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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 2, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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>> sean: tonight, the president's re-election campaign is shifting to damage control mode after the shady past of yet another obama megadonor is exposed. now, abacki who donated more than $50,000 and who helped bundle an additional $100,000 to team obama has been accused of fraud. and impersonating a bank official. now, according to the a.p., the new york woman believed to have stolen $650,000 from a swiss businesswoman to build a mansion in florida. a spokesperson for the president campaign say they are reviewing the matter and plan to address it promptly. now this is by no means the first controversy to surface involving the president's contributors. last month, obama for america was forced to return $200,000 to the brothers of a mexican fugitive, wanted on federal
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drug charges. however, the president isn't always so eager to part ways with big money. especially if it's from one of the left wing pals in the entertainment world. spike lee put an elderly cuple in danger maliciously tweeting out an address he thought was the home of trayvon martin's shooter, the president will not return or refund spike lee's cash. that includes $1.6 million that the left wing filmmaker helped raise at a posh new york city fund raiser in january. bill maher. despite his vile comments about conservative women and targeting children of republicans the president is standing by his million dollar man and refuses to denounce maher's contribution to the pro-obama super-pac. forget hope and change. this campaign is about putting money over principle. with more on the p.r. crisis and facing re-election of team obama is former clinton advisor dick morris. it seems to me, this is a
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simple issue. the president, you know, he has got fundraiser problems, bundleers have access, solyndra money, green energy money. now he has bill maher and spike lee and this case. you know, it seems to me somebody ought to say hey, get this off the table. give him the money back and move on. can't give -- >> he can't give spike lee's money back because his goal is provoke a racial confrontation. that's why he intervened in this. stop for a second, you say the president's goal is to -- >> sean: spark racial confrontation? >> i don't mean in the street of florida. i misstated that. it take it back. the president's goal is to heighten african-american turn-out stoking a feeling of victimization in the african-american community. >> sean: another way to say it is trying to energize a part of his base? >> yes. >> sean: how do you think he is doing it by the comments he made about trayvon martin looking like him? >> exactly. >> i think what he is trying to do is rekindle the sense of
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black victimization to impel increased turn-out. he is also trying to do that with latinos. that's why he is changing the immigration law unilaterally, implementing the dream act unilaterally in effect. >> sean: so another part of his base. >> the democratic party is coalition party. >> that's why he is focused on student loan issues. the santa monica controversy. >> sean: at times a couple of weeks ago the president's approval rating, some polls have him up. but with 41%, not a number any incumbent wants to get re-elected there. has never been a modern president re-elected with such a low approval rating. >> bill clinton at that point we had the published polls had the approval rating at 57%. my polls had him at 62%. >> sean: at this point in his presidency. there was a fear about his re-election chances back then. you tried to turn it around. one of the things that you
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advise president clinton and we discuss this in detail on a number of occasions, you advised him to reach out to the midto triangulate this conservative issues, call them your own. the era of big government is over. end of welfare as we know it. sister soldier earlier in the campaign. >> i think that obama is in a death spiral. ever decreasing base where he is trying to stoke it for a turn-out by move something far to the left that the center can't possibly vote from. i think a good example, the polling. when you look at all the polls, when you look at those who are registered voters, obama usually has about an 8 to 10-point lead. when you look at the likely voters it's tie race. tie will go against him because undecided will vote for romney. the amazing thing about this you are looking at a ten-point gap between the performance among registered voters and likely voters.
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bill clinton had no gap like that. his base is not turning out. young people and latinos are not voter for him and african-americans may not vote for him. >> sean: am i right when i say the democratic party is coalition party? >> it's demographic party. >> sean: whatever you want to say. coalition meaning different groups, special interest or whatever. so you're saying that he is trying to excite these individual bases. >> right. >> sean: and in that sense you think he will divide the country in terms of trying to turn the country african-american to get the african-american vote out? >> the hispanic vote out. >> young people. >> sean: elderly. you're saying divide the country -- >> that is why he introduced the whole birth control controversy, the contraception issue. he is trying to throw every divisive issue he can out there. polarize the electorate so his
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base is excited, threatened and voted. motivated. >> sean: think how different that is in 2008. hope and change. >> and opposite of what we did with clinton. the strategy is polarize the country. it won't work. >> sean: is he part of this or is this his campaign strategy? >> absolutely he is part of it. he's the leader of it. it's his call. he doesn't listen to advisors. the contraception stuff about women, changing of the immigration regulations, about latinos. the comment about the shooting in florida. >> sean: trying to scare old people in this country? >> right. what he is really trying to do is to divide the country and to get his people to turn out to vote. there are two models for democratic models.
