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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 6, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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it's for the first in the nation primary and studio b and fox report from manchester as well. we're excited to get to the granite state and excited you'll be hear with us. "the o'reilly factor" is next. have a great weekend. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> mitt romney wants to call himself a job creator. mitt romney doesn't care about jobs. he cares about money. >> bill: the far left viciously going after mitt romney. we'll play you the latest move on ad and have analysis with mike huckabee. >> what's the point of giving a prime time address to the nation without an obama plan? >> the president stood before you, i can't remember if you were here friday night. some of you weren't 'cause you cut out early. >> bill: members of the white house press corp. say the obama administration is trying to intimidate them, being mean to them, even cursing. can it be true? dana perino on that. >> what is a caucus?
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>> bill: the "jersey shore" crew getting involved in politics. kinda. >> a carcass? >> a caucus. >> bill: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching. the political viciousness ramps up. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. president obama got good news with the unemployment number drops. the president says that proves his policy are working. those who don't like mr. obama say the improvement is due to the fact that millions of americans stopped looking for work. talking points believes the american economy is improving slightly, but the big picture is federal spending and regulation, not decimal points on unemployment. the campaign is really all about
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an entitlement society versus a self-reliant one. the struggle will be intense. as we saw in iowa, campaigning negative can be very effective as newt gingrich got pounded by the attack ads on tv. so now the far left move on organization is beginning to attack mitt romney, believing that he has become the main threat to president obama. >> i worked in the steel mill of kansas city for 32 years. mitt romney and bane capital came in and took the place over and eventually shut it down. we lost our jobs. they made millions. businesses, they're all gone. jobs will never see again. >> mitt romney wants to call himself a job creator. mitt romney doesn't care about jobs. he cares about money. >> bill: that propaganda will most likely not change many hearts and minds, but it gives you an idea of what's to come. on the republican side, a group supporting ron paul attacking
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jon huntsman. ♪ >> bill: now, the paul campaign says the congressman has nothing to do with that ad and doesn't like it. however, i might point out the supporters of ron paul recently attacked me and we asked the congressman if he condoned that. unfortunately, he basically avoided the issue. the point is that the campaign is getting dirtier fast and candidates should be held somewhat accountable for what their supporters do. we told rick santorum that the left wing media would begin to demonize him. i'm an oracle. the election still about 11
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months away and i predict when the vote rolls around, we're all going to be very, very sick of the vicious attacks. i'm sick of them now. that's a memo. the top story tonight, with us, governor mike huckabee who just four years ago was celebrating his primary victory in iowa. so he knows the republican landscape. so would rick santorum in almost the exact same position you were in. he's eerie, is it not? >> one of the things you have to get used to is if you don't like the sight of your own blood, don't do this. rick santorum has come up out of nowhere, nobody was paying attention to him. now in one way you might say he won iowa. he didn't. mitt romney won it. but he won it by greatly exceeding everybody's expectations. >> bill: here is the really spooky part. he's you. you're him. it's exactly -- >> that would be really spooky to him, i'm sure. >> bill: it's exactly the same. he got the evangelical vote. you got it. he came out of nowhere. you came out of nowhere. >> i remember you lost aedine tore dick morris because you said i would never get above
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10%. >> bill: i thought you were a draft choice of the tampa bay buccaneers when i first heard your name. okay? i didn't know who the heck you were. >> you still don't. >> bill: now we're forced to know who you are. >> yeah. >> bill: look, this is why i wanted you on the program tonight. you and perry exactly the same. now -- you and santorum exactly the same. santorum comes on the program earlier this week and i asked him about his social positions, which put him over the top in iowa. he ran as a social conservative. >> it was a big part of it. it's not all of the story. >> bill: no, but -- it's a major component. >> don't rule out the pro-life catholics and the populist part of the republican party that wants to know is there anybody out there that understands that we're losing the middle class. >> bill: that was divided among gingrich and paul and him. it was the evangelical surge
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that clearly put him on there. >> and the activists behind him, many of them broke late for santorum at exactly the right time. >> bill: right. so now he goes to new hampshire, like you did, and you got your butt kicked. do you remember, i -- >> i did. >> bill: i chased you down at a -- i think it was a days inn. we were dazed. i chased you down for an interview four years ago. i remember, it was like yesterday. autopsy good impeachment you were very accessible. but you got your butt kicked because you didn't have any money. right? >> mainly because -- let's remember who kicked my butt. it was john mccain who had already won there in 2008. 2000 and going to win again. it was mitt romney who lived in the state part-time and was a governor of the nearby state. i never expected i was going to win new hampshire. >> bill: you just wanted to perform well. >> i came in third, which i beat rudy guiliani there, which that surprised most people. what really was tough is we didn't have enough money to answer the negative attacks that were thrown at me.
