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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 22, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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>> kimberly: hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: good time talking about the entitlement culture in america. later on the factor, bill o'reilly had this one. >> mr. obama created scenario that encourages entitlement society. he said clearly that the rich are not paying their fair share. thus, some americans say hey, i deserve the free stuff. the rich guys are getting things they shouldn't be getting. americans should keep their eye on what is really important. country is at a crossroad. if the progressive forces prevail we'll become a quasi socialist nation and the debt will continue at record levels, in my opinion as dangerous. >> kimberly: we have an
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interesting new poll from scott rasmussen. americans were asked if they think the country is a fair and decent place or do they feel it's unfair and discriminatory. results are in. 64% think fair and decent. with only 26% thinking that it's unfair or discriminatory. now, when people ask if they thought the president viewed the country as a fair and decent place, only 39% said he does. 46% said he used the country as un -- view the country as unfair and discriminatory. bob, this is a serious message problem. >> bob: could you have been more breathless when you read that poll. >> bob: were you moved by it? >> kimberlyi wasn't. i think it's fair and decent country. i love the country. but 26% of the people are mostly poor and minority and don't think they get a fair shake. in many cases they are not. the reason obama's numbers are low is simple. he is saying it's unfair. certain number of people get advantage over the rist of us.
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when you -- over the rest of us. the republicans say he is trying to split it up. that poll is no surprise at all. >> kimberly: but that is a problem if the country thinks he's not fair and decent. how do you get elected if the majority of people think the president of this country in that way? >> bob: first, the question was unbalanced with respect to scotty. secondly, when you go out an you make this case every day and you being attacked for it every day. of course. he won't make the case. >> greg: this is something that the left has been hammering for decade. the united states is discriminatory. they forget to notice the fact that the world is discriminatory. we're the only country that assesss -- obsesss over it and talks about it constantly. it's so much, taken over so much of what we say that it's
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become received wisdom in the white house. it's his fault. if you talk about class warfare, this is the result. you have the beer summit to reverend wright to voter intimidation to sandra fluke suing arizona. this is not presidential administration. this is four years of consciouses in awareness raising. >> dana: you could look at this as they have been succes successful in messaging. i would agree there are probably some people that are for or in the minority that think that the country is discriminatory and unfair. i would bet that there is probably a fair number of far elite fitting in the category. we hear from hollywood a lot. of course, people -- i have not met anybody, anywhere around the world. i've been fortunate to be a lot of places. it didn't meet anybody that didn't love the united states and want to live in the united states. >> kimberly: everybody is trying to get in.
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>> dana: i don't think president obama thinks the country is discriminatory. i don't think he plays that card. >> greg: the people he hangs around. >> kimberly: how does it translate in terms of the election a vote and 2012? what the resonance there. >> eric: 63% of the people polled would be happy with fewer services, smaller government. this is a scott rasmussen poll. probably a lot of republicans in the poll. 41% to 43% say that better days are in front of us or behind us. 41% say in front of us. 43% say are behind us. that is disturbing. a poll that america, 64% say it's fair. 71% say it's great place to be. 43% say the days are -- >> bob: that has been the mantra of the republicans for 3-1/2 years. it's not surprising. the republicans made prozac sales go through the roof.
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>> kimberly: c'mon! >> bob: greg, i love you like a brother but don't say all the left believes this. there is a segment of them, percentage of the minority that are elite liberals who think that is true. but to say the whole left, you are starting to sound like bolling. i don't want you to sound like him. >> greg: america discriminates against new hampshire. thanks for the phone number, that helps -- it's handsomists. the amazing struggles, the challenges i face. >> bob: fairness, unfairest in, in the last six or seven months. this is the center of it. this is not surprising this shows up in a poll now. >> dana: maybe you could look at it another way.
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president obama's message penetrated. it's unfair, it's not fair. we could do a montage of how many times they said we're not paying their fair share. i think it might take a victory lap about the poll. that's what they wanted. >> greg: it's hypocrisy. some on the left, not all, bob, but they talk about how important education is. when they get out of college and they get in the workforce, they deny they were educated in. so many of the people majored in anti-americanism. they have gone to college and been told that america is bad. then they deny it in the real world. >> kimberly: when did this happen? i don't think people have this viewpoint. you wouldn't see the polling numbers. one of the bushes or reagan was here. you wouldn't have the fact that a president doesn't think that it's fair and decent place, that was the presumption of the american people. >> eric: this is rasmussen polling. look, potential voters.
