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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 9, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> bret: as a new young leader consolidates power, the provocative explosive next moves prompt world reaction. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> good evening, i'm bret baier. tonight, the u.s. is facing prospect of nuclear threats on two fronts. first, north korea. intelligence suggests that the north is preparing a third test of nuclear weapon. counting down launch of vehicle that could theoretically have nuclear load to the u.s. we're watching the development. >> all systems are a go for the launch of north korean missile that pyongyang says is peaceful. others say it's aimed to gain military expertise and is violation of u.n. security council resolution and an agreement with the u.s. >> well, our position remains don't do it. north korea's launch of the
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missile would be highly provocative. >> it's a disturbing develo development. they shouldn't do it. >> the last one failed. third stage now functioning. north korea says all it wants to do is put observation satellite in orbit. "every country has a right to develop space technology and explore space for peaceful purposes" as the nuclearen launch site manager. north korean's neighbors aren't taking chances. they said if it enters their territory they will shoot it down. but pyongyang says it's an act of war. we want to clarify this launch threatens the peace and stability of the region. the threat is serious because of north korea's nuclear program. experts say it could have enough nuclear material for six bombs. south korean officials said they see indications that north korea is preparing for what would be the third
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nuclear test. that won't happen until the weekend's festivities are over. they are marking the 100 birthday of the founder. he and the son and late leader kim jong ill were remembered today. they might need the launch to give a lift to the new job for his son. >> this is linked with the power consolidation of the leadership, as much as a show of strength to the outside world. >> no matter what he says, this launch is so entangled with the birthday celebration that the former founder of north korea there is no going back. it will be a busy week. bret? >> bret: greg palkot live in london. thank you. now to iran. the u.s. is urgently trying to keep that country nuclear program in check. and prevent the outbreak of
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war. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler report mispeople fear time is running out. >> the carrier enterprise joined the region days before the talks on the nuclear program that u.s. officials say may be the last chance to resolve the dispute peacefully. the white house downplayed the deployment. >> based on schedule where there is roughly 1.5 groups at all time in the gulf. >> "washington post" reports the u.s. intelligence protection in iran improved so much in recent years; particularly, for use of unmanned drones like the one that went down in iran last december that the president is confident he will know if and when iran decides to try to build a nuclear bomb. >> the fact of the visibility allows us to believe that we can make assessments about the breakout capacity. >> iran supreme leader say we haven't taken that step.
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>> that is the case, it ought to be relatively straightforward to demonstrate that to the international community satisfaction. >> the next round of talk are only scheduled for one day but few expect to resolve it saturday. that is far short of the 90% enrichment level needed for nuclear weapon. but some think we can get a better deal. >> we have tremendous leverage now with the oil exports sanctions. this doesn't look to me it's enough from iranians to justify using that leverage. >> still while sanctions on iran is expected to make them eager to deal this summer, u.s. and israel don't see eye to eye on how much time is left. >> we will continue to follow the talks.
