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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  February 5, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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>> i am chris wallace. mitt romney takes the nevada caucuses for the second big win of the week. >> where does the republican race for president go from here? we will get results and reaction from the silver state. and we will talk with former senator rick santorum who is looking to make his move in the next primary. does the battle between the two frontrunners hurting the republican's chances in the fall. we will talk with top reporters from both candidates. virginia governor bob mcdonald for mitt romney and jc watts backed newt gingrich. from the white house to women's groups the politics of
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healthcare is a big issue again. we will ask our sunday panel how it could swing the general election. and our power player of the week puts his money where his convictions are when it comes to helping his country all right now on fox news sunday. >> hello again to fox news in washington. after a roller-coaster ride in january the republican presidential race is starting to settle down. late saturday in the nevada caucuses mitt romney scored a second straight commanding victory winning 48 percent of the vote. back in second place was newt gingrich at 23 percent and ron paul at 19 percent and rick santorum finished last. for more on the results and reaction from the candidates we turn to fox news senior national correspondent john roberts in las vegas. >> good morning to you, chris, it's the first back-to-back wins in the primary contest. while the numbers in nevada
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appear to be down from where they were four years ago it was enough for mitt romney to claim a clear victory in the silver state. in a state where the house always wins, nevada is clearly mitt romney's house. >> this isn't the first time you gave me your vote of confidence. this time i am going to take it to the white house. >> whether it was the super secret detail he sounded more like the romney ignoring his rivals talking about the man he hopes to meet in november. >> he began his presidency by apologizing for america. he should now be apologizing to america. >> for newt gingrich the glory of south carolina seems a long way away. two big losses in a row now. he is starved for cash he insists he is in it until the convention in tampa. >> our mission is to seek to find a series of victories by
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the end of the texas primary will leave us in parody with mitt romney and see if we can win the nomination. >> ron paul who finished second four years ago was counted on a first great operation to pull out a win. he now admits romney seems unstoppable. >> statistically right now that may be the case. every once in a while he gets into a little trouble, too. who knows what is going to happen. >> rick santorum his worst finished yet last place in a state he admittedly spent little time and less money even losing the conservative vote to romney. >> we really didn't make the case to be honest with you. we weren't out there advertising driving that message. it's one thing to give a speech it's another thing to try to greet that message. >> santorum has been trumpeting a new rasmussen poll that shows he is the only one that can beat president obama in a head to head match up in november. if he ever hopes to get there he
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has to win a few states. >> john roberts reporting from las vegas. thanks for that. joining us now from minneapolis is one of the candidates looking to regroup and generate momentum on tuesday former senator rick santorum. welcome back to fox news sunday. >> thank you, chris. good to be with you. >> first of all and most importantly how is della your precious 3-year-old who left the hospital after a bout of pneumonia? >> she is doing just great. thank you and everybody for praying for her across the country. she had a rough time about a week ago today. thanks to the great work of the doctors in the hospital and a lot of prayers she turned around amazingly quickly she is home, healthy and we are very, very pleased. thank you. >> i want to ask you about your commitment to this campaign. i have got to think as she was going through this part of you said maybe i should get out of this race and focus on my
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family? >> obviously any time one of your children are sick you have to get home, particularly a case like this where she was seriously ill and required hospitalization family comes first. that is i think where anybody would be in this race one of the things we talked about is being parents and being the best dad you can be. it is a critical juncture we feel like we are able. they were up for a few months to create a country which is going to be free and safe and prosperous for them in the future. >> let's talk some practical col picks. you finished third in south carolina third in florida and last night in nevada you finished last. how are you going to turn that around and become more
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competitive? >> well, i think you wait for tuesday. the first five states were cast in stone. they were the first five states. the last time they were the states that governor romney and congressman paul who ran four years ago had an advantage. they had a lot of time and money not just for this year's campaign but for the last four years and working on those states. now we are in a state where people don't have the natural advantage don't have the time commitment and staff commitment to build out an organization like they did in the first five. i think we are going to do very well here in minnesota. i think we are going to do very well in colorado. we have a one-on one match up against mitt romney in missouri. while there's no delegates it is a key state. it is a primary, and we think we can do exceptionally well in the state of missouri. we have two states coming up we are going to show this race is moving again in a very different direction. >> let me ask you about that. you say colorado, minnesota are
