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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  April 7, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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>> judge jeanine: tonight, president obama takes on the supreme court. and the justices are fighting mad. will the highest court in the land ultimately make him regret his words? >> rick santorum. he runs, he doesn't run, nobody cares. >> judge jeanine: donald trump sounds off on the primary and the president. >> he was a constitutional law professor how could he not know? >> maybe he was. who knows. >> judge jeanine: what tricks does he think the president will pull to get reelected. plus the secret saints coach reporting. [ bleep ] >> judge jeanine: will criminal charges be filed? plus, you helped make it happen. marine ma megan levi and her dg rex reunited at last. coming up tonight on "justice." hello and welcome to "justice." president obama took on the supremes this week. did he go too far?
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or was the fifth circuit court assignment to outline the supreme court's power in the words of one liberal pundit a hissy fit? you be the judge. >> ultimately i'm confident that the supreme court will not take what would be an unprecedented extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected congress. and i just remind conservative commentators for years what we heard was the biggest problem on the berchl wa bench was judm or a lack of judicial strength. >> joining us, ann coulter and joe trippy. good evening. what is your reaction to that statement by the president? unprecedented. extraordinary.
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strong majority. i mean what was he -- how do you react to that? >> i'm demanding to see his law school transcripts now. it has been settled since 1803 that the supreme court can say a law passed by any legislative body is unconstitutional. that is what they are supposed to do. he said i want to remind conservative activists you don't want the supreme court overturning laws. yes, we do if it is an unconstitutional law. >> spare me the outrage. the supreme court can't take a president challenging. regan did it over school prayer and roe v. wade. presidents do this stuff. the real fact of the matter is what he said was based on precedent they are not going to do this. i don't think they are going to throw it out. and that is what he shoulded be saying right now. >> judge jeanine: ann, was that was he was saying? >> the idea if you overturn a law judicial activism has been
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a line pushed by liberals for a long time to defend what they do which is the sorts of things rye began was complaining about. it only started about 30 years ago where some justices would hallucinate when reading the constitution and discover rights that aren't there. that is judicial activism the same way as them ignoring what is in the constitution and not overturning the law. >> if this gets thrown out by the supreme court. there is only two possibilities. it was overthrown because it was unconstitutional or it was politics. it was precedent or politics. >> judge jeanine: are you saying, joe, that if the supreme court decides that the individual mandate is unconstitutional it is a political decision but if it is constitutional it is not a political decision? >> i think that is what is being set up by both sides right now. >> judge jeanine: i haven't heard anything talking about that but the president. am i wrong here? >> to the extent the justices ever act politically it is never the conservative justices.
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they will rule in a way they don't like to uphold the law if the legislative body that passed the law has the right to do so. we have a right to religion freedom. scalia is not in favor of people smoking peyote but he ruled against. yes, they have the right as long as it is a religious ceremony. never a right to a flat tax or a right to bear nuclear arms. >> judge jeanine: we can agree that the president was wrong when said it would be an unprecedented extraordinary step tore the supreme court to rule on the unconstitutionality of a law passed by congress. it is what they do every day. admit it. that is what he said. that is a quote. >> he said based on precedent they wouldn't overthrow the law. >> judge jeanine: they never ruled on the obama care law before. what is the precedent? >> i think he is setting up the -- look. >> judge jeanine: that is the question, joe. >> anybody who thinks that there isn't -- everybody on both sides isn't setting up the
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political argument for how they will argue between now and november peaced on what the court does is out of their minds and not dealing with reality. we are in a presidential election year. the fact of the matter it doesn't matter what any of these people say right now. >> but it does matter. >> the court is going to do what it is going to do. >> judge jeanine: why does the president take on the supreme court? >> he is trying to bully them to ignore the constitution. >> my own view is if they overthrow this you are going to have an energized democratic party. >> judge jeanine: i'm not even there. my question is what is motivating the president? is he trying to sway the supreme court, intimidate them or just being arrogant? >> he is trying to bulllely them and turn this into a big issue where the new york times will be denouncing the supreme court for reading the constitution and as proof that the conservatives aren't being political. i don't care if this helps democrats in the fall. there isn't a constitutional provision that allows congress to pass a law mandating that
