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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 7, 2012 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> gregg: fox news alert. tulsa, oklahoma, an intense manhunt underway for the suspect or suspects responsible for a string of shootings that havpat the entire city on edge. three people are dead. two others critically wounded and all the incidenrt. happening within a tpecee-mile area at about the same time. this has police and the it somunity concet'ed. >> in tulsa we don't have three dead bodies in one day spread out, one geographical area but far enough apart where somebody is mobile. >> no problems. we have a minister on one end. good hard people. >> so randomly running around because they could do it at any t tie. news conference is under way with police. we'll bring you any new adevelopments as soon as we g dr them. >> heather: to another alert, brand-new video showing the
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adevas3 jet fighter crash into an apartment complex in virginia. this as we len new de3 the life and death choices that the pilot faced the moments pefore the horrific accident. hello, welcome to a brand-new busy hour of america's headqmesrters. ioll heather childers. grad you are with us. they were facing nothing but bad ch3 ces when their aircraft malfunctioned. it was caused by catastrophic engine failure during a routine training flight. the pilot dumped most of the fuel and bail out 2nd before the slane slammed it it soplpal. amazingly nobody died during the fiery wreck. unly seven people were injured a fact not lost on witnesses. >> heard a loud boom. i got up fr so the couch and wet to my backdzir and i lzik out. i saw a pilot on the ground,
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parachute hanging que so the puildinour >> we heard eight to ten booms and that is real close because it shoy r our house and brok proke the windo. b. >> there was one guy laying on the ground. he d an i seen a liserle bit of blood. >> heather: peter doocy is live at the scene. >> reporte stos that is right. am flinan iy everybody is accoud for. search and rescue mission is uver ith the investigation has pegun right this minute. about a mile from here law enforcement training senith r, l ooesidents at the comple meeting with the navy. the navy is telling them as a group what is l an belongings if anything. >> we have nothing but the mccothes on our bace sc we have nth here to go. we just want to know, our medicine is in the house. it'se. ery scary.
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>> rk told me that the navy is hold this manager. it's a big step for the navy ting ying over this investigatin from the fire department. most of the people we sfuke to, weree. ery shaken up. earlier we heard from admiral that said the navy right nth is ooeaan. to step in and y way they can. >> have the ability to reach out to those people and to help them recover some of their life. that is our big focus aside from i3 >> hestigating the air of aaft. uur big focus is to continue being the right kind of partner fore. irginia beach. >> rk oy else we heard from was the mayor of virginia beach. adespite everything right nth s in v3 a is ready to stand behind the navy more than ever. >> hany tiee sp : tha t you very much.
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ooeaan. miraculous thats killed. we are learning about another scare in the sky i3 >> holving an air traffic controller. he ignored a pilot's urgent ooequest to ming ye an y landing. the controller thought was a prank and when the pilot made the call askind i'to land in adenver because there was smoke in the cockpit. this is what happened. listen. >> who is that? >> pat 12. >> united 12, watch your position. >> dan iy you hear thanor ist wnow that is bs. >> you know what is what. >> hany tiee sp : the two contrt peen back to directing traffic before the pilot made another emergency call. this t tie saying he landed the jet and was evacuating passengers on the runway. une of the 22 passengers on poard was treated at the hospital.
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n.t.s.b. is investigatinour on the campaign trail nth , new numbers showing that mitt romney is moving ahead in his ban iy for the repuontrican n t soination, a new poll of republican super delegates and showing more and more are packing r soney than aning other candidate. what does this mean nor the othest leblis bring in washington times columnist charlie hurt. youst wnow it may have been a lg t tie b an ron paul. what about rick santoignm? >> obviously. riefo santoignm wasst wind of lt guy to step up and really challenge ropoll sc.
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immensely embarrassing for him to lose pennsylvania, special lost it to six years to bob casey. >> gregg: he lost by 18 points in his home state. >> i think part of what he is up to he wants to avenge that very tough loss. i think he was always proud of representing statewide seat in a place like pennsylvania.
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it's not terribly conservative but also not california either. i think what we see right now, he is taking a couple days off the campaign trail. that to me looks more like a candidate who is sort of doing soul searching. like maybe he is going to think twice about running the risk of losing. >> gregg: barack obama is looking at the recent poll, barack obama has a positive plus ten. mitt romney has a negative of minus 16. have all of the attacks by gingrich and santorum really taken a toll on him? >> i think absolutely they have. i think another factor to take into consideration was the job numbers that came out yesterday. you know, economy for a lot of people were optimistic that the economy was going in the right direction.
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the numbers yesterday cast doubt on that. i think it's really hard to say what those numbers are going to do over the next few months. if in fact the job growth has stalled and we're looking at either flat lining or dropping between now over the next couple of months i think we'll see the numbers change. as you pointed out, president obama is doing very well in the polls. what do you expect for a guy like mitt romney who is not terribly sexy candidate anyway but coming out of a g.o.p. nomination, it's fairly ugly. but people will get behind him. >> gregg: sexy is not the word i would have used. three key battleground states, president obama is ahead and apparently significantly in each one of them. independents are breaking for the president. what do you make of that? >> i think again, we're talking about the end of a campaign, the
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g.o.p. nomination fight. while mitt romney is not a rock star the way president obama, he is not a smooth speaker but i'm sure you saw him speaking the other day to group of newspapers ed tors. it was very controlled, very specific attack that he leveled on president obama strictly on the economy. it was very, very effective speech. i think over the next couple of months, if the economy remains as it is, it's kind of stagnant. if he sticks with that sort of campaign, i think we'll see him do much better in places like florida and much better in the swing states. we'll see his numbers rise significantly and we'll see president obama's numbers drop. >> gregg: strategy is big government will control your lives? >> yeah and president obama is not a good steward of the
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economy. we would be doing much better if we pursued other policies. it's hard for president obama to go after mitt romney. he can go after him as a rich guy, but that doesn't undermine the fact he has been a very effective businessman. that sort of thing gets deposited in people's minds, maybe they don't like him. maybe they don't want to have a beer with mitt romney. that doesn't matter. if they think help the economy and make it stronger and help them get a job. they will forgive a lot of non-rock starness. >> just for the record, he never has had a beer. kharl, good to see you. get the latest get all the political news at up to minutes headlines 24 hours a day. >> heather: you both rock stars
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in any venue. and now reacting to the controversy surrounding the lavish convention. it costs nearly a million of your taxpayer dollars. the general services administration racking up more than $800,000 --, $800,000. >> and video showed them bragging about all the spending. listen. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> heather: and as you would expect the blame game underway.
