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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 14, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EST

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♪ [ music ] wrong. >> kimberly: hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle, along with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: our top story tonight, the death of whitney houston. the pop star died on the eve of biggest night. but she was found in a bathtub. investigators are holding the results of her autopsy pending the toxicology report. as you probably know, houston has struggled with a long battle with drug addiction. it's unclear at this time if that played a role in her
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death. her personal life filled with trouble but her music was an inspiration to people across the globe. how should he is be remembered? >> dana: he is was obviously a beautiful, talented woman. discovered, she was from newark, new jersey. he is has a talented family. interesting to hear this morning on "fox and friends" one of the first people that heard her sing, she was 14. her mom was singing and her mom said why don't you have to your daughter sing? she is good. he is turned out to be an amazing singer. i had a cassette tape in the day "the greatest love of all" and i would rewind and play and rewind and play. drove my dad crazy. >> kimberly: her music was inspirationm and addicting. you wanted to hear the songs over and over. to this day, i don't think there is a female singer throughout as talented as whitney houston when she was doing well and in her prime. her type of music is inspirationm to men, women,
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children, everybody loved it. she was really blessed it he is grew up in music. so young to die at that age. that is tragic. >> eric: she was probably, he is paveed the way for many pop divas to follow in her footsteps, mariah carey, et cetera. she was fantastic on film. "bodyguard" did well. but the downfall came when he is hooked up with -- we have to call it what it is -- bobby brown. hook up with a rapper. they said why is a beautiful talented woman. epitomizes everything that is great. hooking up with a guy who had his trouble. he had already spent time in jail. drugs. dealing or use, whatever it was. they hook up and the next thing you know she is involved in the alcohol. downward spiral. i guess everyone would know something about it points to that moment. that man was the beginning of the end for her. >> kimberly: greg? >> greg: show me a woman on drugs and i'll show you the guy who got her started on it. no woman actively seeks out drugs. it's usually introduced to her
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by somebody else because a woman has an innate sense to protect themselves because they're more valuable in a productive sense than a mansy. 's always the man that takes the risk. drags women in his world. women cannot handle it as well as many can. >> dana: physical addiction? >> greg: physical addiction. >> kimberly: alcohol or drugs. freddie yeah. women are usually hit hardest by it. you never see a women usually the path to this is a scoundrel. >> bob: the whole industry is riddled with this problem. if you look at people dying with drugs and alcohol. morrisson and janis joplin and jimmy hendrix and belushi through the list. it's been in my opinion, the failures here were not dealing with the addiction seriously. the people responsible for that regrettably are the people who manage her. her family and her friends, who enabled her.
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we have seen it over and over. see it in the work with alcoholics who are not famous. the families say it will be all right. we'll take care of you. send her to society rehab to get her a place to get her dried out to put her back on the -- >> greg: right. raycations. >> bob: you should haven't people making money on you being responsible for you getting clean. it doesn't work. >> kimberly: personal responsible. >> dana: we have been on the days seven months two days ago. >> kimberly: happy anniversary. >> dana: since we have been here i remember michael jackson, amy weinhause and whitney houston. talking about an industry -- i don't know, the industry, i don't know if it's any worse -- >> kimberly: anna -- >> dana: in hollywood or like different than from insurance business. but if you are a performer and you have that kind of talent that is like oozing through. maybe you are more susceptible to it.
