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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  March 29, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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bill: let's get rolling. we have got some breaking news. a fox news alert. yet another alarming airport incident. a passenger, arrested accused taking a explosives on a plane in philly. reports say he had a bottle containing pyrotechnic powder and fireworks. he told police he was playing around with the stuff and forgot to take the stuff out of his backs pack. what was he up to? more on this developing story as we go inside "america's newsroom." we're learning new details of the my lot who suffered a midair melt down. he is facing charges that could put him behind bars for 20 years. this is more of the dramatic scene as passengers pin down clayton oz mon, the captain after owe after he started talking about jesus and terrorists. martha: good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum.
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captain oz osmon has been suspended. he is also undergoing as you would expect a medical evaluation. bill: we get new details on what happened on board flight 91. that is infamous. laura ingle. what do you we know. >> reporter: the first officer gave federal investigators a harrowing account what captain osmon did and what he said before he locked osbon out of the cockpit. a federal complaint filed in u.s. district court in texas. osbon turned off radio and dimmed monitors saying things don't matter and we aren't going to vegas. after he yelled over the radio to air traffic controllers and instructed them to be quiet. first officer became increasingly worried when osbon admonished him talking on radio and gave what he described as a sermon. osbon as you mentioned has been removed from active duty while the investigation continues. if he is convicted of the charge interfering with a
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fly crew, faces 20 years in prison but could face a $250,000 fine. bill: this is nuts. the people who know him what are they saying about him? >> reporter: people are shocked. neighbors, loved ones are trying to grasp what could have gone wrong with the captain all around good guy and never showed any signs of trouble. >> never depressed. never angry. never stressed. always a happy-go-lucky person. >> yeah. >> this is devastating. i've known him for six years. >> i love him. he is a great guy. he never hurt nobody. never. it is unbelievable how something like this could happen. >> reporter: osbon reported to be medically evaluated at a texas hospital where jetblue flight 191 was forced to make that emergency landing. more details as we get them here in the newsroom. bill: what is further confounding his record at jetblue appears pretty good. laura in the newsroom. thank you. martha: new video and an exclusive interview raising new questions about the shooting of trayvon martin.
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this just-released surveillance tape shows martin's suspected shooter, george zimmerman and handcuffed in police custody on the night of the incident. martin's parents say this video tears down zimmerman's version of the event. others claim it supports his account. for the first time zimmerman's father is speaking out about this night. phil keating joins us live in miami. phil, do we know how long after the deadly shooting this surveillance tape was actually shot? >> reporter: we're seeing george zimmerman here about an hour or so after the deadly shooting with trayvon martin. this is coming from the sanford police department's entry bay where they typically bring people for questioning. so these are surveillance cameras mounted up on the wall and ceiling. you can see zimmerman looks clean. he is not bleeding anywhere. keep in mind according to the police report, he had been cleaned up thoroughly by paramedics on the scene here.
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it was here he is then questioned by investigators and eventually let free. but the attorney for martin's family says this just proves zimmerman's story just doesn't stick. >> at this point we tried as best we can to communicate with the state attorney and say what else do we need to get you to arrest george zimmerman. i believe in my heart of hearts they're going to arrest george zimmerman after this evidence. >> reporter: everybody can make up their own mind what somebody would look like after a beating and scuffle and wrestling around on the grass. keep in mind he had been cleaned up by paramedic dids. martha: yeah. gives everybody something new though to sort of think about in this situation. now zimmerman we know has been in hiding throughout this process. his father though is starting to speak out. what did he say, phil? >> reporter: yeah this is his first television interview to our local fox affiliate in orlando. he reiterates the story attributed to his son george
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zimmerman, his son told him repeatedly since this incident they were wrestling on the ground. he was punched from behind by trayvon martin and he truly thought somebody was about to die. >> in doing so, his firearm was shown. trayvon martin said something to the effect of, you're going to die now or you're going to die tonight, something to that effect. he continued to beat george and, at some point, george pulled his pistol and did what he did. >> reporter: george zimmerman of course pleads on this, his claim is self-defense. under florida's stand our ground law that is the case if the evidence supports that story. there is a special prosecutor now looking exactly into this, whether a reasonable threat on zimmerman's life is accurate. back to you. martha: phil, thank you very much. we're going to talk more
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about this coming up later. phil keating, miami. bill: meantime, martha, we are awaiting, as is the rest of this country, on one of the most important supreme court cases in recent memory. nine justices now deliberating after wrapping up three days of grueling hearings on the health care overhaul. the key question at this point appears to be this. if the individual mandate goes, what about the rest of the law? what stands and what does not? it's anybody's guess how this will go. we expect a ruling two months from now? perhaps. we'll stew about it, won't we? martha: we sure will. democrats are already. they're taking exception with some of the questioning that came from the conservative justice. massachusetts senator john kerry bringing up justice antonin scalia, asking if the government could force you to buy insurance, could they force you to buy broccoli? >> this is not about broccoli, folks. there is no other economic
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commodity in the entire marketplace like health care. like it or not at some point in our lives every single person will receive health care. and every single person is constantly at risk on any given day over acquiring emergency services and health care services. martha: well that is the argument right there, from senator john kerry. but connecticut senator richard blumenthal said you can always tell what the justice are really thinking or what they're going after based on questions they ask. blumenthal, a democrat as well, personally argued four cases in front of the high court. we'll have more on this very feisty american debate going on in "america's newsroom". bill: we mentioned the economy. there is breaking news on the jobs front. the number is out on initial claims. 359,000. claims have to be below 375 or below 350 in order to signal a significant drop in unemployment. others would argue you have to be below 300,000 for the number to draw significantly lower. back in december of '07,
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weekly claims 317,000. the you see the peak at 659,000 at the height of the economic meltdown. stuart varney, anchor of "varney & company" on the fox business network. to you, sir, i say good morning. >> morning. bill: what do you make of this? >> this is something of a disappointing number. in fact it looks like the downtrend in new jobless claims has stalled. worse yet, it stalled at a relatively high level. when you have got 359,000 people showing up for jobless benefits in any one given week, that is far too high a number, bearing in mind we're three years out of a recession. the concern is that in the current economic quarter, this current quarter we're now in, the rate of growth will be cut in half, from 3% of the at end of last year, to maybe 1 1/2 or less than 2% in the first quarter of this year. and bill, i got a number here which suggests that the slowdown may be in progress. best buy, they lost over a billion and a half dollars
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in a 1-week period, lost that money. they're going to close 50 stores. word's largest electronics retailer. is it feeling effect of gas prices? that is the effect that is being asked right now. bill: fourth quarter, growth was 3% which is somewhat respectable if you're trying to get things going again. >> not great but not bad. bill: you're telling us number will drop below that now? >> yes. most people predict it will be less than 2% because of gas prices. that best buy number is one indicator there. bill: weekly numbers were revised up. we'll make mention of that. stuart varney with us this morning. martha: those are stories we got this morning. full plalt on "america's newsroom" here including a fascinating interview with cardinal dolan of new york saying that the white house, and the allies of the president he believes are trying to divide the catholic church. >> i don't want to act like
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i'm judging the president. i don't know. there are those who tell me that i was misled. there are those who tell me that you simply misunderstood. martha: what he is accusing perhaps the administration of trying to do in that argument, that's coming up. bill: that is strong language there. plumes of smoke and fires reaching 1,000 degrees. details on the massive efforts underway to control this wildfire. we'll talk to a family who already lost their home. they are scrambling this morning. martha: tough situation. and we are awaiting folks, the decision on president obama's health care law. we will speak to a lawmaker who has this warning about a potential overhaul. >> obamacare is a destroyer. it is going to destroy the doctor-patient relationship. it is going to destroy the quality of health care in america. it is going to destroy budgets, family budgets, business budgets, state budgets, the federal budget. and it is going to dedestroy
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our freedom. we have to destroy obamacare by repealing it and replacing it with something that makes sense [ male announcer ] for making cupcakes and deposits at the same time. for paying your friend back for lunch from your tablet.
