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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  March 23, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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bill: great jobs. it was two years ago today that president obama signed the signature legislation into law. it was a pretty big deal. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states of america. barack obama. bill: boy, was it ever. in so many ways. martha: love that. maybe not such a good idea, watching that video over and over again for many years to come. bill: welcome everybody, i'm bill hemmer on a friday morning. how are you doing. martha: happy friday to you, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. the house just yesterday voted to kill part of that health care law. you've go the supreme court set to hear arguments on all of this on monday whether or not the law is constitutional. look at this. this is recent "fox news
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poll" show is a majority of americans feel part of it or all of it should be repealed. bill: there was not a single event on the calendar yesterday to mark the occasion. bret baier talked to one of his top advisors how it would be handled. listen. >> why isn't there big fanfare on the two-year anniversary of the had healthcare law on friday? >> i think you will see quite a bit of activity on the health care law. not just a official activities or campaign activities but i think there is going to be quiet recognition around the country. bill: quiet recognition. byron york, chief political correspondent, "washington examiner". fox news contributor. good morning to you, byron. >> good morning, bill. bill: no public events. how do you explain that? >> the white house believes the president's presence at events would be divisive and counterproductive t would remind pa majority of americans don't like the bill and skeptical about the new law why they don't like
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it in the first place. they're keeping him behind the scenes. >> his friends would be counterproductive? i thought this was the signature piece of legislation, byron? >> absolutely. what did president obama do yesterday appear at a hospital with doctors and nurses talking about this law? no. he was in front of oil pipelines in oklahoma. he trying to put out fires in all sorts of fronts. he does not want to reignite opposition to obamacare. bill: we just found this on his re-election website. it is all about health care online. read it about there. there is the website on screen. you have a cbo report this week that suggested it could be twice the price in the end. ongoing debate over contraception. and supreme court as we mentioned takes it up next week. would it be smart for him to lay low? >> well he could, but the republicans are not going to let him do it. i've already gotten tons of e-mails this morning from the republican presidential campaigns and republicans on capitol hill about things
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they will be saying about obamacare today. if you go on the campaign trail, doesn't matter, romney, santorum, gingrich, ron paul, they're all pledging to repeal obamacare and biggest applause line they get when they go out. this is something that is going to go observed today only by republicans. bill: byron york leads coverage in washington. >> thank you. bill: it is a big deal. >> big deal. bill: see you later, right? martha: as we mention the supreme court takes up the health care issue starting next week. that will be a huge focus for everybody. 26 states have challenged the health care law as unconstitutional. meanwhile the nonpartisan congressional budget office, known as cbo. they have estimated five million people may lose their employer-based insurance between 2019 and 2022 as all of this starts to shake out. the cbo also says two million fewer uninsured
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americans would actually gain coverage than originally promised. bill: big deal. martha: yeah it is, bill. there are new details why gas prices may be skyrocketing. the national average a gallon of gas up a couple cents overnight, hitting $3.89 a gallon. look at that. that is quite a chart, isn't it? up 60 cents since january. "los angeles times" reporting this all shows signs really of an upbeat economy. that is a bit of a head scratcher. stuart varney has been thinking about that this morning. the anchor of course of "varney & company" on fox business network. stuart, when you have increasing gas prices as we have right now, is that a sign of an economy that is perking up? >> it's a stretch, martha, a big stretch. the articles appeared this morning in chicago and los angeles saying the global economy is strong, therefore demand for oil is up, therefore gas prices are going up. as i say that's a stretch because china is slowing
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down. europe is flat-out in recession and american is only growing 2%. so to try fry to say the strong global economy is reason for higher gas prices in america is a stretch and frankly an element of political spin here, trying to excuse ruinous gas prices for basically political reasons. in los angeles by the way, regular is averaging 4.37. in chicago, it is 4.63. california and illinois join the states which are now above $4 a gallon. that is ruin news for the economy of those states. i don't think it can be explained that the global economy is strong. martha: you can get it under four bucks in new jersey i hear. >> yes you can. martha: it is interesting, when you talk about green jobs and up until recently these numbers didn't exist. today the bureau of labor
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statistics broke this down. they say green jobs account for 3.1 million jobs in the u.s. economy. these are not newly or created under the obama administration. those are just total assessment. the way they define green jobs is quite interesting. we'll get into that in just a minute. net job loss in the obama administration, how many fewer jobs we have now than when he did when president obama took office, down 864,000. that is off the lowest numbers of his presidency. that's where we stand stand right now. what do you make of the assessment what a green job is and how they're being counted and why they're suddenly being counted by the bls? >> they wanted a big number. they want a lot of green jobs. president obama staked a lot of his administration on going green and green as the future. what they did was they expanded the definition of what is a green job. they counted all jobs that benefit the environment. therefore, if you grow an
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organic tomato, you are a green farmer. if you drive a hybrid bus, you are a green bus driver. lecture on ecology? you're green. lobby on ecology? you're green. lawyer for environmentalists, you are green. so they stretched the definition and reclassified a lot of jobs that used to be regular jobs, turned them into green jobs but could only come up with 3.1 million. i think that is very small number. i think they were hoping for more. martha: very interesting. if you work in a nuclear energy plant you are also part of the green jobs world of job growth. >> i think that is debatable, martha, debatable. martha: i think most people would agree. thank you very much, stuart varney. a lot there for us this morning. bill: a fox news alert. new this morning the army staff sergeant accused of gunning down afghan civilians expected to be charged with 17 counts of murder today. peter doocy live in d.c.. what is being charged with,
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peter? >> reporter: on top of the 17 counts of murder, sergeant bales will be charged six counts of attempted murder and aggravated assault and several violations of military law. it has been 12 days since sergeant bales allegedly snuck off his base in afghanistan and into the homes of unsuspecting villagers, several he shot as they slept in their bed before burning some of the bodies. that happened on march 11th. a week ago today, sergeant bales was flown from afghanistan to fort leavenworth, kansas, because that is where the only military high security prison is. he met with his lawyer and will be read all the serious charges. bill: do you have a ends sense how he will defend himself, peter? >> reporter: yes. his lawyer, john henry brown, was on cbs this morning, says there is no crime scene or fingerprints but signs of stress. >> seeing people blown apart next to you, picking up body parts, putting them in bags, a lot of servicemen go
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through that and don't have incidents alleged like this but it is pretty horrific. we do know he had a concussive head injury which is serious. >> reporter: and brown also said that head injury went untreated. one other thing, bill, you remember the initial reports indicated 16 afghans were killed. that number is now 17. the military hasn't explained exactly why that is. one source told us the number is suddenly 17. per muslim tradition all the victims were buried in the ground within 24 hours of the attack. there was a lot of confusion between the attack and these burials. bill: peter, breaking news in washington, thanks. martha: those are some of the stories we'll be following for you in "america's newsroom." more than half a billion dollars of taxpayer money went to solar company, one of them that went belly-up. president obama is pushing his green energy agenda. he is saying something
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interesting in solyndra. he says it really wasn't our deal per se. what does that mean? bill: whose deal was it? things that go boom in the night for 100, alex. have we uncovered what is causing a mysterious sound in one american town. >> calls for unity put forward this week by jeb bush and others, rick santorum shocked members of his own party by telling people he would really rather see the current president in place than mitt romney. we'll talk about that. >> maybe a rather stay what we have instead of taking a risk. [ female announcer ] women have made it the number one selling anti-aging cream undeniably. it creamed unbelievably a $500 cream. and now women have made regenerist microsculpting cream
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[ male announcer ] help brazil reduce its overall reliance on foreign imports with the launch of the country's largest petrochemical operation. ♪ when emerson takes up the challenge, "it's never been done before" simply bemes consider it solved. emerson. ♪ martha: we've got some breaking news just crossing the wires moments ago. this report that president obama has appointed a new world bank chief and it is a surprising choice by this earliest estimate. dartmouth college president jim yon kim, is the president's choice to run the world bank.