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in order to ensure that iran doesn't use talks just to gain time. or even worse to gain time -- [ inaudible ] >> they say the bite of the sanctions on iran an the pressure of election year politics on obama means both have incentive to find a compromise over the nuclear issue. the tough part is satisfying israelis. >> bret: thank you. we have are less than 24 hours of the scheduled beginning of the end of the hostilities in syria. scheduled. no one believes u.s. brokered cease-fire will happen. the conflict spilled to turkey today with clashes near the border and at least five people and refugee camp wounded by gunfire. u.s. and afghanistan signed a deal to give them authority over most raids. the night time raids issue is a sore spot to reach long-term strategic agreement ahead of
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drawdown. all special operations will have to be approved by committee of afghan officials under this deal. at home, we are a little more than two weeks away from the next round of presidential primaries but many people inside and outside the republican party are already conceding the race to mitt romney. which means the tension is turned to potential running mate. chief political correspondent carl cameron looks at a long list. >> ladies and gentlemen -- >> the next -- >> president of the united states. >> governor mitt romney! >> with the republican national convention starting 20 weeks from today, the clock is ticking for mitt romney to pick a running make. the most complex decision a candidate can make. >> no, i'm not going to be asked. portman from ohio. governor bob mcdonald of
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virginia. chris christie is open it to. former secretary of state condoleezza rice not so much. >> not me. >> i won't rule it out. only because i think that i think i owe it for governor romney to ask me a question and sit and listen to him. >> other governors getting a look, mitch daniels. nikki haley of south carolina. bobby jindal of louisiana. new mexico susan martinez who all claim disinterest. nevada governor sandoval who continues to be mentioned though romney ruled out pro-choice running mate. >> i'm'd have to consider but it's not something i'm thinking about. >> south dakota senator john thune are members of congress under consideration. and former rivals get courtesy reviews, too. texas governor rick perry calls the number two job bucket of warm spit. huckabee is playing coy. tim pawlenty says he has taken himself off the list. rick santorum is in the race as newt gingrich. neither rule out number two. >> the most important of all
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the criteria is pick someone who you think would do a really good job as vice president. who is really qualified to step in and become president. >> there are a other political things to consider. policies, geography and personality and more. the most important decision a presidential nominee can make because running can become vice president. and day one be the proverbial heart beat away from the presidency. >> bret: so it begins. thank you. rick santorum's campaign says the candidate's daughter is doing better and may be released from a virginia hospital this evening. 3-year-old bella santorum was brought in friday. she has a rare genetic condition. rick san say not everyone in washington is hammered in the approval rating. the exception later in the grapevine. up next, twisting the senate's arm when it comes to the
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>> bret: the special prosecutor in the shooting death of teenager trayvon martin will not use a grand jury to investigate the case. so the state attorney will not pursue a first degree murder charge. neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman said he killed martin in self-defense. many people are demanding his arrest. the suspect in the tulsa, oklahoma, shootings were in court today. jake england and alvin watts accused of killing three african-americans and wounding two others friday. neither has been formally charged. a judge set bond at $9 million apiece. the stock market reacted today to friday's disappointing jobs report. the dow lost 130-1/2. s&p 500 gave back 16. nasdaq closed 33 behind. speaking of big numbers, it has been more than 1,070 days since the democrat controlled
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senate voted on a proposed budget. though the democratic president has submitted one each year. jim angle tells us that could be about to change. >> the last thing they want to do in an election year is vote on budget with tax increases in it, after avoiding it for three years, though, the hand may now be forced. >> if you vote on a budget in the senate, you vote on the tax increases. democrats are dedicated to that. in an election year, often uncomfortable vote to take. >> 16 votes, 63 senators running for election. >> senator harry reid avoiding a vote on the budget. the senate parliamentarian ruled that a budget must be considered and it only requires 50 votes not the usual 60. >> we know that senator reid control what is gets on the floor and what can't get on the floor. the parliamentarian can't force them to do it. but what she did say is you have to do it.
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>> on fox news sunday, senator kent conrad of the budget committee said it's a matter of timing. >> senator reid made the judgment correctly. there are very little chance we get it before the election. >> republicans would force vote on the budget. the latest was defeated in the house by a vote of 414-0. >> the last time in 2009, the budget lost 97-0. >> the senate should take up a budget. i expect they will. then talk about the substance of the budget. that's what matters. >> senator can rod plans to introduce a budget, himself. he recommends the president has his own deficit commission. mr. obama rebuffed. >> he asked me for my advice. if you embrace totality of bowles-simpson, the republicans in the house will automatically be against it.
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>> make a case why it's necessary. >> the president did not do that and faces the prospect that both houses of congress could vote the budget down without a single vote in favor. >> bret: money is at the root of the next story. mike emanuel appears us that the president is quietly diverting a lot of it to help enforce the healthcare law. >> the obama administration is in the process of sending half a billion to the i.r.s. for the healthcare law. even as the supreme court is dealing with constitutionality. >> no matter what you think of obamacare in general they should hold off until the court rules. that is coming a few months from now. why spend maund go down a road we may not go down? >> the internal revenue service is responsible for key aspect of the law, including the controversial individual
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mandate. congressional sources say $20 million was transferred to the i.r.s. in 2010. $168 million last year. and another $332 million is expected to be transferred this year. they say it's moving forward despite the legal challenges. >> it's enabling the i.r.s. to provide small tax break to individuals and small businesses to assist them in acquiring health insurance or the case of small businesses providing health insurance. >> i.r.s. declined to say how much money it spent on the individual mandate component. the congressman says the initial spending is part of why so many republican ospose this law. >> this is just one element of obamacare costing more, being more intrusive than it was advertised. the states are petrified of what is coming down the pike.
