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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 24, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> when i think about this boy, i think about my own kids. >> bill: president obama gets involved in the shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin a story that is galvanizing the nation. we will have the very latest. >> i'm not perfect. i'm never going to be. that's the great thing about living the christian life and try to live by faith is you are trying to get better every day. >> bill: faith based quarterback tim tebow heading for the big sinful new york apple. will the new york city press rip him up? some say yes. ♪ california girls were unforgettable ♪ daze daisy dukes bikinis on top. >> katie perry aligning herself with the u.s. marine corps. what? we will tell you what's going on. ♪ captions by closed captioning services >> caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now.
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captions by closed captioning services >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. president obama getting involved with the shooting death of a teenage boy in florida. that's the subject of talking points memo. high school senior shot dead a few weeks ago by 28-year-old george zimmerman acting as a neighborhood watch guy. zimmerman said he shot the teenager because he felt the young man was a danger to him. there is a law in florida that allows folks to use deadly force if they feel threatened. zimmerman has not been charged with any crime and continues to carry the weapon that killed trayvon. today president obama said this: >> this is a tragedy. i can only imagine what these parents are going through. and when i think about this
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boy, i think about my own kids. and i think every parent in america should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this. >> bill: now, it is wrong to convict any american on television but that's what's happening on some other news stations. we are not going to do that here. but i am going to play you a 911 call made by zimmerman that may contain a racial slur. it's hard to determine. roll the tape. >> is he running. >> he is running? when which way is he running? >> down towards the other entrance of the neighborhood. >> okay. which entrance is that that he is heading towards. >> the back entrance. [bleep] >> are you following him? >> yeah. >> okay. we don't need you to do that.
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>> okay. >> bill: now, president obama's verbal involvement in the case is appropriate. we simply cannot have american citizens gunned down on the street without resolution. last night the state of florida appointed a special prosecutor and the justice department is looking into any civil rights angle there may be. again, talking points is not going to come to any conclusion. that is simply not fair. i will say this: every decent american, every decent american should want justice in this case. ands that the memo. now for the top story tonight. another racial controversy. congressman luis gutierrez from illinois responding to the taunting of a kansas state basketball player named rodriguez. during a game, some people in the crowd were hazing rodriguez by chanting: where's your green card? the congressman reacted. >> the issue is white people think it's okay to treat latinos as if they were second rate americans, why so many people to think being latino means being a suspect in our own country. why they look at a young man
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named rodriguez and think he doesn't belong in this country? >> we will get to the mitt romney angle in a moment. mr. gutierrez is not available this evening but is he usually cooperative with the factor we don't think is he running away. joining us from denver, fox news contributor linda chavez and from washington chuck, an executive board member of the congressional hispanic caucus institute. now, some say congressman gutierrez is overreacting, mr. rosa, what say you. >> i say he is not there has been a national dialogue troubling lots of latinos for a long time. if you listen what the presidential candidates are saying on the stump. if you look at the arizona law and within your own fox poll. only 14% of latinos are supporting the republic candidate. it's cause of the things that the citizens who actually are voting that are latino myself are hearing coming out of mouths as a national dialogue. seems like they are. >> bill: football games, basketball games with this hazing going on, right?
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>> a whole lot. absolutely. >> bill: so you know that whatever the complex of the player is, and jackie robinson on. in you are going to have varying degrees of immaturity. sometimes viciousness directed at the opposing team. where is your green card. people thought that was cute and funny. i don't see that as a reflection of anti-hispanic bias in the united states. i see that as a stupid imis that tour sporting arena taunt. that's it? >> i played football forever nine years in the deep south in east texas. i have never heard anything like this. >> bill: really? where is your green card? come on. >> you took on your opponents one-on-one. you didn't talk about their ethnicity. you talked about maybe they were weak. you didn't talk about where their momma came from. >> bill: you have got to play ball in new york. >> i would love to play ball in new york. >> bill: a lot more than you heard down in east texas. it's coming up here not a reflection of a wider
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prejudice, i don't believe. linda, what say you. >> i think that's absolutely right. first of all these kinds of nasty ethnic slurs they are a fabric of history, the irish were always blamed for being drunken, you know, germans, for being too aggressive and, you know, disciplinians. was it nasty for these kids to do this absolutely. as i understand they have apologized. we had a player named vasquez who probably did a v. a green card because he was born in venezuela who went on to play for the pros a great player. he was taunted occasionally when he went various places. >> terrible thing to do but i don't think apology sets it straight. if i were rodriguez, you can apologize what kind of person you for even doing that i'm not diminishing the comment. wider deal. >> tied in by congressman gutierrez to mitt romney.