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doug mckelway has more. >> reporter: good afternoon. yesterday a spokesman for the gsa wrote he was apualtd by this indefensible behavior at regional conference. today the white house is singing a bit of tune. blaming the bush administration for excessive spending at agency's conference. budget numbers shows that spending for the conference did in fact go up substantially during the bush years. in 2004, $93,000 for conference in portland, oregon. in 2006, $323,000 then in oklahoma city in 2008 it was $655,000. in obama administration, $840,000. administration official tells us at least we have taken bold, forceful action to hold those responsible accountable and put in place protections. if bush administration had acted under their watch, it could have been avoided.
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>> a former gsa official in the bush administration suggested to fox news, the obama administration is manipulating those numbers. >> when you are talking about that, it went up to 2 $250,000. i mean a lot but when you start small, you can say it increase add lot. >> two house committees have scheduled hearings to further examine gsa spending. they want to know more about the conference and the problem that hits taxpayers much harder at $1.7 billion in cost, gsa incurs every year from sitting on thousands of empty or under used federal buildings literally across the country zbleetsz thank you very much. >> gregg: some bold new claims from iran about its nuclear program. one official saying the country already has the technology to
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build a nuclear bomb. any truth to that? will this new information impact the world's reaction? >> heather: for those of you that can't live without your ipad or cellphone, flying may be a little more tolerable for you. why they are considering a ban on electronic gadgets before takeoff. we'll have a live report straight ahead. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's new glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] new glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy. instead i g heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilos isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast. yeehaw!
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s. >> gregg: headlines we're following. roman catholics honoring the site where jesus is believed to have been buried. tomorrow many followers will celebrate easter the day signifying the resurrection of jesus christ. >> gas prices could soon hit $4 per gallon. the average price is 233.935 record for this time of the year. and -- 3.93. >> and thomas kincade passing away. he died in his california home of natural causes. his painting are believed to are in ten million homes.
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>> heather: federal aviation administration may be buckling under consumer pressure. they are trying to determine if those high-tech gadgets should be banned on flights during taxiing. they are only allowed once planes reach altitude. why not on the ground? casey stegall has the answer for us and live in los angeles with more. >> reporter: the announcement all too familiar for air travelers, it is now time to turn off and put away all of your electronic devices. right now, that happens on most airlines once the aircraft door is closed and you can't power them on until the plane reaches an altitude of more than 10,000 feet. for many passengers, they understand the rule as it pertains to cellphones because they are constantly sending signals. however, many want to know why items that do not transmit data are prohibited like your mp-3
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player or tablet or e-reader. an engineer with boeing says the answer is simple. >> the devices on the aircraft are very sensitive, receivers, very specific frequencies and modes of operation. the devices that you bring on may not be operating on those same frequencies but they do have electronic emissions that can find their way into the antennas or the devices on the airplane. >> they say they are open to reexamining the policy and having new discussions on how to test which devices can safely be operated in what is considered critical phases of flights. something many passengers are on board with but not necessarily those like flight attendants. >> so it's not a distraction but with a laptop, it's going to be a distraction and distraction if
4:21 pm
you got your cellphone turned on because others know you are not supposed to. so they are paying attention to you instead of paying attention to the flight attendant giving safety information. >> as of right now, faa says it's up to individual airlines to test their own devices to see how they interact with their own airplanes but this is something that would make a lot of travelers happy to listen to music during takeoff and landings. we'll have to see what they decide. >> heather: thank you very much. casey stegall, live in l.a.. >> gregg: some disturbing new developments out of iran. for the very first time a lawmaker admitting that country has capability to produce a nuclear weapon but claims it will not. >> plus, barack obama and the g.o.p. candidates all doing their best would o women voters
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>> heather: fox news alert. new developments on the shooting spree in tulsa. officials are holding a news conference, pleading for the public's help as they search for the suspect or suspects responsible. three people are dead. we know that. two others are critically wounded. police say they are looking for a white man in a white chevy pickup truck. that is based off a witness's
4:27 pm
tip. all the incidents happening within a three-mile area. we're keeping a close eye on it and bring you new information as we get it. >> gregg: new fallout over bold claims on iran's nuclear program for the very first time a prominent lawmaker admitting that iran has the knowledge and capability to produce a nuclear weapon but claims it will not. is it credible? steven yates joining us. good to see you. do you buy this? >> it's a message that i heard before. i remember in the mid '90s or mid-2000, we had officials that would visit tehran and come to the white house and tell us. don't worry because the ayatollah that nuclear weapons were forbidden so it's impossible for iran or any responsible islamic state to possess them.
