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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 7, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EST

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super wednesday, here in ohio. >> we have an update for from you alaska. we're not calling it but it's closed there. the caucuses there have been closed and joining us from alaska sara palin, a fox news contributor, thank you for coming back on. let me ask you first. you're not endorsing anything yet in this race but who did you vote for today? >> to be honest with you and candid i will answer your question and let you know i voted for newt gingrich because i believe he fought on on his energy policy and understanding the price of a barrel of oil doesn't disaffect gas reen in our cars and every product increases costs which the price of oil going up.
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and that is newt gingrich will help us lower those tris priss. we're. >> we're spending so much time talking about santorum and romney tonight. newt gingrich said look i've been written off by the media and why do you think that is? can you relate to that? as someone who was sh -- loved by a lot of republicans and still is but more than your fair share of shots from the media? >> i can relate to that. think most americans can. most of us learned through the school of hard knocks it allows us to be wiser, newt gingrich is the illustration of that. i connect with him, and he can be the under dog. he doesn't have the huge organization and the bucks that a couple other candidates have in relative to his smaller campaign war chest. so i can relate to that.
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all candidates are good. they are still men of character. and of accomplishments and of the five candidates running for president, the four on the g.o.p. ticket are so much better than barack obama and what he stands for with his failed socialist policy autos we've just added to the graphic about ohio. the difference in between the two. 72064 votes. and you voted for newt gingrich, do you think our coverage has been fair of this campaign? >> i do. i do. and you know everything is relative but look at what others in the media have chosen to do. that is constantly strike -- candidates into talking about ish dwluz at the end of the day are irrelevant vent. what we're looking for is a candidate, a nominee leading us into battle against barack obama in order to defend our
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republic starting in 2012 election and then, in january, 2013. what this lame stream media does, what they do is trying to distract these candidates in the debates and coverage, trying to get them to talk about condoms and contraception. we should be talking about the price of energy and valuing our dollar which allows for inflation to hit us smack in the head here, shortly. and all of the things is what the media should be focused on. yet they're not. they try to distract. i say kudoes to fox news for trying to stay focused on what matters. >> you've said in this campaign you think this makes the nominee better. that is possibly you're not opposed to going over the all the way to the convention. but there are many who say this hurts the nominee this
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time. >> i believe those want to stop the process as soon as possible have their own agenda, their own person whom they want to see as a front runner. they want to see everything stopped knox more debates and ideas. i want to see competition continue. it does strengthen four candidates and allows voters to understand we do have a choice tlchl is a stark contrast between those on the g.o.p. ticket, representative free men and free markets and the entrepreneur yil spirit filling american into a prosperus and generous nation on earth. versus the failed policies of barack obama. look what he tried to shove down our throats again today without the constitution restraining him, tried to tell us the american voter today he, of his own volume yigs was going to allow another bailout, not funded, it's going to
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create more insol conveniencey for the nation. sounds like it could be unfair process he wants another bailout regardless whaft representatives of the people in congress have to say bit. that is one example of the stark contrast about what a big government socialist, you know, utopian-seeking president of ours represents versus a representative from the g.o.p. party and independent american who understands the beauty of individualism and reward for hard work. >> governor palin, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> all right. >> time now again for our all star panel. that fire was cooking behind governor palin. whoever was in charge of the fire is doing well. >> and ohio? 7200 votes. >> and that is the sense about it is what we're seeing here
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is that the reason romney is winning despite burdens carried is that he's the only one they w.a national campaign. the other candidates in this race, ron paul has a national campaign at a low level. the only truly big serious national campaign is romney. other two candidates are kind of hop scotch candidates. skipping states and going from one place to another looking for strength and trying to catch the race. and they're not everywhere. and that was reflected in the fact that both gingrich and, you know, santorum's case they live there. and this is all a function of, you know, newt gingrich likes to complain romney has been campaigning for six years or whatever. >> well, it's hard work that. is one of the things that gets you ahead in america. if you think about last summer, newt gingrich having a blow up with his staff kpem p were leaving he was taking a
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contribution and so on, romney wasn't doing that stuff he was working hard on his national organization, raising money he's used to his advantage against rick santorum, 2006 loss, i think kept him frk able to raise the kind of money woe have needed. so the in the end it came down to a contest between two what i call hop stoch korgs. >> and today, president press conference someone asked if he had anything to say to mitt romney. he said good luck tonight. the democrats have bought ads trying to defeat mitt romney. there was a million dollar ad by a union trying to defeat him. where do you think the party stands now, democratic party on the prospect of mitt romney? >> i think mitt romney is considered the formidable. he's less formidable because of the primary which beat him