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let's roll the tape on that. >> mitt romney has said that the arizona anti-immigrant law a law essentially demands racial profiling of anyone who looks like they might be undocumented is a model for our nation. that's not all mitt romney has said to american latinos. he has said that all 11 million immigrants, most of them latinos should self-deport even if they have lived here since they were children and have american citizen children families. >> bill: i don't want to debate the arizona law. we have done that a thousands times. you either support it or you don't. it will either be constitutional or it isn't. we will let the system play out on that here is what troubles me on. mitt romney, congressman gutierrez absolutely correct. he wants anybody who is in the country illegally to go back to their themselves. not rounded up. go back, and register there and get on the line to come
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here. that's what he wants. now, you may disagree. linda may disagree. but i don't think that's anti-hispanic. i just think that's his policy and that's what he thinks is fair. and you say? >> i say that if you are sitting on your couch and you are a registered vote and you are latino and hear about the immigration debate that's happened in the republic primaries. sending grandma home. deportation of 11 million people. may not be racism but seems discriminatory of our race. i'm not going to debate it with you either. >> bill: solution of the problem is to have people go back, register and get online, why is that discriminatory? >> i think because people realize that 11 million people are not going to run back to their home nation to register. we need to figure out a path for citizenship here. >> why -- what's wrong with calling for it? maybe they won't do it but it seemed to be calling for t and having a fair process. i don't understand. i just don't get it?
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>> the way i look at it we realize it's not just the latinos who are imgrating here. from sitting on your couch at home that that's who they're talking about. they are only talking. >> of course they are talking about it that's no snuck in. norwegians have not sneaking in. >> half of the immigrants that are here in the u.s. are expired visas from work visits and student visas. >> bill: they have got to go back to. >> they didn't sneak in here to get visas. >> bill: mr. rocha is correct saying the republic nominee if it's mitt romney is he going to have a road to climb with hispanic voters. >> republic party cannot win in november if they lose states like colorado and florida and nevada and other states for their large hispanic populations that do, in fact, vote. they are citizens and they vote. i think what mr. rocha is missing. this is a blatantly political remark on the part of louis
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gutierrez. he is worried that president obama is losing the vote because he made lots of promises about fixing legal immigration and making it possible for people to come here legally. he has done nothing. in fact, he has deported more illegal immigrants than any president in our history. so obama is the one that's got some problems. and i think that's why louise gutierrez is pumping this issue. >> bill: good debate. thank you for helping us. cops are stopping and frisks minorities and there is controversy over it. lou dobbs on the dream act. eliminate senator marco rubio from
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[♪...] >> bill: fridays with geraldo segment. crime in new york city is down police say because that's aggressive police action. stop and frisk technique is being criticized by some in the minority community. last year more than 684,000 searches on the streets of new york city. 87% involve african-american or latino people. nypd says 96% of shooting victims in the city are people of color and the cop seized more than 8,000 weapons of stop and frisk. with us now geraldo rivera. do you support stop and frisk. >> generally i do. i support the bloomberg administration. michael bloomberg is the best mayor new york has ever h best police commissioner in ray kelly. they tell me they need this to keep the city safe.
