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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 5, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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standoff, the president versus the judicial branch and it culminated today at high noon with a three pageler to the department of justice single-spaced explaining to the 5th circuit court just how president obama views judicial power. let's remind everybody how the first strike in this fight was levied. >> i remind commentators four years what we've heard the biggest problem on the bench was judicial activism or a lack of judicial restraint. that an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law. well, there's a pretty good example and i'm pretty confident
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that this court will recognize that and not take that step. >> this blatant move of presidential intimidation did not sit well with the 5th circuit which one day later ordered them to issue a written explanation today. the power of the courts to review the constitutionality of legislation is beyond dispute. supreme court resolved this question in marbury versus madison while recognizeth court's authority to engage in judicial review, the executive branch has often urged courts to respect the legislative judgments of congress. the court acords great weight to the decisions of congress in part because the congress is a coequal branch of government whose members take the same oath as do to uphold the law. >> there is this little case, and you would think mr. law
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review himself, the president, would understand mabury versus madison and chief justices are void as they establish the principle of judicial review. simple, right? >> i used to think some of right wingers were nutty demand to go see obama's college and law school transcripts and i want to see them now. he doesn't remember marbury. >> but they teach that in high school vehicles class. >> but he didn't go to high school in america, right? wasn't that in indonesia. most of us learn what the supreme court does in grade school. liberals of often trying to push this idea that judicial review means overturning any act of congress. or rather judicial activism. judicial activism is anything when the supreme court doesn't obey what the constitution says like when they invent rights to gay marriage or rights to abortion or rights to go free if
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the miranda warning wasn't been read to them. normally you get the opposite from liberals because whatever they can't get through the process of democracy by having people vote on it they get five justices on the supreme court to announce it's a constitutional right. you only have judicial activism on the left, never from the conservative justices or they would be fantasizing a constitutional right to a flat tax, to bear nuclear arms. >> wait a minute, judicial activism as you pointed out is not overturning an existing law, especially one that's unconstitutional, judicial activism is finding knew rights. and we -- >> and if you don't over turn a law that's unconstitutional, that too would be judicial activisms. liberals are trying to hide it by lying what it is. any law passed by any legislature, no court can
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overturn it or it's judicial activism. that has nothing to do with it. >> it isn't the first time the president attacked the court. he did it in the 2010 state of the union address. and you can see the words uttered by justice alito, not true. watch this. >> last week the supreme court reversed a century of law that i believe will open the floodgates for special interests, including foreign corporations to spend without limit in our election. >> i mean, that was unprecedented. >> and he was wrong on the merits he was argue. >> not only was he wrong, and again we would like to see the transcripts from law school and college, but it really is pretty shocking to be attacking the supreme court when they are sitting right in front uv as he attacked paul in inviting members of congress over for a press en conference on the budget and attacking paul ryan. he's very rude, this president, in addition to being a very bad lawyer. and he's been trying to walk back comments on marbury since
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he made it. he didn't mention marbury because he's anwar of it. but the next try at that was the courthouse overruled the economic law like this, since the 30s, which is also not true. they did it in 1995 and they did in 2000 and both the violence against women act which by the way the case was brought to the supreme court by my law firm, got it overturned because congress didn't have the constitutional authority to pass it. and the clinton administration argued this is an economic violence. and the the gun free school zone act was declared unconstitutional and both passed you bed customers law claiming violent crime and violence against women affects the economy because of insurance costs. and mean similar arguments being made to defend obama case. they said it was an economic regulation and the supreme court turned it down. >> the president weighed in augusta, the administration, and they don't have women as members
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at the golf club. >> the new york times might be delighted in. >> what what he has done in a series of commence he weighed in on the trayvon martin case. and now he's attacking the court. why am i suspicious it's all part after series of attacks that are designed to, a, motivate or inspire votes for him and create a distraction so people don't focus on his record? am i right or wrong. >> no, i think you are right. and he's having a showing of "to kill a mockingbird" at the white house and he's introducing it on the usa network this weekend because it's relevant to our own time, like i heard on another network. so, yes, i think it's kind of embarrassing he needs to be getting up the base but he does because the base are out of work. the college students, they loved him and now they are unemployed. ha-ha.