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this is a couple of layers in. let me pose this question. liberals, democrats, what percentage would say that america is fair? 64%? like the rasmussen -- >> bob: no, it would be probably 50, a little over 50% would say it's fair. >> eric: you don't think the number is lower than that? >> bob: i don't. you have to remember among the democrats, among democrats, 27% are black or hispanic. i'm assuming -- a number of them will probably say that. there is a group as dana pointed out, it's true. there are elitists in the democratic party, that believe it to be true. most democrats and most on the left love this country, and they think it's good place to be. they want to make it better and fair. >> dana: on monday, we talk about the fox news latino poll that came out and had latinos saying it's the best country, best opportunities and best place to live. they wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
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>> kimberly: absolutely. >> bob: that is different than saying do you think you have an equal shot? >> kimberly: right. >> greg: a lot of the anti-americanism you see among like when you look at occupy wall street is rebellion against their parents. they're mad at their daddy. they replace daddy with america and they will never be critical of any horrible regime around the world. instead they focus their vitriol against america because it's closeest to them. >> bob: but you think they go to college to hate america? i didn't go to many classes -- >> greg: you had a good time. >> kimberly: your attendance record, we got it yesterday. not good. >> bob: i was doing community service. >> kimberly: community work advisor. >> greg: your community service is outlawed in 20 states. >> bob: on a serious note on all of this, this is a predicate set for this election. it's one that is going to have to be dealt with. dana has a point here that a lot of this, the obama administration brought on themselves. the question is do people
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believe they are getting a fair shake? all the way around. they think it's the best country, most people of course do. they couldn't otherwise. there are a lot of countries, by the way, muslim countries that we are not popular. by and large, most people love americans. the question is, is a fairness question. on that issue i'd go to polls on that. >> eric: fairness about what? >> bob: a child born to crack mother -- >> greg: why a crack mother? >> kimberly: it's always the most extreme example. >> eric: none of us were born with the big bank accoun accounts. >> greg: i was born beautiful, though. >> eric: you're being discriminated against. you still make it happen anyway. >> greg: i overcame that. >> eric: how much more fair can you be? take a cross section and walk out there and ask them. is it fair? everyone would say yes. >> bob: if you get fair shake as people on wall street who sell stocks? >> greg: the cab driver -- >> dana: frame it that way,
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right. you would get a different answer. >> bob: of course. a lot of people think they are not -- certain people have inside information. >> greg: cab driver from ukraine would say it's the fairest place he has been. >> bob: do you speak ukrainian? >> kimberly: talk to all of them. you learn a lot about their world view and coming to the united states. this is a place, quality of opportunity not result. don't expect entitlement and hand-out. see what you can do for yourself. >> dana: at least a crack baby is born in america and born to freedom. unlike a lot of places around the world. >> bob: true. very true. >> dana: who never have a chance. >> kimberly: you are good. >> dana: glass half full. >> kimberly: coming up, tom hanks involved in a racial controversy. we're going to tell you all about it. don't forget to send us a friendly e-mail at ♪ ♪
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♪ >> eric: albert einstein said insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. that said, the true engine of economic growth will always be companies like solyndra. >> you folks standing right here on the floor. enron one, on the ground floor of that transformation. >> eric: and then there is beacon power, a 123 systems, tesla, fisker, it goes on and on and on. president obama and his minions lost $3 billion and killed thousands of jobs. but staying true to albert einstein maxim, president obama showed up in nevada with more green energy loans. i hope he doesn't use the flat
2:16 am
earth line again. >> several folks want to dismiss the promise of solar power and wind power and fuel efficient cars. they make jokes about it. the guys were around when columbus set sail, they would be charter members, of the flat earth society. >> eric: but hey, maybe this time we will get a different result. you never know. >> kimberly: terrible. >> bob: first of all, it's surprising you didn't say the news, obama approved part of the xl pipeline. >> eric: can i read it? you threw it out there. do it right. president obama according to politico, president obama will issue a memo in cushing, oklahoma, telling them to execute, this is important part, section of the keystone pipeline between oklahoma and the gulf coast. >> bob: you do have to build that part of it. maybe you start there. you build north. what he said, this is an energy policy. you keep dumping on this and
2:17 am
come up with the companies that fail. a lot of them have not failed. more importantly, if we listen to you. and all you gas guzzling people, we would not have any alternative power. we're going to -- the chinese are going to own us with solar power. >> eric: before we throw it around, obama has all of the above. >> kimberly: what? >> eric: i thought you were talking about. >> greg: i'm excited over the green energy tour. i invited president obama to my own solar facility called my backyard. i am ordering a wind farm. it's hormel chilly. obama has a blind spot size of the ozone layer. it's not working. >> bob: the cities, traffic lights. a lot of things.
