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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 9, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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2 years ago today and now you know the news for this thursday, february the 9th, 2012. for the journalists of fox news, i'm shepard smith. thanks for trusting us for news and information. opinion and analysis gets cranking right now. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> he said i don' want anything we do to be an impediment and i take the protection of religious freedom as one of my highest responsibilities. >> bill: president obama saying that to archbishop dollan of new york. the president went ahead with his contraception plan anyway. we will take a look at what is becoming a constitutional issue. freedom of religion. >> you look at the people who i think some tea party folks look to glenn beck of the world say the president is a racist and they use the race baiting. >> shepard: cnn commentator roll land martin suspended for
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perceived anti-gay comments. we have analysis. >> do you ever watch "the o'reilly factor" on fox news? >> that was the one show on tv i wasn't allowed to watch. >> jesse watters goes to yale. no he he wasn't admitted. he is investigating sex week in new haven. >> um, i'm finished with this interview. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. are we losing freedom in america? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. millions of americans are angry because the obama administration is forcing them to buy government mandated health insurance. also the feds want us to pay a huge amount of estate tax intruding on family legacies. and now, now freedom of religion is in question
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because the obama administration is ordering religious based nonprofit institutions to cover birth control in their insurance plans. so let's take it step-by-step. first of all, president obama believes in social justice. that the federal government has a duty to impose fairness in the marketplace and to redistribute income to folks who don't have very much. that is a core belief for barack obama. now, whenever you impose anything, there is an intrusion. you are being told what to do. that is why the supreme court is hearing the obama care controversy. at issue is the government attempting to control the health care industry. what's covered, what's paid out, what's purchased. if obama care stands, your freedom in the health care area is much less than it used to be. the upside about 40 million americans will get health care, much of it subsidized by the taxpayer. on the energy front, the obama administration wants alternative energy to take the place of oil and other fossil fuels. so far the feds have invested more than 90 billion taxpayer dollars in green research. some of it totally down the
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drain like the solyndra situation. also, oil production is being discouraged in america. hard to get drilling permits and the oil pine line from canada has been shut down by the obama administration. the result, gas prices have increased 90% on mr. obama's watch. that means how you drive your car. heat your home, and li day-to-day is now being impacted by the federal government. they want you to use energy their way. and finally the birth control situation. the founding fathers wanted the government to stay out of religion. not impose it, but not interfere with it either. the catholic church does not believe in birth control. it doesn't matter if the faithful go along or not. the church says no. but the obama administration says yes that church affiliated insurance plans have to cover birth control pills and even the morning after pill in some cases. and that is an enormous intrusion on religion.
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archbishop timothy dollan spoke to president obama before the mandate came down. >> he said i don't want anything we do to be an impediment and i take the protection of conscience and religious freedom highest responsibilities. when i left the oval office where i was very grateful for his invitation to be there, i left with high hopes that nothing that his administration would do would impede the good work that he admitted and acknowledged in the church. and i'm afraid i don't have those sentiments of hope now. >> bill: well, it will be fast sipating to see if americans reelect barack obama. it is clear the president believes is he absolutely correct in putting forth federal mandates that effect all of our lives. do you feel the way mr. obama does? we'll find out in november. and that's the memo. joining us from washington radio talk show star lauer ingraham who herself converted to catholicism in 2003. we know you think that this