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caucuses, missouri is a primary but it's basically a beauty contest doesn't choose any delegates. honestly is tuesday make or break for you, sir? >> oh, no, not at all. i think we are going to show improvement. this race is a long long way from being over. we believe that the -- if you look at the national polls our numbers have been moving up continually. as mentioned in your intro, we are the only candidate right now according to the rasmussen poll that can beat barack obama. everybody else is behind. newt gingrich is way behind. this race as people start seeing mitt romney doing well and gingrich not up to the task with the money and resources and the organization particularly in florida they are looking for somebody else who can take on mitt romney and more importantly, this is the important thing. take on barack obama. it's not about who can win the primary, who can win the general election. they are flawed you look at
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florida and nevada the results are down as far as participation is concerned. this is not a good sign when the two candidates everybody is talking about is not generating energy in the republican primary. >> talk about your two main rivals. ron paul is in there he's picking up delegates, too. in nevada you ran a tough ad not against romney but against gingrich. let's play it. rick santorum for president. he doesn't just talk a good conservative game, he lives it. when you say you live a good conservative game and then we see a picture of you and your beautiful family, is that a veiled reference to newt gingrich's personal problems? >> well, i think if you look at the actual ad, the ad before that line talks about four issues talks about immigration, talks about cap and trade talks about healthcare and it talks about the wall street bailout.
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it's very much an ad focused on the four issues that are very, very important to this campaign the four issues where governor romney and speaker gingrich don't have a good contrast with obama don't respect the conservative values that will rally our base and bring excitement to this country. in the issue of living it i live it in my professional and personal life. that is a message i think is important for a presidential candidate. >> you think that's a leg gnat issue the question of how you lived your personal life? >> well i think it is something everybody should consider. i have said that repeatedly in the debates issue of character is a important one and trust worthiness is an important one. authenticity, whether you have been flip flopping on positions in your career. all of those things are character issues when you are electing a leader are certainly important issues to consider.
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>> you have been very critical of newt gingrich his leadership in the house you were in the house with him. even in the debates you questioned his stability. do you honestly think newt gingrich is fit for the president of the united states? >> newt gingrich would be a better president than barack obama. my concern is some of the things newt is prone to do look to government for a lot more things you would think to believe when you look at his rhetoric. a lot of things he comes up with whether it's a moon colony or personal accounts of social security in the face of a $1.2 trillion deficit are not connected to fiscal responsibility, limited government and doing things are t from the bottom up from a free enterprise point of view. i just want a candidate that we can go out there and rely upon to be authentically conservative
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to stay disciplined and focused on barack obama as the person who should be highlighting the race and not make you the republican candidate the central issue in the campaign. >> let's talk about romney. we know the jobs numbers were pretty good relatively speaking they came out the last month of january 8.3 percent in january million jobs created. you said about romney if the economy keeps improving his candidacy is in question because he will have nothing to offer. what do you mean? >> well, i mean he's pretty much a one-dimensional candidate. he talks about being the ceo being the businessman. i am not so sure that's the greatest qualifications for being president of the united states. if it is the qualification is i am someone who can run the economy even though i don't believe the president runs the economy. the president creates an environment he can work with congress in a regulatory atmosphere that improves the atmosphere. the president of the united
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states is commander in chief and executes the laws and tries to motivate the american public to make changes that are necessary. it's not necessarily a ceo type of position. secondly governor romney even more than speaker gingrich doesn't create the contrast we need to beat barack obama. we give away the healthcare issue if mitt romney is the nominee. we give away cap and trade. we give away the wall street all of these big government interventions into the private sector you would think a ceo businessman would oppose it to the level that they are. he's sided with big government not with business. again he undermines his own credibility. >> i have a couple more issues i want to get into with you. a couple of issues into the news this week that became political. first of all the susan g. komen race for the cure foundation first cut off funding for planned parenthood which is the nation's biggest abortion provider and reversed that position. your reaction, sir?