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>> bill: but isn't it spooky that santorum is in exactly the same position? >> yeah. it's a very tough spot for him. >> bill: right. he's going to go in there -- i don't think romney will attack him. >> he doesn't have to. his pacs will. you never interrupt while somebody else is destroying -- >> bill: gingrich going to attack? >> first of all, you got ron paul going after him, you got the press going after him. the best thing is let the press do it. then you can stand back and say, isn't it awful what's happening to poor rick over there? they're just bleeding him to death. >> bill: okay. now, i'm going to put new a role of the santorum advisor tonight, even though that's not your role. he has to recognize where he is. you open the "new york times" and that was easy to predict. i'm no genius, but i knew the norm times and the left wing media were going to try to marginalize him and that's exactly what they did today. he gets to debate forum over the weekend. he gets a shot on saturday night and sunday morning. you tell santorum to do what? >> don't get into the weeds of the little things people are going to try to get him into.
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in other words, he's going to be pushed with a statement that he made 15 years ago. don't answer that. back it up and look at the ma crow picture and give the big vision. in other words, if somebody says, you said x about same sex marriage, don't defend the comment. back up and talk about the important things. >> bill: what do you do, blow off the question? you go, look, i'm not going to answer that? >> you pivot. you don't allow yourself to get into the nuances -- >> bill: the moderator also say he didn't answer it. >> let them say whatever they want to. >> bill: but you flat out don't answer it. >> it's not that you don't answer it, you answer with a big picture, not a little picture. always give the big picture. >> bill: correct me if i am wrong, sansom's big -- santorum's big picture is pretty much gingrich's big picture, is pretty much romney's big picture. they all want is maller government and lower taxes and res regulation. the only thing that separated santorum from romney in iowa was his very conservative social
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belief system. that was all. >> and it was a big part of what gave him the juice. >> bill: now he doesn't have that because that doesn't play well in new hampshire where everybody can vote. >> within the republican primary, it still plays well not to get into, again, a lot of deep philosophical discussions, but the big picture. do you believe that a child growing up with both a mother and father in a -- >> bill: you just said don't get bogged down with that. >> that's not bogged down, bill. that's the big picture. the little picture is some specific comment -- >> bill: i got you. blow off the got you question and say this is the right way and why and next question. >> right. and then personalize it. talk about a child and how important it is for that child -- >> bill: he got seven of them. >> talk about his own kids, the values. >> bill: do you think that it's going to be a gang up on santorum? >> absolutely. there already is. >> bill: from the republican? >> sure they will. because they've got to. they can't let him continue momentum.
