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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 3, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> it's tuesday morning. good morning, everyone. april 3rdrd. i'm gretchen carlson. guess what it is today, it's primary day again and mitt romney is half way home with the delegates needed for the republican nomination but candidate rick santorum says it's not over yet. >> i think this primary, the longer it goes the better it is for the party. >> plus spoiler alert! what president obama is doing today to steal the spotlight from the republicans. >> and president obama putting the pressure on the u.s. supreme court to rule in favor of his health care law. >> i'm confident that the supreme court will not take what would be an unprecedented extraordinary step. >> is he trying to intimidate those justices which was our scramble word today on the u.s.
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supreme court? does he know something about the way they're going to rule? could there have been a leak? we're going to talk about that. >> also a confession. mike on the prompter operator told me the word. ok? >> he did? >> he did, absolutely. it's the most amazing video you'll see all day. a truck driver escaping death and he figured out himself. moments before the vehicle plunges off a cliff. there he is. >> "fox & friends" skidding its way towards you now. >> cheaters never prosper, brian. >> i figured it out. said i think it's justices and i said i think you're right. >> it's like you guys are casually just sitting back looking at the word scramble, yeah, somebody answer it. i think it might be justices. i on purpose did not think -- here's my theory about the scramble thing we do. it's a lot easier to do it when
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you're not doing it. when you're not like looking at all the letters trying to make sense of it, it comes to you right away. when you're actually trying, you can't do it. >> by the way, i'd like to buy a vowel. >> i got an e-mail this morning, milton bradley wants to make it a board game now. they're going to call it scrabble. >> oh! i think i've heard of that! >> no, it's brand new. >> maybe you've heard of some of these headlines. hopefully some of them will be new to you this morning. this is a fox news alert. quiet christian college in oakland the city of california's deadliest campus attack. seven people were gunned down after a gunman opened fire inside a classroom. police say the 43-year-old juan elgo is the man reportedly behind the attacks. reports out this mortgage claim the former nursing student was facing deep financial problems. police say he acted alone but aren't sure of a motive. a memorial will be held tonight for the victims at a local church. f.b.i. questioning potential
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witnesses in the trayvon martin shooting. agency now confirming it's begun an investigation that focuses on whether the teen's civil rights were violated. agents are seeking information on alleged shooter george zimmerman's background and whether he was racially motivated when he pursued the 17-year-old. zimmerman has not yet been arrested. terrified shoppers sent running for their lives after a small plane spirals out of the sky crashing into this grocery store. it happened last night in the orlando, florida area. >> the airplane went over the top of us, just took off. and started sputtering and one of the engines had some flames popping out of it and it was popping sound going up. it sounds like he was trying to turn around and dropped straight out of the sky. >> at least five people were injured. two with burns. kentucky is celebrating its eighth national basketball title after beating kansas last night.
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fans of the wildcats getting way too wild after the win. here's video of one of the rowdy fans right there. you can see him climbing up the utility pole. scores of fans took to the streets minutes after the win. dozens of fans were arrested. one man was even shot. he is expected to be ok. numerous small fires are set and they had to break up several fights and those are your headlines. why do they have to ruin something good? why can't they just behave a little? >> because they involve college kids and beer. and quantities above. >> they too it when major league baseball teams win. >> also involving beer. >> and older college kids. >> or should have near beer. that would be close. >> that would be good. let's talk about what today is. another primary day. at the end of the day, we'll be done with 35 states. today it's going to be wisconsin, maryland and washington, d.c. it could in fact be according to the polls going in, a huge day for mitt romney who passed the
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halfway point in the delegate count. the goal is 1144. >> that's right. if we put up the delegate count as of this hour, you can see that romney has exactly half. he would need, mr. romney would, going forward to win about 42% of the outstanding contests. rick santorum will have to win about 75. >> 3 out of every 4 delegates have to go to him. >> that is big. and that's why in particularly in wisconsin this morning, people are waking up and the phone is ringing. it's those robocalls and what they found -->> i love them. >> i got one last night. >> really? >> i don't live in wisconsin but i got one in connecticut. >> that was me. i direct dialed you by mistake. >> my daughter handed it to me. she said i have no idea what this is. it's about the primary coming up in connecticut. >> you know how much those things cost? i read it this morning, they are so effective and cheaper than any piece of mail. a robocall costs a candidate or the super pac $0.03. >> ok.
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better than a piece of mail. the meantime, you remember how barack obama and hillary clinton took it almost to bitter end. at least to june last time around before we knew obama would be the candidate. rick santorum now banking on that analogy saying that that clinton-obama battle did not hurt the democrats in 2008 so he thinks it's good still for the republicans in 2012. >> didn't hurt them at all. it kept the democratic party engaged and i think this primary, the longer it goes, the better it is for the party. and people even said, going to convention would be dangerous. no. >> in lieu of saying hello, rick santorum said people are telling me when am i going to get out? the american people are getting bored with this process. if you look at voter turnout, it seemed to be picking up steam as the drama built with president obama now and senator hillary clinton then and then by june, there was a lot of pressure in
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may for hillary clinton to get out. i was -- i was all for this long process. but it does seem wherever you go, people just seem to be rolling their eyes saying when will this end? >> in particular, because it's gotten so bloody and in some cases very personal. >> newt gingrich was going after personally after governor romney and rick santorum always has. >> right after gingrich a few days before said he would support romney. >> you think he can't help himself or you think this is planned? >> i don't know. i don't know. this is politics for sure. speaking of politics, president obama is going to try to upstage the g.o.p. primaries today by giving another major speech. remember the last time there was a big primary day, he held a very rare press conference. now today, he's going to be talking -- it's an economic speech and he's going to be talking about fair tax. tax fairness. but it will be all -- >> he's done that. >> it will be all in the interpretation, though, as to how that will come out. if you recue the speech he did
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in kansas last year, it might be a little controversial. >> for him to go out and say it's time for the rich to pay their fair share again, couldn't he just tape the speech he's given the last 2 1/2 years? >> he could do that. the president was out in the rose garden yesterday and he took a shot at the supreme court and can you see what's going on with the drudge right now? did he get a leak? obama takes a shot at the court. the reason that drudge has got it there, on friday after they hearding oral arguments the supreme court took a preliminary vote so the people at the court have a basic idea of what side is going to win. next business day, there's the president of the united states and he's clearly taking a look at the justices who sit on america's highest court. listen. >> just remind the conservative commentators that for years what we've heard is the biggest problem on the bench was judicial activism or a lack of judicial restraint.
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that an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law. well, this is a good example. >> he's already shooting down the credibility of the supreme court again for the second time in two years. what does he mean, duly constituted law? that's the whole debate. is it constitutional? the mandate in particular? he claims it is for a while last -- the summer before he was elected, he says it wouldn't have been, he argued with hillary clinton about it so now he's hurting the credibility of the court before they even rule and if they do rule, he's going to say they're activists. >> he doesn't need a leak to know where the questioning was going. if you listen to the questions of the justices last week, you might be a little worried if you're the president about which direction they might head. but this is not the first time that he has called out these justices or admonished them for that matter. if you remember in 2010 during
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the state of the union speech, the supreme court justices sitting in the first two rows there and this is what happened. >> last week the supreme court reversed a century of law that i believe will open the floodgates for special interests including foreign corporations. to spend without limit in our election. >> you know, he's a former president of the harvard law review and he taught constitutional law at the university of chicago. you would think that he would understand the concept of judicial review. i mean, that was established by mawberry vs. madison in the early 1800's and ever since then, no serious legal scholar in 175 years has questioned whether or not the supreme court can throw out a law that is unconstitutional. >> not stefan marbury. >> no. >> he said it was an overwhelming majority that this law was passed.
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by 60 votes. >> 70% of the country is against it. >> had to do it overnight. in a house 219-212, that's an not overwhelming majority. >> brit hume was weighing in on this topic on the o'reilly factor last night. let's listen to this. >> all right, i'm barack obama, everybody, and brit hume is brit hume but 15 years ago. all right. go. >> you said today, sir, that it would be unprecedented for the supreme court to overturn your health care reform law. yet, would it not be equally unprecedented if not more so for congress under the commerce clause of the constitution to force people under penalty of a fine to buy a commercial product. >> well, no, because in 1792, george washington forced people to buy muskets. you remember that. you were alive back then. >> but sir -- >> you're interrupting the president, by the way. >> i'm just asking -- i'm just thinking of follow-up here. that wasn't under the commerce
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clause. can you cite anything under the commerce clause where such a thing has ever been done? >> if the commerce clause had been in effect, it would have been under it. that's all i can say, we're breaking new ground for the good of the american people. there are 20 million uninsured and these people will be dying in the streets unless obamacare is held up by the supreme court. >> perhaps, sir. can you identify a single supreme court case where an order has been given by the government to purchase a particular product and has been upheld by the supreme court? >> no, because this is, again, as i said, we're breaking new ground here. >> that was the lead-off segment last night on "o'reilly" and it was quite entertaining actually. he asked brit hume to pretend that he was former white house correspondent as he was for many years, ask the president the hardest questions he can regarding health care. >> only thing they need is the face masks that espn uses. they hold the popsicle mask and we have a true understanding of who they are. coming up next on our show, are we on the brink of a new war with north korea?
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alarming new images show they may be ready to launch a missile that's capable of hitting the u.s. we've seen this before. so what makes this time so different and disturbing? our next guest knows and will share. >> no, this is not a theme from an action movie. real life amazing escape caught on cam remarks -- camera, the most incredible video you'll see all day. we make meeting times, lunch times and conference times. but wha'd rather making are t times. tee times are the official start of what we love to do. the time for shots we'd rather forget, and the ones we'll talk about forever. in michigan long days, relaxing weather and more than 800 pristine coursesmake for the perct tee time.
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that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. >> the united states is activating its global missile shield for after these alarming new images have emerged from north korea. these satellite images that we share with you right now appears to show that the north koreans are ramping up efforts to launch a long range rocket in just a few weeks.