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up pretty badly. we talked about how romney is having difficulty with conservative voters and evangelical voters. i would just say that i don't know if you remember there was a split and people would say obama with blue collar voters but in the end people were voting are going to end up going with a democrat. same way these people gore dr-anyone voting in this primary not voting for barack obama. you can expect they'll line up behind rom fee. i don't think he's weak. polls have shown among evangelicals if there is a choice they will not vote for mitt romney but against obama, they'll line up but there is another possibility. they can stay home. i think it's a possibility if mitt romney isn't able to bridge the gap. >> these folks were motivated
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to vote in a republican primary aren't going to vote in the general? >> unless he's able to appeal in a way he hasn't been able to yet. take a look at what happened in 2008. you know? this, i think this is an important time for mitt romney. if he wants to have a good night delegate wise is he going to do anything to-to-reach out in to conservatives and make a pitch to conservatives and say i'm with you on one view? join me in this fight. if he doesn't do that, it's possible. >> numbers that are question is will you vote for republican nominee in november? 86% said definitely. and 10% said only if any candidate gets the nomination. >> and you're seeing also surprise republican
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strategies. >> in ohio... >> this is about 100,000. 140,000 over 2008. >> what i'm saying is that if you look now across the contests in the course of the republican primary numbers have been down if you do not include independents and democrat autos no. take a look at south carolina. that is one state. there is what you're seeing is inds going into gap. and there is republican was a substantial enthusiasm. their base so anting aonistic they're rushing and couldn't get to the polls and there is what you maying seeing now the question of whether or not there is enthusiasm that is dampened.
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i think the front bathes romney wins michigan. he's going to line up. and there is after noont i wonder if it won't be this guy is not as strong as he should be. >> this is the pitch newt gingrich makes on the stump. rick santorum making in that conservatives are motivated to get to polls and they're saying they came out for rick santorum and in north carolina numbers were up. and there is numbers up trying to say here so mitt romney can't generate enthusiasm. there is barack obama can generate enthusiasm. this is the same argument made about hillary and obama. there are women loving hillary weren't going to turn out to vote. this is right now they get to
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choose. they is a very different choice then mitt romney or barack obama and will be a stark contrast. and there is he can appeal to independent voters. >> and candidates said they'd support the republican nominee. do you think it's plausible when they emerge these republican voters are going to sit at home on their hands? rather than go out and vote? >> no. there. >> is bruising, candidates diminished by the fight. when it settles down, that person begins to take on a winner. it's important. people like winners and are drawn to winners, whoever wins will have that aura. there is effect of the convention and party rallying
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and both sides. and look what romney has done since the beginning of the campaign. he had a tented program to deal with spending. he now has a stronger program to deal with spending. there is a tax program going to revise that. so you have, there is a very robust foreign policy case he makes. you begin to think of issues dividing him from republicans. there are not very misdemeano misdemeanor -- many. and my guess is that people will make a choice whether they believe this man will change his mind and not try to repeal it? >> and carl cameron reporting romney campaign are up 12,000 in ohio. 20,000 votes are outstanding. there is when they're saying newspapers show there are 12,000 votes, only 20,000 votes outstanding, they're
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grumbling this is past due. our differences is 7,000 so we're going to talk to the desk to see where numbers are. you're going to see? i was going to respond to mr. hume. and the thing, dynamic here at this midnight hour today is unbelievable. we're talking about mitt romney and conservatives not believing in the economy. why? he's come over and adjusted. he has made appeals. >> you can call me steve. >> thank you. >> mr. hanes says he's got to make an effort to reach out to conservatives but brit isn't this what conservatives are worried about?
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they know he's not. he would do anything if he would really do anything, juan what is one thing woe have done that he hasn't, that is renounce romney care. >> what happened today on laura ingram's show trying to renounce it, then, he comes out yes. yes. >> and i asked him that question in florida. >> and there is an unusual interview. >> and the candidate fo president is allowed a certain number of flip flops and no more. he used them up. >> and this is not an accident. and let me just... >> okay. there is i just want to make sure i'm making the force. i'm saying he needs to make an effort to win. that is a big difference. i remember in 2008 and what it
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looked like he was going to win nomination. i asked him a question. i remember ryan was and others were there. we had a decision whether he's going reach out to rush limbaugh and actually court the movement and answer is no. i'm not going call. and i talked to a mccain advisor who said look. conservatives have nowhere else to go. i said aren't you worried they're going to go home? i said no. and there is to some extent, they didn't. that is important. >> and there is john mccain did one thing he could have done to bring him conservative autos yes. overnight coup in that respect. people have said how did john
12:17 am
mccain think he could have won with jair palin on the ticket? i said this is possible he dmot have won with sara palin. and there is a outreach, a stroke people were suggesting mccain ought to do. he did it. and it's electric. >> and we'll have to get to break. coming up... we're going to go back to wash and check in with carl cameron. no. no.. >> oh, my god. >> and something has to give. >> and space cowboys coming back. >> they laugh. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe?
