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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 31, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EST

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>> good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, january 31st. thanks so much for sharing your time today. i'm gretchen carlson. t minus one hour before the polls open in florida and newt gingrich going all out to try to steal the lead. >> what a pathetic situation to be running for the president of the united states with nothing positive to say for yourself. >> the other night, he -- >> mitt romney not taking the bait and staying focused on president obama. so which strategy will work? hear from all the candidates straight ahead. >> brand new stunning revelations from inside the war room. turns out when president obama gave the order to kill bin laden, somebody in that picture said no. i think they're in the picture. yeah. looks like they are.
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details straight ahead. >> all right, turns out being a baby boomer is not so bad. while -- why your middle age puts you at an advantage over today's smartest kids. "fox & friends" start right now. >> 50 delegates at stake. only one man will capture all 50. >> we know it's going to be a man. >> right. >> and we know it's going to be one of four people and they'll walk off with 50 delegates. yesterday, the delegates were handed out for south carolina. >> that's right, we also know that the man will be a republican and we're not going to talk to you about the polls. you know what they were. they were yesterday. we can tell you that exactly 14 hours from right now, we'll have results on the fox newschannel. remember, the polls close at
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7:00 in florida. but because two of the counties out in the panhandle are in the central time zone, got to wait for them to vote as well. >> ok. so we will have all of the headlines from the candidates throughout our show today. first, though, your headlines and a fox news alert. as many as 15 suspected al-qaida terrorists killed by air strikes in yemen overnight. one of them said to be a terrorist wanted for the bombing of the uss cole in yemen. people who live in the city of lawdar said the drones fired two missiles. it's believed they are drones but that hasn't been confirmed. a year long investigation has turned up no evidence that high level officials at the justice department planned or directed that botched gun tracking program. democrats on the house oversight and government reform committee releasing their report is morning. it's expected to differ sharply with the conclusions of congressional republicans who are grilling eric holder about
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fast & furious this thursday. brand new 911 calls released revealing the terrifying moments before the deadly chain reaction crash in florida. look at the devastation on your screen. this happened after heavy smoke from a nearby brushfire made it impossible for drivers to see anything. >> that fire now being investigated as arson. new research into the minds of the middle aged finds that baby boomers' brains are now at their best. the surprising study revealed that your memory peaks at 45. financial planning skills at 53. and your vocabulary, the strongest during your 60's and
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70's. >> really? >> doctors say the key to staying sharp is exercise because it increases blood flow to your heart and your brain. and those are your headlines. now, it makes sense why you keep paying if you belong to a club or a gym, now you know why you do it. you're smarter. >> absolutely. i'll tell you what, if that's true, it's a dropoff at 46 or 47 because i'm having trouble remembering everything. i'll tell you what, newt gingrich -- >> you sure it was newt? >> i'm pretty sure it was newt. he was firing away at mitt romney yesterday and getting quite personal and a lot of people say wow, newt is trailing or he might be trailing or the polls indicate this. we have only allocated 10% of the delegates. most of this stuff that's going to be happening in march after super tuesday, march 6th. >> absolutely. meanwhile, newt gingrich who has seen the polls and the news has not been very good for him of late essentially was throwing everything but the kitchen sink at mitt romney yesterday. here he is calling the former governor of the commonwealth of massachusetts pathetic.
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>> what a pathetic situation to be running for the president of the united states with nothing positive to say for yourself and nothing available, a big idea, a big vision, a big future and all you got to do is try to tear your opponents down so they get to be smaller than you are. and that's the romney model. now, that's not my model. my model is to talk about big solutions, how do we create jobs? how do we solve the housing problem? how do we create energy? what do we do to defend america? how do we get back to the constitution? i want to run a big campaign against barack obama, not a small campaign. >> let's face it, they both have taken off the gloves against each other and romney probably has won that battle because he has more money. he has more money and more ads in florida by 3-1 so let's just -- let's just be fair, they have both been nasty to each other
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except last night or yesterday when romney was at the villages where newt had been at the retirement community the day before and had a huge crowd as well, he didn't go after newt at that event. instead, he decided to go after president obama. >> i think he says he wants to fundamentally transform america. i don't want to transform america into something we won't recognize. i instead want to restore to america the principles that made us the nation we are. >> if i'm president of the united states, i will stop all of the obama era regulations. if i'm president, i will repeal obamacare and return to the states and the people their right to set their own health care priorities. if i'm president, i'm not going to keep on stopping our development of energy. i will instead open up the spicket allowing drillers to get the gas, the oil, to get the nuclear that we want and once and for all, have a nation that has an energy policy and become energy secure and ultimately energy independent. >> i think you're right with the money. when you see him on the stump right now and you see the way he's approached over the last 10 -- after losing 10 days ago,
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he's changed. he has gotten much more aggressive, much more confident, much more direct and much more deliberate in attacking those who attack him and he's giving people who they're worried he's not strong enough to take on the president a feeling that maybe he does have this deal. >> when you look at what we have heard about president obama's re-election campaign strategy, it's going to be all about tearing down the other side. so, you know what? mitt romney and newt gingrich certainly have built up some thick skin because they have gotten incoming fire from both sides. one interesting thing, we've heard that newt gingrich has referred to himself as the legitimate heir to the reagan movement. he's cited a speech that nancy reagan said she passed the torch to him. sources according to nbc news say that particular speech where nancy said that was for the goldwater organization where she gave the remarks but she was referring to she had passed the torch to congress, not to newt gingrich himself. >> all right, on the other
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side, michael reagan has endorsed newt gingrich. this is how it goes. it's one thing over the next and maybe some people want to talk about the polls like senator rick santorum because he's going to be back on the trail now but he's not in florida. he's going to be in missouri. he thinks that's where he may be able to pick up some support. >> he had a big speech yesterday. he got about 300 people there. we know that's going to -- that in the primary is going to be on the 7th of february and he is talking about being that -- he's optimistic because he believes missouri demographically is a lot like pennsylvania. he's going to do well in his hometown in pennsylvania and he feels he can do well there. he has a good message but the theme and the theory that everybody was talking about especially with bill o'reilly last night, how is your daughter? his daughter, bela, and her illness over the weekend, she appears to be bouncing back from pneumonia. she had pneumonia in both lungs. >> what did the senator have to say in missouri? let's listen to a little bit at the guy with the bullhorn.
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>> please help us out. you can reset this race. you can give a conservative, someone who with you and by you on all the issues. on the big issues, on the important issues of the day, who stood with you, who fought with you, who shares your values, who comes from the roots that made this country the great roots -- the working immigrant roots that made this country the greatest country in the history of the world. >> and he did get a great endorsement yesterday. michelle malkin who is on our program frequently and very influential in the blogosphere threw her support behind rick santorum. newt gingrich and rick santorum will join us about an hour from now right here on the fox news and channel, the "fox & friends" program so put that remote down. we've got a busy three more hours. >> the vote was happening the day before the bin laden raid took place, the president reportedly said to all his aides sitting around. tell us what you think, should you do this or not do this.
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a lot of people are saying i'm 49% sure this is a good move. when it came to the vice president, he was sure of something else. >> yeah, we're looking at this iconic photo right now capturing the moment of when all of the president and his aides were watching this unfold. so here is vice president joe biden at a democratic retreat saying to the president don't go? >> the president, he went around the table with all the senior people including the chiefs of staff and said i have to make the decision. what's your opinion? he started with the national security advisor, the secretary of state, and he ended it with me. every single person in that room hedged their bet except leon panetta. leon said go. everyone else said 49, 51, this -- got to me, joe, what do you think? and i said you know, i didn't know we had so many economists around the table. i said we owe the man a direct
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answer. mr. president, my suggestion is don't go. we have to do two more things. >> that is extraordinary that he would admit that in public. keep in mind, this white house is taking a lot of credit for the killing of bin laden and had the president of the united states listened to his number one, number two guy, he might not have gone. >> it does make the president look bad. >> one thing he added, he says we have to do two more things to see if he's there. no one knows what he meant by those two more things. >> i don't know. that is -- i think it bolsters the fact that president obama made a huge decision and took a huge risk in doing and it happened to work out. >> the only thing people aren't putting together, they evidently sent a doctor behind the walls to get d.n.a. from bin laden's kids. i think that would raise the stakes that he's there if his family is sitting there behind these walls on this mysterious building 100 yards from the military academy. i think that it's not that -- it can't be a 50/50 choice if you
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actually send a doctor inside to test d.n.a. >> i think they were waiting for the visual. they never saw him. they had that drone the whole time. people on the ground never saw him. >> they had the pacer. shot of a tall guy walking. meanwhile, straight ahead. >> billionaire warren buffet positioning himself to get around the tax rule named after him. stuart varney is here with those details. >> and may the force be with them. a man arrested for channelling darth vader. wait until you hear what he did with a pair of light sabers. wake up!
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i believe you have more power than you think you do. i believe because it works. ♪ if you want it, you got it your turn. your time. your year. join for free. weight watchers points plus 2012. because it works. >> warren buffet, the billionaire investor who never misses an opportunity to push for higher taxes on the rich is now singing a new tune so to speak. >> he's singing a tune? >> ♪ i've been working on the
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railroad ♪ ♪ all the live long day >> love the man with the ukelele. he may be working on the railroad but he's avoiding a plan named after himself that would raise taxes on wealthy americans. >> stuart varney is here standing tall. hey, stuart -- >> did you just call me money? >> i did kind of. i apologize. we'll edit that out for the west coast. stuart, could you tell me about warren buffet? he only pays 15% of his taxs and it bothers him. >> he likes his image. he plays the ukelele and he lives in a small and modest house. he's the second richest man in america. >> his son inherits a lot of his money. >> look, he wants everybody else to pay higher taxes that he himself studiously avoids. warren buffet at the risk of sounding harsh is a case study in financial and political hypocrisy. three things. number one, why doesn't he pay himself a much higher salary so
6:17 am
he would pay income tax at regular rates? >> what does he pay himself currently? >> $100,000 a year. >> that's crazy because he makes billions. >> if he paid himself a salary that he deserves as the man who runs a huge conglomerate, he would pay higher taxes. he doesn't do that. he pays himself $100,000 a year. >> like any accountant would recommend, by the way. >> of course! >> second, why doesn't -- when he gives his fortune away and he's giving a $30 billion away when he dies, why is it that as part of that agreement, he stipulated there will be no estate tax or gift tax on this -- on this bequeath, giving away this $30 billion. why does he -- if he wanted to pay the tax, everybody else has got to pay, don't have to include that cause. and three, quit with the sweetheart deals. he has a special sweetheart deal with bank of america. >> that's right. >> where he gets 6% interest, dividend yield on his investment. if you and i put money into bank
6:18 am
of america, we don't get 6%. not at all. >> got a great deal because he saved the bank. >> he's studiously avoiding the taxes himself which he wants everybody else to pay. that's outrageous. >> what he's done, he's a textbook case in how the gain the system. he and his accountants have looked at everything. if i defer my income, i'll pay less. if i take it as stock options or whatever, i'll pay less. if i pay capital gains, i'll do that. he makes a perfect case, if you want equality, tax reform. >> and spruce up his image at the same time. he plays the ukelele and looks like a nice, old guy. >> he owns dairy queen. >> does he? >> yes. he owns a lot of other things, too. >> he's a legendary investor but he has gotten himself right and taken on the political fight and his name is on the new rule. >> he's willingly being used by president obama to raise taxes on other people. >> that's one way to say it. i had a different way. that's fine. >> sorry. exactly three hours and one minute from now, stuart will be
6:19 am
taking the air waves over at fbn, hope you'll tune in for him during one of the commercials here on fox newschannel. >> thank you very much. >> all right. meanwhile at 18 minutes after the hour, a 17-year-old kicks cancer and then gets kicked out of high school? you're never going to believe why but first the ads are getting nasty. >> while florida families lost everything in the housing crisis, newt gingrich cashed in. >> gingrich and romney spending a ton of dough on these ads but are they a big waste of dough? the surprising answer straight ahead. you're watching "fox & friends" on primary day in florida. what's this? it's progresso's loaded potato with bacon.