6:17 am
the pentagon recently activated its global missile shield in anticipation of this. so are we one step closer to war? joining us right now with more is the former director of asian affairs at the national security council, author of this book "the impossible state." guess who is he's talking about. you got it. welcome. >> thank you. >> victor, we've heard this so many times before, why should we be more concerned now? >> i think the main thing is that this test, if it's successful, could demonstrate a long-range ballistic missile capability in which north could possibly reach the united states. that's something we've never seen before. no other country except russia and china can do that right now. >> at a time they want our food aid, why would they be so provocative? >> a couple of reasons. one, they have a new leadership. new guy is 28 years old and he needs to set himself up and this is a big display of force that would help him to do that and it's worth more than a little bit of food aid we were going to give them. >> and on the other side, too, to add to the tension, south korea was humiliated a year ago
6:18 am
when they out of nowhere had their island blew up and did nothing. what about the political pressure from the south to act if the north does something again? >> i think there's a lot of pressure on them. the south koreans did not respond because they don't want an escalation of hostilities on the peninsula. they feel like a kid that's been sucker punched in the schoolyard and ready to respond to the next provocation. >> ballistic missile is shot up and satellite is put in place. you don't think about the satellite. you think about what the ballistic missile can do if it's pointed in that direction. >> that's right. it's technology to launch this thing into orbit is what we're concerned about. they've tried it before under the guise of a satellite launch and have been unsuccessful. these tests always improve on technology so my concern is this time they may actually be successful. >> what i don't understand is when this 28-year-old takes over, one of the first things he did, he said i'm going to stop
6:19 am
enriching uranium. why is it ok to walk back that and become the same beligerent state they have over the last few decades? >> part of is domestic politics, the leader needs to establish himself. they may want to negotiate at times but in the end, they're just renting their programs. what they really want to do is become a nuclear weapons state with ballistic missiles. >> what i don't understand is if china is basically feeding that entire country, how could they allow this to happen? if they didn't want it to happen, would they be doing it? >> really good question. i think the answer is that basically china has concerns that they cut off the north, it could collapse and if it collapses, you have a unified korea that's a military ally of the united states directly on china's border. >> do you have a sense that our military shield could prevent a ballistic missile from hitting alaska or any west coast city? >> tough question to chance. we have the capacity to track these missiles. they've never been tested in the actual incident. they certainly succeed in testing. >> we'll have you back within
6:20 am
the next two weeks hopefully to talk about this as it gets closer and closer to would be launch. thanks so much for coming down. >> my pleasure. >> straight ahead on our rundown, al-qaida planning another attack in new york, the picture tipping off to police what the terror group is plotting next. then is god real? our next guest says he's got proof that he is. so how does he explain all the evil in the world? he has an answer for that, too. ♪[music pys] ♪[music plays]
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>> the first of the planes takes off today. philadelphia trying to crack down on very serious issue, they will have e lanes meant for walking and texting. a pedestrian is hit by a car every four hours. that's an incredible record. steve? >> no kidding. you may remember this scene from the disaster movie "the day after tomorrow." >> come on! >> of course, that scene is out of a hollywood movie, but when bad things happen in real life, things like earthquakes or tsunamis, many wonder why god would create such disasters. is he really capable of creating evil? he's supposed to be great. >> our next guest says yes, but it's all part of his plan. he is the author of the new book
6:25 am
"god forsaken" and he's our guest this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> this seems to be the number one question that people grapple with. they might be a person of faith but ask that question, why would god if he's so good evoke evil on some people. >> right. and when you look at evil and suffering, you have to divide them into two camps. there's moral evil. moral evil is the bad stuff that human beings do. serial killer, the holocaust. and then there's natural suffering. natural suffering we refer to earthquakes or tsunamis or like the scene in the films. even disease, parkinson's disease, cancer and i think you have to look at those two things differently because moral evil is the result of free will. human action. people do bad things because when we have free will, we can use it well or we can use it badly. >> uh-huh. >> the more difficult question has been to explain natural suffering. why did good design the earth, the world in this way? and interestingly, that's the
6:26 am
question that's being answered now by modern science. modern science gives us a nuance to an old question by showing, for example, what is the role that earthquakes and tsunamis play in the ecosystem of the planet? so what this book does is draws on modern science to attempted to answer a very old philosophical or theological question. >> as we look at the video from japan with the tsunami and the earthquake as well, use science and use history to explain that. >> right. so, you know, 200 years ago, you couldn't answer this question. it looked like earthquakes were sort of like completely unnecessary thing and you could get rid of them and go about life as usual. today, if you ask any geologist, they'll tell you that the reason that we have earthquakes is underneath the earth and underneath the ocean floor are these giant plates. now, one of the things that plate tetonics does is it separates the land from the water. we live on a planet that's 2/3 water and if nothing were to separate the two, all of the
6:27 am
land on the earth would be covered by water to adapt to 400 feet. good for the fish. not good for you, steve. not good for me. so earthquakes have a function. they help to promote biodiversity. they protect the earth in many different ways. >> i know that one of the other tough things that people would grapple with is if they lose a child too young or they wonder why did my mom get cancer and you actually had a personal friend come to you who had lost a child and that sparked this book, right? >> yeah, it was that and that struck me as very moving and you always ask the question why. i also debate a lot of leading atheists and i realize this is a big weapon for them. a lot of them are not real atheists, it's not that they don't believe in god. they're angry with god. and as i think about it, it occurred to me a lot of us who are believers, we're wounded, too. when something happens to us, we say god, come on, what the heck? why do you do this to me?
6:28 am
i'm supposed to be on your side. this problem is common to the atheists and the believers. it's a universal subject. >> so for those who want proof, you offer some in your new book called once again "god forsaken" bad things happen, is there a god who cares? yes, here's proof. all right. always a pleasure. >> thank you very much. >> mind readers just part of a big government party in vegas. guess who paid for it? you did. now you get paid back. stu varney says it's not enough. >> this is not a scene from some action movie. this is a real life amazing escape caught on camera. it is the most incredible video that the guy right there escaping from the truck. his story is straight ahead. >> and think your life is tough? try pitching one of the most dramatic no-hitters in major league history with only one hand. baseball star jim abbott here with an amazing story of overcoming the odds and how he's an inspiration to so many others. >> happy birthday to "fox &
6:29 am
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>> going fishing. >> have you seen this before? a woman makes rainbows with a nine gauge shotgun. that's foreign to me. do you have any idea what creates the rainbow? >> she's kicking up the water and the sun is behind her. it naturally forms that corona of color. >> hey, y'all. have you ever seen anybody make a rainbow? >> no. >> we haven't until now. >> fantastic. >> that's pretty good. >> more proof there is a good. a rainbow from a shotgun all in the same half-hour. all right. 27 minutes before the top of the hour. more headlines now, put your gun away. authorities are now investigating disturbing image which threatens that al-qaida will make a return to new york. this is a picture of a taunt. you can see it almost -- it looks like a poster for an upcoming movie. it was found yesterday on a series of web sites that focus on terrorist attacks.
6:34 am
the nypd and f.b.i. say no known threat yet but they are determined -- they are yet to determine where the graphics came from and who was behind it. >> president obama losing two of his biggest supporters from the campaign trail. oprah winfrey and secretary of state hillary clinton say they will not complain for him this -- campaign for him this year. hillary clinton has no plans to run for president in 2016. that's not stopping top democrats from leaving the door open for hillary. >> if she changes her mind and decides to run, i'll be happy. but i don't think that's light years away. >> i would love to see a secretary clinton become the nominee for president in 2016. >> former president clinton says, rather, hillary clinton says she's going to step down as secretary of state after the november election. then who knows? >> well, fans getting a glimpse of the haunting big screen performance that would be whitney houston's tragic last.
6:35 am
>> make you wanna dance. >> get it! >> like that, you bring home some kid you can't see. >> the movie "sparkle" marking houston's first return to acting in 16 years. the remake of the 1976 supremes inspired flick set to hit theaters in august. her mother speaking out to the public for the first time since her daughter's death. >> i'm very proud of my daughter. she's accomplished a great deal in a short time that she's had here. i'm proud of her for a lot of things. she was a very wonderful person. >> cocaine use and heart disease led to whitney's accidental drowning in february. she was only 48. >> incredible escape from death you'd have to see to believe and you can because it's all caught on camera. watch this. the driver jumps out of the tow truck and managed to jump out just in time as the truck was pulled over a cliff. it happened in norway and was caught by a driver passing by.
6:36 am
the driver survives unscathed but there was someone in the vehicle being towed. they suffered several broken bones from the fall. >> oh, my gosh! >> all right. speaking of broken, a thief was broken hearted and he's showing us his backside as a result. >> there's a price to pay for losing the ncaa championship especially if you're a jayhawk. he does sports, go ahead, steve, do my job! >> that's a penalty. >> torture me. >> i'm exhausted. let steve do it. >> nonetheless, i am wearing my kansas jayhawks tie today. kentucky, ladies and gentlemen, has won its eighth national basketball title. congratulations. the wildcats beat the kansas jay hawks last night 67-59. it is their first national title since 1998. kentucky which was the overall top seed in the tourney led the game wire to wire. it is the first title for coach
6:37 am
john caliparri. he says he's happy the talk of not winning a title can finally stop for his sake and the sake of his players. >> i'm glad it's done. now i can get about my business of coaching basketball and get these players be the best that they can be and helping young people, you know, create better lives for themselves and their families and also help them prepare for life after basketball. >> it was mr. caliparri's fourth trip to the final four. congratulations to kentucky, there's always next year, jay hawks. all right, meanwhile, since i was tortured with the sports, now i'm going to torture brian by making him stand in front of the weather wall. >> absolutely, steve, this is a privilege i think that people of america need to know of, that i can do the weather, too, right there. that's our country. but i'm going to need an assistant. come up here, how many people want to see gretchen naked? let's see this happen. watch gretchen in front of the green screen. she becomes invisible. finally!
6:38 am
the ghost in 1968. >> come on, you're supposed to be doing the weather. >> ok, here you go. >> stand here. >> you'll hit the green button when we switch. right there, you're looking at the united states of america and boy, it paints a grim sight and looks in the middle of the country, run for your lives. run to the east and run to the west, you won't be able to survive. let's move on to another map. not this one. >> why not? >> you know what this means? this means -- >> exactly! up there a little bit colder right in the middle, you don't want to go there. i told you whaet happening one more time. >> ok, here we go. >> there you go. >> today's high. today's highs expect that as soon as it hits the high, please call steve. so we can know that we hit the high and he's got one other thing right today. do we have anything else to show them? hit a button. >> tomorrow's highs. >> tomorrow's highs. wow, this is going to be something. exactly like today except for two states and that's all we got! hit the button one more time. >> you were horrible.
6:39 am
>> that was -- >> all right. see you later. >> good job. >> gretchen, you did great! >> come on over here, look who is here, stuart varney. we're talking about this. luxury suites, mind readers and commemorative coins. sounds like a great time, right? well, it was but it costs taxpayers $835,000 to throw that party for about 300 government employees. now the woman in charge losing her job, stuart varney details, what happened? what genius said let's spend close to a million dollars in vegas on the government's dime? >> i don't know which individual genius did this but there's a lot of people paying the price because the general services administration has been locked off at the top. the administrator, martha johnson is gone. two top deputies gone. four other aides gone. look, this is a clear example of government waste, excess on your dime in las vegas and you got to pay. >> it's that mindset of it's not my money.