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i believe them. i know it's a damn pain in the neck and worse for minority youngsters. interestingly enough, i don't hear a lot of complaints from their parents. don't hear from black moms in the south bronx calling me up and saying this stop and frisk is horrible. they say the city is a lot safer than it used to be. the graffiti is gone and squeegee men are gone and street crime is gone. lawsuits now. none have been successful. lawsuits about stop and frisk now. >> bill: what do you think is the driving force? lock, the cops can prove that they have dropped crime by aggressive police. they can prove. >> 10 years in a row. >> bill: 8,000 guns. that's a lot of guns in a year. >> more importantly, murder is half as much now as it was 10 years ago. >> bill: bad guys know if they are walking around with a piece, they have a good chance of being stopped. >> the law as i understand the law is if there is a reasonable suspicion that criminal activity is afoot. the cops can then stop, question, and, if necessary,
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frisk the young men involved. half of it is the way reasonable suspicion. objective judgment. if a cop looks at three kids on the corner. got those hoodies up. hoodies, who else wears hoodies? everybody that ever stuck up a convenience store. d.b. cooper, the guy that hijacked the plane. kosinski. your children you would tell them not to wear them. >> i do. >> bill: not to wear certain clothing because it attracts attention from not only law enforcement but maybe other bad guys. this trayvon martin. this had hood on,. >> right. >> that you think might have attracted the attention of the shooter, zimmerman? >> my thesis is parents don't
4:16 am
let your kids go out wearing these damn hoodies because they being attract the attention not only of the cops but of nut jobs apparently like this george zimmerman. when they see and respond, it is a stereotype. it is repugnant. it all the things that offend us. >> why are people blaming the victim for his own demise and. >> this is exactly. i hate this because i have so much in common with geraldo who is a loon. >> grow a mustache. this is what happened what happened to me when there was a murdered girl from jerusalemy. 18 years old. >> murdered at 4:00 in the morning when she was wondering around the meat packing district with no shoes on. i said that's not wise. that is not a good strategy. come into the city from jersey or connecticut or anywhere get blown out of your mind and wander around at 4:00 in the
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morning. you are going to get hurt. they went after me for criticizing her. i wasn't doing that i was doing a cautionary tale which is exactly what you are doing. i am absolutely and i don't care about the criticism. i can handle an avalanche of tweets and facebook postings, from i have been around forever. people know i'm the one that punched out the kkk and the neo nazis. >> i don't intend to. but i am ignoring or i am taking their criticism and putting it aside because i don't care about it because i care about saving the lives of minority. >> your advice, my advice was good advice. >> people take you at what you look like. it is unfortunate. if you dress like a wanna be gangster. some knuckle head is going to take you at your word and the tragedy will result. >> bill: we have a minute. whitney houston no surprise we said this from the very beginning her death was drug-involved. they literally found her with a pharmacy in her body. results came out last night. right?
4:18 am
>> this is bigger than the fact that once a junky always a junky she had cocaine in her system. cocaine doesn't stay in your system very long. she was smoking or snorting cocaine shortly before she got into that bathtub. that means that that cocaine or residue from it was in that room when she died. where is it? who got it for her? there should be a criminal investigation as to who aided and abetted the death of the diva. we have not heard from the l.a.p.d. or the beverly hills cops, rather, about this but i really am calling on them to do their job. shy didn't get the cocaine by herself. actual cause of death was drowning. she was so blast that she fell asleep and drown in the bathtub. >> you can't have a pa ha bit actual cocaine addiction and people not know it. >> bill: beverly hills p nd good police department. >> directly ahead, charges the republic party waging war on american women.
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janine turner, and leslie marshall have that assignment. later will the new york media go after tim tebow because of his public displays of faith? those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: liberal americans are trying to convince everybody that the republic party is waging a war against women. this off the controversial contraception insurance situation generated by the obama administration. last week the radical left move on organization ran this ad. >> a women impregnated through rape should accept that horribly created gift. the gift of human life, accept what god has given you and make the best of a bad situation. >> these aren't our words. they are all real things said
4:23 am
by prominent members of the republic party. >> bill: all right. now, move on is using that ad to try to raise money and they are using me in their headline, quote: bill o'reilly is nervous. can you help stand up for all american women by contributing to fight against the g.o.p.'s war on women unquote. the reason i am being dragged into this because we scrutinized the move on propaganda on the factor. that's why i'm in it. joining us from janine turner and leslie marshall. first of all, ladies, you are not dressed for battle. if there is a war by the republic party, you are inappropriately dressed. both of you. you should have fatigue and face paint. >> don't under estimate high heels. >> bill: that's true. i don't want you to get hurt should some republic meet you after and throw a hand grenade at you. you don't have the kevlar
4:24 am
vest. you have got to have that come on, leslie, this is so absurd it hurts, does it not? >> >> no. no of course not. >> not at all. by the way, bill, i really don't think there is anything that could make you nervous. i really don't. >> bill: certainly i don't want a war against women. that would make me nervous. but i don't believe there is one in place, leslie. >> you know, i don't feel that there is a war by every republic. yourself included, bill, against women. >> bill: i'm not a republic, leslie. >> yes, i know, bill. i know. those men being demonized at least they spell your name right. when we look at what's going on in america, there are women left and right who are agreeing on the issue of contraception. i think what -- those that are nervous in the republic party about losing, perhaps, some female votes which they cannot afford it lose, especially if it comes between mitt romney and barack obama.