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>> eric: you could probably weigh in it better but it seems to me once you start in the spiral no, getting out. clyde davis, i saw the interview with the gentleman that put her on record for the first time this morning. davis signed her to the first record contract and put her on the map. probably approaching billionaire. everyone who is anybody in music if he couldn't get her straightped out, clearly then most beneficial -- >> kimberly: i don't think he should be blamed. i know him personally very well. he's a great man. he loves her like -- he is was his own daughter. broke his heart. tried so hard. he tried so hard to help her. >> bob: davis is not an expert in drug addiction. >> kimberly: no. >> bob: in the industry, probably more than any other industry i can think of with the exception of certain enhancement drugs in the professional sports world, in music industry it's part of
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the culture. it gets people up to go out and perform. it does when they're nervous it gets them down. a spiral. xanax is involved here, one thing i want to say, i dealt with the drug for five or six drugs and i have seen the devastation of it. it's one of the most dangerous. for anyone out there using it, the most dangerous single thing. it's easily addictive and hard to get off of. she was taking that, combined with alcohol is a terrible mixture. >> kimberly: lower your respiratory rate and having a heart attack. >> greg: you have to be careful saying it's happened more among these people. it's a stattistical illusion because these are the ones that are reported on. there are many people who overdose who aren't reported on. having said that, these people do drugs because they can do a lot of drugs. they have a lifestyle to afford them the ability to get waste end recover. the rest of the people emulate the people can't keep up. we live in a society now where
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we cannot accept delayed gratification. we cannot say -- berefuse to say no. what happens is difference between compulsion and a habit is time. we remove time. now people need to do everything now. that forces them to do lots and lots. >> bob: who forces them out there? he is generates money for lots and lots of people. i'm not suggesting they had any idea this is coming but their interest is getting her as well as possible to put her on a stage. in the last five or six years if all you do is read headlines you realize she was going down and down and down. she couldn't hit high notes. she needed to be pulled off by a couple of years and dempt with special addiction specialists and they didn't do that. in some cases it was self-serving. >> eric: what do you mean? >> bob: there are people who make money when she is out on the trail. when she is not on the trail, they are not making money. that is a big problem. think about the money this woman generates. not only for the record company, but for her
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entourage, for her manager -- >> kimberly: it's ruining her voice. crack cocaine, a dangerous addiction. in this instance, the initial reports are xanax, alcohol. but also there was amoxicillan, antibiotic and midol. >> eric: he is might have drowned in the bathtub, not enough water. or the heart gave out because of the drug abuse. >> bob: there was indication she was sick. going back years here. by the way, you talk about the hardcore drugs, cocaine and heroin. they pale in others that were addicted to drugs. freddie it pales in comparison to people who die every day without drugs and people who get hit by a car and fall in path tubs. to me those are greater tragedies, they die anonymously and aren't famous. >> bob: not preventible. these are preventable. he is could have been saved. there is no reason she is dead
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today. none. he is wasn't taken care of properly. >> dana: he is had free will also. i think that is what -- all right. >> kimberly: yeah, we don't have time now. tony bennett made a controversial statement saying he feels that the drugs should be legalized to prevent degs like this. >> greg: i agree in legalization, but the drugs he is took were legal. the argument makes no sense. shut up. you have don't need to have an opinion. you don't need to make a social political opinion while -- >> bob: turned around. it bet it ain't turned around. just easier to buy drugs. >> kimberly: here we end another chapter of personal reflection from bob beckel. president obama put out his budget. it's a big one, baby. adding trillions of dollars to our debt over the next decade. why did he do that? is that responsible? plus, democrats are trying to capitalize on the contraception controversy. is that a smart political move? or will it backfire?
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back. we're back to country music and greg could not be happier. we'll move to politics. president obama is senating policy fires everywhere he turns around because two things happen. one, we will get an update on the contraceptive mandate ruling, rule from last week. also the president's put came out today. which is itself a policy document. but first, let's talk about this dnc ad. basically, went right after republicans about the free contraception issue on the same day that president panel bam trying to walk it back. >> the insurance company, not
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the hospital, not charity, will be able to reach out and offer the woman contraceptive carefree of charge. without copies and without hassles -- without co-pays and without hassles. ♪ ♪ >> dana: it's never easy when you are the president of the united states. the party's job is throw bombs. this is ill-timed because on friday, the bishop back, the catholic by shopped back people from other religion and many people from universities and across the board on religious liberty. we'll take a look and be calm. by friday night they issued stinging review of the so-called walk back. what do you make of this? >> greg: for the hard left as the white house, religion is seen as competition. you have can't obey them and obey the church. religion is often the only
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obstacle between leftism and the utaupenism and hell. >> dana: i agree, they feel they have a winning issue here. they feel that. i think that they are miscalculating up with of the things that was said yesterday on the sunday show was that if this is not about access to contraception. it's about religious liberty. the white house at no time frame it properly in the first place now. you have people united against it. where does foyt politically? >> kimberly: they have mishandled this from the beginning. they don't get it. you know what? know who you are dealing with. they don't get it in the obama administration. if you want people like what back in, to infringe and curtail, stomp on your religious freedom of expression, put them back in for four years. they are grossly underestimating the power of catholic church and religion and what it means to individuals across the country. >> dana: they think they have a window because they think the women group will say it's a war on women's health. it's not.