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people go out and purchase -- >> judge jeanine: i'm more interested in the president, his motivation and politics as a lawyer i was stunned. for get that i'm a judge. i was stund that you would say that an unelected group of people the ones that you appointed are better than the ones the other president appointed? are you kidding? come on, joe. >> as a judge appointed for life is there anything the president could say that is going to cause you as a judge to have your knees shake. it is not going to happen. no way. not this court. no way. >> judge jeanine: the circuit court judge said you got to go back to write about what the supreme court can and can't do. is that a hissy fit. >> we have been the way it was reported in the media sounds like it was just this daring move. but if you listen to the oralle argument when says it he seems to be asking seriously the president of the united states -- i think he ought to get holder and the department of justice on record saying of
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course, they have the right to say a law is unconstitutional. >> judge jeanine: do you think the judge was saying to the president don't question us any more? do you think he has made a lot of federal judges angry? >> he may have. i don't think it matters and i think holder will do his homework assignment and send h him a nice letter that says you are right, the supreme court has the ability to do this. >> judge jeanine: and he did. >> and he did and it will be great. and everybody will be happy and the judge can doppler. >> the idea that justices cannot be bullied is prepostorrous. it was a phenomenon referred to as the greenhouse effect, putting pressure on the election -- they want to be on the front page of the magglio. [ overlapping speakers page. [ overlapping speakers ] >> it affected justice suitor. he gets the nice writeup as the intellectual on the supreme court when he is a monkey brain but oh, he ruled for abortion
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rights. suddenly he is hailed across america as this great intellectual. of course, it has an effect. >> judge jeanine: after november we will be able to tell whether or not it had an effect. thanks so much for being with us this evening. >> thank you. >> judge jeanine: is donald trump having second thoughts about a run for the presidency? and his dire prediction on what might happen with iran. and did police drop the ball by not arresting josh powell after his wife disappeared? a surprising concession by law enforcement. >> we take a vigorous approach to charging and based on the fact that we now know i can say that the case against josh powell for the murder of susan powell is one that we would have charged. [ male announcer ] fighting pepperoni heartburn and pepperoni breath? fight both fast with new tums freshers! concentrated relief that goes to work in seconds and freshens breath. new tums freshers. ♪ tum...tum...tum...tum... tums! ♪
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earlier i asked him how president obama with a bad economy, high gas prices, a weak housing market, could be so far ahead of romney. >> well, i don't think it will be very long. the republicans are not doing themselves a service by continuing with this whole charade because frankly romney is going to be the candidate and he will be a very good candidate. i think he is going to end up winning and you just mentioned one of the things, gasoline, when that hits $5 a gallon, 6 th a gallon, i think it will be easy actually to beat the president. >> judge jeanine: gas prices are still going up. why is this guy popular? >> he has something going. people liked him. he ran on change and we got change. this is change. the country is doing very poorly. very poorly especially as it relates to other countries. many countries are doing so well, you wouldn't even believe it. china is doing numbers on us that you wouldn't believe. the level of and the amount of money that they make on the united states each year.
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this year, china will make $350 billion. we have nobody to protect us and it is very sad. >> judge jeanine: and you long talked about this. >> i long talked about it but the potential we have is enormous if we had the proper leadership. >> judge jeanine: assuming and it appears that romney will be the nominee who should he pick as a vice presidential candidate? >> bob mcdonald is great. chris christie is great. senator rubio would be excellent. you have a lot of good candidates jonz when you talk about the people that would run for vice president do you regret not continuing your run for president? >> the polls were showing good as you know. i had a lot of decisions to make. do i give up this monster show and everything i'm doing. if you are a politician, rick santorum, what is he giving up, nothing, he -- he runs, he doesn't run. when you do what i do you give up a tremendous amount. and i got to know mitt romney and i was impressed with mitt romney. he spoke about opec and he spoke about china and he spoke