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is, like i do, right? you agree with the talking points memo that this is a government intrusion, constitutionally it shouldn't stand. you agree with all of that, right? >> yeah. birth control is kind of a too broad of a way to state it. it makes it less popular among the public. abort facen drugs and all manor of birth control should be paid for without charge by all employers in the united states with very very narrow exceptions. it's even beyond catholic. >> bill: you believe this is an intrusion of freedom of religion, correct? >> absolutely, yes. >> bill: you have vice president biden a catholic and daily, former chief of staff to president obama, another catholic, both telling the president, according to politico, this isn't good, all right? you have got to give a waiver, not a hard thing to do. you have got to give a waiver to church-based institutions so they are not forced to cover this on their insurance plans because you are going to get in trouble constitutionally, mr. president. all right. so he listens to those arguments and then kathleen
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sebelius, secretary of health comes. in another catholic, governor of kansas supporter of tiller the late term abortion doctor. she comes in and says you know what, president, this is about women's rights. this is not about freedom of religion. mr. obama buys this sebelius argument and therefore we have the controversy we have now. my question is for a guy who knows that catholics voted for him in 2008, he has got to know this is -- this is a loser and i believe he is going to retract himself on it. >> he is going to have to walk it back in some way, no doubt about it i think it will happen probably like late on a friday is when they usually drop that type of news. bill, there is some reporting today that indicated there was a gender difference in the white house. so, women kind of lined up for, quote, women's rights, which is a hilarious way of framing it. but it's all -- you know, valerie jarrett, kathleen sebelius and perhaps even the first lady who. >> bill: we don't want to speculate that. >> we don't want -- one thing
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we know she has not shied away from giving her views on policies and politics in the past. >> bill: not fair to put her in any category at all. you are right that it was framed as a argument against women's rights. all right, now, you are a woman. you have a right to go to any clinic you want, planned parenthood being the best example and pick up any birth control device you want to pick up. i don't understand the intrusion. you want it free, there is clinics all day long that give it out free. >> bill, you hit on it in the talking points memo. there is an effort in this administration to create a bailout for a whole bunch of things. today we had the president on the housing market with underwater mortgages. getting some settlement if all these banks so people are going to get relief. college kids getting tuition help where they are telling us what kind of light bulbs to use. all these things happening out there that make people more dependent on government
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bailout programs, food stamps. this is just one more of those. right? so now there is no need to pay for anything related to sterilization or birth control or abortion inducing pills. the government is stepping in and taking care of women who want those services. and for all of us watching this we think it's not about the catholic church they are involved. this is about freedom. this is about our ability as employers of conscience across the united states to say look, for us, if you want to do what you want to do, go ahead and do it, more power to you. but we don't want to pay for this. this doesn't be in our plan if it's morally offensive to us. i think obama miscalculated. >> bill: the imposition of style of behavior that the catholic church says is not acceptable to it. and then you go back to the founding fathers and they basically said, listen federal government, number one, we don't want a big federal government anyway. we want the states to make most of the decisions but the federal government has to regulate commerce, it has to
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print money and defend the shores. you know what else it has to do, stay out of the religion business. stay out of it. if there is any question, back off, give the waiver. >> bill, remember what the president said in the campaign in 2008. he was asked, i think it was some forum he he was speaking at and he said, you know, it's his daughters, something happened they got pregnant, he wouldn't want them, quote, punished with a baby. this goes to the heart of the way the secular left views this issue. pregnancy can be considered a disease if in fact a woman doesn't find it a convenient time to be pregnant. that's a very radical way of looking at pregnancy and i think for a lot of women across the country, even who have disagreements on this the idea that the government would tell employers that you must provide this type of coverage seems to go against, you know, what we believe in as freedom. freedom of conscience.
