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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  February 18, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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the only insurance company that guarantees your claim experience won't be mayhem... like me. [ dennis ] introducing the claim satisfaction guarantee. only from allstate. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you from mayhem like allstate. >> this week, budget illusion, he is promising higher taxes and thinking deficits. he'll tell you what you will really get and paul ryan, how republicans plan to respond. as rick santorum surge continues mitt romney is fighting back as a pro union big spending. washington insider. so is part of our job is to bring
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down our deficit. so the cuts we've already made. we will be able to reduce our deficits by $4 trillion by the year 2022. >> welcome. >> that was president obama unveiling a $3 trillion for 2013. there are lots of promises in those 2,000 plus pages, including as you heard, a $4 trillion deficit reduction allegedly over ten years. so can the president deliver? paul ryan is chair of the house budget committee. he joins me now from capitol hill. so you have been severely critical for the spending increases and tax increases, what can house republicans do about it this year? >> we're going to after an alternative. it gives us $400 billion over
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ten years and it increases spending by $1.5 trillion and average $40 billion every year when we're racking up trillion dollar deficits. i don't know how to describe that it's not serious. we're going to purl put up an alternative. if we don't like the direction the president is taking the country, the direction for debt in decline, we owe the country an alternative choice by putting specific solutions on the country, how to reform entitlement spending and how to get the debt under control. just like last year we'll do it this year. so american voters will have a future. >> are you going to put the medicare reform plan, the same one you passed last year.
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many privately, i don't want to make that again. you are going to put it in again? >> yes, we are not backing off on any of our policy reforms. if you are not serious about taking on these entitlement issues, but b dealing with the unfunded promises you are not serious about fixing our fiscal situation. we need half of our republican side being serious about fiscal situation, if we duck this we'll have a debt crisis and we can't let that happen. >> if republicans do pass a budget and senate doesn't, where does it leave you? how do you get more spending reduction this year than you got last year? unless you got none, it was flat you held it flat which was better than the previous two years but you didn't cut a lot of spending? >> that is the problem. when you are minority party with the senate not doing any budget
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go for three years. the president doing this, there is no more opportunity. i think after this last week, it doesn't look like much more is going to get done. the way we look at it we have to american people unbreak this logjam, give us the ability to fix this problem. so in election we need them a sharp choice of two futures so we can have an affirming election, not where we win one by default but affirming election where the country says get us back to the american idea and get us back to solvency. so we need a budget out there, no, it's not going to pass into an law this year and no, we won't get a lot of savings because the senate gridlocked and president won't cut spending. so we'll have to take it to the american people and let them decide. >> so the best the american public can probably expect from
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you guys is basically hold things level, no more increases, status quo? >> if you want to change that you have to pass budgets to change it. we will pass a budget, but in if the senate chooses thought to pass the budget which senator reid announced, then no budget occurs. the house and senate pass a budget, we have a lou that says we have to do this. if one of those breaks down then no budget occurs. the senate didn't do a budget in 2010 and 2011 and now they have announced they aren't going to do a budget in 2012. so we'll take it to the country and let them decide. >> so you promised to cut about $100 billion worth of spending. what lessons did you learn last year from you didn't succeed to at least to get better performance this year?
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>> the lesson we learned divided government is very difficult. the whole payroll thing is an example of that. democrats wouldn't agree to spending cuts over a ten-year period. president wouldn't agree $46.9 trillion the neck ten years. so we passed budgets that cut those spending levels but when you have a white house and senate that just unwilling to cut spending, that is the gridlock we have. you have a senate that won't do any budgeting. with we need to get back to dealing with this problem in a serious way. we feel we have a moral and legal obligation to show the country what we would do if they gave us the permission and power to do it by giving the house and senate and white house. >> we'll look to see what you propose. thanks for being here. >> still ahead, congressional republicans may not be buying what president obama is selling
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>> paul: paul ryan and fellow republicans may not find much to like in president obama's budget but with his approval rating up, the american public buying into an his agenda for a second term. let's ask dan henninger and james free man and washington columnist kim strausel. so what is the one thing in the budget the public doesn't know about? >> the discussion how the obama administration would deal with future tax reform. among the ideas was a global minimum tax.
