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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 23, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EST

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we are definitely looking out for you. tonight four presidential hopefuls remain in the race for the white house. hi, i'm monica crowley in for sean. in less than one week, romney, santorum and gingrich and ron paul will compete in two very important primaries, arizona and michigan. a lot of attention is being paid to michigan that happens to be governor romney's home state. at that moment polls show him slightly trailing senator santorum there. they are suggesting if romney can't win there, it's time for him to leave the race.
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take a look. if he can't carry his home state, the rationale, he is not a candidate of ideas. he is not a candidate of ideology. if he loses his home state, i assume they are going to throw the kitchen sink at santorum because that is their style, i don't know if she stay in the race. >> joining me now is a supporter of gingrich campaign, former presidential candidate herman cain. >> nomica, it's delightful to be with you. i love to be see monica. >> arizona, michigan, very tight races. i know you are a gingrich guy. what do you think newt gingrich needs to do now and tuesday to regain momentum? >> gingrich needs to do, number
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one, be specific on message relative to three issues, how we are going to create jobs, how he is going to create jobs, national security and energy independence. all you have to do is look at the news about rising gasoline costs and it's a function of this administration not having an effective energy strategy, which is why the mere sign of trouble in the middle east or at the mere sign of anything going on the world market, surprises start to spike. my advice to speaker gingrich which i gave him on saturday, be specific and just focus maybe focus on some of the international issues but be specific. >> stay on message which i think he is doing tonight. it's interesting because newt gingrich has had two separate surges. he's gone up and he has gone
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down and come back up. he has lost some of his real traction. if he stays on message on those critical issues that relate to the american people every day and broader economy, he could actually enjoy a third surge? >> you are absolutely right. the fact that gasoline is starting to get volatile and the price of gallon of gas headed up to $4. here is what president obama gave, a gift. this whole thing demanding that contraceptive services be provided free and when he first said the employer should provide it and then he back-pedaled and then assurance companies need to provide it, it was religious freedom issue. i think all three candidates seize upon that because i think that the majority of the american people see that as an infringement of the first amendment. stand on the message and stand
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on the issues that are hot button of the american people. >> let's talk about some of the or candidates. you stood on those stages and debated right alongside them. mitt romney, michigan coming up on us is. it's considered his home turf, if in fact he wins there and/or arizona, he will have serious momentum going into super tuesday? >> he will. but with all due respect, i disagree with speaker gingrich, if mitt romney loses michigan, i don't think that is necessarily a sign that he should pull out of the race. speaker gingrich has to win georgia, that his home state. let's look at the fires nine primaries. it's been up and down. so that is saying the voters are still undecided. if on super tuesday, we got nearly 200 delegate votes up for
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grabs, if the three major candidates, romney and gingrich as an santorum, if they split those 200 delegates, plus or minus fine or ten, i think this process going on for a long time. i think it's way too early to start predicting or anticipating or even suggesting that somebody gets out of the race because of one primary. we still have 42 more to go. we still have a lochk way before anything is decided. >> lord, 42 more to go. you had to remind us. let me ask you about rick santorum, when you were in the race you were subjected to criticism. rick santorum over the last two weeks or so has been just pounded by the left, by the media, by some others in the race. i think he's handled it pretty well but i wanted to get your sense of the criticism level.