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>> quick headlines now. a massive explosion destroys two
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homes in chandler, arizona. firefighters think it might be arson because no natural gas lines are in the area and the explosion was way too big to be a propane tank. nobody hurt. and former survivor member frankie sullivan is suing newt gingrich for using eye of the tiger at a campaign event without his permission. sullivan co-wrote the song and said it's not about politics. it's about using copyrighted material for free. and of course, that symbolizes rocky. >> all right. brian, thank you. a lot of money has been spent on political ads in florida. most of them negative. but with so many americans watching the debates, are the ads worth the dough? joining me now from washington, d.c., republican strategist brad todd. good morning to you, brad. >> good morning, gretchen, how are you? >> i'm doing just fine. i know you're responsible for putting together the ads that gave governor rick scott a victory in florida and i believe he came back from a 50 point -- he was not going to win until you came into the picture. >> that's right. >> what did you do? >> well, first off, rick scott did a great job.
6:24 am
he effectively communicated that he was the person who would upset the political establishment in tallahassee that he had a businessman's approach and he had fundamental conservative values and really, you see a lot of that on display in this primary in florida. >> uh-huh. let's take a look at the money spent so far on the political ads in florida. by the campaigns, the romney campaign has outspent newt gingrich 7-1 and then if you look at their super pacs, romney's $10 million 700,000 some against gingrich's $4 million 200,000 some. what do you make that? >> both have had plenty of advertising. it takes over a million dollars to saturate the state with one ad. well over a million. but in this race, both candidates have had plenty of advertising and frankly, the debates in the news coverage has had a lot more impact in the race. we typically see that in a presidential general election. this cycle, we've seen it in a primary election where the debates and the news coverage tends to drive things. >> i want to take a look at two clips.
6:25 am
one from a romney ad and one from a gingrich ad. in this first one, romney attacks gingrich on freddie c and ethics violations. >> while florida families lost everything in the housing crisis, newt gingrich cashed in. gingrich was paid over $1.6 milli $1.6 million by the same agency that helped create the crisis. >> i offered advice and my advice as a historian -- >> a historian, really? censured for ethics violation, resigned from congress in disgrace and cashed in as a d.c. insider. >> how would you grade this ad? >> well, i'll tell you what, on the subject matter level, i think this ad is very good. this issue is very important in the governor's race in 2010 and in florida, you cannot separate home ownership from the economy. property values, property taxes, insurance prices, that home housing market is very important to almost every florida voter so i think that newt gingrich has a real problem having been a lobbyist for freddie mac.
6:26 am
it's a bad word. rick scott, one of the most important ads in that campaign was revealing to folks that his opponent had been a mortgage industry lobbyist. i think this issue would have a lot of salient. i would give it a b plus, gretchen, i think. >> i'd take that in chemistry class. let's take a look at the newt ad against romney. >> today, mitt romney says he supports president bush's tax cuts. but as governor refused to support them. indeed. as a liberal governor, mitt romney increased fees and taxes by $700 million. now, he attacks newt gingrich but as speaker, newt's leadership helped reduce spending, balance the budget and create 11 million new jobs. >> all right. what do you make of this? it's interesting because i hear like the music can give you a different sort of sense of a tone as well. >> it certainly can and that music is old. the ad has a shopworn look. i think strategically newt gingrich, that's where he wants to be. he hasn't been in a primary,
6:27 am
he's been in politics for 35 years but hasn't been in a primary this tough since the 70's. i think that ad looks like it comes from the disco era. it's pretty old. >> your grade? >> you know, i'd have to say probably a c plus, c minus. it's strategically right but kind of yucky. >> this is from the guy who knows how to put together those ads. brad todd, great speaking with you this morning. have a great day. >> thanks, gretchen. >> and may the force be with him. a man arrested for channelling his inner jedi? you won't believe what he did with his light sabres. uh-oh. i'm scared. plus the key to the giants' win in the super bowl. a slice of this pizza? when they don't eat it, they lose! that story right after the break. first, happy birthday to justin timberlake. he's 31. [ jody ] four course feast. man it's great. the guests love it.
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i'm bidding on a 1979 dukes of hazzard lunchbox, but my auction ends in 15 seconds ! even worse, my buddy's bidding on the same lunchbox. it's airbrushed ! but i've got verizon 4g lte. it's so fast that i can outbid him at the last second. i got it ! yes, i won ! woo hoo ! it's got a thermos ! rely on verizon 4g lte. because only the fastest survive. >> all right. time for your shot of the morning. with super bowl sunday just five days away, the cedar crest retirement home in pompton plains, new jersey, decided to make this special song for the new york giants. >> ♪ when i say new york giants
6:32 am
♪ when i say super bowl y'all say champs ♪ ♪ super bowl champs ♪ hit em hard ♪ get that >> that is so cute! i love it. they're even planning a pep rally tomorrow in support of their team. fantastic job, everyone! >> all right. brian, let's talk super bowl and pizza. >> about to introduce a guy who probably wants to sell those guys health insurance, am i correct? or life insurance. >> every sports team has their rituals and superstitions. for the new york giants, it's pizza from umberto's which the team eats every friday for the last five years. right? >> yeah. >> and may be their good luck charm on sunday. here's the man who started that rich tradition, known as big daddy for those who know him and the general manager of umberto's pizzaria, correct?
6:33 am
>> correct. >> welcome. rich, we always love seeing you on. tell me how this addition happened to deliver pizzas every friday for the guys in the locker room. >> what happened was, you know, first time strahan had come out with me, michael strahan, that's what we all call him and i started bringing it out to the equipment managers, you know, those are the guys that work the hardest. >> and you know what? they work endless hours and sometimes they get overlooked so i started bringing it out to them and all of a sudden, one guy snuck and then another guy and all of a sudden, the offensive line is the one that took over the whole deal. >> those are hardy individuals. you were a lynneman in college. >> exactly. the marriage happened and it went off. >> when did you realize that some of your pizzas were going to the locker room and this was pretty cool? >> 2007. >> what kind of feedback were you getting? >> the pizza was great. we love it. my father was going and my father was excited when he was going home. this is unbelievable. the giant players are actually eating our pizza.
6:34 am
>> he mentioned his dad who is a hard working guy does act like a little kid when he's around the giants. >> he's great. >> he said to me, i don't know football. i kind of knew they didn't. as we're going over there the one time we walk in and all of a sudden, he's like big daddy, where's eli manning? wait a minute, you told me you didn't know who anybody was. boom, the top guy. >> this is also superstition. the guys are afraid not to eat the pizza. >> they're afraid and also only certain guys are allowed to eat it. no rookies. david diel, they police it. get out of here, what are you doing? there we go. >> now i know why you're a good looking guy. look at your dad, handsome guy himself and there were three times that you didn't serve the pizza. right? >> yeah, there was -- you know, i had gone to see bernard hopkins fight -- >> don't give me excuses. >> there was three times i didn't get there and there was where are you? you better not miss.
6:35 am
you know what i started doing? i started having a guy and, you know, chef dino from rayos, they were my fill-in driver, delivery guys. >> no you got it. >> now you have it covered. tell us what we have here? is this grandma's pizza? what's that? >> the godfather pinnie and this is -- >> pie. >> you give a variety to the giants. look at this. i'll tell you what, in terms of burping when the new england patriots line up against them, there will be a lot of burping. >> the lot of garlic. >> and the patriots won't be pleased about that. >> it's football much let's get it going. no matter smell, stink, no matter what, you got to bite into that. >> i will. >> that's david diel's favorite pie. >> he eats 3/4 of a pie. >> offensive lineman. >> who is -- this is really good. >> yeah. >> pizza not just for lunch and dinner anymore. it's for breakfast. >> it is for breakfast. guys. that would be --
6:36 am
>> i will see you at the super bowl. will you be there thursday? you're handling all the parties and now i get some free pizza when i go to your place. i'll pretend to pay but you won't let me. is that the deal? guys, crew, this is for you. >> time to eat, boys! >> come on, boys. >> put the camera down, don't worry about it. come on, scott, put the camera down. put the camera down. scott, put the camera down. come on. there you go. >> that's the one i bit. you can have that one. >> all right. >> here's a godfather -- there you go. >> you know how big our staff is? can't take the whole pie. >> all right! that's the last we saw of that. >> great, guys. sorry, i'm done talking. >> you know what? we've been up so long, it's our dinnertime. i'm going for that pizza, too. >> there's a whole variety and plenty, too. >> we're taking it to the super bowl. >> i know it. we got a police escort and everything to j.f.k. and when we
6:37 am
land. >> as experienced as rich is, he doesn't know the rap song. >> yeah. >> he powers through. >> we got to go. bye! >> ok. thank you. >> good job. >> big story today, the florida primary and the polls open in 30 minutes from now. >> phil keating is in a suburb of tampa and waiting for the sun to come up and the people to come out. good morning to you, phillip. >> good morning to you. in 30 minutes, we'll have our first voter showing up here, of course, the largest state so far and the most expensesive state so far. that being florida. finally has its day. election day and its say over who will eventually become the republican nominee to face off against president obama in november. mitt romney has gone to speaking the lyrics of "america the beautiful" to singing them. last night, perhaps an air of confidence taking over his campaign. as he not only didn't even
6:38 am
attack newt gingrich by name during the entire stump speech at the world famous villages retirement community but he actually sang the song as you can hear there in the background and got some of the supporters of the romney campaign to sing along with him. he says instead of attacking newt, he talked about elderly issues. if i'm president, i'll repeal obamacare and return to the states and the people the right to set their own health care priorities. now, by the way, i understand a few of you here are on medicare, is that true? that being the case, i hope you tell your friends who always fear that republicans somehow might go after medicare. you can tell them a couple of things. one, we will never go after medicare or social security. of course, the retiree, the elderly block, they do vote in large numbers in florida. there's a lot of retirees in the
6:39 am
state. gingrich and romney targeting those demographics. gingrich will be in celebration outside of orlando later today for a big rally there on election day. of course, romney has been running about $16 million via his campaign and the pacs that support him in negative advertising. almost every commercial break in miami, tampa and the orlando tv markets over the past two to three weeks. it's been an onslaught and newt gingrich campaigning yesterday in fort myers. he's got several stops ahead today. he commented about the negative flavor he thinks that's giving the voters. >> what a pathetic situation to be running for the president of the united states with nothing positive to say for yourself and nothing available, a big idea, a big vision, a big future and all you got to do is try to tear your opponents down so they get to be smaller than you are. and that's the romney model. >> because florida jumped ahead of what was approved by the
6:40 am
national party by having its primary today, it's being punished, 101 delegates and now -- 101 cut down to 50 so the total winner take all today is 50 delegates and the reason why it makes some plausible sense here for gingrich to promise he's going to go all the way until august. all the way, is because if you look at it as counting up delegates and all -- 27 of the states, give them out proportionally depending on the percentage of votes you pull, so you have to have 1144 votes to secure the nomination, florida has 50. if you can get a lot of delegates in other states, you can lose florida and have a very decent chance of pulling it off. >> you got to be a mathematician to figure it out but thanks so much for the primer. phil keating. we'll check back in with you throughout the morning. thanks so much. other stories making headlines this morning. reactor at a nuclear plant in illinois loses power spewing
6:41 am
steam. officials running the plant says the steam does contain radioactive material but says it's not dangerous. the reason the reactor lost power, still not known. >> hopefully they figure that out. meanwhile, as the cancer survivor, he wanted to give back to those suffering from the disease. but his decision to grow his hair for locks of love causing a lot of controversy at his michigan high school. administrators there at madison academy suspended the 17-year-old claiming his long hair violated school policy. >> seeing the student next to my son can grow her hair out and cut it and donate it but yet, my son can't do the same without being kicked out of school. >> and they're telling me that i can't grow my hair out to give back to a cause that i fought my whole life for? >> gaskins' mother started a petition to reverse the school board's decision and the superintendent says they hope to reach some sort of a compromise. we will keep you posted.
