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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 7, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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"your world," with neil cavuto is next. >>neil: the new york giants and tens of thousands at giants stadium in new jersey are doing just that. part of a lay done festivities for new yorkers and new jersey who each claim this is their team, this is their moment. and from a huge rally over here. to hope. for an even bigger one here. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto, and while it is not exactly the super bowl rick santorum is hosting a come-from-behind win, maybe two, because while a lot of folks counted the giants out, they are not exactly counting him out today. rick santorum is hoping that strong finishes in minnesota and
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missouri will mean they are saying the same about him today. we will get into all of this with former g.o.p. presidential candidate michele bachmann, and a president step who thinks rick santorum is connecting and he is backing it up with bucks. foster, good to have you back. >>guest: always an honor to be with you neil. i just returned from the we campaign trail where the sweaters are made and it was exciting to see those fellows. >>neil: what happens to rick santorum in may or june, does he still push the sweaters? >>guest: maybe he has to change from wool to cotton but it is a nice hallmark. >>neil: there is growing sentiment he could do well in one or two states and maybe missouri and minnesota. what do you think? >>guest: when you saw the enthusiasm at the super bowl party you just showed a second ago, you should see then enthusiasm at the rallies, it
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exceeds that in intensity. i think he has, his message is resonating because president obama gave him a wonderful, wonderful gift, when he said that the conscience issue in longer will be honored so if you are a catholic hospital or catholic university, tough luck, you have to provide abortion services to people in your plan and notre dame was told if they didn't it would cost $10 million a year, so he has converted this to an issue he has been talking about on the trail. not just jobs but freedom and resonating very well. >>neil: many conservative columnists and the like, they have said the administration just botched it, didn't have to do this and picked a fight needlessly and it has galvanized your guy. what do you think is going on? >>guest: well, i really am excited about the rasmussen poll
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you probably saw that rick santorum and the only one who beats president obama by a point and newt gingrich loses by three points, i'm sorry, by eight, and mitt romney loses by four. so, four difference between he and rick so this is exciting, and that should help people realize that you could not ask for a better candidate. if you called up central casting and said send us a candidate they would say we have this guy santorum, he is 53, and does 50 pushups reach morning and the grass of a coal miner what else do you want do know. >>neil: i want to pick your investment brain because that is how you achieve your fortune and you can help out senator rick santorum to the degree you are so you have a good idea for markets turning, growth stocks in particular, and you have been way ahead of the curve on the key market turning points and many argue with the dow gains today and with the improving
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trend today and of the recent, say, weeks and months, that is the wind at the president's back not rick santorum. what do you say? >>guest: well, that is why it and important that the issue not be so much the economy, or the whole issue of jobs, but the economy is what sort of government do we have? do we have a government that will tell us every detail of how we lead our lives? and what was annoying when the archbishop sent out a letter the obama administration forbade the army to sent out the letter to the troops and they saw this was a mistake and they will let the chaplains read the letters but, you have to change the wording. so we are not talking just about religious freedom but talking about expression of -- freedom of expression, the issue that is igniting rick santorum's campaign, talking about two governments. ones that control from the top down or another that harnesses
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the energy of the american people. we became a great, great country, well before the 1960's and all the government programs so that is why we are great not because of government telling us what to do. >>neil: i am talking to one of the finest investment minds of the country and saying this election may not be about the economy. most elections are. are you cedeing that to the president? >>guest: no, the government reduced the unemployment rate by taking people out of the --. >>neil: i know that but it is the final number we look at, and we can argued that in various administrations but the afghanistan is arguing this is the improving one, and it is going to be much stronger by the time we are looking at the november election. what do you think? >>guest: well county it might
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be, but, still, i think the tea party brought us a whole new level of sophistication and people are wising up. i saw a trailer under one of your competitors' station going across and saying congress agrees to $1 trillion of immediate cuts over the next 10 years. i not, that is ludicrous, the first year the cuts of $27 billion and $67 billion depending who you talk to. >>neil: and that is offer 10 years you still have $9 trillion more in debt. that is a good insight and i am angry you picked this up watching another channel. >>guest: i'll never do it again. sorry. >>neil: by the way if your candidate does not do well tonight, we don't know, surely, would you -- would you move over to mitt romney, to someone else or stick with him? >>guest: you are talking suicide. >>neil: so that would be a no?
