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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  February 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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from centrum. its unique assessment tool... helps you find the multivitamin and supplements... that are right for you. so visit better nutrition... is within reach. centrum. nutrition possible. >> fox news alert. you are looking live in the mitt romney campaign headquarter in las vegas. he just finished up the speech in which she thanked everyone there for a big win. he is the winner of the nevada caucus tonight. coming in tonight. there is a battle between former speaker gingrich and ron paul .... that is not that much. we can project rick santorum is the real deal. they are the real deal and may are mostly finished.
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one of them is ongoing and was when we started the top of the 10:00. we are told that we would get a lot of data. it has not happened as of yet. joining me from the nevada caucus. john ralton who has been fantastuc there on the ground all week. >> hi, bret, thank you for having me. >> what is the deal? >> the deal that the republican party is slow, much slower than they promised in releasing the results. the precinct folks this morning were releasing numbers and i had folks on the ground. romney's victory in clark county is big are than what you saw in the results. and it will bring your number up. he will do better than hoe did in 2008 when he got 51 percent of the vote. he will win a smashing rictry
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in clark county from the numbers they know. as you pointed out, the only question is who will finish in second place. it is not much to cheer about. they will be 30 points behind mitt romney. >> some of the rural places went for ron paul . he has a big organization. the battle between paul and gingrich, describe it for us. >> it was not a battle much. gingrich tried to erect a operation in a matter of a couple of weeks. palm has had fervent followers here in 2008 when he tock over the state party. they were more organized this time. you mention the rural counties. there is a libitarian streak that runs through the expanse of nevada from las vegas to reno. is he going to do well enough to make up for the losses to
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gingrich he will suffer in the urban areas? that is the only really question left. >> we kept on taking the podium in the empty room for the gingrich press conference . that is supposed to happen. he will pop into another room in the venetian casuno that has more people and he will pop in there and say something and hold a new's conference afterwards. we'll not take the empty podium shot until he gets there. let mow request you think. nevada is going to be a battle ground state no matter how you look at it in the general election. mitt romney will win big, bigger than in 2008. how does it shape up if he becomes the nominee for nevada for republicans? >> i think it is going to be a fascinating race here, bret. barack obama won in 2008 but
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there was a huge democrat waive. this was traditionally a republican state for the presidency. but the issue here, first of all, the democrats are better organized on the ground and they have a voters registration league of 40,000. it is not big as it once was. but how can they use the remarks that mitt romney made in the state that arguably has the worst economy in the country. comments about letting the foreclosure process. >> let me interrupt you, john. you had a interview with governor romney and you mentioned those comments and this is the quote he said to the editorial board. >> let it run its course and hit the bottom and allow investors to buy the homes and let renters rent them. and the obama administration slow walked the process and as
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a result we still have a foreclosure overhang. you asked him about that and this is the exchange. >> stick by what you said, don't try to stop the foreclosure process. and it is hurting a lot of nevadian. i understand you are a free market. >> it depends on what you said don't stop. >> thos what you said. >> when i said don't stop it you get the economy going and home values rise and people can meet their obligation. the right way to do that is not have the federal government write checks to people. there is not enough money in the world to bail you out all home owners that arurn water. the best way to get thel back is home value to rise. >> is there a vulnerability from your interview and reporting? >> imagine, bret, how thrilled the democrats are going to run
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against the guy who is saying what i meant or meant to say. rom no may have had a legitimate point about the housing market and foreclosure process it is the how he said things. it is like he he said he's not worried about the poor. he says things corporations are people and you may know what he meant to say. you don't want to go through the campaign creating sound bites by the opposition and having to explain. the democrats are thrilled with the comments and they will be using them in the fall. that's where the real vulnerability is. especially here, bret because of how bad the housing market is here. 70 or 80 percent of the people under water. >> speaker gingrich and santorum using that as well as this nomination battle continuous. john ralston, thank you so much on the ground.