6:42 am
>> most of us are familiar with this move from "star wars." these moves. and maybe even imitated the sword fighting with pretend light sabres. one oregon man took it another step further. police say the 33-year-old david allen canterbury has been arrested for attacking toy store customers with a pair of light sabres. they say he then went outside and swung the swords at police. >> genius. >> a judge has used his force to order a mental health evaluation. that might be a good idea. >> that's crazy. meanwhile, cuba gooding jr. was missing in action yesterday. >> brian is standing by in the hallway waiting to bring in cuba, where is he? >> funny, would have been much better had he been there at this time and we would have walked in together and the drama would have been uncanny. i understand he's close to appearing on our show -- >> did he ever find cuba? the answer coming up. >> plus, members of congress want to ban themselves from managing their own investments so there's no conflict of interest. judge napolitano says don't buy it. it's not going to work?
6:43 am
he tells us why next. come on in to have some pizza, judge. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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i used to take tylenol, and now i take advil and it works quickly and it takes awamy pains. [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil. save on advil with our special coupon in select newspapers on march 27th. >> lawmakers trying to regulate themselves. yesterday, the senate voted to start debating a bill banning insider trading. >> judge andrew napolitano, the fox news senior judicial analyst and host of "freedom watch" on the fox business network and here to tell us whether or not this proposed law would make a difference. >> very little, unfortunately. look, the insider trading laws prohibit anybody from using nonpublic, privileged information that they obtain by virtue of their status in trading on it. it's perceived as cheating when they have secrete information when something is going to happen with a company. bill gates visits a member of congress and tells something to
6:47 am
a member of congress and the member of congress goes out and buys microsoft because of what he knows and the rest of us don't know it. the statute does not say that members of congress are exempt from the statute. the justice department has decided not to prosecute members of congress. >> crazy. >> so this new rule says if it becomes law -- >> called the stock act, correct? >> correct. it's an acronym, to prevent the members of congress from using special secret information. if you trade more than $1,000 in a stock, you have to announce it publicly. >> right. >> you don't have to if your spouse does. you don't have to if your children do. you don't have to if you buy real estate because you know the federal government is about to build a highway on that real estate. >> this ball got rolling. peter sweitzer wrote a book. great book. and "60 minutes" excerpted part of it. we saw nancy pelosi's family benefited greatly from an insider deal it looks like.
6:48 am
now they're trying to fix it. >> most of the insider deals involve real estate and members of congress that they're aware that the federal government is about to purchase real estate for their own use. >> former speaker of the house denny hastert -->> he bought what appeared to be worthless inexpensive real estate and sold it at a tremendous profit to the federal government so they could build highways there. >> this new law will do nothing to stop this? >> correct. it's a band-aid on a serious wound that a band-aid is insufficient to help heal. >> thanks for the cheery news. >> we'll be watching later on today on fox business. >> thank you, guys. >> should pass right through the senate, right? >> it will. >> 11 minutes before the top of the hour. if you missed cuba gooding jr. on "fox & friends" yesterday, you weren't alone. actor missed it. so i actually had a chance to -- >> put you on the case. >> you were in a search for him. here's brian. >> that's right. >> wait a second. we got word he's making his way -- i saw somebody point to him. and this could be true. is this a sighting? i love celebrities. >> cuba, there he is. >> there's his arm.
6:49 am
>> there's his -- >> guess what? we found him. >> cuba, come on in! >> he's coming up next. >> very nice. >> that walk took up the segment. eight. weight watchers online was so easy. you look up a food, you eat the food, you track the food. weight -- comes right off. you have lipstick on your teeth. ok. got it. using the recipe builder, i'm making 2 point enchiladas that will blow your mind. together, we lost 71 pounds with weight watchers online. quit dancing. i didn't do it... [ female announcer ] join for free today. weight watchers online. finally, losing weight clicks.
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6:52 am
>> at the end of our program yesterday, brian, as you can see right there with his back to us was out in the hall waiting for cuba gooding jr. to arrive. he got stuck in the traffic, he says, and by the time he got here, our show had 30 seconds left. i finally did get a chance to talk to him about his brand new movie called "red tails" as he came into the studio. come on in, cuba. >> welcome back. the movie "red tails" tells the story of the tuskeegee airmen who broke barriers in the u.s. military in world war ii. oscar winner cuba gooding jr. plays a major in the movie.
6:53 am
>> it's a miracle you're flying fighters in italy and not mopping latrines in milwaukee. any of you feel otherwise, any of you want to wash yourselves out, please do so. i'll have you on the next thing back home to make room for the men who want to stand and fight. >> all right. oscar winner cuba gooding jr. is here today. good morning to you. >> good morning. good morning. good to see you. >> who is that guy? >> that's major emanuel stance who helped those young men fly and fight and turned those boys into men and honored the tuskeegee airmen with his service. >> we've heard the term tuskeegee airmen for decades. so few people know the story and it's called "red tails" because? >> because they painted the end of their mustang b-51s red to signify when you knew they were flying with you, you were protected properly. >> why was it important for you to be involved in this movie, this george lucas produced
6:54 am
movie? >> that's it. that's the words right there. george lucas, the first time we did it was for hbo. a little $2 million movie and, you know, it basically dealt with the racism that they had to overcome in tuskeegee, alabama before joining the war effort. this was going to be george lucas' visual, you know, extravaganza and it enabled people who saw the movie to feel like they were in these b-51 mustangs. i said i got to be involved. >> it touches on something you don't think about much. racism during war. >> yeah, exactly. the military was segregated in 1942, 1943. >> that's right. >> yeah. these guys had to, you know, they had to overcome the racism on the ground as well as at home, you know, and then fight the good fight in the air. >> right. in the air, is it true that either in this movie or the earlier one, the cheap one for hbo, you had a little problem in the cockpit. >> yeah. well, whenever you have professional airmen trying to
6:55 am
show you what they do so you can have appreciation of what they do, they do the flips and the circles. yeah, i threw up a couple of times. >> you were actually in an airplane. >> i was. yeah. >> the vomit comet. >> literally. >> exactly! representing to the best of my ability. >> there is -- there's something i want to ask you about. there's a guy who writes for "the washington post," the headline -- his name is courtland ma loy. headline is "red tails, a disservice for tuskeegee airmen." >> right. >> have you heard any criticism of this movie so far? >> sometimes when you do a movie, you have to humanize them. there are certain flaws that people have so people can relate to them and there's a couple of people in this movie that have problems. one airman has a drinking problem and another airman is kind of rebellious but the good thing is they're not the focus of the movie and that isn't the focus of their inspiration. they overcome these, you know, these problems in their
6:56 am
character to do great things. and at least we're talking about the red tails, you know. i was frustrated when, like you say, the hbo movie because i was 20-something years old and i didn't know these men existed, you know, and here i am supposed to have an education and i didn't know that black men fought in world war ii to such courage and honor so, you know, everybody's got their opinions, you know, ultimately, i think our message is one of hope and uplifting. >> what's the number one reason you would like to see people go to watch the movie? so they know what about these guys? >> that they fought valiantly, that they were honored, that they were decorated servicemen and that they acted selflessly in these planes to protect these b-51 bombers on their bomber runs, on their raids. and they enjoyed themselves. to see a movie that is visually something that george hasn't been inspired to do since, you know, "star wars" and "raiders of the lost ark."
6:57 am
>> these guys certainly were war heroes. get the word out and go see the movie. cuba gooding jr., thank you very much. check out the movie, it is called "red tails. ">> "red tails" yes, sir. >> thank you. and rick santorum coming up next. across the golden state, where everyone has been unbelievably nice. mornin'. i guess i'm helping them save hundreds on car insurance. it probably also doesn't hurt that i'm a world-famous advertising icon.
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7:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. hope you're going to have a great tuesday. it's the last day of the month, january 31st that is. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. ready, set, vote. primary day in florida. newt gingrich and rick santorum looking to push mitt romney out of the way and they'll both join us live. >> president obama taking his job creation plan to a very personal level. he's now accepting new resume. >> is he working for monster jobs? >> maybe. >> meanwhile, it might have been the president's big break. >> ♪ i ♪ so in love with you >> after that, he got an offer.
7:01 am
it's on the table and we'll tell you all about it. it's tuesday, primary day in florida. "fox & friends" hour three 7:00 a.m. eastern starts right now. >> look at that. polls opened just seconds ago in florida for the republican primary. a live look at the polling place outside of tampa, florida, there was a line heading out the door until they opened it just a minute ago. >> all right. and that's why we've been up bright and early this morning. on your mark, get set, go. will you be voting for the people on our screen today? they'll be guests on our show. newt gingrich and rick santorum will be here. scott rasmussen will be back to talk to us about polling. >> talk about polling and also, why are the candidates talking about money?
7:02 am
because the deficit is going through the roof and he explains why. laura ingraham will be joining us to bring us up close and personal with the conservative movement, the only movement that's not in romney's camp it seems. >> and colonel allen west is joining us as well. he knows all about what goes on in florida. he was elected to the congress just two years ago. he will join us. he's got lots to talk about on this tuesday. >> and he's not endorsing but i would like to know who he votes for. >> good backdoor way to get the answer. >> a lot of people aren't endorsing this year because we've seen this, the ebb and flow of the candidate up and down and they probably don't want to get stuck with somebody. >> although sarah palin's husband endorsed newt gingrich, just she hasn't yet. >> he rides snow machines. >> that's what i hear. >> let's get right to your headlines for this tuesday. democrats looking into operation fast & furious say their year long investigation has turned up no evidence that high level officials at the justice department planned or directed the botched gun trafficking program.
7:03 am
well, democrats on the house oversight and government reform committee releasing their report this morning but that report is expected to differ sharply with the conclusions of congressional republicans who are grilling attorney general eric holder about fast & furious this thursday. brand new 911 calls just released revealing the terrifying moments before a deadly chain reaction crash in florida. it happened after heavy smoke from a nearby brushfire made it impossible for drivers to see a thing. >> that fire now being investigated as arson. look out for that light pole. embarrassing mistake for a southwest airlines pilot in
7:04 am
denver after he took a wrong turn and knocked down that pole with the plane's wings. a passenger snapped this picture from the cabin. luckily, no one was hurt. one lawmaker in kansas wants to make sure you know where home is. >> you know that line from this movie, wizard of oz. toto, i have a feeling we're not in kansas anymore. one lawmaker wants to change that. democratic representative ed trimmer is hoping to make toto stay in kansas for good by naming the cairn terrier the state's official dog. he introduced a bill to the kansas house last week. and those are your headlines. >> i guess it would make sense to have a dog because they've got a cat. they have the wildcats of kansas state. >> i'm thinking of you when you arrived in washington, is that the first thing you said? i'm not in kansas anymore. >> every time i would say something, they'd go you're not from around here, are you? >> no, i'm not.
