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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 15, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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original teddy lives at the smithsonian. original bears 109 years ago today. now you know the news for this wednesday, february the 15th, 2012. i'm shepard smith, headed off to lin-sanity. mr. bill is up now. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> the american people have somebody in their corner. >> bill: another nanny state alert, while president obama continues to promote big government, the feds are telling parents what to feed their kids. if you don't do it, you could pay a price. "special report" coming up. >> are you supporting somebody? >> newt newt newt. >> mitt romney. >> mitt romney. >> romney. romney. >> i'm leaning toward that ron paul guy you are so wise. >> bill: jesse watters goes to a conference in washington, d.c. >> you can name one good thing president obama has done? >> bill: watters world on the segment tonight.
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>> i think we should send him out to take a piece out of president obama. >> bill: dennis miller has advice for governor romney as he needs it as he continues to sink in the polls. >> don't blink or you are going to miss my part. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. another amazing example of government intrusion into other lives. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in north carolina 85 miles south of raleigh 4-year-old recently brought her lunch to school. the meal consisting of a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, apple juice and chips. that's the kind of lunch i eat. a school official believed the meal violated the u.s. department of agricultural guidelines so school authorities gave the girl additional food. chicken nuggets and charged
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her mother a buck and a half. a buck and a quarter i should say for the nuggets. after the fuss became public the school dropped the charge. think about, this the feds are providing nutrition guidelines to schools. okay. no problem with that guidelines can be good. but now the schools are interpreting those guidelines pretty much any way they want. a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, apple juice and chips is fine. not a bad lunch. is the 4-year-old training for the olympics? come on. last week we reported the obama administration's expansion of the federal government is now intruding on your life, my life, everybody's life. the feds are controlling health care delivery. energy delivery. even telling religions what kind of birth control license they have to pay for. social engineering is simply getting out of control. authorities in north carolina are now retreating because they know they can't justify what they did. but it's not about foolish bureaucrats. it's about mandates. no question that liberal americans want a giant
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colossus in washington to tell us how to live. they. to regulate income, education, what kind of car you drive. how you heat your house. what kind of food you eat. it never ends. the sad part is that most americans have no clue because the liberal media will not report what's happening. i guarantee you, guarantee you you have not heard this north carolina story on any network newscast. after we do it they might pick it up. maybe. americans barack obama the president certain solid a nanny state champion. no question he about it right now the president is leading in all the polls against romney santorum and gingrich. americans are saying you know what? we are okay with the nanny state. we want four more years of it believe me, if this continues, you are not going to recognize this country in four years. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. another view. with us david callahan co-founder of the progressive policy foundation. you like the nanny state,
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right? you like it? >> that story is crazy. i certainly -- i send my kids to school today. my 4-year-old with chicken -- not with chicken nuggets with cheese-its. >> bill: cheese-its, arrest him. citizen's arrest. you can't have your i kid eating cheese-its. i would not want to get a phone call from the school about that no way. on the other hand, let's get one thing straight. this is not the nanny state. almost every state in the country has enacted school nutritional guidelines. the public wants -- no problem with guidelines? >> right. >> bill: the problem is when a pinhead school administrator take as 4-year-old's lunch, opens it, says, you know what? your mom really didn't do a good job. you have to eat this. that's exactly what happened in north carolina. >> that's overstepping. let's not forget where those rules came from. they came from democratically led legislators. stop blaming.
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>> bill: democratic led legislators. >> who have enacted. >> bill: congress didn't enact them. the f.d.a. enacted them and you know that look, you know what i'm saying is essentially correct that barack obama, your guy, is creating a bigger and bigger government to regulate how we live. you can't deny it. it's happening. all right. and let me give you the starkest of examples. this pipeline from canada, all right? that they wanted to go to the gulf of mexico. president obama has derailed it it's not going to happen under his administration. that would have created jobs. and it would have lowered energy costs in the country. instead, the president says no to the pipeline but yes to solyndra. okay? $500 million investment. your money, my money, into an organization that may or may not be able to develop solar energy. in this case not. they went bankrupt. this is the kind of stuff that's frightens me and a lot of other people. no to a pipeline that's going to provide energy, that's going to give jobs.