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mine and james carville's. carville's energize the base. get your george stephanopoulos. energize the base. get them to turn out. mine was always move to the center and get the swing voter to come. and the problem with the first strategy is once you start to do it, you have to do it because you have already alienated the swing voters. you don't have everybody in the midsol you need higher turn-out. >> sean: if newt and rick santorum, i had rick santorum on my radio show today. it asked him, you know, there has been talk about them teaming up as a team. to "stop romney." if that happens, could it be effective? >> no. the gallup poll asked those supporting gingrich who would you vote for if he dropped out? 40% said san season and 40% said romney. >> sean: you don't think a
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united front as non-romney alternative? >> the two would unite but the vote would not carry over to santorum. that would have been effective strategy before florida. but by now it's way too late. look, romney is going to win eight primaries in a row probably including pennsylvania. santorum can't stay in the race after that. >> sean: you know what, dick? time is going to tell, isn't it? >> yes. >> dick morris, thank. good to see you. coming up, a closer look tonight at the police video of george zimmerman. new information about the trayvon martin shooting. we will vet the media tonight and their irresponsible reporting. also a look at the real president obama and his relationship with israel as we continue our job of vetting the president. something the mainstream media will not do. much more coming up on "hannity." >> security is unshaken. >> the bond between the countries is unbreakable. >> we have been unwavering in
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our support of israel security. unwavering. >> the united states' commitment to israel security is unbreakable. >> the united states will always have israel's back. ♪
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>> sean: we have new information about the shooting of 17-year-old trayvon martin by neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman. as the fall-out continues over the media coverage of the tragedy. last week we played for you how nbc news edited zimmerman's call to police implying that the reason he found martin to be suspicious was the color of his skin. take a look. >> this guy looks like he is -- he looks black. >> can you see what he was wearing? >> yeah. a dark hoodie. >> sean: well, it's not exactly how the call went down. in reality, zimmerman had mentioned martin was black only after being asked a question by the dispatcher. now an nbc spokesperson tells the "washington post," "we have launched an internal investigation into the editorial processing surrounding this particular story." now meanwhile, the video of george zimmerman at the police station immediately after the shooting is getting a closer look. now when the footal of course now is enhanced there is one shot where it appears that he has injuries to the back of his head. however, there is no visible injury to his nose or visible
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blood on his clothing. now before being driven to the police station, zimmerman was attended to by medics as he sat in the back of the patrol car. newly released audio show two ambulances were dispatched the first medics canceled the one for zimmerman before it arrived. listen to this. >> do they have a second one? >> that's affirmative. there is a second patient. >> sean: also breaking today, zimmerman's attorney said if an arrest warrant were issued for his client he would turn himself in. joining me now to discuss all of, this fox news contributor, democratic strategy jack degroff. and sirius xm patriot host david webb. thank you for being with us. start with nbc. how irresponsible, they edited together.
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he looks suspicious. he looks like he is up to no good. and he's black. the dispatcher said is he white, black or his spannic? how irresponsible is that considering there is a bounty on zimmerman's head. we have spike lee throwing out -- >> rorosanne barr. >> irresponse seasonable the best word you can use for what nbc did. oversensationallized. they should be fired. if i did this i'd be fired at sirius out. the door. this even dangers people's lives. this playing out in the tragedy. >> this is egregious and if repercussions we don't know that. if there is an after to be made, he'd want a fair trial. this helps poisen the water this irresponsible journalism.