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about what is happening to this country and how we are being eaten from the outside by all of these countries. the country of colombia. they call it our business partner. they made $4 billion profit. call it profit on us last year. he sees it. so i started watching him and seeing him and i liked what i saw. i think he will go down as a great candidate and i think he will go down as a great president. >> judge jeanine: let's talk about something you said this week that i thought was fascinating. you said that you believed that president obama might start a war with iran because that puts us in a position of, you know, joining together as a country and following the president and that he would do it right before the election. what do you base that on? >> that is just a prediction i make. i think that he will start a war. i think iran is being foolish if you look at what happened to khadaffi he overplayed his hand. talk about what happened in iraq. all you have to do is say come in and check, we don't have
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anything. that would have caused a problem with iran and maybe that is why he didn't say it. i think iran is overplaying their hand and if they are smart they will do something. i have said that in my opinion obama will start a war that will be -- >> judge jeanine: even with his base. we are in the longest war in american history in afghanistan. >> for three weeks he will be popular. six months later he will be unpopular. by that time it is too late. >> judge jeanine: do you think he is that sinister? >> i do believe he would do it. and i have been making that prediction. let's see what happens. many of my predictions as you know better than anybody have come true. >> judge jeanine: having said that, let's talk about his approach even in this country as it relates to the united states supreme court. referring to them as an unelected group of people and, you know, as a lawyer and as a former judge myself i was some what taken aback. how does that hit you? >> i think it is very arrogant
9:16 pm
or he doesn't know. >> judge jeanine: but he was a constitutional law professor. how could he not know. >> who knows what he was. i don't know. do you know? does anybody really know the manicurian candidate? >> judge jeanine: that is interesting, the mancurian candidate. >> a lot of things are not known about obama and frankly that someone of the reasons he got in. i don't want to use the word ignore rant but perhapses that is a good word to use. i have people that are lawyers and friends of mine and can't believe he the statement he made about the supreme court. >> judge jeanine: have you you seen a president do something like that? >> i think it is one of the most insulting things you could have said to a judge and especially if you are talking about a supreme court justice. >> judge jeanine: who is about to render a decision on your case. >> it will force them to do one of two things. maybe give a decision that they he wouldn't have given and that will be bad. obama care has to be overturned. it is going to be a disaster for this country.
9:17 pm
>> judge jeanine: why? >> number one, it is bad healthcare. healthcare is so important. i'm a believer. number two, it will bankrupt this country. the companies within the country cannot afford it. >> judge jeanine: does he think he can change the supreme court's mind? they don't run for reelection. they have a life tenure. >> nobody knows what he was doing. maybe he didn't know what he was doing. i think it came out badly and if i were a justice i would be so angry by what he said and the way he said it. even as a citizen, he is taking one of our three great branches and really saying it shouldn't exist. >> judge jeanine: so who would donald trump's dream celebrity apprentice be? and who did he least enjoy firing? >> that is the pot calling the kettle black. [ male announcer ] this is lawn ranger -- eden prairie, minnesota.
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okay. who is going to be your project -- >> i am. >> diana again. >> i'm going to be the project manager. >> instead of huddling up, avita over here frickin' yells she is going to be project manager. really? i'li will cry for you argentina because you are going to lose this for us because you have no clue in your head. >> judge jeanine: donald trump made a controversial decision to allow a transgendered woman born as a man to compete in the ms. universe beauty pageant. >> ms. universe. i have known you for many years. i consider consider you to be a connoisseur of women.
9:22 pm