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great perspective. >> we are getting word about the intrigue of the gitch - gingrich appearances. we are told that we are two minutes from that little room with the podium where casey stegal is standing boy live. there seems to be back and forth with the communication. do we know where the candidate is? >> we are hearing that he's in the room next door to us . we got a two minute warning 30 seconds ago . we expect in no time at all that speaker gingrich will take the podium that is set up here. we expect reaction to the caucuses here and publicication business insider is reporting that the former speaker is going to announce a new campaign strategy altogether that return to a positive campaign message and
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hopes to trying to steer away from the mud slinging that is going on and outlining a delegate based strategy. our fox news producers have been trying to confirm that with gingrich's folks. there is confusion in the campaign tonight in terms of what he will talk about and as we alluded to where he is going to ooh peer. we'll -- appear. we just got the warning. it is interesting for gingrich. it was a rocky road coming off of the defeat in florida. on wednesday, he cancelled a meet and greet and photoopportunity with the governor of the state. republican governor who is wildly popular in nevada. and gingrich told reporters it was a scheduling mix up and they were going to recalifornia that meeting and that never happened. and then there were rumors flying early in the week, reports from his campaign that gingrich will get the donald
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trump endorsement and that was not the case. that endorsement went to mitt romney . then his public appearances were scaled back a fair amount here in nevada. he was not really out and about as we saw the other candidates. he was not at the states in colorado and upcoming caucus and he's not on the ballot in missouri. folks with his campaign said he was trying to focus more on fund raising while he is out west it is a interesting few days for the former speaker. we are on stand bypass and we'll take you to him live. >> casey, i know it is frustrating to not know where the candidate next door and not in the room with all of the people. we'll bring in the panel of all stars again. steve hays and a.b. stoddard
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and bill kristol and charles crammer. i produced it on the ground in florida trailing and trying to track down spheeker gingrich. there is fluid campaign let's say and what do you think will happen with this announcement, charles in >> i think what we just heard the excellent reporting about changing his strategy and announcing it is how gingrich operates. he talks about what he's doing as he's doing it the idea of going positive. that is about the fifthor sixth time he announced he will go positive. and the idea to concentrate on delegates is obvious. he said his one hope. he will not be the one in tampa with a majority. >> hoe was on the record last night with greta and he laid out his path for it. take a listen.
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>> we'll see if we can be a good second and then on to colorado and minnesota. voting start in arizona and in ohio. we'll compete there and working our way to super tuesday . we think we'll do well with super tuesday and alabama and mississippi the following we and clean up in texas on the third of april. and our hope is to be even with or slightly ahead of governor mitt romney. >> and it is the other room with the pottedium that he will be walking in to. it is not the one with john roberts. charles, go ahead. >> the strategy is clearly to deny mitt romney a majority in tampa. the idea is if he's under 50 percent and the votes are split. you have a convention in theory end up as a broken one
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and that's what he's trying to do. and it is one path he would take and a logical one. >> steve, at leb 11:06 we got the two minute warning. >> if casey's reporting is accurate and gingrich is going to go back to his positive campaign and the one in iowa, you will notice a pattern. candidates without the resources to go negative go positive. it is uation before iowa and aftermath of iowa he had a lot of money and decided to go neg95. he's having resource with his personal campaign. they are looking at potential funding mitt romney down the road. >> shell nettleson owns the venetian and a backer of the super pack that backs newt
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gingrich. >> there are questions of how long he would back newt gingrich or this super packment and suggest that ha is open to supporting mitt romney down the road if he is the nominee. the kind of speculation or one that is out there if you are backing away from newt gingrich. >> we have received our second two minute warning. >> i think that why heard from newt gingrich tont that he lost florida by 14 points and he would come up with a new campaign platform and a policy based plan to campaign on. and it did not materialize before the vote . he's telling us tonight that he will announce direction in the campaign. charles is right. it is a delegate based strategy. he's said that for a long time
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now. it is a long way to go before anyone becomes the nominee and has 1144 delegates. and i think announcements are great and maybe gets press attention. it is not really news. >> you want to give an update on votes. >> the washer county contained incorrect results for 33 new precincts and each one had gingrich with 50 percent. and they apparently have backed it out and are in contact with the state and county. this sounds like iowa, doesn't it pres with issue in counting. >> i don't think it will affect. >> obvious low the winner and second and third is still a battle. >> it is dire straits gingrich is in. he is looking at a result. and santorum could run even