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>> bob: i think in the long run they have winning issue. it'd prefer to put single women voters up against the catholic bishops any day. you are right. >> dana: why put them against it anyway? >> the bishops will not accept this. they said this compromise is not something they can accept. so you say we're not going to accept it, we take it from there and say all right, we aren't making changes. which they won't. what they said, the one group they worry about, single women who favor free access to contraception. >> kimberly: it's a different issue. >> bob: but backed is up the cpac convention where the people got out there and were screaming. then born again the family values. i think backdrop of it scares people. scares women marly. thinking these people will be in charge. >> dana: i think that is a total miscalculation. what do you think? >> eric: as a practicing catholic, i have to tell you
2:18 am
the obama administration is wrong. jack lew came out on sunday saying no, we're not moving on it. very important. now they set the line, said they are not moving. said they would move but they haven't. they will pay for the catholic charities, university and hospitals to provide insurance company. >> dana: for free. >> eric: price doesn't matter. it's not a money thing. the problem is at cpac, other conservative christians saying what about us? you don't want to mess with 200 million americans. >> bob: 200 million? >> kimberly: 4 million and add them up. >> bob: what are you talking about? you think they represent 200 million americans? >> kimberly: when you add it up -- >> bob: it's not a right wing christian. >> dana: bob, the voter -- freddie you are talking about -- the president should not look at them as voters.
2:19 am
they should say these are religious people and respect their rights. >> bob: the church can't get fined -- >> dana: it's money laundering. >> kimberly: don't you find it rude and arrogant? we have made a revision. really, did you call any of the catholic universitys? no, they did not. they did not. they said they were not consulted. in the spirit of compromise and transparency, why wouldn't you call to the table and say i hear you, i want to see you and i know about the concerns. >> bob: obama called dolan the night before. >> kimberly: that worked out well. >> dana: you have to admire the restraint of people against it. because they said we'll take a look, we're calm. they waited until late friday night after a chance to review. that's when they said wait a second. there are two headlines in the national paper.
2:20 am
one says obama is compromising and one says retreating. neither were true. the policy did not change. >> bob: i am going to talk about a voter thing. it's overwhelmingly a positive issue in voting, versus the con seventive catholic church. >> dana: that is not what this is about. >> bob: now in favor of it atlanta are a lot of people saying it's a good compromise. it takes the sting off the table. >> dana: so you agree with andrew philbin of "newsweek" it was all a plot? >> bob: no, in the end net-net is all a lot more voters. >> dana: this is terrible. on the merits of it. not from a women's health perspective. >> bob: did you thereon the cpac convention? every one was the most divisive right wing crap i
2:21 am
heard. >> eric: it's not the right wing crap you recommend. >> bob: did you hear -- >> eric: but republican conservatives are going what is next? what else do we have to find out hater after you pass a bill and make at it flaw law? >> dana: i have to run. continue it in the break. we have to go. up next, mitt romney had a big weekend. he won at cpac and maine in the caucuses. some conservatives like sarah palin, well she is still skeptical. how can romney close the deal with them? we'll discuss it next. ♪ ♪ 
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♪ ♪
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>> bob: welcome back to "the five." mitt romney had a fairly good weekend, after winning at cpac and up in maine. but he is still struggle toking win over the base of the g.o.p. take a look at how many times he said, "conservative" in his cpac speech. >> conservative movements top recruiter. turning point for the conservative era to come. >> conservatives all agree we conservatives -- conservative -- conservatism, con deserve such, con deservetism. con -- conservatism, conservatism. conservatism. this is why we're conservatives. >> bob: unbelievable. >> kimberly: i love it. >> bob: some aren't convinced he is conservative, including sarah palin. >> i am not convince and i don't think that the majority of g.o.p. and independent voters are convinced. that is why you don't see romney fete over the hump. he is still in the 30% mark when it comes to approval and primary wins and caucus wins.
2:27 am
he still hasn't risen above this yet. because we are not convinced. >> bob: there is eric's girl right there. i tell you one thing. one thing we left out of the montage is when romney said i am seriously conservative -- >> dana: he ad libed. severely conservative. probably a mistake. public speaks, sometimes you -- freddie i' -- >> greg: i'd rather hear "conservative" than "fair share." >> bob: the problem you may say obama is fair share, his philosophy but romney doesn't have a con seventive record. she trying to talk his way in it. in the end, i think he will win at it. >> greg: i have to say -- he is conservative enough. get on with it, people. compared to who we have in the white house? hillary is conservative. >> kimberly: then they will say he is too conservative. you have can't please people.