6:40 am
when it's not your money, you just have -- >> who's gonna know? >> look, i think it goes deeper than that and shows you how government works. martha johnson was an executive recruiter for ben & jerry's, the ice cream company, very known people on the left. you go to work for a leftist organization and you make your way through washington and you're politically appointed to a top job on the basis of your politics. you're running the gsa because of your politics, not your ability. that's why you end up with this kind of expensive on the taxpayer dime junketing. >> i'll give you another caveat so this story. had people like fox news not highlighted this story, nothing probably would have ever been done about it because then there was an investigation after the fact and you have to couple that with now we're actually paying attention to government waste because we have this spiralling out of control debt. >> have a look at some of the waste we're talking about here. how about 147,000 dollars in expenses for six planning trips.
6:41 am
i know something about the conference organizing. you don't need six planning trips to go out to las vegas and back to figure out which hotel you're going to stay in. $3,200 for mind reader. $6,000 for commemorative coins. what do you need commemorative coins for? >> to remember the boondoggle! >> it's a training trip and the top, $75,000, a team building exercise where you go out there and you build a bike. get the team together! >> you have to figure this is probably the tip of the iceberg. if we've heard about this one, there's probably others out there, right? >> i'm not going to make any kind of speculation. >> i am. i'm going to make speculation there's government waste all over the place! >> we borrowed all this money from china to pay for that. >> it's government style as bad as the bankers and their junketing but this time it's on your dime. you paid for this! >> stuart varney, coming up, we'll probably have more on this government waste story at 9:20 eastern time on "varney &
6:42 am
company" on the fox business network. >> do you need brian and gretch to come help you with weather? >> i'd like another weather forecast like that one. >> might have to change my dress, though. unless you'd like me nude for a second time around. >> no comment. >> this is one of the first stops for presidential candidates. what is new jersey governor chris christie doing in israel? >> how about these stats? 1 in 100 high school baseball players will make it to the major leagues. now try doing it with only one hand. our next guest did it. pitcher jim abbott joins us with this incredible story in just two minutes. not only did he do it, he pitched a no-hitter. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style.
6:43 am
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>> some quick headlines for you on this tuesday morning. new jersey governor chris christie visiting jerusalem's western wall stopping to pray at one of the city's holiest sites. the republican governor met with the prime minister benjamin netanyahu. later today, he meets with israeli prime minister shimon perez. the trip sparking speculation that mr. christie is looking toward a higher office. and the key to extending the life of tulips, whiskey! warm weather has sped up the blooming process in pella, iowa, so in order to slow down the tulips ahead of the state's big tulip festival next month, a farmer began spraying the tulips with diluted jack daniels whiskey. not clear how he noticed it slows down the blooming but it has now caught on among other farmers. in the spring, we plant. all right, outside we go to gretch and brian. >> thanks a lot. playing professional baseball is
6:47 am
incredibly difficult even with two hands. imagine making it to the major league with one and being a pitcher. >> that's part of the extraordinary story of pitching icon jim abbott. he was born without a right hand but despite the deformity, he went on to play in the majors for a decade and achieving what many consider to be the impossible. >> and now he's sharing his journey in a new book called "imperfect, an improbable life" and jim abbott is our guest today. it's great to see him. brian, my husband was roommates with jim abbott at the university of michigan. they played on the baseball team together. you were a freshman and he was a senior. i won't take any responsibility for what happened. >> you should because he was great to me. casey was a wonderful teammate and one of my great affiliations in life at the university of michigan. >> he says the same about you. >> i was fascinated to find out what it was like growing up as jim abbott. in the beginning, they have to find out what's wrong with my son's arm and see if we can help him and get a prosthetic and at the age of 5, something happened that changed your focus and your parents' focus on you and your disability. >> well, you know what, my parents were young when they had me and the book is a lot about
6:48 am
their courage and their strength and obviously, when you have a child who is born differently, you're going to look for solutions. you're going to look for ways to help them. but after looking around, looking at different options, different prosthetics, different things, you know, the focus became hey, let's focus on what we've been given. let's focus on the left hand instead of the right and really from then on out, i felt blessed and felt like more had been given me than was ever taken away. >> so they introduced you to baseball. and they also, well, they were not necessarily easy on you, right? they made you go out there and fight your own battles. >> they didn't coddle me. you know, and i'm a parent now and i look to them for inspiration. i try to treat my children in the same way and my wife and i believe in that. and they weren't hard on me. if i came home after someone had teased me or taunted, they pushed me right back out on the playground. but it was -- they made me feel special without treating me special. >> now, you go out and you become -- do the impossible. you make the national teams and
6:49 am
fidel castro is someone who wanted to meet you and lauded you. you make it to the major leagues. you made it to the yankees. you're struggling except for one time as you chronicle in your book, you pitch a no-hitter. can you relive that moment? >> i'd love to. it was one of the great ones. it comes so far out of the blue and, you know, time before i pitched against the cleveland indians and got absolutely crushed. i was knocked out of the game in two innings and then five days later, pitch against the same team. i'll never forget matt nokes behind the plate giving me those signs and nine innings later, you're live the dream and you can't believe such great highlights come so soon after a struggle. >> can you show us how you switch from left to right hand with your mit. >> i'll throw you a ball. >> try to do it at human's speed. throw you the ball? >> i catch it, i turn it. this is the same thing i did with my dad from the first time i played catch. catch it, cradle it, pull it out and be ready.
6:50 am
>> you can play first, you can play third and you can play outfield but most of all you can pitch. >> "imperfect" is the name of the book and great message and great story. congratulations on everything. >> thank you, guys. >> thanks for being an inspiration to so many other young people. >> thanks. >> president obama slamming the supreme court justices for even considering overturning obamacare. did the former law professor forget about something called judicial review? our own judge here with some facts the president should know. coming up next. >> plus remember this woman, that sexy russian spy has new information this morning about how close anna got to the white house. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing
6:51 am
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>> it was an interesting day at the white house yesterday. president obama commenting on the health care overhaul for the first time sips the supreme court took up his case. the president stood up for his law saying if it was overturned it would be considered judicial activism. >> just remind conservative commentators that for years what we've heard is the biggest problem on the bench was judicial activism or a lack of judicial restraints. that an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law. well, this is a good example. >> he's calling the supreme court an unelected group of
6:55 am
people? judge andrew napolitano joins us live. what was he doing yesterday? >> we were scratching our heads when we were watching this and had it played over and over again because this is a graduate of harvard law school, the head of the harvard law review and he taught constitutional law review at the university of chicago. two of the best law schools in the country and he's rejecting a basic premise of american law that's not been seriously questioned in 175 years which is this. the courts have the right to review what the congress does and what the president does and if the court finds that behavior unconstitutional, they can void, they can invalidate what the congress and the president does. that's our system. that's what preserves the constitution against the tyranny of the majority. no president has questioned this since andrew jackson! >> could he possibly have been saying look, if this is -- if this is not upheld, the ruling would be illegitimate and i'm really kind of talking to
6:56 am
justice kennedy over there who is probably a swing vote. you have three months. i vote you say it's ok. >> that's why we have a life tenured independent judiciary so that it cannot be brought by politicians no matter how well they may be. if this is upheld, the president can say look, even a court appointed by a republican president upheld this but for him to question the power and ability and authority of the court to review it and to decide if it's unconstitutional is incomprehensible. >> kind of looks like he's declared war on the supreme court. >> kind of looks like he's desperate. >> ok. he's a judge. it's his opinion! judge, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you, steve. >> put down the candy, the sugar just like drugs? they say new information says it's not just fattening. sugar is toxic and the woman accused of stealing a winning mega millions ticket from her office pool now accused of something else. her story is straight ahead.
6:57 am
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>> very good morning to you. it's tuesday, april 3rdrd. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us today. new details on the suspect of a horrendous school shooting in california. seven people have died. we're live with the very latest for you. >> president obama slamming the supreme court justices for even considering overturning obamacare. is he trying to intimidate them? we're going to report and you're going to decide. >> meanwhile, remember this woman right here? >> brian does. >> that magazine is on his coffee table at home. that sexy russian spy busted living in the united states. shocking new information out this morning about just how close she might have gotten to the white house. now, that's a tease. "fox & friends" hour two for tuesday starts right now.
7:01 am
> >> which story is the favorite of the day amongst the men on the couch? the anna chapman "maxim" photo in lingerie or being able to ride in this high-tech airplane that could get them to and from work at the early hours of the morning? >> this is something that i have always dreamed of, it's a flying car, ladies and gentlemen. you can actually buy that thing. we're going to tell you how much of a deposit you have to put down. how it takes off. we'll move it around a little bit coming up. >> really? and also, do you hear the music in the background? that's kiss. does that have any relevance to today's show? >> gene simmons is going to be joining us a little later. >> now it makes sense! >> there you go. we have shannen doherty and a whole bunch of other stuff.
7:02 am
>> mitt romney, exactly. big, big, big show! >> and we end the show with randy jackson. >> from "american idol"? >> the same guy. >> holy cow. >> looking forward to that. we have to begin with a fox news alert this morning. we have new details about the suspect in that shooting rampage at california university that left seven people dead and joining us now with the very latest on the couch is jamie col colby. >> great to with be you, guys. this one is a sad one. the students, there were deaths and they have a student in custody in connection with the deadly shooting at the university in oakland, california. authorities are saying the 43-year-old is the suspect reportedly behind the attack. there are new reports that show the former student at the university was facing deep financial problems and we've also learned that his mother and brother both died in the past year. police believe he acted alone and they still aren't sure of any motive but one thing is confirmed. seven people died. three more were hurt. thankfully not with life threatening injuries. the witnesses that saw the scene
7:03 am
saying they saw the gunman calmly spraying bullets around a classroom and then continuing his attack throughout the building. >> it's so hard to remember the thing that he has started to do, unforgettable. just praying for the gods to save us today. >> so i heard a gunshot sound, a gunshot like five or six like that. and after that, a woman screamed. and then my teacher, he went outside and checked and then she heard like somebody has a gun. run! >> yeah, oakland's mayor says most of the victims appear to be from the city's korean-american community. and city leaders are now trying to find multilingual counselors to support the survivors as they search for answers. >> it's a kind of pain and situation that we won't understand totally. immediately. but that will leave the
7:04 am
community asking questions for a long time. >> they do have a lot of questions and not a lot of answers. it's not clear why the suspect left that school in the first place. there are some reports that suggest he either dropped or would have been expelled. then they're going to have a memorial, it will be held tonight for the victims. it will be at a local church and without a doubt, it will be a very somber ceremony. our hearts go out to them. >> so senseless. thank you. >> sure. today it's a tuesday and another primary day in wisconsin where they'll have winner take all and in maryland and in the district of columbia and if the polls are a predicate, it looks like mitt romney could have a very good day. >> we don't tell you what the recent polls are on the day that you're actually going to vote. >> we tell you if you guess and you're getting warmer. >> you know, it's because it is election day. but here's an important fact that is that romney could meet the official half way mark of the nomination by the delegate count. he's met that right now. he could surpass that if he wins
7:05 am
the three contests later on today. >> it's amazing, too, because rick santorum, pennsylvania is close to maryland. you think he'd have a real shot there but he doesn't. he didn't show up and you talked to him yesterday, the former governor there. he was like mitt romney and he was a conservative governor in a very liberal state so he was forced to really appeal to moderates as well so he -- it's logical that mitt romney would do well and then you look at wisconsin, mitt romney is under a bit of pressure. he's taken the lead after trailing in double digits but he has paul ryan and ron johnson. if he doesn't win by a good margin, people are going to say what else do you need? because you have momentum and you have some rock stars. >> when you look at the total number of delegates right now with romney at half and santorum would have to win 75% to 76% of all the outstanding delegates, that's an uphill battle. last night, brit hume was on "the special report" program. and he recently bumped into mr. santorum and had this observation about why he does not drop out right now.