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with mitt romney in missouri temperature is it a beauty contest. more people voted in missouri than in nevada. >> and no delegates tied to missouri. and caucus states. colorado is a swing and moin minnesota is a swing state. i think santorum could challenge mitt romney. gitch gitch is doing a panicked then. it could be a consense us that santorum is the alternative to mitt romney. >> roberts campaign, you can see what is in the second two minute warning. your thoughts. >> you know it is interesting, bret. i had an interview yesterday with the speaker in which we talked about the negative campaign. and i asked him specifically are you worried or concerned
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mr. mr. speaker all of the negativity is going to fracture the republican party in such a way that nominee will be damaged in the general election. >> i wish i could run a positive campaign and i was decimated by the negative attacks from the mitt romney campaign. the only way to fight fire is with fire. he was saying no other way to do it it seeps as if they had an idea rethinking or rebooting the campaign. he seemed in florida and nevada caucus to be more bitter than anything about what happened. it may be the endorsement of donald trump that gingrich said i have to rethink the whole thing. he comes out with a positive campaign and message, it will be getting back to where he was in iowa that didn't seem to do him any good.
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that barage and tock a wind out of his sails. if he goes positive again. minnesota and missouri and on to arizona and super tuesday and looks vulnerable to a negative attack. they have figured out, mitt romney campaign going aggressive works for him and i don't imagine they'll let that up. >> there is the speaker, let's listen n >> we thought on super bowl eve instead of the standard rally we would chat wuall for a while. i will start and say one story they want to put to rest for the next few months. i am a candidate for president of the united states. i will be a candidate for president of the united states and why will go to tampa. we have over 160,000 donors
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and 97 percent of whom have begin less than $250 . we have an obligation to stand up for their values and concerns and the reason they are involved. we will leave on monday to go to denver and then to minneapolis and then we will go on to four cities in ohio. and we will continue to campaign all the way to tampa. i think actually this week several things clarified themselves that are helpful. uplike governor romney, i care deeply about helping the poorest americans. i believe the declar adings of independence is a commitment that our creator endowed us the right to pursue happiest extend said to the poorest americans and one of the challenges was conservatisms is to turn the safety net in a tampolline and give people to baa house and earning a
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living. i am not comfortable as governor romney said he was simply allowing people to langish in the safety net. that is a difference between the twov us. his proposal for indexing minimum wage is a bad idea and increase unemployment and evidence shows it will increase unemployment and in a state like nevada that has 32 percent teenage unemployment and in a country with 43 percent black teenage unemployment maybe you shouldn't be suggesting a capricious increase on our automatic basis of minimum wage that kills jobs and stops acess to young people. there are big differences einvolving in the campaign as we move forward. i believe that the vast majority of republicans in the country want an alturenative to a massachusetts moderate
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who is pro abortion and protax increase and ranks third in the bottom in the four years he was governor. i expect the debate to continue for a long time. our commitment is to find a series of victories by the end of the texas primary and leave us a parity of governor mitt romney and see if we can't win the nomination. he will do reasonably well. this is one of his best state . a heavily mormon state and he carried in 2008. we have early returns and we don't know how it is going to end up. last time ron paul was in second place and any time in a caucus state dr. paul has a substantial advantage. i think i will do better than john mccain did. we'll get some delegates and obviously like to get more . we are happy to compete here and move on to compete first
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in maine, minnesota, colorado, early voter began in ohio and arizona and we'll compete in arizona and in michigan and we'll go on to super tuesday and beyond that. i wanted to set that all of you could relax. and what happens is. every caucus day or primary day. romney headquarters sends out the rumor that they believe i will with draw. that is their greatest fantasy . i am happy with where we are . the conbetween governor romney and me get wider in the next few weeks and i look forward to opportunities to debate him and draw the contrast and compete for votes. i will be glad to take your