2:18 am
>> greg: i serve hors d'oeuvres on mine. >> eric: president obama is visiting a solar power plant, generating solar power. largest in america. 17,000 homes it supplies. >> kimberly: how many jobs? >> eric: let me tell you something, we're spending $25 billion. 17,000 homes represent not 1%, or one-tenth of 1%. not 100th of 1%. but 1/100th of 1% of the homes in america. >> bob: what about the electricity cost? it costs money. it's easy to make comments, 17,000. it's all expanding. the infrastructure, and you should know that. >> eric: 130 million homes in america and we have 17,000. >> eric: that is right. >> kimberly: this is not a drop in the bucket. i admire his optimism, way to be a glass half full of solar or algae or whatever.
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but realistically speaking, even operating at the optimum efficiency, solar and other alternative energy will only account for perhaps, this is a study, if it's working well and it's not. 16% of the total energy demands. >> bob: that is correct. >> kimberly: bob, look at in terms of the volt. the battery, the 40-hour battery life. that's to say the car 100 years ago. >> eric: this is important news. president obama is going to announce a piece of keystone pipeline from oklahoma to gulf coast. think about that. what does that mean? there is no canadian oil produced in oklahoma. >> dana: okay. i'll try to do this as gently as i can. they completely missed the opportunity to cover themselves politically on this. this is a big deal. when a president calls members of congress himself to say don't vote for the bill.
2:20 am
this is a piece of it. you have to start somewhere. but it doesn't do what the states, the private entities say they are willing to do. made other points because i haven't said a word in this block. who doesn't have an all of the above energy policy? there is no one. it depends how you weight it. the doubling down on green energy piece, if he wants to say the long run we can do this, i'd rather see him give money to people in their pocket so they want to buy the solar energy. we have a good solar energy market in this country. the speech writers have to find a better line. than the flat earth society. americans use all sort of energy and they understand supply and demand better than the white house thinks they do. >> bob: you are saying oklahoma to the gulf. we should bring it to oklahoma and stop at the port? >> eric: the whole point is the keystone xl pipeline.
2:21 am
[ overtalk ] there is a lot of acreage between oklahoma and kansas. >> bob: you said oklahoma and the gulf open it up to canada. >> --t oklahoma -- >> dana: but remember the problem wasn't with the oklahoma. the problem with oklahoma through nebraska to canada, that is the problem point. what he is solving isn't a problem. >> bob: the government thought it was a problem. >> dana: look at a map. oklahoma and the gulf, nebraska doesn't play into that. >> eric: the xl pipeline, bob. bringing canadian oil to northern part of the midsection of the country. there is no straw from oklahoma to canada. >> bob: you still finish it from oklahoma to the gulf, do you not? >> eric: what does that do? you have a pipeline that will remain empty. ahhh. >> bob: they had to start some place, okay?
2:22 am
>> dana: this is the bridge to nowhere. >> greg: the left can't have it both ways. if we have intense warming, shouldn't solar power be working? >> bob: it does work. >> greg: but working better. if anchorage is the new equator, shouldn't we run a couple of sewing machines? >> bob: we'll buy from the -- by the way, the obama approve the nuclear energy, which i'm in favor of. there hasn't been a nuclear program -- >> dana: he wasn't the first to come up with that. >> kimberly: he outsourced it to china any way. >> dana: loan guarantees that people don't like. >> eric: we have to go. coming up, what did the smartest people in politics think about last night's republican primary? you will hear from fox's three wise men. krauthammer, rove, morris, coming up.