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yes to solyndra. come on. >> clean energy jobs have been some of the biggest areas of job growth. >> bill: stay on that tack. >> any place where you see the so-called nanny state, you will see legislators making these rules. the usda rules that you are up in arms about, congress has asked the usda. >> bill: i don't have problem with the rules. >> the problem is what voters want. this is a risk of her society. people are worried about obesity. we have obesity epidemic in this country. voters want government to do something about it. this is not the nanny state out of control. >> bill: i would be a blatant hypocrite if i said i wanted the government to stay out of all of this. nancy reagan, just say no to drugs. fine. was nancy reagan patting you down and looking in your coat to see if you had a joint? no. guidelines are good. don't smoke. public service announcements. they should have public
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service announcements saying hey you kids don't smoke marijuana, they should, they don't. i'm fine with it what's happening here is way beyond guidelines. you yourself and your organization want is a government that tells you what to do he wills you what light bulb to use. tells what you kind of car you have to drive. that's not what america is all about. you can suggest. you can persuade. you can do all of those things. but to force people. >> again, all of those rules came from democratically elected legislators. >> that's a struggle, is it not. >> this is not about government out of control. >> government intrusion. >> those light bulb rules. >> if barack obama. >> the bush administration. from congress in 2005. >> bill: you are absolutely right. if barack obama gets reelected president, if he gets rio elected. what the american people are saying then is we want this
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colusses. we want the government to provide us and tell us what to do every day. you are honest man to admit it you are on that side. you want havana, moscow or berlin in the 1930s to tell what you to do. i will give you the last word. >> i think that it's not just me. it's millions of americans who want these rules. it is not government bureaucrats out of control. voters will decide. >> motorcycle helmets. i'm not into a lot of stuff. but people want it. >> all right. david, thanks for being honest guy. >> thanks for being here. >> mitt romney continues to sink in the polls. rick santorum continues to rise. why that is happening. later, jesse watters goes to the conservative conference in washington. >> you like watters world? >> what? >> do you like wawforts world? >> i have no idea what you are talking about. >> bill: all right. we're coming right back. ♪
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problems, you let george stephanopoulos from abc news have it the other day on hannity. >> you remember that abc debate with that paid democratic hit man george stephanopoulos went after. >> friend of yours, dick. >> trying to pin him down on contraception? >> bill: paid democratic hit man. >> yeah, you got it. >> bill: come on, morris, if i was stephanopoulos, i would slap you with the biggest lawsuit in the world. he works for abc news, does good morning america. you are accusing him of being on the pad for the democratic party. back it up. >> well, it began. >> i began to connect the dots when santorum did well in the iowa caucuses. we permit states to ban contraception. who is talking about that as a political issue? then i see george in the abc debate ask romney four times the audience was hooting. they were booing. they were laughing at him.
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whether a state can ban birth control. romney said george, nobody is talking about that he said no, but i want to know if you think they can. do you think they can? and then obama comes in with this birth control regulation. i think this is all of a piece to set up contraception as the new social issue replacing abortion to separate the left and right. i was trying to figure out why stephanopoulos was pushing like that. he had been contracted by the democrats to lay a hit on romney. to get romney to admit to say that he favored banning contraception. >> bill: here is where you fall off the cliff. your explanation is logical, all right? certainly george stephanopoulos is obsessed with contraception. obsessed. we don't know why. but he is. you are right. he asked the question. he brought it up and up and up. okay. fine. then, by coincidence, maybe. maybe by happenstance, maybe
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by plan, this big catholic church comes out. but you can't say he is on the take. he is in their pocket. you can say gee, it's an eerie coincidence and, gee, he was a democratic guy under clinton and maybe he is getting stuff. you can't say is he in their pocket. taking money from them or whatever. come on. >> bill, you neglect to realize that he -- i worked with him and for a year he basically worked for me. >> bill: yes. >> we were constantly doing that we were constantly -- doll was going to be interviewed and we would get with a reporter, sydney blumenthal was especially good at this. we would call sydney and we would say ask doll this and this and this. sydney would do it. we would film it and we would have a negative ad. george was doing the same thing except he is doing it as an anchor for abc not as a -- in debate not as a political operative when he was with me in the white house.
