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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 21, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EST

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what lol means. >> kimberly: bless his heart. it wouldn't "the five" without apology at the end of the week. come back and see us tomorrow. okay. welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld. our show is now made with 10% of house boy juice. let's go to andy levy with a pre game report. what is coming up on today's show. >> espn fires one employee and suspends another for a choice set of words to describe knicks' jeremy lin. linsanity, get on board. and the story so shocking we never got to it last weekend and probably won't tonight. and finally scientists claim they have grown meat made out of stem cells. we will try to figure out why they named it that straight ahead. >> thank you, andy.
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>> a lot of guests tonight. >> yes, andy. >> more than unusual. >> yes. >> usually we have three guests and tonight we have four. >> yes. >> so it is more than usual. >> one more than usual. >> a lot of guests tonight, greg. >> is this going anywhere? >> it really isn't. >> then go away. let's welcome our guest. she is so hot she can roast marshmellows by sneezing on them. i am here with fox business network anchor lori roth man. he is smarter than a dolphin stuffed in an el fept stuffed in a chimpanzee. what a great smile he has. well, if covert intelligence were snowfall i would expect 4 to 6 inches from this man. it is mike baker, the former cia agent. we try not to feed him, but he keeps coming back. it is my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and he is our only resident running for president, the new mexico governor and probably the most normal 2012 hopeful we have seen in awhile, gary johnson. and his kind of ink won't make
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you think. it is our new york times correspondent, good to see you, pinch. >> ahoy fans of penny pinching. all the news that is fit to print is available for daily delivery at $6.05 per week. now i should give you this warning -- ♪ listen to me, baby they call me heartbreaker ♪ ♪ i don't want to deceive you ♪ ♪ and if you fall for me i'm not easy to please ♪ ♪ i'm a tear you apart ♪ told you from the start baby from the start ♪ i'm gonna break your heart ♪ ♪ break your heart >> you want me to continue? >> no. >> ♪ break your heart >> stop it. >> well he went from headlines to the unemployment lines. on sunday espn fired the editor who used the phrase "ch
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nie k in the armor" when talking talking about jeremy lin, but jeremy says the racial slur never crossed his mind. he said, quote, this had nothing to do with me being cute or funny. i'm sorry if i offended people. i'm sorry if i offended jeremy." it appeared on saturday morning and read as follows "chink in the armor, it causes a loss to the hornets." have i no idea what -- i have no idea what that means. and another has been suspended for 30 days because the same expression was used on air. he tweeted his apologies. everybody tweets apologies saying "my wife is asian and i would never do anything to disrespect her or that community." have i to remember that excuse. for more let's go to our basketball correspondent, needy cat. needy?
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>> good stuff is always needy. you are a well-?oan known -- well-known racist in the bay area. do you think the headline writer had to go or was he just using a harmless little phrase? >> for those who can pronounce it it is caw lobing we y'allism and i think he was. i don't think any of us who are from the bay area haven't worn armor at some point possibly with a leather cod piece. it is a commonly used word in the armor. it may have been pourly -- poorly chosen. i have had enough. he also said he wasn't being
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punis. puns are supposed to be funny. >> they weren't. well at least that one wasn't. he says he has used the headline before. it was hundreds of times. do you think he is innocent? do you buy that? >> i am buying the don't fire these guys. it is just wrong, but really the apologies sounded truly sincere. >> really? >> contrite and all of that. >> you think he had no idea that put putting "chink in the armor" below an asian man -- >> okay, so. >> yes, you could see that might be a problem. >> okay, so maybe his contrite apology should have said "you know i thought this was going to be funny." anyway, reading the apologies, it really did sound like, wow, we made a mistake and we are
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sorry. jeremy lin says, okay, i'm okay with it. i don't know if i would have fired him. >> lori, you claim to be a business reporter. how is espn handling this mess? do you think they did the right thing? >> i think they took it a step too far. i think they were just stupid. i think there is so much pressure to come up with new and clever and funny material in this 24-hour news cycle. you can get any kind of information on-line from so many sources. you are desperate to grab people's attention. i think they took it a step too far. i don't think they did it with malice, but they did it with stupidity. >> i bet you love this headline. more people are thinking like me. >> how funny is this? how punny is this. >> thank you for greg telling me how to pronounce squaw lobing we caw log we y'allism. >> we finally got somebody on
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that can say it. i agree with what has just been said. i think i went over the top in firinged from rico. in firing frederico. the editor, the young guy, 28 years old. here is my take on it. i can believe that dishing out the headlines all nightlong on the on-line site, he is at a certain age where he may not have been familiar with what is essentially an antique racial slur. >> let me finish. it is in my own sort of way. i can buy that. perhaps he threw this thing out there. the question that the anchor asked seemed to me to be rather engineered in order to fit that phrase in there. >> he didn't -- he said "is this chink in the armor the fact he can't -- he has a lot of turnovers" or something like that.