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>> well, look, they are a private organization. they can fund whatever effort they want. i have taken the position as a presidential candidate and someone in congress planned parenthood funds, it does abortions is the leading abortion provider in the nation. he don i don't believe federal funds should go there. they are a private organization. they should stand up and support whatever they want. i don't believe breast cancer research is advanceed by funding an organization that does abortions whether you have seen ties to cancer and abortion. i don't think it's particularly healthy way of contributing money to further the cause of breast cancer, but that is a private organization like susan b. komen. >> the obama administration is coming under fire for a new decision not churches but charities, hospitals, schools are going to have to offer
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health insurance that includes contraception. the administration defends this saying the vast majority of women even catholic women use birth control. your response? >> the catholic church specifically teaches birth control pills as well as the morning after pill which is not just a birth control pill which clearly causes abortion as well as sterilization which is something the church specifically teaches against. here you have a situation where you have this tricky play. the government says they can give you rights. they will give you the right to healthcare. be careful. then they can tell you how to exercise that right against your first amendment rights, against your ability to practice your faith and even worse we saw in the case of the army where the head of the chapel at the army wanted to issue a letter that was issued last week and all of the other catholic churches. the obama administration said they couldn't even issue the letter to campaign abo-- compla
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about the obama administration on this policy. not only violating freedom of religion now the freedom of speech. this is the problem when government tells you they can give you things they can take it away but they can tell you how you can exercise this new right they have given you consistent with their values instead of the values in the constitution. >> thank you for coming in and talking with us. safe travels. see you tuesday and also on the campaign trail, sir. >> thank you very much, chris. up next we will debate where the republican race for president stands now when we are joined by top supporters of the new frontrunner.
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>> to give us a better read where the gop race goes from here we are joined by two leading candidate bob mcdonald and top supporter of mitt romney joins us from richmond. here in studio is jc watts who backed newt gingrich. congressman watts your guy newt gingrich suffered a second straight lopsided defeat last night in nevada. the entire month of february looks like it will be tough. what is his strategy? hold on until super tuesday. >> spent the three or few days organizing for the next 3 or 4 months. super tuesday will be pretty critical. i was in minnesota last week central time. we feel pretty good about our chances there. we felt like nevada was going to be tough. colorado will probably be tough. we think we can be competitive in minnesota and arizona and
9:20 pm
spring board has been to super tuesday and we expect results to be much better. >> governor mcdonald half of the delegates won't be awarded so no one therefore is going to get the majority they need to get nominated until late april at the earliest. don't the gop rules ensure this race will go into may or june? >> well, depends on who wins these up coming races. there are 17 primaries and ca k caucuses over the next 30-days. if you look at florida and now in nevada back-to-back here with double gdig get wins by mitt romney won every demographic group old, young, evangelical, tea party, mainstream republican you name it mitt romney is appealing to a broader sector of voters. through these 17 races in 30-days he will show he is the
9:21 pm
results oriented can do conservative consistent conservative that can win across the board and win in november. >> congressman, newt gingrich keeps escalating his rhetoric and his attacks against mitt romney. let's put some of these up on the screen. he has been calling governor romney a pro abortion, pro gun control, pro tax increase liberal. last week he started calling him obama like and little food stamp as opposed to obama big food stamps. isn't that over the top? >> george soros who is a famous liberal supporter in the country says there isn't any difference between or there's mott much difference between president obama and governor romney. at the same time i have encouraged people to take a look at where the candidates todstoon issues when they had a vote or