4:25 am
>> bill: more of the republic party on american women. just like we were talking about with the gutierrez remark. because some guy was taunted and hazed at a basketball guy doesn't mean all americans are anti-hispanic. it's just insane. what say you, janine? >> well, i think it's interesting to point out, bill, that move was launched during the clinton administration to move on, to move attention away from clinton's behavior with women. and i think now they are trying to move on and move attention away from president obama's failing record if you think about it president obama cannot win with jobs and women, he can't win with the economy and women. he can't win with fuel prices and women. he can't win with obama care and women. he has created this phony war, they have created this phony war on women. i live in the heart beat of america. rural country. women are smarter than this and not fall for this phony war on women. only women that are want to perpetuate the lie. >> it is fundraising technique and move on -- i don't know why they need any money.
4:26 am
george soros broke? run out? they want $5. this is what confused me, leslie. if it were a real war, you want more than $5 from your donor, you would want a lot of money so you could buy bazookas and stuff like that to protect yourself. they just want $5, so i don't know maybe it's just a cold war, a phony war. a little war, go ahead. >> yeah, i love you, but you are hung up on semantics on this issue. this is election year and both left and right love to use those words that get people's attention and that titillate and that's exactly what move on is doing. i think it's very effective because of that. >> bill: very effective you think most women feel that the republic party is waging war is that what you feel. >> not necessarily. no, but i think there are people that will look at this and say hey, i will give them 5 bucks. >> bill: people in vermont and berkeley, california who might do that. [ laughter ] >> bill: leslie, are you offended by this hyperbole and
4:27 am
absurdity or do you take it as leslie does this is just crazy and it's election year? it's janine's turn, go. >> janine? >> i'm not offended. but you have to get me off the roof when i hear it. because it drives me crazy. because i think it's a big spin as you like to say, bill. it's a big spin from the truth which is really more like obama's war on the first amendment rights. which you talked about a lot here. it it's a war on religious freedom. it's a war on even with media matters on the first amendment. there is just a whole pin happening here. >> war not on women but war on freedom from the other side? lots of warring going on here. i don't know all right. ladies, always a pleasure. plenty more as the factor moves along. tim tebow hits the big city, will the new york press carve him up because of his specialty? lou dobbs on whether illegal immigration will derail marco rubio's vice presidential
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. tim tebow headed to the big apple. spiritual quarterback was traded to the big apple from new york jets. some believe he will be mocked. "new york post" saying god him. when the trade was reported. executive editor for "sports illustrated" b.j. having grown up in new york city and a big sports guy. the big stars here are joe namath. not exactly pat robertson, okay? mickey man tell. another kind of lively guy, you know, out, new york press loves these guys. we have never, ever had a super star in new york with a level of public spirit that tim tebow brings. is he in for trouble? >> i think everybody is in for trouble. i think this is a disaster waiting to happen.