2:28 am
he is qualified -- is he qualified and able to do the job and get it done? yes. freddie he is too passionless. i suggest putting a pebble in his shoe or andrew britbart to give him a whengy before a speech. get irritated and angry. >> bob: this is coming from the base of your party. >> dana: you think sarah palin is the base of the party? >> bob: i don't think so. eric does. >> eric: can i weigh in? as a practicing conservative and practicing catholic. >> kimberly: i'm a practicing catholic. >> eric: sarah palin invigorated the crowd. if you watch the speech, people were standing, clapping, cheering, it took an hour for her to go through the podium down through the thing to sign autographs. she is what it's all about. when he is says i'm not sure that mitt romney is conservative, i agree with her. >> bob: how much of -- [ overtalk ]
2:29 am
>> eric: 100 times more than you give her credit for. how is that? >> bob: i'll start at two. so that means 200%? >> dana: one reason he is did at the cpac speech, he is didn't talk about romney. he is talked about obama. that is what the crowd wanted. she is very good knowing who the audience is. >> bob: she is. that audience reflects, that cpac audience is a small percentage of the american electorate. >> eric: you and i disagree on that. it reflects the house turning over from the democrats to republican. >> kimberly: i want to ask about the negative. should the party be concerned? romney, what you see are the negatives. the ad he is putting out. >> eric: this is purely -- >> bob: this is purely analytical. he moved right on immigration -- >> eric: something we haven't talked about and we're the most political show on. we haven't starte started what s starting to rumble at the brokered convention. no one candidate gets 1144
2:30 am
delegates and you go to con vention and start making deals. you want to know something? it's groundsfall happen. >> bob: there hasn't been brokered convention since '40s. >> eric: i understand that. so? >> bob: you won't have one here. there are a lot of states to go. romney, one or two of the people will drop out. romney will collect enough delegates to put it over the top. if it was an even split -- >> eric: you said it would be over after new hampshire. >> bob: i said i thought it would be over by february and march. >> eric: you said after new hampshire. >> bob: i did not. >> dana: brokered con vention is probably a broken convention. by then, in august if the republicans are fighting amongst themselves they spent five months not fighting against obama. a fatal mistake. >> bob: what you want is a nominee to frame debate against obama on daily basis.
2:31 am
we have gingrich calling romney every name in book. coming up, a singer named nicky -- something. mocked catholics at the grammys last night. i don't know who she is. what show do you want -- we'll he is you what happened. i don't know this woman. hell with it. who is he is? ♪ ♪
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five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back. bob is making fun of my music choices. it's not fair. today, the daily caller
2:37 am
released a devastating report on media matters the left wing site devoted to smearing anyone who isn't nuttier than elephant poop. apparently, media matters has a direct line to the white house. as their fingers all over liberal toadies throughout the media relying on the bitter, lonely skreege. i get why it's a perfect script for the menbc hacks. leftists that find thinking really hard. without them, ed schultz would roam the hall in a bath rub. but unstable behavior permeates media matters, guns, illegal guns and office sex. i may start liking them. i kid. it's great news that the media agenda has been set by a far left freak show. luckily it can't happen in hollywood. it gets me to a recent pew story that shows 67% of americans see political bias in the news.