7:06 am
>> when i saw him here at fox the other day, he seemed more alive than i've ever seen him. his face was radiant and while he may have been exhausted, he was clearly also exhilarated. no use saying to him, buddy, you may have gone farther than anyone thought you could but it's time to quit. to say that is fail to recognize a core truth about politics. money may be the proverbial mother's milk but there's an ingredient at least as important and that's emotion. as long as the crowds still clear and there's still a chance, santorum is in no danger of running out of that. >> there's two important points. he came out of nowhere. he had no money and lost a landmark battle in his own home state of pennsylvania where he was not re-elected senator and he basically, you know, came at this and now he's in the lead. why would he quit? i think one of the turning points for him in this exhilaration that brit hume was talking about was a couple of weeks ago when he took on "the new york times" reporter. and, you know, he was very
7:07 am
effervescent and it seemed like a re-energized part of his campaign. whether it will go anywhere, it's up to the voters. i know what brit hume is talking about. >> i agree with you. here's the difference. i think rick santorum has to pull a huckabee. governor huckabee stayed in the race when he didn't think he could win, he talked about himself and talked about the issues and the country. that's where senator santorum could pivot and maintain and retain all the credibility he has with the republican party now. everything that he's built up on his own and to continue that narrative if he stays in and sounds like somebody who wants to take mitt romney down and almost as if he is a spoilsport, i think it would be counterproductive and would work against everything he's accomplished at this moment. >> make it bigger. make it more about november. meanwhile, something -- the number one thing that the president of the united states has accomplished during his first term has been passing health care legislation. of course, right now, it's before the supreme court. yesterday, when he had the prime minister of canada and the president of mexico at his side in the rose garden, the president of the united states essentially took a shot at the
7:08 am
supreme court. some depicted it as he declared war on the supreme court saying essentially that if they overturned his rule of law, that would be illegitimate. listen. >> remind conservative commentators that for years, what we've heard is the biggest problem on the bench was judicial activism or a lack of judicial restraint. that an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law. well, there's a good example. >> it's interesting because he has also taken on the supreme court during the state of the union message in 2010 when they were sitting right in front of him. and some people would argue that it was activism to pass this health care bill because it was only democrats who voted for it and the public was pretty much against it, if you recall all those town hall meetings so was that a form of -- i guess the
7:09 am
difference, according to the president is members of congress are elected and justices are not. >> he acts like they're an adjunct group of people put together at the last moment. yeah, they're elected much that's how the constitution is set up. >> they're co-equal branch of government. >> if they vote in a way that they rule is unconstitutional, that stands. for the most part, that hasn't been challenged but the president challenges the validity of the supreme court as a constitutional professor. i find this staggering. >> you're not the only one. so the president said, you know, if they strike it down as illegal, that would be judicial activism. mitt romney was asked that last night on the greta program. >> isn't this wonderful? to finally have a liberal talking about judicial activism. maybe we can come together on this. we've been concerned about judicial activism for years and years and years. what the president is complaining about, however, is if the supreme court might actually apply the constitution to the bill that he passed.
7:10 am
and the whole purpose of the supreme court is to make sure that congress does not pass laws that are in violation of the constitution. and so judicial activism is not following the constitution. judicial activism is deporting from the constitution which is what they too often have done on issue after issue. i applaud the fact that the supreme court looks to be taking the responsibility of following the constitution seriously. >> novel idea. >> get more of mitt romney's thoughts when he joins us at 8:40 a.m. eastern time today. now for the rest of your headlines and we start with the fox news alert. he is now one of america's most wanted. the u.s. offering a $10 million bounty for the founder of the pakistani terror group that's accused of the 2088 mumbai attacks that killed 166 people. the award going to anybody who captures him or gives information leading to his arrest. divers in alaska believe they've recovered the body of a missing
7:11 am
barista found dead in a lake. the 18-year-old from anchorage, you might remember this story, she vanished back in february. she was last seen on video being led away from her coffee stand by a man with a gun. last month, they arrested a 34-year-old who is described as a main player in the case and is being held on unrelated fraud charges. mega winner or mega liar? she originally claimed she was one of the big mega millions jackpot winners but when reporters started asking questions, she started to back track on her story. this interview just in to fox news. >> i don't know what's going on. >> wilson claims she bought tickets for her co-workers but the winning one she claimed that that was one she had bought independently for herself. whether or not she's telling the truth and whether or not she's actually the winner, that's still up in the air. lotto officials say wilson hasn't shown them a thing.
7:12 am
and those are your headlines this morning. >> all right. we told you about that -- remember a couple of years ago the russian spies that were unearthed and everybody kind of laughed and thought it was one of those things. isn't that cute that she's so hot and what do the russians want from us anyway? they're not dangerous or subversive people. they're just spies. let's let her go. even the president was pushing aside the significance of this spy arrest and everybody wondered was it because the russians were coming to visit or trying to embarrass the president? was the f.b.i. doing that? not at all. >> no. >> there's a new bbc documentary out that says that the u.s. feds thought that in particular anna chapman pictured right there was trying to seduce a member of president obama's cabinet. apparently, she got really close enough to the inner sanctum of power that it made the government nervous. here's a quotation from the f.b.i. they said they were getting close enough to a sitting u.s. cabinet member that they thought we could no longer allow this to continue. >> who was it do we know?
7:13 am
>> don't know who it is. >> the plot thickens. >> but i've always been outraged by the fact that everyone made that spy ring a joke. i could not believe we allowed them to be here 15, 20 years and never asked any questions. we never got any conclusions. which takes a magazine story two years later to give us some type of indication. >> and there -- >> not that one. >> it's not that one, no. that's very revealing about something else. >> who do you think it was? who was it in the cabinet that she had her eyes on? e-mail us, just curious. we don't know. we're curious who you think it might be. friends at >> coming up next, a teachers union boss pushing back against the unions. yep, how he plans to put the onus back on teachers to help our children learn. >> talent runs deep in sandra bullock's family. her sister making a name for herself. we have her on the couch straight ahead. [ male announcer ] this is genco services --
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7:17 am
>> teachers unions often face criticism these days for blocking much needed school reform and protecting bad teachers. but one teachers union in montgomery county, maryland, is turning the tide. their member review system and close relationships with school administrators puts students first and make school reform a top priority. joining us right now is the vice president of montgomery county education association, chris lloyd. chris? how did this come to be? unions and districts working together? >> well, we really started this, brian, about 10 years ago. we really thought that teaching matters and that teacher quality matters and to be honest, we think that teacher quality is union work because if you really want to help kids learn, you've
7:18 am
got to collaborate to make sure that happens because kids are first. >> but how did you get the mesh to happen? how did you realize that you put your hand out to the district and they return it and say let's work on this together. who made the initial step? >> well, we did initially as teachers, we made the initial step to the superintendent. and said hey, we're interested in looking at a new way that we could look at teacher quality and new way of teacher evaluation and a new way of professional growth. >> we're actually the ones that brought that. >> some teachers, i understand, were not for this. they wanted the traditional setup, correct? >> yeah. sometimes what -- you know, you have to help members see that in actuality, if you do this, you actually will improve the profession and if we're all about learning, then we all get better at what we do. >> what indication do you have that this is working? >> well, we know that in montgomery county, for instance, we've been able to both raise the bar for student achievement as well as close the racial achievement gap and we're actually one of the top systems in the country to be able to do
7:19 am
that. we think our growth system does that. >> here's your peer assistance in review. struggling teachers are paired with mentors and given people rather than just fired. those who fail to show progress after a year can be fired. their cases are overseen by a committee of, get this, teachers, administrators since 2001. together they're doing it. the process has led to dismissal of 245 teachers and the resignation of 300. i guess traditional unions might not be happy with that stat. >> i don't know if they are or not but the other stat that's really powerful, brian, is that over half of our teachers right now have been through peer systems in review and because as a new teacher you're assigned to a consultant teacher so we have tremendous growth and tremendous -- we have just a great work force that's doing great things with kids. >> and i'll tell you what, if they mirror your enthusiasm, i think those kids are really better off and they make between $46,000 and $146,000. hopefully this will be an example for other districts and other unions. chris lloyd, thanks so much.