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couldn't he just said he has a lot of turnovers. >> he could have said a question that made more sense. he seemed to be putting the expression in there. who can read into this? if i say anything to offend him i'm afraid greg will laugh again, and i can't face that. >> the only thing funny right now is your beard. your horrible beard. >> i like it. >> i think it is sexy. >> everybody thinks what mike baker does is sexy. it doesn't matter if he has a beard or horribly disfigured. >> don't forget in c block i will be shaving half the beard. >> here is the point. imagine if you woke up the next day after seeing this show and somebody had done a lower third under your name that said something like, you know, whatever. they said chink in the armor and people would assume you did that. would you be ticked off? >> i don't know how to do the lower third machine. you know who is the bigot here
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is espn for assuming they said something they didn't mean. there is no way they did it on purpose. what end would that serve? they are talking about their career. the 28-year-old never heard of the expression. the other guy is married to an asian wife so he gets a get out of jail free card. espn is bigoted for assuming they were going the other direction. they are the problem. i would also say the -- say there are no editors on that is one of the biggest websites on planet earth. usually these things go on facebook. >> bill, there is some other thing on at 3:00 a.m. that nobody watches and it is the espn website. i want to go to you last before moving on. do you buy the fact -- this is the only excuse, youth. do you think it is true that a kid like in his 20s never could link a chink in the armor to an asian racial
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slur? >> i think all young people are completely unwitting. they have no experience in anything that happened before they were born. i have had them say, maybe i would know that if i was born in 1978 or whatever. uh bairntly the -- apparently the world was a swirling ball of gas. all young people under the age of 40 are off the hook for knowing anything in their lifetime. >> wow, under the age of 40. >> yea! >> i agree. from racial slurring to monitoring, do the police need to cease, or are they keeping the peace. according to the associated press, the nypd has been modelling the associations at colleges across the northeast like yale and rutgers. even sending an under cover officer on a white water rapid trip with some under grads. that sounds like fun. but to some that is a civil rights violation. says the chaplain of syracuse university's msa quote, nobody wants to be on the list of the
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fbi or the nypd or whatever. the muslim students want to have their own lives and own privacy and enjoy the same opportunities that everybody else has. sure they do. but the nypd deputy commissioner paul brown says, quote, nypd only investigated persons who we had reasonable suspicion to believe might be involved in unlawful activity. we go to the "red eye" senior cory spawn department. correspondent. >> i don't know how to respond to that, governor. let me ask you this. them infiltrating -- is that any different than the police? infiltrating the mob which they make tons of movies about and they make them into
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heros. >> yes, it is a big difference. this is really an egregious violation of civil liberties. and it is going on more and more and more. everybody says so many people in this country say, look, i'm law abiding. i don't care. it is not me. well, tomorrow it is going to be you. >> i don't know. i don't -- i am not into the slippery slope thing. >> well, 30,000 drones now. we are going to have 30,000 drones flying over us checking on what? >> we need 30,000 more. that means we are 30,000 shy. jay i suspect we -- >> i suspect we might disagree on that one. >> i knew we were going to disagree on this one. this wasn't the category. i am so tired of the sorries where people get upset about the fact that we are
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monitoring for exactly what we are expected to monitor for. it is not a happy coincidence we haven't had an attack on the soil. and we constantly have this feeling. we have had happy circumstances. there has been an immeasurable improvement in the way the government -- the way we talk about local and state federal authorities interact and develop these leads that then allow for things to take place. the arrest of the individual in washington, d.c. the other day. >> the moroccan gentleman. >> he was no gentleman. >> i do agree, and you have to check it, but people should always have to do some government time whether it is military or in the government. it would take away the concept that we somehow work for a government that is out to screw us constantly, and that's not the case. >> there are 13 slots.