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that's the number one rule. everybody -- >> bill: but gingrich is -- >> national television, it's his turn now. >> bill: gingrich is saying this week he wants to be an ally with him. he wants to be -- then he turned around and attacked him this week. he called him the junior senator. he said, well, he was kind of like a junior partner in this. he was being dismisssive. one of the things you got to always understand, when people run for office, especially at this level, this is not a beauty contest so that the prettiest person left standing is the winner. this is the tough man competition and the baddest son of a gun in the room is the one who probably is going to still be on his feet when everybody else is carried away. >> bill: we're over a little bit. it looks like mitt romney is pretty much unstoppable to me right now. do you get that feeling? >> not unstoppable. this thing could change. but mitt romney is the deny's and i say this with great affection. this is not a bad statement. when i say that, he's the menu you know. you may go tasting all these different places, but if they're busy, or you can't go in, you go
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back and get a grand slam. that's when people are thinking about. he's a known quantity 'cause he's already been vetted. >> bill: all right. governor, thanks very much. we would like to you check out a web site called where governor huckabee has education dvds for kids. the latest one on christopher columbus. next up, press people are being verbally brutalized by the obama administration. dana perino will react. two big debates this weekend. chris wallace will handicap them upcoming laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] now there's a mileage card that offers special perks on united, like a free checked bag, united club passes, and priority boarding. thanks. ♪
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how lucky it is to have you here. >> thank you. >> bill: not you, you. but you, because you were the press secretary at one point. not that you, you -- >> it will be enough. >> bill: i said, we got you right here. i was friends with tony snow and knew how he handled stuff. we talked all the time. your style is much different than tony's. and apparently the obama administration style is much different than what you did. correct? can you define it for us? >> tony snow had a particular way of dealing with everybody in his life. you could disagree with him but walk away thinking, that guy could be my best friend. >> bill: he was very jocular. >> if he knew something that you did not know, he didn't make you feel bad for not knowing it. >> bill: primarily he wasn't in the business of making people feel bad. he wasn't.
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>> right. we did have a style of being very polite. i had a rule in the press office that every call gets returned promptly. everyone is treated nicely no matter how rude or hostile. >> bill: no matter how much you hate them, you treated them nicely. >> inside, there are times you could see that -- the red would come up on my neck and i would just try not to lose my temper. i did lose it a couple of times. >> bill: helen what's her name? >> with helen thomas. >> bill: you laid her out. >> there was one day when she questioned whether our troops in iraq were purposely targeting innocent americans and that's when i said -- >> bill: innocent iraqis. >> i'm sorry, innocent iraqis and i had enough. usually happened on a friday. >> bill: here is the deal. carney doesn't do this. i mean, he gets into back and forth, but every press secretary does. it's the guys behind carney who after the article comes out or the television analysis is put
8:16 pm
forth, call up and yell and scream. right? that's what the beef is. >> for some, yeah. i have heard this since we left and, of course, reporters are skeptical by nature. they're grouchy by nature. >> bill: who is doing it? >> i don't know. i don't think jay carney ever would. but remember, jay carney was the dc bureau chief of time magazine >> bill: but rahm emanuel used to do that all the time. call people up and scream and yell. >> he would scream at you to your face. >> bill: he would never do that to my face because he saw when barney frank got. >> the harsh language and cursing people out in an e-mail, i think, goes -- >> bill: have you ever cursed anybody out? >> no. >> bill: ever? >> no. >> bill: okay. so are you saying that the obama administration, in your opinion, is much harsher on the white house press corp. than you and snow were representing bush? >> i do, and i thought about this today leading up to this. i think partly it's because it came from the top, which is i
8:17 pm
always thought to myself, if president bush were watching me right now and what i was saying on his behalf, would he be proud of me? and if the answer was no, then i didn't do it. second thing is, i always have felt like republican communicators, they have to try so much harder because -- >> bill: there is a big difference. there is a big difference, you think in the style that the obama administration handles the press corp. and the way you guys did? >> from what i've heard, yeah. i think there is. >> bill: from what you heard? you know all these people. >> i hear from reporters. >> bill: all right. so you're not getting carney -- by the way, jay carney, we like him and if he wants to come on and kick us around next week, absolutely, you're invited. >> it's hard when -- >> bill: but the "washington post" is liberal and they're saying it, it's not coming out for the washington times. >> it was started as a low boil and now it's boiling over. >> bill: dana perino, everybody. very nice woman. never cursed me out here. i can say that. has she ever cursed you out? no.