7:20 am
>> thank you, brian. have a great day! >> you, too. meanwhile, straight ahead on this show, government unsealing some historic documents on president ronald reagan. you'll see them next and put down the candy! sugar just like drugs, i tell you, new information says it's not just fattening. it will kill you! dr. sumadi here. he's very much alive. back in a moment. in my line of work, it's not uncommon for the term "hero" to be bandied about.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
>> news by the numbers now. the census edition. 21 million, that's how many people are still alive that were counted in the 1940's census. records released today paint the picture of a life transformed by the great depression. next $135 a month. according to the newly released census data, that's how much actor and future president ronald reagan paid for rent with his first wife, actress jane wyman and finally $750,000, that according to a historian is the actual number of people -- of how people died in the civil war. this is up from what was believed to be the toll for over 100 years. that being 618,222. steve, gretch? >> thank you, brian. how could something so sweet be so bad for you? surprising new study says consuming high levels of sugar can be not only toxic but can also be as addictive as cocaine! >> dr. david sumadi, chief of robotics at mount sinai school
7:25 am
of medicine and part of our medical a team will tackle this topic today. >> good morning. >> do you agree with the comparison between cocaine addiction and sugar addiction? >> gretchen, for years, we knew that sugar was a problem. and, of course, now by giving it -- i'm putting them in the same class as cocaine or smoking or alcohol, it will get the kind of media attention that it deserves and now we're talking about it so it is working. the truth is that, you know, we've been talking about all these diseases as a fragment, we talked about diabetes, talk about heart disease, talk about stroke but really, they're all part of the same thing including cancer and they should think of them all as one big family. why? when you take a lot of sugar, your liver starts to consume some of them but it can't catch up with all the sodas and processed foods and bread and all these other sources of sugar. what happens to that extra sugar? it's going to become like fatty tissues. waste around our stomach. something called metabolic syndrome which is not good for heart. some of the fats getting to the
7:26 am
bloodstream and causes cholesterol plaques that eventually becomes heart attack. >> related to sugar, too? >> it's all part of the same system. what's happened now is we're realizing increasing insulin which is a reaction to the sugar it can cause stimulation of the cancer cells and this week, there's some studies coming out about the use of it forming against prostate cancer so it really -- the whole picture is coming together now and the common source is this sugar. why are they comparing it to cocaine? a lot of times people see that on mri studies when you consume a lot of sugar or sodas, your brain starts -- the reward center of it starts to react to it. that can become addictive and you build tolerance. so over time, you need more sugar to really satisfy your craving. >> i'm hooked! >> all right. there's also another study coming out and this is a fascinating thing that they're now thinking that obesity in pregnancy can lead the fetus and the eventual baby to also, then,
7:27 am
grapple with obesity. right? >> yes, it actually follows exactly what we talked about. unfortunately, when 15% of pregnant women are obese, which means that a lot of their sugar and insulin is passed through the children and now people are saying that, perhaps, during this process, everything is wired right there in the genes so when you have kids that are now 11 pounds or more, they grow as an adult to have those kind of heart disease and heart condition. this is a study coming out of the u.k. they looked at 400 participants and now they're actually giving them something called metforming which is the diabetic treatment for type 2 diabetes and the concern is by bringing the sugar down, perhaps we can make these kids to be smaller and basically intervene early on to break the cycle. we don't have the results yet. it's going to take two years but it's a very interesting research. >> so you're saying we're eating way too much sugar. pare it down. give us a rule. how much should we be eating?
7:28 am
>> for men, they should only get 150 calories of sugar a day which is like -- >> that's the refined sugar. not talking about natural sugar. >> exactly right. i talked about this before the program. our parents used to get their fructose from fruits, apples, you know, all the berries you talked about or orange. nobody is going to take 50 oranges a day. it's difficult for you to oversaturate yourself. now, sodas, processed foods, burgers, everything, bread, it all has fructose. >> 150 total for the day. >> cut down on your sugar. that's the big message. >> great to see you. have a great week. >> nice to see you guys. thank you. >> another day, another solar company going bust with your money? is the white house making too many bad bets? we'll explore that. >> and sandra bullock's sister making a name for herself in the kitchen. want to try elvis pie? >> uh-oh! >> she's got one in front of her and making it next here on "fox & friends." [ male announcer ] what if you have potatoes?
7:29 am
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7:32 am
>> favorite shot of the morning. have you wanted to put the key in your car's ignition and take off flying literally. we'll check this out. the first flying car live on our plaza today. it has two seats, four wheels and wings that fold up so it can be driven like a car. we're testing it out here live just 20 minutes away.
7:33 am
>> look out central park. we'll drive it down the avenue of the americas and take off. probably not. it is rush hour but it's cool. tell you how you can park that in your garage straight ahead. in the meantime, the final push for the republican party as there are three states holding primaries today. well, actually, two states and the district of columbia. steve brown is in front of a polling place in berlin, wisconsin with more on primary day! good morning to you, steven. >> hey there, steve. i try to say three contests. that's why i can cover all territories and all of that stuff. good morning, steve, gretchen, brian, three contests today as he pointed out. we've got maryland, wisconsin and the district of columbia. interesting story in "the wall street journal" today, probably interpreted a bunch of different ways but it appears that the romney -- mitt romney's campaign and the republican national committee, the national republican party are going to do some fundraising together. now, this is something that the obama campaign and the dnc have
7:34 am
been doing for well over a year now. but this is now going to be going forward according to this article with "the wall street journal" and the romney campaign. apparently all of the campaigns were asked to participate but only the romney campaign showed interest at this particular time, the rnc right now very interested in collecting money getting ready for the fall campaign, eager to do so. they're going ahead now even though the nomination contest is still up for grabs, if you will. mathematic mathematically, rick santorum is behind mitt romney by a fair amount, by half as many delegates as romney has. and today, he faces the possibility of three contest sweep by romney. now, he's been asked about whether or not he can compete in some of these midwestern states where he seemingly has an edge and that edge goes away. santorum told reporters the reason why he has lost in those contests in states like illinois and ohio is that it's about the cash, not necessarily greater conviction. have a listen.
7:35 am
>> the way governor romney has been able to win states and survive turnout by turning out voters and getting historically low turnout and winning in that fashion by just running an overwhelmingly negative campaign. >> now, if there is a sweep by romney of the three contests today, it does start making the delegate math extremely difficult for rick santorum and his campaign. according to our calculations, it would mean for the remaining delegates yet to be awarded, it would mean romney would need less than half while santorum would need to collect three out of every four. back to you in new york. >> in front of a polling place in new berlin, wisconsin, thank you very much. >> all right, steve. good job. now for the rest of the headlines. there is more news. more accusations the obama administration has betrayed a major israeli military secret and is accused of revealing that israel has been cleared to use air bases to launch a possible attack on iran's nuclear sites. colonel oliver north, host of
7:36 am
fox newschannel's "war stories" telling hannity the leak was meant to stop israel from attacking iran while the president runs for re-election. >> here is an american ally and this is a time to be afraid, to be very afraid because this administration is going to do everything in their power to keep barack obama in office after november and make sure particularly israel cannot launch an attack on the iranians. thus all the information that's come out in the last few weeks that's been foreign policy, bloomberg, abc, and, of course, that defense report that was leaked from capitol hill, all of it being done to prevent israel from launching an attack on iran's nuclear sites. >> the white house denies it leaked the information. we'll see. >> a judge has ruled the jet blue pilot that had a mid air meltdown must stay in custody until a detention hearing on thursday. captain clayton osbon that you see with handcuffs on attended the hearing yesterday. just before the hearing, he was released from a hospital in texas. osbon is charged with
7:37 am
interfering, that is, with a flight crew. he's facing up to 20 years behind bars and a $250,000 fine. >> meanwhile, a harrowing flight for an 80-year-old woman from wisconsin. her 81-year-old husband passed out and died while piloting a plane. his wife took the controls while another pilot in a nearby plane told her how to get down for a landing. man, it's like in a movie. one of her engines ran out of gas and lost power. she managed to crash land the plane and she escaped with only minor injuries. that's incredible. >> is that true? >> yep, that's true. >> surprise, surprise. another solar company touted by the obama administration run out of energy. there's gretchen. solar trust of america, i want to introduce you,s that filed for bankruptcy protection. it got a record $2.1 trillion loan from the energy department but now claims it has $50 to $100 million in debts. solar trust was in the middle of building a multimillion dollar
7:38 am
solar power plant in california when they pulled the plug. solar trust joins solyndra and four other green energy companies at least that have gone under recently with your money. oops! >> all right. thank you very much. sandra bullock is an academy award winning actress but her sister is winning awards, she's an an accomplished pastry chief and she has her latest book called "pie it forward and other pastries reinvented". >> we're joined right now by zalina bullock prodo. the thing about sugar is moderation. let's have a big fancy pie. >> i feel like the authorities are right in the corner like cuff me and take me away! >> you make sugar! >> yeah, fruit. there's fruit in here, too, which is very good for you. >> in particular, we'll make an elvis inspired fruity pie.
7:39 am
>> and i think you can imagine that that's not the best thing in the world for you. it is for elvis. what are you going to do? >> you start with something that is sweetened condensed milk that you simmer in a little water for a couple of hours. really easy. you step back and let it do its thing. you stir it together with peanut butter brown sugar, butter and a little bit of vanilla. you stir, stir, stir until that comes together and you step over here. this is what your kitchen will look like. so we'll do this first. whisk, whisk, whisk. we pour this in here. >> are you from a family of bakers? >> i am from a family of bakers so yeah, you keep stirring it because if you pour something hot into eggs, you're going to get scrambled eggs. >> yeah. >> so you'll get scrambled egg pie. it would be sweet scrambled eggs. i would still eat but i don't recommend it. >> then we pour it. you're great at this. look at you! you're a pro! >> ok. you have prepared this. >> then we -- yes, you prepare this. >> sliced bananas. >> bananas, peanut butter, what
7:40 am
could be more elvis, right? we pour it in there. put that down. otherwise we get it all over the table. pour, pour, pour and you bake this for 45 minutes to an hour until it stops being jiggly. you want a nice shimmy but not a full jiggle. >> magic of television. >> you were inspired by your mother who was an amazing -- she was a great baker, wasn't she? >> she was tremendous. we grew up vegetarian but when she baked, it became like the heavens opened. so as you can imagine and so when i started baking myself, i put everything i ever wanted like bacon on my dessert. >> bacon? >> so this is what i did. it's for elvis! so you have the peanut butter, bananas, caramel, whipped cream and chocolate and if you're crazy, you go like this. just go bacon! >> you're no longer a vegetarian. >> oh, gosh, no. if i can have bacon, i'll have it 24/7. >> is your sister sandra bullock a good baker? >> she's a great baker but i think her philosophy is if you
7:41 am
have a pastry chef in the house, sit back and enjoy. and munch. >> your love for this started so early on but then you -- were you in the kitchen with your mom at a young age or is this something you picked up later on? >> i was. the thing about her is i had her recipe box that i inherited after she passed. and when i started looking through it, i thought i was so original in becoming this pastry chef and i do fancy stuff. i looked through all her recipes and i'm following in her footsteps. they said you are the daughter of helga. you'll do what she did. i feel like i'm original. but whenever i bake, my mother's spirit is in me. it's so lovely. so even though she's passed, she's always with me. i don't know how she would feel about the bacon on the pie. >> let me give you a quick review. the consistency of the pie kind of reminds me a little bit of pumpkin pie. >> yes. >> like a custard. >> exactly and the whipped cream and the bacon is actually delicious. >> very nice. >> must add that little salt to the sweetness. >> "pie it forward" is the brand
7:42 am
new book and check it out. >> thank you! >> it's delicious! >> yea! >> coming up on our show, are you googling ways to find a new job? google is hiring right now. that and four other companies today. >> will you read the rest? i'm eating bacon pie. >> first the trivia question of the day -- [ male announcer ] every day thousands of people are choosing advil®. here's one story. pain doesn't have much of a place in my life. i checked the schedule and it's not on it. [ laughs ] you never know when advil® is needed. well most people only know one side of my life.