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>> another reason why november's election is critical. in washington, mike emanuel fox news. >> bret: still ahead, trying to turn back the clock in wisconsin. first, the end of an era.
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>> bret: the man regarded as one of the finest and fiercest interviewers on television died. mike wallace, "60 minutes" icon inspired fear in many and respect in all died. he was called one of the premier journalists of our time. his legendary tenacity,
6:21 pm
passion for the truth and unwavering commitment to fairness will always be admired and remembered. >> who called you imam, forgive me, his words, not mine, lunatic. >> mike wallace's questions said a lot. >> with you. >> why? why? why? >> with a question. >> the core of the story. >> years before "60 minutes" in the early days of broadcasting, wallace was well-known as a radio announcer and then a television host on a variety of programs. >> hello. i'm mike wallace with real news. >> he honed his skills on "night beat." that pit bull questioning style caught the eye of "60 minutes" producer don hewitt in 1968 chose wallace to anchor the new show alongside harry reisman.
6:22 pm
>> number one. >> wallace's colleagues credit him for a large part of the show's decades of success. >> "60 minutes" would not still be on the air but for mike. people in big numbers in the late '70s to early '80s to see what mike wallace would be up to next. >> he was not afraid to ask the outrageous question. it was what made him great. >> in a 2005 interview with nbc, wallace was asked how he wanted to be remembered. >> tough, but fair. that is important for a reporter. tough, but fair. >> most of the tributes today say just that. mike wallace was indeed a broadcast journalism icon. but he was dad to our friend an fox news colleague chris wallace. chris recently accepted an award from the national press foundation and had this to say about his famous father. >> he wasn't easy.
6:23 pm
any of you who knew him can testify to that. but he was vibrant, and funny and demanding and a truly great reporter. as someone once said he had an underdeveloped sense of other people's privacy. can you imagine coming home as a teenager from a date and mike wallace is sitting up waiting for you. "where did you go," he asks. "what did you do? how would you like to explain these hidden camera videos?" my father taught me so much about this business. he taught me to always preview both sides of the story and prepare so thoroughly for an interview that you make it clear to the subject that there is no use in trying to spin you, because you know too much. i spent so much of my early life trying to get out from under his shadow. now, as my father nears his 94th birthday and is
6:24 pm
slipping away, i don't want you to forget. >> bret: that tribute came on march 7, exactly one month before mike wallace was dead. this passing marks the end of an era in broadcasting. senior political analyst brit hume has thoughts about that. good evening, brit. >> hi, bret. the death of mike wallace is a reminder that "60 minutes" a program of which he was a critical part is the last vestige of golden age of broadcast news. "60 minutes" began a rise as a ratings blockbuster back when the network evening news within american dinner hour habit. in the beginning, nbc huntleigh-brinkley report was the leader, giving way to walter cronkite. and cronkite's retirement opened the way for world news tonight with peter jennings. in the 1980s. by that time, things had begun to change. emergence of cable tv with the
6:25 pm
huge menu of shows siphoned away broadcast viewership but did nothing to halt the growth and costs. cable news added further to audience erosion. the as a result the network news division gradually turning out the lights for two decades. staffs have been cut repeatedly. bureau closed. first overseas and then at home. cable news with the instant access to the audience robbed the network news programs and the immediacy and much of their impact. but those magazine shows led by "60 minutes" with no need of a huge staff of chain of bureaus survived and thrived. mike wallace worked until he was 88, and infectious enthusiasm never waned. bret? >> bret: you talk about his enthusiasm and mike wallace had it. do you think that explains his longevity in the business? >> well, you know, cynicism is occupational hazard of the business. you are in it a long time and
6:26 pm
see everything come and go and cycle the way it does. it's easy to get bored. if you get bored it's easy to get cynical. skepticism which is necessity can morph to cynicism. but that never happened with him. he never lost his enthusiasm or vibrancy. when you watched him doing an interview or working a story you couldn't take your eyes off of him. he was so interested and enthusiastic it made you that way. that is the secret. >> bret: brit. thank you. end of the rare indeed. our condolences to chris and the rest of the wallace family. mike wallace was 93. we'll be right back. eden prair. in here, the landscaping business grows with snow. to keep big winter job on track, at&t provided a mobile solution that lets everyone from field workers to accounting, initiate, bill, and track work in real time. you can't live under a dome in minnesota,
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>> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. the u.s. supreme court appears to have gotten a p.r. boost. following the healthcare law hearings. rasmussen reports 41% of likely u.s. voters now rate the highest court performance as good or excellent. that is up 13 points from mid-march when the public approval for the court was at an all-time low. the general services administration or gsa is dealing with more bad publicity stemming from the las vegas conference that cost nearly a million dollars. additional videos surfaced that were part of an employee talent show competition between gsa regions. take a listen on the sound of your tax dollars hard at work.