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thank you, illinois! [ applause ] ♪ ♪ >> dana: i have had that song in my head for days. thinking about the republican primary for months. last night was another step closer to figuring out who the republican nominee will be. we have great contributors at fox. they had commentary last night. take a listen. >> romney, it was a candidate mostly a question of facing reality, sooner or later. >> anybody voting for santorum or gingrich is voting to have the nomination stale until the
2:28 am
convention. >> this seems to drag on forever. i'm getting bored with this race. >> bob, you're not bored are you? with the race? >> bob: no. i'm excited about it. i was on the edge of my chair last night. >> bob: you predicted he would win by double digits. i did. it wasn't a surprise. the demographic breakdown is the same thing. santorum with the same rural evangelical vote. romney had the city and the counties throughout chicago that fit in his demographic. all three were right. the point is this has gone on too long. it will keep it going. hillary clinton and barack obama were close and competitive and carried it to the convention. they were fortunate to bring
2:29 am
it together. if you have one that is obviously over and they still say yes, it rebounds negativ negatively. >> dana: one of the contest is in rick santorum's home state, pennsylvania. what about there? >> eric: he should win. newt picked his hand a little bit. it looks like it's a romney nomination. you might as well start dealing with it, so he can deal with obama. sooner the better, we'd be happier. jeb bush coming out endorsing romney is a big endorsement. that is a big one. off topic, bob, you like to trash the tea party, but it's an important race in illinois. the tea party freshman up against a ten-term, 20-year congressman mazulo. won by double digits.
2:30 am
the tea party will be vel rant on the congressional level -- relevant on the congressional level. >> bob: at some level. but this is restrictioning by the democrats and the older guy around a long time. no question about it. this is merging and more of the winners district than loser. >> dana: that is one other person in the republican race we haven't talked about, newt gingrich. karl rove talked about him last night. take a listen. get greg's take. >> ron paul, newt gingrich -- gingrich is spending the weekend before the illinois primary off wondering around the cherry blossoms and visiting zoos is not a powerful way to spend your campaign time days. >> dana: do you disagree with karl? you like to go to a zoo. >> greg: why attack the zoo?
2:31 am
what have the animals done to you? did you ever see "no country for old men"? a great movie. the climax was half an hour before the movie ended. it. we on for another 30 minutes. this is the primary. i want the primary to keep going so it distracts the candidate from the fact i've been robbing their home. >> kimberly: now they know. >> dana: i think santorum loses -- >> bob: i think santorum loses his home state. >> dana: i think so too. should he stay in or get out? >> eric: he would still be in. >> bob: that will be his hook. this is a state much more progressive than illinois. >> dana: jeb bush endorses romney today. we're just talking here.
2:32 am
if santorum or gingrich.go forward do you think their endorsement becomes a surprise? >> kimberly: he will be able to carry both and have sustainability in the process. right now it's romney's race to lose. he is going to do better going forward. better than people might think he is going to do. you will see it coalescing. >> eric: eric is right here. >> bob: jeb bush's endorsement is the most endorsement of poshes of the campaign. -- endorsement positions of the campaign. i'll not sure that newt gingrich can deliver much. santorum can make you right a little bit on the right. >> greg: jeb endorsing mitt
2:33 am
is a secret kabal of weird names. this is why ron paul was ignored. no normal names -- two normal names. 'canes bunames names. >> dana: do you trust somebody with two first names? ponder that. we're going to break. when we come back -- >> bob: we are all lost. >> kimberly: hold on. >> dana: it goes back to a long time ago. next up, hollywood actor tom hanks involved in a race of controversy that could be embarrassing for white house. we'll tell you why. [ male announcer ] lately, there's been a seismic shift
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how's that for common sense?