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>> new and surprising information on the job front for
7:46 am
you today. the confidence of the american worker growing. take a look at this. according to the index, u.s. worker confidence reached 55.5 points in march, that's the highest point in three years. what's the reason? companies starting to hire again. here to help you get ahead of the game with five companies hiring today is fox business network's cheryl casone. good morning. >> good morning. we are seeing a pick up in hiring. we're still seeing it to be a very specific type of job. lot of technology jobs and a lot of i.t. jobs and one of my companies today is actually doing energy production. we're seeing the big natural gas boom happening in north america. >> let's start with the first one which is price waterhouse cooper. >> financial regulation, we need accountants in this country. this is one of the big four accounting firms and they'll hire 12,000 people by the end of their fiscal year, the end of june, everybody. they're looking for interns and recent college graduates. in fact, they hire 90% of their interns in this program. they're very specific, though, about who they look for when
7:47 am
they hire. you have to know they call it the four q's, you have to have an intellectual quotient, emotional quotient, passion quotient and a culture quotient. they want well rounded people but very important to them. they also have a reverse mentor program which means they actually have the senior associates mentored by the junior associates. >> i remember that. >> so yeah, you can learn about what they're doing in the country, i know i need that. by the way, my sister actually works for -- she works for -- excuse me, for kpmg, another accounting firm and they work hard. they work you young. they work you hard but the rewards are amazing and the benefits are amazing. >> good news for people coming out of college. >> right. >> number two, google. what are they hiring for? >> they have 700 job openings now but they wanted me to be specific with all of you that they're going to probably hire more than one person for a lot of these jobs. 2011 was the biggest year for hiring at google and there's a mix of jobs here. number one company to work for. they were number four last year and very proud of the fact that
7:48 am
they're now number one. they're looking for folks that can do i.t. but a lot of this is sales jobs. remember, companies like google, internet search engines make money off advertising. you need that to be sold. so there's admin positions as well. a lot of them are in california. they have an eyebrow studio. i want to put that up. >> energy company you're talking about, bhp is hiring. >> they have just spent a lot of money, about $20 billion buying a lot of energy land production land throughout the country. a lot of these jobs are in texas, arkansas, california -- excuse me, louisiana. they have flexible work schedules. a lot of this is on site drill managers. they need engineers and also have education assistance. they need people that can do finance and have a lot of admin jobs available. it's not just out in the field. but this is part of that natural gas boom we're seeing across the country. that means jobs. >> we have panera breads and i'll tweet about what that is. we have westfield insurance:>>
7:49 am
ok, they have about 100 open positions right now. underwriters, claims, actuaries, hospitality operators, they're in 21 states. they've got about -- they're in 21 states for insurance and in 31 states overall. they also have a banking arm. and that's going to be i.t. claims, hospitality operations dealing with their customers. >> all right. people look forward to this segment every week. thank you. see you on the fox business network. >> please e-mail us, by the way, if you're a company that is looking to hire. >> friends at >> uh-huh. >> coming up on "fox & friends", imagine being able to bypass morning rush hour on the highways. how could you do that? what about that thing out there? your dream could come true with this flying car. stick around, we're testing it on the plaza next. on this day in history in 1989 "the look" apparently was the number one song. wake up!
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> answer to the question of the day, of course, it's eddie murphy. the winner, rick in murphy, north carolina. what a coincidence! congratulations. and now it's outside to see if steve and brian can be technologically adept to fly away in a car! >> well, take a look indeed, it looks as if an airplane has landed in front of our world headquarters. that is actually a flying car. not making that up, folks. >> it's a transition. >> that's a good transition to this woman right here. she's the chief operating officer, her name is anna deitrick. >> good morning. thank you for having us. >> great idea. a car that's also a plane. what took so long? >> well, we have a number of
7:54 am
things that we've been able to do now with modern materials, modern engines, modern avianoics. >> the wings were out a moment ago and now carl is putting the wings up. look at that. >> did you know this could do this? >> i did. i'm always surprised to see it work so perfectly but one of the things we've shown with our testing program and it's real now. it flies, it drives. and switches between the two in less than a minute. >> you'll be at the auto show all week long here at the javits center. people will say how much is it and can i truly take off in traffic and fly myself to freedom. >> purchase price is $275,000. we're in -- >> it looks like a small car on the inside. it seats two, the passenger and the pilot. >> pilot and passenger. you can learn how to fly this with 20 hours of training and passing your flight test. >> brian brought up a good
7:55 am
point, you can't just drive down sixth avenue and take off. there's something called air traffic control and you want the people at the airport to know where you're at. >> it's more about safety. we have safety features on the aircraft given us everything we need from both the f.a.a. and fully flight legal and fully street legal and part of that safety is where you use the aircraft. you want to be at an airport, there are over 5,000 public airports and use any of those, fold up your wings and drive where you want to be. >> they have this technology, patented in 1917 and thought of this originally with flying but we're getting around to it now. >> there's been over 100 published concepts of flying cars over the years. this is the first time that it's really been real and practical. >> i'm going to go inside, steve. you talk to ann. >> sure. >> as you're in the back, scott show the propeller back there so it's propelled by a big propeller. >> it's a standard aircraft propeller. that gives you your power in flight and the same engine gives you power on the road. >> that's a good reason not to tailgate, that thing right there. >> it's not spinning when you're on the ground. >> unless you're in a lee marvin movie.
7:56 am
you're inside. >> what if you leave your trunk open and you're flying in the air and realize you left your hatch open. >> is there a trunk? >> there's not a traditional trunk. you have space for carry-on luggage. >> this looks half plane, half auto. this is absolutely incredible. >> fantastic. you got a web site? >> we do, and everything you'd like to know. videos of the first flight. >> carl and anna, if you can do me one favor and have this thing out and fight crime. this is what batman would use to fight crime. >> right. >> let me know, i'll get in touch if you have his line. >> he can't have a jet belt but he can have a flying car. back to you. >> thanks. >> converting it back. >> there it goes. >> i thought you guys were going to take off! come on, maybe they will a little later on. that's pretty cool. what do gene simmons, shannen doherty, mitt romney and randy jackson all have in common? guess what? they're spending their morning with us on "fox & friends." huge hour still ahead.
7:57 am
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8:07 am
obamacare is upheld. >> can you identify a single supreme court case where an order has been given by the government to purchase a particular product and upheld by the supreme court? >> no, because this is, we're breaking now ground. >> gretchen: one of the justices did allude to that comment you heard. during the questioning last week, and it was justice kennedy. he asked the question about could this health care mandate, individual mandate, be a unique characteristic with regard to the commerce laws. >> brian: here is what president clinton said yesterday. yeah, there is a precedent and president washington mandated shipping companies insure their employees in 1790, he signed a
8:08 am
bill mandating they have firearms. >> steve: as brit hume pointed out, that was not under the commerce clause. john meacham writing in time magazine that barak obama should not declare war on the supreme court. he said it did not work for fdr when he actually didn't like how the justices were rolling, so he's going to add some. that didn't work out for him then. it won't work out for barak obama now. mr. meacham says even when they make a bad law, it has the last word. >> gretchen: shooting rampage in a california university. now more in oakland forest. >> good morning. investigators have been interviewing the suspect. they say he is showing no
8:09 am
remorse for what he did. he remembers details vividly and he has been forth coming in details. they have been able to obtain the weapon. all of this unfolded yesterday morning around 10:30 in front of the university. a woman was bleeding on the ground in front and at that time, officers didn't know if the gunman was still on the loose. we watched people shot and bloodied coming out of the school, getting into ambulances and we're told that the victims range in age from 20 to 40. police confirmed six women were killed. one man. three others injured. here is how it went down according to witnesses. he was disgruntled bid administration and wanted to exact revenge on someone a woman in the administration. he went into one of the classrooms, lined them up and began shooting at close range. he surrendered later at a nearby supermarket. live from oakland, back to you.
8:10 am
>> gretchen: all right. thanks very much for the update. also new this morning, terrified shoppers sent running for their lives after a small plane spirals out of the sky, crashing into this grocery store. it happened last night in the orlando, florida area. >> the airplane went over the top of us, just took off and started sputtering and one of the engines had flames come out. popping sounds. we watched it turn like it was trying to turn around when it dropped out of the sky. >> gretchen: at least five people were injured. two of them with burns. jails are allowed to strip search all inmates even without a reasonable suspicion about contraband. the supreme court made the 5-4 ruling yesterday. justice kennedy says necessary since corrections officials need to consider the possibility of smuggled weapons and drugs, as well as public health and possible gang affiliations. many federal appeals courts claimed strip searches were prohibited unless there was a reasonable suspicion.
8:11 am
the suit came after a new jersey man was strip searched twice when he was wrongly arrested over a traffic fine. and those are your headline this is morning. >> steve: last week we told you about hue the city of new york, when it comes to testing, sent out a list of 50 words that they could not have on future tests because they simply bothered children. >> brian: i thought this was from the onion. >> steve: they said you can't use the word dinosaur because some people don't believe in evolution. you can't use birthday because jehovah witnesses don't celebrate them. you can't talk about junk food or pepperoni because that will kill you. >> gretchen: because you can't dance because it's against some people's religion. et cetera. there was a huge outcry because come on, this is going way too far. even just a common sense regular person -- >> brian: you can't use swimming pool because people who can't afford a swimming pool might feel bad.
8:12 am
>> gretchen: this is the dumbest thing. the good news is common sense prevailed and the school district suddenly decided, i guess we can say dinosaurs and birthday and halloween. they probably will not allow junk food. watch out, because when it's your kid's birthday, you can only bring carrot sticks. but they have reversed this whole thing with regard to taking -- >> steve: hallelujah. common sense prevailed. >> brian: they did ask the test makers to be sensitive. >> steve: all right. we're sensitive to the time. it's 12 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, the white house making another bad bet with our money. another solar company has gone bust. our next guest says it's time to use that money and buy a clue. >> gretchen: gene simmons voted for obama in 2008. but two years later, says he regrets that decision. he joins us straight ahead with his predictions for 2012.