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>> bill: that's how i feel. it will be interesting to see if people start to rally around the concept that the government is now pretty much overreaching and violating the constitution. >> laura: they are trying to tag it this is a bitter control issue. it's not a birth control issue. go to planned parenthood, bill. they are getting $500 million a year from the federal government. go there. >> bill: next on the run down, cnn suspends a commentator for anti-gay tweets. the guy has called other people bigots in the past. is this karma? we will have the story. antiobesity campaign, culture warriors on that coming up. [ male announcer ] this is lois. the day starts with arthritis pain... a load of new listings... and two pills. after a morning of walk-ups, it's back to more pain, back to more pills. the evening showings bring more pain and more pills. sealing the deal... when, hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. it can relieve pain all day with fewer pills than tylenol.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, cnn commentator roland martin suspended for perceived antigay comments on twitter. the network saying martin's tweets were regrettable and offensive. he said, quote: if a dude at your super bowl party is behind about david beckham's h and m underwear ad smack the ish out of him, unquote. martin mocked somebody wearing a pink outfit in another tweet. now, this is ironic because martin himself often brands people as bigots on the air. glenn beck, rush limbaugh and me your humble correspondent among others. he has called organized religion desperately sexist and branded tea party leaders
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as stupid. karma may have caught up with martin. a gay rights group. is cnn right in taking glenn beck off air. >> more importantly he should be fired for what he said. what he said gives license for people to harm lgbt people. gay and lesbian people are twice as likely than african-americans and jews to be harmed in hate crimes. four times more likely than muslims and 14 times more likely than latinos. there is a huge problem. we see it both with bullying in schools andlso with hate crimes out on the streets. for someone to say because somebody looks different, because they don't like the way the handbag they are wearing is, or a number of things, these tweets gave license, i think they allowed people to justify rationalize harming gay, lesbian by sex equal and transtransgender
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people. >> bill: he says it was not anti-gay tweet he was beckham is a soccer player and that is what he was doing. >> that's interesting because i didn't see soccer in his tweet. if he wanted to talk about soccer. >> bill: you didn't see gay people either. there isn't anything gay in his tweets. we have to be careful. >> we know what he meant. >> bill: mocking soccer player because beckham is a soccer player and not gay people. i couldn't care less about roll manned martin. i don't follow him. i don't care what he says. i think is he a moron, but. >> we agree. >> bill: point is he is being persecuted for mock ago soccer player and soccer player fanatics, not gays. >> well, i think, you know, that's just not true. i think there was a number of tweets that seem to be picking on gay people. i think that that's a lame excuse on his part. and i believe that he also has a history of making antigay remarks. he has compared gay and
8:16 pm
lesbian people to alcohol. >> bill: was there another incident that i don't know about? what was the history. >> yes. he had written a column a few years earlier that compared gay and lesbian people to alcoholics that his wife had helped deliver them from being gay through this sort of prayer way to gay. there is a history there. >> bill: get this guy. i don't want to see him anymore. cnn guy. can conduct its business the way it wants to. i don't care one way or the other. here is what i want to know from you. you can make fun of a gay person in this country? can you just make a joke about a gay person? people make jokes about personnel here at fox news all the time. they mock us, jon stewart mocks everybody. letterman mocks everybody. can you mock a gay person and your organization, other organizations, will you be okay with that if it's just done, you know, in a casual, allegedly humorous way? can you do that? >> well, i think it depends on
8:17 pm
context and intent. i think we all usually can see the difference. i think his background of homophobe i can't played into this. but, of course you can. we also do know that when people say things that are immature, unprofessional and don't live up to journalistic standards they're often taken off the air. we saw what happened with rick sanchez in the movies with mel gibson. helen thomas. there is a number of examples of people who violate standards and seem to go and say things that are beyond the pale. and i think this fits into that category. and cnn should fire him. >> bill: you think he should lose his job. see, i wouldn't fire him. you know, i don't like the firing business. i have no regard for this. the guy as i said. i don't think i would fire him on it we approach united states your point of view, mr. besen, thanks for coming. in culture warriors on deck. some mothers are angry at the federal government's antiobesity campaign. we will find out why. jesse watters goes to yale to find out about sex week up there. we're not kidding.