you made the decision that someone who was born a male should be allowed to compete for the most beautiful, the hottest woman in the universe. what did you base that decision on? >> well, it has become a hot subject. it is being talked about all over the world right now that whole thing. this is a young woman who according to the laws of canada and according to the laws of the united states is allowed to enter the pageant system. >> judge jeanine: is there a specific pageant rule that says that? >> we didn't have a rule. this is new territory. we are going by at some point the olympic rules because the olympics are having a big question about this, should this be allowed. i said we have 58 contest yans in canada. let her run and maybe she will win and if she wins she will go to ms. universe. i feel fine with the decision. >> judge jeanine: tim tebow is talking about moving to one of your places in new jersey that i understand mark sanchez lives as well. >> and mark sanchez is a great guy and so is tim tebow. i have many of the yankees and mets and giants and jets and
9:23 pm
the knicks, i have many of the athletes living this things i own and things i have and clubs and buildings and we love to have the athletes and the people that are in the building love to have them. >> judge jeanine: of course, they do but does sanchez know that tebow is looking and does tebow know that sanchez is looking there. >> they do. >> judge jeanine: is this like the hatfields and mccoys. >> i spoke to both of them but they really like each other. are we'll see what happens. >> judge jeanine: you are in the fifth season of celebrity apprentice. >> how can you defend her if she is not here. >> lisa, when you [ bleep ] with me and disrespect me it's on. >> judge jeanine: as you look back is there any celebrity that you wanted to have on that you haven't had on yet? >> there are a few i would like to have. i want to have pete rose on. he is a very competitive guy and he said i just can't stand being fired i don't want to be fired. i said maybe you won't be fired. the concept of being fired he
9:24 pm
can't stand. i would love to have pete rose on. that was one of the people. for every person we have on we have three, literally three that we can't take. >> judge jeanine: who was the person that you most enjoyed firing. >> for the most part i don't like firing people. >> judge jeanine: who did you like firing the most. >> i can't say because it is so nasty. one of the people like they would think is the famous amarosa. she had spunk and something. she was great. they saided you must have loved -- i didn't love firing her. i don't love firing tomorrow. on occasion you don't like somebody and it is okay. >> judge jeanine: always good to see you. >> take care of yourself. >> judge jeanine: you, too. did josh powell commit the perfect crime? will we ever know what really happened to susan powell? and then, why this may soon be illegal. and who is that lady anyway? and finally, good news for sergeant rex. by the way, follow me on
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really? yep, which is great for people who use insulin and test a lot. max and i are gonna run out and get some right now. or you can call or click today and get strips and a meter fr. test easy. live from america's news headquarters i'm harris faulkner. easter weekend for millions of christians around the world. in rome, pope benedict xvi at the st. peter's basilica along with thousands of worshipers for the vatican easter vigil service. sunday morning the pope will celebrate easter mass in st. peter's square. in jerusalem, roman catholics gathering at the place where jesus is believed to have been buried. tomorrow they will he is celebrate his resurrection. a parliament member claims iran does have the knowledge and capability to make an atomic weapon but will never do so. his remarks don't represent the official position of the iranian government. they do proceed the talks on
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iran's controversial nukes program. i'm harris faulkner in new york. now, let's get you back to "justice" with judge jeanine. all the headlines when you want them. go online to fox news .com. did the police drop the ball in the case of missing mom susan powell? disturbing new detail -- disturbing new details, husband josh brags about the perfect way to dispose of a body. former prosecutors, now both criminal defense attorneys, joey jackson and richard patele join us tonight. the utah d.a. says that she didn't have enough evidence against josh powell to prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. right or wrong, joey? >> are you kidding. they had more than enough evidence. first of all, him bragging about disposing of a body under perfect conditions. a four and a two-year-old.
9:30 pm
when do you take them out in the dark of night in the dead of winter camping and then one of them says to the police mommy was with me and she doesn't come back. blood in the house. >> her blood. >> her blood in the house. her cell phone found in his car. a couch stained. where do i begin? should i keep going. he should have been arrested and prosecuted? >> where did the crime happen? >> judge jeanine: where did it happen? >> arizona, utah, nevada, perhaps california, oregon, idaho. how do you establish jurisdiction? >> judge jeanine: i don't care where it happened. >> was she alive or dead? >> judge jeanine: i don't know but a reasonable assumption. you would try this case and win it. >> probably. >> judge jeanine: do you take it back? >> nope. >> judge jeanine: you know what he left out, he took her sim card out of the phone and lied to the police and said the reason he didn't return their call is because he didn't have a charger except he pulls in with a charger charging the phone.