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>> right. >> my time in the government, the governor of new mexico after 9/11, i just spent all of my time going, don't do that. don't do this. they put national guard on duty at a public airport. meaning there was no screening prior to coming in or going out. then they wanted to barricade the f.a.a. building. they wanted to barricade it permanently. no, don't do it. >> i agree with you on the screening issue. you want to make more efficient screening, profile. >> what kind of information gathering do you do on white water rafting trips? >> have you ever been on the white water rafting? >> well, i am busy trying to stay balanced and not drowned. >> what they are probably trying to do is get somebody alongside somebody who was a reasonable suspect. >> the other point is in terms
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of the other journalistic qualitied, they zeroed in on the muslim people. who else are they monitoring for no good reason? >> i hope it is the brown knees. >> exactly, that's my point. >> you have to go where the risk is. here is the thing. these are police officers in fill traiting the student groups. doesn't this smell like 21 jump street. and shouldn't we be saluting it because that was a great show? they were infiltrating high school to fight drug addicts. why isn't this any worse than that, my friend? >> well, it is in between the mod squad and "21 jump street." when a guy shows up at a meeting and he is wearing white socks and has a hat that says "it is a white thing" on it, it gives him away a little bit. i tried to join -- when i went to the college of san mateo in the old days, i tried to join a muslim student association expirks was thrown out because i wnted hot dog -- i wanted hot dog night on thursday. for me it was a matter of taste. they didn't want me anymore.
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i have to agree with mike. i believe the government is watching us everywhere, or is it the governor? i can't remember. it turned into an incoherent argument at the end. i noticed that if i go to the store and buy grapes and use my credit card the next day on facebook there is an ad that says, would you like to meet women who has grapes? >> this is true. this is happening a lot. i am being targeted for unusual ads that only i should know about. >> you know it is more insidious than what the government authorities are trying to keep the country safe is what you pointed out, the facebook and the collection of personal information for what i would argue is much more insidious purposes. >> come on. >> would you like to meet women who are into grapes? >> bill. >> if you and i could go together we would dump grapes into the powdered sugar.
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>> last question. this is not really an issue. >> yes, but i like to know that they are there. i don't want to be surprised. i don't like surprises. >> this doesn't make sense to me. this is normally the profile of a terrorist. he is muslim, but he is uneducated and disenfranchised. actually those are two out of the three things i am. i could be being watched right now. i had money and in college. it doesn't make sense. >> on that note we must take a break. coming up, what is it like to strangle a man with your own used dental floss? we discuss mike baker's book, it is pretty awesome. what should obama's new campaign slogan be? and is "that's hot" already taken?
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does we don't quit sound legit? according to a german dude i met in a club it is one of many new campaign slogans the advisors have been testing. others include winning the future, greater together and who likes ponies? says the campaign strategist of an updated version of the barf enducing change we can believe in, quote, this election is also about hope and about change. that does ptd -- that doesn't necessarily mean they are going to be in the slogan. ad executives know that for every slogan that res son nates nates -- resonates there are many more that don't see john mccain's country first and martin van bure wren's america last. let's go live to our senior correspondent, hufsie, hungry for a baby bore, for analysis. what do you have for us, hufsie?
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>> they are always cute when they are young. >> and they they get old. >> once they hit two they are monsters, and i am talking about the bores and not just the women. governor, have you given any thought to what your slogan should be? government sucks or yea pot? >> i will say that my slogan "running for governor" and" running for re-election" is the same. i will shamelessly plug myself, it was people before politics and that is issues before politics. what is telling about the obama slogan thing is he is coming up with a new slogan. >> you should be happy with what you've got. i don't know what that meant. the campaign posters for obama say obama 2012. i don't know what that means. it sounds like the name of a rush album.