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eastern. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: well, my old buddy -- not really -- tom hanks finds himself in a controversy. a tape surfaced from 2004. right? eight years ago. in which tom hanks you can see here is at a fundraiser for his child school. saint matthews. he is doing this action with fellow by the name of glenn frey you may remember. eagles rocker. anyway, you probably know i know a lot about this. you can also see in the background there, there is a person on the stage up there in black face, which frankly went out somewhere between the ku klux klan and the white citizen council. and i think now this has come back and it's embarrassed hank. he has said now that he has seen it and it surfaced he said it was terrible, he felt horrible about it. but one of those things that will embarrass the white
2:40 am
house? i'm not sure it will. it will one of those things tell you again and again, if you are a public personality, whatever you do will come back if it's on tape. that is an example of greg's problems in his life. >> greg: yeah. >> bob: the question is dana, does this hurt barack obama? >> dana: what i admire about the white house. i think they blow this stuff off. i don't think they dwell on it or worry about it. it's actually more the rest of america as greg said in the first block so obsessed and calling everybody racist about everything. the white house, from what i can tell, what i admire is they don't get into it. no, i don't think it will embarrass the white house. i guess tom hanks had to apologize. >> greg: this is a smear against tom hanks. he was preparing for a role in which he plays a huge movie star that's racist. the worst thing, bob, the real sting was back in the '80s. with tom hanks used to dress as a woman. we have pictures. used to dress as a female to
2:41 am
get into a woman's dorm. he did this for a couple of years. it's disgusting and perverted. i don't know why anyone hasn't brought this up or brought it to shame. >> dana: i loved that show. >> eric: the campaign when they did that 27-minute movie about -- >> dana: 17 minutes. they couldn't fid it all in. >> eric: whatever. when they did that, they vetted the old '80s movies with hank and knew this tape was out there. >> dana: you think so? i don't think they did. >> eric: bottom line, tom hanks narrates the 17-minute probe, obama re-election video. and he also produced one of the pieces of "game change." >> bob: people won't think tom hanks is a racist. >> kimberly: but it shows if you get caught in a situation, it's unfortunate timing.
2:42 am
don't think someone didn't pull this out because of the 17-minute documentary. saying really? now look. >> bob: i'll tell you one thing i say about hanks and frey, whatever his name is. if you are on stage with somebody in black face, my answer to it would have been to get out and throw him off the stage. >> kimberly: he is not going to do that. he is not bob beckel. he should have left. >> bob: most people toward sensitivity toward this, somebody in black face. the school to allow them to get on the stage should be ashamed of themselves. anyone who goes around in black face in america today, i would welcome back -- >> greg: i did it once but a mask of shirley temple. >> dana: if you at your kid's school fundraiser and you are a big actor. you have been invited because you are going to entertain everybody. maybe you don't want to be that guy who ruins the whole thing being the righteous indignation, maybe said
2:43 am
something before -- he probably didn't even remember it. >> bob: we have another star, obama supporter got himself an issue on race as well. that is my man, robert di nero. he was at a rundraiser, i think it was. he said something about white first ladies. let me see. do we know exactly what the quote was? something, racial joke he made. it was not -- can anybody read that? >> greg: santorum and romney, do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady? >> bob: he apologized for his comments but i don't know what people are thinking when they say things like that. >> dana: they think they are cool. >> greg: i don't think this is a big deal. robert di nero is not funny person. he's an actor and reads line. he made a bad joke. i don't think there is a -- no sin with a bad joke. >> eric: absolutely they take anyone on the right for
2:44 am
saying that and -- >> greg: he has to be better than that. >> eric: he is not a comedian. hide behind the comedian -- >> kimberly: no, don't say it. it happened after 11:00 at night so it's okay. >> dana: very serious actor. >> bob: that's okay. he never gives a bad joke. coming up, greg gutfeld. they didn't spell it right when they put his name on the door at fox. a monologue that will blow your mind. it always blows my mind. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: i'm always right when i'm drunk. i'm always drunk when i'm right. now the study proves it. getting drunk makes you more conservative. university of arkansas researchers tested the theory that "low effort thought promotes political conservatism." no bias there, fellas.