9:31 pm
are these cops incompetent. forget about the jurisdiction, richard? are they incompetent? >> they could have done further. it is hard to judge in hindsight the depth breadth of their investigation. >> judge jeanine: would you have given them the okay? >> yes. >> judge jeanine: joe. >> without question. all you need is probable cause. you go forward and make the arrest. >> to blame utah i'm not sure is fair. the washington prosecutors had all that knowledge that the utah prosecutors had and they could have done something. they didn't have to seal the warrants. they would have given them to the judge and made appropriate arrangements for the visitation of the children. >> judge jeanine: the issue is whenever someone gets away with murder maybe they get away with murder. if he ended up killing himself, all right, he killed timself. had they done their job and this is my opinion had they
9:32 pm
done their job this man would have been arrested, these children would not have suffered the violent brutal murder that he subject them to and as far as i'm concerned this is pathetic. how about the father? >> that is the issue. the children would be alive. in terms of the father he has problems of his own as you know because he a facing the voyeurism charges. >> judge jeanine: could he still be charged with the murder? >> of course, he can. >> never, not going to happen. >> could he be an accomplice after the fact as well. >> next crime, shocking tapes release in the new orleans saints bounty scandal. take a listen. >> we have [ bleep ] smith right there. remember me. i got the first one. i got the first one. go lay that [ bleep ] out. we're going to dominate the line of scrimmage and we're going to kill the [ bleep ] hits. every single one of you before you get off the pile, affect the head. early, affect the head. continue touch and hit the head. >> judge jeanine: all right, gentlemen. is targeting an opposing player
9:33 pm
for injury a crime? >> absolutely. listen, this is what i feel about it. i think there are two issues here. one is the administrative issue. he is not going to coach again, that is clear. gudel is going after him. >> judge jeanine: talking about craig williams. >> one thing between motivating to play and play well and play forcefully. another to intentionally tell them to go and decapitate people and give them concussion and make sure their acls are done. that is improper and it will be investigated and without question there could be a prosecution. >> judge jeanine: the nfl already investigated it and roger gudel said indefinite suspension. i believe it probably should be for life. >> don't players put themselves in the zone of danger when they agree to play football? >> bounties are against the rules so i think that if you agree to play nfl football you are expecting players to stick by the rules and to abide by the rules. when someone is encouraging a player to go outside the rules and outside the bounds and take
9:34 pm
illegal cheap shots like acl. >> judge jeanine: meaning the ligament. >> that lost me. right away. >> judge jeanine: how do we know that it is metaphorical as opposed to literal. you know, go in there and kill him. >> he said take his acl out and that is specific and evidence of what his intent was. >> judge jeanine: and the bounty, gentlemen. it is the bounty and when goes like this. you know what i think the problem is and you can answer that. people who might sue, the football players injured by the saints might they have a lawsuit against the whole team because the players had to put money in a pool for the bounty that was used to pay off the guys for injury. >> i think they do. a couple of things here. first of all, the team as itself needs to control this. this should not be happening and there should be a captain of a ship who disallows this to occur. without question that is true. quickly to the point of the zone of danger. the point is when you play
9:35 pm
football you do subject yourself to risks but when there are heightened risks associated with someone telling somebody else to hurt you that is a difference. >> $10,000 if you take brett favre out. that is bad stuff. we asked our facebook followers what they thought and here is what they had to say. >> i don't con doan h his behavior but criminal charges a little too much. ken and mary, why is what gregg williams did as a coach any different than owners paying incentive bonuses for tackles and sacks. >> because one is legal and one is not. >> judge jeanine: that is the issue. all right, guys. let's take a look at this. you know who that is? that is boxing legend oscar de la hoya in fish nets. he may want to stay away from women's undergarments here on out after a hooker sues him for emotional distress because she says de la hoya put on her panties during a night of partying and said that she was afraid he would ask her to have
9:36 pm
sex again. this woman is a hooker. isn't that what she does? does this lawsuit make sense? >> i think it is a low blow. i think the judge scored the card right. >> by dispolicing it. >> dismissing it by fining her and her attorney $500 each. >> judge jeanine: and that is the question. you agree, right, not that it was a low blow. >> i agree. >> how does it hooker say i was afraid he was going to ask me for sex and i was afraid to leave. >> i think she was counting on a big pay day. why? because this is embarrassing. what star wouldn't pay you hush money to go away and it is over. the judge said this is frivolous and get it out of here and you know what attorney as well as client you are fined. >> judge jeanine: and i think the judge did the right thing. and you know he says to the hooker and her lawyer you are paying the legal fees for de la hoya. and good for him. what you do by yourself is your
9:37 pm
business and she was cashing in and shame on her. that really was a -- >> frivolous lawsuit. >> good, gentlemen. all right, now, this may not be the smartest way to drive. but is it illegal? >> recognize that person? >> the state of tennessee wants to make it a crime to drive with fido on your lap and that is certs lance allot on my lap. how different is this, people driving with dogs on their lap. you can't get people more upset. how different is that than driving with a cell phone, texting, putting on your mascara, joey, eating a hot dog? >> what about your friend or your partner? >> well, joey, answer the question. >> the point is that you can't mess around with man's best friend. that is what is the difference about it. people love their dogs. i understand what they are trying to do. they don't want people recklessly driving and going on in other lanes and everything else but to make it a misdemeanor for doing this. i think is a bit much.