4:28 pm
and given that other islamic countries like pakistan had developed nuclear weapons. >> how would a legislator know? >> that is fair question. i have deep doubts that a legislator would know. even in our system, i daresay it's far from a majority members of congress would know the details of our nuclear program. i find it highly improbable they would know about it. >> gregg: is the sanctions working? >> i think we have had dialogue and some form of sanctions for the better part of more than a decade. a some point we have to recognize at minimum the mix is not right. iran has progressed much, much further in its nuclear program. there are multiple intelligence agencies including elements of our own that suspect it's not necessarily for peaceful purposes. i think the situation has grown more dire regardless of what the legislator has said and what
4:29 pm
policymakers advocate. >> gregg: and preventing oil sales to other countries, but they are selling to other countries, aren't they? >> they are. in fact some of the recent sanctions that people have called crippling have not been crippling. one of the areas where they facilitate sales is other parts of the middle east. there are places where they are selling oil to other countries but facilitating syria to sell oil to china. >> gregg: is it your sense they just laugh at these so-called sanctions? >> i think on one level they take it seriously because when foreign governments declare them guilty of some kind of violation and impose sanctions, they consider it a reputation costs but not influencing national sovereignty. >> gregg: isn't it true that the ayatollahs have said that
4:30 pm
nuclear weapons are forbidden? >> yes. there are quotes. in many places, that they have said that possession of nuclear weapons are strictly forbidden. there is no reason for them to possess them. i agree with the idea there is no reason for them to possess them but there is no reason for them to possess a nuclear capability given they sit on such a bountyful supply of petroleum. >> i want to get your reaction that president obama made to dmitry medvedev. >> what he, strategic significance was the implication he is prepared to sacrifice security by the allies to get a strategic objective at best an
4:31 pm
untrustworthy negotiating partner. if you apply to it the iran situation, israel would have to be somewhat unsettled to seek a negotiated breakthrough on a nuclear capability or iranian breakout capability where they face the brunt of that threat. >> gregg: do you think president obama is in fact, notwithstanding his words, willing to accept a nuclear weaponized iran? >> unless his policy changes profoundly, i think we're headed in that direction. i would have to say yes. >> gregg: steven yates, good to see you. rescue teams in pakistan calling off the search for victims from a massive avalanche because of bad weather. 124 soldiers, 11 more civilians reportedly still inside trapped underneath more than 80 feet of snow. it happened at a pakistani military camp near the border
4:32 pm
with india. no word on when that search will resume. >> heather: looks like the first three of mega millions lottery winners have claimed their share. they presented an oversized check to a cardboard figure because the winner chose to remain anonymous. they say the winner was in shock. >> they were still, just in awe they had won it. they are like all of us. they think about the possibility of winning but they never think it could happen to them. it proves that real people really win, you could be next. >> heather: could be next. lucky ticket holder won $218 million that chose the cash option of $157 million. they will share the record $656
4:33 pm
million jackpot with winners in illinois and maryland. remember, maryland woman coming forward saying that she had a winning ticket. co-workers that was claim of a lottery pool but she hid the ticket. this was her original story. now she says she lost it. >> gregg: shucks i can't find that ticket. what do you think he will not be attorney for her for very long. >> heather: and canadian planning to scrap the penny. production on the coin slated to end later this month. why? it costs taxpayers a cent and a half just to make one. here in the u.s.a. it costs 2 and a half cents, could america
4:34 pm
do away with the pricy coin. we have more on the story. >> reporter: this will mark the end of canadian penny and american taxpayers are experiencing similar issues. it's 2.4 cents for one penny. united states mipt is researching to find a better way to produce coinage. lowering their rate or mixing metals with different alloys. >> it used to be a penny, in 1857 at some point, there used to be a large cent prior to 1866 a replaced by a lighter and smaller cent for the same reason.
4:35 pm
metal costs would outweigh the nominal value of a coin. >> reporter: for every dollar issued, it costs 146.46. and taxpayers lost $60 million producing pennies and $56.5 million producing nickels. getting rid of small change would cause rounding issues and smat is some point, computers may take the place of physical coins and bills. >> there will come a time when the coins will be something just for a museum, probably not in my lifetime, perhaps in into my 16-year-old son's lifetime where the electronics will get so easy and so cheap that even when you want to go to the local candy store and just buy 17 cents of candy you use a credit card. >> heather: critics argue doing everything electronically would not be fair because consumers
4:36 pm
would have a record of all their purchases. >> heather: thank you very much for that two cents. >> that was good. >> gregg: nobody uses penny anymore. >> somebody gave me a penny the other day, i didn't know what to do with it. >> here is powerful question. can a business refuse to hire obese workers is in a hospital in texas doing precisely that. it may actually be legal. >> heather: and women will go to the voting booth in the november election and both president obama and republican presidential candidates are trying to win them over. who is actually succeeding. we'll talk about that more in the power panel coming up. >> women care about most is the economy and getting good jobs for their kids and for themselves. >> economy on a whole has enormous impact on women.
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everything that women are doing to hold families together during extraordinarily rough times. [ donovan ] i hit a wall.
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women are not something monolithic bloc. they are not an interest group. you shouldn't be treated that way. [ applause ] >> women are over half this country and its work force, not to mention 80% of my household if you count my mother-in-law. >> that is president obama addressing a women's forum. no question women are key voting group and the president and republican candidates are pushing hard for their support. who is winning them over. let's bring our power panel. speaking of women, sally cohen, deneen borelli and mercedes.
4:42 pm
thank you for joining us on this easter weekend. >> who is winning in the battle for women. i'll begin with. >> you certainly, 54% of the women in the labor force are women. obviously anybody that focuses on the economy, it absolutely critical here. >> and 54%, ironically the ones that have suffered most, the women are the primary bread winners. how is their salary with respect to their colleagues. are they getting paid enough? can they get the kids to school? all the considerations that working women have and romney focuses in on that on the campaign trail. this is what women want. there are a lot of social issues but the issue right here is economy and who is best to deal. >> heather: so you vote romney? >> i think this is grand
4:43 pm
distraction. a war on women. first of all president obama can't talk about the economy. shrinking wages, unacceptably high unemployment and high gasoline prices. it's really a war on the american people based based on the policies coming out of the obama administration. our economy should be booming but sadly it's not. that is where the war is. >> heather: but the economy is doing better? >> this is the funny thing. republicans find themselves 25 straight months of private sector job growth. the economy is getting better. off camera, conservatives of all stripes are scared. president is going to make the economy better, he has something to run on. let's go back to your question. the other thing here, look, of course, all people right now primarily concerned with the economy but look at the polls and mitt romney is doing very badly with women voters whereas
4:44 pm
they pushed barack obama over the top in 2008. women under the age of 50, it's almost a three to one margin and that is because conservatives have been going hard against the things that women also care about including reproductive health. fox news poll and i'll say that sally is right about this. in terms of the fox news poll. latest one that shows -- who would you vote for in 2012 election? among female voters, if the candidates were president obama and mitt romney, president obama leading 49% over romney 37%. bring it back to you, what can mitt romney do to change those numbers? >> definitely the economy and bring his wife. she has been the center of campaign, humanize him and talk about the man he is. that is where the president has
4:45 pm
done very effectively. he talked about it the fact he is outnumbered in his house hold. he has two daughters, he has a wife. it humanizes him as the president and obviously as a contender for 2012. >> heather: and i want to bring up another sound bite from president obama where he talked about the issue of planned parenthood. >> when people say we should get rid of planned parenthood. not just restricting about a woman's making health decisions but denying preventative care that millions of women rely on. >> i think there are way too many facilities that are located in black communities. we have a high percentage rate of abortion in the black community. for him to be pushing for planned parenthood. their primary service is abortion. i think there are other options that people can do than to get
4:46 pm
rid of child, an innocent life. >> i have a lot of respect for deneen but we have to put facts. that is misstatement. less than 3% of planned parent hood is perform abortions. 5 million american women get other preventative health services. a large reason that clinics are in black communities, the services serve low income community. unfortunately a lot of poor people are also black. but larger issue, you want to fix those numbers if you are the republican party, stop dismissing the long term health care needs of half the population by saying we're going to go after planned parenthood, because we don't like what they do. how would women get jobs if they were constantly -- this is like a larger conversation that we have to have. >> what do you mean?
