yet been announced. and save your life, but lose your job. a store clerk in florida fired, all because he defended himself from a group of armed robbers. >> yelling shoot him, shoot him. i grabbed her around the neck and slammed her on the ground and grabbed the gun, you know, in both my hands. >> ainsley: not only did eric save himself, he also subdued the suspects until police arrived. he thought that his bosses at circle k would be grateful. instead, they gave him the ax, saying it's against company policy to provoke chase or engage a robber. he was unemployed for two years before landing that job there at the circle k. he says he is so frustrated to
8:39 am
be right back in square one. a funeral procession for the late north carolinaan president, kim jung-il, was picture perfect, or was it? handlers were seen keeping the line from being precise, but you can't tell by the pictures. a photo released by the state news agency is slightly altered. this is the photo on the right-hand side. eliminating those people who weren't standing in line. a picture taken at the same time by the japanese agency shows the difference. the "new york times" in a digital forensic experts noticed the photo shop. >> clayton: do you play those games in a pub. like what's missing from the picture on the heft? is this part of the roof missing? >> ainsley: i played that when we were like five. >> clayton: or highlights magazine. >> ainsley: that was fun to play. i'm kidding you. >> clayton: this is the kind of control that country thinks they need, that they just removed
8:40 am
three photographers who were standing on the left side of the screen so they show everyone is falling in line with us. interesting. now this is also interesting out of maryland this morning, mr. kelly wright currently lives and resides. interesting controversy. >> kelly: there is. i just don't get this one. it's over the united states flag. the united states flag, you see it waving there. a maryland family actually put this flag up in honor of their nephew and goes on to say -- it was removed and rhonda, says the family put it up and she says, they told us it was against the law to erect the flag on the traffic circle. they told my husband whoever put up the flag could be arrested fortress passing. we figured it's the american flag and we lived in the united states of america. how can anyone have a problem with it? >> clayton: there was a traffic accident at that traffic circumstancele and state highway workers picked it up and threw it in a dump truck. >> kelly: that really set me off when i realized they put it in a
8:41 am
dump truck. >> clayton: then the community rallying around this and they're outraged that the community is not allowing them to put these flags back up. they held a rally. a number of people coming out waving a bunch of flags. we got e-mails, bill, who is retired from the united states air force writes, being a retired military vet with 24 years service overseas and a maryland resident, i find the removal of the flag a disgrace. the workers that disgraced it should be counseled and possibly fired. >> ainsley: e-mail from brett says it's free speech to burn a flag. why not to fly one? good point. >> kelly: good point. tweets from kathy, there is proper protocol for disposal of an american flag with all honors and dignity. dump truck does not fit protocol. >> ainsley: what i think happened is there was that accident. if you read the article t says there was an accident and the flag was big, it was flying there. i'm sure they were cleaning up, they threw it in the dump truck, not even thinking probably. now they can't find the flag and
8:42 am
the lady who put it there, they want that flag back. and i would imagine they would give it back to her, but i don't think they can find it. this is all speculation. but it sounds like that's probably what happened and now they're saying it's illegal to put this up. >> clayton: it's trespass to go walk on this traffic circle. >> ainsley: give me a break. buy another flag and let a official put it in. >> clayton: get a proper flag pole. let us know what you think. continue the e-mails. also on twitter. >> kelly: coming up on the show, look at -- looking at this will make your heart race. a dog and her owner stranded on the side of a cliff. the dog we want down first. >> ainsley: would you go after your dog? i would. >> clayton: i think a lot of people would. there is a lot more to this story. wait until you hear how they got there. >> kelly: it's been toying around with nukes for years now, but ron paul says, let it be. do you agree? peter johnson, jr. is next
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> ainsley: quick headlines for you. a hiker and his dog are safe this morning after firefighters rescued them from a cliff. the two ran into trouble when the dog tried to fetch a bottle that had been thrown off the side of that cliff. the hiker went down after her but couldn't make it back up. and watch what you say in 2012. michigan lake superior state university is out with its annual list of banished words. topping the list, amazing. baby bump, shared sacrifice, occupy, blow back, and man cave. sorry, kelly.