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>> i think he managed it fine. i think what he did was the right thing to do, he didn't back peddle. he didn't flip-flop. whether you agree with him or not, he stayed on what he said and he came out and he defended it. you know with rick santorum surge, this is another indication of how this whole presidential republican primary race has been so up and down and pendulum has swung left to right right to left. as soon as you get in first place you have a big bull's-eye on your back. what happens is especially the mainstream liberal media, they flashback everything you say. the people want to know, mr. santorum, how are you going to create jobs and boost this economy. mr. santorum, what are you going to do about that. the media chooses to go back to
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a social issue something he said and make the focus of attention. i got to tell you, the american people are tired of prospecting of that. they want to hear about solutions which will make the incidents for candidates that can stay on specific solutions. >> absolutely. i agree with you. all of the pounding is very good in terms of preparing for what president obama and what they have prepared for them. they may have to take incoming from their side and left media because what ex el rod and jarret has ready for them, it will pale in comparison? >> you are absolutely agree with you. unfortunately for the american people, when we get into the general election, regardless of who gets the nomination, it is
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going to be negative attack against negative attack. since we know that is the way it's going to be, i'm going recommend strongly to whoever gets the nomination of the republican party, you have to rise above that. this administration does not have a positive record to run on. they have to make sure they continue to highlight with the american people, a lot of the american people they don't have a clue how bad this president has been. at the same time i think you deflect some of those negative attacks but you don't try and deflect all those negative attacks but make sure you allow message and solutions to rise above all the political rhetoric. amen to that. always great to see you. thank you you. >> momica, happy to be with you. first nancy pelosi's ridiculous statement that unemployment benefits create
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jobs. now another democrat thinks that unemployment stimulates the economy. front-runner is under fire for comments he made in 2008. michelle malkin will be here to defend the former
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you'll believe the liberal spin. yesterday after speaking at north carolina university, valerie jarret claimed that unemployment checks stimulate the economy. she said, we need to make sure we support that important safety net. it's good for the family but it's good for the economy. people who believe that unemployment check, get that unemployment checking out and spend it and help stimulate the economy, that is heathy, as well. i wonder if valerie jarrett borrowed this from nancy pelosi. remember? >> unemployment insurance we talk about it as a safety net. this is one of the biggest stimulation to economy. this money is spent quickly. it injects demand into the economy and job creating. >> unemployment insurance ex tension is not only good for
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individuals, it is makes an impact. it would make a difference of 600,000 jobs to our economy. >> monica: joining me with rea action, charles payne and co-host of the five, andrea tantaros. great to see you guys. >> we got nancy pelosi unemployment creates jobs. then we've got valerie jarret that is running the white house and the country. basically saying unemployment checks stimulate the economy. this is classic leftist thinking. they actually believe that does it? >> this is the neo keynesian. they believe if you give money to a defense contractor or sit on a guy sitting on the couch.
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that is sometime lieu active. we know that looking at history clearly pelosi didn't study history, obama didn't study history. if you look back what got us out of the great depression was not the new deal. it was world war ii. >> monica: here is where i disagree with. they actually governor this way. expanding dependency. >> to your point there has been a might have campaign from day one to make feel people not feel ashamed about this. it's no fault of your own, it's no fault of your own. if i got a business of 20 people and i have to lay off two, it will be something of their own fault of own. food stamps are great and the idea is that take this we're
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going to cut with you. we're going to make life comfortable for you. if you add them up, up to $72,700. the average family gets $72,000 for working. we'll take care of you cradle to care and give us your votes and we'll get this money to you. >> it's all political. >> monica: it's ideological. >> they know ideological wins votes. that is what happened to greece. now democrats don't want to talk about greece that there is eventually a feeling. deficits lead to debt. debt leads to higher interest rates. if we're going to get out of this bad economy, we don't need higher interest rates. >> the greek analogy, they have people in their country, how they spend the money and how they do different things, when
12:17 am
they get to vote. you do literally sell your soul. cinderella man, the key actor, he finally gets back on the streets and he pays back the welfare office. they want to remove the stigma from this, to andrea's point, you give us us your vote and we will get the money through taxing rich. by the way, it can last a long time. greece was able to pull it off for 40 years but when it hits the fan, it hits the fan. >> we're seeing the collapse of the socialist welfare state. you can't sustain it. they sustained it for decades but when the credit hits the fan it happens very fast. when it happens here, it will be so much nor catastrophic because our economy is so bigger. >> birthplace of the west is,
12:18 am
democracy, the whole western civilization. look at democracy they are being monitored. >> monica: the fact is what obama and leftists have done is changing the balance between the private and public sector. so instead of the private sector is biggest, it's the government sector. big majority thinks the government is doing too much and they want the government out. they want the great key seeian experiment to stop. >> i think it's in the dna. everybody is modeled from day one, the idea that the average person no matter where they are born, how they are born think they can achieve something great. it's hard to call that out.