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>> sean: there has been a rush to judgment. now even abc, they came out with their headline oh, we have no injuries and no blood there. now the daily caller was the first, put it it up on the screen, they do see this. there is a neighbor that has come out to defend george zimmerman. the neighborhood said i saw him, he was banged up. he had big bandages on his head. there was a huge bump with him. his nose was swollen. either his guy's nose was broken or it wasn't. either he had lacerations as you can see or he didn't. that's not how they reported it in this environment. >> the problem with this, it has been hijacked. this is a tragedy. crime? possibly. rush to judgment? definitely. halftimed this from the two actors that need to be examined, trayvon martin and zimmerman. they hijacked this from due process. we have a state investigator involved. a review of the stand your ground. all the things done right but they halftimeed it fo hijacked .
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al sharpton, the mafia taken it off the issue. trayvon martin's mother said this is about right and wrong. it's not about right or left. >> sean: but let me go to things that had been said. he was hunted down like a dog. he was executed. we have an eyewitness there that night. that saw and witnessed trayvon beating george zimmerman. but that doesn't stop lawmakers and those in the media. watch this. >> trayvon martin was hunted down like a rabid dog. he was shot in the street. he was racially profiled. >> just because someone wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum. >> i believe this is a hate crime. >> next week we are looking forward to getting $1 million for the capture of george
9:18 pm
zimmerman. >> jeb bush helped pave the way for the sense lest tragedy. >> this investigation is laced with racial profiling, lies and murder. >> he was ux cuteed for w.w.b. -- executed for walking while black in a gated community. >> let's not play the double standard of trying to demonize who is dead. >> nobody knows the facts. we had an eyewitness from day one that saw injuries consistent with what the eyewitness said. >> we heard conflicting stories from day one on this. conflicting information, retraction. >> sean: rush to judgment by media activists, true? no, no -- this is definitive he was hunted down like a
9:19 pm
rabid dog. racially profiled. the media similarly we have people on nbc that have come to the conclusion -- >> instead of doing due diligence which is what you should do as a journalist, the media created a narrative. i'll give you the time point on this. saturday at 12:45:00 p.m. on the air, we pulled the feed from the rally. the lady from the naacp says what do we want? justice. when do we want it? now. how do we get it? vote. sharpton comes up and repeats this. this is a driven narrative. again, they hijacked a tragedy from us. >> sean: here is an important question. if the eyewitness was right, jacques, if he was right and trayvon in fact was on top of him and pounding his head and lacerations and the broken nose are consistent with what the eyewitness from the first night said, is there a possibility this is a legitimate self-defense claim? if that is true, what the eyewitness said? >> if that is true, there is a
9:20 pm
possibility. but the reason we are having this discussion is because it's not in court. and that is the issue that you are not addressing, or is not being addressed. that there is cume lative injustice and this feels to many this is the same old story. >> sean: but the interesting point that rich laurie made in a piece he put on nro. 4,000 african-american american kids up to the age of 24 a year are dying in the streets of america. 4,000 of them. and we don't see the activism, the accusation. >> we also don't see the press. we have don't see the same -- >> sean: but you don't see al sharpton or reverend jackson. >> you don't know that. i'm telling you -- >> sean: there is a 6-year-old girl that was shot dead in a gang shoot-out in chicago just a couple of weeks ago. >> when al sharpton talks to gangs or jackson talks to
9:21 pm
african-american men about mentoring the people there is no press. there is no coverage. >> al sharpton said -- jacques is right he goes after this. but they selectively choose what to turn in a false narrative, that's what happened here. we have want to tack the real problem. if you want to tackle racism, tackle it on all fronts where it exists, don't create a narrative where it's a possibility. >> my problem is this. if you feel that about jesse and al sharpton you must feel other people are exploiting it rather than deal with the substance, listen. rather than deal with the substance of the fact that america has a race problem. how come no one is saying that the punitive republican nominee mitt romney, what is your position on -- >> that is a dodge. >> no. >> that's a dodge. >> why haven't you asked romney this? >> sean: i have asked him about this. >> no one is asking him to give a speech on race. they ask obama candidate to do that.