8:46 am
>> kelly: amazing. with flairing tensions between the u.s. and iran as the middle east nation threatens to seal off the strait of hormuz, gop presidential candidate ron paul calls sanctions against iran acts of war. and now his republican rivals are going after his foreign policy stance. >> i think ron paul's views are totally outside the main stream of virtually every decent american. >> that ron paul would make a very dangerous president because of his foreign policy. >> one of the people running for president thinks it's okay for iran to have a nuclear weapon. i don't. >> second term with barak obama, i'm not too sure will look that different than a ron paul administration when it comes to national security. >> kelly: does candidate ron paul have what it takes to keep america safe? peter johnson, jr. weighs in. >> good morning. how are you? >> kelly: i'm fine. good to see you. >> you're really one of the great journalist, not only at fox, but in america. >> kelly: appreciate that. >> i mean it. >> kelly: thank you very much. when you look at this ron paul
8:47 am
situation, his foreign policy as the other candidates alluded to, it's really troubling, especially when you look at how threatening iran can be. >> it's troubling a lot of people. even troubles the "new york times." "new york times" today says that we need to be effective in terms of sanctions and we can't stand this threat that iran would block the strait of hormuz. what ron paul is saying is part of his advocacy for the president is that he would understand, it would be justifiable if iran decided to block it in response to american and world wide sanctions. so let's understand the geography a little bit. between 20 and 40% of the world's oil goes through there. it's been a flair point since the 1980s and in the 1980s, because tensions were so high, america actually shot down a civilian iranian aircraft, killing a couple hundred people. and so for him to minimize this or -- to step into the shoes of iran and be sympathetic or
8:48 am
empathetic to their position and somehow find some reasonableness in their response to our sanctions when we know, even though he denies, we know, as a matter of fact, through the united nations and through other fact-finding bodies that, in fact, with help from pakistan, with help from north koreans, with help from the old soviet union scientists, they're building a nuclear weapon in iran. >> kelly: plus keep in mind that in iranians move into close the strait of hormuz that, would be a provocative act, an act of war for the united states. we would have to go in and do something. >> it would not only be an act of war for the united states, but for many nations, including europe. russia and china have been blocking sanctions. the europeans are moving forward with new robust sanctions and we want to impose them on the central bank which would block payments and effectively cause a disruption in 60% of the economy to iran in order to stop them from building this nuclear
8:49 am
weapon. >> kelly: here is the point i think that the republican candidates are trying to make. ron paul can talk about the american economy, but he can't really discuss foreign policy and how that might affect us down the road. is he practicing isolationism? >> it's an america first policy times ten. we still had that with lindbergh in the 30s and a lot of people didn't want us to enter world war ii and didn't really care what was happening to the jews in europe. i think it's a dangerous policy and i agree with a lot of these republican opponents and people like john bolton and even a lot of democrats that we can't be isolationists. we've got to treat an enemy like an enemy and be realistic about politics. >> kelly: peter johnson, jr., always good to see you. >> happy new year. >> kelly: happy new year. this new year, forget the gym, forget eating healthy. we've got some resolutions that you'll actually be able to keep and they're good for you, too. first, let's check in with gregg jarrett for what's on at the topic of the hour.
8:50 am
>> i never make resolutions. that way i don't have to break them. >> kelly: absolutely. >> with four days away from the first presidential vote in iowa, the numbers are changing and the accusations are flying. so we'll talk one on one with top advisors to newt gingrich, ron paul, and michelle bachmann. i bet you didn't know it, there are a bunch of new laws going into effect on sunday. everything from abortion to immigration, alcohol and animals. we'll tell but it, top of the hour. see you then. you want to pay, and we give you a range of coverages to choose from. who is she? that's flobot. she's this new robot we're trying out, mostly for, like, small stuff. wow! look at her go! she's pretty good. she's pretty good. hey, flobot, great job. oops. [ powers down ] uh-oh, flobot is broken. the "name your price" tool, only from progressive. call or click today.