7:05 am
>> then they'd try to take advantage of you and play that shell game on the table. table in front of your building. >> you read my book. >> yes. >> neither newt gingrich or mitt romney are from florida. they hope to win that state later on today. the voting got under way in the state of florida. did you know it's the fourth largest state? it's a big deal. 50 delegates. it's all or nothing in this situation. florida used to have 99 delegates and they moved their primary ahead and they were penalized. now it's only 50 and they'll all go to the winner, even second place, even if you're close, you get nothing. >> i was shocked to see newt gingrich go after mitt romney being somewhat callous towards religion. this is the story, this was his message. >> governor romney imposed activities on the catholic hospitals against their opposition, refused to allow them the right of conscience in romneycare just as, by the way,
7:06 am
he eliminated serving kosher food for elderly jewish residents under medicaid. >> here's the problem with that. governor romney did not -- even though newt gingrich said he eliminated, what happened in 2003, apparently the federal government cut subsidies to the states to pay for things like food, for nursing homes and so the state was trying to figure out how to come up with, to continue to make the food for them. they were talking about eliminating some kosher kitchens but they never talked about getting rid of the food. they were talking about actually bussing it in from other places. ultimately, at the end, though, the money stayed there so it was never eliminated. >> maybe it would be more effective for newt gingrich to actually just talk about romney care and how he thinks that it's similar to obamacare then to get into the weeds of, you know, the little tiny part of it like that. we'll ask newt gingrich when he comes up 10 minutes from now live on our show. in the meantime, mitt romney hitting gingrich's freddie mac ties. here's mitt romney. >> i think the real reason he didn't do so well is people had
7:07 am
the chance to hear the different candidates and hear their different views and they heard something they hadn't known and that's he made $1.6 million in his company standing up and talking about freddie mac. made money from freddie mac, the very institution that helped stand behind the huge housing crisis and here in florida, if you're part of the housing crisis, you're probably not going to get elected president. >> so that was mitt romney yesterday as i just mentioned. newt gingrich will be joining our show and then rick santorum will follow at 7:30 eastern time. >> and they both have seen the success of "fox & friends" celebrating our 15 year anniversary, and went to the villages yesterday and that's a crazy crowd with a lot of golf carts. >> we love those folks down there. a lot of those people, most of them are retired. there are some people -->> and they vote. >> there are some people not working these days simply because they're not retired, they can't find work. yesterday, the president did something with google called "the hangout forum" and he talked to four different people. one of the people he spoke to
7:08 am
was a woman by the name of jennifer waddell from ft. worth, text. she was there talking on behalf of her husband who is an engineer who has been out of work for three years and she was taking the president to task. she said why are foreign workers getting visas for highly skilled work? my husband who is a semiconductor engineer can't find work here and that prompted this offer from the president. >> can ask i you what kind of engineer your husband is? >> he's a semiconductor engineer. >> the -- see, it is interesting to me that i meant what i said. if you send me your husband's resume, i'd be interested in finding out exactly what's happening right there because the word we're getting is that somebody in that kind of high-tech field, that kind of engineer, should be able to find something right away. >> all right. notice to the white house, you're going to get a lot of mail today. there's going to be a lot of resumes coming in. >> i'll tell you what, the
7:09 am
president should get his great resume together after that great audition at the apollo, they are saying the president really missed his calling including "american idol" producer nigel lithgow. let's listen. >> ♪ i ♪ so in love with you >> he was riffing off an al green tune, of course. and did a really great job. i think a lot of people were surprised he had that voice. we haven't heard it before. here's the tweet from the guy who runs "american idol", barack obama we loved your vocal performance so much we'd love to invite you on "american idol" this season for a duet with al green. it is a campaign season, everyone, so you never know. will the president accept that and go on "american idol"? >> speaking of "american idol", one of the ways that mitt romney wraps up a lot of his stump speeches is he talks about how much america is like the song "america the beautiful" and last
7:10 am
night at the villages, rather than talk about "america the beautiful" he sang it. >> ♪ o beautiful for spacious skies ♪ ♪ for amber waves of grain ♪ for purple mountains majesty ♪ above the fruited plain ♪ america ♪ america ♪ god shed his grace on thee ♪ and crown thy good ♪ with brotherhood ♪ from sea to shining sea whoa! >> very, very nice. >> the question is i'm not musically trained. combrechen is musically trained but doesn't really judge singers. steve spent a lot of time in music and knows the obo. what about professional judges? what did they say now that they had a chance to listen to it twice?
7:11 am
>> awful. >> i don't know if i would call that singing. it's just not -- baby, this is not your vibe! >> it's awful! >> uh hooi official! >> wait a minute, two hours ago -- >> they were going yea! so fair and balanced? i don't know. anyway, i guess we're not going to see "american idol" mitt romney vs. barack obama. >> i don't think so. >> we might at the ballot box ultimately, though, stand by. >> you never know. >> it's now 7:11 in new york city. freddie mac, you know that taxpayer owned mortgage giant? it turns out they're hoping you keep struggling to pay your mortgage because it's money in the bank for them. we'll explain. >> and newt gingrich going all out to try to steal mitt romney's lead. >> what a pathetic situation to be running for the president of the united states with nothing positive to say for yourself.
7:12 am
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7:15 am
>> ♪ o beautiful ♪ for spacious skies ♪ for amber waves of grain ♪ for purple mountains majesty ♪ above the fruited plain >> that was mitt romney last night at the villages in florida showing off his singing skills. >> beautiful. >> and joining us now is another guy who would like to have the republican nomination for president, newt gingrich. good morning to you, mr. speaker. >> good morning. how are you? >> we're doing great.
7:16 am
listen, we're fair and balanced. he wanted to sing "america the beautiful". newt, what number would you like to open up with today? >> well, i listened to the critique of your three judges earlier, i'll just say that i think you have to know your limitations so i'll open up with talking about the need to create jobs and the need to develop an american energy plan to bring down the price of gasoline and i won't try to compete in the singing department. i'm glad for calista to compete. she sings in a professional choir but i know i can't compete in that. >> referring to the first lady, that's smart. >> let's get your reaction to what the polls are saying in florida right now. even though we're not giving specific numbers on today, voting day, the majority has you placing second. what do you need to do with the voters? what's your last message to them? >> last message is the first message is we need a conservative to be able to beat barack obama. we tried a moderate in 1996 and he failed. we tried a moderate in 2008 and
7:17 am
he failed. massachusetts moderate who offers romneycare is not in very good position to debate barack obama who says that obamacare is based on romneycare so if you want to beat barack obama, we need a solid conservative. i was glad to have michael reagan, governor reagan -- president reagan's son campaign with me all day yesterday and delighted to have herman cain's endorsement over the weekend and glad to have todd palin making phone calls for me. we're bringing conservatives together and if you watch tonight, my prediction is that the conservative vote will be dramatically bigger than governor romney's but it will be split. so we've got to find a way to consolidate conservatives and i'm clearly the frontrunner among conservatives and hopefully over the next couple of weeks, we'll be able to consolidate the conservative vote in which case governor romney will start losing badly. >> are you asking rick santorum to drop out? >> i'm just saying when people look at the numbers tonight, again, like in south carolina, it's going to be very clear that i'm the leading conservative, that i have the best chance of
7:18 am
beating governor romney and the longer conservatives stay split, the harder it's going to be for us to stop a moderate who was as governor pro abortion, pro gun control, pro tax increase. i think that's a very weak record to take into a campaign against barack obama. and i think that we risk not being able to beat obama unless we get a conserve i have to to the nomination. >> i know in may of 2009 when obamacare was being hashed out and debated, you seemed to be in favor of the must carry. you said that it should either be there or if you're an absolute libertarian, we'll allow you to post a bond instead. what changed your mind or was that taken out of context? >> look, i think the more the heritage foundation and others who originally thought this was a good idea looked at it, the more clear it became. what happens is you have government intruding totally into your life. particularly at the federal level. i've talked about state level but at the federal level, once you get congress able to dictate every single thing you can do,
7:19 am
you basically have given up freedom and that's why virtually all of us who are conservative have come out against any kind of mandate. surprising thing about governor romney is he still defends romneycare which is a mandate. i've come out against it and i'm consistently against it. i've worked with john goodman in developing patient power. i think the decisions ought to be you and your doctor, not the bureaucrat telling you and the doctor what to do. >> mr. speaker, i know that you have made it very clear you're in it for the long haul up to the convention. of course, the campaign runs on money and a lot of dough has come from the casino guy out in las vegas. >> any word whether or not he's going to kick in some more dough to help you go it forward? >> that's all in the super pac. that's not the campaign. we've raised money from thousands and thousands, i think well over 100,000 people now have donated to newt 2012 and we're going to continue as a conservative reaching out to everybody to go to and
7:20 am
donate money. i think we've crossed $5 million this month alone which for us, that's not big money for mitt romney but a lot of money for somebody like newt gingrich. we're going to be very competitive. going on to nevada late tonight and we'll be campaigning in nevada. >> rick santorum is coming up next. you have a message for him? >> no. look, rick has got to do what he believes is essential. what i will say is the longer the conservatives are split, the more likely it is that we end up with a nominee who i think as a moderate is going to have a very, very hard time beating president obama. >> all right. mr. speaker, thanks for your time this morning. and we'll be following you throughout the day. thanks so much. >> good luck. >> thanks. >> straight ahead, hospitals, we're going to talk about them plus a new study shedding doubt about fear of prostate surgery. the king of robotics is here to set the record straight. >> and congress sleeping well last night, we found out how much money they make? it's a lot more than those of
7:21 am
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7:24 am
>> hope you want some news by the numbers. i got them for you right here. first up $175 million. that's how much carnival cruise lines will lose in profits this year thanks to that ocean liner right there off the coast of italy. next, 16%. that's how much more money federal workers get paid compared to their private sector counterparts. 16%. finally, six hours. that's how long tsa agents at new york's laguardia airport left two potential pipe bombs in a passenger's luggage before calling the police. just six hours. why hurry? >> all right. men who have prostate cancer
7:25 am
will have the option of undergoing a less invasive robotic surgery. you might have heard of that. a recent study shows that the treatment isn't living up to all the hype according to that one study. here to clear up some of the confusion is an expert on robotic prostate surgery, our own a team member, dr. david sumadi. how many robotic surgeries have you personally done? >> now, we're almost close to 4,000 of these cases, you know, we were doing about 40 to 50 of these cases a month. one of the largest series in the country. >> duke does a study, 171 samples. they say that this surgery is not living up to the hype. >> i think that big take home message for the patient is they have to look at this as one single institution series. they have only 171 patients between robotics so in two years, you're talking about 97 cases in two years. that's not a lot of volume and i think they're comparing oranges and apples. their experience of open surgeon vs. experience of a robotic surgeon so you have to be really careful about what are they bringing on the table?
7:26 am
how much volume? how much expertise do we have? in the past, there has been excellent studies of single surgeons who have done enough open and enough robotics and robotics surgery by far has led to better recovery, better outcome and better quality of life. >> what people are missing is just because there's a robot, there's a doctor and surgeon behind that robot and you pointed out the cameraman. the cameraman might be nice. if the cameraman isn't good, like ours is fantastic, it's not going to be a good show. >> you're absolutely right. it's not about the robot but the experience of the surgeon behind this. it's up to the patient, brian, to go this extra mile and find who is the best doctor? this is -- we're talking about surgery now. we're removing the prostate. it's quality of life. we're talking about sex life. we're talking about continence. you want to find the best person, somebody who is trained in oncology who has laparoscopic skills. who does the surgery? is the surgery running two, three rooms at the same time and only there for part of it or is he really dedicated from the beginning to the end?