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>> bill: culture warrior segment, as you know president obama on a campaign to fight childhood obesity in america. 36% of all americans are obese. some mothers are angry about the antiobesity campaign. here now the warriors, gretchen carlson and margaret hoover. why are they angry? >> what's going on here in georgia 40% of the kids obese. 75% of the kids who are obese as parents don't even recognize they are obese. >> bill: who did that survey? where did they come if there? >> the children's health center of atlanta did the survey. what they found is that it costs $2.4 billion of state money a year to treat what happens these kids get type 2
8:22 pm
diabetes. >> sure, that's across the country. >> nonprofit organization created these ads to educate the populist in atlanta. >> bill: about the child obesity thing. all right. let's roll the tape on one of the ads. go. >> mom, why am i fat? >> bill: that's pretty strong, carlson, is it not. >> some of these mom bloggers say look we should feel sorry for kids who are fat. >> bill: i agree with that. >> this is l. further stigma advertise them. >> i was a chubby kid. thank god they are doing an ad like that. >> bill: how chubby were you. >> i was a chubby kid. i struggled with my weight every single day. how i keep myself somewhat fit personal responsibility. this is a life threatening issue for our kids. they are getting fatter and fatter. and it's -- we're more accepting. >> bill: it does demean the child a little bit because the
8:23 pm
mom sitting with the child is heavy. >> they have got to get the attention of the american public. >> bill: worth it because. >> what these campaigns these moms got together and created 23 million impressions on twitter. teach you something about twitter there is a a thing called a hash tag and then it said ashamed. this propagated twitter verse 23 million people saw. this their message is that what you are doing is you are shaming kids and that is not a motivator for becoming skinny. >> what about the parents though? what about the parents? >> bill: we have freedoms in this country. as you said some people put on weight easier than other people. some people are lazy or some people just want to be fat. they want to eat. they like food. we don't have a right to intrude on that unless it intrudes on us and it does in the health care industry; unfortunately with children they get bull idea and everything like that. i will let the audience make up their mind on this. very complicated, very emotional. 9-year-old catholic school boy in a talent contest. where is this?
8:24 pm
>> win nona, minnesota. my neck of the woods. >> bill: that's where carlson was eating as a child. >> lots of donuts. >> bill: do we have natural sound on this? i forget. the kid is doing a michael jackson thing in the talent contest, okay? this is taken by somebody obviously in the contest. we don't hear the music. but the kid apes jackson by grabbing his pants that's what jackson does is grabbing his pants. he does the whole routine and everybody is watching it then after the routine, the kid is suspended from school. >> the principal goes up to the mother and to the son and says that that was gross misconduct and you will be indefinitely suspended. this is a catholic fundraising event. apparently this routine he had done it several times before. it had been screened by teachers. the only thing that they were looking out for in these routines was language that would not be appropriate. the mom was horrified at thin definite suspicion. she had a meeting with the
8:25 pm
principal. >> bill: 9 years old. >> ended up one day suspension back in school and the principal apologized. >> he had performed this before. worked hard on routine. by the way you saw him dancing there. he is a good dancer. two gesture the principal doesn't like. yells at him. suspends him. doesn't talk to the parents first. this 9-year-old boy had gotten up in front of all his teachers, pierce to perform and pretty good dancer by the way. >> bill: remember when carlson said she was a chubby kid could speak to this. because i went to catholic school and suspended half my life i can speak to this emotionally. all right? now, this kid, what he did, he didn't know what he was doing. all right? that's number one. so intent, in the catholic church you can't commit a sin unless you intend to commit it know it's a sin and commit it all right? number two, grabbing the pants wasn't the wisest thing in the world. now, i don't know what the teachers knew and didn't know so i can't say that i think it was an overreaction to suspend
8:26 pm
the kid. i would have pulled the kid and side and said if you touch your pants again i will hang you by your ankles. that's the way they used to do in catholic school. i don't know if they do it anymore. it's not sending the right message to your piers. i have got to tell you, compared to what i did. >> that's nothing? >> bill: this kid should have got a little medal. what i did at that school, i will tell you story some day when we have a little more time. should be an hour special. [ laughter ] >> sounds like high rating. >> bill: there was a crowning of the virgin mary the girl who did it who i didn't like had to go up a ladder. all of a sudden that ladder disappeared. >> that's intent. >> bill: i didn't do it. i had no clue. all right. so, number one, the obesity thing personal but let's all try to get the kids thinner. number two, the kid should not have been suspended, correct? >> correct. >> bill: jesse watters goes to yale. no, he did not get admitted. he is investigating sex week on campus up there.