12:19 am
>> that is extremely exactly it. american exceptionalism is at stake. so obama is most dangerous president, it's pretty much true if everything we believe. nobody wants to stand up and have the courage to stay it. >> the new narrative, that nobody made it on their own, its myth. we're collective. this idea was built on individual ruggedness and individualism, according to the administration is a myth. i hope americans reject that. >> monica: we have to work hard to get back. >> we'll be long gone. >> monica: thank you. coming up, america's favorite drilling instructor sits down with sean to talk about second amendment rights. first, controversy erupts made
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>> monica: the current front-runner has been under fire. latest controversy surrounding rick santorum involves a speech he gave back in 2008 in which he said satan had had you his sights set on america. they made comments last night >> monica: this isn't the first attempt to smear the senator. he was accused questioning the president when he called barack
12:25 am
obama's environmental policies phony theology. joining me is michelle malkin who has endorsed the former senator. great to see you. i want to ask you about this, it seems to me right out of the gate in their haste to show santorum as some religious nut, his critics as well as entire left wing mischaracterized his comment about phony theology. he what is not talking barack obama. he was talking about as you pointed out in the recent column about environmental policies and he is absolutely right. >> guest: he is so right. he doesn't even know the half of it. which is why i supported his comments about the anti-science theo crap in the white house and in the democratic party. it's a green these contrast, a
12:26 am
religion all its own that has thrown science to the wind at the expense of american liberty and american jobs, as well. i gave several kreats of scandals that the mainstream media doesn't want to talk about it why? because it doesn't fit the narrative of trying to frame rick santorum, the real religious men as, those in the white house and national park service that pretend they are on the side of rationale and objectivity while they are corrupting science for thian own radical ends. >> monica: this is why it's so ironic and you wrote your column and took time to point o this out. the left is trying to paint rick santorum and any conservative that have guts to talk about conservative issues like faith,
12:27 am
family and marriage and god and forces of evil that do exist. they try to paint them as somebody is going to import their views to the american people. if rick santorum is elected president, he is going to create a theocracy. the irony, the left when they get the ring rings of power, they create the secular religions based on the environment and they impose it on all of us. >> guest: that is right. they use the coercion of government to do so while they retain the sense of sang money about everyone -- sank money. rick santorum has not backed down for standing up for social conservative values. i think he made very clear in the clip you played and when i watched him he is focusing like a laser beam on these
12:28 am
destructive obama economic policies and the kind of people that he has satisfying the white house and 1600 pennsylvania avenue. i'll give you one example. the head of the national park service a s a man named john jarvis that was approved in 2009 despite withheld evidence of massive claims of misconduct on the part when he said the director of the national park service. he bullied and distributed and manipulated according to a national academy science corey goodman all sorts of evidence to go after a private oyster farm that is located in point reyes. this pattern of abusing science to target specific businesses and industries is something that is replete throughout this administration. particularly with the interior secretary, ken salazar who has
12:29 am
been a bane to western industries like oil and gas and mining and coal, and these are people who have been caught and reprimanded by judges, federal judges across the country for quote, unquote, zealotry. who are they? the white house. >> monica: rick santorum is the radical. [ laughter ] >> guest: that's right. it's a useful thing to play political jew jit you is and make sure who the real menaces are. >> i give senator santorum credit, you can dredge up speeches from 2008, this election is about jobs and anemic growth, b it's about barack obama's team of destructive policies. you can make this election about something else but here is what i'm talking about and here is what the american people want to
12:30 am
hear. >> guest: that's right. if you look back at the trajectory of the santorum campaign and candidacy. people were of a lot of mudslinging that was going on between the other front-runners at the time. rick santorum was able to get ahead because they were focusing on each others, rick santorum was focusing on the issues. he had a terrific debate performance in florida where he honed in on obamacare and had a distinctive position from mitt romney and gingrich who have flirted with and one of whom continues to have a love affair with the individual health care mandate. i'm particularly and environmental issues, you have rick santorum who was opposed throughout his senate career destructive policies like cap and trade. this is somebody who is well-equipped to go after the obama administration and job killing green policies and this radical green machinery that is working behind the scenes to
12:31 am
target all these industries. >> monica: senator santorum has been handling the pounding, by the left but he has handled it very well. very tight primaries coming up and super tuesday, so we'll see how had he fares. great to talk to you. >> coming up, former marine corps drill instructor sat down with sean to discuss barack with sean to discuss barack obama the dismal economy and the [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. monarch of marketing analysis. with the ability to improve roi through seo all by cob. and from national.
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>> monica: welcome back to hannity. former marine drill corps director has never been afraid to speak his mind. he has come into fire with comments he made about the obama administration and now he on a mission to protect our second
12:36 am
amendment rights. he is encouraging people to register to vote. >> i forgot it. driver's license. voters registration card. >> voters, what. >> you mean you are not registered to vote? >> what is one vote going anyway? >> but you think it's protecting your second amendment right. you get your butt over to that computer station right now and log on and register to vote. >> yes, sir. >> monica: yes, sir. sean talk about this. >> sean: to good see you. it's about time. >> everything is great on this end. we're having beautiful weather. >> sean: you are great american. appreciate being on the program.