9:22 pm
had a policy. speaker gingrich was balancing a budget getting tax relief paying down the debt reforming entitlement programs where governor romney was supporting the very things that you just mentioned. gun control. he has been on record supporting that. he has been on record supporting abortion. he has been on record supporting all of the things that governor -- that speaker gingrich has accused him of. i think that's a legitimate charge. >> let me bring governor mcdonald into that. how do you respond? >> look at his record at massachusetts. he is a governor of a blue state. he cut taxes 19 times. he balanced a budget without raising taxes without ending a $3 billion deficit. he said he is for traditional marriage. i think that he is a consistent conservative. speaker gingrich has been going with nancy pelosi on global warming and called it right wing social engineering. he has challenges for
9:23 pm
conservatives, too. in nevada and florida again he wins evangelicals wins tea party conservatives. despite the secret rhetoric he is appealing to a very broad teches of our conservative base. >> let me interrupt for one second. i will give you a chance to respond in one second. you would agree governor that mitt romney made a series of doubts as recently as this week and going back over the previous months on the campaign trail especially on the issue of whether or not he is in touch with most americans. let's take a look at some of them. >> i am not concerned about the very poor. fire people that provide services to me. >> governor mcdonald won't democrats hammer mitt romney over those kinds of statements? >> you know, chris, i have been in office 21 years. i have made my share, too, i bet jc probably has, too. he apologized for that comment said he didn't praihrase it as
9:24 pm
well. he talked about what programs he has to take up the middle class. from time to time every politician says things they wish they could have said a little differently. president obama is a guy who accused people of clinging to their guns and religions. i think there would be plenty of things talked about going into november. who can win is the question. people in the republican base are voting for mitt romney because they think they can beat obama in november. i do, too. >> let me ask you specifically. there was an interesting development in the exit polls or entrance polls before people went into the caucuses. not only did romney win among the groups he had been winning with before but he actually beat gingrich among strong tea party supporters and people who identify themselves as very conservative. >> chris, i am shocked that any candidate running for president would say i am not concerned about the poor. that i think gives us a good
9:25 pm
indication -- >> he did say they have the safety net. >> let's say we put it out of context. let's take it in context. to say they have a safety net, that is literally saying i decide how many people we can have on food stamps afpc and public housing. why can't we define compassion by how few people climb the ladder of economic opportunities. he literally said i am going to shove them off to the side because they have their safety net. that's a safety net. >> let me bring in governor mcdonald. i will say there are a lot of conservatives who say governor romney didn't seem to be in touch with conservative thinking which is good economic programs, lower taxes, less regulation, social program for the poor is a job and a strong economy. >> i think governor romney is the best candidate talking about
9:26 pm
the american dream. chris, he lived it. he is not apologizing. he is a great defender of the free enterprise system. he wants everybody to have the same opportunities for success he had. actions speak louder than words. look he disclosed his tax returns he's given 16 percent of his income to charity and to take care of the poor and others for charity. i think his personal testimony, and i know him well, he cares about people of all income strata he wants everybody to have access to the american dream. that's mitt romney. >> governor, let's turn this around. your guy mitt romney has been going after newt gingrich. he says gingrich is a failed leader who resigned and disgraced and is now influenced peddler. is that over the top? >> speaker gingrich left his office back in the 90s.