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the aclu says ron paul is better than president obama, at least in symptom categories. then geraldo on the casey anthony video that surfaced on the net, coming right back ♪ [ male announcer ] how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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>> bill: the aclu issued a report card ranking president obama and all the gop presidential candidates on civil liberty issues. are you ready? ron paul gets higher marks than barak obama. joining us from fort worth, texas, janine turner, radio talk show host on klif. and from los angeles, lesley marshall. lesley, you'll have to switch your vote to ron paul, aren't you? >> absolutely not. first of all, this is the far left. i am not that far of the left. but -- >> bill: wait, wait. that's interesting.
8:22 pm
so you're not an aclu supporter then? you don't believe what they believe? >> i didn't say that, bill. i'm saying i don't agree with this report card specifically on a few issues, but one, the discrimination that ron paul has when it comes to immigration. this is a man that wants to repeal the 14th amendment specifically for one class of citizens. how the aclu can support discrimination? secondly, i think the -- >> bill: define that. ron paul wants to what? what does he want to do? >> ron paul does not want a birth right for a certain class of people. >> bill: he doesn't want anchor baby, right? he doesn't want that law. >> i feel that's discriminatory. >> bill: oh. >> i don't really think it's a certain class of people. >> bill: the fact of the matter is, on this dopey report card from the aclu, paul does better than obama. so lesley, i'm sure you have to change your vote. all right. jeanine, you're a conservative woman and i'm sure you don't have much use for the aclu. >> that's true. >> bill: okay.
8:23 pm
>> their definition of constitutional rights is a bit extreme. >> bill: you know, i don't even bother with the constitutional stuff. that's for ron paul to say he knows about the constitution, nobody else does. what i bother with is civil liberties. okay. so civil liberties includes reproductive rights. reproductive rights, which means in the aclu's parlance, that a woman should have the right to abort a fetus any time, any place for any reason and i'm going, i don't know if that is really taken into account rights of the baby, you know. reproductive rights, i mean, is there baby rights anywhere? apparently there isn't. so that takes the aclu out of contention for me. >> well, i don't know where they're getting immigration for the 14th amendment is one class of people. they're illegal immigrants and born here, then the baby doesn't have the right to be a citizen. i don't know how they make that into one class of people. but nevertheless, babies have rights as well.
8:24 pm
>> bill: not according to the aclu, babies have no rights at all. >> i know. >> bill: that's a viable fetus and that's what we're talking about here. we're not debating the other thing. but if you're a viable fetus, 26 weeks and up. aclu doesn't recognize them. they don't recognize science, lesley. so this disturbs me. this is why i want everybody to know where i'm coming from why i couldn't respect them about anything else 'cause they're a bunch of liars and it doesn't hold up. but barak obama, he gets really low marks on ending a surveillance state. lesley, you know with a that means, ending a surveillance state? why is barak obama not getting good marks on that? >> well, yes. i do. actually this is the only area in addition to closing guantanamo bay that i can give him a pass on that one, this is the only area where i would agree with the report card. if you are against the patriot act, which by the way, ron paul was, okay. >> bill: he's against everything, though.
8:25 pm
ron paul: what is the surveillance state? i don't understand what that is. what is that, lesley? >> if you're going to continue in the former administration which we had the ability to have illegal and wantless wire taps on people's phones, be able to round somebody up and arrest them and that's being continued in this -- >> bill: do you know anybody who has been rounded up and arrested on an illegal wire tap? do you know anybody? >> do i know somebody personally? or a case being looked at in los angeles? yeah. >> bill: i can't find a news account of anybody being rounded up on a wireless, you know, tap. i don't find anybody. they basically use that for information to try to see who is calling in here from uzbekistan. so i don't know. lesley, i'll give you an assignment for next week, find one human being rounded up and then tell us about it 'cause i'm very concerned about this, too.