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question. >>ed (inaudible question) >> i was worried you would not as well question it is. >> what kind of questions tock place? >> we got together for a practical reason. i was surprised by the degree with which the establishment closed ranks and made quite clear they are desperate over the prospect of a gingrich presidency. i was surprised by george soros saying he was happy with obama or romney because it didn't make much difference in policy. it was just a change of personality. and i was surprise new york times arcticle on the mitt romney decision they had to destroy newt gingrich. this is the objective reality of the campaign. the entire tabement will be
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against us and scale of wall street money will be amaze the campaign based on things that are not true. how do you define the campaign for the average american. do they want two george soros approved candidate or a conservative versus one george soros approved candidate. we'll be outspent, we think we can community through the clutir and draw decisively for the american people how big the difference is. reagan had the challenge with john conly and goldwater with nelson rockefeller . we have had past campaigns in which the establishment had advantages. reagan lost five straight primaries before he won in 1976. when we go state to state, pro
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abortion and gun control and protax increase and george soros approved candidate of the establishment will not do well. and i am happy to have that debate with governor romney. i will debate him, anywhere and any time he's willing to stand up and explain his records without the gimmicks he used in florida. >> you are looking past february. >> i am sorry. everybody will get a chance. the super bowl is not until 3:39. . >> there are reports that there is a meeting with mitt romney and said he will help him financially. mel vin. >> i have no idea. >> would that bother you. >> he's quoted is saying fidropped out he will be willing to support governor. choices of obama and mitt romney.
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there is no choice. that's how charles madison feels. sheldon's primary force is survival of united states and israel in the face of a nuclear weapon . compared to barack obama virtually anybody is a better candidate. that doesn't bother mow at all. >> looking past the february and aiming at super tuesday. how much of your focus is on super today. you are spending a lot of time in ohio this week. can you lay out what the next month will mean? >> one of the thing that is some of you as you keep score don't follow me on i knowledge we are a national system in terms of information flow. and if i am on hanity or i am happy to be in the associated press to take an example or networks or in the new york times, that in fact, it reaches the whole country. i run a campaign twice now
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made me the front runner and i expect we will by the texas primary or so. and that is a national campaign. i think this coming week, we are in colorado and minnesota and ohio . then we do c-pack in washington. following monday we start in california. and so we are going to be all over the place again and again. we intend to compete in every single state in the country and count on us being competitive in the country. yes, sir. >> (inaudible question) stand with the fellow catholic meaning archbishop dolan and entire hierarchy and every priest. those are the fellow catholics. >> thos what she said. >> i would ask him how he
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thinks the term fellow catholic applies to father dolan. and what does it say to you. obama administration has declared war on religious freedom in this country . people need to understand that. this is it a decision, so totally outrageous and the illustration of radical secular ideology that i believe the entire hierarchy will oppose it and nothing to do with the specific details. it has to do with whether or not the government of the united states tells a religious institution you must give up your religious be beliefs. it is behaobama care means. the right of the washingtoncrat that you can no longer worship god the way you want unless you pay a penalty. the average american will be
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repulsed and the arrogance and anti-religious bigotry of the obama administration. >> voters may not be buying what you are selling. you have won one and lost four and you talk about debays and 18 of them and considered to do well in them and still not showing nupt polls. >> it shows up in a lot of place. i am not going to defend the outcome in a state where i was outspend 5-bon. you are sophisticated enough to understand where the guy spent five times as much money and the ads were false that maybe that is not a accurate measure. it is it a positive campaign i was ahead by 12 polls. i was ahead in the gall up a week ago. i will be ahead in gallip. >> that is ignoring the
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campaign. he's gone negative. >> right. and to use your words . he has gone negative and it is working. over time, i don't believe that the american people will approve of a campaign that suppresses turn out. i think it amazing. every county i carried in florida had an increased turn out. every coincidenty mitt romney had had a decreased turn out. if the only way he wins suppressing turn out. how will he do that in the fall. if he wins by outsmending. how will that apply to obama who will outspin him there. are underlying factors in the race and i am happy to campaigning and mildly amazed at the new's media for finding an excuse to say wouldn't you please quit this evening.


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