9:27 pm
but i think what's important now mitt romney to say standards are tough. this is a contact sport. they are both saying things that bring out their best and expose their opponent's weaknesses. what rur voters are responding to is mitt romney's message across every demographic sector within the republican base and they believe he can beat barack obama. that's what it is about leadership, spending and jobs. they are buying what mitt romney is talking about. >> let me bring congressman watson your response to the romney attack. >> chris, i was there. he paid a $300,000 reimbursement fee to the ethics committee for having to investigate one charge out of 84 that he filed bad information on. he reimbursed them. it wasn't a fine. he didn't resign out of
9:28 pm
disgrace. >> you could have run for speaker. >> but he did by his own party didn't are thave the vote. >> they are saying he doesn't have the vote now to win the nomination, but you have to take the argument to the people. you don't win the nomination by making arguments in washington. you win an argument by making an argument in south carolina and texas and so forth and so on. concerning the demographic of both that mitt romney gathered last night south carolina, florida, oklahoma, texas, the further midwest and south you go the tougher it gets for someone that has been o record being pro gun, pro same-sex marriage, pro abortion, raising taxes, raising fees. i think that gets a little tougher. at the end of the day they have to make an argument to the voter. the speaker stands a good chance. >> finally we only have a couple
9:29 pm
minutes left. governor mcdonald your name has been prominently mentioned as a possible running mate for mitt romney should romney win the nomination. a number of possible candidates to be vice president you aren't being coy about it, you say it would be interesting. >> what i said was i think anybody who got a call from their nominee and said, hey, you can help the country you can help our siticket would you joi us? of course he would consider that. i have the best job in the world being governor of virginia. i will let everybody else talk about that and we will see what happens. >> let me just ask you brief. i know you are not auditioning for the job, but make the case. why would bob mcdonald be a plus for a republican national ticket? >> i am not interviewing, i am not waiting for that phone to ring. i want to help mitt romney because i believe our country is in trouble and we have crushing debt deficit and no plans for jobs and energy.
9:30 pm
that's why i am behind mitt romney. people say it's a swing state we balance budget without raising taxes lowest unemployment rate in the southeast. we are pleased with things we have been able to do in virginia. i just want to win because i want to see a better america for my kids and grand kids. >> we have to leave it there governor kk donald. congressman watts thank you for coming in. thank you for standing in for your two candidates. some would say you guys are better than they are. >> all right chris, thanks a lot. >> up next with two big victories this week how solid is mitt romney as the frontrunner? the sunday group breaks down where we are now with the republican race and what happens next. gnesium, right? you bet! phillips' caplets use magnesium. works more naturally than smulant laxatives... for gentle relief of occasional constipation. can i get an autograph? [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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mr. president, we welcome any good news on the jobs >> it is good news on the jobs front. thanks to the innovation of the
9:34 pm
american people in the private sector and not to you, mr. president. >> that was mitt romney last night in las vegas celebrating a second big win this week. looking ahead to a general election campaign against president obama. it is time for bill crystal, christian science monitor. fox news contributor liz cheney and fox news political analyst juan williams. bill, romney's win was certainly expected but combined with a big win earlier in the week in florida and what looks like a very strong state for february how commanded is his position right now? >> it's pretty commanding. the key question is what you just said. the string of apparently strong states coming ahead. tuesday night is important. you asked rick santorum is this make or break for you? tuesday night for can sore rum will be important to surpass
9:35 pm
gingrich and surpass romney. if romney wins tuesday night one is only a beauty contest and two caucuses winning 7 in a row that would be pretty empreimpressive string. >> we remember in february 2008 barack obama won a string of victories in caucuses in february and didn't stop hillary clinton and she was able to come back strong in march. even if you do well in one month it doesn't preclude the others from staying in and prospering. >> if they can sewer vooif finance -- survive financially. >> he is $600,000 in debt we believe now. >> most of what he is doing is trying to raise money not actually campaign. i thought it was a whirl week expense and a good week for romney in that he is basically consolidating seems to be restoring that sense of inevitability marching toward the nomination.
9:36 pm
on the other hand it felt like a bad week he had the bout about saying he wasn't concerned about the poor and the weird press conference with donald trump. in the backdrop of that what we had happen is we had the jobs number come out and the whole general election picture has been shifting. even as you get the sense that romney is really consolidating his support, you doesn't feel like republicans feel all that great about him or his chances against obama. >> liz cheney let's talk now not about romney but gingrich and santorum who are holding on to their lives right now. we heard santorum as bill mentioned really counting on a strong showing in colorado, minnesota and missouri on tuesday. gingrich seems to be real loiping and holdi -- hoping and holding on for super tuesday a few southern states including his home state of georgia. what do you think of their strategy and chances? >> i think that both of them
9:37 pm
have adopted the only strategy that is available to each of them. i think that it is too soon to say it's over. the romney victory looks increasingly like he will be the nominee. i don't know if re logicreally . he will hang on until texas in april. i think it's a mistake for senator santorum to talk about the jobs numbers as though that somehow diminishes romney's need for being in the race. it ignores the poor economic condition we are in. it ignores the fact that these jobs numbers should have been better longer. it's an anemic recovery. higher spending since world war ii, more people unemployed -- fewer people employed since 1983. bad significant economic challenges that we face that if the jobs numbers don't turn around.