6:31 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ >> ♪ show me bsa ♪ i bet gs >> bret: the obama administration pointed the finger at the predecessor saying if bush era officials reined in spending it could have been avoided. a head of the administration blasted that saying this administration is trying to divert attention from its own scandal. ial finally, chuck grassily is a prolific -- finally, chuck grassley is a prolific tweeter. he sparked criticism from the left. he tweeted --
6:32 pm
>> grassley's office defended the tweet saying that a constitutional law professor could understand marbury versus madison. but the misspellings were brought up and he said the auto conversion and spelling from the typing. update now on the wisconsin recall effort from wisconsin governor scott walker. mike tobin reports that the bitter battle has the democrats even turning on each other. >> wisconsin democrats are taking swings at one of their own. recall candidate and milwaukee mayor tom barrett. wisconsin largest public employee union asked to a blogger video that created impression that he supported the union-crushing legislation. >> the bill will pass. and the bill should pass. >> this underscores the point that union leadership doesn't
6:33 pm
support barrett because he demanded concession from the milwaukee employees. >> leadership, probably prefer another candidate. that is accurate to say. >> that leadership prefers former dane county commissioner kathleen falk. her focus is a promise to undo what governor walker did and pass budget that restores essence of the collective bargaining right. >> it comes out without protection. >> 900,000 valid signatures create impression that the grass root effort force governor walker back on the ballot. >> conservative watchdogs say union is pushing. >> big labor, in and out of state are sitting there driving the recall bus forward. they need to get the grassroots fired up and turned out. this is not something that the democratic party has control over. >> kathleen falk. challenged the power grab in court. >> one pac, wisconsin for balk, laid down $1.6 million for ads. with wisconsin becoming ground
6:34 pm
zero in ideological war from the right and left expected to shatter spending record. >> wisconsin with a ripple across the presidential race. >> governor walker raised money outside of wisconsin. 75% of their donation are $50 or less and say they come because of the reforms they made are important to voters across the nation. in chicago, mike tobin, fox news. >> bret: north korea, rocket launch and nuclear weapons. we will try to separate facts from fiction. fox all-stars are here when we come back.