8:26 pm
now, barak obama will get the votes, i think you'll agree, jeanine, of all far left people, no matter how they whine about him because they'll despise the republican nominee even more. correct? >> yes. it's amazing that they whine because it's sort of like a father brings home a cadillac and the teen-ager says, i want add convert. the far left has gotten everything they wanted, they've gotten health care, troops out of iraq, stimulus, dodd frank, more czars than any other president in history. suspension of the keystone pipeline, wide open borders and cuts in the defense. so the fact that they're whining is actually going to -- >> bill: you made one mistake there, jeanine. you were rolling, but then you made a mistake. not wide open borders. obama has done what bush did. he kept -- whatever bush left with, obama kept and they've upped the border patrol a bit. >> he just took a bunch of troops away, though.
8:27 pm
>> bill: the national guard that goes in, goes out, i don't understand why. but now they're cutting the military down, so that the aclu will be protecting us, lesley, and i'm very excited about that. i'm sure you are, too. cut the budget of the military, let the aclu. hey, you al-qaeda guy, you better not hurt us or we'll give you a bad report card. ladies i that very much. plenty more ahead. chris wallace will handicap the republican debate this weekend. and they could be vital to the nomination. then lou dodd on whether taxpayer dollars should be used to fund the chevy volt. we hope you stay tuned for those reports.
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>> bill: in the geraldo segment, one of the most villainous person living is casey anthony would was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter. for the past few months, she has been hiding out. recently this video of her surfaced on the net. >> how much things have changed since july and how many things haven't changed. the thing is that things are starting to look up and things are starting to change in a good way. things stay good and that they ohm get better. >> bill: here now with reaction, geraldo rivera. you're close to the defense attorneys for miss anthony.
8:31 pm
but i have to tell you, this is so dumb for her to do that. just keep quiet for two years. just disappear for two years. >> may i challenge you on something you said? >> bill: sure. >> calling her one of the most villainous americans. she has been acquitted. she may be one of the most reviled. she's one of the most hated -- but she's not -- she's not villainous in the classic sense. >> bill: okay. except lying to the cops. here is why, her two-year-old was missing for 30 days before she called the cops. that's why. >> her two-year-old -- >> bill: wait. is that not villainous? >> your definition of villainous was, it would seem to me n the context of the criminal justice system. >> bill: no, no. >> she was negligent. >> bill: that's a personal -- label. i write the script. >> she allegedly -- >> bill: no, no. no look. your two-year-old is missing for
8:32 pm
30 days and you don't call the cops. you're a villain. you're a villain. then as the o. j. simpson trial commenced -- >> there was a story of who used an ice pick on her baby and showed up at the police station. >> bill: she'll get life. >> she won't get life. the point is, the context of casey anthony and hyper bowly is where people are having such a negative reaction. >> bill: no, it isn't. >> when you hear the commentators talk being this video, for example, you're saying why did she put it out? why do you presume that she voluntarily put it out? >> bill: i don't know. >> when she knew if she did that, that she would precisely -- >> bill: why did she put it out? >> she's maintaining a video diary -- >> bill: why do we have to see it? you see it because we are compel to do watch it. >> bill: she can have it -- >> the woman living a life of absolute isolation. >> bill: good. >> she has no friends, no
8:33 pm