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>> bill: that's not fair. you have enough knowledge about george stephanopoulos and have put together at least a debatable theory on the contraception where absolutely legitimate. you take it too far. you say he is on the pad of the democratic party. you can't prove it it's not fair to him. >> i said a paid hit man. >> bill: paid. paid. that's money. you can't say that. >> abc is paying him. >> bill: no, no, no, no. >> if they don't reprimand him after that incredibly partially partisan performance aimed at developing material for a negative ad. and, in fact, they promote him and they praise him, then i wonder why abc has stephanopoulos on the payroll. i think making points for the democratic party might be part of why. >> bill: if i go back on good morning america any time soon, i will ask stephanopoulos. i don't think it's fair. >> george will never have me on good morning america. >> bill: if i were him i wouldn't either you just
8:16 pm
accused him of taking money. i know he didn't take he -- take money. >> didn't get a paper envelope. >> bill: that's what you said paid is paid. >> he is paid by abc. abc encourages him to do this kind of stuff. >> bill: romney, the polls are all bad for romney. does that matter? >> yes, it does. particularly it matters because the polls are bad for gingrich which means santorum will probably have a one-on-one with romney. romney has never been able to win a majority. what i think is going to happen though is that i think that when obama was at 42 or 43% job approval, you could go with the santorum, you could go with a gingrich because it looked like obama was certain to lose. i still believe he is but now voters are going to say, wait a minute, this guy is at 51, 52, you said yourself he is ahead in all of the swing states. they are saying, wait a minute. stop fussing around with an ideal candidate in the primary. i want a guy guaranteed to win
8:17 pm
in november. and romney has a better shot at getting the independent voters. the very things that make him problematic in the primary. romney care and past position on abortion. make him attractive to the independents. >> he can't seem to light a fire under his campaign. i mean i think conservatives have to vote their conscience. they are voting for santorum. i don't think these polls right now mean much. i think that at the end of the month when the debates start up again. there are three more. they will mean more. michigan, of course, very important for romney. romney is behind santorum in michigan. >> the french have a great saying. they say in the first round you vote with your heart and in the run-off you vote with your head. i think american voters are going to start voting with their heads. >> bill: i'm going to do morris a favor. next week is president's week, the tykes are off. morris has dubs goes to washington and teaches them about george washington and all of that president's week. washington, dubs, more rils. we all got it. >> like jesse watters goes to
8:18 pm
washington. >> i'm sure it is. >> directly ahead. one of governor romney's big supporters bay buchanan here to tell us why the governor is in trouble. advice for mitt romney who needs it also new obama budget. miller warming up. i guess i'm helping them save hundreds on car insurance. it probably also doesn't hurt that i'm a world-famous advertising icon. cheers! i mean, who wouldn't want a piece of that? geico. ah... fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent oh dear... or more on car insurance.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, as you mentioned at the top of the program santorum beating him in many places. herman cain ahead of romney. newt gingrich, perry. now rick santorum is ahead of romney. so, what's the problem? joining us from washington. senior advisor to the romney campaign bay kempf. you know, i don't want to pile
8:22 pm
on the governor. i don't think these polls are that important in the middle of february. there is something lacking. there is no doubt. all the money he has and all the campaigning he has done he still hasn't got on. do you see it that way? >> no. not at all. when you say he hasn't caught on. he won -- most all of the first nine primaries out there came in second in the ones he didn't. >> bill: national polls. about 127, 28%. the national polls are meaningless. he was high in the national polls after he won terrifically up there in new hampshire. then he came down and newt going in florida. even in the florida polls way behind. even as much as 120%. he wins florida. he shoots back up. and then newt is coming down and those supporters going to santorum giving him a bump. rick did a very smart thing three states beauty contests they were. no one else was playing there. did he well. he got all kinds of national
8:23 pm
attention. his numbers are all up. let's see if he can hold them. that's key. can rick santorum hold that bump? i don't think he can. >> bill: who knows? what's saying what you are saying is accurate that it isn't about mitt romney it's about circumstances. >> sure. >> bill: surely though you know conservative americans are suspect of the governor. and the other thing that i am picking up from governor romney is i do believe is he a conservative by the way. i take him at his word, he ran massachusetts pretty well. you know, you can't be rush limbaugh running massachusetts. it's 80% democrat and the legislature to get anything done he had to bring it down a little bit. did he have state troopers pulling over people, asking him if they were in the country legally. did he things that conservative officials would do. so i believe him. but when he says he is a conservative ms. buchanan he doesn't feel it he doesn't come across that way. >> i know. i understand. i am a movement conservative.