8:13 am
8:14 am
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>> steve: another government backed green energy cop gone bust. this time it is solar trust of america, a california company once touted by democratic governor jerry brown, as well as ken salazar, remember the barak obama administration. so why does the white house keep going down this solar and wind road? joining us now is chris porter, a senior fellow at the competitive enterprise institute and also the author of "the politically incorrect guide to global warming and environmentalism." good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: tell us a little bit about solar trust of america. the only thing i know, i think it is largely owned by a german company. >> right. that also went bust because they cut their subsidies because it turns out the things that depend upon wealth transfers from other people die when other people's
8:17 am
money runs out. we have a latest in a long series of thoroughly unrelated coincidences. these companies going bust. in this case, solar trust was given a promise by due, which claimed to review their plan and said looks good to us with other people's money, for four times as much money as we threw down the solyndra rat hole. after they got that approval, even the proprietor said this thing is a bust. we have a better idea. that went bankrupt almost immediately. that tells you how good doe's loan review programs are. all these come to the government saying those private sector folks are mean. they think we shouldn't exist. the government keeps saying, well, we think you should, therefore you will until the money runs out. >> steve: you know, the thing about capitalism is generally people look at okay, i got this idea. it's on paper right now, but i want to build this. wall street will look and say, that could work n which case this would give them money. if they say that's not going to work, they won't give them
8:18 am
money. the government has become a last resort for some these green companies. >> it became worse under the obama administration. the bush administration signed a bill for these last resort companies, then the obama administration in the stimulus bill created a program for even more risky programs because solyndra was turned down under the bush program, so they created one for riskier companies. this one, the proprietor said it's a bust and the check never cleared because their more promising idea went bankrupt, too. >> steve: one thing for the president, he's consistent. here he is two weeks ago slamming big oil, but doubling down on green energy. >> a century of subsidies to oil companies is long enough. it's time to end the taxpayer give aways and double down on investments in an energy industry that has never been more promising. >> steve: chris, the thing about the green energy, it would be
8:19 am
great if it worked, but the technology just isn't quite there yet. right? >> right. it's never been more promising like antigravity booths. time travel, all sorts of things. it's true. literally true. these poor dears, their new technologies, they need to move out of their mother's basement and get a job. when was commercialized for the 1990s. the 1880s, they've been losers since the beginning. they were commercialized because we ran out of coal. while we're centuries of running out of coal, they only exist because politicians claim they should exist and the president needs to run around calling them new and things like this when they're not. they don't get the handouts, meaning breaks in the tax code like manufacturers. they get bags of money. it's a big difference. >> steve: yeah. >> he's going to double down on something that's a proven loser. >> steve: antigravity booth people are waiting for their cash. >> they're in line, but you watch. >> steve: always a pleasure.
8:20 am
thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: what do you think about that? twitter me. meanwhile, coming up, what new jersey governor chris christie is doing today that has everybody whispering vice president. gene simmons, who seldom whisper, joins us next. he voted for president obama in 2008. now he's got buyer's remorse. so who does he think is going to be the best guy to go against obama this time around? he joins us when we come back [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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>> gretchen: 24 minutes after the top of the hour. new video in of chris christie in jerusalem meeting with
8:24 am
israeli president and visiting the holocaust museum. the trip boosting speculation that he's seek ago higher office. we'll have to wait and see. and meet prince harry, the hero. he was reportedly the first one to help an american businessman who was knocked unconscious from a collision during a charity polo match. that american now recovered and hopes to lure the prince to america for a rematch. good luck. >> brian: in your next guest wants to rock'n'roll all night and party every day. not until we elect a new president. gretchen? >> gretchen: gene simmons backed president obama in 2008. but now he has changed his tune. >> steve: janing us from the city of angels is the guy who is already wearing sunglasses, gene simmons. good morning to you, gene. >> the reason to wear sunglasses is because, you know, the sun
8:25 am
never sets on planet cool. i don't know how to tell you that. >> steve: indeed. >> brian: i wouldn't know. >> and doocy, i have footage of you when you were doing children's programming, so watch it. >> steve: those were the days. yes indeed. i've got a lot of video of you, too. >> brian: wearing make-up. >> steve: gene, i understand that in 2008 you went into the voting booth and voted for barak obama. two years later, you got buyer's remorse and you think mitt romney has a real chance to become the next president of the united states. >> everything depends on the landscape. you know, we have attention deficit disorder, everybody, and the reason sometimes republicans get in, including the senate, house and the presidency, is because americans smartly -- and i applaud them for doing so -- vote on the issues and not the party. i'm an american. i want both parties to appeal to me and then i'll make my educated decision. sometimes you're right. sometimes i'm wrong.
8:26 am
in retrospect, hindsight is 20/20, i have real issues with the economy and how it's being done. america should be in business and it should be run by businessmen. that's my philosophy. but you're completely right. absolutely right, rock and bruise, our web site, and our new global franchise, the first thing we're doing is we're hiring vets. we're giving back to america and rock and bruise is having its grand opening today. >> steve: your new restaurant. >> it's a restaurant chain, maui, tokyo, lax airport. but we're opening in el segundo. this is a world wide operation. >> brian: you're taking on the hard rock? >> hard rock will have their turn at bat. there is plenty of room for everybody, but we intend literally to have hundreds and hundreds of restaurants, rock and bruise restaurants world wide. >> gretchen: so you are taking the initiative once again
8:27 am
creating private business, creating an enterprise. so who do you think would be best suited to be president then? >> strictly speaking, if you take the point of view that america should be a business, exports, import the, exports should be larger than imports, you don't have to be a mathematician to figure out if your imports are not as big, you'll be losing money. if the government writes out too many checks and you can't afford it, we'll have 15 point, et cetera, trillion in debt. america is a business. if you can't afford to do something no matter how much belly abeing everybody does, i'm so sorry if you can't afford it, you shouldn't do it. if you can afford to take care of two kids, have two kids. don't have ten kids. if you can't afford to buy $400,000 home, you can afford a $100,000, then do that. >> steve: start being responsible. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: so your pick is? >> brian: who is the better candidate? >> strictly speaking on the economy and in my humble
8:28 am
opinion. >> brian: you only get one pick. >> mitt romney. >> brian: okay. what's the deal, gene, with you and the rock'n'roll hall of fame. how can you and kiss not be there? >> kiss just opened the kiss golf course in las vegas across from the hard rock. we have 3,000 licensed products, including the kiss hello kitty brand, which is now in 90 countries. we have our new tv show. we have rock and bruise, which is a global brand now for restaurants. it's nice that there is some back room politics in something called the rock'n'roll hall of fame. but to be quite honest with you, i don't give a squat. >> gretchen: okay. >> steve: that's honest. >> gretchen: there you heard it from gene simmons himself who bit way, if you don't know, i think you speak about seven languages. so you're a smart guy. >> steve: he'll be on the road with motley crue this summer. thank you very much. we know you have a big day today. >> thanks, guys.
8:29 am
>> brian: get those nachos ready. >> gretchen: remember that woman? that sexy russian spy. keep your eyes on her. busted living in the u.s. remember that? shocking new info about how close she got to the white house? >> steve: oh, oh and shannen doherty just got married and wants to share her husband with everybody in a new reality show. that guy right there. but they're both here first. we're going to talk to them on the curvy couch as we roll on live from new york city
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
8:33 am
>> steve: time for your shots of the mornings. have you seen this before? a woman makes a rainbow by blast ago .12 gauge shotgun into the water. the water spreads and because the sun is directly behind it -- thank you very much. >> gretchen: all right. here is another story that might catch your eye. remember a couple years ago when those russian spies were busted in the united states? one in particular got the guys on the couch -- got air attention. >> brian: i was outraged by this ring and nobody else was. >> steve: because we heard why did they grab them? they didn't seem to do anything except go to starbucks and have
8:34 am
coffee. >> gretchen: you were also outraged by her figure in this particular cover shot of which you could not take your eyes off of. now it turns out that anna chapman apparently the reason this bent down to fast, remember they had to be deported immediately? apparently there is a or the out from the bbc that she was very close to wooing an obama cabinet official. that's why the bust was so abrupt. you believe that? who was she going to snag? who was she going to seduce? >> steve: yeah. the f.b.i. official speaking on the case said they were getting close enough to a sitting u.s. cabinet member that we thought we could no longer allow this to continue. >> brian: i tell you, i used to think there was so much more to begin with. we have to find out more. get a subscription to wire magazine. >> steve: you're interested in the movie rights to her movie of the week. >> gretchen: he just wants to meet her. >> brian: listen, i think it's a problem when russians are caught spying and everyone laughs. now to your headlines. authorities are trying to figure out who is behind a chilling
8:35 am
image which threatens that al-qaeda will return to new york. why? because it says, al-qaeda returns to new york. this is a picture. it was found yesterday on arabic language web sites with forms that focus on terrorist attacks. the nypd, f.b.i. stress right now there is no known threat to new york city, but they want to find out who made it. it doesn't look like it came from an american artist. >> steve: let's hope. mega winner or mega liar? a woman from maryland originally claimed she was one of the big jackpot winner. but when reporters showed up at her house asking her questions, she started to backtrack on her story. >> i don't know what's going on. >> steve: okay. that's what she's saying today. earlier she claimed she bought tickets for her co-workers, but the winning one, that was hers, she bought it separately. the truth still unknown. lottery officials say wilson hasn't shown them a ticket yet.
8:36 am
>> gretchen: march madness is over and the kentucky wildcats are the new champs. steve doocy was forced to read the story earlier. then brian and i had to step in to do the weather. it was a bit of a disaster. >> steve: kentucky ladies and gentlemen has won its eighth national basketball title. congratulations. the wildcats beat the kansas state team. it's their first national title since 1999. >> brian: right there you're looking at the united states of america and boy, it paints a grim sight. in the middle of the country, run for your lives. run to the east and run to the west. you won't be able to survive. >> steve: as a weather person, i don't know that you should point on the map and say run for your lives. >> brian: really? i didn't know. i'm not really sure what to say. >> gretchen: i should never go to a green screen with a green dress on. actress shannen doherty turning the camera to focus on her own wedding now.
8:37 am
watch this. >> so wedding location? >> i'm playing football on sunday. >> what day is sunday? >> sunday is sunday. >> a day is sunday? it's family day. right? >> right. >> so why would you -- >> it's in the morning. it's early in the morning. >> you're not going to be home by 9:30. please don't (bleep) with me. i hate it. >> gretchen: oh, oh the new we tv reality show highlighting her road to the altar. >> brian: joining us is shannen doherty and her husband, curt. did you get to play football? >> i did and i busted my knee doing it. >> steve: wait a minute. this was before you got married. looking at that, why would you get married? it looks like you were headed for trouble? >> that's heading for trouble? god no. that's just a friendly little argument, i think. that's the whole point is that before you get married, you work out all of those rough spots,
8:38 am
but just because you're married doesn't mean you won't run into them. >> steve: with the counselor? >> our form of counseling is a nice bottle of red wine and e-mails to each other. >> steve: doctors ernest and julio. >> brian: you guys knew each other when you first came to los angeles. when you saw each other again, shannon, you knew you were going to get married. is that correct? >> no. that's interesting, but that's a far more interesting story. >> steve: let's go with that. >> we hadn't met. >> i like your story way better. >> steve: you were a photographer. were you doing a photo shoot together? >> yeah. but we both obviously lived in l.a we didn't know each other. we met at a photo shoot and two months later, we were in sticky situations and two months later we worked together yet again and went, yeah. so you felt that, so did i. now we're free, let's go. >> steve: the people at we thought your lives, your personal lives would be interesting enough to make a reality show. >> i guess so, yeah.