7:27 am
volume matters. you got to do at least -- your surgeon should do at least 150 to 200 surgeries a year or more. >> smart >> there's a lot of information on and people can go in and as of today, we're going to do free consultation for anybody with prostate cancer on line. i personally will tell them exactly what the best treatment and options are. >> nice to see you. you're behind gigantor. >> absolutely. you're the guy. >> you heard newt gingrich suggest that it's time for rick santorum to call it quits. rick santorum here to respond. guess who didn't want to raid bin laden's compound? he's sitting in the war room in this picture. forty years ago, he wasn't looking for financial advice. back then he had something more important to do.
7:28 am
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7:31 am
>> everyone is talking about the presidential election and check this out. in a new round of campaign ads, republican candidates have accused mitt romney of being too far to the left. which explains why today romney received an endorsement from the baltimore ravens kicker. >> he missed that all important field goal and ended up not
7:32 am
going to the super bowl. >> and not going to overtime with a chance to go to the super bowl. jimmy fallon doesn't care. >> i'm sure he is tlietd that he would bring it up a week later. >> thanks for us to air it after last night. radioactive steam leaking out of this nuclear reactor you're about to see. but officials say don't worry. it's not as dangerous as radioactive steam sounds. the reactor is in byron, illinois. the steam started pouring out after a power failure so no one knows why the reactor lost power but officials swear the levels of radioactive material are extremely low. >> where are they right now? >> meantime, freddie mac is betting against the house? your house? according to a report released last night, the government-run mortgage giant has spent years placing multibillion dollar bets the housing market will not recover. in other words, they get paid as long as your interest rates stay high. freddie mac insists it's on the american people's side and its investment and loan departments are separate entities. >> kids, here's a good reason to
7:33 am
pay attention in class. you could save a life. that's what happened to a 10-year-old boy in utah. he learned the heimlich maneuver two weeks ago and it was just in time because when his best friend started choking on a piece of candy in the library, this kid jumped into action. >> kind of scary to see someone turn purple. >> i grabbed the book and i started pounding on stuff like that and i was pointing to carter like this. when it came out, i felt like i was resurrected. >> they did it all right. and get this, after the incident, the two boys returned to class like nothing happened! when school officials found out, they honored carter for his bravery in a school assembly. >> i was never allowed to have sour balls for that reason. now, i'm still not allowed. >> there's a lot of stuff that you could choke on. when president obama gave the order to kill bin laden, joe biden said no. the vice president seen here in the white house situation room. you look at him during the bin laden raid, now admitting he
7:34 am
advised the president against the mission. >> mr. president, my suggestion is don't go. we have to do two more things to see if he's there. he walked out and said i'll give you my decision. >> biden did not elaborate on the two things needed to be done to confirm bin laden's location and he said the only top advisor to gave the raids a thumbs up was defense secretary leon panetta. >> wow. well, he's down but not out. rick santorum headed out of florida before the big primary there today making campaign stops in the show me state yesterday and the former pennsylvania senator and 2012 presidential candidate joins us live right now. are you in south dakota today? >> yeah, i did an event in minnesota which also has a caucus a week from tomorrow and we're just going to be flying out of sioux falls, south dakota. we did something here in southwest minnesota. >> we know that when we spoke to you last, you were headed home to do your taxes because you're the guy who does your taxes and then something happened. your daughter bela got very,
7:35 am
very sick and that derailed everything. how is she doing? >> she is -- thank you so much. she's doing very well. i want to thank everybody out there for all those prayers. they really made a difference for karen and me and obviously for bela. she had a very tough 36 hours and what a blessing it was. you know, i hate to do this but i want to thank the national media for bugging me to get my taxes done and get them out because had i not done that, i wouldn't have been home. and i was just blessed to be home at a time when, you know, your family needed you and it was a very tough, tough time but she's through the worst and we're optimistic she'll be out of the hospital in a couple of days. >> all right. that's great to hear. we just had the other contender, one of the other contenders in this race, newt gingrich on the show. and he seemed to allude to the fact that he would like you to drop out of the race so that the conservatives can coalesce. listen to this and then your reaction. >> it's going to be very clear that i'm the leading conservative, that i have the best chance of beating governor romney and that the longer
7:36 am
conservatives stay split, the harder it's going to be for us to stop a moderate who was as governor pro abortion, pro gun control and pro tax increase. i think that's a very weak record to take into a campaign against barack obama. and i think that we risk not being able to beat obama unless we get a conservative to the nomination. >> your response? >> my response is i think it would be weak to take someone into the nomination who is for a government mandated health care system that would require everybody to buy health insurance at the federal level. someone who was for the wall street boilout. someone who was for cap and trade. those are very important issues and mitt romney and newt gingrich both have those positions and i would agree that we don't need someone, as he said, going in to the fall against barack obama but i don't think we need either one of those guys going in. i don't think either one of them are the right choice. and if you want to look at the real conservative, we're the real conservative that can win.
7:37 am
neither governor romney or newt gingrich had run as a conservative in a state we had to win and be able to show that they can get the kind of voters to swing in our direction to win those states. i've done it. i've done it repeatedly and that's the kind of candidate who has a positive uplifting message, that isn't out attacking people on personal stuff that's going to get this nomination won. >> if anybody should stop running, it should be newt gingrich, is that your message? >> no. my message is everybody should run, whoever wants to run and be in this race, i don't think -- i don't think people should be telling other folks to get out of the race and get out of my way. if you want to show -- if you want to run a race, run a race, you don't ask someone to quit just because, you know, you think you're the better candidate. i think i'm the better candidate but newt has every right to run and he should run. this is only the fourth state out of over 50 more because we have, you know, territories like puerto rico and guam and others in d.c. who will also have a selection of delegates. this is a long way to go. let's take our time and make
7:38 am
sure the best candidate rises up and i think in the end we'll be that best candidate. >> by the way, congratulations. i know michelle malkin, the famous blogger threw her weight behind your candidacy yesterday and you were in, as we mentioned a moment ago in missouri and last night at a community college, i think you had a gigantic crowd there. hundreds of people standing there and you say missouri has a big role to play in the process. and yet, they don't have any delegates there, do they? >> they don't have delegates in this primary. they have a caucus coming up in about a month after the primary. but, you know, it's a primary. people are going to have to vote. everybody is always looking at what do the polls say? the best polls is folks in one of the most important states in the country in the general election is going to speak and they'll speak very loudly and that's why i was in minnesota, they have a caucus coming up. i'll be in colorado and nevada and they'll have caucuses also on tuesday and we're going to get out and we had a big crowd last night in a little town in southwest minnesota, laverne, we were supposed to do it at a
7:39 am
pizza ranch. we ended up having to go to a theater and that packed out so we were over 500 people last night in this small rural town. we've got big crowds that we're expecting in colorado today and a lot of enthusiasm out there for us. this is a long way to go. >> great. and real quick, senator, i'm wondering how you feel about donald trump possibly hopping in the race, making overtures that he's looking into jumping in. what would that do? >> you know, what day is it? as to what donald trump is going to do. i can't be diverted about someone who is obviously focused on promoting himself and promoting his brand. that's great. i'm running for president because i think i'm the best person to defeat barack obama and get this country going again. >> you heard it from the senator. rick santorum who is in south dakota this morning. but going to be making his way all across the united states as he continues to try to become the nominee. good to see you this morning,
7:40 am
sir. >> thanks, gretchen. appreciate it. >> always looking ahead. it's tuesday, time to find you a job and this week, two of the companies hiring are in the top 10 of fortune's best 100 companies to work for. >> that's right. grab a pencil and a paper, names coming up. and president obama promised to bring the people together but a new poll finds he's one of the most polarizing presidents ever! pollster extraordinare scott rasmussen live on the curvy couch to explain what's up with that. >> first, the trivia question of the day. this is an rc robotic claw. my high school science teacher made me what i am today. r science teacher helped us build it.
7:41 am
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7:44 am
>> some quick headlines now. the super bowl, new york giants now at indianapolis for their big rematch against the new england patriots. giants tackle james brewer carrying the team's unofficial mascot, a big stuffed teddy bear. the bear was in the giants locker room when they won the super bowl in 2008. that must smell terrific. here's why 58% of the women say they watch the super bowl, for commercials like this one from steve's idol, soccer star david beckham. like steve, he wears tighties. beckham wearing not just more than a few tattoos. his new super bowl commercial is for his body wear collection. steve, go ahead. pan down and check this out. go ahead, pan down! we don't have time. what a shame, he's wearing -- >> oh! whoa! whoa! >> now, that's a visual. in 2008, president obama said he
7:45 am
would usher in a new era of bipartisanship. >> my goal is to bring people together, to listen to them, and i don't think there's any republican out there who i've worked with who would say that i don't listen to them, i don't respect their ideas. i don't understand their perspective. my goal is to get us out of this polarizing debate where we're always trying to score cheap political points. >> but a new poll shows that president obama is the most polarizing president ever. during his third year in office, 80% of democrats approved of the president's job performance compared to just 12% of republicans. here with reaction is the author of the brand new book "the people's money" founder and president of rasmussen reports, scott rasmussen. you were here bright and early in our 5:00 east coast hour. >> you are crazy to do this every day. >> we just saw part of that with brian's comment. >> anyway, we have a lot of fun at the same time. let's take a look at that graph.
7:46 am
i guess we would assume that most democrats would approve of the job that president obama is doing and based on the nature of what's been going on in congress, most republicans would not. but it's that middle number that means something to you. >> yeah, the reality here is we've become a sports bar nation. if i asked republicans if the sky is blue and they say yes, democrats will say no. this is the environment that we're operating in. and it's the reason we have so much trouble getting things done. but it's really become just like sports fans, you know, there are people rooting for the giants or the patriots who will never say a good word about the other team and that's our political world today. >> all right. i want to take a look at another poll. this is actually from your group, rasmussen, a december poll that talks about spending. so do increases in government spending help or hurt the economy? 357% say that it hurts and yet, this seems to be almost the entire campaign message of president obama. >> and this is where he is trying to take advantage of the polarization. president obama like president bush did in his re-election bid has decided the only thing he can do is to fire up the beast.
7:47 am
so he's talking about new government programs, new government activities because that's what the core democratic constituencies want but most voters say that's a negative and it's a tough act for him. >> uh-huh. with all of your experience in polling, when candidates choose to go to the base, conventional wisdom would say there's not enough people in the base to win the election. where do you fall on that? >> both sides have a base of about 46%. there's a very small group in between who will decide the election, the key constituency or white working class democrats and they don't like either political party. they're not sold on either side. what they're waiting to see is what happens to the economy. if economic conditions improve, they'll decide that this obama guy isn't so bad. if the economy doesn't improve, they're going to say throw out the manager, bring in a new team. >> always comes back to what's in your wallet. >> that's right. >> scott rasmussen, the author of the brand new book "other people's money." >> "the people's money." >> thank you for that correction. good luck with the book. see you again soon. >> thank you.
7:48 am
>> i thought i was going to screw up his name and i screwed up the title of the book. it's rasmussen. ok and it's "the people's money." and it's tuesday. it's time to find you a job and this week, two of the companies hiring are the top 10 of fortune's best 100 companies to work for. pay attention to that. that's next. first on this day in 1973, "crocodile rock" by elton john was the number one song. [ male announcer ] juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for excellent fruit and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion, also refreshing plus tea. could've had a v8.