8:24 pm
all right? that's where i have come up from. i have been in the rank and file of that movement. he was not, bill. he was a businessman. he was only in politics four years. he was a governor and he was a conservative governor. >> bill: that's why the conservatives are going from one to the next to the next to the next because he doesn't feel genuine to them. >> you know, there is a lot of movement conservatives. you have to be one of us before we are going to really trust us and get our support. we feel you shouldn't come through the rank and file in order to be really our nominee before we give you our blessing. in fairness to mitt romney. he has been out there campaigning. state after state. is he getting the conservative vote. >> bill: got it in florida. >> he got in florida. he got it in new hampshire. certainly he got it in nevada. so he is holding his own. the hard conservatives. the very conservatives. they are not coming along quite as quickly but rick santorum has been a movement conservative, a social conservative, a champion of the cause for 20 years. he has a right to those hard
8:25 pm
right conservatives pro-lifers out there. come around. they will all be behind us -- >> bill: if governor romney loses the michigan primary, he is in trouble. >> is he not in trouble. >> bill: is he in trouble. that's a home state. >> we want to win it. that's the same way. >> very strong in ers a certainly want to win. >> got to win. >> primaries one day and super tuesday. >> two weeks to win that they are going to kill him nobody can beat mitt romney. he is on the path nomination. rick santorum is not. newt gingrich is off the radar. this is so crazy that he could i have got to ask you. this i have got to run. your brother is in the witness protection program. patrick, pat buchanan. is he in arizona?
8:26 pm
i hear he sunday the name rodrigo. white wig and mustache. >> he is with his wife in mcclean. >> bill: where is he. >> he is at home and doing a lot of writing. radio and tv. >> bill: msnbc deep six. >> they are in amicable discussion. you will be talking to him soon enough. >> bill: we hope he comes on the program because we are worried about him. i heard that he was a different identity and he is doing a talk show. >> he is ready let me tell you. he is ready to get back on, bill. i'm sure he will be giving you a call. >> bay buchanan. plenty more as the factor moves on this evening. jesse watters goes to the conservative conference in washington. another big trouble maker advice for governor romney advice on the budget.
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>> bill: watters world segment tonight. political action conference in d.c. last week. mitt romney won the straw poll there. by all accounts it was three days of not liking president obama. so we sent jesse watters to check it out. >> you can name one good thing president obama has done? >> gave the okay to take out usama bin laden. >> he is has unified the conservative movement. >> he likes march madness, so i guess that union nights americans. college basketball. >> i have been hearing that crap ever since i was at ucla. >> getting usama bin laden we can all agree. >> getting number two. >> my name is number two. >> the think that i have to take the survey. >> is he a pretty good singer ♪ so in love. >> is he a much better role model as a husband and father
8:31 pm
than he is as a president. i think we should give him more time after november. >> quit smoking. >> i don't believe he really quit. >> come again? >> one thing he has inspired me to do is cling to my bible and guns a little bit more. >> put that gun down. ♪ >> michelle obama with some of her food. >> do you agree with any of that? >> i don't think we should force people onto eat right. >> i'm on a diet myself. i'm on the somali desert diet. >> oh, wow. >> get out of our way. let us eat our french fries. >> how are we set for prize? >> look good. >> this is nothing new. they were doing this in the 50s when i went to school. >> i suppose you are right. >> the government is trying to control everything. you cannot control what i eat. >> at my age i have been eating the wrong thing all my life and i'm the healthiest guy i know. >> who are you supporting for president this year? >> i actually like ron paul. >> i think santorum's run is going to be interesting to watch. >> mitt romney.