8:27 pm
and then megyn kelly on whether the supreme court will stop liberal judges from imposing gay marriage on the nation. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪ [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curveballs. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor.
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>> bill: watters world segment tonight. television at yale university connecticut now about $53,000 a year. for that, many parents expect one of the best educations in the world. along the way at yale, there are some interesting situations that pop up. for example, this week is sex week in new haven. factor producer jesse watters went up to check it out. ♪ ♪ >> so i hear it's sex week at yale. >> yeah. that's pretty much it. >> where is sex week? >> here. it's in the classroom. >> we're going up to the quad in the gymnasium. >> there is a lot of sexual repression in america right now. a lot of people support the right to express themselves.
8:31 pm
>> we don't around and just have sex. >> my family and i are looking for sex. >> what's your game plan? >> i don't know. i'm not much of a player as it were. >> look at his face. he is lying. >> there are also talks about chastity and marriage. >> do your parents know it's sex week. >> i haven't talked to them about it really. >> they probably don't have a big problem with it? >> they are paying your tuition. >> they're definitely paying most of it. >> what did your dad say. >> i didn't talk to my dad about it? >> just forget it, please. >> we are not communicating. >> are you keeping it from them. >> no, i'm not. >> when i was in college every week was sex week. >> i'm finished with this interview. i'm going to go. >> denied. >> massive amount of debt. iran is nuking up. and there is sex week at yale. >> it's not the only thing happening at yale. >> should they have america week or something else besides sex week, do you think? >> yeah, it couldn't hurt. i like america. >> did you yell america? >> i think every week is america week at the school. >> america.
8:32 pm
>> i feel like this could actually play a large part in our foreign policy if we send some of our sex educated next generation to iran maybe we can sway their top ranking politicians. >> what the hell was that? >> free speech week would be wonderful at yale. >> don't you think by the time people get to college they know a lot about sex education? >> no. >> the concept of that makes me feel nervous. >> they don't have sex week at harvard, do they. >> not at harvard. they are tightly wound. >> the trees are filled with underwear. >> now, how do you think president obama is doing so far? >> i think is he doing well. >> if the republic party can stay on message, quite possibly beat obama. >> there is some of us who like obama, some of us don't. >> do you worry about getting a job in this economy. >> i would be worried about getting a job in any economy. >> you should have no problem getting a job you went to yale. yale. >> don't you have any respect for yourself? >> now, bush is a yale guy. >> i mean both bushes and then
8:33 pm
taft. we haven't produced great presidents. >> words hurt, you know. >> have you ever watched "the o'reilly factor" on fox news? >> that was the one show on tv i wasn't allowed to watch as a child. >> don't hate on me. don't hate on me. >> number one network in cable news. >> it is the number one network but the number one prescribed opinion of the world flat and that was still wrong. >> what are you about. >> i don't watch any tv except for gossip girls. >> she said what? >> i find o'reilly interesting. i think is he a nice guy. >> you are on watters world right now. >> i'm sorry, watters world? >> ever watch the fox news channel? >> i do not. because i'm too busy. >> thanks for everything, i really appreciate it now. >> bill: now, you went to college in connecticut. >> trinity college in hartford. >> bill: you actually embarrassed your alma matter by saying every week is sex week at trinity college? come on. >> wait a second. this is the first time i
8:34 pm
watched this piece. if i had known they put that line in there, i would have told them to take it out. i was just kidding. >> bill: what you are telling the audience, billions of people worldwide is you have no idea what you are saying when you go out and do these watters world segments. you don't know what you are saying. it just comes out. >> some of these lines are throw away lines. trying to give the editor something to work with here. >> bill: i thought i was going to get some displays or some signs. nothing. just looked like a quad, right? >> you know, i was looking everywhere for sex week. i was a little afraid what i would find. some of the seminars that they have, i'm not even allowed to say the names on the air. >> bill: they actually did have stuff. >> yeah. >> bill: it wasn't in public or you didn't say it? >> they have a porn star lecture. they have sex blogging workshops. they have the history of drag queens. it's crazy. >> bill: wow, yale. huh? as the guy said the harvard guys they don't do that stuff. >> no. they are a little tightly
8:35 pm
wound. >> bill: no, no. not at harvard. trinity university we apologize for watters. >> trinity college. >> bill: when we come right back whether the supreme court will allow judges to oppose gay marriage. caught in a custody fight. kelly is next. rk of any small business credit card. the spark card earns double miles... so we really had to up our game. with spark, the boss earns double miles on every rchase, every day. that's setting the bar pretty high. owning my own business has never been more rewarding. coming through! [ male announcer ] introducing spark the small business credit cards from capital one. get more by choosing unlimited double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. what's in your wallet?