4:32 am
>> bill: really, a disaster? >> really it is. tim tebow is going to bring a circus, for good, for better, for worse. nothing to do with him per se. he has done everything right. but everything that he represents and he is extremely polarizing. >> bill: why though? i hear that all the time why is he polarizing? the only thing the guy does is after he does something good on the field he says "thank you, god." why is that polarizing? i don't understand it. >> especially in sports. people don't want religion to be a part of it. >> bill: well then, don't look. >> i don't disagree with you. >> i don't want drugs to be a part of sports. i don't want steroids to be a part of sports. i don't like hockey guys beating each other up. all right? it doesn't diminish the actual contest for me. look, what we have here is we have a new york press which is brutal. it's brutal. >> absolutely. >> bill: they are looking for negative stories. >> sure. >> that's what they do. >> got to compete. three newspapers.
4:33 am
got to compete and get the back page for the headline. tebow rolls into town. tebow is going to be a good guy. is he going to be plight. is he going to be respectful. he pay that say a prayer or two on the sidelines. you say this is a disaster. see, i don't understand why it has to be a disaster. >> i don't think his religion is a disaster. >> bill: they are going to focus on that. >> they're going to focus on everything, they are going to focus on the circus all the media attention that tim tebow brings, for his religion, for his tile of play, for everything he just is a magnet for this. that is not good for this team -- all of the sports super stars, willie mays, you name it brought that kind of attention. name matt. he was probably the biggest football player this town has ever seen. namath was adored here. and i don't think tebow is going to be. because i think secularism is going to override and they are going to take shots at him.
4:34 am
>> here is the difference between namath and everybody else and mickey mantle they were stars. >> now. he could be a star. >> he could be. >> he certainly was a star last year in the nfl. never would have got there. >> had tim tebow if he was just -- if he was peyton manning but with religion, it wouldn't be this way. >> that's right. >> the reason why he is so polarizing is the way he plays the game and the way he carries himself. no indictment on him. for better for worse, the media has built him up to be this holier than now can do no wrong. >> bill: is he holier than now. is he a holy guy. no doubt about it i don't see anything bad with that you think that tebow when he comes in and the camps start in the summer, the football camps that this is just going to be awful for the new york jets. not going to work out on any level. >> right now he is in a backup role. he is not supposed to play. >> he will run the ball. >> he will run the ball a
4:35 am
little bit. it's going to effect everything that they do. every move that tim tebow makes whether it's on or off the field. 800 cameras following. >> bill: that's going to be hard for him. >> i'm not worried about him. how is it going to effect the locker room? how is it going to effect the team? what happens in tim tebow goes out god forbid is he in the presence of -- >> bill: you say god forbid. pardon the pun, maybe he will convert all these hedonist on the jets. rex ryan won't curse as much. maybe tebow will bring calm and they will all center on playing rather than the other stuff. all right, thanks very much. >> thank you. when we come right back, just about every republic wants marco rubio to run with mitt romney. will the dream act derail that dream? dobbs is next. attention - americans living with limited mobility. what do you do when you can no longer get around like you used to? when you fear losing your independence? who do you call?
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the lowe's the boss segment tonight. dream act a piece of legislation that would allow illegal aliens to fulfill certain criteria, serving in the military, becoming educated a pathway to citizenship. senator marco rubio opposed the dream act originally that has alienated some hispanic voters. here now to sort it all out is fox business anchor lou dobbs. the dream act itself. have you been involved in commentary on illegal aliens. do you favor the dream act? >> absolutely not the way it's constructed and the way it's been presented. >> bill: give me the big negative on it. >> the big negative and this is one of the things senator rubio has said. it introduces chain migration. that is bringing in family members into the line, if you were to give legalize a path to legalization to young people, who through no fault
4:40 am
of their own, are here illegally. their parents brought them. >> bill: say somebody qualified under the dream act and gets citizenship he and she and they can bring in how many from abroad. >> right now they could start bringing in all of their immediate families. and by the way, depending on which version of it you look at, they then could bring in their parents, they could bring in extended family members. it is, as it has been introduced, it is what many call an opportunity for amnesty. back door amnesty. >> bill: not really amnesty because they earn it. if you certain in the military for four or five years. >> no, no. this is the interesting thing about it, bill. is that you don't earn it unless you go to community college for two years or with equivalent dream act. >> yes, but then they create eequivalencey with serving in the military, which is, i think, preposterous to equate going to college with the united states military. anyone serving in the military in my opinion should be given
4:41 am
citizenship. >> bill: okay. all right. you don't think community college is enough? >> you have got to be kidding me. the country wants educated people to provide certain services. >> absolutely. >> they are retooling this dream act. retooling it now. and who knows. >> specifically, senator rubio is work, he says, with his colleagues in the united states senate to come up with what he thinks will be a better approach, which will be legalization, a path to legalization but not to citizenship. >> bill: so you would be legally able to work here but not an american citizen. >> absolutely. >> the primary reason and marco rubio we think is an honest man. we think he is a good guy. very young. >> yeah. >> bill: very inexperienced and not really qualified to be the president of the united states in my humble opinion. however, the pressure is to put him on a romney ticket because he does, could possibly deliver hispanic votes. >> yeah. >> bill: this a s. a deficit. florida romney has to win in order to become president of the united states. so that's why we are talking about it.