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and now they are paying the same price at the tax pumps that we are. he has to solidify his base. i think november will be a good year for us. >> you said something another night right here on this network because i like marco rubio, he would be right at the top of anybody's list for vp. but why did the word pandering come up in your comments and remarks that that would be pandering to the, i assume, the hispanic community. and he speaks -- >> i would like to say quickly i would like him to keep doing what he's doing and maybe run for president himself some day and the reason the word pandering came up because some host on this network said we have to run rubio as vice president to get the hispanic vote. and i said if you are taking him just because he is hispanic, simply because he is a hispanic on the ticket is never voing for a republican anyway. if that's why, i'm against t i
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am for chris christie, john kyle, and i don't think we need paul ryan because we are going to have everything we are going to get out of him. he is associated with romney. >> is there any truth to the rumor you are engaged? >> no, there is not, but thanks for asking. >> you didn't call me a gossipy old woman this time which i appreciate. this is the only thing that makes you sammer and stutter. >> and kick you under the table. >> exactly. >> good to see you. >> all right. a quick programming note, be sure to tune in tomorrow night, a special studio audience edition of this program focusing on the president's reckless economic agenda. steve forbes, herman cain, and many more all in the same room. our audience show coming up tomorrow night on hannity. and tonight we show you what happens with the teleprompters are off and we vet the president. >> tonight i want to speak from my heart. >> i just noticed that i jumped the gun here.
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continues, we show you what happens when the teleprompter go dark. these are the critical moments when the president goes off script and offers americans a rare glimpse into the rare obama. it happened this week when he spoke off-the-cuff about the supreme court and last week another impromptu exchange was caught on tape between the anointed one and the president of russia. watch this. >> yeah, and after my election i have more flexibility. >> has more flexibility after my election. don't worry. and mitt romney reacted to that whisper and called on all americans to pay attention to these unscripted moments. take a look. >> president obama's comments to the president of russia are deeply troubling. that incident calls his candor into serious question. he doesn't want to share his real plans before the election, either with the public or with
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the press. by flexibility, he means that what the american public doesn't know won't hurt him. his intent is on hiding. you and i are going to have to do the seeking. >> that's exactly what we are doing here on hannity. we are seek to uncover the truth about this president as we continue to vet him. joining me tonight for the latest installment of the real obama, fox news contributor liz, and mr. davis. >> you heard what the president said there the president. hey, i can help you after the election, right? >> right. >> but he also said this about our closest ally in prime minister netanyahu. sarkozy, the president of france, says i cannot bear netanyahu, he's a lawyer. >> you're fed up with him, i have to deal with him every day, even more often than you, once a week, he went on to say. what does that tell us about
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him? >> well, i think, if you look first at the those comments, it's important to remember what he was talking about. he was talking about missile defense. he was talking about a shield to protect the united states, to protect our allies from rogue missiles. so it's not just that he's trying to hide his intent from the american people until after the election, but he's telling an adversary, the russian government, which works against us at every turn that's correct he will be flexible on a matter of the national security of the united states. and that's frankly what is so unprecedented about this, that he's willing to negotiate, he's willing to show flexibility on the one issue no american president should every show flexibility on. >> and i want to know how is your dad doing, by the way? >> thank you, sean. >> is he doing well? >> he's doing really well. it's just -- it's tremendous. it's been miraculous. we are all feeling incredibly grateful and blessed and he's at
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home and i would imagine he's probably watching right now so you can give him a shout out. >> mr. vice president, we have been thinking about you, you have been in our prayers and we hope you are out fishing really soon because we know you like to fish with liz. lenny, i've known you a long time. if he's not willing to state what he wants to do publicly, and he's hiding this from the american people, there is an inherent fundamental dishonesty in that. listen, i've an election to deal with here. i will transmit vladimir. and then saying, agreeing that netanyahu is a liar? i have to deal with this guy every week. >> first of all, i think there are embarrassing things, including this one, that are said when you don't realize you are on mic, and i would like to say that liz cheney, although i disagreed with your dad, i do hope he's well. >> thank you, i appreciate it. >> i admire him, though i disagree with him. and i remember your dad and my old fraternity brother, who i am