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>> that was the best rush album. getty had the tightest pants on that cover. i look to rush really when i look for campaign slogans. i believe third world -- new world man was it? >> yes, that's a good place to go. >> i didn't go to as many rush concerts as you did. i had friends. i have come up with some slogans for obama. "we hope someone rich drops some change." "biden is not a done deal." "i like what you like." "i am not newt" is a powerful one. the other day he said "i deserve this." what? osama is dead, give it up y'all. >> by the way, that is a good one. >> thank you. >> that's all he's got at this point. >> i have been working furiously. the economy is sucking
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slightly less. >> i like that. you should be working for obama. or maybe you do. >> think about it. >> i am not creative like this. that was brilliant. >> what are your opinions on slogans in general? >> slogans in general? >> are you affected by them? >> you need something that resonates with voters, but i think this is an election about the economy, and he had a great point. the economy sucks less. the gas prices are flirting with possibly $5 a gallon. that's a big problem for the president. >> the slogan is we will kill you. very simple and very clear. >> we used that year and year and year and taken a page from the govovernor. >> you always follow through. you do kill people. >> in business if you say you are going to do something you have to do it. >> what do you suggest? >> first of all let me say i am going boar hunting in a few
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weeks. >> no, you are not. >> yes, i am. >> where? >> this time it is california. >> those baby boars are hard to hit jie. and he uses a scatter shot. >> so i only got one which is -- where did i write that down? >> thanks for being prepared. >> a new slogan giving you the escort quality service at hooker rates. >> so you just read that off the back of the phone book? >> yes, it was the place i was at the other day. >> have santorum and romney started workshopping the slogans ? >> santorum can't use not romney during the actual general election. to prove the point, they have yet to begin workshopping "i killed osama give it up y'all" and they have thrown out in a couple of areas. we got rid of elizabeth taylor give it up y'all. i thought that was offensive. what are they thinking?
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>> maybe a good p so int. point. maybe i was not. do you have a comment? e mail us. it is red eye at fox and my direct line is simple, 212-462-5050. we are cleaning out the mailbox at some point. we are not 1234* okay. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. his slogan is, i wish i was dead.
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welcome back. boy, let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. for that we go to tv's andy levy. just kidding about that joke i made. >> i didn't hear it. was it in the first half of the show? >> yes. >> i don't pay attention. espn fires employees. you said, quote, this had nothing to do with me being cute or funny. actually he said cute or punny. just so i am clear, you don't think the headline writers' use of the unfortunate phrase was lintentional? >> no, i think it was unlintentional. >> you think it was occidental? >> oh wow. two hours later i wanted a different headline. >> terrible on that one. >> i can't be fired. i am slave labor.
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>> you said you think suspensions were enough. if we said both were unintentional why was one fired and the other suspended? >> i was talking about the headline writer. he should have been suspended along with the anchor. >> i'm saying, -- >> i don't understand. >> why do you think one was fired and the other was -- the anchor was suspended. >> it was the writer's fault. it is never the talent's fault. >> you know the answer. you can argue when you are talking anything comes out of your mouth. if you took the effort to write something down that means you thought about it and that means that there was premeditation. >> right, but he was saying he didn't. either they don't believe him or what? >> i don't believe him. >> here is the question, are their caw requires -- careers, linished? >> you brought up the fact that the writer was writing
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headlines all night, and maybe he didn't know there was a derogatory term. i don't buy the second part. i'm sure he knew it was a derogatory term. but what he did was write a lazy headline because he was writing a bunch of headlines, and he himself says he used the phrase hundreds of times before as a headline. >> i didn't get to spend time in the newsroom. we could copy off the wires. >> but i would also -- i stand by my statement which is there are certain racial slurs that were very, very common and well known years ago, but if you are not old enough to remember bonanza, maybe this particular one doesn't pop to mind. >> thank you. >> nypd monitoring the muslim student groups. thank you for shooting down greg's ridiculous theory.
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>> just thanking me, andy? >> i am. >> why is it different, andy? >> why is it different? >> the mob are a bunch of people that break the law. the muslim student organizations do not in their nature break the law. >> i am thinking you are getting paid well these days. >> i didn't mean the mob. i meant italian communities where the mob would be. >> i don't believe they do it. >> really? >> didn't you see donny brascow? >> a longtime ago. he infiltrated the mob. >> they were part of a greater community. >> but he didn't infill tray everyone in the community. they infiltrated those in the mob. >> or suspected it who was in the mob. or had reasonable belief they were in the mob. >> so in all of these case there's were potential terrorists or actual terrorists in these student organizations ? >> i would say i spent long enough time in working with the government to actually
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believe these guys. >> that makes you an expert because you have done something and i haven't? >> this is tv news, the great equalizer. >> i heard you talk about shotgun approach. >> i was going to ask you why you were a fashist, but i think you covered that. how did the nypd have jurisdiction outside of new york city? >> i don't even play a lawyer on tv, but the nypd's intel center is extremely good and staffed by people who are very dedicated and work very hard. my only point is there is a tendency to think that the u.s. government we think is out just to screw us all over. that's not the case. if they had a chance to peek behind the curtain -- i am not going to say it is a
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benevolent society, but it is not as bad as people think. >> nobody is not well intentioned, but these are resources that are spent in ways that -- well, i just think we are on the verge of a monetary collapse unless we get our spending under control. this is part of the whole surveillance thing. we are going to have another terrorist attack, and we are always trying to deal with the threat that has passed. >> we have been spending trying to get more pro active about how we gather, assess and react to information as opposed to being -- >> and that's what takes my shoes off now when i get on the tsa? >> no disrespect at all. i have a lot of respect for you. but that tsa thing is an easy one to go to. that's what they go to when they get into how efficient and how effective is the effort we make. and then people throw out, where are the shoes? >> he is getting a weird look on his face.