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our position remains don't do it. it would be provocative, pose a threat to regional security and inconsistent with the recent undertakings to refrain
6:38 pm
from any long range missile launches. >> bret: state department today reacting to what appears to be all systems go for a rocket launch. the north koreans say it is to put a satellite in space, the west says it's ballistic missile test. three-stage rocket that could deliver payload to some part of the u.s. this is as the leader in north korea, new leader is under 30 years old. kim jong un. hard to believe but he is trying to consolidate power ahead of the 100 anniversary of founding of the country. the panel, juan williams. liz marlantes. syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. >> first, we have to see the context of the deal. ridiculous deal. renegotiate with pyongyang on the 29th of february. we will give them this for
6:39 pm
acting nite. they would shut down the uranium program and not launch missiles. in a month they have a violation of it. the best we can muster for the state department spokesman to say it would be inconsistent with the recent undertakings. if that were to happen. it's a gross violation of the treaty. spitting in the face of. doesn't give you responsibility. in light of negotiation with iran in a few days. "b," the whole idea of negotiating with the adversaries. you know won't abide by agreement. second, japanese defense ministry said it would shoot down the rocket if it goes over japan. we ought to say we'll support and assist the japanese in shooting it down. i suggest we could have our own cruisers and shoot it
6:40 pm
down. the only reason for missile of that sort is hit the united states. one day it will have a nuke on it. >> bret: the threat compounded with the nuclear program. experts say north korea has enough material to make six bombs at least. there is word of a possible nuclear test after this rocket launch. where do you put this? >> we don't know. it depends how the rocket launch goes. in the past, sometimes there is a great deal of anticipation. it has effect of what they anticipate. what is curious, leading the analysis and listening to the different experts talk about it. the deal we made, they haven't gotten what they wanted out of us yet. they are renigging before they got something from us. it just suggests that the possibility at least that there is still a great deal of disarray going on behind the
6:41 pm
scenes in north korea. that kim jong un hasn't consolidated his power and there could be a power struggle or one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing thing going on there. to some extent, there is that going on. ask if there is internal or external politics of what he is trying to show to the community. >> bret: reporters are being welcomed in to north korea. welcomed i should say with all kind of caveats and handlers. greg palkot is heading that way tomorrow. what about this? >> i think we will have a better sense of dynamics in play with the reporters but they will be controlling. i don't doubt the ability of the reporters. but what we have a sense of is how tenuous the grip is. they have been starving their people.
6:42 pm
they oppress people. this is not a friendly society. and it's totally based on the power of the military. what we will know is exhibition of the military power. what they are saying here is every country has a right to do this testing. not only in terms of long range missile with the capacity to reach the united states but nuclear test. they are trying to show they are powerful and have a voice. unruly teenager. this poses a threat. from the japanese and peace and stability of the region. that introduces a third player, china. where is china in this? is china willing to tolerate this? what would china say if japan or south korea shot down that missile? finally what would they say if the united states went in their backyard to shoot down that missile?
6:43 pm
we have to contend with china as greater player in their neighborhood. this is a trigger for huge international incident. >> bret: not offended by the launch. but by the shootdown? chin >> china needs to step up. i understand the fear of people fleeing across the boarder to china. they don't want that. but now they have something else, that they could be in the situation where the united states take action. >> bret: charles? >> why are they allowing? because china for decades has seen pyongyang as a way to distract and weaken and preoccupy the united states and the region. it's a thorn in our side. chinese national interest. ultimately to have control of the pacific. and have us out of it. it helps. when you say china ought to
6:44 pm
step up, china understands its own interest. the interest to have us out of there. the more tension we have to de -- attention we have to vote to pyongyang the less we do to the threat against taiwan. and the south china sea. so china is never going to help us. if the chinese are offended by the rocket so what? >> two-third of the so-called axis of evil, remember them? iran, and north korea, no longer iraq, rattling nuclear sabers. getting ready for the talks in istanbul. it seems like a lot is moving on the nuclear front when it comes to the players. >> it does. we are hearing that foreign affairs is an area they want to run on. it's strong and they have a good track record so far but a reminder between now and general election there are a
6:45 pm
lot of precarious situations out there that could potentially, suddenly lead to some crisis. clearly, needs to be ready for that. >> bret: next up, role of big labor in the wisconsin recall fight. carfirmation. only hertz gives you a carfirmation. hey, this is challenger. i'll be waiting for you in stall 5. it confirms your reservation and the location your car is in, the moment you land. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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in the last year, we have come to the center of the portable universe of america. so this is not just an internal wisconsin fight. this is a national fight. so many groups talk about the national labor groups or the national business groups want to invest in wisconsin because they want to win, because the wisconsin results ripple across the presidential race. this is almost like an early proxy of the presidential race. >> bret: money is pouring in
6:49 pm
to wisconsin. the recall election june 5, in an effort to recall wisconsin governor scott walker. democrats are battling out between themselves for that position. the nominees who take on walker, there are two democrats. pitted against've other. mayor tom barrett of milwaukee. union leadership prefers the former dane county commissioner kathleen falk. the largest public employee union asked who is running and directing people to bloggers saying that barrett supported governor walker's union crippling legislation. as they put it. barrett says that is not the case. back with the panel. juan, it seems like a big fight internally before you bet to the big fight of the recall. >> absolutely. because you know, it reminds me of what happened in arkansas. where you see the unions come in and say you are not authentically a friend because
6:50 pm
you didn't support us in every area that we wanted. that is what we have seen play out now. the democrats have to pick someone who can win. at the moment, generic candidate is beating governor walker. if you start to name them specifically, they move. there is a lot of pressure to bring in a bigger named democrat. again, the union aren't concerned of herb cole or russ feingold coming in, who could defeat the governor. they are interested in someone saying i will give you collective bargaining rights back. clear the table, as if he never existed. that is what they are after this. is a statement of union power. >> bret: this goes beyond wisconsin and state border. bronx fight for all kind, as you heard there, the presidential race as well. the governor office, gor walker is pointing to -- governor walker is pointing to the success they had in wisconsin specifically.