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that decision will have to be approved. that is announcement just made moments ago. we'll find out more about who he is and what he might have in mind for the world bank. bill: meantime, martha, 14 minutes past the hour, on the eve of health care's anniversary the house votes to get rid part of that law. the independent payment advisory board, known as ipab, it is designed to control the cost of medicare and critics say it is misguided and only lead to rationing of care. >> senior citizens don't want bureaucrats or acronyms. they want access to doctor of their choosing. bill: tim murphy is the co-chair of the republican doctors caucus. back in your hometown in pennsylvania, in pittsburgh. why did you think it was important to get rid of this? >> this is exactly things we were told before the bill passed. we had to pass it before we found out what was in it.
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last two years it is a full-time job for congress to find out what is in it. what we discovered on the independent payment advisory board they will make decisions on what is paid for and how much. when you can't pay for care, that is care denied. who makes the decisions? the other concern we have the 15-member panel is political appointments. less than half the panel are allowed to be physicians. beyond that hospital administrators, economists, other people who are involved with money and financial issues of health care. if you want to appeal that, if you want to change that, you can't go to your doctor, can't go to your hospital. you can't go to member of congress. you have to go, it will take an act of congress to change that. talk about bureaucracy between you and your doctor making decisions, almost an impossible hurdle. bill: the other side argues this is way you control cost. if you want to keep the control of medicare costs down at some point there has to be a line of defense
9:16 am
against excessive send spending. what do you say to that? >> we need time prove care. what medicare tried to control controlling prices for individual procedures. paying less and less for that. that is where doctors would not want to take on medicare patients. that system has failed. we do know if you follow the science of best medical practices and work for example, disease management, careful handling of patients when they have certain diagnoses, give doctors leeway, for their quality and performance there, you can reduce costs by 20, 40, sometimes as much as 75% for care. what this panel is going to side what gets paid for and how much. that i believe continuing on with what is done now. price control and price fixing. goes to what this administration has done all along. they don't trust doctors. they don't trust insurance companies. they only trust bigger government. this panel will be isolated. they can't be withdrawn from their positions. require as law change passed
9:17 am
by the house and senate, signed by the president to overrule some of the decisions and even --. bill: this will not go anywhere in the senate. the president already threatened to veto. i think in larger picture, minus the details of what is in it, is this the republican strategy to go after health care regardless what the supreme court rules? that is to try to take it apart piece by piece? >> i think by taking it apart piece by piece we're pointing out what speaker pelosi charges with, find out what is in it. 1099 tax issue. 20 different classes. contraceptive drugs and requiring religious organizations to provide them. this issue with the payment advisory board are a fraction what is in the 2,000 pages as we unpeel this and what find what is in here is a massive bureaucracy between you and your doctor. we need to point these things out. we'll discover more as we analyze the bill. bill: i understand the point you're making.
9:18 am
the president has no public events, this on the two-year anniversary. what do you make of that? >> i can understand why. when 57% of the american public are saying they're against this bill, it is not something to really be proud of. this bill was done in haste. we are looking over the last couple years, still discovering things. there are still 150 boards, panels, commissions yet to be appointed. we don't know what is in it. bill: tim murphy, congressman out of western pa. thank you for your time today. >> great to see you bill. martha: speaking of that thousands of folks today in more than 100 cities across america are greeting two-year anniversary of health care law, not with party balloons but protests. what is going on with this? we'll take you there. bill: sweet 16 is underway. after games last night, there were excitement late. florida gators are in after getting rid of marquette after 68-58 final. louisville is next after the
9:19 am
cardinals put ferocious d on michigan state. michigan state was a number one seed. martha: sure was. bill: battle of ohio. they only played twice in 50 years. ohio state beat cincinnati topping that game 81-66. ohio state faces another number one seed, syracuse. going down to the final seconds with wisconsin. that was a great game. 64-63. martha: unbelievable. bill: right on. there are four more games tonight though. martha: know what you will be doing this weekend though. bill: you're right. ♪
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bill: hugging it out is verboten at a new jersey school. middle school principal banning students from outward displays of
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affection. some parents are wondering why, why there? >> i was appalled. how could that happen. they're kids. it is natural to hug, to embrace your friends. >> they said, remember, we are a no-hugging school. that is our new policy. >> they should worry about bullying than kids actually getting along. bill: no huggers. i'm seeing that on a t-shirt real soon. students face possible detention if they dare try. the principal did not comment on the new policy. martha: can't hig it out. we want to move to this story that has gotten so much national attention. there are shooting developments of an unarmed black teenager in florida. the police chief is under fire for his handling of this investigation. he has temporarily stepped down. a lot of folks wondering that really means. whether he will be back and whether it will influence what others might do about this if it is only temporary. this happens as florida's governor and attorney general appoint a special prosecutor now to take over
9:24 am
this case which many believe has been very mishandled from the get-go. phil keating joins me live. he is in miami. phil, the key demand from the protesters though remains unfulfilled in terms of an arrest for zimmerman. >> reporter: right. trayvon martin bury ad month ago, still the shooter in this case who claims self-defense, george zimmerman, a neighborhood watch activist up in sanford, florida, remains not arrested, not charged but a free man. this is an outrage by many people not only in florida but all around the country. last night, a national rally for justice taking place up in sanford. this just north of orlando. and reverend al sharpton was on hand. trayvon martin's parents were there. other civil rights leaders were all there. they're all demanding that george zimmerman finally be handcuffed. >> you can not defend
9:25 am
yourself against a pack of skittles and iced tea. don't talk to us like we're stupid. don't talk to us like we're ignorant. we love our children like you love yours. >> [inaudible]. because my heart burst for my daughter, my son. >> reporter: about 5000 people estimated to be at that rally last night including hundreds who boarded buses to drive all the way down from georgia. there is another rally scheduled today in st. louis. another one protesting the lack of an arrest in this case in washington, d.c. and governor rick scott of florida has now appointed his lieutenant, lieutenant governor to head a special task force in light of this case to perhaps look at whether there needs to be
9:26 am
some legislative remedies for something like this in the future. martha: people that wrote the law said circumstances don't apply in this case, it was clear from the audiotape that mr. zimmerman was chasing him and that he was running away, according to what it says on the tape. there are some details that need to be really reviewed in this case and quickly. the special prosecutor that has not been assigned, what do we know about this person, phil? >> reporter: governor scott met with his attorney general, pam bondi, yesterday. at their request the state attorney who handles the san for, florida, area stepped aside from this investigation. angela cory, her office up in jacksonville, she has been leading prosecution of that little 13-year-old cristian fernandez charged with murder. she is a set a 30-year veteran in the detective force there to look at this as a whole. martha: phil, important story. we'll stay on it. in miami. bill: there is no more
9:27 am
etch-a-sketch but there is this. why did rick santorum tell people it volt for barack obama over mitt romney. fair and balanced debate coming up. martha: living in the "twilight zone". mysterious loud booms shaking homes in one wisconsin town. now, some possible answers. ♪ all right, let's decide what to do about medicare and social security...