9:38 pm
any candidate would be better able to deal with that. a a let's put out the jobs numbers put out friday for january. they were good. the economy created 243,000 new jobs. the unemployment rate dropped for the 5th straight month 8.3 percent which is the lowest for three years. that raises the question, juan, if that were to continue will it be hard for any republican to run against barack obama? >> it is hard if the economic numbers continue to get better. these are terrific numbers. there's no getting away from that. liz's point, i think governor romney's point sounds like cheering for bad news because of the political hope it would give you base to beat barack obama. if you look at things like consumer confidence the fact that employers are hiring tonight when you watch the super bowl you will see a ton of ads from the car companies. these people believe things are getting better. in a sense that is very, very good news for president obama. >> okay, liz, make the case that
9:39 pm
even if unemployment continues to go down and more americans are coming back to work they can run on the economy. >> i don't think there's anybody cheering for bad news. it is good for everybody you see good jobs numbers. it is wrong to assume one month of this kind of jobs numbers takes care of the fundamental underlying problem which is the massive debt caused by the entitlement crisis. president obama has been more than just unwilling to deal with that he has been digging the hole deeper and deeper. we learned we will have another trillion dollar deficit. americans still face a very fundamental choice this november about whether we are going to go down the path of europe whether we are going to face a massive debt crisis and the kind of austerity measures we are seeing in europe whether we are going to make a change. >> it's not one month. we are not saying the trajectory in terms of consumer confidence and employer hiring is all positive. when you talk about the
9:40 pm
underlying issues like that more americans are more concerned about the priority with jobs. let's produce jobs. when you talk about making changes in terms of entitlement spending and the like that's a larger discussion. it's not topic one for the voters going forward to november. >> let me bring in bill to talk about mitt romney. it would be a particular problem with him because he is running so single mindedly as the master of the economy the turn around in the economy. if the recovery is taking hold the economy seems to be turning around on his own what's the rationale for his campaign? >> there is a rational. i think santorum was right. if you like obama carry elect president obama. we had president obama do you like cap and trade? if you like increasing debt reelect president obama. you have to paint a bigger picture. mitt romney has been focused on making the i am a business ceo
9:41 pm
turn around the economy argument he hasn't taken a bigger broader picture of the choice facing the country. >> liz, let me bring you into this. specifically, one of the thing i admired about obama in 2008 was his ability to make a big speech and hit reset on the campaign we think most famously on the speech he gave over the co controversy of reverend wright. does mitt romney need to make a speech addressing the wealth he has made but make a candidacy about more than his biography? >> i think one of the problems is that some of the issues bill just sited he is uniquely badly positioned on. obama care is a potent issue for republicans and it is a big motivating factor for tea party supporters. romney is the worst candidate to be out front on that. all of the cases santorum has been making i think is strong on that front. ironically even though romney
9:42 pm
came in first in nevada had a resounding win in florida but had these little gaps santorum came in 4th in an odd way had sort of a good week. we will see what happens to him in missouri and colorado. we have seen some of the other issues the economy is getting better. a candidate like santorum is actually stronger. >> we are going to take a break here. when we come back politics of healthcare involving breast cancer and birth control. we will be right back. . [ male announcer ] is zero worth nothing? ♪ imagine zero pollutants in our environment. or zero dependency on forei oil. ♪ this is why we at nissan built a car inspired by zero. because zo is worth everything. the zero gas, 100% electric nissan leaf. innovation for the planet. innovation for all.