9:22 pm
>> there are 49 kids in the weekend shot in chicago. ten of them dead, including a 6-year-old girl caught in the crossfire. >> al sharpton is not the policeman of america. >> sean: we got to run. >> go out and be on the stump but never will be. >> sean: thank you for being with us. coming up, the vetting of president obama continues on "hannity." coming up next, the next installment of what we call the real obama. but first, the president, he can't seem to get away from bill ayers. this time, it sounds like the views on capitalism are eerily similar. wait until you hear the comparison. that and more coming up next tonight on "hannity." going to . go ahead and take a sip, and then let me know what the baby thinks of it. four million drivers switched to this car insurance last year. oh, she likes it babies' palates are very sensitive so she's probably tasting the low rates. this is car insurance y, they've been losing customers pretty quickly. oh my gosh, that's horrible!, which would you choose? geico. over their competitor. do you want to finish it?
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>> sean: all right, president obama is playing the blame game yet again. this time he appears to be pointing the finger at capitalism for america's abysmal economy. on the campaign stop in maine on friday he again attacked republicans, this time claiming that their economic strategy is not working. their strategy? okay. instead he is proposing that the federal government be responsible for pretty much, everything. take a look. >> their philosophy is simple. you're on your own. that is their view, the only way the economy can grow is if, if you are out of a job, tough luck. figure it out on your own.
9:27 pm
if you don't have healthcare, too bad. you're on your own. if you are a senior having trouble paying prescription drugs, not our problem. if you are a young person coming out of poverty, pull yourself up by your own boot straps february you don't have boots. we won't win the race for new jobs and new businesses. and middle class security if we cling to this same old worn-out tired you're on your own economics that the other side is peddling. i mean they act like we haven't tried it. we tried it. you know, the idea that you would keep on doing the same thing over and over again even though it's been proven not to work. that is a sign of madness. >> that is what we tried for three-and-a-half years, your policies and we have $5 trillion of debt and nothing to show for it, mr. president.
9:28 pm
it sounds a lot like one of president obama oldest supporters and what he believes. this weekend, bill ayers attended a ral late the newest location of occupy wall street and union square, in front of a large group of occupy supporters. the unrepen dept terrorist -- unrepentent terrorist answered questions. asked about dealing with criticism he said, "i got up every morning thinking today i'm going to make a difference. today i'm going to end capitalism. today i'm going to make a revolution. i go to bed every night disappointed but i'm back again tomorrow. that's the only way you can do it." joining me now, tucker carlson and fox news political analyst kirsten powers. first, his economy, his stimulus and his budget and his $5 trillion in debt and his failed policy and high unemployment numbers, his bad housing. these are things he said he would fix. let's go through this. almost every statement he made
9:29 pm
is untrue. the philosophy is you're on your own. i don't know one republican that says you're on your own. live within our means and not get $5 trillion in debt. if you are out of a job, good luck. republicans want to create jobs and create incentive. he says if you don't have healthcare, you're on your own. no, republicans want health savings account. too bad if you're a senior and can't pay for your prescriptions, he forgot about the bush prescription drug program. everything he said is not true. does he get away with this? >> where did the accent come from? he grew up in hawaii and all of a sudden he's a southerner. it's phony. in some way it's real. the president hasn't had a lot of exposure to the market. he's spent his entire life coastered away in elite
9:30 pm
institutions where nobody is worrying about the next paycheck. it's guaranteed. you can't get fired from government jobs or jobs in about deem yeah. he is suspicious o -- academia. he is suspicious of capitalism. we shouldn't be shocked. >> sean: kirsten, a good point that tucker is making here. we have come a long way from 2008. you know, optimistic rhetoric, hope an change. it will heal the planet. when he says the republicans want dirty air and water and republicans want kids with autism and down syndrome and the elderly fending for themselves, similar to what he said here. is that the same guy that people voted for in 2008? it doesn't sound like it. >> when he talks about the healthcare he is making a valid point. all the time i saw the republicans in control, including when they were in control -- >> sean: you don't have healthcare, too bad. >> and the house and -- i did not see them do anything about
9:31 pm
healthcare. suddenly serve interested in healthcare and they want to stop obama's plan. >> sean: not true. >> health savings account won't solve the problem in the country, sean. >> sean: go along way to improve the system in the country. it would guarantee that everybody had control over their doctors and destiny. and it would insenty vise people to get a checkup every year. >> and in terms of the autism and all that other stuff, you do know that republicans voting against mercury standards, right? they don't want mercury standards to protect the -- >> the republicans want kids with autism and down syndrome. >> why they are voting against it. ask them why catholic church has to lobby them so they would try to change their mind. that is what is going on. don't pretend like this isn't happening. >> tucker -- >> sean: there is no connection that has been established in the contrary to all the propaganda from the moronic hollywood celebrities between mercury and vaccines and autism to be clear.