4:47 pm
when you say that. >> i am a working mother. >> so am i, thank you very much. >> doesn't stop from advancing career. >> i'm sorry, 99% of women have used contraception so they can control their choices including their economic status. >> wait a second. it's not go about government paying for it. government doesn't pay for contraception. the whole debate was about private employees to pay for contraception services. this is the thing, heather, republicans on this issue, they demagogue on this issue and backfired and put it on democrats to make them look bad. women can have good economy and health care that works for their family and candidate is stand up for will win this election. >> for obama to force obamacare
4:48 pm
especially on the catholic community is a front against the catholic community. that is a primary issue concerning obamacare and the mandate that is going on that is being driven in this country. >> you have a right to believe that but majority of women voters including catholic voters disagree with you and believe you can have both. >> mercedes, jump in quickly before we break. >> in terms of obamacare there is a constitutionality issue. that is why the justices are looking at the core, has it triggered a violation of the commerce clause, forcing individuals to come and purchase healthcare is obviously a constitutional matter. if i were predicting it's going to be kennedy the swing vote and they will say the original mandate is not constitutional because you are forcing individuals. >> heather: to end on that note but aren't we glad our voices are heard.
4:49 pm
>> people are listening to us, that is the great thing. >> heather: straight ahead a national golf club in the spotlight for excluding women, but should they? we'll take a closer look at this straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curveballs. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain;
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>> heather: welcome back. augusta national golf club is making headlines, not just because of the tournament but traditionally the all male club extends membership and a green jacket to the tournament's main sponsor, this year that would be i.b.m.'s virginia and she happens to be a woman. but they are not changing the men's only rule. our power panel is back. i'm going to start on this end with you. >> this is just sick. what year is it? come on. we were talking about, different political positions but we believe in and support the idea of women to have opportunity and economy in this country. here we have a woman executive that has risen to the top of
4:54 pm
i.b.m. and we have a golf club that won't admit her? come on. >> it's embarrassing. >> they can play the course but they can't be a member. >> i totally agree with you. can you believe it. we're on the same thing. but it's really truly outrageous how women are making an huge impact in the economy and not going to allow these women to play on the course. absolutely outrageous and what is distressing if a lawsuit was brought by a woman, they are excluded from the law. they are exclusively private and i have defended those cases. >> this isn't the first time the issue has come up. >> and it's a private club so they have their own rules, but you know what? i personally would not want to be a part of a club where they don't want people like me to be
4:55 pm
a part of the club. for me to pay my money for dues, are you kidding me? i'm not really into golf. [ laughter ] >> so first of all, there should be more pressure all the people, the men to renounce the membership and more should. but i also do want to say, it's a political panel, it's a reminder of both the limitations of some of the civil rights laws and things we create in our country to have broken down these barriers in housing and employment and other ways. >> legislation hasn't changed. >> what about all women's clubs? >> as long as it's private. they are excluded from these laws, as well. it's all about privacy. >> there is about 300 members. there is about 3 300 members and
4:56 pm
they include, bill gates, warren buffett. do you think, should they quit, resign? >> i think they should. they should really consider it. just on a personal level. >> thank you all so much. >> gregg: what about the women's clubs that exclude me? we'll be right back. think about that.
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5:00 pm
>> hello, everyone. glad you're with us. welcome to a brand-new hour of "inside america's news headquarters." >> heather: topping the news this hour, brand-new details in on a military jet crash over virginia's most plate city. why a commander is calling it's a "amazing miracle." >> greg: their relationship shocked the couple. now a teenager girl is kicking her teacher/former boyfriend to the curb. we'll explain why. >> heather: and former saints defensive coordinator gregg williams telling his players to kill the head of opposing athletes. we'll ask judge janine if he should face criminal charges. >> greg: new fallout from the scandal over a federal agency on a spending spree. that's right, using your taxpayer dime. house lawmakers releasing a videotape this week showing an
5:01 pm
employee singing and making fun of lavish government spending. take a look at this. >> ♪ ♪ >> greg: that was your tv, by the way. you own that, you're a taxpayer. oh, that lovely ocean behind him, you're paying for that, too. now the blame game begins in the nation's capital. the white house is saying this problem didn't start under their watch. doug mckelway live in washington, d.c. where the blame game is endemic. doug? >> indeed it is, greg. just a day after the gsa issued a statement saying it was appalled by this indefensible
5:02 pm
behavior the white house is coming out with a defense, in part blaming the bush administration for the extensive spending at the conference. fox news received a tally for the western region conference through the years, and it shows that spending for the conference did in fact go up substantially during the bush years. in 2004, $93,000 was spent for the conference. in 2006, $323,000. in 2008, $655,000. and for the year that's the subject of so much controversy, 2010, gsa spent $840,000. an administration official tells fox news, "at least we've taken bold, swift, force you will action to hold those responsible accountable, and have put in place protections to make sure this never happened again. if bush administration folks acted under their watch, the 2010 debacle could have been avoided." but a former gsa official from the bush administration said that the expenses in the bush administration sound large because the actual monetary
5:03 pm
expenditure was much smaller. >> it sounds good it went over 100%. it went up about $250,000. >> a lot -- >> it's a lot, but when you start small it's easy to say it increased a lot, but really it wasn't vegas, wasn't nearly a million dollars. >> the gsa will come under intense scrutiny later this month as the conference is examined, and that it cost american taxpayers much more money, the $1.7 billion the gsa spends on vacant or little used government properties. greg? >> greg: i have a solution, don't even hold conferences. i don't go to conferences. >> especially if you work for the government, the taxpayer is paying for it. >> greg: i just go to work. that's all i do. why do they need conferences? does fox have a conference? no, they don't. we just work, and work hard. thank you very much. we'll have much more on the gsa
5:04 pm
spending scandal, how it's turning into a political hot potato a little later in the hour. i don't think i've ever gone to a conference in my life. >> heather: i haven't either. i don't know. an all-out manhunt underway in tulsa, oklahoma, right now. tulsa police joining forces with county sheriffs and the u.s. marshals and the fbi, looking for a white man driving a white pickup truck responsible for a string of shootings that have the entire city on edge. three people are dead, two others in critical condition, all of the victims are black. all of the incidents happening within a three-mile area at around the same time, and that has police and the community concerned. >> this is terrifying. no problems. i mean, good, hard-working people in this area. it's scary that they're randomly running around, because they can do it anytime.