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>>guest: well, well, heavens no. i'm supporting rick santorum not because i have seen him as a friend who is authentic and loves god and family and country. i am not supporting him because i agree with his policies because frankly i don't but because he has the bet shot of winning. he is young. dynamic. he is proven himself on the fiscal front, and authored welfare reform act and champion of different causes and i back him because he is the best shot at winning. >>neil: something principled about that. foster, good to see you again. >>guest: good to see you. god bless you and your family. >>neil: and now fair and balanced the guy who is 100 percent in romney's camp, the governor of virginia, we have our allegiances and i wonder, can nerve kumbaya in the end?
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>>guest: absolutely because we are appalled at the lack of leadership and lack of ability of getting us out of debt and lack of energy and jobs plan and the unemployment numbers. i am grateful we are seeing that drop but that is because more are withdrawing from the workforce but ultimately 8 percent unemployment for nearly the entire presidency is not leadership. so, those numbers and the hope of restoring the american dream and opposition of obamacare, these are the things that will galvanize republicans and why we will have an enthusiasm gap. >>neil: do think if, for example, rick santorum can pull out wins in month in and minnesota, that maybe the romney camp was focusing on the wrong guy, and maybe so fixated on newt gingrich that they completely missed santorum? >>guest: nows listen, this are four very credible candidates that are competing. all of them would be better
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leaders of the flow -- free world than our current president. today really is not about delegates because there are not delegates awarded but nonbinding caucus votes and mitt romney has done well in the five that have been binding, so far, winning three and tied one and lost one so he has the moment you will. it is a question of win he wins but today he may do, we will see what happens but these do not add any delegates at all today, and at the end of the day mitt romney,ic, will win the nomination. >>neil: but perception is everything, right, governor? if delegates or no, caucus or no, you lost two out of three, maybe the party is not all that if love with you. >>guest: neil, i don't think so. there will be 17 primaries and caucuses in the next 30 days and the big one, of course, is the first weekend in march, on super tuesday, and it includes my state, virginia, where newt gingrich and rick santorum are not even on will ballot.
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over the next 30 days we are going to see who has the strength. and romney is the only one who has the organization. the money. and the incredible proven results or conservative leadership that we need in order to beat president obama. i think you look at what his record in the olympics, as governor, in the private sector, and no matter what anyone says this will come down who can control spending --. >>neil: did do you think that will be a dominant issue? i don't know if you heard foster, a success. investor say it may not be about the economy but, more, the ethical and moral issues, that the obama administration is getting a lost catholics angry and religious objections angry and these are the issues that will define the issue not only the economic issues. what do you thing half? >>guest: no, it is the committee. jobs. spending. taxes. energy. but values do matter and
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character counts particularly with the republican base and a lot of the independent voters they want want to see someone tt will follow the constitution and not pass unconstitutional federal health care mandates and as a pro life catholic, going to church on sunday my pastor talked about this, the bishops are talking about it, about the things we are still learning buried in the unconstitutional obamacare bill that, really, interfere with the rights of fate-based institutions to govern themselves the way they see fit. that is an issue. but everyone knows it is jobs, spending, and leadership. >>neil: very good to see you, governor. does president obama oh supreme court justices an apology? >> with all due difference to separation of powers, last week the supreme court reversed a century of law that i believe will open the flood gates for special interests. >>neil: if you remember if that crowd if you can hear him,
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geico. ah... fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent oh dear... or more on car insurance. >>neil: remember when the president cracked down on the supreme court justices for not cracking down on political election committees. >> why think american elections should be bankrolled by the powerful interests. or, worse, by foreign entities. they should be decide by the american people. >>neil: today the president endorsing the high court's do not interfere ruling now urging top fundraisers to support a democratic leaning super pac that is trying to get the
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president re-elected, the same kind of pac the president has said and pointed out in that speech corrupts the political system and even the support others are saying say it ain't so and now, michele bachmann is here to say, told you so. congresswoman you are in between votes and we appreciate you taking the time this is a major 180. ocean it is but it is running on track with what he did when he ran for president the first time, in 2008. remember, he was the one who was all for public financing of elections. and yet it was john mccain that applied himself to the elements, not president obama. this is the same thing, rank hypocrisy of the first-degree but it says that the president is very nervous about his re-election. and, so, as if $1 billion is not enough, he wants to have unlimited amount of money in the new super pac's and it is very