12:37 am
you know, you made these comments about the president that you deal with toys for tots. you said this economy sucks and you were talking about administration, toys for tots, wasn't doing as well in a good economy. bringing this country to needs and i'm sick and damn tired of it. you got thunderous applause. you are sorry and you regretted it. i didn't think it was offensive. >> the only part i was sorry about is keith olbermann got me fired the next day. i consider that kind of a badge of honor being on the keith olbermann show in such a manner like that. >> sean: he said you were trying to be entertaining.
12:38 am
you said you went too far and you went as far as to say, they were misguided and i'm truly sorry. you fought hard for this country. you served this country. i don't see what you have to be sorry about expressing your views. >> the only thing i was apologizing for, i felt that i could have been a better format. here i was trying to help out toys for tots which i do every year. it was not the right time for the outburst. >> sean: you are going to get involved with the election who strongly believe in the second amendment, which is always often and under assault. you are producing these ads along with the nra, why don't you tell us about them? >> here is the deal. i have been elected to a post. i'm a member of the board with the nra along with ollie north
12:39 am
and some other honorable people. our message this year is get out and vote. we had 18-year-old youngsters that were complaining for years and years that they were mature individuals, they should have the right to vote. so now, couple years back, we gave them the right to vote and i notice that when i go by the polling booths, i don't see any of them out there. the way to get them to vote is to tell them that they can't. if you tell them they can't vote they will probably show up with torches and rocks to throw and everything else. >> sean: some liberals on the left don't have a sense of humor like i do. >> guest: we do need to get the young people out to vote. i think if they would watch the
12:40 am
politicians when they gave their speeches, find out which politicians they respect and which people believe the way they do and then they could vote for that politician. if not, let's find out who is like-minded. they have been chipping away at our second amendment rights for yees. now, they are after religious rights. one morning we're going to realize we no longer have any rights. >> sean: interesting, you are not targeting the vote which is what the campaign has called for republicans or conservatives. you said, wait a minute, there are some democrats that believe in second amendment rights. is this a defining issue for you? >> guest: like i say i'm very active member of the national rifle association. many of our members are on the left. many of them are democrats. why not reach out to everybody.
12:41 am
let's get everybody involved here. the main thing is to get out there and vote because our vote does really count. second amendment is the most important amendment in the constitution. i went down to new orleans after the hurricane a couple years ago. after katrina, people had food when they left their houses, but they didn't have a means to protect that food and as soon as they got down to the football arena, the bullies and the gangs took their food and water away from them. in some cases, molested their children. i'm sitting here saying, every night when i go to bed, i go to the safe. i take a .357 out of my safe and put it on my night stand. when i'm not there, my wife does the same thing. now, we have three dogs, the dogs will let me know if
12:42 am
somebody is in the house. all i of to do, somebody broke into the house three years ago. iraq one in the chamber, in that sppt 357 and i heard the door slam and whoever was in the house was gone. >> sean: i appreciate your good work and you are powerful voice out there. don't apologize when you speak the truth. >> guest:. >> sean: let me know when you need me to come on board but we need to protect our second amendment rights. i see it being nibbled away all the time. one morning we're not going to have second amendment rights, it will be gone and too late them. >> sean: you are a great american, sir. >> let's protect our constitution, god bless you all.
12:43 am
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what makes us number one in motorcycle insurance? we love bikes. we love riders. and most of all, we love to ride. perfect hair every time.