5:05 pm
>> heather: black community leaders met last to i night to e sure there's no counter violence. >> greg: brand-new information on that fighter plane crash in virginia beach, virginia. the plane suffered a catastrophic engine failure during a training flight. everybody has been accounted for and amazingly nobody was killed. the two pilots are called heroes for their quick thinking. >> the apartment manager told me 64 units were burned and 42 were destroyed when that f-18 fell out of the sky yesterday. now as the navy tries to figure out what happened, residents are trying to figure out if they've still got a place to live. >> we have nothing but the clothes on our back. we have nowhere to go. we're staying in a hotel right now. we want to know if our cat is alive. all our medicine is in the house. it's scary. >> displaced residents met with navy officials this afternoon who made clear that support is available now, and some money is
5:06 pm
on the way. >> they have the ability to reach out to those people and disperse funds to them to help them recover some of their life. so that's our big focus, aside from investigating the aircraft, our big focus is to continue being a right kind of partner for virginia beach. >> one eyewitness told me it was the student pilot aboard, who was apologizing to residents for crashing a plane into their homes. another told me that despite the destruction, the pilots are heroes. >> both of the guys shot forward, shot up in the air, and were coming back down on top of the thing. i guess it was a good day. those guys, man, they're heroes. if they would have gone left, they would have dropped into the buildings. if they'd have gone, they would have dropped into us. >> the governor says the fact there were no fatalities is an easter miracle. greg? >> greg: peter, thanks.
5:07 pm
>> heather: the search for more than 100 pakistani soldiers buried in an avalanche has been put on hold. darkness and bad weather forcing rescuers to stop work on the 20,000-foot glacier. it is close to the indian border. the early morning avalanche is reportedly buried the soldiers under 80 feet of snow. the base has been called the world's highest battleground. an army spokesman reporting no survivors or bodies have been found out. >> greg: new developments out of syria concerning the ongoing violence there. nearly 200 syrian refugees who had been taking shelter in neighboring turkey are now returning home. they're burying their dead, the group leaving their camp heading to the turkish/syrian border. meanwhile in damascus thousands of the president rallying to mark 65 years of ruling of the baath party.
5:08 pm
we're getting records that the bloody crackdown continues even today with dozens more civilians killed. >> heather: back at home, to modesto, california, where police have arrested a former high school teacher for sexual assault, accusing james hooker of assaulting a 17-year-old student back in 1998. but that's not the end of his legal troubles. police were already investigating hooker for his relationship with a former student. now we're learning that 18-year-old jordan powers, seen here with hooker, ended the relationship after hearing of his arrest. her mother and the police both speaking out about the case. >> this has been my contention all along, that this predatory behavior didn't just start. he's a predator. he's a pervert. >> we were able to confirm her allegations based on the cumulative amount of evidence that obtained through interviews, as well as physical
5:09 pm
evidence. >> heather: hooker is held on $50,000 bail, scheduled for a court hearing next week. >> greg: a woman is lucky to be alive after a terrifying crash yesterday in washington state. look at this. it happened in the town of richland near the oregon border. emergency crews say she lost control of her car, veered across multiple lanes, plunging into an irrigation canal. amazingly rescuers were able to get her out. >> they broke the back window. then the driver's side, they made a hole to tie the rope there. there's no damage whatsoever, except for very little in the front as you can see. they were talking to her. there was two people helping out. one got in the back, then they got in the front to talk to her, then they opened the door, and got her where she came out and everything. >> greg: the woman was taken to a nearby hospital and is okay. she's there for observation now. >> heather: lucky lady. and in las vegas, two suspects sitting behind bars after a high-speed chase there. the police arresting a man and a woman in a pickup truck after chasing them for about an hour.
5:10 pm
this is how it ended. usually does this way. at one point the pickup truck driving into a parking garage where the police following in hot pursuit. the driver managed to elude them and emerged again into traffic. eventually ended when one of the officers rammed his car into the truck, as you saw there. >> greg: ever get away with it? >> heather: never. they should know that by now. >> greg: all right. the first of three mega millions lottery winners claiming the prize. one person in kansas, sharing the record-breaking jackpot of $656 million with two other winners in maryland and illinois. but those folks haven't come forward yet. kansas lottery officials presenting a check for $218 million to a cardboard figure of the winner who wants to remain anonymous. i would too. take a listen to the lottery director. >> they were still, you know, just in awe that they had won it. they're, like, all of us. they think about the possibility of winning, but they never thinks going to happen to them,
5:11 pm
but it did. it proves real people really win. you could be next. >> greg: good ad. the winner has taken a cash option of $157 million instead of the annual payments. i think i'd do that too. >> heather: i want to know how long they worked on that cardboard picture. >> greg: looks like a happy person, i'll tell you that much. ♪ vigils are bases held in the middle east leading up to easter sunday. >> greg: the faithful attending services in bethlehem. hundreds of christians gathering for the traditional candlelight easter service at the church of the nativity, commemorating when jesus is believed to have risen from the dead. the church and the nativity is one of the oldest continuously operating churches in the world, and it's sacred to several religions. >> heather: we wish everyone a happy easter on this weekend.