8:32 pm
>> why do you back romney. >> i back romney because is he very presidential. >> i appreciate that? >> are you backing anybody for president this year. >> who cares what i think about the president? i'm just going to vote like everybody else. >> well then let's move on. >> i'm leaning towards that ron paul guy. >> you are so wise. like a miniature buddha. >> i'm supporting rick santorum. >> you can name one thing that president obama has done? >> he has been a good husband and father. >> i'm supporting governor romney. >> i'm a mitt guy. >> you are a mitt guy. >> i'm a mitt guy. >> he is indeed the conservative choice here. >> newt newt newt. >> you can name one good thing obama done. [contradicts chirping] >> what's the matter are you afraid. >> are you backing anybody in this presidential primary. >> jesse watters 2016. >> change the subject. can i roll with that. >> anything you want to say to bill? >> i just want to say hi. >> bill o'reilly. quick question for him. >> this is awkward. >> bill o'reilly.
8:33 pm
what are you sit anywhere, i think. >> just be as aggressive as you always are and don't pontificate so much. >> he is intellectually honest. he calls it like it is. >> word of the day. >> no dolosity. this is a great word. >> why don't you have me back on? >> this is watters world. >> are you watters world fan? >> no. >> i'm watters. [ laughter ] >> people do seem to like my smile. >> that was a mumbling experience for you? >> yeah, it was a little humbling. >> we get you on here to get exactly that age group to watch the program and they go who are you? >> in all honesty i signed autographs. i took pictures. my ego was huge and i went home and my wife told me to take out the garbage. i got knocked down. >> bill: in god's name. >> high hand hurts. you have no idea. you created a monster.
8:34 pm
>> when romney wins the straw poll down at cpac, okay? that is big but then it doesn't translate to the rest of the country or it hasn't this week. >> there is a trick to the cpac straw poll you bus people. in that takes money. ron paul has done it in the past. romney paid for all of his supporters to come to d.c. >> bill: now do you know that. >> it's understood in the cpac world. >> he paid for people to come in. >> yes. >> to vote for him? >> 3,000 activists they go and vote. >> that's usually how cpac voters are chosen. >> i didn't know that. >> very good watters. i didn't know that next week out in l.a. watch out. we're setting you loose. >> i'm ready to go. >> streets of los angeles. that's going to be scary. when we come right back, dennis miller has some advice for mitt romney and advice on mitt romney's spending plan. fed up father takes a gun, shoots his daughter's laptop. juliet huddy will tell us why up ahead. a machine.
8:35 pm
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. bill o'reilly. in the miller time segment tonight, let's go right to the sage of southern california who joins us now from his hometown of santa barbara and by the way, miller, you and i have sold out the two shows we are going to do in santa barbara on february 25th. you really are a big shot in your hometown. you know? sold out two. >> listen, billy, i'm just michael j. pollard to your clyde barrow. >> bill: anybody watching bonnie and clyde will know the reference there. okay. mitt romney as we discussed with dick morris and bay buchanan. a little poll problem this week. and you say? >> i got a few ideas for mitt. first off people want him to be roughed up a little. so i would get a big tat on my right arm and start wearing
8:39 pm
sleeveless t-shirts and it would say hope and change. this then, secondly, if i was going to wade in on santorum i would not call in the war like did i with gingrich. pretty people were predisposed to newt get a new one torn for him because they don't like him by and large. third, i think romney ought to turn barack over to jeremy lin and clear out and get out of the way. and fourth i might communicate with santorum on some back channel and say, listen, if the numbers aren't right for you at some point i'm going to come to you for v.p. it gets me all the inside for christians. gets you four to eight. that's the way i would play it if i were mitt. >> i don't know if romney auto would do that he would have to have emissaries. i contend that mitt romney's problem is essentially a cosmetic problem. now, i think the tattoo that
8:40 pm
you suggest on the arm, hope and change this, that might be a little something that he could consider. he is not feeling what is he saying. you know what i mean? when you and i interact. people know it's authentic. it's genuine. i don't know what miller is going to say. i really don't particularly care. he doesn't know what i'm going to say. and i know he doesn't care. so everybody knows it's genuine. when romney gets out and he says i am a conservative. kind of going like this. well, we're not so sure. i don't know if you can have authenticity injected into your system. that's the problem. >> i know what he does remind me of, billy, occasionally. and i know you don't watch it you would be perfect on it what is the dance show. >> bill: dancing with the stars? >> "dancing with the stars." always a good-looking guy a little stiff at first. then bruno, you either have to
8:41 pm
fall into this or get voted off, baby. i would say romney is at that point now with conservatism. you either got to go for it with the quick step or just go home because if you are still going to be putting those footprints down like you are at the arthur murray studio on day one, you probably aren't going to make it santorum knows what he speaks. you know what i mean? >> believes it hard drive. >> always been that way. the only wrap on santorum's conservative sheet is that he did vote for a lot of big spending policies under president bush the younger. but is he absolutely a genuine conservative up against the guy mitt romney who never had to be that. i believe in his heart that romney is conservative but he never had to show it and now is he having a problem doing it. all right. let's get on to. >> i am with you. i believe is he a good guy. i think he would be a good president. time in history. i'm not saying creep to get barack obama out of office.