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also close to, george w. bush, when he was running and off mic described a newspaper -- >> adam. >> i think that was both a funny and -- >> that's not national security, though. >> no, no. >> i'm going to be blunt. i think it was true big time, all right? so, look, i think that the idea, and liz is correct, it's a serious issue and there may be disagreement on this issue between us. throwing flexibility about missile defense when we should be more concerned about iran threatening us on russia is really the issue. but that's the substantive issue liz was dealing with. >> this goes back to early in the campaign when the president was running for office and he didn't know he was being ordered but he's speaking to its had rich, elite friends in san francisco talking about those bitter people in pennsylvania. >> in pennsylvania, like a lot
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of small talk in the midwest. the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing has replaced them. and the clinton administration and the bush administration, and we've successive administration has said that somehow the communities are going to regenerate, and they have not. so -- [inaudible] jobs or religion or people who want -- >> they get bitter, they college to their guns, their religion with those who are not like them. >> yeah. look, sean, this president is clearly clinging himself to an extremely radical agenda. when you combine that ideology with this arrogance of power, and it's an arrogance in this case that, you know, basically i think has convinced him, look, i can say what i really think in private when the mics aren't on, when i think the mics aren't on
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and, frankly, hope the american people will be able to overlook it or his rhetoric in public is somehow so moving for all of us that we will ignore the fact that he really does believe that people are clinging to guns and god because they are desperate. >> let me go to lenny here. how are you going to spin this one? >> first of all, i love listening to liz -- i wish i want have to disagree with her. remember ronald reagan was off mic saying it's world war iii and he was having a about good time not realizing he was on mic. >> but to begin bombing in five minutes is not same thing, lenny. >> i think having been with senator clinton ton, we took advantage of that bitterness remark, and he didn't realize he was on. >> but it wasn't a joke. that was different. he wasn't trying to be funny. >> and a factor for barack obama that will be tough for mitt romney that isn't all that likable. it's what elected -- >> let me give you one more.
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>> you will find obama's high like ability equation right now going to be tough. >> threat me go to one more. if you dared to say the following, accuse the president, now he's accumulated $5 trillion in debt in less than four years. under the bush administration $4 trillion in new debt in eight years. this is what the president campaigning said about the debt then. >> the problem is is that the way bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the bank of china in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from 5 trillion dollars for the first 42 president, number 43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome so we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back. $30,000 for every man, woman and child. that's irresponsible.
9:21 pm
it's unboughtotic. >> five trillion in less than four years more than president bush in eight years. if i call the president unpatriotic, what would you say to me, lenny? >> i think that was a horrible statement made by barack obama -- >> by the way, on mic in this case. >> most important failure of barack obama, and i'm going to vote for him, but the failure for him to address the $16 trillion debt that my children and grandchildren are going to have to pay. what he said about president bush and credit cards was correct then. he has forgotten those words today and he could lose the election on this issue alone because democrats like me, president clinton democrats, think the debt is a moral issue he is ignoring, unfortunately, and shouldn't be. >> we have just a short amount of time. liz, we want 20 send again our best regards to your dad and hope he has a speedy recovery. >> thanks. >> i am going to go fishing with
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both of you. i am going to offer my service. >> you're welcome. i want to endpy agreeing with what flynn said. on the issue of the debt and irresponsible spending, president obama is likely to lose the election. >> and next we kick off our media mash segment. but the president has been using the same scare tactics, the same rhetoric to attack republicans for years. it's final lick exposed. wait until you see the president in his own words. >> the debate gets sharper and more rigorous. the debate gets sharper, it gets more rigorous. that's not a bad thing. in fact that's a good thing. it's a good thing.
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>> you think the president outrageous attempts to smear paul ryan and his budget blueprints, it's because he used the same class warfare rhetoric when he attacked republicans last year. you may remember this. >> this larger debate that we are having, this larger debate that we will be having about the size and the role of government, about the size and role of government, it has been with us since our founding days.