5:12 pm
>> greg: and happy passover as well. >> heather: mitt romney looking to wrap up the gop presidential nomination, but the media is romping up the romney running mate sweepstakes. we'll take a look at that. >> greg: plus, job seekers hoping to work in one texas hospital better slim down, or don't even think about applying. the medical center's controversial way to fight obesity. can they do that? >> we don't want to be bringing employees on the job force who have extra problems that then become a burden on the rest of the employees.
5:13 pm
5:14 pm
5:15 pm
5:16 pm
>> greg: welcome back. time for a quick check of the headlines. for the first time an iranian lawmaker publicly saying his country can produce a nuclear weapon, but he says it never would. this comes days before iran sits down with the u.s. and other countries to discuss its nuclear program. former nfl star warren sapp filing for bankruptcy. court filings show he owes more than $6.7 million. and ford recalling more than 140,000 focuses over an apparent wiring problem with windshield wipers. the affected cars were built between august 2010 and october
5:17 pm
2011. the dealers will fix the problem for free. >> heather: nearly $1 million of your tax dollars going toward a big party in las vegas. the general services administration spending free goes from spicy shrimp, a lot of alcohol, even featuring a clown. >> i think my role is to make it a challenging environment. it only makes them a better employee. i think it's good to have me between breaks. i was in the office earlier today, and i was actually trying to rest up for the conference call. ha-ha. >> heather: wow. but the joke may be over with the bash entering into a political battlefield. the white house pushing back against the gop critics, saying that it inherited the gsa big spending problem from the bush administration. let's bring in our political panel to discuss.
5:18 pm
martin frost and brad blakeman, thank you both for joining us. first of all, brad, i'll begin with you. i want to take a look at the numbers, because the obama administration is saying that this problem didn't begin with them. it looks like from these numbers that they are, at least somewhat, correct, making the case that the bush administration went up 248% from 2004 to 2006, 102% from 2006 to 2008, but only 28% during the obama years. brad, what say you? >> two wrongs don't make a right. if it shouldn't have been done during the bush administration, it shouldn't done under the obama administration. remember, heather, this is the president who was going to take a scalpel to the budgets, to lecture his departments heads to root out fraud, waste and abuse. certainly they knew this was wrong. one of the participants about mocked the entire outing by doing a song, a rap about it,
5:19 pm
and he won an award for making fun of the taxpayer for this gross abuse. this administration refuses to take responsibility for any of their actions, whether it's high gas prices, foreclosures, joblessness, solyndra, you name it. the buck has to stop with this president. it's his responsibility. it was his administrator, gsa, and it was wrong. >> heather: the administration has said at least we have taken bold, swift, forceful action to hold those responsible accountable and to put in place protections to make sure that this never happens again. >> should have never happened to begin with. >> heather: congresswomacongres? >> the group that did this should be held accountable, there's no question about that, but they don't have an exclusive franchise on this. there are political appointees, and both parties make mistakes. when they do, they should be brought before congress to explain what they did, and they
5:20 pm
should be fired. that's what happened here. look, there are a lot of very, very good people that work at gsa. that's a tragic part of this. i know some of the people that work there. they're being painted with a broad-brush. they work hard every day for the government. the political people who did this should be held accountable and shouldn't have jobs anymore. >> heather: doug mckelway mentioned earlier, he said as much as the western conference scandal has drawn a lot of media attention due in part to all the videos that are able to be released regarding it, it pales in comparison to the billions of dollars in questionable expenses that the gsa incurs each year from sitting on empty or underused government buildings. brad, what about that? >> well, at a time of austerity, every department head in every agency should be cutting back and rooting out fraud, waste and abuse. that's their job. and if in fact there's warehousing of property that no longer serves the government, it should be turned over the
5:21 pm
american people can get the benefit of the properties through the sale instead of the burden of carrying those properties. >> heather: and congressman frost, how do you think this will affect the obama administration, if at all, moving nord into the election? >> i don't know that this one thing will affect the obama administration very much. i agree with brad. if there's property that's been held, whether it's by this administration -- some of it's been held by years, in previous administrations, too, it should be disposed ever. look, this is a situation where it's important, congress has a role to investigate this. i no problem with congressional hearings being held. i'm glad they'll be held promptly. let's find out who caused the problems and let's make those people pay the consequences. i don't think this is unique to any one administration. there have been problems in both parties' administrations, and when they're discovered then we have to do everything we can to make sure it doesn't happen again. i hope that's what happened here. there may be some more people in gsa that will lose their jobs, and they finally should.