8:39 am
curt and i were on vacation in mexico. we were big fans anthony bourdain fans. we thought how interesting to bring that class and quality to reality tv, to that medium. >> gretchen: you did most of the wedding planning, but you planned the honeymoon? >> yeah. >> gretchen: i love that. where did you go? >> we went to south africa. we kind of did the tour of all the spots. >> steve: talk about wildlife. >> it was amazing. when they say it changes you, very true cliche. it's a very beautiful place. >> brian: shannon, you're used to being in the spotlight. how was it for you, curt, to be on camera all the time? >> it's a little uncomfortable, but it's not so different from being a photographer, being -- i worked in the movie business before. it's bit strange, but not as bad as you might think. >> brian: will you be in the middle of a fight and say the lighting is off. >> it actually causes fights.
8:40 am
>> gretchen: for next year, will you do married life now, because this series was about getting married. >> right. we don't know. we're one day at a time. >> we're doing one called "plead the fifth." >> we're going to stick with that. the interesting thing is that you do honestly sort of -- the cameras fall away in a sense. they don't completely -- don't buy into you're never, oh, i'm not aware the cameras are there. you are. but when we went to do the show, we made a deal with each other and said, no matter if we look bad or if we look good, we're going to stay honest and true to ourselves. >> steve: we can watch. the premiere is a week from tonight on we. it is called "shannon says." good luck. >> thank you. >> gretchen: spoiler alert. president obama trying to steal the spotlight from the republicans today as voters go to the polls. mitt romney joins us next to react. >> steve: the dog. randy jackson leaving "american idol" to take over "fox &
8:41 am
friends," we think. >> brian: yeah, that's trouble for us. >> steve: yep. there he is. morning, randy getting grime from deep inside grout takes the right tools, but also a caring touch. you learn to get a feel for the trouble spots. to know its wants... its needs...its dreams.
8:42 am
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[ kyle with voice of dennis ] ...the allstate value plan. it's their most affordable car insurance -- and you still get an allstate agent. i too have...[ roger with voice of dennis ] [ roger ] same agent and everything. [ kyle ] it's like we're connected. no we're not. yeah, we are. no...we're not. ♪ the allstate value plan. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. >> brian: philadelphia trying to crack down on what it calls a serious issue, distracted walkers. this week some sidewalks will be designed as elanes meant for walking and texting. the city says the pedestrians hit by a car every four hours. and the obama administration official forced to quit after her example improperly paid for an $835,000 junket to a nevada casino at taxpayers' expense. martha johnson, head of the general services administration, stepping down after her agency
8:45 am
splurged on everything from luxury suites to a mind reader. i predict gretch olympian talk to mitt romney. >> gretchen: you're a very good mind reader, brian. president obama trying to steal the spotlight from the republicans today as voters go to the polls in three states. joining me to react is mitt romney. good morning to you, governor. >> gougesser boxererrer conclude conclude box actioner -- what do you make of the fact that the president is going to upstage and give another economic speech and talk about taxpayers' paying their fair share? >> you know, the president is consumed with trying to find someone to blame for an extraordinarily failed presidency. this is an economy that -- that has hurt a lot of people. give across the country and talking to single moms. 30% of single moms are living in poverty under this president.
8:46 am
record number of people on food stamps. this has been the slowest recovery we've ever had in american history. that includes the great depression. this is a failed presidency. he's trying to find someone to blame, some scapegoat that he can point to and say this is the person responsible, the industry, or the effort responsible for his failure. the truth is the buck stops at his desk and it's about time he realizes it and i think as the people of america do, they'll decide it's time for someone new. >> gretchen: your focus in the last few weeks has been to take on president obama. there is still somebody in the republican side of the race named senator rick santorum. he now says that this long race between the two of you and gingrich and ron paul will not be a bad thing because it didn't hurt hillary and president obama, senator then. here is santorum. >> it didn't hurt them at all. it kept the democratic party engaged and i think this primary, the longer it goes, the better it is for the party.
8:47 am
people even said, well, go to the convention, it will be dangerous, no. >> gretchen: is it better for the gop? >> you know, i'll let the political pundits have is a comment on that. i think going back to the clinton years, it was ross perot that allowed bill clinton to win and the right thing for us is to get a nominee as soon as we can and be able to focus on barak obama. barak obama's failure, his inability to get this economy working for the american people is something we need to be talking about day in and day out and my campaign is going to continue focusing on barak obama. >> gretchen: i'm sure you've seen some of these recent polls that came out yesterday where the president seems to be pulling ahead, ahead of you in battle ground states and you mentioned women a short time ago. one of the reasons in which he's pulling ahead is because he seems to be polling better with women right now. what will you do to try and attract the female vote? >> well, i've had the fun of being out with my wife the last several days on the campaign
8:48 am
trail. she points out that if she talks to women, they tell her that their number one concern is the economy, getting good jobs for themselves and for their families, understanding that their kids will have good jobs. they're concerned about gasoline prices, the cost of getting to and from work, getting kids to school and to practice. women are really struggling in this economy. i believe that the way we're going to get women voters in our side of the column is by talking about how we're going to get this economy going again and it's not going to be by attacking the economy and attacking business and attacking success like this president is doing. but instead, by encouraging small business in particular. you realize under this president, the number of new business start-ups per year has dropped by 100,000. it's been a war on enterprise, a war on jobs and it's time for that to end if we're going to get women back to having good jobs and rising incomes. >> gretchen: speaking of war, president obama kind of starting a war yesterday with the supreme court justices. he called it potentially an
8:49 am
activist court if it actually rules against his signature piece of legislation. his health care legislation. what did you make of that? was he trying to intimidate them >> i don't know. i don't think that would work. i also think it's really quite a curious turn of events for him to start complaining about an activist court. look, the whole idea of a court that is not an activist court is one that follows the constitution. an activist is one that departs from the constitution. that's what we've been complaining about for years with some of the courts' decisions. in this case, the court is doing the job they were put in place to do, which is they will opine as to whether obamacare violates the constitution. i believe it does. i think they're going to say it does and that will not be an activist court. that will be a court following the constitution which is precisely what it was designed to do. >> gretchen: all right. we will have to wait until the end of june to find out how the court decides. nobody knows yet how long we'll wait for the republican nominee.
8:50 am
it's great speaking with you as always. governor mitt romney. good luck. we'll see you soon. >> thanks, gretchen. thank you. >> gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," "american idol"'s randy jackson in the house. he's joining us on the curvy couch next. first, let's check in with martha mccallum for what's on at the top of the hour. >> good morning. so the president warns the supreme court on his health care law with some very strong words raising big questions this morning. also stunning new evidence in the susan powell case. agonizing brand-new questions this morning about why her husband was not arrested before he took the lives of their two young boys. susan's father, chuck cox, joins us in "america's newsroom." bill and i will see you at the top of the hour that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> brian: he's been there since the beginning. 11 years later, randy jackson is still making "american idol." what does he love to do? come to our couch! it's a vehicle that gets you here. >> this is cool, man. >> brian: great to have you. >> steve: it's cool for you to be on the number one show for how many years? >> 11 seasons. who would that thought when we started this many years ago, who would have thought? >> steve: gigger than gunspoke. >> really? >> gretchen: i was saying to you in the commercial break, i think the talent this year is extremely exceptional. >> we lucked out. we found amazing kids out on the road this time. the difference is that i think there is something for everyone. that's what the last couple seasons we've been trying to do. you see phil philips. he's like a dave matthews type, jessica sanchez, she loves beyonce and the big singers.
8:55 am
>> brian: that's your pick? >> i think she definitely could win. i think phil do win. i think colton, who is like our rocker, kind of indy -- not indy, but a kind of rocker kid, you know, what i mean, in the wake of like the fray of those kinds of things. he's really cool. there's a lot of interesting talent. the big church voice from joshua. >> steve: a lot to choose from. we want to talk about something near and dear to your heart, take diabetes to heart campaign. you realized in 1999 you had type 2 diabetes. >> yeah. i teamed up with merck with this campaign taking diabetes to heart because i think a lot of people need to know how to better manage their type 2 diabetes and like me, a lot of people don't even realize they have it. so there is a lot of people living with it and i don't think they realize the risks either. >> steve: it's manageable, but you pot to do something. >> you have to take action. you have four times higher risk of developing heart disease and stroke. i urge people to talk to their doctor, go to the web site,
8:56 am there is a lot of useful information, how to set goals. also the thing is that i feel that you know, i always want to pay it forward. i think information and education helps people. >> brian: you never get a chance to do this 'cause ryan is always doing the traffic. you want to say we'll be back in two minutes with more? >> we'll be back in two minutes with more. ha. >> steve: you are so cool cordin,
8:57 am
ford is having some sort of big tire event. i just want to confirm a few things with fiona. how would you describe the event? it's big. no,i mean in terms of savings how would you sum it up? big in your own words, with respect to selection,
8:58 am
what would you say? big okay, let's talk rebates mike, they're big they're big get $100 rebate, plus the low price tire guarantee during the big tire event. so, in other words, we can agree that ford's tire event is a good size? big big aaaaask me. [ male announcer ] even if you think you can live with your old mattress... ask me how i've never slept better. [ male announcer ] ...why not talk to one of the 6 million people who've switched to the most highly recommended bed in america? it's not a sealy, a simmons, or a serta. ask me about my tempur-pedic. ask me how i can finally sleep all night. ask me how great my back feels every morning. [ male announcer ] did you know there's a tempur-pedic for everybody? tempur-pedic beds now come in soft, firm,
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and everything in between. ask me how i don't wake up anymore when he comes to bed. [ male announcer ] these are real tempur-pedic owners. ask someone you know. check out twitter or your friends on facebook. you'll hear it all, unedited. ask me how i wish i'd done this sooner. ask me how it's the best investment i've ever made. [ male announcer ] tempur-pedic brand owners are more satisfied than owners of any traditional mattress brand. ♪ to learn more or find an authorized retailer near you, visit tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. >> gretchen: what makes "american idol" more successful than those other singing shows that are out there? we're going to ask randy that in our after the show show. we'll play it for you tomorrow. >> steve: you better come up with a good answer. >> gretchen: we had fun. >> steve: tomorrow on our program, a bunch of people will go to vote in two states in the district of columbia. we will talk about who the winners are. >> briannn


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