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bill: we might have the new answers now on the mystery what might be going boom in the night. residents in a small wisconsin town west of green bay plagued by a week of loud unexplained sounds shaking their homes and triggering a rash of nervous 911 calls. now the officials in that town might have an answer. >> our community did in fact experience an earthquake that registered 1.5 on the earthquake magnitude scale. bill: mike tobin is live in clintonville, wisconsin, to try to get to the bottom of all of this. mystery solved, mike, or not? >> reporter: well, mystery seems to be solved. the mystery seems to be a swarm of very small earthquakes. the kind of thing in california no one would notice but this is wisconsin where rumbling is supposed to be in the bowling alley. >> it sounded like it was a boom right out in the middle of the street in my driveway. it was a boom and vibrated the house. that's all i can say. is it vok me up it was a big
9:32 am
boom. the walls shook. and she said the door opened in the process. so, it was all right. it was cool. i liked it. >> reporter: now out of this swarm of earthquakes only the one was confirmed by all the size pollgy equipment, the 1.5. one seismologist says to his nothing this is the first time anyone notice ad earthquake that small. as 1.5 it was only three miles down. that is because this area sits on granite. apparently granite is good at conducting sound and granite makes mighty fine countertops, bill. bill: are the concerns eased now? everybody feeling better or not? >> reporter: we went to the city meeting last night. you still had people pardon the term, a little bit shaken up. they want to see this area have a plan for if earthquakes continue or increase. clintonville, for all the obvious reasons doesn't have a earthquake plan.
9:33 am
nobody expects to have earthquakes here in wisconsin. they did report some booming again last night. we set up a camera to record all night long, at least in the area where we were recording we didn't pick anything up, bill. bill: nothing? that's what happens. you go to the scene and nothing goes on. mike, thank you. stay on this mystery, okay? mike tobin live in clintonville, wisconsin. report we're. >> reporter: we're on iters mystery solved or not. we'll talk to a seismologist to see whether or not quakes are to blame. martha: you know the music. that means we're back to election news. this is a big one this morning. rick santorum gotten a lot of attention with this comment about his rival mitt romney. listen. >> you win by giving people a choice. you win by giving people the opportunity to see a different vision for our country, not someone who is just would be a little different than the person in there. if it is only a little different, stay with what we have instead of taking a risk what might be the
9:34 am
etch-a-sketch candidate for the future. martha: hmm. a lot of stewing over that comment today. doug schoen joins me now, former pollster of president bill clinton. fox news contributor. and for the o'connell. former campaign advisor to john mccain's presidential campaign and chairman of the civic forum presidential action committee. >> thank you. martha: get your initial reaction. how bad is what rick santorum said or is it? >> i've been as critical of mitt romney as next conservative and having been out on the presidential campaign trail and i appreciate rick santorum's fire in the belly but really at the end of the day all he provided is reckless fodder for a president who doesn't need more advantages. he is writing barack obama's campaign come americals. president obama, we can't wait until 2016. we have to get him out because some policies like obamacare are just irreversible. martha: doug, what do you make of the comment and what
9:35 am
does it mean for rick santorum's future. >> this says to me, martha, that the republican party is still hopelessly divided. rick santorum fighting on. will probably win in louisiana and strong in may in texas. the party is divided because mitt romney is an etch-a-sketch. you don't know where he stands. he says he is runsing a a conservative and will be back as moderate. suggests to me as ford suggested president obama's position is getting stronger because of division on the republican side. martha: there has been a feistiness of rick santorum. some people accuse him getting out on a limb on topics he shouldn't be out there on in what way it would serve his campaign. we were waiting for a response this morning. we asked rick santorum if he wanted to come on and clarify his statement. what we have is a statement from his team. here is what it says. rick is concerned that voters won't see the contrast between mitt romney and president obama. the republican party will
9:36 am
win by giving a voters a choice, the statement goes on to say, we wingy giving people the opportunity to see a candidate with a different vision of our country and not someone with a mirror image of the president on key issues. there is no clarification of that statement. that statement continues to back up what he said. this will be an issue that will follow him. the others are saying you know what? any republican is better than president obama in their opinion. >> you know, any republican is better than president obama. all rick santorum did was weaken a party. come november, he might have hurt america. what a lot of people don't understand the mainstream media is on the tank for president obama. we can win this election given the state of the economy if the republican nominee can just win florida, ohio, virginia, north carolina. it is that simple and really within our reach. we can not wait until 2016 because president obama's policies are decimating the middle class and hurting small business. martha: i was reminded of a conversation between neil cavuto and monica crowley
9:37 am
yesterday. let's play a little bit of that just for fun. >> would you really, if you had that choice, barack obama and physical pineapple. >> i would vote for the pineapple? >> really? >> i would vote for the inanimate object. martha: doug? >> well, look, i think with rick santorum saying that mitt romney is mirror image of president obama and monica making it clear that she would vote for anyone --. martha: rather have inanimate object or fruit apparently. >> all sorts of metaphors thrown around. bottom line we aren't getting what rick santorum said, a clear choice between president obama and alternative set of policies. mitt romney flip-flopped repeated i in his career. why the etch-a-sketch comment has so much resonance. why his changes on abortion and gun control, gay rights are so obvious and clear issues as well as health care. so, bottom line, there isn't a clear choice. ford and i agree president obama is getting stronger
9:38 am
and give the economic data released recently he is getting stronger still. >> there is a clear choice. martha: i will have both you guys on rather than that a pineapple any day. you're much better. >> i agree. martha: ford, thank you so much and doug. many thanks as well. rather sit out here with you than a pineapple any day. just so you know. bill: no word from the pineapple lobby. stay tuned we have an hour ant 20 minutes planned here. rallies planned across the country. what are they protesting? 100 different cities now. why some thing this could match the tea party. could it? martha: plus president obama is saying drilling is not going to lower gas prices in this country. is he right? we'll take a look at the numbers on that well, online dating services can get kind of expensive.