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7:51 am
>> today is nolan ryan's birthday. he is the answer to pfizer
7:52 am
question of the day much the winner is jamie smith from peabody, massachusetts. congratulations. each week here on "fox & friends", we're bringing you the top five companies hiring today so let's get right to it. cheryl casone from the fox business network joins us. cheryl, ford has a better idea and a bunch of jobs. >> they're making cars and actually building things in this country which is always nice to see. ford is hiring 5500 jobs at one of the plants at least this year. overall through 2015, the ceo telling me they're going to be hiring 12,000 people. i talked to him on fox business. listen to this. >> we're going to expand our operations next year. we're growing in market share three years in a row. the first time since 1970 based on the strength of that fantastic family of best in class products. also, we're expanding our production capability. >> what's interesting about ford, they're going to be making five new electric cars. they're betting the farm on the electric car.
7:53 am
controversial, not everybody likes them. but ford is going to do it and they've got five new brands they'll be building. that means jobs and it's across the board. but wayne, indiana, in particular and chicago are two of the hot spots right now. >> of course, people need cars and that's why they're building cars. people have to sleep and that's why mattress firm is hiring. >> yeah. don't -- just reminded me that i need to get a new mattress. mattress firm is hiring -- >> are you hitting them up for a free mattress right now? >> they have benefits. here's what i like about mattress firm. they give you benefits. it's customer service, it's delivery. everybody that works for this company gets medical, dental, 401k. that's not always easy to find. i like to highlight companies that will offer full benefits package. that's money that you're actually making on top of your salaries. i mean, because obviously health care has gotten so expensive. >> you have to worry about the bennies, absolutely. 800 stores, 26 states. you mentioned the top 10 fortune companies that have been hiring. ok, this is one of them. wagmann's food market. it's family owned. 884 jobs. hiring in particular in king of
7:54 am
prussia, pennsylvania right now. number four for 2012 on fortune's top companies to work for. this is the brand new list. and this company made that list and again, it's family run. it's environment. it's culture. fortune evaluates a lot of different things about companies when they evaluate them. >> when my son went to villanova, we we went to the wegman's down there. it's very, very nice. people need food. people need coke, that's why they're hiring. >> everybody is thinking about soda and beer and all this stuff for the super bowl. ok, 100,000 jobs over the next 10 years. they have 700,000 people worldwide. >> wow! >> at coca-cola. they're massive. number one soft drink maker in the world. i mean, the ceo of coca-cola spoke to my colleague, listen to this. he is really hiring. >> 10,000 jobs per year all around the world. we are a local business wherever we operate. in the united states, we are growing and we're investing in creating jobs.
7:55 am
in europe, we're growing and investing and creating jobs. and we're growing faster in the emerging markets and creating more jobs. >> and the thing about coca-cola, i'm not going to give you a list of jobs because it's just everything. i mean, there's so many jobs available. coca-cola, one of those companies wherever you can get in, even if it's the ground level, work your way up. >> finally, the financial company edward jones. >> edward jones needs financial advisors, branch administrators. now, this is another interesting one because again, you know, with the downturn in the economy, with the markets lower, a lot of americans are going and looking for advice. they realize they can't do it themselves. you can't ride the s&p 500 anymore as we've learned in the last 10 years. you have to have specific advice. edward jones is hiring financial advisors and again, look, you can pass some of the series -- the series 6 and some of the other licenses you can actually acquire. you need a college degree for this one. >> terrific and here's some good advice for you. check her every noon eastern on the fox business network. cheryl casone, the power to prosper. >> i've also got an advice
7:56 am
column going and that's at the casone exchange. i'm giving jobs advice out every week. you want relationship advice? i can do that, too. >> a jill of all trades. all right. where the jobs are, for more information go to thank you very much. see you around the hall. straight ahead, when the nation's debt was raised under president bush, this is how the current president reacted. >> $30,000 for every man, woman and child, that's irresponsible! it's unpatriotic? >> guess what? our debt under president obama is almost double that. does he still feel it's unpatriotic. laura ingraham weighs in at the top of the hour. you're watching "fox & friends." it's primary day in florida. i'm jennifer hudson, and i believe. i was strong before weight watchers, but i'm stronger with it.
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8:00 am
>> gretchen: top of the morning to you. it's tuesday, january 31. i'm gretchen carlson. it's a big day in florida. primary day and the polls are open. mitt romney taking it easy and giving newt gingrich a chance to close the gap. we're live in florida moments from now. >> steve: meanwhile, remember $6 trillion ago when the debt was only in single digits? well, president obama said this when he was a senator. >> $30,000 for every man, woman and child, that's irresponsible! it's unpatriotic. >> steve: that was when george bush was president. now it's almost $200,000. so is president obama unpatriotic? laura ingraham here to react coming up. >> brian: all right. move over, manning. step aside, brady. we've got our own version of the big game this morning. it's coming back, the puppy bowl is here. the giants already coming out strong, we understand, in some
8:01 am
early reports. a little hijinks in the pregame. what's happening there? is that sound factors are these two puppies growling? >> steve: get a pail of water. >> brian: look at that. going for the jersey. >> gretchen: all right, spot! >> brian: run for your life. >> gretchen: i think we should say "fox & friends" starts right now. >> brian: it starts now. >> gretchen: time sure it's that excite not guilty this polling place. all those puppies! can't keep my eyes off of them. this is a live look at the poll stations all across florida where the polls opened an hour
8:02 am
ago. he just voted. we have no idea who he voted for. but just walking out of the polling place. going to be going on all day and we won't know really any of the final results until after 8:00 p.m. eastern time. >> brian: on a i'm distracted, i apologize. the giant dog is taking a pounding from the patriot dog. >> steve: this started out, each evident dogs was wearing a jersey representative of the -- >> brian: patriot dog being thuggish. stripping everybody dry. >> gretchen: i think that's bias. >> brian: this game like the super bowl, we played on astro turf. >> steve: it will be. also coming up at the end of this hour action find out how if you had a little astro turf at your house, you could have the perfect super bowl party. we've got a busy one hour. lot of politics and as is the case with every hour, we start with the headlines. >> gretchen: democrats looking into operation fast and furious say that their yearlong investigation has turned up no evidence that high level
8:03 am
officials at the justice department planned or directed the botched gun tracking program. democrats on the house oversight and government reform committee releasing their report this morning. it's expected to differ sharply with the conclusions of congressional republicans who are grilling attorney general eric holder about fast and furious that. will happen this thursday. brand-new 911 calls just reloosed, revealing the terrifying moments before a deadly chain reaction crash in florida. it happened after heavy smoke from a nearby brush fire made it impossible for drivers to see anything. >> oh, my god! >> tell me what happened. >> another accident. another accident going northbound. >> okay.
8:04 am
>> gretchen: that fire now being investigated as arson. and look out for that light pole. embarrassing mistake for a southwest airlines pilot in denver after he took a wrong turn and knocked down that pole with the plane's wing. oops. a passenger snapped this picture from the cabin. nobody was hurt. we showed think incredible video yesterday. pro surfer riding a 90-foot wave, one of the biggest in the world. and if you think that takes concentration, take a look at this. a new world record set in australia. 145 water skiers towed by one single boat. they're made up of all ages. they had to hold that position for one mile to make it count. look at that boat! it's like a donald trump yacht. >> brian: it is, it's huge. >> steve: it's like they said in jaws. we need a bigger boat. >> brian: reportedly out there, phil keating. i couldn't make out which one was him. phil, how was it being pulled with all those other guys out on the water? >> it was outstanding.
8:05 am
a lot of fun. we've been talking to people that have been getting these brand-new i voted stickers on their way to work. couple of things at the florida -- that the florida voters are pointed out. some of them just on the way to this precinct. number one, they were impressed with mitt romney's debate skills and performance in the two florida debates as compared to the south carolina debate when is newt gingrich really earned a lot of his south carolina support for their primary. number two, all of the negative attacks between mitt romney and newt gingrich really did turn off quite a few voters here and i talked with some santorum supporters. they cast their vote for santorum. specifically because of that. mitt romney campaigning at the villages yesterday, of course. every candidate stops there not only to get a free ride and tricked out golf cart, but drum up good quality votes. retired community there and mitt romney appealing to them, but
8:06 am
also talking a little bit about the vision of our founding fathers. >> oh, beautiful for patriot dream that sees beyond the years. the founders were seeing beyond their times, what they wrote, the rights they gave us, the vision they crafted for america was not temporary in its purpose, but last until our time and perhaps well beyond. i want to restore america. i want to bring back those things. i believe in american greatness. i believe in america's exceptionalism. i will do everything in my power if i'm president to restore those values, to restore those principles, to keep america the place where you can be sure that your kids and grandkids will have an even brighter future. >> mitt romney has no campaign events scheduled on this election day in florida. newt gingrich does have about five stops to make. he'll be in orlando. mitt romney in downtown tampa. both of whom hope to have a
8:07 am
victory party sometime after the 8:00 o'clock or 9:00 o'clock hour east coast time. newt gingrich polling behind mitt romney by upwards of 14 points. but if you take the santorum totals, combine those with the gingrich totals, they do beat the romney totals, which is something gingrich pointed out this morning on "fox & friends." >> the longer the conservatives are split, the more likely it is that we end up with a nominee who i think is a moderate, is going to have a very, very hard time beating president obama. >> the republican national committee penalized florida for having its primary early, today. so instead of 100 delegates at stake, it's 50. winner take all. and the eventual nominee has to secure 1144 to get the nomination. back to you. >> steve: all right. phil keating live in florida. we thank you very much. let's dial in laura ingraham down in our capitol. good morning to you. >> wishing i was in florida. come on, it's like 80 degrees
8:08 am
there. >> steve: no kidding. every live shot looks fantastic. it looks like it's going to be a very big night for mitt romney. if he does win by a large margin as some of the polls are suggesting, what does that say about the tea party and this particular primary? >> well, it's what we've talked about now for many months on this show. if conservatives, solid, tea party, more traditional conservatives didn't rally behind one candidate, really by november or december, it was going to be very difficult for them whether they were santorum supporters or bachman supporters or gingrich supporters, to take on the candidate who is a little bit more moderate and more establishment and better funded. that was mitt romney. we've been talking about this since last summer. this idea that all these guys were going to be able to stay in the race and take down the romney machine was fanciful. and newt gingrich has given it a good go. as has santorum. but if they don't align, they
8:09 am
don't form an alliance, which it doesn't look like they're going to do, mitt romney will be the nominee. >> beth: we've had both gingrich and santorum on the show and he didn't call for santorum to get ou, but he said what he said and then santorum responded and to his credit, i guess while mitt romney and newt gingrich continue to attack each other -- >> steve: like those two dogs there. >> gretchen: i guess he should stay in the race, some people would say, because maybe they'll both explode and then he'll be standing right there. >> i understand that. look, it's hard if you're a candidate and you've worked this hard as all of these guys have worked to say, you know, it's highly unlikely i'm going to be the nominee and this other guy has a better chance or more support or more experience. it's hard to do that. i get that. but rick santorum is probably not going to be the nominee. probably not newt gingrich either. but if both of them have to come together or not, they come together and say, look, we got to do this for the betterment of
8:10 am
the country, apparently they're not going to do that. okay. well, congratulations to mitt romney. the tea party, to your question, right now the tea party does not have the organization or the money to nominate their candidate. that's just a fact. they have a lot of excitement, a lot of the spirit and enthusiasm, but that has not translated into a national apparatus necessary to take on the bush establishment, the are am knee establishment, whatever you want to call it. it just doesn't. >> brian: the thing is, without it, most likely the republicans won't win. if they decide to stay home. >> there is the rub. you have to both appeal to them and beat them at the same time. beat them in the primaries primd appeal to them. >> gretchen: i'm getting the cart before the horse, could they be the vice presidential pick? >> i in the end don't think it matters all that much. i think it's about the candidate and whether that candidate connects with that core republican voter and romney has
8:11 am
been fantastic in organization and attacking, lacerating newt gingrich. he's been great. the question is, what big idea are we walking away from the florida primary with that is mitt romney what idea beyond -- although we do have singing, i understand. we have that clip? >> steve: you want to see that clip? i know you wrote a book called "of thee i zing." here is mitt romney sing last night at the villages where usually he talks about the american beautiful country and there he is singing. ♪ for purple mountains majesty ♪ above the fruited plains >> steve: laura, what does it say to you about mitt romney, feeling pretty confident that he burst into song last night? >> i don't think we'll see him at any point in the future with the mormon tabernacle choir. [ laughter ] which i love, bit way.