8:42 pm
>> the election is going to been barack obama. the president's budget plan calls for continued massive spending. real change of course. and you say? >> i say when you mash this up. this new budget with the stance he took on, you know, birth control last week. appears to me barack obama life officially begins when able to sign up for entitlements. i think that's his legal definition. this 3.8 thing if i was mitch mcconnell i would jump on this and have this down that pneumatic tube down to the red zone. go ahead vote on this. you think claire mccaskill is going to go near this? >> >> see the president becoming more and more committed to the progressive cause. have you got to wonder and
8:43 pm
this is the key question we talked about the top of the program with callahan, maybe americans want the nanny state, miller. you know, you and i, the reason i like miller and put him on the show in the first place is because miller is from pittsburgh. >> what? >> bill: is he from pittsburgh. >> regular guy. >> bill: worked his way up. his father was a regular-working just like my father. all right? so we did it. >> we don't need the nanny state. we don't want any part of it. i think miller the country is changing, millions of people want it. >> let's see. let's get it on in november. >> there is an odd chance what might do barack obama in is not the big overture. you remember the movie war of the worlds billy. the space ships were cutting us up left and right. we dropped an a bomb on him. cedric hard wick told us what did them in was the microbes. the smallest of god's organisms. i think barack obama if that
8:44 pm
gas price goes above five bucks this summer. he might be done in by the smallest of all organisms. those numbers at the pump. >> you are absolutely so wrong about war of the worlds. the reason those machines pulled back and died was they had had just about enough of tom cruise and a tight t-shirt. that's only so much you can take of that. all right? they were the illegallist of aliens. alienist of aliens and their health care was covered. >> bill: all of their dependents and god knows what planet received checks. >> alien had been birthed here he was covered. >> bill: living large in santa barbara. see all of you guys out there in 10 days. it will be fun. hundred tickets left for the bolder fresher tour in chicago on june 23rd. get them while we have them. they will be gone soon. i will see you guys in tampa
8:45 pm
florida. show in naples sold out that week. april 6th be in palm beach. april 7th melbourne, florida. details bill o' did you see that on deck. father shoots his father's laptop dead. pop star offends many catholics at the grammies. moments away. i found centrum specialist. a complete multivitamin enhanced for what's important to me. vision. energy. prenatal. heart. [ man] new centrum specialist helps make nutrition possible. [doors open] [dogs barking & grunting]
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[dog shaking water] [dog growls] [dogs bark]
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8:48 pm
>> bill: back of will book segment tonight. we begin with a fed up the dad, tommy jordan went vigilante, reading his daughter's comments to the world. >> this is called to my parents, by the way. to my parents i'm not your damn slave. it's not my responsibility to clean up your [bleep]. you tell me at least once a day that i had to get a job.