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>> ainsley: are you ringing in the new year with a resolution? almost half of americans do it every year. but why not make a resolution what your doctor recommends this year? >> clayton: there is a novel idea. dr. marshall, everyday medical director joins us with the top doctor
8:54 am
recommended resolutions for 2012. nice to see you. >> good to see you. good morning. >> clayton: i think one of the most interesting things, it's a morning show, the amount of coffee we consume on this show copious. that's one of your big tips for the new year is that we don't have to give it up. why? >> that's right. when people think of resolution, they often think of losing weight or exercising more, giving up one of those vices like smoking. but in everyday health a great on-line source for living happier and healthier, we decided to survey physicians all over the country to figure out what they suggest we should do to resolve in the year 2012. >> ainsley: what did they say? >> one of the big ones was tonight give up your morning joe. caffeine has got an bad rap over recent years and we're finding out that it's probably not as bad for us as we once thought. >> ainsley: one study says don't do it. another study says do it. you're saying it's okay? >> studies say we can't wrote it, but we can't discourage people from taking it either unless they have underlying heart problems or if you're pregnant. >> clayton: there is a lot of great nuggets in this research and some of your ems remainses
8:55 am
here. monitoring your blood pressure? >> there is obvious ones on there. monitor your blood pressure, monitor cholesterol, quite tobacco use, exercise 30 minute has day. there is other surprising ones on there that i'm glad, like get a flu shot. it's not too late. >> clayton: even people that say, i never get sick, i never get sick. you say those are the people that particularly need to get one? >> absolutely. and i'm telling you, once you get the flu, you're going to know that you need to get it every year because it's an awful thing to get. some people actually die from it. protect yourself, protect your loved ones. not too late to get one. >> ainsley: what was surprising to me this year, when you get the flu shot, they're not really injecting the virus. is that right? >> it's a dead virus. a killed virus, so you can not get the flu from the flu shot that. is a myth. >> clayton: that's an old wife's tale. i love this, sleep at least seven hours a night. i don't know when that's ever happened. >> ainsley: easy for you to say. >> clayton: your whole health can change getting that extra hour of sleep. >> that's right.
8:56 am
so not only does getting a good night sleep make you perform better at work and in school, but also if you don't get enough sleep, chronic sleep deprivation can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease. so there is some great tips. >> ainsley: or being mean or cranky. >> that's right. so try really hard to get those z's. >> clayton: another one is eat more whole grains, not refined flour. that's something we're trying to get rid of in our house. the bleached white stuff, it's terrible. no nutrients in it. >> the pass is it and the bread and all those things we love. those really aren't great for you. you really need to go for the whole grain foods. >> ainsley: i like one, spend more time with family and friends. why is that so important? >> because studies have found that if you connect with your loved ones, if you spend time and emotionally invest in people, you'll have less age-related health problem, no dementia. make time to spend time with your loved ones. >> ainsley: doctors say daily meditation, whether it be prayer or whatever your religion is and smile more?
8:57 am
>> doctors were actually asked to write in their own resolutions and those were some. they wanted to smile more, meditate. they wanted to spend more time with friends. forgive people is another big one. if you can get rid of all of that angst and that anger that you might be harboring, you're actually going to have better mental health. >> ainsley: keep in mind, we're all humans. we all make mistakes. >> clayton: i would like to see doctors smile more. that's a food resolution. >> ainsley: here is a doctor smiling. >> clayton: she is. check out the web site. >> everyday >> ainsley: more "fox & friends" in two minutes. stay with us it's the perfect time to find great deals on the 4g lte devices you love. like the droid bionic by motorola for $199.99. or the pantech breakout for $49.99. our lowest price ever. get the technology you love, on the network you deserve.
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and for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. verizon.
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>> clayton: tomorrow evening, the all american new year's eve special, live from 11:00 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. on the


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