2:38 am
funny, only 32% of democrats admit the same. that makes sense. why admit a slant if you benefit from it? main stream media is not arm of the current administration. it's both arms, shoulders, torso and pair of pinkies. when rachel maddo, speaks you don't even see obama's lips move. >> kimberly: old one but a good one. >> bob: as if there aren't con seventive writers who take all the stuff from the right bring blogs. >> greg: you always go with the reltistic argument. >> bob: what do you mean relativistic arguement? you said media matters controls -- >> greg: according to the article -- >> bob: who did the article? tucker carlson. >> dana: based off a memo that was the game plan of media matters. >> bob: i have been the target of media matters, being a liberal who sold out being here. i said i'm happy to put my liberal credentials up against
2:39 am
any of them. it took my hits, too. >> kimberly: they are not even happy with you? >> bob: that is not the point. it's because of fox. >> greg: he doesn't even do drugs anymore. >> bob: be careful of the drug allegation. of all the stuff i read in the story, a lot of sources mostly anonymous. ones on drugs were very limi limited. i don't like to call people druggies if they can't prove it. that can't prove it. >> eric: three points. $17 trillion in the hole after the next budget. this is a tax exempt organization. you want liberal attack dog except? number two, whether they're true or not. it wonder what the donors will think? and number three, the gun-toting assistants i thought they were against gun rights? love them for that. >> eric: can i point this
2:40 am
out? the your sleeve in -- >> bob: i know. >> dana: they had a thing in the memo finger print coverage. it imagine p.r. firms do this. it would be weird. news organization media matters admits that they do fingerprint coverage so if i send you leftie blogger at the "washington post" or msnbc, and you use it, then you get a point on the board. that is how they track it to be, successful. not only are they tax exempt. but the head buy runs a pac. that is his right. >> bob: were you upset in the bush administration when the white house lawn were filled up with the right wing talk show host? >> bob: were you upset when clinton administration invited
2:41 am
the weather forecasters to talk about climate change being real? >> bob: no. >> dana: same thing. >> bob: it's their base -- i think you are giving them more credit than they deseven. >> eric: don't give them tax exempt status. >> bob: why give the heritage foundation tax exempt? >> eric: if you want to box one of us out, go ahead. don't have obama's budget showed $1.4 trillion in taxes and say we have a revenue problem. groups like this. >> bob: what about the heritage foundation >> eric: that does a lot more and way more widespread than media matters. dabs they find people's addresses and publish nasty stuff about individuals. >> greg: i love that media matters has fellows. how do you become a fellow? what do you do? you have to watch one or two hours straight of fox news. then you have a badge.
2:42 am
this story is inevitable. if you have people working in the job, as you sit there and do this work. it has to be depressing. sooner or later, they will turn on the media matters because they can't stand it anymore. >> kimberly: is this a liability to obama administration? >> bob: they think it's helping them. a friend of mine brent bozel has been doing this on the right for decades. >> dana: in a different way. no comparing what brent does to david brock does. media matters personal nature of the outrageous attacks, brent argues on the merit. here is the facts. not you're ugly. >> bob: we come back and i don't -- freddie i got to go. freddie i got to go -- >> greg: i got to go. mocking religion at the
2:43 am
grammys has been done again and again. happy not to see it last night. just kidding. when we return we ponder idiocy of nicky. if you leave now, there will be no foot ma sanels after the show. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you love the taste of 2% milk. but think about your heart. 2% has over half the saturated fat of whole milk. want to cut back on fat and not compromisen taste? try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance.
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♪ ♪ >> eric: so ll cool jay opened last night's grammy award with a prayer. not just a bow your head moment of silence but a real prayer. good job, ll. the show was filled with moments. adelle long awaited return to the flawless and amazing voice. moments of inspiration, jennifer hudson touching tribute to whitney houston. there was a moment of huge disappointment for me. nicky menot, the rapper turned blasphomer. watch this. >> ♪ they're talking about me♪ talking about me
2:48 am
>> eric: i was live tweeting during the show. here is what i twited after the performance. i think he is just became my least favorite person in america. greg, i was eight minutes -- it went on and on. an attack on religion. >> greg: you know that is my alter ego. i thought it was fantastic. the funny thing -- >> bob: is it he or he is? >> greg: he is. religious symbolism is essentialgy by the 50 or 670th time. everybody keeps doing this. all is it a super official way to appear deep. when you don't have an original thought in your head. there is a guy like the pope. it's her way to appear edgy. pew edgy as a hackey sack. >> eric: imagine if it wasn't catholicism or christianity they were making fun of? >> kimberly: it would be
2:49 am
outrage. he is has a right to do it. dress herself like that. >> greg: no, he is doesn't. >> kimberly: fine. he is made a fool of herself. it's ridiculous. looked like she was trying to copy people. grow up. >> political statement it fell flat. it's not impressive. >> dana: if he is wants to dress like that, fine. i wouldn't take away the right to religious liberty. >> bob: you don't think he is knew anything about it? i don't know. >> dana: maybe i'm not giving her credit. >> eric: you think cbs -- it's huge outrage today. do you think cbs let it fly because of the timing of it? >> dana: i don't know. they probably didn't know. we're going to find out there was a connection.