5:22 pm
>> megyn: broad, i'll give you the final word quickly. >> the congressman is absolutely right. more people in his party should listen to him, because he's the voice of reason. you don't blame somebody else. you take the blame, root it out, and fix it. >> heather: thank you very much. appreciate you both joining us. voice of reason, congressman frost, and brad blakeman, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> i still don't understand why there are conferences. if you need to share things, isn't there email? >> heather: a lot of companies have done away with conferences. >> greg: especially the government. the 2,012-penny will be the last of its kind in canada. the government deciding to scrap production because it costs more to make the coin than it's worth. turns out the same can be said for pennies in the u.s. here's the details why. anna? >> the united states mint spent more than double the worth of pennies and nickels to produce
5:23 pm
and distribute them. it's 2.4 cents for penny and 11.8 cents per nickel. canada is scrapping their penny. this month marks the end of production. now some are calling for the united states to follow suit. for every dollar of pennies issued by the u.s. mint, we lose $1.40. for nickels, we lose $1.24. in 2011, taxpayers lost $60 million producing pennies and $56.5 million producing nickels. the u.s. mint is actively researching to find more economical ways to produce our coinage. >> we can have a cheaper alloy. in 1793 when the u.s. federal coins took shape, most of the coins were in silver, including
5:24 pm
the dime. >> some wonder if the days are numbered for using small change in america. similar moves have been made historically. for example, a half penny was used in the united states until 1857. >> it's possible to think about alternatives, one of which is just getting rid of pennies and nickels, just having dimes and quarters and dealing with the rounding off problems that would accompany that level of coinage. >> experts say at some point computers may take the place of physical coins and bills. critics argue that doing everything electronically would not be fair because consumers would have no choice. greg? >> greg: do you use pennies? do you? >> heather: i hardly ever use them. that report, not going to nickel and dime you. >> greg: oh, yeah. too easy, too easy. i have a penny jar, i keep my
5:25 pm
pennies in. >> i do too. >> greg: my kids take it to the grocery store and get money. >> it's a nostalgic thing. >> greg: i don't need it. one of the country's most famous landscape artists suddenly dies. coming up, we'll take a look at thomas kinkaid's iilic work. >> heather: plus a veteran receives his medals four decades later. why it took the u.s. government so long to honor this american hero. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle -- 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor
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the healthcare law gives us powerful tools to fight it... to investigate it... ...prosecute it... and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers... are teaching seniors across the country... stop, spot, and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. blossom. >> greg: welcome back. bottom of the hour. time for top of the news, fire officials in virginia beach says everyone has been accounted for at an apartment complex where a
5:30 pm
navy fighter jet crashed on friday. seven people injured, including two pilots. >> heather: nbc news firing a producer for editing gorge zimmerman's call to police. they deleted a segment that showed it was the police, not zimmerman, that raised the issue of race in asking for a description. >> greg: in phoenix, arizona, the manager of a wal-mart was shot and killed during an apparent robbery, and a massive manhunt is underway. >> heather: it took more than 40 years, but one veteran is finally being recognized for his heroic efforts during the vietnam war. cleveland king earned four medals for bravery when his company came under attack back in 1969. because of a bureaucratic oversight, he never knew about his awards until his squad reunion. here's a report. >> we were atop the hill. the only thing i remember, there wasn't many people left in our
5:31 pm
squad. >> i looked at him i don't know how many times on that hill. >> they're praising one man in particular who saved many lives. >> he was standing out in the open, directing us in. he was cool and calm the whole time. we didn't know him. you know, just a marine on the ground. >> i'm standing up there, trying to direct them in, you know. i'm saying, i'm going to get shot, but it didn't matter. >> a decision that earned him four medals of honor. two purple hearts, a silver star, and a bronze star. medals he never received, and medals he didn't even know he had. >> the president of the united states of america has awarded the silver star medal to corporal cleveland king, jr. >> i was putting my father-in-law's pictures together, and there was a lot of guy with a lot of medals.
5:32 pm
i found cleveland to congratulate him on his silver star, and he never knew he got it. >> absolute of these guys here haven't seen each other in 43 years. to see them reconnecting after that amount of time is real special. >> there's always something that you will put on this earth. sometime it may come sooner. sometime it may come later. but be patient, and it's coming, because this took me a long time, a long time. i thank god for that. >> heather: wise words from corporal king. thank you and congratulations to him. >> greg: what a great story. >> greg: republican presidential candidates still working hard toward the next round of primaries, but many in the media are only focusing on delegate
5:33 pm
leader mitt romney, so much so that a frenzy has broken out over who he might pick out as a running mate. journalist and author liz trotter joins you us with more. hi, liz. >> you've got that right, the frenzy has started. now we have to have all the speculation problems that we can have about who a vice president would be on the ticket. it's always said in politics that the vice president is the last cookie on the plate. everyone is afraid to say they want it, so it just lies there, but eventually it's rewarded of course. that's the image. the most famous quote, saying that the vice presidency is not worth a bucket of warm spit. that's the kind of attitude the media has always had about it. and that hasn't changed today. let's take a look at what frank
5:34 pm
brunei, columnist of the "new york times," had to say in one of his pieces this week. he said, you show me a voter so taken with a vice presidential nominee that he or she swallows real reservations to vote for the ticket and i'll show you a member of an extended family or someone wanting a ticket to the inauguration. it brought out sarcasm. it's true reporters, you don't get to cover the presidential campaign, well, there's always the vice presidential race. it's like missing the golden ring, but you're hoping, you know, my guy might still be a president today. so it's second price. >> greg: lbj delivered not only the texas, but the south. without him john f. kennedy would not have been president. >> oh, absolutely. he was a popular guy with some republicans that i know, very able politician. let me give you an example, some
5:35 pm
of the names for those who haven't been paying attention that have been toted so far that romney may pick for his second place on the ticket. senator marco rubio, of course, of florida. he might deliver the hispanic vote. governor chris christie from new jersey. governor martinez from new mexico is a possibility for drawing the hispanic vote. governor bob mcdonald of virginia. >> greg: sure. >> senator rob portman, a republican from ohio. there's echoes of the bush presidency there. he was former head of the budget. that may be -- that may hurt romney. of course representative paul ryan who's head of the house budget committee. the list goes on and on. they're going to probably be considering women, because of the so-called war on women. the democrats say that the republicans are engaged in that. hispanics. and of course the black vote,
5:36 pm