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we need a fighter. only a fighter and someone who learned what america was about by growing up in communities just like this. understanding how america, neighborhoods and families work. it's believing in them. understanding they're under stress and strain now.
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and this is much put upon them by the government. >> rick santorum a big winner tonight but the question is ohio. there, you can see the score card tonight. mitt romney, and there is not called yet in ohio, and alaska. >> now back to washington. chris wallace, you know... i don't think this is topping bandannas but wondering what is going happen by november, 2012. >> just another election night here for space cowboy boys. we've got the petesa. get the watch out here, guys. there is pizza on the table. and it's an election night. and again, we have called ohio long before everybody else has. and we think we're right. carl, give us a sense, this does in the end forget ohio.
12:23 am
let's talk delegates. this is quite astonishing. take a look at this. >> take a look at what we, what fox has awarded. and there are 200 romney, 60 santorum. and 10 for ron paul, 7 owe in alaska. a big chunk in alaska and ohio yet to be awarded. >> you're saying we're talking about two, three points and 8,000 votes you're saying romney going to get more than half to be awarded?. >> yes. there are 66 delegates in ohio. romney took 41 out of massachusetts because he got 70, more than 70% of the vote. nobody got more than the threshold of 15 n idaho there are 32 at states. half as many in ohio. there are two correctional districts in idaho yet romney gets all 32 because he got more than 50% of the vote.
12:24 am
virginia neither gingrich nor santorum on the ballot took 43 of 46. you start piling them up, you're going end an evening above this and there is close to that. >> you've been doing this as an olympic competition. >> you know, there is five if he took off ohio. and there is oklahoma and tennessee and georgia. santorum won three. and there is taking a look in massachusetts right now. and might be going into second in ohio. and this is why he really needs to win ohio. there is because of the delegates he needs something to knock romney off the gain z now if he does come in second
12:25 am
he's got to go in to alabama, mississippi and illinois. and sort of run on the scene here. >> it's about become an old story. we're seeing the flaws and weaknesses in terms of the reach to the party that we've seen. romney can't capture the most conservative base of the party. and santorum can't reach out and in terms of a national campaign. what would you tell romney to do? >> there is a way to break through gee yog graphy. tonight he can only win in tennessee and oklahoma so he's got to make it in north dakota and has got to make a bid for mississippi and alabama to take the baseball a -- label away from gingrich and has to plan to have a good night on 20th of march in illinois. he's only on 14 of the 18 congressional district ballots
12:26 am
there. >> does ve to drive newt gingrich out of the race? >> gingrich is keeping him out. he's got to get him out and do it within two, three states here. they're just not going to be enough time. >> so in that sense, next week, big deal. >> then, you go and try to go into ill skpil get illinois close to one on one as you can get. that is and would have been a lot better if he won in ohio. >> gingrich gave him an open field in ohio. and it didn't take 15%. >> this is santorum can't close the deal and when gingrich says you have the field run for yourself.
12:27 am
>> as i said this was a, just another election night here, bau bu a super tuesday for me. because my alma mater will be go together ncaa, big dance first time since 1946. >> who is that? >> it doesn't matter but my college will go. because another college won. not because your college won. >> what's happening with syracuse? are they doing anything? >> carl is knocking the fact we go in and beat penn. doesn't matter, we're in. >> and hardly. hardly. >> so excited i can't wait. >> just when i thought chris wallace is starting to look cool. >> really? >> and i'm going to say. you're a minority of one, megyn. >> i love you, chris. >> thank you. >> and in ohio he walk add cross the board. there is captor case faiss joe
12:28 am
the plumber in the general election there. >> and well done, thank you. >> and ma'am? >> whatever. >> and there is 96% of the votes now in in ohio. just 12,000 votes as you can see there. latest on ohio in three minutes for complete results go to our web site z you can click on a state to see how each candidate did. fox your front-row seat to politics. we'll be right back. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. if you have painful, swollen joints, i've been in your shoes. one day i'm on top of the world... the next i'm saying... i have this thing called psoriatic arthritis. i had some intense pain. it progressively got worse. my rheumatologist told me about enbrel. i'm surprised how quickly my symptoms have been managed. [ male announcer ] because enbrel suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections.