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>> it just goes to you have a
9:46 pm
big victory this morning. >> we are witnessing an absolute shakedown of an organization that wants to save the lives of women through cancer research. >> that was the taste of the fur or this week over the susan g. komen's foundation decision to cut funds for planned parenthood and komen's sudden reversal. komen the nation's leading breast cancer advocacy group got caught up in culture wars this week first deciding to de fund and deciding to reverse that and fund planned parenthood support of screening of breast cabser. how much moves were caught up in politics? >> i think at the end of the day they miss handled both. there is an awful lot of pro-life conservative women out there i am one of them who had no idea if you contribute to the komen foundation that money may well end up with planned wear rent hood a group that is performing abortions. it is an issue if they were to
9:47 pm
do it they should be up front for the reasons why they are doing it. i don't think there's a reason why this kind of pressure ought to be applied so men is supposed to be for breast cancer research -- >> some say there was pressure in the first decision as well. both times they were under pressure. >> i think actually the most important story this week in terms of the presidential campaign and in terms of the issues were obama. >> we are going to get to this. >> i want to speak on it. >> we will move on. the fact that the obama administration is insisting that the catholic church fund insurance -- >> liz, liz, liz -- we are going to get to that. >> i want to make sure i get that in. >> see. i am tough on her, too. nevertheless, we don't run through red lights around here. let me put up a few facts in this fight against planned parenthood. planned parenthood is the leading provider of abortions in this country over 300 thousand
9:48 pm
performed in 2010. but abortions are just 3 percent of the services it provide and over the last five years planned parenthood has been responsible for 4 million breast exams. should komen get involved in the controversy over planned parenthood or not? >> i am sure if i point they wish they had not. most of us didn't know they were providing money to planned parenthood. they are probably going to end up losing funding over this. it is unclear actually that they completely backtracked. i think that point has been lost in some of this. the statement they put out at the end of all of this that said we are going to restore their funding for now. we had the right to apply for future grants. anybody could apply for grants. in terms of why they did this it was a case study for bad pr. they were unclear about what their motives were. we heard explanations on the one hand it was because planned
9:49 pm
parenthood was under investigation and on the other hand it was because they don't provide mammograms they provide refer vales for ma'am rams it was all over the map. it was really unfortunate for the komen foundation. if they wanted to break ties with planned parenthood, it's for political reasons they probably should be up front about that and realize they should take hits for it. >> i want you to weigh in and add one more thing to the occasion that is the fascinating aspect of social media. there was a firestorm first against komen for cutting funding and against komen for restoring the funding on the internet and this comes just a month after the fewer or over piracy legislation which forced congress to back down. how big a player a powerful a player is social media now in our politics? >> it is powerful. as you said a minute ago the culture wars are alive and well. everybody wants to say that doesn't matter any more. it's just the economy. the ee me it's a widely over
9:50 pm
used statement in the 92 campaign. turns out people care about a lot of issues. people don't think they have to restrict themselves for having tough economic times only voting on or weighing in on or using social media to effect decisions. they care about a lot of other things. i think it was a very good wake up call the cultural issues remain important for an awful lot of americans. >> culturally from a political strategists point of view abortion being the foremost one is absolutely still critical and a huge divider and it has been used since the nixon days he tried to win the catholic vote and obama won the catholic vote last time. at the moment although he still has a lead before the whole controversy was mentioned broke out now the idea is he is going to lose the white catholic vote and what's in danger is the hispanic catholic vote. that's the critical thing here. if you can get hispanic
9:51 pm
catholics who are very sensitive to the church the shift from obama to republicans count that would be a huge victory for republicans. >> let's get into the thing liz wanted to talk about. the obama administration has decided it is going to as part of healthcare say the catholic institution not churches, but charities and schools and hospitals must offer health insurance catholic churches very upset about that. so apparently is liz cheney. >> they are fighting back. i think the catholic church is fighting back. the government the administration may not be in a position where they are forcing the catholic church to fund things that are contrary to catholic. you will see democrats catholics and noncatholics standing up against this. goes to the core of who we are as americans. they are telling people they