9:38 pm
how about a violation, not a crime. >> how many times have you driven by and somebody has a dog on their lap and you say that is so cute? >> they are projectiles. an 80-pound pitbull which i have could go through the window and injure somebody. it is not a good idea. >> not to mention the dog gets hurt, too. >> but you a misdemeanor, a crime for doing this? >> should be a violation. i'm with you 100%. >> judge jeanine: you know what i think is interesting, guys, that the elector whoent deuced -- legislator that introduced it in tennessee has rolled it over because there is so much outrage from people saying i want to drive with my dog on my lap. >> the government is too involved in our lives. stop regulastop regulating us. let us live. >> my dogs always drive in the back.
9:39 pm
i look like i'm driving them. >> up next, what does google have to do with human trafficking? some members of congress want toughened out. plus, we ask you to help reunite sergeant rex and his marine handler who risked their lives defending us. do you believe in miracles? [ lisa ] my first car by lisa b. my mom got a new car, so they stored her old car in a barn until i was old enough to drive. my parents put mothballs in the trunk to keep the critters out. they didn't realize that the smell would never leave the car. i went to school smelling like my grandma every day. i didn't care. i loved it. [ male announcer ] animate and share your first car story at courtesy of the 2012 subaru impreza. experience love that lasts. ♪
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>> judge jeanine: human trafficking. the u.n. estimates 2.5 million people are bought and sold every year. and it is happening here. some members of congress looking into the issue are focusing on a very unlikely suspect. google. tennessee congress woman marsha blackburn joins us now. thank you for being with us, congresswoman. >> good to be with you. thank you. >> judge jeanine: what prompted your concern into the issue of google, its advertising practice its, and human trafficking? >> we have heard from many of the human rights organizations and the organizations that work with women and children and they have expressed their concerns. they wrote to the attorneys general last month highlighting with them some of their concerns about what is taking place online. and judge, it is not just google. they do have the largest footprint in the eco system but
9:44 pm
it is all of our online companies and the entire virtual marketplace where we have a concern and the reason for writing to google is because they do have that largest footprint in the eco system of the virtual marketplace. >> judge jeanine: and i should add here that google has responded to our request about your inquiry and they say we ban ads for sex trafficking, child pornography and prostitution. we have invested millions of dollars in monitoring and enforcing this ban using the latest technology as well as manual review by teams who are specially trained to get bad ads and bad advertisers off google. but congresswoman, let me ask you this. your letter, though, is to larry page, the ceo of google and not the other advertisers. is there anything in the history of google that focuses your attention and congress' attention on them?
9:45 pm
>> well, we do know that google recently paid a fine for pharmacies that were marketing counterfeit pharmaceuticals into the united states. and what we are trying to do is to make certain that the marketplace and the vendors that are in that marketplace are policing this. we want to know and representative malone and i have four things in our letter that we are pointing out that we want to make sure of. first of all, what are they doing to make certain these ads do not get online. and that they are not -- that the public is not being exposed to this. and secondly, what are they doing internally to prohibit this. what are their policies and procedures. third, what are they doing to train their sales team so that they are able to go through a vetting process. and then fourth, if they have profited from any of these ads that have been pointed out by
9:46 pm
the human rights organization to the attorneys generals then how are they going to disgeorge themselves of these profits? >> judge jeanine: how are these ads posted? if you are looking for a human sex slave and you are concerned about google and their affiliation with posting ads for human trafficking i mean how would those ads be posted? >> this is one of the questions that we are asking in our letter. let us know, inform us what is the policy, what is the way that you are handling this internally. so that the provisions provided in the physical marketplace, the protections that have been there for individuals in the physical marketplace are going to be there in the virtual marketplace. >> judge jeanine: and congresswoman, have you heard from larry page in response to your letter? >> as of today i have not. as of today i have not but we are looking forward to their
9:47 pm
response. we are looking forward to hearing from them making sure that we can be proactive in this. >> if larry page does not respond to this, what will you do? what will congress do? >> i think that you are going to see us continue again to work with them. the industry needs to make the lead in this, judge. and we are looking forward to a response. as i said, it is all of the advertisers, all of the internet service providers that are there in order for us to make shown that we retain a vital and vibrant internet economy we want to make certain that it is safe for everyone. >> judge jeanine: all right. thank you so much, comewoman. >> thank you. >> judge jeanine: we will be following this issue and we
9:48 pm