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it is the bottom of the hour on super wednesday, there, you can see numbers in ohio. at this point our decision desk is saying it's too close to call. seems like mitt romney increased his lead. i should point out i just got word from ohio secretary of state's office that joe the plumber is leading by 422 votes but it's not over in ohio district nine. >> there is down to three counties, bill? >> yes. that are incomplete. that is part of the reason why we can't make this final call
12:33 am
here, there are three counties, can you guess them? >> medina. >> correct. >> and there is last time we checked there is 80% of the vote. there is now 19% of the vote. romney leads in that county. another county. this is canton ohio and you have about 11% of the vote and there is rom neat leader there at five points. two of the three counties romney has the lead which may help some decide romney's lead is going to hold up. there is brown county east of cincinnati not a lot of votes down here, santorum winning that county by 20 points but there is 60% of the vote so those are the counties, over all, i just want to point this out here there is romney winning in this state. traditionally ohio is concerned down here in the
12:34 am
southwest, and generally broad speaking here. and tends to be more democratic and here in the northeast. romney and there is franklin county romney winning there, again. and we pointed out romney's strategy rivals these numbers where there are big cities. and you did that. and dayton ohio as well, as a matter of fact in montgomery county leading romney to 12,000 votes and there is 96%. >> and coming back to ohio. >> and where is that map? >> where is sne. >> down at the reach. >> and north carolina. >> she's up right now. and there is fox news
12:35 am
contributor who had his own prediction about ohio an hour, hour and a half ago. looks like it's turning out to be true. what are your thoughts? >> two things i thought watching from space -- washington state a surprise victory for romney should have been a precurseor for what happened today. instead, reverse happened. and today, there is rom fee saved by last minute voting on election day this, time went for santorum and happened by the way not the only place it happened in tennessee santorum, romney is gained 5% in the
12:36 am
voting today, opening up a margin owe almost double digit. it seems every week someone is going to be crowned as soon as that moment comes everything stops. you can see it in the polls romney has been gaining throughout the party saturday, saturday night, sunday, monday polls just stopped and what they've been telling us is another thing. there is democratic cross over voting could cause trouble. people for the last week were against tea party voting for santorum. this tirjs voting for romney. one thing that is different, romney loss by 16 points lost under high school educated ohio is almost dead even in both categories and there is
12:37 am
is two states have been won by his not lose sog badly yet he doesn't seem to be connecting with this so something is going on there. and i was stunned. >> how important, how important is that? that progress he's making. >> this is insane. and it's hopeful. sometimes, it's what he needs to connect on. and he's doing better. >> fox news now can project mitt romney will win the state of ohio. >> and you're saying... >> there is unforeseen vote correction we can project mitt romney wins ohio narrowly
12:38 am
beating out rick santorum in a state. so this means romney won five of the 10 super tuesday states, virginia, vermont, massachusetts, idaho and now, ohio. >> right. there is newt gingrich won one state, state of georgia only remaining state is alaska. so again, fox news is now prepared to say that barring some unforeseen vote correction by ohio officials, that is the situation now. we can now project mitt romney will win the state of ohio. very good news for the romney campaign. we'll wait to see if there is reaction well. talked about how mitt rom niece political director said this is a night fight in a phone both in ohio. they thought rick santorum had to win ohio.
12:39 am
and santorum votes will say they were outspent. and there is when you heard from newt gingrich's campaign. santorum almost winning ohio. back with our panel brit what does this mean in the big picture? headlines now change a bit, perhaps tomorrow, that is a big thing. >> i think headlines are important. >> overrated?. >> well, headlines normally mean momentum. it's more for anyone. and if the race hasn't eight days after it starts you end up losing so there is delegates. and that is a substantial lead. i'm surprised i think it's is that these races i thought because of the allocation of
12:40 am
delegates everyone is competitive to some extend that this would be much more evenly distributed as it turns out it looks like romney is going to get 200, plus, delegates, everybody else fewer than 100. so that is a win estimated so far. so this is a big night around me. but that is something others have to say. >> this is some big contests coming down the road and he's ahead now but not for long. >> that is right. and there we're talking about alabama and mississippi, then, beyond that... >> is that realistic? we hear he's going to talk about how he could be better organized. >> money has helped there. is no question.
12:41 am
outspent first, you note bailiff gingrich if florida then, santorum in michigan. now, ohio. there is the question is can he do it where voting carried him in ohio? suburban upper income voters betser educated voters. outside of cincinnati and what do you do when you get into alabama and mississippi? you're talking about more of the social conservative vote as a larger share of the vote? what happens there? and again, no votes goring to be hard felt with the better organization and so it seems like we're in a situation if we're talking about delegate counts, you're looking at big delegates coming in southern states.