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martha: a florida judge sentencing a 17-year-old murderer to life in prison without the possibility of parole. sean tyson received that stiff sentence just hours after jurors convicted him for the murders of a pair of british tourists last april. prosecutors tried tyson as an adult in the deaths of 25-year-old james cooper and 24-year-old james k usar is. the two were shot and killed and gets lost and walking into sarasota housing project. we remember this story where tyson lived. end to that sorry. bill: certainly is. we're awaiting a decision as the nine justice debate the fate of the health care law. my next guest is a doctor, a congressman. he has called the law quote, a destroyer. paul broun, a member of
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republican doctors caucus. >> nice to be with you bill. bill: we're trying to read between the lines here and trying to figure out what is going on. what is your best guess as to what the nine are ready to do? >> they should know by tomorrow night. hopefully we'll have some idea very soon what they're going to do because if they rule that the individual mandate is constitutional, it will be disasterous for america. bill: all right. why do you say by tomorrow night? >> well be, that's when, they will meet today and tomorrow. they will have some idea. then they're going to go through the machinations putting all this together in their ruling when. we get some idea how they're going to rule remains to be seen. it may be all the way till june before we get that but the justices, the nine justices should know by tomorrow night. bill: take an initial vote, so at the know among themselves where they stand and deliberate among themselves next two or three months, if necessary to convince others to, before
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they reach their final verdict. two things that strike me. judge scalia, it is unrealistic he says forrdpz ? bill: whether it is small business or whether it is the insurance companies or the politicians, everybody is trying to react to figure out how they deal with the consequences. whatever the consequences are. you know what i think? that gives you a sense how
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far-reaching this law is. some are making the argument that the country is frozen in time to figure out which direction is next. do you get that sense? >> oh, absolutely. in fact i talk to businessmen and women in my district and they have no idea how to respond to this. in fact, obamacare is already destroying our economy and already destroying jobs in this country. it must be overturn around replaced with something like my patient option act. bill: tell me about that. 51 pages in length. what does that do? >> well the patient option act will make health care cheaper for everyone. it will make all americans will be, it will provide coverage for all americans and save medicare from going broke. bill: and what is the state of that at the moment? >> well it has been introduced. we're getting cosponsors now and trying to promote it. actually freedomworks has endorsed it. they have said it is the best alternative to obamacare. it is the best --.
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bill: how much support do you have for that now? >> bill we're growing support. we just introduced it last week. it is just in the early stages. if obamacare is found to be unconstitutional we must have something to replace obamacare with because we've got to lower the cost for all americans and my bill will do just that. it will make health care cheaper for all americans. it will provide coverage for everyone. and it will save medicare and so we've got to have a repeal and replace bill and that's what mine is. that is it still out there. bill: we'll see if they literally go to your open shun next. paul broun. republican out of georgia. >> god bless you. bill: martha. martha: there are serious questions arising this morning on the botched gun-walking operation, "fast and furious." we're talking about a new situation that developed here and how far up the ladder we're learning the operation may have gone. bill: this wildfire out of control. some evacuees dealing with the possibility of losing
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their home one by one. >> conditions were extreme to say the least. we went from sunny conditions with light smoke to incredibly black heavy smoke with ember being blown across the road and vision became extremely difficult. we could not see.
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bill: well the pope is wrapping up his historic visit to cuba. he was meeting with the aging fidel castro at the last moment. the two men both in their 80s met for a short period of time. before that the pope led 300,000 cubans in a public mass in havana with some of the comments directed at us the united states and the embargo. martha: well, battling a raging inferno. fire officials just wrapped up a news conference on the
9:23 am
deadly wildfires we've been covering this week burning across the state of colorado. it comes just after the state's governor banned so-called, controlled burns but people say the flames got out of control, sparking blazes like the one you are about to see from a family that was lucky enough to get out of it alive. watch this. wow! can you imagine if that was your home? look at that picture. unbelievable. dozens of homes are a total loss this morning, while hundreds more are still threatened. dan springer is live in conifer, colorado. dan, are the firefighters making any progress on this today? >> reporter: yeah, martha they are. look over my shoulder. that valley, canyons used to be filled with smoke. now they say they have 15% containment helped by much lighter wind. we're told some of the evacuation orders could be lifted today.
9:24 am
good news for the 900 people forced out of their homes monday. we keep getting dramatic video from the chaotic day as we reported yesterday, it is now official, a prescribed burn of 50 acres last thursday ignited this 4100 acre wildfire. the state forrester yesterday apologized to the victims. >> i just wanted to say on behalf of the colorado state forest service, this is heart-breaking and we're sorry. one of the primary roles of the colorado state forest service is to keep forests healthy and reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire through fuel reduction efforts. >> reporter: joe duda says safety precautions were taken but the whole incident is obviously under investigation, martha. martha: what about the person missing in this fire? any update there, dan? >> reporter: still no sign of the missing woman. we know the expansion grid is expanded for her. we know they're looking for her remains at the house which was burned. we now have new information about the two people who
9:25 am
were killed. the man and the woman, husband and wife were killed, 77-year-old sam lucas and his 76-year-old wife linda were found at their home. they were ready to evacuate and in contact with members of their church. >> they were ready to go. they had their truck backed up. it was loaded. i think they were getting whatever the last-minute items they needed to take. we were in contact with them. they had actually called and let us know what was going on. >> reporter: so very sad. they were in contact with church members and members were praying for them. they just didn't get out fast enough, martha. good weather conditions today. light wind again today and tomorrow. should be good conditions for the firefighters. martha: dan, thank you, boy, what an awful story for that couple. so sad. bill: could use moisture out there and could be best thing and doesn't look like they had it. got your ticket by the way? martha: not yet. bill: soon. martha: better hurry.
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bill: tomorrow in fact. there is a chance for half a billion dollars on line and look at that line. what are the odds picking all six winning numbers? what would you like to know? these are extraordinary odds. martha: mitt romney picked up another really big endorsement, who it is and what it may mean for him. we'll look at latest numbers as well. karl rove is here. moments away in "america's newsroom." we'll be right back. [ music playing, indistinct conversations ] the charcoal went out already? [ sighs ] forget it. [ male announcer ] there's more barbeque time in every bag of kingsford charcoal. kingsford. slow down and grill.