8:12 am
i have the christmas cd. >> gretchen: but back to what you were saying earlier, i think this is really, really important. this is the way i felt about the last two debates in florida. they really didn't talk about policy because it was just all about attacking each other and so i think you're totally right, that the people of this country now will look at these candidates coming out of florida and what will they really know about them? >> gretchen, meanwhile, we have obama, hop scotching across the country on the taxpayer's dime saying i'm going to lower your tuition. i'm going to help rephi your mortgages. so he looks like he's doing all this stuff, right? meanwhile, these guys are, in the nature of the primary season, they're all ripping each other apart and mitt romney has got to start connecting with those core republican voters on substance. i think he can, but i think he's going to start doing it sooner rather than later and maybe of a a big win -- a big win, he'll start doing that. >> brian: in 2006, president obama, in 2008, president obama said this about the debt when he
8:13 am
was running for president. >> now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back, $30,000 for every man, woman and child. that's irresponsible! that's unpatriotic. >> brian: in april, 2011, he kind of walked that back. >> yeah. first of all, i thought we weren't supposed to question each other's patriotism, but democrats do all the time. now we're going to have $16.1 trillion with that debt ceiling increase that happened last week by the end of this year. so if $9 trillion was unpatriotic, this must be -- this is seditieus. we should bring him up on charges at this point. it's a staggering amount. >> steve: laura, thank you very much. we'll see you back here next week. >> gretchen: he said nancy pelosi and harry reid need to leave america. florida congressman and colonel allen west here next to explain those remarks. >> brian: stick around for the "fox & friends" puppy bowl.
8:14 am
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8:17 am
>> brian: the polls are open in florida. over 600,000 floridians have already locked in their votes thanks to the state's early voting policy. that was implemented last week with the absentee ballots. joining us on high school way to vote is colonel allen west. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning, gretchen, steve, and my dear friend brian. >> gretchen: since you're on your way to the poll and you're a friend of brian, can you tell us who you're going to vote for? >> one of the things, i don't believe in card checks, so i think it's a secret ballot. so i'm going to keep it between myself, god and my wife. >> steve: very artful. you should go into politics. one of the things, when you're in politics and you say things
8:18 am
like president obama, harry reid, nancy pelosi need to leave the country, some people, like bob beckel, get really upset. shear bob beckel, then we want you to respond. >> 30 years of politic, i've never heard anything more disgraceful in my life. i think that allen west owes an apology to a lot of people. >> steve: why did you say that the president and this former speaker and harry reid need to leave the country? >> first of all, i think bob beckel owes me an apology for saying that he would not refer to me as a congressional representative nor as a lieutenant colonel retired. i spent 22 years of my life insuring bob beckel could live free and safe in this great nation. the other thing is that i did not refer to any person leaving. if you go back and you read the transcript of the message that i gave, it was about equality of achievement, it was about economic depends i didn't, enslaving the american entrepreneur will and spirit. that message needs to leave this country. that was what i was referring
8:19 am
to. i think that anyone that sat back and looked at the entirety of that 12 minute and 45 second speech would understand that we're talking about a contrast of visions in this country. you just showed a clip of a president that called president bush unpatriotic. then what do we call president obama for the exorbitant amount of debt we've seen racked up? that's what i'm talking about. hypocrisy inasmuch some of the republican candidates who want the nomination have said stronger things to each other than what you said there. speaking of that, what do you think about what's been going on in florida? do you think it's gotten too nasty? will it have a negative impact on the republican party? >> i think we've seen it go to be quite a painful experience. i think instead of focusing on each other and tearing each other down, they should be talking about their visions for america. as i said, i talked about in a vision that contrasted equality of opportunity, which allows me to be a congressional representative here with a district that has the highest
8:20 am
per capita income zip code in the country versus achievement. if they were to talk about the issues and things that are happening, i heard no one talk about the fact that we're going to have an oil rig, that's chinese made n place about 60 or 70 miles off the coast florida. that's big deal for news florida. so let's talk about the issues s and we'll make the decision of who is bet to go up against president obama. >> brian: who knows. colonel west might be in the primary in three, four years from now for his own candidacy. >> stop. >> brian: thank you for joining us. >> steve: now go vote and get one of those little stickers. >> gretchen: coming up, may the force be with him. this guy arrested for channeling his inner jedi. wait until you hear what he did with his light saber? >> steve: don't forget about the jetsons. get red for space elevators. he knows exactly when life will be like in the future. if you want to know what it's like, stick around. >> brian: i love this
8:21 am
8:22 am
♪ a refrigerator has never been hacked. an online virus has never attacked a corkboard. ♪ give your customers the added feeling of security a printed statement or receipt provides... ...with mail. it's good for your business. ♪ and even better for your customers. ♪ for safe and secure ways to stay connected, visit from centrum. its unique assessment tool... helps you find the multivitamin and supplements... that are right for you. so visit better nutrition... is within reach. centrum. nutrition possible.
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8:24 am
>> steve: we got some headlines on this tuesday morning. wal-mart is rolling back, but we're not talk being the prices. the discount giant getting rid of their greeters. it's true. the workers being reassigned to checkout duty, guiding customers to open lanes during busy hours. that's helpful. greeters have been a staple at wal-mart since they opened back in the 1980s. outrageous end to go a police chase in new haven, con condition this morning. check out this speeding suv. lands on top of a sleeping man in his bed. firefighters spent hours removing the wrecked car and rescuing the guy trapped underneath. he is expected to make a
8:25 am
miraculous recovery. that's incredible. gretch. >> gretchen: thank you very much. 100 years from now, will the world look like the jetsons? our next guest says there's a pretty good chance it might just happen. joining me is the editor of futurist magazine, patrick tucker. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so up with of the things that you say is going to happen in the next 100 years is that our brains will be wired with computers. how will that happen? >> yes. we'll be wired to computers and this will allow to us communicate with both computers and in many ways with each other via what looks like telepathy. so telepathy between two people is absolutely possible as long as you think of that communication exchange as an exchange of signals rather than exchange of words. this is actually already the subject of a $4 million grant. here is how it would work. whenever you visualize yourself lifting your arm or lifting your leg, that sends out a really big signal. that signal can be picked up by a sensor, possibly an implant
8:26 am
you have imbedded in your head and relayed to a computer and then relayed to another person. so what the army is trying to do is get people to send those signals in a pattern that can convey information, sort of like morse code. if you can then have that person signaling to a super computer or robust artificially intelligent entity connected to a global network of databases, then you would have immediate recall of any piece of information stored in those databases. it's sort of like having it in your head. >> gretchen: what about all those private thoughts? anyway, immortality. you say people will be able to stop themselves from dying? they'll live forever? >> right. so how this would happen is through a combination of future genetic breakthroughs and nana robotics. as opposed to cyber nettic telepathy, that's based on science proven, it's very much on the theoretical realm of the
8:27 am
future spectrum. so no one has built a nan robot work. it's an idea that comes from a great researcher named robert fritas. you would ingest a pill of a million of these. they would be on the nano scale. they would circulate through your bloodstream. they would remove pathogens, repair cellular damage, and they would basically prevent you from ever experiencing the symptoms of aging. and with that, you could live to be several hundred years old until humanity invented another system to further extend your life. again, something that's possible within 100 years. but probably not very soon. >> gretchen: i'm wondering who is going to swallow that first pill. space elevator, we'll be able to go up into space through an elevator? >> right. these would be composed probably of some future version of carbon walled nano tubes. there are technical breakthroughs that have to happen first, but the reasoning behind it is to collect solar
8:28 am
energy in space and bring it back to earth. solar energy collected ten times more efficiently in space than on earth because there is no atmosphere or particlate matter. the question is how do you get that energy down to the planet? you can beam it with microwave. duke it in a super cable and that's what the elevator is for. >> gretchen: unfortunately we've out of time. but you also say, only three languages will be spoken and we'll be able to control our weather in 100 years. interesting stuff, thanks for your thoughts today. >> thank you. >> gretchen: ladies, always want to do take home a super bowl winner? now you can. these players are up for adoption. first, the "fox & friends" puppy bowl. and a new report out today on fast and furious scandal. guess what it says? it's not eric holder's fault. in fact, no one is to blame. huh? a closer look at that report coming up next the employee of the month isss...
8:29 am
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8:32 am
>> gretchen: certain things happen that we can't reveal. >> steve: give us a hint. >> gretchen: no. it's time for your shot of the morning. with super bowl sunday five days away, the cedar crest retirement
8:33 am
home in new jersey decided to make this special song for the new york giants. ♪ i say super bowl ♪ you say champs ♪ super bowl champs ♪ when i say hit em ♪ y'all say hard ♪ hit them hard ♪ >> gretchen: so cute. they're even plan ago pep rally tomorrow in support of their team, as you can see, they like the giants. >> steve: go new jersey, giants, go, go! >> brian: new york giants. >> steve: i'm just repeating. house democrats -- brian will do the puppy bowl in just a second. house democrats release ago new report this morning that tells a very different version of the fast and furious scandal. it does not point the finger at the obama administration. >> gretchen: william lajeunesse live at our l.a. bureau.
8:34 am
you're been following this, so what do you make of this new report? >> the attorney general is going to appear before the house oversight committee on thursday. so in advance of that, republicans and democrats alike are trying to spin this story, get their point of view out there. today democrats reloosed a report on their findings. they conclude number one, that the atf knowingly helped some guns to mexico three times under president bush. the fast and furious wasn't the first. that's partially true. second, no high level appointees approved it. and third, this was not a politically motivated case to justify more gun laws in the u.s. the report blames the trafficking of these 2,000 guns over the border on six people. three atf supervisors in phoenix, and three overzealous assistant u.s. attorneys in phoenix who would not cooperate with field agents on when to arrest suspects known as straw
8:35 am
buyers. somebody who has covered this for about a year, some of these conclusions are in dispute. for example, more than a dozen officials at atf and the justice department knew that these guns were being smuggled by a big ring out of phoenix and they got weekly reports showing that these guns were showing up in mexico at crime scenes. but none of these career law enforcement officials knew or thought to ask if this was being done on purpose to build a case like allegedly happened three times before. so you've got lannie brewer, gary grinler and two others all assistant attorney generals close to the attorney general, eric holder, and you've got ken nelson, billy hoover, and bill mcman, the top team at atf and all these guys id they did not know or could not recall being told that agents were deliberately walking guns to pierce the cartel and arrest people higher up the ladder. in fact, documents, however, suggest that they did know.