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>> i couldn't agree more. taking my shoes off and taking the tiewt paste away is making things safer. as a junior mcgiver i will use soaps and bottles of mineral water. if you add explosives to it, it can create a bomb. and not a lot of people know that. the underwear bomber was recently put in jail as well. and everyone should have to come through with no underwear on. when i go through the scaner and i make this gesture that i love the government, all i can think of is how safe i feel. knowing my man bag is beingy radiated. >> so they will not opt out? >> i would go through it. >> i go through it and i don't even travel. >> i think you are supposed to put your man bag on the conveyor belt. >> i did that and i chafed.
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>> you asked what you do on a white water rafting trip. i guess you have never seen deliverance? >> i did watch like dancing abbie. >> andy, andy. i just pointed out, this is proving my point about that kid in espn who didn't know about that. we just saw and you asked about "deliverance." she had no idea what reference you were making. >> and i am not even young. >> i was offended when i heard the word "chink" and i heard you used it on" the five." i thought it was in the n-word category. >> we are using it in the old context.
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>> obama campaign looking for new slogans. when he was running for re-election in 1840 many called him martin van ruin. >> he was heavily into punk rock. >> some experts think that might have been the original more like joke. >> i had no idea. >> i feel like maybe that was an ancestor of mine who came up with that. >> it might have been. >> lastly you said 2112 is the best album because he is actually on the cover of the album. >> that is good notion -- that is good information to know. the presidential slogan was, don't poke me with that. by the way i think the only
3:39 am
slogan he will need is, have you seen the other guy? i am done. >> thank you, andy. coming up, three stories so absolutely mind blowing we may not even share them with you they are that good. but first, should marriage counseling be mandatory before you marry? i will say whatever my wife says on that one.
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well, it is still taped fine if it is sort of bovine. researchers say the world's first test tube meat, in other words hamburger made from a cow's stem cells will be ready to eat this fall. the process is so complicated that the proto patty will cost about $350,000 or what i spend on socks in a year. they are hoping to scale up to create more affordable, artificial meat products or amps as i would like to call them so they could satisfy their growing demand for meat
3:43 am
and reduce the harm farming does to the environment which to me seems unamerican. why not talk about this with our guest and the thing called "lightning round". >> greg, what is the point of cows, real cows than if we don't eat them. seems they are pointless. >> there is no point. i said it before on the show, but it bears repeating. animals have two functions. to be delicious and to fit well. any cow that could fit in a test tube, i wouldn't want to eat. and as i recall reading this story, there is something about evening land. something about england. i lived in england in the 90 expiz believe they invented mad cow disease. if they have anything going with stem cells and cows i trust that a thousand percent.
3:44 am
you know how exciting the calling of the animals can be. >> doesn't this take the fun out of eating meat? what are you really eating? >> i am not going to eat it. i am opting out of tsa and i am not going to eat the genetically -- >> are you scared of technology? >> not at all. >> you just don't like the idea of a piece of meat grown in a lab? >> it almost makes me vomit thinking about it. >> lori, how do you feel about eating sham burgers? >> it can't be that bad. i don't know, maybe it could be. the populations are exploding around the world and china and emerging markets and you have to feed these people. there aren't enough cows. you can get into the discussion of how animals are treated and that is probably political too. you have to feed a lot of people. the population is again -- >> let me go out on a limb,
3:45 am
and i think it will taste really good. >> i like it. it tastes delicious, but i am not going to eat it. are you eating lab grown meat? >> they are working on their own brand of not meat for years and years. we have gone so far from where our food comes from, i am completely on board with the governor. don't trust genetically modified foods. i think we should go back to the days where we hunt down and kill what we will eat. >> in your case that is people. i mean -- you did create the most dangerous game. i remember i was invited many times and i par took, and i don't regret it for one moment. bill, is $350,000 too much to pay for one burger? >> it is admitted lehigh.