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obviously there is a lot of companies that go and create jobs overseas because other countries have better tax rates rather than president obama lowering our tax rate. they are arguing further tax those companies, penalize them for working overseas. >> the budget includes a $10,000 subsidy for electric cars, like the volt. $10,000 this is a bribe to suburban voters. >> paul: okay. >> i'm not taking it. [ laughter ] >> i think the most remarkable thing, usually when politicians roll out budget plans, they acknowledge they are going to spend too much now but in the future things will be better and everything is going to balance. what is remarkable about this plan, there is no point in the future where even they are saying deficits and debt forever. this week in congressional
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testimony, obama officials refused to say when it was going balance, the answer is no. >> the average is closer 24% and average is close to 21. trillion dollar deficits, that has not happened since world war ii. this most fiscally irresponsible record in modern american history. >> nobody will know that unless santorum and romney start talking about it. >> paul: what does it tell you about the president's campaign strategy or second term agenda? >> there is a second term agenda and that the president will be taxing everyone everyone to pay for the extraordinary spending you mentioned. and he keeps to spend that way in the future. you need a super computer to add up taxes on investment and
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income corporate and taxes in obama, this administration finally admitting this is what they are going to have to do to pay for their spending. >> paul: political strategy, jails. you don't want to go into an an election i'm the biggest spender in history. what is the calculation here? >> the republicans are two dimwitted to mention it. >> the great column but more a statement of belief. i think what you are seeing theied ideology, but it is remarkable. people ought to understand, because the president talks about how we have to make tough choices, a matter of simple math that is how we justify tax increases, but they are increasing not as fast as the spending and debt. more than $11 trillion in new debt even assuming his tax increases. >> paul: i think the strategy has been increased spending,
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ultimately you will have to raise taxes to pay for it. second term, the idea try to get value-added tax or major energy tax. they know they can't pay for the spending just by taxing the rich. is that what we're going to see in the second term? >> i wouldn't be surprised. you would have to do something like that. the political strategy is more cynical than that. tim geithner went before the finance committee and ways and means committee and he was asked about this sort of none at the question for in the budget. there has been nothing on entitlements and what he said we think it's preferable to raise taxes on top 2% rather to make cuts in medicare and other programs. what they are doing, they are forcing the republicans to be the party that talks about reforming medicare by making
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cuts or making some people pay for it themselves. democrats are going to run out and demagogue the issue and medicare cuts and refusing, and party wants to raise taxes. >> paul: is this going to work politically? >> i don't think so. buffet rule is center part of the their argument. the buffet rule doesn't affect warren buffett and there won't be a lot of other people that won't be affected. >> paul: when we come back, as rick santorum continues to climb in the polls. mitt romney goes on the attack. painting his opponent as a washington insider. is he? we'll take a closer look at santorum's senate record, next. if you're one of those folks who gets heartburn
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>> paul: the santorum surge continues with the senator leading mitt romney among republican voters nationwide. and in romney's childhood home in michigan where they square off in a critical primary just over a week from now. romney is not taking any of this lying down. they are taking aim at his record in the senate and painting him as the consummate washington insider. >> how did rick santorum vote? he voted to raise the debt limit five times and for billions in wasteful projects including the bridge to nowhere. in a single session, 51 bills to increase spending and zero to cut spending. santorum to raise his own pay
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and let convicted felons vote. >> paul: all right so kim, is this what rick santorum is going to see in michigan on an assault like he used in gingrich in florida? >> you bet. romney is very good about that. they did it against perry and gingrich in florida. they will come out with all guns blazing. it's the question whether or not he is big spender. other big area is mr. santorum's labor record. his vote in particular for some union issues coming from a state like pennsylvania. >> paul: how valuable santorum on big spender? >> he is not vulnerable. he would be vulnerable if he was competing for conservative votes against jim demint. i guess mitt romney i think it's