2:49 am
they found people turn right when the brain was distracted. when decisions were under time constraint and most important when they booze. conclusion, liberal conservatism is con consequence of liberal thought. maybe the authors meant to taunt conservatives but it didn't end that way. one of them admits, the result say conservative way of thinking are the basic, normal and natural. it's like he is trying to describe cross dressing. they are less fearful of attending the ear of the cry baby. ever notice no one is more liberal when you drink, unless you talk about clothes. but nobody after five mai thai say wind mills are a good idea. or george clooney can act. people drink to escape idiocy. and it spills out when the filter of fear is gone. that's why i do everything
2:50 am
better drunk, including this mono. [ laughter ] i am going to you first. i know you disagree with me. you are probably the only person that when you drink you got more liberal. >> bob: i am the standing example of why this study may not be right. i agree with the conclusions. i might add about conservativ conservatives. len i got drunk, which was daily, for a lot of years i found myself more liberal. i found myself getting in more bar fights. maybe it was because everybody else is getting more conservative, i was getting liberal. >> kimberly: this explains it. >> bob: now i get it! it's taken all the years. i figure it out. i don't think conservatives make sense sober, let alone drunk. >> greg: that is just you. >> eric: i have another conclusion to the study.
2:51 am
conservatives think more liberal. >> greg: maybe because we have to. >> dana: we have fine tast tastes. >> greg: she doesn't need to drink. one cocktail. >> kimberly: a thimble cup. >> dana: last week we had an academic study. we could do one, i think this is worthy of maybe a graphic. producers. maybe we need useless academic studies. >> greg: this is not us useless. >> kimberly: he is charmed by this one because he thinks it's funny. he likes it. otherwise -- >> greg: this is excuse for a researcher in his 40s to go to a bar. yes, bob. >> bob: give up my time if you read the monologue one more time. put it up, please. put it up. read it. >> greg: keep going. concluding this mono written this last night on a park bench, drinking after vodka bottle i hate you pigeons,
2:52 am
dark times protractors. [ laughter ] >> eric: where did that come from? >> kimberly: i like the pants. >> greg: that was great. >> kimberly: that happened to bob. >> greg: one more thing is next. tonight we are celebrating the 327th birthday. stay with us to find out who it is. if you leave now you won't see me blow out cappeddals. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: time now for one more thing. mine tonight was the music you just heard. yoyo ma felling the tele suite in g major. bach would have been 327 today. born march 21, 1685. music lives on. >> bob: he is great. he is a friend of mine, by the way. isn't that beautiful? >> kimberly: nobody like it. >> dana: another birthday in my life today. besides bach. something dear to me, that is twitter. twitter's sixth birthday. that is my sister, she is
2:57 am
watching in birthday and it's her birthday today, too. >> greg: angie is a fan. not just of cats but a fan of talking about her cats. one of those people wherever she goes you hear the cats tales. pictures of her cats that is more interesting. i send her a picture of a cat. that's my birthday present. >> dana: she will be hono honored. >> kimberly: did you piggy back off her one more thing? >> greg: yes. >> eric: that is cheating. >> greg: i know. i had a book, friend of mine gave me this. call "redefining diva" to deal with bob beckel better. >> bob: is that a shot? >> greg: you're a diva. >> eric: my son's school today, i love to go. hunger games. of i said what is hunger game. he said this will be the
2:58 am
biggest movie ever. i looked into it, it's interesting. it comes out friday. it will be big. futuristic u.s. society. # 2 separate districts all responsible for a different good of service working for good. the important part for me is, the take-away is it good? is it bad? where are we going? going to learn about socialism, capitalism, identity. >> dana: this is too much government can be bad and personal and social taking care of your family is good. i think it has good conservative principals. >> eric: can i pitch that segment tomorrow or friday? >> dana: here? >> bob: my last thing. i don't follow twitter in the show like others do in the break. but i understand people are concerned about my eyes and thought i was out all last night. that was a long time ago. if you notice, get closeup of the eyes. i want to say this. come on in.
2:59 am
my fellow brothers and sister here are brave to be here, because i have a virus in my eyes which is contagious. it will be done for me by friday. if you see the show on friday, i'll have pink eyes. >> dana: just don't like eye sneeze on us. >> greg: you really are a pinko now. >> bob: i didn't go off the wagon. i wouldn't be here. >> eric: people thought yesterday when you inhaled the helium. >> bob: that is probably right. >> dana: where did you get the glasses? >> bob: paid for the glasses and i got them downtown. hate to tell you much they cost. >> kimberly: 1% glasses. that's it for us on "the five five." we enjoyed having you. happy wednesday. we'll see you right back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪


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