appreciate your being with us this evening. and up next, higher gas prices. and up next, higher gas prices. a struggling housing market. a weak job market. does president barack obama ha any chance for reelection? a moo protect and track everything. so every piece of equipment nows where it is, how it's doing or where it goes next. ♪ this is the bell on the cat. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪ woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this? [ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water. what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you -- including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number
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9:51 pm
are you saying republicans are getting in the way of job creation? >> i'm saying that the partisanship that we have received particularly from the house of representatives i think has blocked us from having a stronger job market. >> judge jeanine: it is still the republican's fault. but are you better off now than you were three years ago? for a lot of people the answer is still no. noelle, republican strategist, christopher hahn, democratic strategist and fox news
9:52 pm
contributor. new unemployment numbers down from 8.3 to 8.2. gas prices in my town are $4.86 a gallon. how is it that obama is still leading in the polls? >> i can't live in your town. that is way too expensive of a place. but as i said before you, judge, if that number gets below eight, game over, he is getting reelected no matter what happens with the republicans. above nine, big problems. anywhere in the middle, eights, it is a real race. >> i don't care what unemployment is. he is not going to get reelected with these gas prices because gas prices affect everyone just like the jobs do. the true job numbers this is fuzzy math. some college students that are getting out have not found jobs and have not registered. >> ile make you the same deal i made lou dobbs earlier in the month. >> bring it on. >> if you promise to give obama credit when the gas prices drop in september i will blame him right now. >> judge jeanine: i'm so glad
9:53 pm
you said that because last time you were on you said the gas prices are going to go down in september right before the election. >> they will, absolutely. >> judge jeanine: how is it going to happen if that is not in his control? >> because that is what happens, judge. >> judge jeanine: like the skies open up and they say let us -- >> if i may present a sidebar, your honor. >> judge jeanine: hit it. >> at the end of the summer they switch to the cheaper fall blend and prices plummet and demand goes down. and we are speculating right now there might be war in iran. when there is no war in iran the prices are going to go further. the people buying reit now and h hedging have to sell at a loss. >> if the facts are happening as they are right now, mitt romney will be elected. >> obama will win in a landslide. >> judge jeanine: let's talk about the election. what is with women right now. we have the president 47 -- the latest fox news poll, 47% to i think it is -- 49% to 37%. why do women prefer president obama to mitt romney?
9:54 pm
>> this is very distishin disto me and as a fundraiser this is something i would like to look at to try to raise money from women because i'm puzzled at why this poll did come out this way. they are looking at the nominee mitt romney and he has a big connectability problem which means that his vp choice is going to be very, very important. >> judge jeanine: before we get to that? what is with the women thing. is this thing with the catholic church, it just worked to his advantage. takes a fight and then all of a sudden says women i'm going to give you everything you need. >> not just that, judge. you prosecuted people with the violence against women act. they don't want to renew it. this is regan's bill and they don't want it. >> judge jeanine: as the president said they are not a monolithic group. when they go to the gas pump, women and they fill that pump isn't that what what they are thinking about. >> and what do they drive most, suvs, mini vans.
9:55 pm
and they are not going to vote for him, chris. >> they are not voting for a guy who wants to take away birth control. >> not take it away. they are not trying to thick it away. that is misleading. come on. >> this is what they are doing. >> judge jeanine: what you are saying is if they pick obama they are doing it for social issues. they are saying conservative married women are even more conservative than men. anyway real fast who does romney pick for a vp? >> he needs to score with women so pick someone like nicky haley. >> chris christie. he has appealed to a lot of people. >> judge jeanine: are you afraid that he is going to pick a woman, chris? >> picking your vice president is like picking your closer in fantasy baseball. sometimes it helps and sometis it doesn't. i made many mistakes on both of nose my lifetime. >> judge jeanine: thanks for being with us. finally tonight. good news.
9:56 pm
a happy ending. a story we brought you just a few weeks guy. sergeant rex the military dog trained to find ie ds has been reunited with former marine corporal megan levi who had to leave the service after an explodion that almost took both of their lives. >> we got through it together, you know and recovered together after. so just glad that we are both here right now and this is able to happen. congratulatio ns to both. and thanks to all of you who wrote to the military to show your support. we did it. see what we can do together. that is it for us tonight. thanks for joining us. e-mail us your comments, justice @ fox news .com. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now.
9:57 pm
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