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typical but it sends a positive signal to those would want to see this be a one term president that we have more than a chance this time, we have a unify our ranges to make sure he is a one-term president. >>neil: he embarrassed the supreme court justices in the well of the house, does he owe them an apology? >>guest: clearly that was a night that wasn't his best when we saw, remember, famously justice alito in the well, i was there, as well, and he was mouthing words that said "not true," about the remarks because he gay an inaccurate statement about the ruling. he was against it when it was good for his political support but now when he needs more money, he changes his attitude so he needs to admit he was wrong in the statement he made a year ago, and, second, he should admit the hypocrisy that he is
4:18 pm
standing on. i am not holding my breath any time soon for hear him say that but it is the american people that are going to look at this president, the fact that he is hypocritical and that he was wrong a year ago about the citizens united decision. >>neil: separately a last people are looking at the race, congresswoman, where rick santorum might, might, might pick up momentum that he sorely needs in missouri and minnesota, not states with delegates but states that suspectly will not necessarily get him right away to the february line but could, could, could give him some moment you. what did you make of that and whether he does continue it around tonight? >>guest: well, i agree, there is a recent poll that came out from my home state of minnesota that had rick santorum in the lead. it was in the margin of error but it was in the lead and also in missouriing as well. you are right, there will not be delegates that will choose the nominee because as you know it
4:19 pm
is 1,144 and we have only 100 that are decided but it does give momentum. if rick santorum can have an expedited win, it would be a tremendous psychological boost and as we have seen it is a last the psyche lodge california boost that takes you to the next level so this could be very positive for him, tonight, if he is the big winner. >>neil: i know, going back to conservative action group meeting this weekend, and you will be there and there are a lot of others who are clamoring in the conservative community about the president's latest budget proposal, heavy on tax hikes on the wealthy. you argued during the race, the presidential race, that the congresswoman, you thought this was not advisable nor owe any time but he still wishes it even though it is resisted. why? >>guest: because he has had over three years of on the job
4:20 pm
training to see what when you create, or increase burdens on the job creator you get lows of private industry not more. so the president gave the most massive regulation, increases in the history of the united states, with dodd-frank and obamacare, and, now, the president wants to add another burden on the tax burden on the job creators and i say that because i am a job creator and i am a tax lawyer. i get how devastating this is going to be. i spent my entire life in the u.s. federal tax court, and i have seen the application of high taxes and how it destroys jobs. the president has either not learned as a president, or, he fails to have the back ground experience to understand private job growth, that is why i firmly believe that we are going to see people rejetting -- rejecting this president's policies and
4:21 pm
math in deserve and he does not deserve unlike what he said prior to the super bowl, he does not deserve a second term. he needs to earn a second former and he has failed to do that but his failed policies. >>neil: thank you, congresswoman. well, do you thing the candidate's prime minister was bluffing about going to the chinese prime minister to sell oil? guess where he is headed right now? china. until she heard about the value plan. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate.
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>>neil: don't want our oil? we will sell it to the chinese. remember the canadian prime minister telling that to the white house? well, guess what happened today?
4:25 pm
the canadian prime minister is pushing a bill with the chinese. where do you stand on this, senator? >>guest: the president made a terrible mistake, and he tried to put his own political for tunes ahead of the importance of energy security and job security of the american people. it is a terrible mistake for our country so you have the prime minister of canada in china saying america doesn't seem to want our oil we will sell it to china. those are good jobs here on the ground, almost 20,000 jobs here at home, direct jobs in constructing the pipeline, and it is energy security for our nation, and, instead we are sending more money to saudi arabia and to venezuela and i three it at the feet of the president who is blocking the keystone pipeline. >>neil: you are trying to override a veto. do you have the votes? >>guest: the house passed a
4:26 pm
bill in the negative energy -- in the energy and natural resources committee and we have many cosponsors and we remind the american people in terms of energy security and national security, we ought to be trading with our closest neighbor and partner, canada, and canada now, by going do china, today, is saying, we can't trust america as a business partner. i want to make it cheap ever and easier for the private sector in america to create jobs and it is just not working that way with this president. he is saying, no to american jobs and the people of this country realize what a terrible mistake and decision it is that the president is doing this. but he is using it to raise money on his website at a time when just the other day, "usa today" said we are looking at $4 gallon green -- gasoline.