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>> this debate has been with us since our founding days. >> and during moments of great challenge and change like the one that we are living through now. >> and during moments of great challenge and great change like the one we are living through now. >> the debate gets sharper and it gets more vigorous. >> the debate gets sharper and it gets more vigorous. >> it's not a bad thing, it's good thing. >> it's a good thing. >> who are these 50 million americans? >> who are these americans. >> many. grandparents who wouldn't be able to afford nursing home care without medicaid. >> wouldn't be able to afford medicare. many are poor children. >> some of middle class families who have children with autism or down syndromes. some of middle class families with down syndrome or autism. some the disks are so severe they require 24 hour care. some are kids with disabilities so severe they require 24 hour care but simply it ends medicare as we know it and it is ultimately end medicare as we
9:28 pm
know it. >> wow. >> clear the administration is running on empty with no new ideas on how to solve america's recycled rhetoric. joining he is ed rawlins, the co-host of the five, and kimberly guilfoyle. that is a great ad. >> his it out of the ballpark. its often believable. ation compelling. it's like groundhog day 2.0. it's like pull the spring and the same stuff comes outs. >> did the speechwriters, did they run out of material, are they on vacation? something. >> he thinks if he keeps repeating this over and over again someone else is going to believe it besides him and this is the rhetoric he probably used in the streets in chicago when he was a community organizer and the whole thing is class warfare. the oil companies are bad, corporations are bad, rich people are bad, me and my people are good and that's going to be the whole campaign. >> it wasn't the campaign in 2008. >> the campaign of 2008 was we are going to be bipartisan, we
9:29 pm
are going to be above the fray and bipartisan two months into it he wasn't. >> we know what he is and what he stands for and no we can hold him accountable to his lack of achievements and rhetoric. and instead he chooses to blame everyone else and nothing is his fault. >> my favorite is atm machines for not creating jobs, created in the 1980s, and kiosks. the president weighs in. i'm going to show that. but sandra fluke, and tray mart, and the attacking the court and now he's weighing in on the masters and here's what he said about that. >> the president's answer to this question is yes. he believes, his personal opinion is that women should be admitted. it's obviously up to the club to decide. but his personal opinion is that women should be admitted to the
9:30 pm
club. we are kind of long past the time when women should be excluded from anything. >> when you put all of these one after another, attacking the court, involving in trayvon martin and sandra fluke and now augusta national, do you think this is designed to distract from his record and do you think he's trying to gin up certain portion of his base? >> of course. he's losing his most ardent supporters. they want to put him out. for this, he's make all these comments, class warfare, and it's polarizing the country and it's irresponsible. >> do you think as a strategy this works? does class warfare work, does distraction work? >> certainly i always agree with kimberly because she's smart and this is a strategy.
9:31 pm
i don't think it's going to work because americans don't want class warfare. if anything we are a country that wants everyone to do well. no one resents the rich. at the end of the day we want our children to grow up and be rich and do well. >> the american dream. >> the american dream to a certain extent. and he was serious about augusta when he first came into office. he said i'm not going to play there until you put women in there. he said i'm not playing here as long as there is no women members. >> he had to be criticized en in the press before he took a women out. >> the ceo of ibm, the biggest sponsor of it, is make them very uncomfortable. if he wanted to change the game, he could have. he didn't. he's in a political mode. >> niece charge of the game. ed is right. he's the president of the united states. again, where is the leadership? >> you know -- >> you say you respect women then lead by example. >> and of tactically i like what
9:32 pm
the republicans are doing here. i think their strongest strategy is obama in his own words. you compare him to 2008 and today, how device iive he is being, and the lies, whatever you wall it, the republicans want down syndrome people to defend for themselves >> he can't run on the record because he doesn't have one engine doesn't have an agenda. he doesn't have a second term agenda. he can't say re-elect me here is what i'm going to do in the second term engine can whisper in the president of russia's ear come see me after i'm elected. >> do you think he has a secret agenda that he is unwilling to tell the american people about? >> i think he has a secret agenda for his labor groups and environmental groups. >> he wants to increase the number of entitlements. he wants town crease spending.
9:33 pm
we don't have the money to pay for programs he says we have to have which is more political pandering to get the votes. he wants to weaken national security and defense because his action already show that. >> guys, appreciate it. a special report coming up next. nbc news was initial forced to apologize after we revealed its blatant media bias last week. we've recovered more alarming clips of the mainstream media distorting the news. and then government employees on the clock laughing, joking about wasting your money, as we continue to vet the president tonight on hannity.