9:52 pm
must in fact pay for contraception the morning after pill the catholic church fundamentally agrees with pay fines it could be financially devastating. >> the argument the administration is making is we are not saying they are not using birth control we are saying they should have a choice. the vast majority of women do use birth control. >> three quarters do use birth control. it is almost universal in this country. this is not a first amendment issue. this is not a matter of religious liberties. nobody is saying the church has to do it we are talking about charity. we are talking about pools in some -- schools in some cases hospitals. public machine being allocated. why we should say one particular orthodox. >> this isn't just federal money this is simply saying you as part of your rhett coverage have to -- >> that saying it is happening
9:53 pm
through any hospital through any charity that does healthcare planning and the like and why should any religion i don't care if you are -- christian whatever. >> there had been a conscious clause which exempted catholic insurance tougss nower saying no conscience clause. >> even the obama administration says the teachers shouldn't be forced to pay fines. the fundamental issue is why is the obama administration telling everyone what kind of health concerns they have to have because of obama care. this is why you don't want to go down that road in the first place. >> you changed the parameters of the debate. >> thank you panel. see you next week. and don't forget to check out panel plus where we will pick up with this discussion on our web site fox news we will post a video before noon eastern time. up next our power player of the week. ♪
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>> chris: fa lan trophy is an unshent greek word which means loving humanity. all sorts of ways to do that. giving your time, your hard work. giving your money. here is our power player of the week. >> you can't take it with you so i think there is a big value in giving away the money while you can and while you are alive. steinis: david reuben seen is may be better known for giving his money away. almost every where you turn in the nation's capital there is one of the projects. when the washington monument was damaged by an earthquake he
9:57 pm
agreed to split the $15 million repair with the government. he bought a copy of the magna carta for $21 million,. >> i was fortunate to be able to get it and put it on permanent loan here. >> chris: and this week presided over its installation in the national archives. >> i'm fortunate to be in country where people like me can rise up to have this type of good fortune hpen t i want to get back to washington as well because this is where so many differegood things happene. >> reuben stein grew up in baltimore the son of a postal worker who never made more than $8 a year. he worked in jimmy carter's white house. he co founded the carlisle group one of the biggest private equity firms. >> it was an advantaged up bringing. i needed to apply myself. >> rubenstein's job is to raise the billions of dollars the
9:58 pm
company invests. >> how marny days a year do you travel? >> 260 days a year a lot of travel. i enjoy it or i wouldn't be doing it. >> he has a bigvaication home on nantucket. out front there's a rock with an inscription. >> it says i would rather be working. that will probably be on my tombstone. >> that made him a fortune of more than $2 billion. >> which gives you more pleasure making money or giving it away? >> giving away his greater pleasure making money is an intellectual challenge it's been a large part of my life. giving money is more complicated as well. >> what he means is he want his money to have an impact. he has given millions for student scholarships. 4 and a half million for the national zoo, 10 million to the kennedy center where he is chairman. >> any idea how much money you have given over the years? >> i do know i have good
9:59 pm
accountants, but it's probably not something i am going to announce on television. >> over or under $100 million? >> you can assume it would probably be over that. >> it is just a start. he has made the same pledge as warren buffet and bill gates to give away more than half of his wealth. >> if i live a normal life-span i will have an opportunity to give away money for another 20-years or so. you never know if there's a heaven or not most believe it is. i believe if you give away money you might have a better chance of getting to heaven and why not take a chan-- why take a chance. >> carlisle has investments in more than 200 companies that ploy more than 600 thousand doll people. now this program note. next week our guest will include sarah palin who has been outspoken about the presidential republican race. she will be live in studio. that's it for today. have a great week.


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