4:27 pm
>>neil: you are opposed the way the administration developed oil shale and there is a pat en. what are you saying? >>guest: i sat in the state of the union and saw the president read when he said i supported all of the above approach but he does not. this has has blocked efforts to explore for energy offshore. on federal land. and in alaska. we need all of these sources of energy. and this administration has made it harder for us to develop and to explore american sources of energy. we do need it all. but this administration through its rules and regulations and red tape make it harder, harder, to get that energy out of the ground and into the homes across the country. the president said under his plan when he was running rates with skyrocket, and they have, neil. >>neil: we will want. good to see you, again. one thing, mr. president to go
4:28 pm
after fat cats but now you are picking off catholics. why not the religious are raising holy hell. @@
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>>neil: and the controversy spilling to the campaign trail. >> the more power you give to this government the less freedom you have. >> this assault on religion ends -- end if i am president of the
4:32 pm
united states. >>neil: my guest says he is wiping out the line between church and state by forcing the issue of contraceptives and the like being allowed and an opening in religious run and catholic run health organizations. how far does this go? >>guest: we should state clearly this is not about contraception but about religious liberty. why? because first of all, most health plans offer contraception. this is the government coming in and saying, those that don't, catholic hospitals, catholic educational institutions, we are going to require you provide these for your people. this is not a battle that catholics picked or that christians picked. it was the obama administration that said, we want to take you on, on this issue. >>neil: to what end? >>guest: to what end?
4:33 pm
i'm not here to judge their soul but i think they have a general philosophy that the government is the one who should be principally providing for social services. i'm not reading this a lot in the newspapers right now but i think this is where it is going. why? because, for example, boston and washington, dc, catholic social services there were providing lots of adoption services. the government said, you can't receive any federal money, government money, unless you are providing for adoption services to gay families. they had to get out of it, they said we will not do that. that is one example. >>neil: but do you thing they have boxed themselves into a needless corner. if the administration wanted the catholic, won the catholic vote by 8 percentage points and you remind me there is a difference between practicing catholics and
4:34 pm
nonpracticing but by and large he has ticked them both off. >>guest: absolutely. catholics, can you not call them a voting bloc, but you can say the practicing catholics vote in a similar way as practicing christians of other denominations and in this unbelievable choice to go after religious liberty, he is uniting both liberal and more conservative catholics against an administration who is saying, we are going to violate your religious freedom that includes, always, in the history of the up, predome of conscience. and people are saying, wait, if he can do this about sterilization and abortion, and the day after pill, what is the government not willing to take on when it comes to religious freedom. >>neil: your certain is, whatever zing catholic hospitals have, religious health organizations, those syma sympac
4:35 pm
to the views under this law they all the same? right? there is in distinction? and that is what worries me. >> had was a great article in the "washington post", saying in philadelphia, and these are the numbers, there are 2,000 face-based institutions in philadelphia alone. most of them are catholic. and he says it will cost the federal government $250 billion if those institutions have to close their doors because they saying i am being forced to do something against my conscience. >>neil: did you know this was in there? we will get into a seeing a lot of surprises. >>guest: the catholic asked for an exemption, and the archbishop from new york went to the white house and he was promised and he said it publicly when he left the oval office, don't worry, it will not be perfect but it will be better than what it is now. what were the ex-seem --
4:36 pm
exemptions? they said you have a year to violate your conscience. you have a year. and, second, they say for those groups they are serving only people of their faith you get an exemption. do you think cat him -- catholic hospitals are going to be make sure they are only serving catholics? that is not going do happen. will they make sure only catholics are working at institutions? that is not being catholic. they toll the catholic church, stop being catholic or shut your doors. this is going to be --. >>neil: and tow the line. >>guest: to they take on religious freedom and freedom conscience, who are they not willing --. >>neil: thank you, father. speaking of health care law, remember when nancy pelosi say
4:37 pm
this. >> we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it. >>neil: she was right and as the for father pointed out now that the health care bill is law we have to say this woman pointed out every little footnote and birth control is not the only sprites. >>guest: there many surprises but i will say before we point out others, the catholic should not have to go to the white house for a waiver to practice first their religion. the first amendment guarantees all of us the right to practice our religion uninhibited by government. so we need in black and white in legislation that this law and the secretary of health and human services, cannot require churches to provide anything that violates the conscience.