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bill: 9:30 in new york. want to get back to our top story, a story still breaking a passenger now in custody after officials, tsa officials found something suspicious in his backpack. we're told he tried to pass through with a bottle at the airport in philly containing pyrotechnic powder and fireworks. david lee miller is trying to piece all this together. it is early on, david lee. what do we have at the moment? >> reporter: most importantly let's say at the outset here that this incident is not believed to be in any way related to terrorism but there were very tense moment this is morning. authorities say a 29-year-old man simply forgot he had fireworks in a backpack. he was boarding a us airways flight to be headed to san francisco. the police say the suspicious items as you mentioned included a glass jar with duct tape and was essentially a homemade m-80. there were other items not identified. they say there was nothing assembled. there was no device. they do not believe any harl was intended.
9:31 am
the individual in custody said he had the fireworks was using them in some way to start a business. he was conducting experiments. the fbi, tsa and other law enforcement are trying to speak to his friends and family to determine if that story is true. again, no way connected to terrorism. bill: what problems did this cause, david lee? >> reporter: there were a few tense moment this morning. for about 20 minutes or so the security check point what authorities say was abundance of caution was shut down. but perhaps most importantly, none of the flights were disrupted and this individual, we are told, never got near an aircraft. he remains in custody. authorities now deciding whether or not they are going to file any charges. bill: david lee miller, live here in new york on that story out of philadelphia. martha: well he is a big republican up-and-comer. he is also a tea party favorite. and now florida senator marco rubio is officially endorsing presidential candidate mitt romney.
9:32 am
here he is last night on "hannity". >> i'm going to endorse mitt romney and reason why because he will not only be the republican nominee but he offer as stark contrast to the president's record. this is someone who has not run the country well over last three years. he has no experience with the private sector and free enterprise system. in mitt romney we have an candidate and al alternative being successful as governor running an important state in this country has been successful in the right sector and offers a very clear alternative to the direction this president is going to take our country. martha: you've got that. clearly a big plus for mitt romney. numbers like in this week. "abc news poll" show 50% of the americans have an unfavorable opinion of mitt romney. 34% have a favorable one. the president has better numbers than the ones you're seeing on that screen. bring if karl rove. talk about this morning. he is in ohio and former senior advisor and deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush.
9:33 am
he also a fox news contributor. good morning, karl. >> good morning, martha. how are you? martha: i'm doing just great. obviously that was a nice moment last night from marco rubio for the romney campaign. i want to pull up a screen that shows a lot of the heavy hitters who gathered behind mitt romney. let's look at his endorsements he has out there. you have chris christie on that list, tim pawlenty and all the others you can see. how much does this mean? how significant is it, karl? >> it helps. it was a good get as they say in politics. let's be clear, what rally matters here what grassroots republicans think. in a primary you get to a point, in a multicandidate primary where somebody begins winning and somebody begins losing and those things tend to keep going in the directions they're going. while this is important and i think it is an indication of the momentum that romney is slowly building up i think the key day will be next tuesday. three primaries, winner take all contests. district of columbia, maryland and wisconsin. if romney scores in all
9:34 am
three that could be the real inflection point in this contest. martha: how do you explain, if you're in the romney camp, how do you explain these unfavorable numbers? this is suppose odd to be the guy, and supposed to be the one everyone is rallying behind. mitt romney saying on campaign trail, everyone is gathering around us. what is though up in the favorability numbers. >> those favorability numbers are in a poll looking at all voters. what typically happens when we have a tough primary like this there is damage done to the candidates. and, you know they may become more popular and may become the majority choice of a party but among entire electorate primaries virtually never look good. you may remember at this point four years ago, march 28th, yesterday of 2008, the, the democratic contest had hillary clinton ahead of barack obama in gallup daily tracking by five points. you may remember after that primary finally ended in june, barack obama was
9:35 am
behind john mccain from the end of the democratic primary season in june until the third week of september of 2008. so primaries to do damage. the question is, do you have enough time after the primary's over to re-establish yourself, not only unify the party but re-establish yourself with the independent swing voters in the general election. martha: maybe this is the posture you want to be in at this stage of the game as you head into the general election because there is quite a bit of time out there once they get to the head-to-head. look at that other sound bite. sean asked of course the inevitable question about the vp possibility to marco rubio when he spoke to him last night. here is with he said. >> as i said i'm very honor and privileged to serve the country in the united states senate and represent the state of florida in the united states senate. that is where my heart is. that is where my mind is and where my focus is. i don't believe i'm going to be asked to be vice presidential nominee. that is what not intended to be and that is not what is
9:36 am
going to happen. martha: do you think he will be asked? >> he might be asked but it is not seemly to say i'm interested in it. he hit the exact right tone. you don't want to be looking like you're campaigning for something over which you have no control. the process of selecting a vice-presidential running mate, each campaign does it differently but it he is the most serious decision, the first presidential decision that any presidential candidate makes. some of them make a political choice. some of them make a governing choice. but it is very serious decision and we're months away from having the republican nominee selected and in a position to make that choice. martha: well, there are some fascinating options out there and i know and i will be talking about in the weeks and months to come. karl, thank you very much. enjoy your state in ohio. bill hemmer's home state. >> i will. bill hemmer's hometown. very popular fellow. martha: that's what we hear. we'll talk about that later. bill: don't believe everything you hear, karl? >> hemmer it is all good.
9:37 am
it is all good. bill: appreciate that. cincinnati. there is a new controversy now brewing in california over police arresting a pastor for reading a bible in front of a motor vehicles office. watch here. >> jesus delivered him to be crucified. >> you're under arrest. >> what have i done wrong? >> you're not allowed -- hands behind the back. >> what is it it. >> absolutely i will. >> this is what the united states is coming to. you can stand here and talk about anything you want but can't talk about a bible. bill: so what came of all this? doug last kennedy live on this in our new york newsroom. >> reporter: the pastor said he was on public property. the police say he was too close to the public who they say had no choice but to listen. >> god has shown himself. since the creation of world his invisible attributes are clearly seen. >> reporter: february of last year, pastor mcdonald can i was arrested.
9:38 am
after -- mark. mackky was arrested for reading bible in front of a dmv. >> this is what the united states is coming to. >> reporter: his lawyer calls it another example of christian persecution in modern day america. >> he was cited for impeding an open business but the dmv office was close. >> well, it is crazy. >> reporter: mackey said he thought his speech was protected because he was standing here on public property. he says he wasn't block block anyone and standing over 50 feet from the entrance of the dmv. >> creating an intimidating situation for people who simply want to get their driver's licenses renewed. >> reporter: dan conaway is a constitutional attorney. he says preaching in public is okay. but not when you're audience has no choice but to listen. >> you're under arrest. >> reporter: he does not have the right to intimidate others and force them to listen and impede their ability to do normal daily
9:39 am
business activities such as go to the dmv. >> reporter: now the police say by preaching in front of the dmv mackey is forcing people to listen to him. and that is not okay. >> if the doctrine of captive audience is going to apply broad brush, no one will be able to go to public park where people are having picnics, playing football and read from the bible. >> reporter: he says reading the bible out loud is protected speech especially, he says, if you're doing it outside. that is it from here, bill. back to you. bill: douglas, follow that for us. douglas kennedy here in new york. martha. martha: the leader of the american catholic church says the white house is trying to divide cat licks. catholics. here is very interesting interview with bill o'reilly. >> would you say to american catholics don't vote for president obama based upon this intrusion? would you say that. martha: how did the cardinal answer. that is coming up.