8:49 pm
i love it. this part. you could just pay me for all the [bleep] i do around the house. i don't know how to say how disappointed i am in you. and how disrespectful you were. so i i am going to put a stop to it and put it a stop to it right now. this right here is my 45. facebook was murdered and here now fox news correspondent juliet huddy. that's quite a statement. then the father posted his -- does he have a facebook account too? >> yeah he posted it on facebook and has 200 and some odd views. >> 200 isn't much. >> 200,000. >> thank you for correcting me william, i'm blonde. sometimes i forget. it's become an internet sensation. a little bit of daddy vigilantism. he spoke to her in a way that she would understand. the language that she would understand. >> bill: let me ask you. this because you were raised in a different time than i was raised.
8:50 pm
if i were. >> not that much different. >> bill: if i was disrespectful to my father there were going to be big consequences. i couldn't use profanity ever. i could not bees disrespectful to anyone in the family or i would be punished harshly. there wasn't any facebook or any of that. >> was there electricity? no. [ laughter ] >> i have got to tell that you candle wax hurt. very good, huddy. that's why we have huddy on 00 program. [ laughter ] >> bill: is that too much? embarrassing his 15-year-old daughter. everybody in the neighborhood didn't see that 15-year-old is very, very sensitive to that kind of criticism. did the father overdo it? >> no. i think the father did -- i think it was great. the kids will probably appreciate it i think the girl got a little lesson again in her own language. i think she is probably going to become very -- reality television land, yes. probably going to become famous now. >> bill: i think that might have been too harsh. i think i would have handled it privately. we disagree there. nicki minaj. i have all of her 45s.
8:51 pm
[ laughter ] >> you mean her 8 tracks? >> bill: singer, right? >> yes. rapper. >> bill: goes on the grammys and does, this go ♪ so much you can take ♪ you can take ♪ roman holiday ♪ a roman holiday ♪ o come all ye faithful ♪ joyful and triumphant >> bill: all right. so huddy is catholic. i'm catholic. she is obviously mocking the church. >> no, no, no, no. i totally disagree with you. i don't think she is mocking the church at all. it was bizarre. it was like acid trip time there. >> bill: a little bizarre? that's the pope with nikki right there. >> she has supposedly she has alter egos. one of her alter egos is roman a child, who feels like he is
8:52 pm
out of place. his mother wants to correct his weirdness so she wants to have him exsore sized. it's a weed thing. i didn't get it. the audit yent didn't get it wasn't attacks the catholic church. exorcism thing. >> desperate cry for attention. she knew she did it. she would get more publicity. that's what it. >> i wouldn't say desperate. i would say cry for attention. >> she is a very famous person, bill. >> the kids love her. >> the kids love her. nicki minaj, everybody. >> i don't believe i will be attending any of her concerts. she doesn't like me so it doesn't matter. juliet huddy. pinheads and patriots starring peek knees, is lovable or annoying? we will find out in p and p just over two minutes away. follow the wings.
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>> bill: it's amazing what we're fining out. my co-author are writing the book as we speak. some of the things are covered.
8:56 pm
if you like "killing lincoln" i believe you will like killing kennedy, as well. >> today's show and politics. >> bill: now to mail. cath any thi smith. >> bill: the government believes it can borrow money odd inif i night up forever. we can keep it going forever. that is what barack obama believes.
8:57 pm
>> bill: accomplish yate the report jolene. fine copy of "killing lincoln" on the way to you.
8:58 pm
>> bill: you know the book has taken off abroad all over the world. i'm very gratified that people overseas are reading it. >> bill: my assistant for more than 20 years, she is the brains of the entire factor operation. that's right. i speak the truth. finally pinheads and patriots. the kennel show has wrapped up. top dog this year, roll the tape. >> at the 136th west minister kennel club, is the pikinese. [ cheers and applause ]
8:59 pm
>> the pekeneese. this is number 114, that is malaki. >> malaki is four years old. the hair ball is all patriot for winning the big show. that is it for us tonight. >> we would like to spout off about the factor from any place around the world. name and town any time. any time you wish to opine. do not be mordent when writing to the factor. now, i he like dogs. my dog growing up was barney. barney walked me. barney walked me. but i have to say this. if barney had entered the dog show over there, westminster dog show


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