8:36 am
so this report is going to be used by democrats on the oversite committee as talking points and to defend the attorney general on thursday. republicans may or may not issue a similar report before then. back to you. >> steve: all right. william lajeunesse live in l.a the old i can't remember. can't remember any details. >> brian: making some people furious. 24 minutes before the top of the hour. we should do the headlines. >> steve: did you hear about this radioactive steam leaking out of a nuclear reactor? officials say don't worry. that's not dangerous. nuclear steam reactor in byron, illinois, says steam has been release to do prevent an explosion after a power failure. no one know why is it lost power, but the people who run the plant swear the levels of radioactive material are very, very low and safe. >> brian: freddie mac is betting against your house. according to a report released last night, the government-run mortgage giant spent years placing multi-billion-dollar bets that the housing market will not recover. in other words, they get paid as
8:37 am
long as interest rates stay high. freddie mac insists it's on the american people's side and loan departments are separate. you're probably not buying it either. >> gretchen: remember these jedi powers? they were so powerful, you couldn't hear them. folks what looks like star wars doesn't actually work in real life. this oregon man is being sentenced to 45 days in jail for reenacting the star wars scene. he actually tried play luke skywalker. in addition to the jail sentence, the judge used his force to order a mental health evaluation. he was trying to attack other people in the store with the light sabers, allegedly. i think he was a little too into the role. >> steve: the force be with you. real quickly, let's take a look at the weather for this tuesday. primary day. as you look at florida, it looks like it's predominantly dry,
8:38 am
although there could be rain in the panhandle. a little later on, maybe this morning. much of the balance of the country is nice and dry. there is a little rain in northern portions of the plains states. current readings, bitterly cold. 9 below in caribou. across much of florida, temperatures in the 50s. brian, let's talk super bowl. >> brian: the super bowl is just days away. we've got our own version of the big game. it's going to be called the super puppy game. joining us now, the woman who is on television more than me. "fox & friends," beth stern is here, spokesperson for the north shore animal league. getting ready for the big game? >> i'm a big steelers fan. >> brian: they're out. >> i know, i know. so i guess i have to route for our home team. >> brian: all right. so we'll get these two apart and focus on the coaches right now for the big game in a moment we'll see the competition. >> coach button, coaching the giants, i have to talk about her. she's nine years old. >> brian: there we see it. we see the back of her right
8:39 am
now. >> let's show the front of her. >> brian: buttons, turn around. >> i always say adopting an adult dog is the way to go. she's nine years old, her sad story is that her family's home was foreclosed, so she came to us completely trained, ready to go home. she just has love to give. she's a perfect addition to anyone's home. >> brian: she's a perfect coach for the giants. now let's talk about coaching the patriots. we go with practice two-year-old d coach april. boxer mix, from a puppy mill rescue. >> brian: camera shy. >> she's adorable. look at her. isn't she a sweetheart? >> brian: so calm. if you're a family, maybe the kids just left the house, you want another personality, let's do it. these beautiful animal, these are the puppies. >> yes, they're ten weeks old and they're ready to play a game, aren't they? >> brian: they are. so everybody, we have our entire swat team here. let's grab a puppy. don't go anywhere.
8:40 am
sorry. >> brian, could we talk about feeding your pet when you're watching the super bowl? don't give them any of the crap food. don't give them alcohol. not cute, not funny. toxic. no nuts. no onions. i've seen it. when you're having a super bowl party, tell your guests not to feed the dogs. be smart about it. use your head. >> brian: this is a game that we made up with milton bradley people. also with help of the toddman guy. and what we're going to do is we're going to throw the football. we have three giant puppies and we have three patriot puppies. so far, we will see whoever gets the ball, we'll see if that team ends up winning. this could be a tradition that goes on for generations. >> let's do it. >> brian: i'm sorry. are the coaches ready? >> i think i want to throw out the first -- >> brian: you can't throw out the first? >> why? >> brian: oh, okay. >> brian: everyone, lean your dog over the railing. >> ready?
8:41 am
>> brian: wait a second. you can't take two. lean your dog over the railing. this is not dog tossing. this dropping and rung. >> let's go, giants. >> brian: can we get the football music, please. come on. >> tell me when. >> brian: go! come on, giants! come on! does anybody want to play! where is the hunger? where is the passion is this we got nobody. >> they just want to find loving homes. they don't care about the football. >> brian: how could you not care about football? >> i guess there is not going to be an annual thing. >> brian: this might not be an annual game. i see six puppies who would rather wrestle with each other and two coaches letting it happen. >> come visit us at north shore animal league. we have tons of puppies and adult dogs ready to go. >> brian: who is this guy? what kind of dog is he? >> what is he? >> brian: you got to get him. who is cuter? >> you are, brian.
8:42 am
>> brian: here we g. check out this dog. i'm sorry. what kind of dog is this? a german shepherd mix? look how cute he is. how happy is he to be propelled in the air. look at you. >> i think i'm going to take him to howard. >> brian: how cute is this dog? this is a terrier mix. this guy has got some hops. this guy has got some game. he can jump out of a building. but he's very, very calm and likes to play with others. you can just go to our web site and try to adopt a dog and get all these puppies adopted and get buttons a home after she just got foreclosed. >> she's great dog. and coach april. good luck, everyone. >> brian: it's always great to see you. thanks for bringing the turf. >> it was fun. >> brian: tell howard we said hi. >> i will. thanks, everyone. >> brian: do you want me to read? i guess everybody else left. >> steve: brian, next time just toss a a t bone to the ball. >> brian: you're right. i should have used food. they're not into the purity of
8:43 am
the game, i didn't realize that. >> gretchen: very cute. hopefully the puppies will be adopted. coming up on our show from housewife to house party, dina here with cool ways to score a touchdown this sunday, like this. this is the way to make sure your guests don't drink out of someone else's glass. they each get their own -- >> steve: astro turf. cool. you think main stream media bias is no big deal? our next guest says get a clue. the bias amounts to an eight-point average for democrats. you're looking at a polling place down in florida where they're voting 'til 7:00 o'clock tonight wake up!
8:44 am
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8:47 am
>> steve: welcome back. we talk a lot about main stream bias, media bias. you think it's no big deal? our next guest says get a clue. it amounts to an advantage for the democrats. joining us is author, how liberal media bias distorts the american mind. good morning to you, doctor. >> good morning, steve. thank you. >> steve: this number is astounding. you say that media bias generally adds about 8 to 10 percentage points to the democrats. explain that. >> that's right. that's right. so what's pretty involved. i don't think i -- the idea is i measure exactly what is the effect of media bias in a nutshell, this is it: in our current world where media bias exists and our thoughts and voting behavior is actually been shifted a little bit left by this, america currently thinks
8:48 am
and votes about like a purple state, something like iowa or nevada. but according to my results, if you could magically get rid of the media bias or get rid of the effects of the media bias, then that would make america think and vote about like a solid red state. something about like a texas. so that 8 or ten percentage points. i looked to see how texas voted in the last election. in 2008, while america voted 53-46 for obama. texas voted 56-44 for mccain. so under my results, that's about how america would vote. >> steve: so professor, if there were no media bias, john mccain, according to your estimate, would be president of the united states. >> that's right. that's right. we have an -- economists have an assumes, making sure it's the same candidate, but yes, according to my results, that's
8:49 am
right. >> steve: and it was three debates ago, you could see the audience there in south carolina, they've had it up to here with what they perceived as media bias when newt went after john king for that first question at the cnn debate. >> you're right. i think that newt gingrich was actually the beneficiary of media bias. i think conservative voters are just sick and tired of media bias. there once was a bumper sticker that said, annoy the media, vote republican. i think that's what happened in south carolina. the voters decided to annoy john king at cnn and vote for newt gingrich. >> steve: and he won big there. all right. once again, the book is called "left turn." we thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. >> steve: meanwhile, she's the host of dina's party. tips for you on how to plan the perfect super bowl bash. hi, there she is. now let's check in with bill hemmer for a preview of what happens in ten minutes on the channel. >> it's all healthy food, right?
8:50 am
>> steve: it's got to be, super bowl. >> good morning to you. if it's tuesday, it must be florida. who predicted the outcome in south carolina? no one. senator marco rubio is live from his home state with the prediction of his own. 44 senators signed up to make the keystone pipeline revived. what's their chance of success and are we sitting ducks for an asteroid hit here on planet earth? how about a shield to guard the planet? martha and i will see you in ten minutes on "america's newsroom"
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> gretchen: we're going to get to her in just a moment. it's not too late to throw a super bowl party. >> brian: here are some ideas. the host of dina's party.
8:54 am
congratulations. thanks for coming by. >> steve: good morning, dina. >> good morning. that's the wake-up call. >> steve: the biggest party of the year for a lot of families. so you ought to make the table look cool. >> i know. i was just saying, i'm not much of a sports fan. >> brian: which is good, people watch it who aren't in sports. >> i make it look pretty. >> gretchen: let's start with all your table top decor. if you're going to have a super bowl party, you need pom poms. >> of course, and astro turf. this is my favorite thing. for ten, $15, you can make a table look great. mimicking the football field. this is white duct tape and these are numbers you buy for your mailbox at your hardware store. end zone we're mimics, is that what it is? >> gretchen: it's at either end. hang out with me a while, i'll bring you up to speed. >> one of the things i hate is everybody is like, whose beer is this? this is a cute way to display the drinks, but also if you just put your little positions on here. >> gretchen: i like that idea. >> brian: i have a tight end.
8:55 am
>> brian, you're fired. >> this is a cute way to know what drink is whose. >> brian: here is the thing, i usually put a dent in my can to put people's lips off it. this is even better. keep your hand off the punter. or leave miff tight end alone. >> gretchen: i love this other idea. you use the referee, yellow flags. >> a penalty flag. right? >> steve: you throw them at people? >> maybe, there is ha lollipop in there. maybe knock an eye out. it's fabric. couple of dollars. yard of fabric, cut it up. >> brian: a whistle on the cup wakes. genius. >> they sell lots of these things at the scrapbook store. so everything you see here, pop cancer in mason jar, wrap some of these. we all want the trophy at the end of the day. make your own. spray paint it. put a vase upside down, put
8:56 am
sparkle around. use leftover grit of. >> gretchen: she doesn't know football, but she knows thousand throw a party. thanks for sharing your tips with us. will you stick around? >> i will, absolutely. >> gretchen: we'll be right back. >> steve: get your hands off that cupcake, tight end. >> brian: that's a little close. my nose is going to start bleeding soon. more "fox & friends" in two minutes iant can befriend a forest may seem lie the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take aw the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the storybook narrator... [ man ] you're ft with more electric trucks. more recycled shipping materials... and a growing number of lower emissions planes... which still makes for a pretty enchanted tale. ♪ la la la [ man ] whoops, forgot one... [ male announcer ] sustainable solutions. fedex. solutions that matter.
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that's good morning, veggie style.
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i felt hungry all the time. on weight watchers online, i eat all day long. i loved grabbing those activity points and throwing them into my tracker. and then it adds it up for you at the end of the week so that you can earn more points for food. i never thought that way before. i lost 38 pounds with weight watchers online. i really did it. [ laughs ] [ female announcer ] join for free today. weight watchers online. finally, losing weight clicks. >> steve: brian, do you need to take any of this to the actual super bowl? >> brian: i don't think i need it. i just need a few things. this will be about it, you might not know football, but you know how to have a party around football. >> i totally do. why don't you take one more. >> gretchen: tomorrow, while brian is getting ready fort super bowl, we'll all be back at 5:00 a.m because we're going to have all the florida primary results for you. plus, dave ramsey and herman cain and larry sabato and michael rean. >> brian: run to the radio, we have john mccain in five minutes.


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