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s. martha: here are some of the stories developing right now in "america's newsroom." the u.s. and south korea holding annual military exercises on the core reason peninsula. the drills involve 6,000 u.s. marines and 6,000 south korean soldiers. a new study shows the rate of autism is going up. one inform 88 children in united states has been identified having autism. the disorder is five times more common among boys than girls. troubled actress lindsay lohan back in court. a judge will decide whether she actually completed her probation for a 2007 drunk driving arrest. bill: no, no. she is back in court? come on. she is back in court? she has a cot in that court, doesn't she? she knows where all the bathrooms are. she knows every hallway in
9:44 am
that courthouse. good luck. new reaction from the head of the american cat cath church. catholic church. timothy cardinal dolan, talked with bill o'reilly on the effort he believes from the white house to divide american catholics. >> there would be a drift in the administration that this is a good issue. if we can divide the catholic community because it is already divided and one could caricature the bishops being hopefully out of touch, these bullies trying to achieve judiciary and legislatively what they have been unable to achieve because the their moral integrity has been compromised there is that force out there trying to care caricature us. this is about religious freedom. it he is close to the very heart of what the democratic enterprise we know and love as the united states of america is all about. bill: what about this? monica crowley, radio talk
9:45 am
show host. christopher hahn, former aide aide to support chuck schumer. fox news contributors. serious stuff. round three we go. monica, it is all about religious freedom. is what the cardinal says. >> he is absolutely right. the democrats had success in recasting this entire debate as one of access to contraception. in other words they're trying to attract women back to the democratic party because remember, in 2010 the democrats lost women by a lot. so they realize they needed to do something to try to attract women back to the democrat party, back to a reelecting barack obama. so they pulled this out of a hat and remember, that obamacare was passed two years ago. so they had nearly two years to try to figure out what they were going to do with these religious institutions. they timed it now for this exact purpose. what the cardinal is trying to do here is say, look, let's not lose sight of what this is really all b this is an assault on religious
9:46 am
freedom. access to contraception is not an issue in modern day america. >> sure it is. bill: i understand your point. chris. >> in the tough times americans need rec can creational activity they can afford and sex seems to be a good one and i don't understand the church gone away from membership which overwhelmingly aproves of the use of contraception. they need to do more matthew 25 work, that which you do unto the least of these. stop playing around with this dogma they created in sometimes in the 15th century. >> you suggest there are bad economic times that people are jumping in the sack more? >> well, listen it is affordable, right? especially if the government pays for your birth control. make it available to people. let's allow people to have this thing that they like to do in america. it is what separates us from the theocracies in the middle east in a large way. bill: to be frank, i'm surprised how frank archbishop dolan is about the politics of the issue. >> yeah. bill: and you have to, you have to be in church on
9:47 am
sundays to understand that a church is not letting go of this issue, monica. it is spoken about and mentioned at the altar every sunday. don't lose track of the voting bloc here. >> that's right. bill: 77 million americans. politics came up in this discussion also. listen to this portion of the interview as well. back to o'reilly. >> would you say to american catholics, don't vote for president obama based upon this intrusion? would you say that? >> i wouldn't say, i would never, myself say don't vote against or don't vote for a particular candidate. for one it is counterproductive. i would probably be doing the opponent a big favor if i would because even, even very faithful catholics, bill, don't like their bishops or priests telling them how to vote a person or even on a particular issue. they like us to speak about principle. they like us to give clear and cogent and compelling. they don't like us to get very personal. i wouldn't say that, no.
9:48 am
bill: it is hard to separate the politics from that opinion because he is wading right into, monica. >> the cardinal handled it very intelligent way. clergy in america, regardless of their religious affiliation they know their job is to change souls and hearts, not to change governments. however when the u.s. government does intrude on religious institutions and their most deeply-held beliefs as this admin has done -- >> they have not. >> with hhs mandate the church has a right to point out the assault on religious freedom. >> this is not a true, this is not -- >> don't vote for this guy or that guy. that is not what he is saying. >> catholics do not believe this the bishops are way off base. if they continue to go down this road attendance at catholic church is lower than it is now which is continuing to decline. >> you're missing the point. the point is not about contraception per se or how many roman catholic women are actually using contraception. that is not the issue. the issue is does the
9:49 am
federal government have a right to go and tell religious institutions they have to do x, y and z. bill: that question directly, do they or don't they? >> they do not have have the right to tell religious institutions and they have never done that the compromise is accepted by everyone including 75% of the catholics. let's move off of this. >> it is not. conference of bishops rejects it. >> who cares? >> i care. >> i don't. bill: computer will fade to black. thank you both. round four next week. you're on, martha. martha: boy, that's a hot one. all right we'll have more on that later. how about this one which is also a very hot situation in colorado? barely getting out with their lives. >> where's mom? what are you stopping for? martha: the family was forced from their home. they took this video and they will join us in "america's newsroom" live, right after this. bill: pick six winners walk away with half a billion
9:50 am
dollars. look at that line snaking down the sidewalk. what are the chances of actually winning if it were you? why you have a better chance of becoming president or going to the moon! than winning the mega millions. martha: really? ♪
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♪ . martha: listen to the whole song. bill: what is it? chance at five bucks? martha: i think so. we'll find out this afternoon. lottery fever is breaking out from coast to coast, folks. half a billion dollars. look at that number up above us. half a billion dollars.
9:54 am
that is about the solyndra price, right? you could win it in the lottery in mega millions. fox minute in place has more on all those zeros. >> reporter: across minnesota machines are spitting tickets of white gold. and it makes no difference if they rarely ever play a game called mega millions. >> not really but it is 500 million. >> reporter: you heard him right. a half a billion dollars worth of spending dreams. >> yes. that would be a good, good luck of dreams there. >> reporter: at bill's superette peggy snyder is walking out tickets to customers who can't walk in. >> i can't accept it, ma'am. >> reporter: megamillion tickets have suddenly become a new form of currency. >> the ticket because you couldn't take a tip. >> reporter: biggest tip comes friday not when the minnesota lottery says there will be a winner. >> you can never have total
9:55 am
100% coverage. there are too many possibilities and duplications between the states but there's a good chance that it will be hit and if it is not hit, i don't know what to expect at that point. >> reporter: no one from minnesota has actually ever won the mega millions jackpot but within the past year, nine people have matched all five numbers and won 250,000 each. another three people paid the extra dollar for the multiplier and won a million. and there is no shortage of ideas how to spend it. >> trying to, you know, help out little children having problems back home. if i win, if i'm the winner. >> reporter: but he will have to stand in line with pamela. >> you got witnesses. you got witnesses. if we win on either one of these, because we don't know which one belongs to which. >> okay. >> okay. we share. >> reporter: the dreams are worth millions. martha: okay.
9:56 am
okay. they made a deal. you never know. that's what they say right. thanks to ksmv's tim blott for that report. this is so interesting. we'll look at your actual chances of winning a half a billion dollars as opposed to things like maybe going to the moon or becoming president. bill: of the united states. martha: yeah. bill: appeals in comparison. martha: like i said. bill: that's the clue. martha: somebody will win. bill: somebody is going to win the big bucks. their son was killed in cold blood with a gun linked to a botched gun operation. listen to the family and their search for answers. >> we want to find out the truth. who in the first place thought of this program. how come they let those weapons go [ grandfather ] that a boy!