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instead of blaming me, try advil congestion relief. often the real problem is swelling, not mucus. advil congestion relief reduces swelling due to nasal inflammation. so i can breathe. advil congestion relief. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill owerily in the kelly file segment. as you know two liberal junction, federal judges in california overturned a referendum where voters said no to gay marriage in the golden state. on the same day lawmakers in washington state approved gay marriage. now, we have no problem with washington state. the house and senate there are the legal bodies that make laws on marriage and everything else. we have no problem with that. we do have a major problem with judges imposing gay marriage impose especially when it's against the will of the people. here now fox news reporter and
8:39 pm
anchor megyn kelly. i think it's going to wound its way up to the supreme court. what do you think will happen. >> i don't know if it will wind its way up to the supreme court. having seen what the basis is for the opinion. they crafted a pretty narrow opinion. and there is spexz that they did that with the expressed goal of dissuading the united states supreme court. >> bill: they don't want the supreme court overturn them. >> they have may have succeeded. it's no the this broad based opinion saying equal protection clause and due process clause of the constitution afford gays a fundamental right to marry, that would make its way up to the supreme court. it's a very sort of limited basis once you have granted the right to marry like they did in california like before prop 8 came around aalong. >> bill: will 8 to a legislation. >> once you granted you try to take it away or once you allow civil unions but you won't give them the extra label of marriage, they say then that's
8:40 pm
more problematic. that's how they got -- >> bill: i think the supreme court has to define the rights of the state to hold referendums votes on issues and judges come in and just kick it the judges basically said there was no reason, no reason. >> no rational basis for the law. >> bill: that's not for the judges to decide unless it's a flagrant violation. >> no, no, no. you are wrong. there is a legal standard. >> bill: why would one judge vote against it in i'm wrong. >> you are misstating the legal test that's where you are wrong. it is for the court to say is this law rationally related to a legitimate -- to a legitimate federal purpose or government purpose? and this judge, these two judges said no, there is no rational basis for it it. >> bill: if i were going to challenge and you have got to assume they will. i would go in and say these judges basically overturned the will of the people for no reason. that's why the supreme court is to decide whether the folks can make the laws based upon either a legislature or direct vote, referendum or not. >> i will tell you this, once
8:41 pm
they base it on this so-called rational basis test, fyi, that's the easiest test for a law to pass. easiest test. this law does not pass it. if it goes up to the supreme court, they are more likely to overrule it because it's so easy to pass. >> i hope it does. this is a terrible story. this there is a a-year-old boy. he is in the middle of a illegal alien deal. this is in missouri. now, his mother was in the country illegally. she gets arrested. all right? the boy gets taken away from the mom, gets adopted by american parents, all right? stays with the parents. there is the mother. for three years, right? >> he is a now. >> a years. now this mother, still in the country illegally wants the boy back. pick it up. >> i am on her side. >> you are on the illegal mom's side well from all accounts. she never gave him up. >> bill: authorities took the child away. >> when she went to prison.