12:42 am
and okay. stand by. >> we're going to give you results just in from ohio. fox news predicting romney won the state of ohio. we're going to go to chris wallace to have them way in on that right after the break. >> tonight, it's clear, it's clear. we won places all over the country. against the odds. when they thought ork he's finally finished. we keep coming back.
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for this administration, unemployment numbers are another statistic standing in the way of a second term.
12:46 am
they're worried families and anxious faces and you're not forgoten. we'll not leave you behind. our campaign is on the move and real change is finally on the way. >> mitt romney speaking in boston hours before he was declared a winner in ohio. there, you can see he was just eject -- elected vote total is close in the end but the delegates may not be in ohio. there is at least 38 we think that. could be going up. this is the count. these are projected counts, we as associated press projection of where the delegates come out. there is romney 38 of. rick santorum, 156. newt gingrich, 85. and ron paul, 406789 it
12:47 am
depends on the district county and state conventions and they think that their loyal followers will go through, to so that number they don't buy but that is the number we use in projection autos back now to washington. chris? >> thanks so much. you know, you have to say this race is going to go on for a while. romney didn't put anymore anyone away but he had a clear lead. let's talk about romney, what sweechb in his performance in the primary. and as an expert how he'd do against barack obama. talking about the fact he is strong among more educated voters and wealthier voters and not so strong among blue collar voters. sums up barack obama in 2008. so what happens if they face
12:48 am
romney? >> if you have critical voter groups romney has a problem with one and success with another. college educated voters are a key part of the obama coalition. another part is white, working class voters have been a weakness all be it a diminishing one. and. >> let me ask you another part of this. romney seen as more moderate and not as conservative. that may hurt him in republican primaries so is the argument would it be because he's seen more moderate he can move to the sent skbrer therefore makes an easier pivot? or is it negative? >> that is the problem. there is where you find it
12:49 am
does help. and the more et helps them, he wants that. the problem that is creating is that you can't get the conservative vote. and there is where he's going to have to make a decision here. and does he keep running this primary? >> now, we want to point out there is a long way from over. so there is an experiment, megyn back. we'll be back with final thoughts. as someone who uses insulin,
12:50 am
i'm always looking for new ways to help me manage my diabetes. take a look at this. freestyle lite test strips? they need just a third the blood of onetouch ultra. really? and the unique zipwik tab targets the blood and pulls it in. wow! look at that! and you can get these strips for a $15 monthly co-pay simply by joining the freestyle promise program. alright! looks like i'm going to be testg and saving at the same time. call or click today and join for free. test easy.
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now final thoughts prt panel, first reaction about the ohio win, quote nearly a week ago governor romney was behind and voters starting to rally behind him in days before the primary and helped push him to vikt very tonight that. is from the romney campaign. >> this is a message posted on twitter at 12:45 our time. mitt squeaks by in ohio sper swayedding he's not as bad as the other guy that. is david axlrod. and he has timed and tweet against mitt romney. i follow him. he posts against mitt romney. and gives you a sense of who the obama campaign would like
12:54 am
beaten up the most. they'd love to run against rick santorum. they're worried about mitt romney. >> and you know i thought tonight we're going to celebrate mitt rom ni having some massive lead in the nomination and i'm surprised that this is on super wednesday that it looks like the race goes on and going to be more treacherous for romney going into southern states. surprised by it. i'm not sure how to make sense of it. saying he's got knot going set the year on fire, what does that mean? where do we go from here? and someone said rick santorum, let goit on. >> and some some respects given twist asks turns we've followed tonight, tight race in ohio this was the outcome
12:55 am
we probably would have predicted five or six hours ago. in terms of the ultimate delegate count n that sense, just like the race we've expected. mitt romney stakes a small step for nomination. rick santorum with a strong base kais to make this is a two-man race and his supporters have been making that case. argument is that it's not a two man race, newt gingrich remains and focused on alabama, mississippi. going to take his campaign there. highways plans to be in california late in the process and plans to be in tampa. i think juan is right. >> one word answer. by when will we know who the republican nominee is? chris, stop reading your twitter. >> hey, you need coffee? >> and juan? >> my guess is late april.
12:56 am
>> later than that. with any certain tie later than april? >> you? >> how about that? are tring. panel, thank you very much. always interesting with these guys. if you're worried about alaska coverage we have you covered. >> and we hope you will join us tomorrow. and we appreciate you being with us tonight for super tuesday, super wednesday, onward we move to the super rest of the week. thanks for being with us evening. >> we'll keep you covered right here on america's election headquarters.
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