9:57 am
this is my grandson. and if it wasn't for a screening i got, i might have missed being here to meet him. the health care law lets those of us on medicare now get most preventive care for free like annual wellness visits, immunizations, and some cancer screenings. and that's when they caught something serious on mine. but we could treat it before it was too late. i'll be around to meet number two! get the screenings you need. learn more at you don't want to miss any of this!
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martha: we have got breaking news out of colorado, new information on the massive efforts underway to control these raging wild fires. look at that family's home. two people now are confirmed dead.
10:00 am
dozens of homes have been destroyed, hundreds more are still threatened. take a look at this video of one family grabbing the kids and running for their lives. >> daddy -- >> we're going to be fine. >> daddy, where is mom? what you stopping for? martha: you hear that little girl and they are trying to get two cars, probably with a lot of their stuff out. we are going to speak live to that family. they will share with us their unbelievable tale, that is coming up. also the fox news alert this morning demanding that the white house allow a former aide to testify about what they know about the gun running sting known as fast and furious. two leading republicans are now saying that that he want answe
10:01 am
answers. they are saying this aide could be a key link between the president, the white house and this operation. big questions to be answered there. that is a brand-new hour starting of america' "america's newsroom" on a thursday. we are glad to have you with us, everybody, good morning i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. the white house has denied all requests from congress to question the man. the latest ul ultimatum could spark a showdown over executive privilege. william la jeunesse is live near brownville, texas. who is this guy congress wants to talk to, william. >> reporter: kevin o'reilly was director of economic affairs at the white house. they wanted to know why was he talking to bill newell head of the f.b.i. in phoenix outside of his command. it suggests that fast and furious wasn't just a law enforcement officer but was a top down, political effort to justify gun control legislation. the showdown you're talking about, white house claims executive privilege, committee
10:02 am
goes for the subpoena. you also have possible contempt hearings against the attorney general over documents that he claims were internal deliberations, or a part of an ongoing investigation. those documents would not be available until after the election. if the white house is dragged into this. bill, more people at the department of justice could become expendable. bill: more on that in a moment, william. the family of a murdered agent is demanding answers about their son's death, what is happening on that? >> reporter: the family wants to know why was their son, jaime zapata, why was he on a very dangerous road with apparently no evade driver training tactics, no military escort or back up. they want to know if the guns that were used to kill him could have been stopped before he crossed the border. >> i dream about him, i see him in my dreams efrpblgts was murdered a yore ago by a drug cartel in mexico the weapons used to kill him were sold in texas. >> weapons do not have an
10:03 am
expiration. it isn't like, okay it's good for a week and after that they are done. they'll be there for generations to keep on killing. >> reporter: they say the obama administration has been less than forthcoming about their son's death. >> no one has told us anything, no one has come forward. >> what you know about the case and what happened to my son is all we know. >> reporter: they have hired attorney trey martinez to find out. >> the family would like answers and close ir. >> reporter: one gun was purchased near houston on behalf of accused drug dealer, manuel barba. police arrested the zeta's cartel julian espinosa for wounding and killing agents going along a highway. martinez says documents show the atf in dallas had evidence to butts osorio ring three months
10:04 am
before they purchased the murder weapon but didn't. >> we don't know if this is a gun walking operation regarding the osorio brothers. there seems to be information and circumstantial evidence that would indicate that. >> it's too late for jaime. we want to know the truth about what happened, what really happened to jaime. could it have been prevented? >> reporter: the atf in texas says their operation was not like fast and furious. just because a person buys guns doesn't mean you have the evidence to make an arrest or get a search warrant. that's why the family wants the documents. bill: congressman darrell issa leads the investigation into fast and furious. he is our guest live inside "america's newsroom" only minutes from now. martha: back to politics now, senator marco rubio never says newt gingrich's name but he does say he believes a convention fight for the republican
10:05 am
nomination could be disastrous for the republican party. listen to this on hannity last night. >> we are at a stage where two of the candidates have openly admitted that the only way they will win the nomination is to have a floor fight in tampa in august. i don't think there is anything good about that. there is no way anyone can convince me that having a floor fight at the convention in tampa in august is a recipe for victory, on the contrary i think it's a recipe for disaster. martha: herman cain is joining us now a former presidential canned tkaeurbgts of cours candidate, and also endorsed newt gingrich in this campaign. good to have you back. >> thank you very much. martha: do you agree with marco rubio? >> not entirely. look at it this way, suppose speaker gingrich and santorum and everybody drops out and hands it over to mitt romney, that means that the administration would then be
10:06 am
able to start to destroy mitt romney earlier rather than later. at least right now they are not exactly sure how things are going to go. secondly i don't think a floor fight is as big a disaster as he might say that it is. look at the uncertainty that's been throughout the whole primary process and the enthusiasm gap. i think those are two big factors that need to be taken into consideration. i'm not defending speaker newt gingrich's position to stay in, i'm just simply saying that i think there are just as much advantages as there are disadvantages both ways. martha: some say that the reason that mitt romney's numbers are soeupb favorable in polls we saw this week is that the fight goes on and it is that he hasn't been able to sort of square off one-on-one with president obama. you don't agree with that? >> i don't agree with that. you've got to look at the base. the base is saying that they are not ready to su unite around mitt romney yet, otherwise he
10:07 am
could have sewn this thing up already. if he does get the nomination i believe in order to put excitement back into the case he should adopt some of the ideas of all of the other candidates that have been in the primary process, good solutions and good ideas will help people rally around whoever the ultimate nominee is. martha: interesting. i do want to get your thoughts, mr. cain, on the trayvon martin case which has just caught the attention of all of everybody in this country, really is talking about this case. >> right. martha: when you look at it, and we saw congressman bobby rush on the floor of the house of representatives yesterday in a hoodie and sunglasses making his own statement about all of this, he was chided for that, and escorted away from the podium. what do you think about how all this is being handled? >> the first question is, where is the investigation? if congressman rush wanted to bring attention to the right
10:08 am
problem, where is the investigation? all of the swirling rhetoric is not helping. this was a tragic, unfortunate death of a young man. the investigation should be the thing that would bring all of the facts and put them on the table before people don't with the swirling rhetoric. the second bad thing about this. where is the justice department relative to the threats being made by the black panthers, relative to this particular case? i'm not defending him or anybody else, i'm just saying, we have due process in this country. it generally starts with an investigation. we don't have the investigation or the facts, and secondly, when an organization or some people make some direct threats on any other citizen, without having been tried that is illega i wilillegal and the justice department should be doing something. we should be just as outraged about that as the death of this young man. martha: you bring up an excellent point. we haven't seen george zimmerman
10:09 am
since this whole thing started, and the new black panther party has said they basically want his head. that is something that needs to be investigated alongside awful this as well. herman cain, thank you so much. it's great to have you with us. look forward to speaking with you as all of this moves along. have a good day. >> thanks, martha, you too. bill: fox news alert right now a developing story out of philadelphia. at the airport there a passenger has been arrested, accused of taking explosives on board a plane. he's 29, he had a bottle containing pyrotechnic powder and fireworks. apparently he told police he was playing around with the stuff and forgot to take it out of his backpack. we are keeping a close eye on this as we work through the facts on this story and trying to figure it out for you. martha: it happens all the time, right? bill: philadelphia, hum. martha: it's the heart o if the heart of the president's healthcare plan is taken out, what would happen to the rest of the bill? >> if you strike down the mandate there is going to be
10:10 am
something for congress to do. the question really is what task do you want to give congress? martha: that is a huge question right now. will the whole law go down and should the supreme court have any say over what happens outside of what is in their privy. bill: more on the trayvon martin shooting and comments like this one. >> i'm not going to be politically correct, i'm asking to say it like i see it. trayvon was hunted down like a rabid dog. he was shot in the street. he was racially profiled. bill: how would dr. martin luther king feel about that comment? we'll talk to his niece live.