8:42 pm
when she went to prison. >> incarcerated. that happens all the time. >> you don't lose your kid because you go to prison. you serve your sentence. you don't lose your children. >> social services believes that you can't raise them properly. that you are neglecting or abusing them. >> right. there wasn't evidence of that. there was evidence that this boy was not. >> not for abusing her child. the. >> fact that she goes to child. >> illegal alien and using a false i.d. that's what she went to jail for. it wasn't child abuse. >> it's a crime. >> every prisoner should use their child. >> the authorities have a right to say this woman acted this way. it was irresponsible and now her child doesn't have any supervision. so we're going to take the child away and try to put it in a god -- good home. >> put the child in foster care you don't revoke somebody's parental rights because they go to prison. there are fundamental rights to raise the child you gave birth to. >> bill: why did the missouri authorities grant the right for this couple to adopt the
8:43 pm
child. >> they found she had abandoned the child because she went to jail. in the missouri supreme court said this is a travis city of justice. this ridiculous you can't do this. >> bill: you believe it's better for the child to go back to the illegal alien mom? >> listen, i don't know what kind of a life is he going to have. >> bill: mom wants to take the child back to mexico, correct? >> yes. >> bill: you believe it's best for the child to do that? >> listen, it doesn't matter whether i think it's better to be brought up in the united states or mexico. obviously i'm -- i lean towards america. but that's not the decision. it's her biological child who she never gave up, bill. you don't just get to take him away. >> bill: the court compelled. >> she was objecting to it she didn't abandon him. she went to prison against her will. yes, she violated the laws by coming into this country illegally. >> bill: that's a fraud. >> that crime has been so controversial it's been eliminated since false i.d. the point is if she is willingly given him up it would be a different story.
8:44 pm
>> bill: i want what's best for child. when we another thing. it involves ms. megyn tweeting. >> at megyn kelly. follow me. >> bill: we will find out why you are not tweeting are roland martin i hope. thank you. great american news quiz the singing edition. show you some of the best american song people ever coming right back. online dating services can get kind of expensive. so to save-money,
8:45 pm
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8:47 pm
>> back ever the book segment tonight. the great american news quiz. the singing edition. representing elaine carr. fox news martha maccallum playing for bob. win nifty prizes go to bill o' and sign up. >> got it out of your system.
8:48 pm
>> just getting ready. >> bill: all right. now, these are the best singers, i think, that are ever graced our shores. elvis presley. >> oh, yeah. >> 18 songs. number one on the charts during his career. which was his first number one hit? a heart break hotel. blue swad shoes. c hound dog. d teddy bear. first hit? cards up, please. let's roll that tape ♪ since my baby left me ♪ i found a new place to dwell ♪ down tell end of lonely street ♪ at heart break hotel ♪ i'll be so lonely ♪ i'll be so lonely i could die. >> bill: there he is. they were both wrong. heart break hotel. a is the answer. you picked hound dog, right? >> i did. >> bill: you picked? >> teddy bear. because i like teddy bear. >> bill: can we replace doocy?
8:49 pm
is it too late? i guess it is. question number two. barbra streisand you know her, you love her. polarizing figure because of her political views. what >> bill: the answer is roll the tape [speaking foreign language] >> bill: that was south park. now you both got that wrong, too. >> got it right. >> bill: i have got to pay attention. >> you are the driver. this is the most confusing part of your job. >> bill: you are ahead by one. doocy is totally out of it. check the tie out on doocy today. >> purple polka dots. >> i get dressed in the dark. you are lucky i'm wearing pants. >> thank god. [ laughter ]
8:50 pm
frank sinatra died in 1998, buried near palm springs, california. what song title is engraved as epitaph on sinatra's tomb stone? interesting question here. ♪ the best is yet to come ♪ and, babe, won't it be fine ♪ the best is yet to come ♪ come the day that you're mine. >> bill: i saw him. i never saw elvis but i saw sinatra. >> so did i. >> bill: so good. just his stage presence, the whole thing. you got that right. >> he got it right. but i'm not sure it's accurate. >> bill: tie with two to go. >> in the ground. >> bill: wink. >> i guess can you say that.