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>> well coal back. last week we exposed how nbc
9:38 pm
allers the 11 zimmerman tape to make it appear it was racially motivated. it was only after we shined the spotlight on this reporting that the network actually apologized. joining me to talk about it and a run down of the few nor outrageous examples of this week, brother bozell. how are you, sir? >> hello, mr. hannity. how are we doing? >> we had two instance this week. abc gets the videotape of trayvon martin when he goes to the police station and he's in it was and their headline was there's no signs of injuries or blood or anything. okay, until they get the more enhanced version. then we had cnn, they said, whoops, our original interpretation that there was a racial slur in the 911 tape, we made a mistake. then we, and you in large part, were responsible for this, exposed the edited nbc tape. let's go back and remind people
9:39 pm
what the original tape was and then we will show the edit. >> this guy looks like he's up to no good. he blocks black. >> did you see what he was wearing? >> yeah, a dark hoody. >> this guy looks like he's up to no good or he's on drugs or something. it's raining, and he's just walking around looking about. >> okay. and this guy, is he white, black or hispanic? >> he looks black. >> looks like he's up to no good and looks black. then they forget the important part is he white, black or hispanic. minor detail in that case, right? >> yeah, that was a clear-cut case of nbc cooking the books. they deliberately edited it. they doctored a tape so they could advance the narrative that zimmerman killed trayvon martin because it was racially motivated. they didn't do it once, they didn't do it twice, we've seen
9:40 pm
five different times that nbc ran that. that's as deliberate as you can get. you and i shed the light on them last week. they first announced that they were going to investigate themselves. it's kind of like richard nixon investigating watergate. that wasn't acceptable. then surprise, surprise, they came out with their announcement. two whole sentences of nothing. they apologize, but they said that it was -- it was an error in the editing process. in the production process. this was no error. this was no mistake. this was deliberately done. so it's an unacceptable apology. and the third point is nbc never told its viewers or put out a press release. if you happen to be a viewer that happens to get nbc press releases, you were lied to. you still have no idea. >> how about doing it on the air? how about saying, oops, we were wrong. you have cnn wrong, they were wrong in reporting there was a
9:41 pm
racial slur on the 911 tape and you have the nbc incident and abc having to acknowledge, oops, we were wrong, apparently there were injuries to george zimmerman, despite what our report was. but there's an environment here. there's a bounty out on the head of george zimmerman. we see the protests going on. we see celebrities tweeting the address or attempt to go tweet the address of george zimmerman. think of the environment this is all happening in. >> sean, this is -- this is a media lynch mob that are out there. they are out of control. the cnn story is a great one. their star reporter came out and they had enhanced this audiotape and they declared, cn. this declared that he used the "f" word and called him an "f" blank "coon." and twelve days later the same reporter came out and said they enhanced it, it was works f
9:42 pm
"blank cold outside. you can't believe anything they are saying. you and i don't know what happened. truth has to be vetted out. it will come out eventually. but these reporters are all pushing the agenda it was a racist murder because that's what they want it to be. >> we had trayvon martin's family on the program, we had robert zimmerman, the father of george zimmerman, on the program last night. they don't know what happened but they were neglect full in reporting the eyewitness spoke out from the first night. let me show you one other example. we have the issue of the supreme court, the 5th circuit. watch. we will look at nbc, look at cnn, watch the same news organizations and how in many ways they defend obama's warning to the court. >> politics are ideally supposed to stay out of the nation's courtrooms, but that's not what happened this week in a federal court in texas. one of the judges took issue with some of what president obama said this week at the
9:43 pm
white house about the big healthcare case that's now in the hands of the supreme court. >> how out of the ordinary is it that a federal appeals court judge like this one would make such a demand of the department of justice, a three-page single-spaced letter explaining what the president has in mind. >> totally extraordinary and totally inappropriate. this was a judicialhissy fit. he was entirely his right to express his opinions about the law. >> apparently they don't know what marbury v madison is either. they don't know either. >> this is astonishing. this is the most forceful attack from one form of one branch of the government on another in my life time. perhaps in history i have never seen something like this. none of us have ever seen an attack like this. so the judiciary responds by
9:44 pm
saying what exactly does this mean? and the media turned on the judiciary and said you are being too political. it's astonishing. >> good job last week. >> thank you. >> we will continue to be the media watch dog right here with you. come up, outrageous video. you don't want to miss it. government employees, you are paying their salary on the clock, laughing about wasting your hard-earned money. we will show you that next with our great, great, great american panel.
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>> tonight on the great, great american panel. author of the book, hopelessly divided, doug shown is back. she a columnist, jedediah bila is here. he's author of two best telling books, he will be appearing at the dc improv, jim norton.