10:11 am
10:12 am
10:13 am
martha: nine supreme court justices now reviewing the healthcare arguments that they heard for six hours over the course of this week, and they
10:14 am
are doing that before tomorrow's preliminary vote and the law. we will not hear the decision that comes out of that preliminary test vote as it's known. we'll get the opinions and the decision some time in june. but one of the biggest questions that they will deal with was heard yesterday. if the individual mandate to buy health insurance is stripped out of this law can the rest of the bill be upheld, and is that even the job of the supreme court to figure out the rest of that question? joined now by steven hayes a senior writer at the weekly standard and fox news contributor. steven welcome. good to have you here today. let's take a look at an interesting moment with justice sonia sotomayor yesterday and we'll talk about it. >> are whwhy shouldn't we let congress if in fact some of the economists are proved right. what is wrong with leaving it in the hands ever the people who should be fixing this. not us?
10:15 am
the bottom line is, why don't we let congress fix it? >> if you strike down the mandate there will be something for congress to do. the question really is what task do you want to give congress? do you want to give congress the tax of fixing the statute after something has been taken out -rs especially a provision at the heart, or do you want to give congress the task of fixing healthcare. martha: this is one of the most fascinating things of this whole discussion. was the supreme court asked to decide whether the individual mandate constitutional and does their injure jurisdiction in this case go beyond that? she is saying, shouldn't we do our job and let congress figure out the rest. >> if you look at the way this was framed there is nothing in the language of the actual statute, that is to say there is nothing in obamacare itself that speaks to this question of serve built, whether some parts of the law would stand if other parts
10:16 am
of the law are invalidated. and because of that you heard from the challengers, some discussion of congressional intent. what was the intent of the people who put this law together, and did they want it to be -- parts of it to be upheld if some of it is not. and because they didn't speak to that, their argument goes, the entire thing has to be invalidated. the government obviously makes the opposite argument, they want some of this to be upheld even though everybody can see -- and the government did this by the way in it's previous arguments with respect to the nets and proper clause. the government has argued that the individual mandate is central to these other sort of secondary issues like guaranteed issue and community ratings. the government has conceded the point but they still want some of it to be upheld so that congress is charged with fixing the problem rather than starting over. martha: it seems to me like it's the trunk of the christmas tree, the mid mandate. it presented today indicates how everything else will be paid
10:17 am
for. if someone gives you a christmas tree with no trunk you'll be stuck with needles on the floor and nothing to hang ornaments on. i am fascinated with the idea that the supreme court will have to decide whether or not the rest of this ball game is even part of their game, whether they can decide. >> right. martha: when you look at preexisting conditions, for example, i don't know you're going to cover everybody for preexisting conditions if you don't have this pool of money. i mean, what do you think, look into your crystal ball for me, if indeed the mandate goes down, what do you think congress will do if the supreme court just dumps it right back to them? >> it's a very good question. i am still skeptical. i think the law is more likely to be upheld than to be inch value date. martha: why? >> i'm not reading into the oral arguments on tuesday than sews people. some of it could be playing develop's advocate or testing arguments rather than saying where the justice are coming
10:18 am
from on the case. if it is in fact the case that the individual mandate is struck down, what is left will basically be a shell of the law as it was passed. and the government -- the government's argument is leave that in place, leave that shell, at least give that to us and let congress fix this question of health cost spiraling, which virtually everybody agrees that they would, because you know, without the mandate you're not providing insurance companies with the means to make more money. so health costs will necessarily skyrocket. virtually everybody agrees to that. what the government is saying, let congress fix that rather than have the court tell them how to handle it. martha: we've got to go. it will be interesting to see what the administration and both sides of congress would say would be better for them. whether it's better to start over and craft something together as someone suggested or try to hang onto what they ask. it's a fascinating moment to watch unfold. thanks so much. we'll see you soon.
10:19 am
>> any time, thanks. bill: there are two leading republicans upping the stakes in the probe of operation fast and furious, now calling for a former white house aide to testify or else. one of those lawmakers joins us to tell us why. we'll talk about that. also, there's this -- >> where is mom? what you stopping for? >> down there, down there. martha: at least two people lost their lives in this fire, dozens of homes are gone. we're going to speak with the family who shot this video, coming up. >> right here, right here, oh, my god. >> okay. we're out, we're out, we're out.
10:20 am
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♪ [singing] martha: look at those guys. they want to rock and roll all night and party every day, who could forget. and they want to help america's am bravest. kiss wants to hire a military veteran as a new rhoadie. the lucky vet will help the crew that assembles the stage and does all the special affects and they get to take it all down after the show, which is not the most fun part of the job but it's part of the job. bill: the lucky veteran gets to do it with a big star painted over his eye. jobs in america the number is out 359,000 americans filing for first time claims. that is drifting higher than the latest trend we've seen, and that trend is even worse if you're a veteran. the unemployment rate for male vets between the ages of 18 and 24 about 30%, nearly four times the national average.