contacts. she's being punished in a cosmic sense as she should be. but precisely what you point to -- >> bill: we have common ground on that. >> following the death of the child, whether by drowning -- >> bill: her attorney, if they care about her and i don't know whether they do or not -- telling her don't do anything. all right? just disappear -- >> this video diary was done last october. somebody leaked it and -- >> bill: somebody leaked it? she sat there! >> she sat there to do a video diary for herself. >> bill: somebody broke in, took the diary out of the drawer. >> she believes that's one theory, that her hard drive was hacked. >> bill: how old are you? seven? >> why would she put it out? >> bill: because she's a socially path! >> you think she would be so quiet that she'd be hiding in an
8:34 pm
undisclosed location. >> bill: she's in fear of her life. >> of course she's. i want to touch on that. i know you want to move on. but if she wanted to be an exhibitionist, she could have crafted that video in a far more sympathetic way. she could have played to those who feel her villainy like you. >> bill: everything narcissus. she doesn't think she did anything wrong. >> that's something that precisely describes joran van der sloot. >> bill: okay. so he's out in peru. >> facing murder charges. >> bill: because the island of aruba wouldn't prosecute him because his father was a big shot. allall right. now, they have delayed the trial. >> at his request. >> bill: why? why? >> first of all, you talk far any cyst, he actually, i think, was flirting with the three female judges. he has not changed at all. he's a self-centered --
8:35 pm
>> bill: bundy reincarnated. we have agreement. >> so here is what he did. he quickly took money electric beth hollowway under the -- >> bill: guise of saying where the body is. he gets the money, he flees with that money -- not flees. he leaves. subsequently indicted by the alabama federal court for wire fraud and extortion. he takes the money that beth and others gave, goes to peru, he hooks up with sevenly flores ramirez. they're gambling together. he meets her, excessive gambler. they go home together. he catches her looking at his laptop in their hotel room finding out who is this strange young tall dutchman from aruba. she finds out he's joran van der sloot. the fact that he's a person, talk about reviled. she then -- he then confronts her. he kills her. he flees with her money, flees peru to chile. here is the diabolical wisdom of
8:36 pm
joran van der sloot. if he killed her as the flores ramirez family alleges for economic gain, to rob her of the money he took from her, the $200 plus that he took from her, that's an economic murder that's punished much more severely than if, particularly in latin america, this was a crime of passion. how he reacted when he saw her with his computer, he couldn't contain himself. >> bill: he's trying to get a lesser crime. maybe casey anthony could, like, advise him. when we come back, should american taxpayers be funding the chevy volt? lou dobson that. then the "jersey shore" people talking politics with ellen. that should be interesting. up ahead [ male announcer ] the more you lose, the more you lose, because for every two pounds you lose through diet and exercise, alli can help you lose one more by blocking some of the fat you eat. let's fight fat with alli.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. the general motors corporation received more than $50 billion in federal government bailout money. so far it's paid back $24 billion and given the feds stock options to settle the rest of the loan. one of the most controversial projects gm has is the chevy volt, which some analysts believes is being subsidized by the taxpayer. it's an electric car that has been plagued with problems. here now with the inside story, fox business anchor, lou dobs. this follows our reporting on solyndra. remember the $500 million, i actually asked bill clinton about that, whereas the federal government wants to have solar energy, solyndra says, we'll develop it for you. then can't, goes bankrupt. 500 million bye-bye. now the federal government wants electric cars. the same thing. chevy says, we'll build you the volt, but we need a lot of money and we don't want to come up with it. do i have it right? >> you have it right.