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martha: 42 minutes past the hour right now and pope benedict the 16th on en route to mexico. will celebrate mass this sunday. hundreds of thousands are expected to turn out for that momentous occasion. divers recovering more bodies in the wreck of the costa concordia. this after three months of looking for body as of the ship struck a reef off an italian island. one elderly american couple is still missing. >> animal control is the question here. rounding up a pack of wild dogs in texas. at least six chihuahuas are on the loose. that was not a chihuahua. noisy little dogs left behind by their owner. that isn't nice. you have to take care of them. bill: if you don't, what they do in the street they roam and looks like that old movie, logan's run we used to watch when we were
9:43 am
younger. today in more than 100 american cities there will be marches to protest the health care law, specifically they want to challenge the controversial mandate that requires employers health care plans to include free birth control. eric scheideler, executive director of the pro-live action league and one of the groups organizing the rallies. good morning to you. >> glad to be here, bill. bill: why are you involved, eric? >> when the hhs mandate was handed down back in january, we were just as astonished all across the country. people of faith, people in the pro-life movement to see the federal government calling preventative care of these devices of which stop or even end pregnancy. because the mandate includes abortion-inducing drugs. to consider pregnancy to be a disease or fertility to be a medical condition seemed to be attack on sanctity of life. worse yet the hhs mandate requires religious employers to provide these services,
9:44 am
these contraception, sterilization, abortion-inducing drugs even when it violates their deeply held, long-held moral convictions on these things. bill: you're pro-life, right? >> that's right. i'm executive director of a national pro-life organization. bill: are you catholic also? >> i am catholic. bill: the church is even now several months down the road they're still talking about this from the altar. what is the impact of that do you believe? >> well i think that the church recognizes, not only the catholic church but all people of faith, we have protestants and jews joining us today and even an atheist group coming out in support of this protest we recognize the barack obama administration is trying to define for religious institutions what their ministry will be. there is exception to the hhs mandate, drawn so narrowly it excludes feeding the poor, educating the young, sheltering the homeless. all of these activities which have always been recognized to belong within the sphere of religious
9:45 am
ministry are not considered religious enough for barack obama to grant a religious exemption that the law contains. bill: some people compare the marches today to the tea party movement. you think that is accurate? >> well the tea party movement and stand up for religious freedom rally share a common heritage that goes back century tries in our land, people go out into the public square to voice their concerns and their opinions. we don't emerge from the tea party movement. even if there is some parity. but, you know, we also share with other movements of social justice --. bill: it is a political movement you know how big the tea party movement became. >> that's right. bill: the change they exacted in washington. what is your expectation for your march then? >> we're pushing back against the hhs mandate. its requirement that religious people violate their consciences. what i want to see come out of this is for us to reset the debate, to blow away all the smoke and mirrors from the obama administration about all this.
9:46 am
fake accommodation that requires a violation of conscience. to show how very widespread and growing opposition is to the hhs contraceptive mandate. bill: would you expect the president to redefine yet again this particular part of the mandate? >> you know, president obama, every few weeks seems to come out with some new shell game. i'm sorry to see that time for president to admit he has made a mistake. that he is violating our cherished religious freedom. violating the first amendment. trying to dictate to religious institutions what their ministry is, what counts as religion and to completely rescind the hhs mandate. that is what he needs to do. bill: we'll see whether or not the marches today have an impact and we'll see whether or not a lot of people turn out today. we'll watch numbers on the streets. eric, thank you for your time out of chicago. >> watch us on twitter. bill: that is one place. what is your handle on twitter? >> stand up rally. bill: stand up rally. follow them online. sir, thank you for that. you can ask us questions about this or anything else
9:47 am
that's in the news today. or at twitter bill hemmer or bya. we'll ask how you feel about this and we'll gauge your interest during the show. we're trying to figure out what in the world is going on in wisconsin. is it an earthquake or something more to it? martha: they said it was too small to be felt like that. he was skeptical. so it continues. you know the saying about this, the buck stops here, right? at that may not be the case at white house. why the president said a half a billion dollar loan to failed green energy firm solyndra was now, quote, not his deal. bill:, also very private photos of america's biggest celebrities flash across the internet. very private we say. one man is saying sorry and facing 60 years behind bars? martha: yeah. why do these people think anything will be private. ♪ buy one spectrum by lg, and get one free ?
9:48 am
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bill: we told but the mysterious booms in one town. now there is mysterious ooze, globs of black tar washing up on san diego shores. the type of tar you see on roads but it is not clear where this comes from, especially on the sand. >> kind of like gum all over the beach. but, inside the gum it is, like oily gum. >> really bad like gasoline or oil, really bad oil. >> instead after spring of water, it is a place where petroleum in the seabed seeps out of the seafloor. sometimes it roars up at high speed. bill: so it could be natural. white experts look for answers, surfers says it is
9:52 am
not keeping them off the beach. they say they're just watching where they step. martha: well a florida man is facing some serious time in the slammer for hacking celebrity e-mail accounts. this is quite a story because, internet law is sort of territory that has not been well-trod at this point. now this crime is ending up basically showing a lot of flashed around nude photos of actresses like scarlett johansson across the web. now the admitted hacker is reportedly claiming to plead guilty in this case. doug burns, former federal prosecutor who has worked on internet hacking cases joins me now. good morning, doug. >> good morning, martha. martha: this is a very interesting case because he faces as much as 60 years in prison. basically he went, onto the i am internet. he just scanned a lot of available password and security data on these three women, christina aguilera,
9:53 am
scarlett johansson and mila kunis. he was able to basically hack into their accounts. how egregious if this information is readily available. >> the 60 years is in need of an explanation. in other words, this statute which traditionally involves credit card fraud and identity theft, now computer hacking, unauthorized entry into other people's computer information carry as level, one global offense level. it will not be anywhere near 60 years just so everybody understands. and also, martha, depends on whether or not he profited by this then you would use the amount of money to ratchet up the potential sentence. then of course it would depend on whether national security is involved. so in this particular case, what i'm saying, to make a long story short that he will not face a lengthy prison term. you make a good point. i agree with you. a lot of information is out there and available. i'm not defending what he did. apparently, if you hack into somebody's password and secret access but the point
9:54 am
you're making which i 100% agree with, i mean, when people are on facebook and twitter, they should take the position that they're comfortable with it on the front page of "the new york times." that is my point. martha: we're looking at a picture of scarlett johansson, not the picture of scarlett johansson which was nude photo or series of them she only meant for the eyes of they are hen husband, ryan reynolds. do any of us, doug have expectation of privacy on the internet that is upholdable in court? >> i usually don't bring my own personal conduct into discussions but when you talk about facebook, twitter, all that stuff, i will not write one word i'm not comfortable with on the front page of every newspaper. people should take that position. look, with a password-protected e-mail account and password-protected social media accounts you do have some expectation of privacy. but, that is not going to get you very far when all of a sudden you're a celebrity and nude photos of you are
9:55 am