4:42 am
and you say that rubio right now is working on a better version of the dream act, which may negate hispanic backlash against him for the other position. >> i don't think there is any hispanic backlash against this senator. i think he is, first of all, i disagree with you on his age. i think -- has proved himself to be very capable. he is -- i think he would be a very attractive. >> bill: he has only been in there a couple of years. >> i probably shouldn't say this look at barack obama how well he has done without experience. >> bill: there you go. lou dobbs, everybody. another solar react. i'm sorry we have to bring this to you. first sole similar a company that's received $500 million of government money, right? so now we find out that they make solar panels and selling them to theirself? what are they doing? >> well, this is, you know, when a company can't find a market it creates one. that's what they are taught at business school as you know. and their subsidiary in canada was buying these solar panels
4:43 am
to build a solar farm there in ontario. >> bill: making these solar panels in the united states they have an affiliate in canada, right? >> right. >> they're selling these to their own affiliate. >> that's correct. and then securing the approval for export, import support, which is terrific, of course, but it is. >> bill: maybe the canadians will buy them though. maybe we get some of our money back, our taxpayer money back. you know what makes this beautiful, bill. is president obama is saying solyndra wasn't his fault. it's republicans and chinese undercuttings chinese did it here is one of the companies receiving that support selling to itself with the promised support of the export/import subsidy. >> bill: lot of money selling to themselves. , you can do that. >> this could be the magic formula. >> bill: talking about voodoo economics. we will borrow 500 million from the government, all right? and we will put 300 million in
4:44 am
canada to use to buy our stuff so then it will come right back. i mean, is it a ponzi scheme? is this madoff or what is this? >> this is highly sophisticated international business. >> bill: you are mocking. >> i would not do that. >> bill: i want solar to work. >> we all do. >> bill: not not working now. >> could we vote just a little for drilling? just for a while? >> we can drill through the solar panels. how is that? >> i'll, grab it. dumbest things of the week on deck. i am going to take on energy secretary chu. he may be an easy target. but i have to do it.
4:45 am
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>> bill: back of the book
4:48 am
segment tonight, the dumbest things of the week. we love this segment. here they are most per perper perspicacious pair. >> that means sweaty. >> bill: wise and perceptive. >> i have that word a day calendar you gave me. >> bill: just open it once in a while. arthel has chosen investigative undercover report cbs news that looked into a republic fundraiser. >> we caught up with a select group of republic freshman engaged in business as usual. but they didn't come alone. they invited big campaign donors and lobbyists to join them for a price. and we secretly sent our cameras along for an inside look at their first joint fundraiser with special interest kind of access ordinary americans can only dream of. on the golf course. over drinks at the resort bar. at a private beach lagoon. >> bill: that is shocking, is it not?
4:49 am
fundraiser inviting people who would pay the money. >> you can't discourage the whole enterprising reporting. doesn't matter which side of the political fence you sit on this is what happens at those fundraisers. >> bill: couple of things that cut me there. cheryl at kin sons is one of the best cbs has. nothing in the report that's illegal. unethical. >> she didn't say that. >> bill: no, she didn't. if you have a fundraiser you bring in rich people. they are on the golf course. gutfeld, you know, this they are drinking. hotel bar? >> i was shocked. their next undercover video is of two kittens wrestling a bar of yarn. going to be horrible. >> bill: what do you understand if they were doing anything wrong, if it were iranians giving them money or something like that. >> she wanted to give viewers access to pictures they don't normally see. let's move on may we.