8:40 pm
they did -- gm did start working on the volt pre-the obama administration. $2.3 billion flowed directly toward the volt. >> bill: from whom? >> in the form of loans, comes in the form of direct subsidies. it even comes in the form of subsidies to the lithium battery makers. >> bill: $2.3 billion has gone into the development of this car that barak obama is now getting behind the wheel. >> federal money. >> bill: was bush responsible for some of that? >> no. he's not responsible. >> bill: so it's a 2.3 under the obama administration? >> correct. >> bill: all right. >> and the idea is that in addition to that, the michigan -- the state government of michigan, which is already foundering under the weight of debt, throws in another $600 million. >> bill: so they threw in on top of it. so now we're over $3 billion? >> correct. >> bill: of taxpayer money, federal and michigan people. >> but the good news is, general
8:41 pm
motors has built and sold over 7,000 of these cars. >> bill: 7,000. all right. this is sadistic. >> it is. what are we to do but laugh at this madness? >> bill: the volt costs 40 grand. if you buy one, you get a $7,500 tax credit, you can take off the tax. >> throw that in there, too. >> bill: so why aren't people buying volts like crazy? >> because the market had nothing to do with the decision on the part of general motors. they're not meeting demand. they're meeting a decision by a federal government. >> bill: if it's 40 grand play with $7,500 credit, why not buy it? >> 32 five t, it doesn't work. >> bill: look how many people want electric cars. >> we know one thing right now, is that there are fewer than 8,000 who want the volt. >> bill: why don't they want the volt? >> it doesn't work. >> bill: what do you mean it doesn't work? >> it doesn't go fast and go far
8:42 pm
on electricity. what happens is it catches fire. >> bill: oh that would be a detriment. >> this is considered a negative when we're trying to move an automobile. >> bill: are you kidding me? the volt catches fire? >> it catches fire and one of the things -- and i try as the humble reporter on these issues, i try desperately, bill. you've got to know this. your audience has got to know this. i tried hard to find out why, with fewer than 8,000 of these volts sold, they've recalled now this week 8,000 of them, but they haven't sold that many cars. so we're -- >> bill: they recalled cars that haven't been sold, because they catch fire. >> they catch fire. and they want to find them before they do. >> bill: which would contribute, i think to global warming because fire is hot. >> that's right. >> bill: so the whole thing is a boondoggle. >> it's unfortunate because the volt itself is an electric car, may end up a fossil fuel itself.
8:43 pm
>> bill: they catch fire. $3 billion of our money and they build them -- >> here is the other problem. it's not just 3 billion and that will be amortized, they're going to sell them over the next four years. >> bill: not after this segment. >> the other problem we've got is that that $30 billion that we have in stock as taxpayers at general motors -- >> bill: gm stock. they're doing better, though. be fair to gm. they had a good year. >> they were selling a lot of cars. >> bill: i have a gm. my car didn't set fire, but i put gas in it. >> i don't know how upset the white house is because all those cars that gm is selling and this is a happy thing, they are using fossil fuel. >> bill: we can be fair to say this is an unmitigated disaster. another global warming play, another environmental thing. i want the volt to work. i think you do, too.
8:44 pm
>> yeah. absolutely. >> bill: i would love to have an electric car. >> i would too, because as a taxpayer i would like to get some of that money back. >> bill: but it doesn't work. we were going to get to this other story. next week. if you don't have a high school diploma, you may be disabled. don't give it away yet. we have another good one next week. you can catch lou dobbs on saturday, january 28. you might want to check that out. drive up there in a volt. upcoming, chris wallace on the republican debate this is weekend. and then ellen talking politics with the "jersey shore" folks. don't miss this one, moments away
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>> bill: back of the book segment, tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. on abc, the republican candidates will debate in new hampshire and then on sunday morning when they should be delirious, 9:00 a.m. after 9:00 p.m. debate. question is, will we be able to tell they're delirious? i don't know. many believe these debate also be ferocious. listen to newt gingrich from earlier this week. >> i would be glad at the next debate to ask congressman paul if you have a terrorist who is prepared to put on a bomb and wear it as a vest and walk into a grocery store or a mall or a bus and blow themselves up as long as they can kill you, why would you think that if they could get access to a nuclear weapon, they wouldn't use it? >> bill: we'll see that question tomorrow. joining us now from manchester, new hampshire with a preview of the debate, the anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace. up top governor huckabee said that he believes that tomorrow
8:49 pm