all over the place. so, you know, the point is, err on the side of caution. but technically, seriously, it is an invasion of privacy. it does violate federal law. it is sort of a wiretap-based law by the way. she is are the same old crimes by way of new mediums. you know? martha: doug, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. martha: doug burns. word to the wise? don't put nude pictures of yourself out there, then they will not show up in anybody else -- what is wrong with kids today? she was already a star, scarlett johansson when she was doing that. she had to have known the possibility those would get out there. bill: mama raised no dummy or did she? perhaps. gas prices climbing higher. president obama making big claims about his efforts to make america more energy dependent. why a closer look at what the data tells us about that. martha: a supreme court showdown is coming folks. this is going to be huge, over the president's health care law. nancy pelosi says legally
9:56 am
the law is ironclad in her opinion. is she right? >> it is going to be very, very, exciting. but we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. (bell rings)
9:57 am
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to help reduce tra noise so trains move quieter through urban areas all over the world. sometimes the best solutions are the ones you never hear about. together, the elements of science and the human element can solve anything. [ all ] shh! [ male announcer ] solutionism. the new optimi. martha: the word from critics slamming the president's energy claim that more tkraeulg in the united states he said yesterday isn't going to ease the pain at the pickup -ps. according to aaa prices, they keep rising, $3.89 for a gallon of regular, five cents up from nationally one week ago at 3.83. look at the numbers moving on up. last month we saw $3.37 for regular, brand-new hour starting on that happy note of "america's
10:00 am
newsroom." we are glad you are with us today, i'm martha maccallum bill: i'm bill hemmer. we'll try and make it better for you. is there any relief in sight? critics say we should drill for more oil here at home rather than push unproven sources of energy but the president claims that his administration is already making america nor energy efficient. >> we've added enough oil and gas pipeline to circle the entire earth and then some. i visited one of those new pipelines in oklahoma. today i directed my administration to make sure that we cut the red tape in terms of reducing some of these bottlenecks. the problem is that we're not drilling or producing more oil. we are producing more oil than any time in the last eight years. that is not the problem. martha: all right. so is that the problem or not the problem? as the president clearly stated yesterday. bringing in eric bolling now, cohost of the 5 and has a long history, of course, working in
10:01 am
the oil business and trading futures in oil. so, eric -- >> reporter: martha also i bought and sold gasoline, i bought and sold crude oil. i take delivery of oil and gas. you want to get to a question, but the three things he just mentioned, none of them are true. i don't know -- honestly president obama really needs better advisers from the department of energy. we haven't laid more pipeline to circle the earth and some under his administration. we are not drilling more oil now under his administration than over the last eight years because of what president obama has done. those were permitted during george bush's administration. the 20%, 2% number, that we use 20% of the world's oil and only half, 2% of the world's reserves, please, give me a break with that one. martha: he said, we're at an eight year high in domestic oil and gas supply. you hinted at some of the reason
10:02 am
behind this. and you say it can't be attributed to anything he did as president because they were private leases, but does the fact remain that right now we are at an eight-year high in domestic oil and gas supply, is that true? >> reporter: yes, that is true. that is true, but we're at an eight year-at 5.6 million barrels today. we produced as much as 9.5 million barrels a day in past administrations. most importantly, do you when this barack obama was first elected president and he said we can't drill our way out of it. if we put a drill bit in the ground right now it would be five or ten years before we see any of the oil hit our refineries. he said that himself. if we use his own words there is no way in three years the oil that he's seeing right now is from anything he's done. martha: let's answer the other basic question, which has to do with drilling. if we were to ram up drilling, we all remember during the last election sarah palin saying, drill baby drill, and president bush opened up the continental
10:03 am
shelf leases. that is something the president has not tapped inch to. if we started drilling more who the gas and oil prices start going down. >> reporter: i think they would. but it's more than drill more. it's all of the above. i don't mean solar wind analogy. i mean drilling, we have a approve a natural gas agenda and also have the epa get on board with the blending requirement, which i've talked about time and time again on fox news. there should be one blend for gasoline across the whole country, not 100 or 120 boutique blends that are required by the epa. then there is that sliver bullet that he says there isn't. there is a silver boulevard, i'll give it to him specifically, or steven chu and no one else. martha: clearly the president knows this is one ever the remaining issues that he has to deal with to get off of people's
10:04 am
minds. >> reporter: it's the big one. martha: thanks. we will be talking to you soon bill: and we know where to find bowling too, he's right out there. who is to blame for the rising gas prices? recent fox news polls show 40% of americans think it's the president's policies, 52% say it's not his fault. who said this? cut through the red tape, breakthrough bureaucrat particular hurdles and make this project a priority. martha: the president bill: it sounds like a republican. martha: i think the president feels he's in pretty good shape as the economy starts to show signs of recovery. if you're in the reelect meeting and say what is on the table as an issue, keystone is a problem and gas prices are a problem. he tried very hard in oklahoma yesterday to change the sort of per view of the discussion on those two very big issues that remain. well republican presidential candidate rick santorum making a
10:05 am
campaign start in texas. the state has the second largest number of delegates at state, 155. everything they do in texas is big, big, big, and they have a lot of delegates that santorum would need, to even catch up after this point with mitt romney. he has promised a vigorous campaign to win the texas primary in may. while praise for example the loan star state in san antonio yesterday he took this shot as his rival. >> i loved mitt romney's comment yesterday when he was asked about this issue. he said i'm going to run as a conservative. he didn't say i am as a conserve tip. he said i'm going to run as a conservative. what do you do, you just sort of decide what you're going to be for the election that you're -- no one can accuse me of that. people say, you can't win because of that. no, i will win because of it. martha: that is his story and he's sticking with it, rick santorum. texas' state primary was delayed
10:06 am
until may 29th because of legal disputes over the maps in texas. bill: louisiana, down in the deep south right now, this is your economic landscape that we've been using the deeper the red the more trouble you're in as a state. if you're in green you're doing all right. louisiana is actually in green, one of about three different states now that has voted in the primary season here where we have seen this. since november of 2008 louisiana's added almost 13,000 jobs. unemployment rate in that state, 6.9% which is below the national average. we'll see how the economic picture fits into the results over the weekend. during the primary battle in 2008 between mike huckabee and john mccain, louisiana went in february, so you still had a battle underway. and mike huckabee won the state by one point over john mccain four years ago. that's where you start to see where rick santorum has an argument to win this state, and some of the polling suggests he may indeed do that come this weekend. here is where we stand, 20
10:07 am
delegates on the line in louisiana. overall you see the delegate count favors mitt romney. he's at 565, almost halfway to 1144 that are needed. rick santorum has about half that behind mitt romney in number two. campaign carl cameron just north of new orleans right now. what do you expect tomorrow, carl? >> reporter: well all the indications are that santorum is doing pretty well in this state, mitt romney hasn't put a lot of effort into it. he'll have an event to focus on the anniversary of the president always healthcare reform not the foot race in louisiana, one that he's likely to lose. the latest polls today comes out from ppp the north carolina democratic leaning polling group that shows that san storm up has a 14-point lead over mitt romney in louisiana, and newt gingrich is fading. that seems to be the way the stage is set. santorum hopes it stems some of mitt romney's momentum going forward. he has the lead there.