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leading the pack in motorcycle insurance. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> monica:, tonight, on our great american panel, he is known as donald trump's right-hand man, special counsel, michael co-here. political commentator, sally joins us. and he is don imus, bernie mcgirk. great to see you. let's start with chris christie, just when you thought was safe to go back in the water, the pi nichk for chris christie continues and gives a lot of conservatives to actually want him to jump into this race. >> you may look at me and i'm
12:48 am
looking for a fight, but i'm going to fight for things that are worth fighting for. my mother used to tell me all the time, be yourself because if you are, you don't have to worry about remembering who you pretended to be yesterday. so ladies and gentlemen, this is it, what you see is what you get. >> monica: you wonder why so many conservatives saying why isn't this guy in the race. >> we love his onions. he is blunt. he has big onions, i would say. you know what it is? i love this guy, straight talk and blunt. he voted gay marriage because he said he, he vetoed gay marriage
12:49 am
but end of story. i think the chip has failed. but i can't understand why people are could less go around mitt romney. if obama loses the next election governor christie will run in four years as opposed to eight years. but it has to be mitt romney. what you are looking for some rock and roll job? he is the candidate. >> ted nugent would be amazing candidate. what do you make of it? >> on some level who cares what i think. you talk about his big onions the minute you start cutting those onions, a lot of republicans are going to cry. the guy is so gun control. [ laughter ] >> he has indicated he is pro-choice. he supports green energy and climate change is the future.
12:50 am
>> you know that chris christie and romney speak a lot. i don't know chris christie, they are trying to pull him into the race. he has said more than a dozen times he is not running, like you, he is backed mitt romney, he believes mitt romney is the guy that can take down obama and make america great. >> monica: quick question, increasing talk about a potential brokered convention, i think it's unlikely. but we're seeing some polling chris christie would be top choice of republicans should we get there. i don't think christie is running and i don't think he can be recruited. >> i agree. we don't think he is running and we don't think he can be recruited. who is to say mitt romney is not going to win in michigan.
12:51 am
donald trump has come out and vocal on radio and robo telephone calls. romney is gaining momentum and i think santorum is losing the surge he had. >> monica: christie endorsed mitt romney. >> the guy we love has endorsed mitt romney. let's go with that. that is what we have now. >> chris christie, it's insulting for the guy. >> think there is a larger issue the reason chris christie is, because everybody knows i'm sorry to say it obama is going to be hard to beat. he is going to be hard to beat. >> monica: we have to take a quick break. more of the great american panel
12:52 am
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>> monica: we continue now. let's switch gears, there is great story coming fruit buffalo, new york, the insurance that covers the public school teachers now covers plastic surgery. now, we have the buffalo, 3400 teachers who now can get plastic
12:56 am
surgery of any kind, but botox, boob jobs, they can have it covered by insurance which is essentially subsidized by the taxpayers. >> you want to keep the kids, you don't want ugly teachers. [ laughter ] >> you want to get their attention. >> monica: this is about keeping kids in school. >> then you run into problems. thing starts leaking and one going this way and it's all kind of stuff. >> leaving the classroom. >> i'm pretty sure that it's no child left behind, not no teacher's behind. >> monica: that was a key detail. >> this is holdover from back in the '70s when nobody got plastic surgery for fun, teachers
12:57 am
negotiated this. it's been held over. actually, the teachers union wants to get rid of it, they think it's ridiculous but the district won't come to the table to renegotiate the table. >> it's all about the negotiation of the contract. anybody that negotiated it, trump would say, you're fired. it's ridiculous. no public sector employer could afford something like this. public unions should not be entity to these benefits. it's a waste of taxpayer dollars. somebody should get to the table. there should not be another teacher doing this. >> they spent $6.9 million on plastic surgery. they could have hired 240 new teachers to educate the children. >> what would governor chris christie say?
12:58 am
you won't be able to tell if they are angry or face lifts. [ laughter ] >> i think it's ridiculous to have teachers, money being spent on plastic surgery when you could hire teachers. >> that is what is wrong with the country. everybody knows it doesn't make sense. every viewer and yet the two parties don't come together. >> monica: we see it with state pensions, there is a case in california, a pedophile that was ro frfd the school district and he is getting full pension, it's insane. i wonder, sally, bigger question about health care, and obamacare. is this what we're going to see, unions getting waivers, nearly 2,000 waivers, most going to unions. are we going to see teachers unions getting special deals? >> first of all, unions in
12:59 am
buffalo, teachers unions is opposed to the plastic surgery. >> monica: i understand. >> second of all, look. >> they are taking them and running away with it. >> everybody is getting away with it. they are getting away with it because they are trying to make it possible for all of them. we wo like to pick and choose bad apples like this. we want people in this country to make a good living. don't want to pay people less and less money. we want good jobs, with decent benefits. that is what unification wanted and what people want. >> you don't want ugly teachers. [ laughter ] >> that the big point right there. >> that is why the district.... >> get everybody back to work, more teachers to educate


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