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clear that santorum is the economic conservative. you might see he is not electable for other reasons but in terms of spending he was more conservative than the average republican in the senate. >> paul: his record was "a" minus? >> you are talking about future liabilities and he led the charge on that on social security. it ended up costing an election in part. to go after him as a big spender is ridiculous. >> paul: i remember writing column bums about he was for private accounts before george bush was when it had been tried as a political issue. dan, what about this union point? >> he represented pennsylvania. i've looked at the record. basically there was a good rick and bad rick. good was the senator that served
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four years of the term. a lot of what romney is true. that happened in the final years of his term as he got closer to the vote. >> paul: they would say that is cynical. that is politics as usual, that is not what i want. >> 2006 his election year which is the worst from a free market perspective, he has 20% rating from the afl/cio. he is voting against big labor 80% of the time. this is not the union as man in washington. what he has said he is not hostile to private sector unions. he has made the case that the help workers. >> paul: kim, get in here? >> i disagree. union issue is a big issue with boeing and he has been on the wrong side of this. regardless of whether election
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politics, as the cynical view. the problem he faces that one a lot of voters, is he organizations like that simply to get re-elected and that the kind of guy we want. >> paul: i'm going to a santorum ad that is running against romney. >> mitt romney's negative attack machine is back on full throttle. he is firing at rick santorum, romney and super pac spent $20 million attacking several republicans. why? because he is trying to hide from big government romney care and his support for cap and trade. in the end, mitt romney's attacks are going to backfire. >> paul: is that going to inoculate the senator? >> pretty fun ad.
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i think it is fairly effective. he is representing as union guy. but he didn't take the bait in that respect. this romney care is a big problem for mitt romney. that is how santorum got into the race. romney has still not come up with an adequate position to inoculate himself for the criticism he did in massachusetts. >> paul: romney care and cap and trade are much bugger problems philosophically than earmarks and right to work. >> i was going to say, the romney organization has not come up with much. opposition research department, if they decided the way to try to make this work is say mitt romney is the economic conservative versus santorum, clearly the romney care and other policies are huge government intervention. >> paul: how much trouble is
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romney in if he loses michigan? >> he is in big trouble because santorum goes in the super tuesday with a lot of momentum. >> paul: we have to take one more break and hits and misses of the week. . which shirt feels more expensive? oooh, ooh la la. 'm feeling their muscles. yup, yup. that one. that one's softer. [ female announcer ] actually, it's the same t-shirt. really? [ female announcer ] but this one was washed in downy. that's why it was softer. it has a real soft velvety feel. let me try again. ♪ divine. why spend a lot of money when you can just use downy? [ female announcer ] it's an upgrade in a bottle. upgrade your freshness with downy unstopables -- scents that last for 12 weeks! upgrade your freshness with downy unstopables -- online dating services can get kind of expensive. so to save-money, i found a new way to get my profile out there. check me out. everybody says i've got a friendly disposition and they love my spinach dip. 5 foot ten. still doing a little exploring... on it.
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>> paul: time for hits and misses of the week. kim, first to you. >> this is a hit to a new trend documented in our paper. doctors that are firing patients telling them to go to a new practice if they will not inoculate their kids? >> inoculations cause autism, it's not true but they give kids waivers to go to school without vaccinations and resurgence for deadly diseases. they are saying you need to do this best shot at reversing this problem. >> and government agency, the
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immigration and naturalization service for managing the country in the mid 70 engineers in taiwan. they settled in california, but unintended consequence, they have a child area any lin and lin sanity in new york. it's one of the benefits of immigration. let them in. >> and miss to president obama in los angeles big hollywood. this is what he said. one of my proudest thick is helping to restore the respect of america that we are not just defined by the size of military. we love the troops but we just hate the pirl military. i really don't understand the distinction. >> paul: who believes we were defined by the military? >> obama.


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