10:08 am
bill: we'll see how it goes down, thank you, sir. martha: fox news alert, president obama is about to announce his pick to head the world bank coming in from the rose garden. we can confirm that he has nominated gym y youn jim young kim. >> when we reduce hunger in the world or help a farmer recover from a flood or drought it strengthens the world's economy. when we put an end to a preventible disease all of us are safer because of it. when a entrepreneur can start a new business it creates jobs in their country and opens up markets for our country. when a nation goes from poverty to prosperity it makes the world stronger and more secure for everybody. that's why the world bank is so important, and that's why the leader of the world bank should have a deep understanding of
10:09 am
both the role that development plays in the world and the importance of creating conditions where assistance is no longer needed. i believe that nobody is more qualified to carry out that mission than dr. jim kim. it's time for a development professional to lead the world's largest development agency. that's why today after a careful and thorough search i'm nominating dr. jim kim to be the next president of the world bank. gym has spent more than two decades working to improve conditions in developing countries around the world. as a physician and an anthropologist he sew founded art tphers in health and held a world health organization campaign to street 3 million patients with hiv aids. i've made hi, v aids and the fight against that dreaded disease and the probation of public health a cornerstone of my development agenda building on some of the outstanding work that was done by president bush. we pursue these efforts around
10:10 am
the globe because it's the right thing to do and because healthy populations enable growth and prosperity, and i'm pleased that jim brings this particular experience with him to his new job. jim was also the chair of the department of global health and social medicine at harvard medical school. he's earned a macarthur general just fellowship and has served as the president of dartmouth college for the past three years. after immigrating to this country from korea at age five i jim went onto become the president of his high school class, the quarterback of the football team, the quarterback of the basketball team, i found out he's a five handicap in golf. i'm a little resentful about that last item, but he does it all. jim has truly global experience. he's worked from asia to africa, to the americas, from capitols to small villages. his personal story exemplifies the great diversity of our country and the fact that anyone can make it as far as he has as long as they are willing to work
10:11 am
hard and look out for others. his experience makes him ideally suited to forge partnerships all around the world. so i could not be more pleased to nominate jim for this job, and i think i can speak for secretary clinton and secretary geithner when i say that we are looking forward to working with him. and i also want to take a minute to thank bob zelleck for all his hard work. he's made the bank more transparent, shored up progress in places like afghanistan. he's raised billions of dollars to help some of the world's poorest communities. jim is the right person to carry on that leg gas seat. i know his unique set of skills and years of experience will serve him well. i'm grateful to him for his willingness to serve. i do not think that the world bank could have a better leader, so thank you. martha: the president announcing his choice to head the world bank. jim kim is his name. we'll continue to let you know
10:12 am
what we learn about mr. kim and his qualifications for that office. they are taking a question, told on. >> will you comment on the trayvon martin case? >> well, i'm head of the executive branch, and the attorney general reports to me, so i've got to be careful about my statements to make sure that we are not impairing any investigation that is taking place right now. but obviously this is a tragedy. i can only imagine what these parents are going through. and when i think about this boy, i think about my own kids, and, you know, i think every parent in america should be able to understand why it is absolutely
10:13 am
imperative that we investigate every aspect of this. and that everybody pulls together, federal, state and local, to figure out exactly how this tragedy happened. so, i'm glad that not only is the justice department looking into it, i understand now that the governor of the state of florida has formed a task force to shregt wha investigate what is taking place. i think all of us have to do some soul searching about how does something like this happen. and that means we examine the laws and the context for what happened, as well as the specifics of the incident. but my main message is to the parents of trayvon martin, you know, if i had a son he'd look like trayvon, and, you know, i think they are right to expect that all of us, as americans,
10:14 am
are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves and that we are going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened. thank you. martha: sroe interesting. at the end there sort of an unexpected question. he was asked about the trayvon martin case in florida and you heard him just moments ago, he said if i had a son he would look like trayvon. he talked a little bit about the family, the martin family, and understanding and sympathizing with the tragedy that they are dealing w. he did not, however, point fingers at the police department in florida, or the way that the case has specifically been handled, which is of note. there is a lot still to be told and unveiled about this story as the investigation continues. but i think it is interesting that the president did not point any fingers. remember the situation with the came bridge polic cambridge police department where he did point fingers and there was some
10:15 am
work to be done to sort of smooth that situation over bill: he says it's absolutely imperative to investigate every aspect of the tragic shooting. he was walking with some caution there. he took one question, and that was handled moments ago. there was an opportunity there also to take another question, and remark about healthcare, because we've been talking for the past hour and 15 minutes how there was no public event scheduled. that was an opportunity to make a comment about healthcare on the two-year anniversary. clearly the white house and the president shows no chose not to. as to the trayvon martin case in florida we expect developments throughout the day. and when those come down we'll get you down there to florida. the police chief made news yesterday by stepping aside for a moment. we'll see where the investigation leads with the governor. new information now on the death of icon whitney houston. they ruled her death last month as an accidental drowning. they say heart disease and drug use contributed to it.
10:16 am
the autopsy found multiple drugs in her system, including cocaine. the level of cocaine found will not be released until next month. her family telling the associate et press they are sad earned to learn the results but glad to have closure. new all outs from the new orleans states bounty scandal. the senate is looking into whether intentionally knocking players out of the game is a crime. the saints are facing a long list of punishments for their bounty program. that includes a year-long suspension for super bowl wink head coach shaun peyton. the general manager has been suspended eight games next year. we have never seen it like this in the nfl. 17 minutes past the hour. martha: president obama may be
10:17 am
shifting responsibility a bit for that failed solar panel company known as solyndra. solyndra as you well remember went belly-up after receiving more than $530 million in loans now the president says that his administration is not exactly responsible for that deal. listen to this closely. >> we are doing all the approve strategy, right? obviously we wish solyndra hadn't gone bankruptment part of the reason they did was because the chinese were subsidizing their solar industry and flooding the market in ways so linda tkra could not compete. understand, this was not our program per se. martha: this was not our program per se says the president there. whose program was it. lieu owe gomer is on the house resource committee and joins me now. what is the answer to that question? whose program, whose deal was it. >> if i'd not been in washington in recent years i might not understand that either. what he means when he says it's not our program, per se, it
10:18 am
means if it were our program, not only would we have given away $535 million, we would still be giving it away. so we just threw away, you know, half a billion one time, and we won't keep poeupgt up like we do when we bought into government motors and things like that. the trouble is we've seen gasoline go up since month since he's been here, so it's now more than double, because everything this administration has done from the very first day has made it more difficult to produce more oil off federal lands. we had salazar before our committee, the department of interior secretary, and if you remember, january of 09 he came in and said there were 77 leases that the bush administration had around the utah area, and we are sending back every check, we are not going to allow those leases to go forward. i kept grilling him, had to keep
10:19 am
asking the question, do you realize that with us a seven-year process, it wasn't the midnight hour? and he said, finally admitted, yes, he knew it was a 7-year process. it takes time. i also asked if they were going to send a thank you note to the bush administration for the increase in production. it sakes time to make these things happened. but the speculation that maybe 25% or more of the cost of a gallon of gas right now would turn and go the other way, if this president would just say, we're going to start drilling in those areas, we wouldn't allow, we are going to drill in that little area where nothing lives that jimmy carter said with us a good place to drill. martha: we've discussed this a lot today in terms of how much production is actually out there and houfrp of a difference it would make if we increased drilling. there are several lines of thinking on that. i want to go back to solyndra for a moment. there is an obvious push for green in the administration. 15 companies help backed has had
10:20 am
some type of financial issue of one another. when you look at solyndra, it came from the recovery act program, correct? how does the administration abandon responsibility to it to any extent? he said this was done by congress, republicans and democrats, but repbs didn' republicans didn't vote for the recoveree act, did they. >> nope. martha: is it correct to push it off on congress. >> it's as accurate for him to say if you like your healthcare you get to keep is, if you like your doctor you get to kaoeupt. over and over we have seen this administration say things that aren't true. under the house rules we are not allowed to say that an elected officials lying. but i can tell you whoever is putting that information in his teleprompter is lying. martha: thank you very much. you're in a very hot area of all of this with the nation's
10:21 am
resources. >> we couldn't brin could bring down the price of gas immediately if we were serious about it. we are going to give $1.5 billion to the muslim brotherhood who have declared us as their military, and we are going to give them military aid in the hot spot of the world where we need oil to be flowing? those decisions have consequences far beyond the middle east. martha: thank you so much. good to see you here today. bill: we have shocking new developments now in the investigation of fast and furious, did the feds miss the chance to arrest two of the operations key targets? new details on that in a moment. a major showdown over the president's healthcare law as we head to the arguments of the u.s. supreme court. what is the best argument critics have in winning? one of those challenging the law will tell us live. buy one spectrum by lg, and get one free ?