10:24 am
as you may know with these numbers the actual unemployment number for this group could be often higher. democratic senator joe manchins is trying to do something about it. he's co-founder of the i hire veterans, along with bill kirk out of illinois, who we hope is recovering as we speak. >> thank you for having me back. i'm talking to my good friend marks and i'm sure he's going to come back. i need him with me to help me fight these fights, and he's just a great guy. bill: i hope so. listen, senator, why is it this way? >> i really can't tell you. you mean why are we divided on some of these issues. bill: and why do we see the veterans in such a hole after the enormous sacrifices they do every day. >> every agency has worked very hard to make sure they do everything we can to get the
10:25 am
vets back in the workforce. we are trying to connect the dots, there are 29 of us in this veteran's caucus. we are bringing awareness to this. i hire a vet. everyone has a way of showing how patriotic as we are as americans. we fly the flag, we have yellow ribbons and we are all out there and we really do appreciate every opportunity we have to be a free american because of what the veterans have done. if you really want to show it now, this is the way to do it. bill: what would you tell our viewers? how can they help? >> basically, is if you're hiring vets, if you have a vet working with you now, put this sign up. if you desire to have this. i hire a vet sign go out and hire a vet. they are the best trained, best qualified and should be able to move into the workforce and be productive immediately. what is happening, bill, what we're trying to do is we want to know in time as we get this up and running, let's say a lead time of six months or more who is going to be, what we call
10:26 am
separating or mustering out. and in what part of the country do they want to go live in and what skill sets have they acquired while they've been in the service. we have on the other end the private sector, small and large businesses that are very aggressively wanting to hire veterans, knowing where to go on this website to find out who is coming, what skill sets, and by golly i want to talk to you. bill: senator, what is the website? >> the website will be you can get it from our website right now to get the, i hire vet sign. bill: and the program is called i hire veteran. we'll be in touch with you and senator kirk's office to see if we can get something done about this okay. >> i'm asking all americans, if you really want to show patriotism, make sure you hire a vet, it will be the best workforce you'll ever have. bill: joe manchins, a democrat
10:27 am
out of west virginia, thank you. martha: they drove through literally a sea of fire with their entire family in the car. frightening moments caught on tape. we're going to speak to the family who shot this video. the little boy shot it out the window as they were trying to get away. bill: a dollar of deem and a dynamite accountant, that's all you need to enjoy a half billion dollars one of the largest jackpots we've ever seen for a lot lee. what are the odds, martha maccallum, why you have a better chance of being str-b struck by lightning twice in the same hour. ♪ [singing] ♪
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bill: fox news alert now, the story is heating up calling on the white house to allow an interview with a former aide about what he may have said and to whom about operation fast and furious. that is the gun running operation linked to the members of two american acts. leading republicans want to ask the questions. former obama adviser kevin o'reilly. darrell issa is with me, welcome back to "america's newsroom." do you believe this man advised the president what was going on? >> it really isn't important if he advised the president. that would be privileged. what is important is he received communication from an agent in
10:32 am
the field and we'd like to have an opportunity to get characterization of that, that is not protected. and there is a strong precedent for these individuals, former white house staff and even current white house staff such as karl rove under certain circumstances to be asked questions. in this case we want to know about fast and furious, not necessarily about what the president was briefed on. bill: have you established that there was contact with this individual from the atf in the field. >> we do, we have an email sting. bill: in that case what would the field operator have told him? >> well he certainly could have characterized and defended fast and furious, perhaps told him that he thought it was a good project, maybe even shared why they were doing it and who authorized it, all of which would be outside of any privilege. understand, bill, we don't know what we don't know, and this individual, kevin owe rile low's attorneys have said they will talk, the only reason they are not talk being is the white house is ordering them to, even though he's a former employee. i've sat through depositions of
10:33 am
former bush white house high ranking officials who were asked specifically about what they did in their official conduct by the waxman team while he was chairman. bill: kevin o'reilly, right? he's doing work in iraq at the moment. >> we have asked for a telephonic interview. we really want to get a characterization on the record of what might have been a relatively benign core respond dance. bu core correspondense. the inspector general isn't looking at any type of this material and is getting full cooperation from the administration. bill: where will this lead do you believe. >> we want to know who authorized this prapbl at the political level, who knew about it. as you know eric holder has said he didn't know about it at all and he's not held any of his high ranking political
10:34 am
appointees accountable for it. brian terry's family is still not getting answers or prosecutions on those who brought about the death of their son or brother. bill: this is what the white house is saying. white house counsel is reviewing the letter and will respond as appropriate. broadly speaking while some personnel in the white house were made aware of atf's efforts to combat drug traffic ricking along the southwest border, including fast and furious. there has no evidence that anyone at the white house new about any decision to allow guns to walk to mexico. i know that is not satisfactory for you. others say these guys are friends catching up, do you buy it? >> if that is the truth those ares questions we'll get answered. that mealy-mouthed letter says there's been no prove, not that it didn't happen. it's not a statement that you can rely on. our committee on february 4th received an out right lie in a letter that was later retracted, and part of our investigation is to find out who led to congress
10:35 am
being lied to both in oral testimony and in a letter, and that is part of the stonewalling. they won't even answer questions about who provided us a letter that was patently false and had to be retracted after a year. bill: the search for answers. darrell issa thank you for your time. >> thanks, bill. mart: back to this story now, a family running for their lives trying to escape the wildfires in colorado. take a look at this video. >> daddy -- where's mom? what you stopping for? martha: you can hear the panic in that child's voice asking where is mom, and why is she stopping. they were in two cars, the family trying to escape the wildfire. they join us now.
10:36 am
doug and kimberly are with us now. they are waiting to hear if they have a home to go become to. welcome to both of you. thank you for making some time for us in what i know is an impossibly tough time for all of you. how are you doing? >> holding in there. >> yeah, we're doing fine. martha: because we've played that video a couple of times, which child is saying in the back, where is mom and why is she stopping, and what was happening in that moment? >> that's by daughter, ronabella. she was one of the first ones in the car, and basically while we grabbed the last box she was looking out the window and saw the fire coming, and my son is actually the one, my 13-year-old son who was shooting the video is the one to says, it's all going to be okay. martha: just like a good big brother. he is reassuring her. it's just the most frightening thing to hear it in your daughter's voice.
10:37 am
i guess you were stopping, kimberly for a moment. what were you doing in that moment? >> once we reached the top of the road it was darker than i had anticipated and i was fumbling for the lights. i actually had to stop and look for the lights. it's a fairly new car for me. also i had doubts that we would make it, and i was considering if we should turn around. martha: oh, my gosh. >> i was afraid of falling debris and we are four miles up the road, we weren't sure how far the fire was going to be like that and if we could get trapped. martha: were you able to see each other as you were getting out of there? >> no,. >> no, not at all. >> the fear is if we had to drive through more than a mile than that the car might have conked out and we never would have made it. we had no idea it was only a half mile before we got to blue skies today. martha: i wanted to ask you, you were following all of this on a blog, and you were told to stay put, but you said, you know,
10:38 am
based on what you were reading that you didn't think that you could, right? >> i called 911 at 2:00, and then i made several calls after that, and was told that it was -- first that there was nothing, and then ultimately that there was something but it was fine, and not to worry and to wait. if they needed to get in touch with us, they would. and we were following a local blog, and had someone listening to a fire scanner who posted that evacuations were going to be taking place, and as soon as we got that we were -- we were ready, and then we don't know if we received the 911 or not, there was a call that dropped. by that time we were moving to the car and that's when the video was shot. and i was going to say that there were people who had to get out after us, so that video that you saw got much worse and there were people who struggled to get out behind us. >> we have neighbors who told us that it was even darker smoke after that, and they had to drive really slow to even see, and our terrifying journey was only a matter of 30 seconds --
10:39 am
>> there's was much longer. >> we were the only wonder who shot video is the only reason we're standing there. martha: i'm so happy that you guys are standing there and your kids are okay. we have seen the horrific scenes around this. good for you for getting out when you did and for caleb we thank him for shooting that video to allow us to see what was going on in your car. good luck, we wish the best of everything to you and your whole community. thanks for speaking with us today. take care. >> thank you. >> thank you. bill: breaking news, president obama set to make a major statement at the white house that some argue could send gas prices higher. we'll bring that to you live also -- martha: two iconic civil rights activists, criticized for phreut tpoe lit ta stkaoeuzing the tray john martin tragedy.