4:38 pm
>>neil: but this is the tip of the chalice. one is you pay big time. >>guest: going next year in 2013 people are going to be clobbered with big new taxes. for example, if you sell your home and you make a profit of $200,000 or more you will be hit with a big unearned income tax 3.8 percent on top of your regular capital gains tax. you are also going to say if you earn over $200,000 a year or as a couple $250,000, you will see more taken from your paycheck and a bigger chunk taken out for the payroll tax. it will go from $1.45 to $3.25 percent so less take home pay. >>neil: what does this fund? >>guest: that is the problem, these are called medicare taxes but they are not going to fund medicare, and medicare will be eviscerated under this law, $575 billion is taken out of the law
4:39 pm
to fund new entitlements an expansion of medicaid and to buy health plans so brand new entitlements. >>neil: and there is a provision that worries the elderly and those who are relatives and friends. >>guest: yes, this is the one that worries me the most, starting in october of this year, hospitals that spend the least per medicare patient are rewarded. they will be called "efficient," and those that spend more allow parents to stay not hospital an extra day or get more tests, will be penalized as inefficient, and here is the problem. the evidence shows the seniors who were treated in the lowest speaking hospitals have a lower chance of surviving the illness going home and resuming their lives, 13,000 patients in california are treated in the lowest spending hospitals, they would have survived their
4:40 pm
illness, hip fracture, stroke, heart fair and gone home and resumed their life if they were treated at a higher spending hospital. that is a deadly reward. >>neil: thank you, good to see you. on the health carry law, sort of like ... all these new news items. and this could burst your bubble. the florida lawmaker who wants food stamp users to kiss the sweets goodbye. chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these
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why, thank you. whether it's saving for retirement, college, or anything else, contact a fidelity investment professional today. ♪ [ male announcer ] offering four distinct driving modes and lexus' dynamic handling, the next generation of lexus will not be contained. the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. ♪
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>>neil: we follow media companies because they are good barometers of the economy and disney could be mixed. the powerhouse reporting earnings that came in stronger-than-expected at 80 cent as share revenue, and sales less than expected, but, still,
4:44 pm
appreciable at $10.3 billion. you can thank espn and mickey for that, with money earned from theme parks including degrees -- including disney world up 10 percent. we always look for trends on this and we will have more in detail on fox business but it may not be a trend for this powerhouse, media-related up 3 percent, which is in line with viacom. >> in sweets, a florida lawmakers say that is a no no when pay with food stamps and pushing a bill to ban buying junk food. senator, good to have you. >>guest: thank you, thank you very were. >>neil: your heart is not
4:45 pm
right place to make sure this sort of money from the government is not wasted on stuff but, you know, it is hard to police, and, second, should the efforts be more on getting people off food stamps, period, than deciding what they buy with them. >>guest: well, there is in question our efforts should be directed at helping people get off food stamps. i say most people who are on food stamps want to be on there temporarily. we have a problem with people making withdrawals and transfers at strip clubs and gambling and we removed their ability to do that. and next we deal with their ability, the question that we ask, what should the taxpayer pay for? if we want to give you a helping hand we want to help hungry people, and we want people to receive food. we do not ask people to go to the down. we will give you a helping hand. what is the taxpayer willing to
4:46 pm
pay for? meat and produce but are we willing to pay for to ask or sheet cakes at the hole -- local bakery? paid for wedding cakes and chips. >>neil: who checks that? who will police that? >>guest: that is a fabulous question. thank you. what happens is, today, that is done through scan, and what happens, the person goes through, they have put their things on the belt, and they are scanned through. there are things not covered such as toilet paper. and ebt is a couple of things, food stamps, most people understand it, and it is the card they use, a swipe card that includes temporary aid for needy families and there is a pot of money used by the cards. >>neil: it will recognize yodels or snack cakes and not allow them to be purchased? , right.