10:22 am
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10:25 am
bill: we are now learning that the feds had the opportunity to arrest two of the key targets in operation fast and furious. one of them was this man, manual seles acosta. william la jeunesse is live with us. what stopped the atf from ending this operation earlier. >> reporter: bill in any other investigation both of these subjects that i'm talking about could and would have been arrested on the spot, but remember in fast and furious atf wanted to go after the big fish. acosta was the biggest fish they ever got and twice help let him go. according to the law, when you buy a gun you answer on this form that you're buying a gun for yourself, not for someone else, otherwise it's called lying and buying and that is illegal. on march 30th and 31, patino
10:26 am
bought eight weapons at a phoenix gun store and claimed that the guns were for himself. but two days later patino's gun showed up in acosta's car, he's the ringleader of this operation. see if we have that double screen, exactly. proving that patino wasn't buying for himself, yet the atf arrested neither one. it allowed patino to lie and by another 300 assault weapons on acosta's behalf at gun stores like lone wolf in phoenix, for instance. it also allowed acosta to drive back and forth multiple times to the border to meet with cartel buyers. the police stopped him at a check-point in arizona and found ammunition and nine cell phones hidden in his car and still let him go. >> you wouldn't believe, would you if you found someone carrying a massive number of guns across the border that you
10:27 am
didn't have reason to arrest him? that just doesn't hold water, as far as i'm concerned. that doesn't meet the laugh test. >> reporter: so the atf allowed patino to buy 700 military grade weapons with over $300,000 while he was on food stamps and let a cost to go over the border to meet with cartel leaders and never told their own agents in mexico, suggesting they had little intent of actually taking down this whole network -fpblt this investigation is not going over well on the hill bill: aoufr done a terrific job on this story. we'll see where it leads in time. william thanks. martha: there is a mystery shaking up one wisconsin town and it may finally be solved. [inaudible]
10:28 am
martha: wait until you hear what is causing it bill: tell us. also healthcare goes to the highest court on monday. we'll talk to one of the attorneys general set to take part in the arguments on monday, what is their best case? we'll find out. ♪ i'm michael bazinet, president of creative digital imaging of bangor, maine.
10:29 am
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10:31 am
bill: about 10:30 here in new
10:32 am
york. welcome back everybody -fpblt it marks two years since president obama signed the sweeping healthcare bill into law. on monday, three days from now the supreme court takes up three days of arguments on the challenge for that law. i talked today with one of those attorneys general who is part of that case. with me now florida attorney general pam bondi, one of the states challenging the constitutionality of the law. good morning to you. what is your best guess now about what this court rules. >> you know, bill, they are the highest court in the land, they are the united supreme court, and i'm confident they will follow the law. what the law tells us is this is a complete over reach by the federal government. they can to the force us to do this. we already -- we're coming into this with the best opinion in the entire country, a bipartisan opinion after the 11th circuit court ever appeals.
10:33 am
and we feel very confident that the justices are going to follow the law and agree with our argument, that it's federal over reach bill: the issue is whether or not the government can tell you as a private citizen whether or not you're compelled to buy something, that's what it all hinges on, correct? >> that is the individual mandate, absolutely. they've given us three days of argument, that's day two what you're talking about. and that's what it all hinges on, just by us sitting here right now, whether the federal government can come in and force us to purchase a product. that is the biggest over reach in the history of our federal government, and it can't be done, and we both know it's so much bigger than healthcare. bill: i want to a comment that pelosi made yesterday. is there something we are missing here? it seems there is always so much mystery with the supreme court. they could be considering something different than you and
10:34 am
i were considering. >> first day is argument, the second day is the mandate and the third date has too do with the sever ability issue. bill: day two is where you think you win. that is the argument you're making, right? >> well, we hope we win on all three days. day two is the mandate, though, right, that is the biggest part, that is the critical part of the federal healthcare take over, yes bill: here is nancy pelosi. she says she is in good standing and so is the law. roll this. >> we knew what we were doing when we passed this bill. it is ironclad constitutionally. what happened in the courts is another matter. but we believe that we're in pretty good shape going into the court bill: what she also says is that they've made progress for the american people through the law. and others argue that folks like
10:35 am
yourself are just trying to scare people. what do you say to that? >> well i think it's interesting. i don't think that she understands that the limits on the federal government under our constitution are real and must be respected, even though speaker pelosi and the obama administration is trying to take over one sixth of our economy about this mandate. there is nothing like this in our history. i don't know how she be so certain it's constitutional when they hadn't even read the entire bill. they didn't know the the action wear reese, that it was going to cost over a trillion dollars unanticipated when they passed this mandate. bill: the president has been somewhat quiet, many would argue. is he smart to stay quiet, pam? >> well, and i can tell you one thing that i do respect the justice department that they agreed with us to get this to the supreme court as soon as we can. everyone agrees this is a case of national importance, and we
10:36 am
are just pleased that we will have a decision by some time in june. bill: pam bondi tha thank you for your time. she will be in the courtroom come monday and we'll be in touch with both sides to figure out how they are weighing and measuring what the judges ask. oftentimes you look for clues into the questions that are asked by the nine. martha: it's going to be absolutely rivetting to watch this whole thing unfold. great interview with her and she'll have a front row seat for her bill: it's unfortunate that we can't hear the arguments. bush v. gore in 2000 captured a nation. big, big con trails on this decision. martha: it would be the first megablockbuster of 2012. the hunger games out for less than 12 hours now has already 4300 screenings of this movie told out. i can say that i actually contributed to that, bought a
10:37 am
few tickets early, you had to buy them early for my kids for this weekend. the movie based on the incredibly successful book is poised to devour the big screen over the weekend. fox network is live in new york with us. how big a hit? my kids read all the books. everybody is so excited who is in their age range for this movie, dennis. >> this is the next big franchise, the next big blockbuster, multibillion dollars over the next five years likely as millions of young kids will see it. last night in manhattan one theater ran a midnight screening on all 14 screens, people were lined up outside for hours, and it sold out every single one. it will likely become one of 20 films in hollywood history to open at $150 million on the first weekend. john carter from disney cost
10:38 am
350. hollywood needed this. u.s. box office down last year and lately tins el town getting far more headlines than the turkeys it makes rather than the tadpoles. great news for lyons gate. martha: it's 24 kids on a government-sanctioned reality tv show who fight to the death in sort of a computer-generated environment. when i first heard the content of it i said, i don't know if i want my kids to read this. >> kind of dark. martha: they got completely sucked into it. martha: >> i don't think we'll see a mcdonald's hunger games meal. this is for kids that grew up on twilight. it will continue to real in the bucks. martha: joe morgan stern from the "wall street journal," he says jennifer lawrence did an amazing job. the rest he thought it was not quite as strong.
10:39 am
dennis thank you very much. this goes in the harry potter, twilight, next generation. we had to get the tickets early, it is completely sold out. you see the lines we saw in new york city last night. jennifer lawrence is definitely the one to watch bill: she is the one in louisville, out of kentucky. we told you about a series of mysterious loud booming sounds. now some scientists argue that mystery is solved. martha: really bill: they have the answer. it's what they say. [ male announcer ] any technology not moving forward is moving backward. [ engine turns over, tires squeal ] introducing the lexus enform app suite -- available now on the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back.