8:51 pm
>> bill: aretha queen of soul drew a lot of attention at president obama's inauguration with her odd choice of head ware that may have distracted from her actual singing. what song did she sing that day? ♪ >> bill: the answer is roll the tape again. ♪ my country, tis of thee ♪ sweet land of liberty ♪ of thee i sing ♪ >> bill: the head wear is distracting. >> beautiful. she is fab. >> she is on tour right now. i was in durham doing a show. she was coming up behind me. she wouldn't come to town until i left. >> he she didn't give you any respect. >> you were the warm-up. >> bill: all right.
8:52 pm
so you both got that wrong, right? >> yes, apparently. >> bill: now, still a tie with one to go. i have the tie breaker in my mind. >> oh, good. looking forward to it. >> bill: judy garland shot to fame after her starring role in wiz wizard of oz ♪ somewhere over the rainbow ♪ way up high >> bill: what actress was originally offered that role but couldn't get out of her contract with a rival movie studio to play it? that is correct. shirley temple. >> shirley would be better in that role than elizabeth taylor. >> bill: no humiliation for maccallum. >> what was your question? >> bill: wilderville, oregon. what were you complaining about the question? >> tie breaker question.
8:53 pm
>> >> bill: tie breaker question. what record is the biggest selling record, single record, 45, remember those? of all time? >> led zeppelin. >> bill: wrong? >> beach boys. >> bill: wrong. white christmas. bing crosby. everybody bar that and steve there they are. pinheads and patriots on deck. victoria secrets model quits. you are not going to believe the reason why. p and p in just over two minutes. y volt lately. how about some facts? the chevy volt was one of the most awarded cars in 2011. the volt's battery has been tested for more than 395,000 hours. ♪ and, most importantly, the volt has received the highest overall vehicle score for safety possible. [ cheers and applause ] the extended-range electric chevy volt. hard to argue with the facts. ♪
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i'm bidding on a 1979 dukes of hazzard lunchbox, but my auction ends in 15 seconds ! even worse, my buddy's bidding on the same lunchbox. it's airbrushed ! but i've got verizon 4g lte. it's so fast that i can outbid him at the last second. i got it ! yes, i won ! woo hoo ! it's got a thermos ! rely on verizon 4g lte. because only the fastest survive.
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>> bill: pinheads and patriots and a victoria secret model is calling it quits. we want to send you a free copy of getsberg address. we will send one that you can frame free of charge p if you buy a premium membership we'll send you "killing lincoln" free, as well. now to the mail. >> bill: doesn't matter. the issue is church teaching not individual behavior. the government doesn't have a right to intrude on church teaching unless it's against the law. >> bill: you pay charles. everybody pays income tax, buys
8:57 pm
insurance. somebody has to pay for it. >> bill: you are entitled to the pin but the government is not entitled to violate tenets of any religion. >> bill: i think to the left side of it tim where they usually are. the book is not about me, it's about great man. i think she will.
8:58 pm
>> bill: did you ever hear of the producers, keith, one of the funniest films ever made. >> great place and i demand it there in larry but i will on my presidential campaign tour giving you all behind the scenes stuff. we'll be there june 23, chicago and tampa. >> finally pinheads and patriots. back in 2009 when she was 19 years old. kylee beat out 10,000 competitors to win a victoria
8:59 pm
secrets modeling contract. she now says she is quitting. >> growing in the relationship with the lord, i am strong believing christian. i want to honor him with my body and be a role model for other women out there. >> i'm developing going to pursue modeling but i want to be more wholesome about it. >> bill: for being a woman of her conviction theme the is a patriot. this has nothing to do with victoria secret. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website and we would have to spout about the factor. could not be l


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