night and sunday morning, the republican candidates will gang up on rick santorum. they'll try to bring him down. you think that's going to happen? >> i think it's going to be a free fire zone, but that's certainly one of the things that will happen. there is a new wmur, big tv station in manchester, a poll out just tonight and it shows romney -- this is including two days after iowa polling after iowa. romney at 44%. paul at 20%. santorum and gingrich at 8. santorum had a bit of a bounce two days of polling were before the iowa caucuses. he was at 4%. the two days after the caucuses he was at 11. so he's higher than the 8. but the point is, romney is just swamping the field. he's got almost half the vote. i think there will be some attacks on romney, but i would think that gingrich and santorum and paul may go after each other a bit because they're each looking to be the anti-romney, as they go forward in the south carolina and florida, the person
8:50 pm
who is standing up against romney as his opponent. >> bill: there are a few interesting things in play. first of all, we remind all the folks that in the new hampshire primary, anybody can vote. all right? so you go in, you're independent a democrat, you can vote for republicans. >> no, no. bill. not a democrat. if you're undeclared and you're an independent, you can vote. but if you're a democrat, you can't. >> bill: okay. so it's sharply focused as a vote in iowa, which gives mitt romney an advantage because independents are going to vote their pocketbook. the second thing is that newt gingrich earlier this week on laura ingraham program said look, i can see teaming up with rick santorum as i'm a senior partner, he's a junior partner in an effort to derail mitt romney. so i don't know how that happens if newt gingrich comes out swinging against santorum. >> look, first of all, santorum has no interest in that because santorum sees himself as a much stronger position. he pushed back on that and said, no, in fact, i was the one who led a lot of the fights while gingrich was on the side line.
8:51 pm
look, there is no alliance here. santorum is trying to be the alternative to romney. gingrich, i don't know, some ad was the best line recently, looks like he should come into the debate with a hockey mask and chain saw examine go after romney that way. it feels like it's personal, gingrich against romney. but santorum isn't going to play that game. he'll try to distinguish himself as the conservative in the field. i agree, they're all going to take a shot at santorum just because he's the new guy on the block and i think a lot of the questions will be, as it were with perry, when he first got in, define yourself. there is new information coming out about his close ties to lobbyists and k street, the home of lobbyists in washington. he made millions of dollars after he left the senate in 2006. >> bill: look, i expect that newt gingrich will point that out. but then you can say newt gingrich made millions of dollars from fannie and freddie, so he doesn't have a lot of places to go there. paul will probably did that.
8:52 pm
i don't expect mitt romney to attack rick santorum. i don't, because romney so far out in front, as you point out, all the polls say it, by the way. not just wmur. the suffolk, rasmussen, that romney knows he needs conservative support in the general election. so he would be crazy to go after santorum and alienate conservatives on that level. i think he's going to float above like he did in the first few debates. >> absolutely. i'll tell what you romney is going to do, i haven't talked to his people, but i just know it, he is going to go after barak obama. >> bill: it's going to be obama. >> he'll defend himself, but he's basically going to make the case against barak obama and say, i'm the one who should lead this party in november and make the case against barak obama and all the ways in which he's messed up the economy. >> bill: all right. chris wallace, everybody. we watch sunday morning, thank you. pinheads and patriots on deck. ellen and the "jersey shore" crew talking politics. p and p moments away.
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>> li appreciate that. >> keep reading, i am really glad to hear you are reading it. 12 has to be focused. but teenagers, absolutely. reading is a big key to success in life, for all of you kids out there. finally, tonight, pinheads & patriots, the world of course, waiting -- the whole world is waiting to see what the jersey shore people think about the political landscape. >> what is a caucus? >> sorry? >> oh, i know this one. >> a caucus? >> she knows what this is. what is a caucus? >> you mean the part of the body [laughter] >> a carcass? >> a caucus? >> can i get a spelling on this?
8:59 pm
>> yes. c-a-u-c-u-s. caucus. >> i thought it was what you were thinking. but it's not. >> it is kind of going on for the republican -- anyway, i'll see you later. >> well, you can sort out who the pinheads are in that one. it's far too complicated for me. vinever watched that program. never. never watched it. used to live in jersey, many years. that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor web site, different from bill o'reilly dot-com. talk points memo are right there. spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town, name and town, if you wish to. my word of the day, no batology. there's a new one. if you know what that means, you're a


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