9:49 pm
he's also on the tonight show with jay leno. i love watching you on that. >> thank you. >> here we have government employees, gsa employees bragging about wasting your money and time. ♪ i swear obama -- ♪ donate my vacation, love to the nation, i never be under investigation. i think mr. neeley has the first down payment on you being commissioner for a day. >> exactly. >> we clearly have to do a lot more recruiting on guam. congratulations, man. proud of what you have done. >> maybe we all need government jobs. >> the real penalty is they all have to work with such awful
9:50 pm
other people. a horrible group to be around every day. >> honestly, though, aside from them who is going to find that funny? the whole country is in dire straights right now. people are unemployed, who is going to find it funny other than those guys? do you find it funny? >> no, i find it tragic. gsa employees would go awol and scouting. i don't think they are bad people. it's a system that has to be changed. we have to reign in the debt for our children. ice a serious problem. >> and the spokesperson for the president weighs in on augusta. how did tiger do today? does anyone know? i was watching him last week. he did really well. here's the thing. they don't allow women in the club s that okay? for example, if you had an all-jedediah bila golf club. >> it would be fun. >> you go out with a night out with your friends, girls night
9:51 pm
out. >> yeah. >> an all-guy golf club, an all-girl golf club, do you have a problem with it? >> not in theory but who wants to go with a bunch of guys? we already have that in a bath house. it shouldn't be illegal but just old men and me? good one. [laughter] >> sean, we have to open things up. women, african americans. it's -- >> i'm not talking about race or religion. that's different. i don't really mind -- >> if it was a girls' club, it wouldn't bother me. >> it doesn't bother me either but we are better as a society when we cast off gender, race, and. >> but it's different than when it's girls bomb out. do you ever entertain a girls night out. >> yeah, and i'm horrible. it's nothing they want to see less than me for an hour. >> why do we all have to be part of everything? i don't want to be part of a guy's night out or a guys' club.
9:52 pm
>> you are welcome in our anytime. >> i appreciate the invite but i don't have to make it an issue and protest. >> is the president doing this, getting involved in sandra fluke, is he getting involved in attacking the supreme court on purpose? >> of course. it's all to divide. it's all to -- you demonize the supreme court, you demonize oil companies. anybody who disgross but, it's a divide and conquer strategy. you play divide and conquer. >> i thought he was going to be the great compromiseer. >> hasn't quite worked out that way. >> we have good news, the administration invited officials from the muslim brotherhood to the white house. >> that's outrageous. >> hang on. we will get do that when we get back.
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>> we continue with the great american panel. the mum let me brotherhood, who the white house says is not going to get into power. they are in power. they want to have law. and they have access to the president and white house and 1 .$5 billion taxpayer dollars on the way. >> and they have reversed themselves, they are running for president. there are more extreme candidates who say the mum let
9:57 pm
me brotherhood is selling out to egypt to have a chance to win. ice a crisis for u.s. foreign policy and a crisis for the world. no one is talking about it. >> how could the president be so wrong? >> that's right. >> you and i agreed the muslim brotherhood would win the elections. >> right. >> they are in power. they said during the arab spring, prepare for war with israel, and now they say israel is the number one enemy. how does the president screw it up so bad and get it so wrong? >> they don't have a policy. they don't know if they should provide military aid to the military government. we've been thrown out, the democracy movements have been ejected from the country. we don't have a policy. >> he needs to paint himself as being pro democratic, but he never bothered to ask what that version of democracy means. when we look what it means here in the united states, it's a very different thing than what in egypt. >> they were saying what they were going to do. >> a lot of people weren't
9:58 pm
listening and the media weren't listening. the people were painting it you have to get the guy out, there could be nothing worse but guess what, there could be something worse. >> plenty worse. >> when he fell, who did we think would take over? >>a radio host and you work for jay leno. how come you knew, you knew, doug knew, and i knew, and the president didn't know? >> maybe he's not as cynical as we are. we knew it was going to happen. of course we knew it was going to happen. >> but did he know and he didn't care. >> the word was the moderates would coalesce and we would get a government that was maybe slightly more extreme but not bad. >> how about your policy, they all showed the people of egypt wanted sharia. >> well, they got it. >> and they wanted it with israel. it's like iran. listen to what the iranians are saying. it's pretty clear. >> now israel is surrounded, and we are revealing their plans to
9:59 pm
attack iranian nuclear sites. let them have what they want. if they want that law, i'm -- >> yeah, but now you have. >> that's my biggest comic fan base, people who have sharia law. >> it's no joke if it is implemented. it will yep lies our-free freedom and stability. >> have you been on al-jazeera? >> i have been. i host a weekend popular show. i'm very popular. you will never get the egyptians and jews to look at each other and love each other. >> we don't want them to love each other, we want them to live peacefully. >> the man who wants to be president, he thinks it's going to happen. >> how do we give $1.5 billion to that. >>. >> maybe the president thinks that's his only leverage now. >> and he's trying to get the female base in the


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