4:50 am
>> bill: schultz head of the dnc will not do this program. i don't know why, debbie, we love you here, you know that she got into a little trouble. roll the tape. >> >> now you have the republicans that want to drag us back to jim crow law. literal lear and transparently block access to the polls to voters more likely to vote for democratic candidates than republic candidates. >> bill: she said she didn't say it but she really did say it. gutfeld, what do you say. >> she doesn't understand the word literally. the republicans are literally dragging people into the past. unless she has a time machine hiding in her hair it's impossible. she is the best thing to happen to republicans since khakis. >> bill: i like her. what's >> part of news busters, i think. >> part of a conservative organization? >> the fact is her name means
4:51 am
annoying lady. >> bill: is that right? do you know what sushi means in japanese? >> raw fish? >> bill: bacteria. >> i learned something. >> bill: sorry. [ laughter ] debbie wasserman schultz. sometimes you don't remember what you say. oh, i didn't say that but you really did. >> can't be all of her fault. >> bill: good point. you can't drag someone back to the past without a time machine. >> they have got to stop using the word literally literally. >> bill: jimmy fallon is on nbc 3:30 in the morning competes with gutfeld for red eye. very late. roll the tape on jim. >> yesterday energy secretary stephan chu said he would give himself an a for controlling the cost of gas. on behalf of americans, i would like to give him an f. [ laughter ] and a u. [ applause ] $4 a gallon for gas? you turkey.
4:52 am
>> bill: fallon liberal guy outraged as we all are. here is the deal on secretary chu. in the beginning he was an honest guy. even though we disagree we respected him. he he said, you know what? we want higher oil prices because we want americans not to use fossil fuels. we want to get sun and wind and massage power. whatever power they get they want. but then he said oh, no, no. i didn't mean that he has done -- here is what he has done. zero. zero about developing energy for the united states. nothing to show for billions of dollars investment. nothing. nothing. zero. okay? and gas prices have doubled. not a good record, right? correct? not a good record. dumbest thing of the week. >> i want to know what massage power is. that sounds like fun. >> i have never heard of that one. >> bill: get like a whole bunch of people going like this and then the turbine starts to spin don't put anything in the gas tank. it's like this.
4:53 am
that's massage power. dumbest things of the week, everybody. pinheads and patriots starring katie perry. love her in just over two minutes. [♪...] >> announcer: bank robbery certainly is a frightening crime. after all, bank robbers stole $43 million in one year. but identity thieves? try 18 billion! and guess how identity thieves are getting some of that money.
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4:56 am
very small venue so ever i have seat is good. a rolicking evening to be sure. also june 22 indianapolis. june 23, chicago. and, of course, the bolder fresher shows make great mother's and father's day gifts. ticket details on bill o'reilly .com. now, to mail. >> i really wouldn't know, walt. if any one on talk radio tries to get sponsors to pull their ads i will report ton. that is what this is all about. paul, i'm assuming that you have just returned from borneo where you spent the last 15 years in the jungle. they have tried everything they could try to get me off the air.
4:57 am
i love that word, sycophantic. good point. gary, palm springs, california. sorry about that, gary. always envious of miller. jamie, i think everybody knows
4:58 am
that by now. there is no question of that, jana. all right, i'm not going tell any one that bob milka's sister-in-law loved my book. i'm not going to tell a soul. nobody will know. by the way, get "killing lincoln" free if you become a bill o'reilly .com premium member. pinheads and patriots. in a new music video, katy perry celebrates the marines. ♪
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♪ >> bill: that ought to spur enlistment. semper fi ms. perry a patriot for doing that video. check out the fox news factor website different from bill o'reilly .com. spout off about the factor anywhere in the world. o'reilly @ fox news .com. name and town. name and town. name and town if you wish to oh pine. word of the day, do not be a varlet when writing to the factor because that will put you in a bad light when the e-mail rolls in. this icalled stretching until the end of the program. thanks again for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here. we are definitelyooking out


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