which most people agree that obama has sewed up. it's a guessing game. >> greg: usually gender, geography or experience. >> you got it. >> greg: all right. liz trotta, great to see you. thank you very much. heather? >> heather: the fat need not apply at one texas hospital. the citizens medical center in victoria, texas, saying no to obese job applicants. the hospital has a policy that potential employees have a body mass index lower than 35. it also says employees should have an appearance that is "representative of the image of a healthcare professional without causing distraction." listen to a hospital executive. >> it's clearly known that when you talk about the hospital's self-insured health plan that we need to be as careful as we can to encourage healthy habits and behavior on the part of our employees, but also we don't want to be bringing a burden on
5:37 pm
the rest of the employees. >> heather: lawyers say the policy is not against the law. >> greg: thomas kinkaid, one of america's most popular painters has died. kinkaid passed away in his home near san francisco apparently of what's being described as natural causes. he was known as the painter of light portraying scenes of country gardens and churches bathed in early morning light. his paintings were also a big business, totaling about $100 million a year in sales. said to be in 10 million homes across the u.s. kinkaid said he wanted his work to reflect peaceful themes and the beauty of nature. he was only 54 years old. >> heather: some controversial audiotapes exposing locker room secrets of football coach gregg williams strucking his players to deliver punishing hits to the opposing team. are his instructions possibly
5:38 pm
criminal? judge janine pirro takes the case on up next. fine, you try. [ strings breaking, wood splintering ] ha ha. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. ♪ what's in your wallet? ♪ what's in your...your... ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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listen to williams' chilling words. >> we've got to do everything in the world to make sure we kill frank gore's head. we want him running sideways. we want his head sideways. >> greg: all right. williams has been suspended indefinitely for his role in this scandal, but could he also face criminal charges for urging his players to be violent? isn't it's a violent game? let's ask judge janine pirro, host of "justice with judge
5:43 pm
janine." there's this doctrine of law we learn in first year of law school, assumption of the risk. isn't that what football is? >> yes. anyone understands that football is basically a violent game. i mean, where people go in, they assume the risk, they get injured. we see it all the time. they come off the field on a play, or whatever. and what happens is no one ends up suing anyone. when you get to the point where you've got an injury that is orchestrated, for which you are getting paid, and that's what we're talking about here, an active bounty program -- >> greg: you're getting paid to hurt people. >> you're gettingfied hurt people and injure them in areas, not like we got to go out there and win the game, let's kill the other team. it's a basic, look, this guy's got sore ribs, let's test those ribs. >> greg: right. >> let's make him see sideways. what is about the acl? >> greg: anterior cruciate lig minute.
5:44 pm
>> right. let's make sure we injure that. when you get a bounty for that, we're entering a murky area where the question is not the assumption of risk, the question is are they playing a game that you're not playing? >> greg: all right. so the question is, if they were engaged in things other than clean tackles, that which you're taught to do, could they be charged with assault and battery? why not? >> the question is whether they could be charged with intentional assault or whether or not is a conspiracy to assault. and that's where i think the line is. understand this is a very gray area. you've a football field, which is basically the place where violence occurs, where people go out and knock each other out. then you've got the normal rules of society, where if i intend to hurt you, they're going to take me away and prosecute me and a jury has no question as to what happened. but put a case like this in front of a jury, you've got a real issue. the saving grace here is when the guy goes like this, says we're going to pay you, we've got a pool.
5:45 pm
in violation of nfl rules, you know, they've been doing this active bounty program 2009, 2010, and '11, and nfl commissioner roger goodell investigated it in 2010. this guy, gregg williams, keeps doing it. you've got a lot of administrative issues. whether or not a suspension is indefinite or for life is yet to find out, but a crime, as sure as i'm sitting here, greg, the feds will get involved in this. when the feds are involved, you've got lying to a federal officer, lying to congress. we've seen it with roger clemens answers everyone else. >> greg: there's an old joke, i went to a hockey game and a fight broke out. >> yeah. >> greg: hockey is the biggest offender. >> you're right, because hockey that's where the assumption of risk term started, is a hockey game. that's what i remember from law school. you're sitting in a front row of a hockey game, a puck hits you, you assume the risk. >> greg: you don't assume the risk if you're a quarterback of
5:46 pm
somebody literally trying to kill you, if you take these words serious. >> is it metapho metaphorical, ? therwe're at a new level, greg. i guarantee it prosecutors will look at this. >> greg: let's take a look at the rasmussen poll. here it is. saints coach suspended over do harm bounty. punishment just right, 46%. 21% say it's not harsh enough. 20% say it's too harsh. 13% not so sure. >> when roger goodell continues to look at this, they'll start looking at the players. players are going to get squeamish and start talking. this will get ugly, guarantee you. >> greg: ugly with a capital "u." you can catch "justice with judge janine" 9:00 eastern time
5:47 pm
on the fox channel. she'll have much or the saints story coming up tonight, because after all judge janine knows everything there is to know about football. she's such a pro on that subject. okay. heather? >> heather: mitt romney eyeing a november showdown with president obama, but first he's got to get through pennsylvania and rick santorum. we're not done with scott rasmussen yet. we've got brand-new polling showing where he stands against both rivals. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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>> a new poll showing that mitt romney may need to maybe pick it up in key swing states if he gets the republican nomination. >> president obama leading romney in likely voters in north carolina, ohio, and virginia. joining us, now scott rasmussen of rasmussen reports and author of the bestseller, "the people's money."
5:52 pm
to what do you attribute the president leading the swing states? >> the swing states are by definition reflective of the nation at large. these numbers are close to what we see nationally. these four states, the four core, if the president wins two of them, he probably guarantees himself a second term. the republicans need to win these states to have a shot at the white house. i don't think we'll get a good handle on all the numbers until after the supreme court ruling on healthcare, so a few more months of economic indicators, and we still have to finish up that republican nomination, too,. >> heather: absolutely we do. speaking of that, pennsylvania could be the final showdown between rick santorum and mitt
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
number one on "the washington post" list for the top political certainly. that was good news.
5:55 pm
>> greg: way to go, scott. it's a good read. >> heather: and one more poll. how happy are we today to say thank you, greg, for being born? >> greg: oh, come on. >> ♪ happy birthday to you >> greg: so sweet. thank you very much. >> heather: happy birthday. have a great evening. >> greg: thank you very much. i appreciate it. these two are coming up next. [ tom ] we invented the turbine business right here in schenectady.
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>> hello, everybody, on this holiday weekend. glad you're with us. >> topping the news this hour, new concerns a serial killer may be on the loose after five people are shot and three of them die. what cops have just revealed about a possible suspect. >> plus, an emergency landing gone horribly wrong. the control tower ignoring the pilot's call for help. we've got the audio for you. >> and if drowning in debt isn't bad enough, then come the calls from the debt cle


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