9:32 pm
the president has a gap that says my opponent want old people to die. who are you kidding? is there an american who believes that? aren't we beyond it? talk to me like an adult. that's what obama promised when he ran for office. >> sean: the reason why he can't run on his record. he can't run on his record. >> of course not. >> that is the greatest weakness in his campaign. >> i don't agree he can't run on his record. the horror list you read about the economy doesn't jive. the economy is turning around. it's moving in the right direction. it's moving basically in the right direction. if you talk to anybody -- [ overtalk ] >> sean: worse than when he took office. >> if you talk to most economists and people who are -- >> sean: i do. >> on wall street, they will tell you that the economy is turning around. >> sean: no, they are not. >> very slowly. yes, they are.
9:33 pm
sorry. >> sean: i'm sorry, it's not. >> i'm sorry. >> sean: tell it to millions of people in poverty or people's whose homes are under water. >> ibefore the segment is over you'd like to talk about because you think bill ayers said something that means barack obama said it? >> sean: that's not what i'm saying. it's interesting he's attacking capitalism. isn't it interesting -- tucker spent time with bill ayers. >> why is he attacking anything. if the economy is turning around, and most economists in here, in the studio with me and they disagree. but let's just concede that that is true. why isn't he giving speeches on that topic? why isn't he continuing that? because he can't. that's why. >> sean: got to break. >> disappointed. >> sean: good to see you both. appreciate it. >> good to see you. >> sean: coming up we continue to do what the main stream media will not do. vet the president. our next installment of the real obama. look at how the white house is turning its back on one of our
9:34 pm
plis. much more. >> the bonds between the united states and israel are unbreakable. we have been unwavering. friendship with israel endured. >> security cooperations stronger than it has ever been. >> israel security is unshakable. unwavering. unbreakable. unshakable. >> commitment to the security of israel is rock-solid. man: 1939 -- my parents ran across an ad for a hot dog cart. my mother said, "well, maybe we ought to buy this hot dog cart and set it up someplace." so my parents went to bank of america. they met with the branch manager and they said, "look, we've got this little hot dog cart, and it's on a really good corner. let's see if we can buy the property." and the branch manager said, "all right, i will take a chance with the two of you." and we've been loyal to bank of america for the last 71 years.
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>> sean: time for the next installment of the real obama as we continue to vet the president. tonight we look at how this administration continuously disrespects and undermines america's long-standing ally israel. according to abc news, some israelis are accusing the white house of leaking extremely sensitive information to reporters to prevent israeli strike on iran. here is an example. foreign policy magazine repor reporting that israel gained
9:39 pm
access to several air bases in ager buy january that share shares -- azerbaijan. according to several sources, obama administration officials now believe the submerged aspect of the israeli azer by januarazerbaijan alliance, the security cooperation the two. there is a briefing today. listen to this. >> send you to the azerbijanis for what they may talk to israelis about. i don't have information to indicate reports out there have any basis in fact. >> this is not the first time our president have thrown our friends israel under the bus. not the last time either. join me now as vetting of president obama, host of "war stories" on the news channel.