4:47 pm
so, what happens the person goes through and they swipe their card, and it is exactly what happened today if you put on paper plates or napkins with your produce, then you swipe the card, you pay for the things that are covered, and you pay out of pocket for the things you want to buy. if you want to buy beer or cigarettes or paper plates you pay out pocket. under my bill you can still buy pretzels, but the taxpayer does not pay for it. that is the big distinction. >>neil: but don't people on food stamps they boy a -- buy a lot of this stuff because it is clean? >>guest: i don't know, when is the last time you brought dorit axes, they are $3 a bag, you can buy a bag of rice for weeks. >>neil: when is the last time you bought ring dings? >>guest: we will call this is necessity twinkie left behind
4:48 pm
bill. >>neil: thank you, senator. and some junk food ban should be junked. why? >>guest: the punitive impact. the department of agriculture has already addressed this issue. and in 2007 they addressed it in a paper where they said the resources that it would take to actually try to keep tabs on people who were buying unhealthy versus healthy food would be too costly, too complicated, and not really practical. >>neil: one thing to stop, guys using this to pay for lab -- lap dances. >>guest: the department of agriculture used diet soda as an example, low in sugar and calories and some would say it could be healthier than, for example, orange juice. so, there are a lot of --.
4:49 pm
>>neil: could i get a sense, and i think the senator's heart is in the right place, i think we spend enormous amount of time fighting over what can and cannot be bought withed for stamps and not focusing on why there are so many people on food stamps. >>guest: that is the real issue and where the attention and the resources should be put. on the economy. the people who are on food stamps who want better paying jobs so they can, most people are not proud to be on food stamps. it is not what they want. they want to have jobs to buy food on their own of the and that is where the attention and the focus should be. bills and laws and anything we can did to help people get jobs where they don't have to be on food stamps and they can pay for their own food. >>neil: some say this puts more of a stigma on them and they are less inclined? >>guest: it does, there is a diverse population of people who get food stamps, college edge indicated and down on their
4:50 pm
luck, they could be former u.s. servicemen, people who are disabled, and, also, what about people who are diabetics and need to buy certain foods for their health and nutrition. i don't think it can be implemented in a good way. >>neil: thank you, faith jenkins. and rick santorum in men and women is speaking to a group in minnesota and thinks he has a good shot at winning this state and where the economy will be part of it but moral and ethical issues could be a bigger part. we will have the read on that after this. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe?
4:51 pm
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♪ ♪ >> neil: well, it could be rick's last stand. rick santorum hoping to make a good showing in at least two of today's very big primaries
4:54 pm
and caucuses. our mike tobin had a santorum rally in blaine, minnesota. mike? >> reporter: santorum is on the stage right now. i'll step out of the way so you can zoom in and get a shot of him. you may notice the shiny things on his shoulders. when he walked in, someone got him with a glitter room and dipped out of the room really quick. of the other supporters here, the ones who intend to go to caucuses, romney or gingrich supporters there are two camps. one thing that is important for a group of supporters is picking a candidate they believe can beat barack obama in the general election. >> that is the number one goal for any republican, conservative. whoever has the best chance to do that is who we'll vote for. >> the other group we found can repeat from memory the main talking points they hear from ron paul. they are passionate about the kind of things he is saying in the lead-up to this caucus.
4:55 pm
>> i'm a recent ron paul convert, actually. i grew up an establish republican guy. his message of freedom and economics and sound constitutional foreign policy resonates with me as a voter. >> reporter: ron paul has been doing well here in the state that has an independent vein. broad support for ross perot and jesse ventura. analysts are keeping a close eye on rick santorum behind me. he has been polling well at the last couple of days. at the end of the day, it will come down to who organizes well and motivate people to show up. >> neil: thank you very much. mike tobin in blaine, minnesota, one of three states beside missouri and colorado having contests today. we're all over it. much more after this.
4:56 pm
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>> neil: all right. you are looking live on the senate floor right now. that is the senator roy blunt. he has followed up from senator mitch mcconnell. they are loaded for bare on the position of the healthcare law that the president has taken that got them upset, catholics upset and religions upset saying that the view on going after right-to-lifers is a step too far. it's sort of galvanized the community. like we have never seen before. we'll explore it in greater detail an hour from now on fox business. also going to be exploring what will be a lot of jam-packed flight and air fares that are out of sight. the likes of which you have never seen. don't ask me. ask the airline ceo on the fox business network who says


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