2:50 am
freddie media matters. >> bob: are you you shocked in the morning meeting when i said i have never heard of adelle. i said who is adelle? >> greg: you thought it was a computer. >> dana: farmer. farmer in the dell. [ laughter ] >> eric: that is her right there. took a year off after having a hit song because she was losing her voice. surgeons brought back her voice and last night was her return to the stage. we have sound? roll it. ♪ in the deep ♪ you have my heart and soul ♪ in your hand >> dana: you can hear me sing that in the shower. democracy i can hear you on "the five." >> eric: that is talent. the point being he is did it with talent. nikk trying to do it with
2:51 am
provocative -- whatever. >> dana: yelling. >> bob: that didn't sound bad. >> dana: we'll put it on your itunes. >> greg: he is looks like he is could make a mean deviled egg. >> kimberly: she is so pretty and very nice. class act. >> eric: in show a featured performer was chris brown. perform but they pulled him because he got caught beating up his girlfriend rhiana. now we're highlighting this guy. >> kimberly: very serious domestic violence case. abuser. that wasn't the only incident. there was a lot of back and forth where he was abusive ver wally to her, emotionally and physically ebuseive. crime scene in the car with blood. her blood everywhere. i don't know. people seem to have a short memory. >> dana: the white house, the bush administration ended my husband and i went to africa for a little while. did work in south africa, the hiv/aids clinic. we got there and little kids
2:52 am
surround us. we just left the white house. wow, you're from washington? they didn't say do you know the president? this is january of 2009. "have you ever met chris brown?" i was like wow, that is our greatest export? >> bob: i know who this is. but how far out of it am i in terms of cultural stuff? >> greg: it's refreshing that you are far out. you don't want to know a lot of this stuff. but this is the ultimate in the entertainment industry. they profess so be so liberal but they will excuse any massagmosajny if it makes money- >> kimberly: not that massage. >> eric: got to go. one more thing coming up. ♪ ♪ i wouldn't do that. pay the check?
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: all righty. time now for one more thing. mine is involving whitney houston, of course, but you vo to wait for it. let's start with greg. >> greg: tomorrow is valentine's day, so there is a
2:57 am
spike in hiring of private detectives a fact i read and don't believe. for a man who wants to avoid valentine's day. marry a russian. they don't have valentine's day. which i did. >> dana: saved you money. >> bob: i didn't know it was valentine's day. >> greg: somebody send bob a valentine. >> kimberly: he is needs a kiss. smoochie smooch. >> dana: i got a chance to be on "fox and friends" on monday and this morning in the green room i got to meet two great young guys, musician, singer, andy grahamer. he was going to teach me tow to play the guitar. and on the left is trevor baine, the youngest daytona 500 winner. >> kimberly: i want you to play for us on "the five." >> eric: back to grammys last night. huge fan. listen to how he is talks when he is accepts an award. listen you hear it.
2:58 am
>> my life changed when i wrote this song. it felt it before nip heard it. i just felt it. thank you. ♪ could have had it all ♪ rolling in the deep >> eric: what happened to that accent? >> dana: a lot of famous singers from the u.k. have that ability. to lose their heavy accents when they are singing. >> bob: she is probably to from newark and is making up the -- >> dana: sting is the same way. >> bob: mine is more serious on this. i looked at the "newsweek" cover last week about the war on christianity in muslim countries. i got curious about it for a lot of reasons. one is the united states, we try for the most part to try to give muslims the right to practice religion and stay out of arms way. but the christians are not
2:59 am
only not allowed to par tisnate religion, they are kill and churches are burned. it's happened in sudan and egypt. coptic christians and all across the muslim countries, including the allies like pakistan. if you want to get right here, i don't think the prophet meant to burn other people's churchs. >> eric: i have to take issue that "news week" used on the cover. >> kimberly: inappropriate. >> eric: inappropriate. >> bob: i might agree with you on that. the point here is that it gets very little coverage. it shouldn't -- there should be more coverage. we have people killed over there. sisters being killed trying to do god's work. for some reason, the prophet people don't accept the fact if we make fun of the prophet we're in trouble. >> kimberly: listen, this has been a great show. don't you think? who wants to come back tomorrow. that's it for "the five." listen to whitney houston. this is how you do


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