9:40 pm
colonel oliver north. how are you? >> unprecedented access to sensitive material that someone gave to the press. and it can only come from the administration. what is happening here is a full court press that is political and ideological. there is a naive utopian hope that if you bring about palestinian, israeli peace accord, all the problems with jihad against us will go away. >> sean: why? this is very interesting, why it's -- he is basically telegraphed to the iranians -- >> the difference here. that is the political part, sean. everything they are doing is trying to keep obama out of trouble until november. make sure no attack is launched until after november. >> sean: that is what
9:41 pm
they're doing? survival of thing, colonel. >> this is do stennial threat to -- existential threat to israel. obama administration doesn't understand it doesn't make a difference if it's benjamin netanyahu. or barrack, labor right. no israeli prime minister can forget the words "never again." they must take whatever steps necessary to protect their country. >> sean: this is the same ahmadinejad that wants to wipe israel off the map and said he can imagine a world without america. what do you think netanyahu, the prime minister of israel is thinking, as he sees the president whispering secrets to the russians, you know, you got to tell vladimir, i got to get re-elected. i can handle this -- >> a little more space. a little more space. >> need more space. >> after the election. >> i can help you after the election. >> if you are an american ally this is a time boto be afraid, very afraid. this administration will do everything in the power to keep barack obama in office,
9:42 pm
after november to make sure that israel can't launch an attack on the urrainians. that is all the information coming out. foreign policy piece. bloomberg, abc. of course, the defense report that was leaked from capitol hill. all of it being done to prevent israel from launching an attack. >> sean: the iranians also said hey, now that egypt, the president was so wrong on the arab spring, and on the "rise of democracy," the muslim brotherhood now is in charge of parliament. they have said before the arab spring prepare for war with israel. delay declared israel -- and now we have more extremists in charge there. we're about to give them $1.5 billion taxpayer dollars. does it make sense here? >> it does if the only, if the only goal is to have barack obama survive this
9:43 pm
presidential election. it makes political sense. the ideology of the blissful hope that some kind of palestinian israeli peace accord will solve all of our problems. again, extraordinarily naive and utopian. >> sean: colonel north, good to see you. >> appreciate you. >> all right. let not your heart be troubled. when we come back, the great, great, great american panel is next. fiona here was just telline that ford dealers sell a new
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a simple way to make dinner fresh and new again. just stir it in. now it only takes a moment to make the moment. ♪ spread a little joy and see ♪ need a little happiness to be ♪ ♪ living the life >> sean: tonight our great american panel, radio talk show, michael gallagher is here. he the author of "god forsaken" and the president of king's college in manhattan, desu.a. a former reporter, and nbc "poker after dark" and model tv personality, leeann tweeden. we have talked off the air about the trayvon martin case.
9:48 pm
nbc editing the audio. taking out the question from dispatch. abc news says it doesn't have blood or injuries now everyone is back tracking. >> it's awful. just trying him in the public sphere. on either side. i think due process should be, you know, should play out. and let it go to the court. i mean, who knows better than the police that were there that night that didn't arrest him when this happened. >> sean: eyewitness. >> right. they had an eyewitness. i'm sure they have the full 9/1911 call. obviously they released him because they could not arrest him on what they had. i wish everyone would calm down. >> sean: trouch judgment by media and activists. >> of course. >> sean: i have been saying from day one don't rush to judgment. i got ridiculed for saying neighbor is a tragic misunderstanding. mind set of george zimmerman versus one of trayvon who might have thought he's being chased. >> tragic.