10:40 am
>> we have racial injustice and poverty. clearly he was a boy going ohm, attending to his business, he was stalked, he was pursued, which he should not have been pursued. he was killed, he should not have been killed. martha: the yes that is being raised is what dr. martin luther king would think about what is going on right now surrounding this trayvon martin case, this is niece is with us. she says reverend jesse jackson and reverend alsharpton need to, quote, stop playing the race card. she is going to join us after this. call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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10:43 am
>> you cannot defend yourself with a pack of skittles and ice cream. don't talk to us like we stupid. don't talk to us like we ignorant. we love our children, like you love yours. martha: that was reverend
10:44 am
alsharpton of course firing up the crowds, demanding justice for the shooting death of unarmed teenager trayvon martin. the niece of dr. martin luther king jr. now says that civil right activists like al sharpton and jesse jackson are raoeulg up americans with that type of language, and her quote, playing the race card. evetta king joins me now. dr. king welcome, good to have you here. >> thank you for letting me join you. martha, if i may say, just listening to reverend sharpton and reverend jackson. reverend jackson, no justice no piece. there is power in the blood of reverend martin luther king jr. there is power in the blood of trayvon martin. certainly the power is in the blood of jesus christ. we are in easter season. to say no justice, no peace if
10:45 am
you know jesus you know there is peace. trayvon's family is grieving right now and they don't need a lot of anger and fear surrounding that. certainly trayvon martin, a young man, cut down in his prime, i would say because of my ministry, a late abortion, now his dreams are dead. also with mr. zimmerman his life is turned upside down. two young men, one dead. of course we love oufr children, we love all children. america's youth are now an endangered species. we must answer this nonviolently, not with anger. as mother teresa says, if you can abort a baby you can till anyone. if guns come out we have a tragedy. i want people to remember trayvon with dig natty e. joins the ranks of many young people who have been killed skwraoeupb deekilled.
10:46 am
martha: indeed he does. it's a family tragedy and both families are suffering, none of us know how things played out that night. we hope there will be a thorough investigation that will answer all the questions that need to be answered in all of this. i wanted to mention an editorial in the "wall street journal" by juan williams who raises an interesting point that i wanted to get your thoughts on. he says where is the march on drug dealers, and black schools and the 50% drop out rate for black boys. they are just as guilty for creating a shameful unemployment among black teens. he's talking about the fact that so much has been extrapolated by this tragedy and used as an opportunity to talk about other injustices, which indeed exist. he is, i think rightfully saying, what about the daily injustices that are done in our cities that we don't often hear these people railing about, he contests. >> the daily injustices, the little aborted babies that i talk b the millions of babies,
10:47 am
the millions who are suffering from poverty, from hunger, from aids, there are so many injustices now in the world, and trayvon now joins that number. and so we want violence to stop. if my uncle, dr. martin luther king jr. were here today, or my dad, they would ask us to seek justice or temper that with mercy. let's get to the bottom of this. let justice be done and prevail, but especially at easter season, remember the love and mercy of jesus christ, his nonviolent death. he did not violently react, he was violently killed but he did not violently react. i'm asking reverend jackson and reverend sharpton to remember dr. martin luther king jr., to remember nonviolence, to know that there is power in the name and blood of jesus, and so to let love and mercy bring about new justice, and remember that trayvon's martin's family is grieving. they don't need all of this anger and race baiting right
10:48 am
now. martha: you've left us a lot to think about. thank you. we'll see you soon. bill: powerful words too. the circus is in town and there is an elephant on the loose. this guy can't get too far can he. martha: maybe he's going to get a lottery ticket. do you have a lottery ticket yet. bill: not yet. martha: your odds of winning. you've got to stick around for this. we'll be right back. to investigate it... ...prosecute it... and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers... are teaching seniors across the country... stop, spot, and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us.
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martha: here is a sight you don't see every day, an elephant galloping through a parking lot. a 40-year-old elephant named baby escaped from circus workers. woe, she says i'm getting out of here. a nearby surveillance camera caught all of that near a busy shopping center.
10:52 am
nobody was hurt. we are told baby ran away because she didn't want to take a bath. bill: she went car shopping through that parking lot. got your tickets, folks? mega millions lottery has million -ts of yo of you dreaming, including outside. the odds are not in your favor by a long shot. after neurologist lloyd strayhorn, author of numbers and you is here with me. have you bought a ticket? >> yes, in answer to the question, yes. bill: how many. >> not too many. i've bought a couple of tickets. bill: what is your strategy. >> my experience is there is no strategy. in other words, i've never, ever met a neurologist for anybody supposedly in the field of numbers to walk away with the big one, none. bill: really. do you think i should change right now, or aim the lucky
10:53 am
winner? >> they've done some research. they found that people who win tend to win in certain parts of the year. we all have a birthday and certain periods of the year are more favorable than others. bill: you can play those numbers if that works into your favor. >> we are now in the sign of aires. fire signs such as aires, sapblg tea saggitarians and hrerbgs os would have a better chance. bill: does that work? >> if you look at a lottery ticket, if you look at the lottery it is 45 million to one. you have a selection of 59 numbers in the pool, however, if you look at the big one, mega, well that is 175 million to one. now the chance of getting hit by lightning is less than a million. so you're talking about, oh, boy, the odds. and see what makes it so interesting is this. with the mega they deal with two
10:54 am
sets of numbers. you get a number from one to 56 first, then you get a second set of numbers from one to 46, so therefore, unlike lotto where you just have 59 number toss choose from actually you have more than that to choose in mega. bill: that is more than i knew about it. this is the reality, okay. what are your chances of debris from a satellite falling and hitting you, one in 3200. okay we are on the second one. what are your chances of becoming president of the united states, 1 in 10 million. becoming an astronaut 1 in 32 million. , winning the lott >> there was a guy who won seven times. he let the machine pick it. you'd be surprised a lot of
10:55 am
people who have one are not regular lotto players, they may have been in the store getting something, and they say, oh, yeah, let me get a lottery and they wind up with the big one. bill: we find out a month down the road because they are meeting with their accountant getting all this stuff in order. >> they want to play birthdays of family members, or geometric order. that is really not the way to play it. if that was the case everybody would win. bill: it's all chance, right. >> exactly. bill: good luck to you. >> i'm going to buy some more tickets now that we discussed this. martha: he described us, bill, people that don't usually play but bought tickets. we're going to let the machine pick our numbers right after this. president obama set to make a major statement which could send the prices of oil and gas even higher. moments away from his announcement at the white house. we'll explain all that when we come back. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
10:56 am
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bill: as people missed -- promised. fox news alert. hear is the president at the white house. >> a little bit behind but i figure it is a great day to enjoy the rose garden. today members of congress have a simple choice to make. they can stand with the big oil companies or they can
10:59 am
stand with the american people. right now the biggest oil companies are raking in record profits, profits that go up every time folks pull up into a gas station but on top of these record profits oil companies are also getting billions a year, billions a year, in taxpayer subsidies, a subsidy they have enjoyed year after year for the last century. think about that. it is like hitting the american people twice. you're already paying a premium at the pump right now. and on top of that, congress, up until this point, thought it was a good idea to send billions of dollars more in tax dollars to the oil industry. it's not as if these companies can't stand on their own. last year, the three biggest u.s. oil companies took home more than $80 billion in


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