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see your lexus dealer. in here, the landscaping business grows with snow. to keep big winter job on track, at&t provided a mobile solution that lets everyone from field workers to accounting,
10:41 am
initiate, bill, and track work in real time. you can't live under a dome in minnesota, that's why there's guys like me. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪ bill: 18 minutes now before the
10:42 am
hour. top stories, french authorities say they have no evidence yet in the recent shootings in toulouse
10:43 am
were affiliated with al-qaida. the suspect died in a first battle with police. they don't have information that he trained or was in contact with the terror groups. a report shows undercover officers attended political meetings and the department kept intelligence files on some activists. michelle bachmann has some debt, she owes more than a million dollars for her presidential campaign. she left that race after coming in last in iowa's caucuses, that is expensive business you know. martha: some people felt that's why she pulled the plug when she did. she realized she was getting into some deep financial waters bill: you can rack it up quickly. martha: indeed. geologists say they may finally have an answer to the mysterious booming noises shaking up a wisconsin town. a minor earthquake is perhaps the answer from earlier this week, but the folks living in
10:44 am
clintonville say they've been waking up in the middle of the night to loud booming sounds. here is the way they describe it. >> it's unknown that really scarce a lot of people. >> nobody seems to no. could be terrible, could be bad, could be good, who knows. >> it's frustrating more than anything. we obviously don't want people to feel unsafe and insecure in their community and in their home. martha: harold tobin and his team have been consulting with the leaders in clintonville. a professor at the university of wisconsin madison. good to have you here, professor, welcome. >> thanks very much. good morning. martha: it felt like as soon as they came up with this city like the mini earthquakes the town was quick to say, done deal, we have our answer, let's move on. are you satisfied with that answer? >> i think that it's at least plausible that this sort of microearthquake that was detected by the u.s. geological survey, you know, could be linked to the booming sounds, could be the cause of the
10:45 am
rattling people are feeling. of course that is just one event that would have caused one of those incidents that the people in the town are talking about. what we have to do is poor through the data that we have a lot more careful flow and look at whether the times match up to all the other times that people experienced this over the last few days. that would give us a more definitive answer. martha: how do you describe, that's exactly my question about this whole thing. people said that it was happening night after night and they set up equipment to sort of monitor it as it happened on these different occasions. why would it only be happening at night? >> well, that is a good question, and we don't really know the answer. one possibility is simply that during the day there is a lot more of just sort of general noise and vibration and shake and traffic and things so people are more likely to notice it when they are in their beds at night. and its also just simply possible that it sort of was random, that these are popping off every now and then, every number of hours, and that happened to come at night over the past few days. martha: obviously if is in an
10:46 am
arethis is not a location where people have felt this before. and there is bedrock under the down. does that make sense to you? >> you got the terminology just right. this is a place under lain by bedrock. it's a stable place. we've never recorded earthquake swarms of any size in wisconsin. these are really small microearthquakes, hardly detectable. normally they won't be felt by people. it is plausible if they are very shallow to a seismologist that means maybe hundreds or a few thousand feet below the ground they could be felt and heard over a very local area like that because of the very rigid granite bedrock. martha: underlying everything aourg saying, it's possible, could be, if it's not that, what do you think the is?
10:47 am
>> oness lee, i don'honestly i don't have an alternative theory that seems plausible to me. they say they've ruled out the man-made cause thaes might be possible. that might be possible. this is a great lead. we looked at some of the seismic data a few days before, noticed some anomalies but felt they were too small to be earthquakes. on second look and given the granite bedrock, we are reevaluating the idea and also the geological survey. we will have answers within the next few days jo it's great to talk to you professor and the whole thing has given us a lot of excuse to play some of our favorite music from scary movies from the past, quite frankly as we talk about the story thanks a lot for having some fun and giving us information on it. good to see you, sir, have a good weekend bill: our viewers have some idea, because it's wisconsin cheese and cows, a
10:48 am
combination of those -- jo jon scott is coming up in 12 minutes. >> reporter: you don't need us to tell you the hunger game has opened up this weekend. young people lining up to get tickets. the film deals with very adult issues, war, and the power of the media and government. is this futuristic movie a comment on our times? we'll get into that. plus the os hrapblg city council going after radio stations in southern california. why? comments on one station some saw as hateful, but are they crossing the line in the name of political correctness? our news patch panel weighs in, one of the many things we'll be covering. "happening now" in a few minutes. bill: it is meant to be a last line of defense to stop another attack like 9/11. but a program training pilots to carry guns could be in jeopardy, and wait until you hear why.
10:49 am
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10:52 am
greg: i'm going to take you back to the very latest in the trayvon martin case. moments ago president obama was introducing a new leader for the world bank and at the end of his statement on that introduction he took one question. it was about this matter. here is how he responded. >> i think every parent in america should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this. and that everybody pulls together, federal, state and local, to figure out exactly how this tragedy happened. greg: that was about the gist of it. a bit of caution too in the way the president addressed that, basically saying, let's get all the information in. but normally in a lot of cases like this you don't get a chance to ask questions. he took one from a reporter at
10:53 am
msnbc. it was about this matter. there was no mention of healthcare on the two-year anniversary, which is today, and no public events are scheduled for that. a bit of something to note that we picked up on. martha: he doesn't take questions usually after something like that. he's often not too happy with it when questions get shouted out. in this case he wanted to take the opportunity. greg: it seemed there was some intention -- martha: to say something about it perhaps. it is an end of an era for baseball and it's having a big impact on one city's economy. since the 1940s, major league baseball held spring training in tucson, har is. bu arizona. but the last year the remaining teams packed their bags to join the rest of the cactus league in phoenix. tucson i looking to another sport to fill two empty stadiums. adam housley is our baseball guy and he's in tucson. >> reporter: spring training is almost over. normally you would have three
10:54 am
major league teams here. the white sox, the diamondbacks, the rockies. tucson may have found a new sport. ♪ [music playing] >> reporter: from one round ball to another. while baseball belts out big crowds in phoenix it left tucson stranded to bake in the spring sun without america's pass time for the first time since the 1940sment. >> as a town we were disappointed. i grew up here, i remember willie mays playing here, the cleveland indians playing here. >> reporter: for now new memories of spring training in tucson won't be made, as thousands of tourists see their nine get ready 120 miles to the north in grand new complexess like this one in scottsdale, home to one-time tucson residents the arizona diamond backs and colorado rockies. >> the excitement for baseball
10:55 am
was really up here. our fans filled the ball parks up here rather than traveling down south. >> reporter: but down south may have found a new spring training and a new spring visitor, and with it thousands of new fans anxious to see their 11 get ready for the world game in some of the same complexes still outfitted with dug outs and base pads. >> we felt soccer was a perfect remedy to what was a city that was little bit sick because of not having major league baseball. >> reporter: major league soccer did play here in this stadium a couple of weeks ago. they drew about 30 or 40,000 fans just for a couple of fans. today there will be a baseball game played here. this one expected to fill the house. it's the christina taylor green game. you might remember that young girl was killed during the gabrielle giffords shooting. that money is going towards her family and their fund. martha. martha: i hope it is a big event
10:56 am
for that family. adam thank you very much. adam housley in sunny tucson. bill: they still have the weather there, man. martha: a grit time to be in tucson. bill: and a dry heat i hear. city council are going after local radio stations over allegedly hateful comments. are they going to far, though in the name of political correctness? @? [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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>> well a big sports story apparently. tim tebow has been traded to the new york jets. it is interesting. they asked if he was ready to take a bite out of big apple. he said, oh, no, that got adam in trouble. very nice young man. martha: that is funny one. jon: that guy has no idea what he is in for by the way. martha: everybody will be doing this in new york. jon: they will follow him every hour of every day. he is on the front page. martha: analysis of him and mark sanchez how different their life-styles are. very funny. jon: welcome to new york.


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