3:46 am
but i would say like any other technology, the price will go down. that said i am a test tube baby. this whole thing makes me nervous. what if scientists decide my kind is delicious. >> i don't think anybody will find you delicious. >> give me a shot. >> the way i look at it, test tube meat is to real meat as porn is to real sex. i think people will take it and go, i just don't feel the same. >> we have to buy the real meat dinner? >> to be fair, that $350,000 hamburger includes a couple of sides. >> glad we fit that joke into the end of the segment. we were sitting at home saying, i need another joke from mike baker. >> it is time to take another
3:47 am
break. don't think of leaving me now. we have more to come. another joke from mike.
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welcome back. they are considering making marriage mandatory. last week a utah lawmaker, is there any other kind, introduced a bill that would require would be spouses to wait at least three days after obtaining a license before getting married. it is like a gun. and in more ways than one. wyoming introduced a similar measure in which couples that didn't attend three hours of counseling would have to wait a year to get a marriage license. they passed to pass legislation that would require counseling before couples could divorce. is this is a good idea, great idea? >> i vetoed that legislation. i think our whole lives are in preparation forgetting married and three hours will really make the difference. >> greg, what do you suppose they teachers and in these classes in three hours? what could they tell you that could prepare you for marriage? >> well, for men they could say stuff like, women don't want you to solve all of their
3:52 am
problems. they would like you to listen for 10 second had out of your gd life. but they are not going to teachers and that, are they? they will say, you have to go to the store together. frankly if it is utah and wyoming i am for these laws. >> insulting our utah and wyoming viewers who by the way are our greatest viewers. >> all five. >> i am just saying the sky is very big there, and it could really put the zap on your head. >> the zap on your head. mike, what are some of the skills necessary to be a good spouse, divorcing one of them? is that a skill? >> you can argue. there is an art to a good support. one could argue. greg hit the nail on the head. he said to listen and not try to solve the problem. we are hard wired to want to fix the problem. they start talking and our mind goes to well i can get this thing over with real quickly by just pointing out
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how you get to the end. i will tell you how great my wife is. you know what we did today on president's day to celebrate our presidents? she and i went to best buy and i put a a 60 inch 3-dtv. >> wow, fantastic. >> a great way to celebrate president's day. and my wife did along and did all of the research. >> if you really wanted to celebrate this day and work on your marriage, take her to the mattress factory and get it on. and in front of everyone. keep it hot, baker. >> lori, you have had three husbands in three states. what is your secret? >> not letting them take this class so they don't know my secrets. this is the secret of a happy marriage. what they don't know doesn't hurt them. married and not buried. >> vow saying to have an affair. >> if there was a formula for a good, happy marriage you wouldn't have as many divorces. >> the formula in a nutshell is enjoying going to the grocery store together.
3:54 am
>> i enjoy the grocery store by myself. the last thing i want is a partner. >> the well that's because you are not wearing clothes. >> there is no sign on the buffet that says i can't sample. >> there is no sign that says i can't dive into it and roll around in the olives. >> find me the sign. >> i would like to go with you. >> i would love that. >> i would love that. >> we made a date to the grocery store. >> we have to take a break. always lovely to see you and your beautiful, beautiful hair. bye my friends. >> see you. >> goodbye mr. gutfeld. >> we will close things out with andy levy.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye." return appearances from former u.s. ambassador. brooke goldstein looking brookie and tucker carlson. >> back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> governor, are you rooting for santorum to be the gop nominee because it might drive more votes to the libertarian party? >> yes, and you said earlier, take a look at the other guy. how about take a look at the other guys? santorum, i don't know if we can be more opposite. they give the guy a 0 score a couple weeks ago, and they gave me the highest score. they gave him the lowest score
3:59 am
and gave me the highest score. >> i'm going to take that as a yes. >> how is your 1 p.m. show going? >> look, i miss chris carter, i really do. but he is doing great on espn news. melissa francis over from cnbc, she is fantastic and smart and having a great time. >> it is actually hard to believe he hasn't been suspended yet. >> i was looking for his name when i first read the headline. >> exactly. >> what are you plugging this week? >> anybody has the time get on-line and check out the cia officers memorial foundation. it is a very, very worthy group. it doesn't do a lot of public fundraising, but it supports the families of officers who have been kid. >> excellent. >> back to you, greg. >> thank you, andy. >> that does it for me. i'm greg gutfeld. i shall see you next time.


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