6:51 pm
and something that the unions are staying away from. about how things changed in the state. >> yeah. i think it's a fascinating situation. wisconsin has been interesting for two years now. they have been a complete war internally. it's a highly polarized state. in that sense, it's a microcosm of what is going on in the country. to that extent, this started as a budget fight. crippling budget deficit. walker made choices that many found controversial. as the economy is starting to improve nationally, certain conditions are starting to get better, might see some of the wind shifting back a little bit in walker's favor. so, it's interesting, there have been so few successful recall campaigns. this is the third. if it's successful. the only other one that us remember is gray davis in california. similar situation in some ways. they had a huge horrible budget deficit.
6:52 pm
he made, he tried to address it through a variety of ways, including the vehicle licensing fee that people really flip out about. and recalled. of course, the difference there was that the other side was able to get charismatic figure to collectively get behind, of course, arnold schwarzenegger. democrats in this particular situation have not been able to do that. russ feingold said no. they wanted him to do it. it's interesting comparison. if they fall short it might be because they haven't found a champion identify to believe everybody. >> bret: charles? >> the democrats are deciding right now is whether they want this to be a single issue campaign, or whether they want it to be a judgment about the governor, broader judgment. they ran against him in the priest election cycle and loss. and less steady on the union issue. the unions aren't backing him. so it would be more of a do
6:53 pm
you like walker, the governorship. choice between the candidates. it would be like rerun of the election two years ago. if it isn't him it would be single issue campaign. if it is single issue campaign, it's natural. i don't think it's a make row chasm of the president -- microcosm of the presidential election. i don't think it will tell us anything. but it's national in the sense that other states will look at this to decide are the governors going to risk curtailing power of the union after wisconsin if the governor is recalled. >> bret: you don't think it will embolden the union leaders or embolden the left in not only getting out the vote for this recall but mobilizing come november? >> i'm not sure it's what matters right now for the presidential election. it's state after state, defeating the attempt of the republican governors, especially ones elected in
6:54 pm
2010. as in ohio, unions defeated kasich when he tried to impose or instruct the terrific curtailment on the union. state after state. it's happening inside the state. not about the federal level. the federal level is distinct. union understand they are losing wisconsin. third attempt of what happened in wisconsin. state that had a court election lost by union. recall election did not succeed changing the senate and making at it democratic one. this is the third attempt. three strikes you are out. unions understand they'll be wiped out in other states as well. that's why they are pouring millions of dollars into this. >> bret: what about to liz's point? if the economy starts to slowly improve and it improves in wisconsin, can walker then in the time between now and june 5 run on changes that have been made since this was met? >> you can point to change, especially change in term of
6:55 pm
the budget reduction and pension expenditure, pension debt. he can say that. the question is what do people hear? a lot of people in wisconsin are unaccustomed to wisconsin being the center of the political universe and the fighting. there is static. people don't like it. is it a referendum on walker? or the unlikelihood that feingold. it will be largely about walker and the union. walker versus the union. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tuned to see tenacious combatant in a battle. ♪
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when you open a new account or roll over an old 401(k). so who's in control now, mayans?
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i don't know who that woman is but she joins him. one last run at the guy. >> tenacious. that is funny. thank you for inviting us in your home. that is it for "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: and


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