9:49 pm
>> the reason these things happen, when people look at facts they don't look at the facts of the case. bring assumptions, meta story. if your story is america is racist society you look at the facts and you basically see them through that lens. facts that don't if it you edit out. facts that do if it you traumatize. that is -- you dramatize. then the real facts come out and the story is shaken. >> facts don't purport with the narrative. the narrative is this guy chased around a young black man and shot him in cold blood. the trouble is as more facts get revealed it's not going to slow down al sharpton. he was born for this moment. he's excited to have these ral his and jesse jackson and the activists drumming people up in a frenzy. is it going to end badly. >> sean: what do you mean by that? >> because i believe zimmerman is going to wind up being charged with a -- >> sean: because of
9:50 pm
politics? >> absolutely! >> sean: because of the case? >> i don't think there is validity to the case. >> eyewitness said they saw trayvon beating up onton of him. pinned him down. injuries are consistent with the story of the eyewitness and zimmerman's story. >> funeral director said there were no visible injuries on trayvon's body but for the gunshot to suggest he wasn't being beaten on. >> sean: what do you say about the nbc news ,abc news, activists who that are news people? their handling of it? >> it's disappointing. as normal people we look to the news to give us the facts that you would hope present us with what is happening. that is disappointing on one end. people like spike lee who will incite the masses and have a following and take racial aspect of it, to incite -- people with k be incited when it comes to race and give out the address that where george zimmerman lived and that is okay. we let them get away -- i
9:51 pm
don't care that he apologized. the fact he did that in the first place, when is that okay? >> sean: your point is dead on. the environment was that he said this, while a bounty was out on the head of george zimmerman. >> $10,000. >> sean: dead or alive. >> wanted dead or alive. >> i think the story here, since obama's election he is sort of race peddlers of jesse jackson and al sharpton have been on a back burner. in a way, obama's election said publicly to the world america doesn't seem to be racist society. not just giving black a token job. putting him in charge. the guys have been sort of smoldering and waiting for an opportunity to prove the world wrong. the facts are that we're racist at our core. >> there is a fear to challenge president obama himself on this. he waded in on this and said trayvon would look like my son. here is a news flash. george zimmerman is someone's
9:52 pm
son. he has been tried and convicted without the benefit of a charge -- >> sean: congress jumped in this, too. hunted down like a rubber dog and executed. >> wearing hoodies on the floor. >> they keep talking about -- >> sean: a former black panther. >> they talk about george zimmerman as white american guy. he is more than half peruvian. but it doesn't fit their narrative against they call it black against white. >> brace yourself. this will end badly. if he is chargeed on a trumped up charge and acquited because there aren't facts to support it, hang on. >> you heard from faragon. we have a tradition, leeann tweeden throws us out. right there. in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder whaother questionable choices i've made?
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. all right, there is a guy, this guy is awful. liberal radio talk show host, and you know, we have scott walker and the lieutenant governor clayfish in wisconsin. here is what he said on the radio about the female lieutenant governor and a guest on this program, clayfish. listen to this. by the way, if you have kids, you may want to lower the volume.
9:57 pm
>> clayfish, i perform felation on talk shows in milwaukee. and i'm a commoner. i gotco lon got colon cancer. even though i have government healthcare, screw everyone else. >> i had heard at one point that kleefisch pulled -- [ inaudible ] that must have been a different story. let me tell you about the barbies that the republicans trot out. rebecca kleefisch. i hope your husband is sleeping with your best friend. i love that your kids have to hear about what eel things you're doing. i hope they have to hear it every day and i hope they come home right to you. because you are good looking, ants she is, you're cute and have a precocious daughter that you put in little jonbenet contest and a little jock son, come home, mommy,
9:58 pm
they say you're a witch. you are a witch. >> sean: a pitch. she has kids, cancer survivor. all of these sexual referenc references. where is media matters? >> that is disgusting individual right there. as a human being everyone should be mortifyed. >> sean: where the attacks on the advertisers and the media matters? >> exactly. >> take it back, and they don't believe him. this guy can go on a diatribe for minutes. talking about her having sex like gang bang and nobody steps up -- i done care if you are a republican, democrat, from mars or libertarian. that is disgusting as an individual. he must hate women and hate himself. >> it seems a littledy meanted. a line in othello where says the daily beauty in his life that makes me ugly. you get a sense of this guy is
9:59 pm
smoldering with hatred and resentment. where are the feminist groups? >> what able his own viewers and listeners? where are those people? >> i'm sensitive of men who make fun of women with cancer. >> sean: you lost your wife to cancer. >> i lost my mother. >> to hear another talk show host say that sickening. it's not about the talk show host or about bill maher. the collective yawn from the main stream media that doesn't hold them accountable. give them a giant pass. >> sean: obama takes money from bill maher. obama takes money, fundraising money from spike lee. >> why wouldn't obama speak out against bill maher? >> share his own base. >> bill maher has said nasty things about sarah palin, too. it's okay. >> sean: all right. that was the best throwing we had ever had -- >> i was going to say it's national autism acceptance month. >> sean: a shout to brigade of midshipment of the naval academy.


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