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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 9, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight, he did not have a record to run on in 2008. constantly accused his opponents of using square tactics with the vote -- scare tactics with the voters but that is what president obama is doing now. now voters are being reminded of the promises that obama made four short years ago. watch this. >> if you are willing to work hardener this election i promise you change will come. >> president obama's campaign staff is already planning how to go negative on the republican candidate. >> fear of the alternative. >> the obama campaign said they wanted to "kill mitt romney," that they were going to trash him, because if you don't have any fresh ideas -- >> then you use staleed tactic to scare voters. >> this passes through a tornado through the nursing home. >> if you don't have a record to run on, you paint your
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opponent as someone people to run from. >> disguiseed as deficit reduction plan is an attempt to impose radical vision on the country. >> makes a big election about small -- they must have been founding members of the flat earth society. >> sean: president obama's own words aren't the only thing from his past that are coming back to haunt him. just when you think you heard the last of reverend jeremiah wright, obama's former pastor over the years he reemerges with more controversial comments. last week after delivering sermon at baptist church in west virginia, reverend wright spilled hate-filled comment they refused to give us permission to air them but it won't stop us from revealing what reverend wright said from calling thomas jefferson a pedophile to take a swipe at clarence thomas. he covered it all on race and politics. the obama former pastor said there are politicians making
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decisions about you, your life, your future, your family and your children and the real tragedy is they live in a different world from your world altogether. they're people in power right now who have opinions about you based on their privilege of skin color. later he said, "the ignorance and arrogance of white supremacy have the shapers and movers of world policy living in a different world from people of color altogether." the sooner you realize that, the better off you're going to be. joining me with reaction is the former clinton advisor dick morris. good to see you. >> doesn't he realize that the president of the united states is black? >> sean: well, you know, this goes to the heart of the honesty of the president. a lot of it is the controversial appointments of which we'll examine this week. in other words, extreme people he put in position of power. where did the ideas come from. what motivated him? >> he is the most extreme and the most powerful. here you are v the right sa
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saying that white supremacy drives the world. does he realize that the person that holds the most powerful, focused, important position on the planet is black? you could have given the same sermon five years ago. it shows the concept that obama would promote racial healing is the opposite of what has happened. >> sean: he said a couple other things. he didn't mention me by name but that irrelevant. he said about clarence thomas he is worshiping some other god. took a shot at clarence thomas. took a shot at, you know, saying fighting for peace is like raping for virginity. >> i love that line. i love that line. i love our men and women in armed forces to hear that line and believe that's what people say. it's so obviously untrue. stopping adolf hitler was the way to stop violence in world war ii.
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capturing saddam hussein was the way to stop genocide against the iraqi people, killing usama bin laden was the way to save lives against terrorism. promoting military action against violence is absolutely the best way to preserve the peace. to call it raping for chastitity is ridiculous. >> sean: was america and great britain wrong to take on nazi germany and imperial japan? is anyone in the media going to take time to ask that question? i doubt it. >> sean, you often criticize me for cynical motivation. and i do not believe that it is a coincidence that reverend wright has now surfaced after four years i years years in abs. what may be happening is a deliberate orchestrateed effort by the obama white house to promote racial division that gives them the
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basis for stoking an african-american turn-out in the election. if you look at the signs and connect a couple of dots you realize this is not a coon dense. this thing. >> sean: i got to ask you about this. he engaged in the sandra fluke controversy but ignores all the people that donated to him or raised money for him that have said outrageous things about women. tried to make this an issue about women. you mention trayvon martin, another case. attack on the supreme court is another one. like one a week now. you cynically or realistically believe this is by design. and you think maybe word was sent to reverend wright? >> the president of the united states doesn't do anything in an election year. unless it's calculated. i think the trayvon martin thing undoubtedly was. in terms of communicating with wright, a coincidence bothers me that wright would speak up at this point.
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sweep that aside. i have a column in the post tomorrow morning. obama re-election strategy is to hype turn-out among african-americans, latinos and young people. to do that as opposed to hope and change like in 2008, is to stoke their fear and envy. not to promise change to african-americans but say you live in a white supremecist world. a cop can shoot your son anytime he wants to even if he doesn't have a gun. it's not tell latinos i'm going to hasten your integration to american society and increase your material wealth. instead it tells them there is another group of people that hate you. young people talk about the student loans and all kind of issues for them. it's fear and envy replacing hope and change. >> sean: they can't run on
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their record. i saw that reverend wright blames the media and president blames atm, kiosk, tsunamis, earthquakes, fox news, karl rove and sean hannity. what did you think of the rnc ad we played? it's powerful. >> it's great. the more you can use obama's words against him, it's a little bit like reminding someone of what the gate was like before the hangover when you were still having a great time and supposed to be really wonderful relationship. then you woke up and had a hangover and it wasn't. it goes back to jobs. president obama said i'd rath ber a one-term president than not improve the economy. guaranteeing the unemployment rate would go down if stimulus was passed. the more you quote obama against obama from 2008, the hardest thing they do when
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they run for re-election is convince them you were wrong the first time. harder to say that he deceived you the first time. that's what the ad does. >> sean: appreciate your insight. coming up, the new black panther party is calling for a sea of red bloodshed in response to the trayvon martin shooting. we will play the shocking audio next. then later, newt gingrich made headlines when he appeared indicate at some point mitt romney will be the eventual nominee. what is up with that? we find out when we check in with newt only on "hannity." [ fabric flapping in wind ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at nissan, our ideal is innovation. 5 all-new models over the next 15 months, including a completely reimagined altima.
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>> sean: new developments in the shooting death of trayvon martin. a special prosecutor for the case says a grand jury will not look in the florida teen's death but says it does not mean charges wons be filed against george zimmerman. meanwhile, stunning audio of new black panther party leaders advocating violence in response to trayvon's death. listen to this. >> the chief of staff for tampa, st. petersburg. i just want to say to all the listeners on this phone call if you are having any doubts about the race war that we are in, it has never ended, let me tell you something, the things
9:13 pm
that about to happen to those honkeys, these pigs, street people, [bleep] people have been long overdo. if you say you are in dark right now, [bleep] fight for what you know. this is an all-in race war that has been launched against the black race and been going on since the whites [bleep] led them on the sleig slave ship. this fight never ended. the only thing honkeys have done is tolerate us. >> we have to suit up and boot up. we have to suit up and boot up and get prepared for the war we're in. >> sean: joining me with reaction, david webb and the author of the best selling book "backlash."
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and contributor deneen borelli. what are we to make of this? race war, honkeys, crackers, pigs, long overdue, race war launched. et cetera, et cetera. what do we make of this? >> it's outrageous how they incite this. they are getting away with the hate speech to incite violence. there are race-base concerns with president obama, eric holder and the involvement with the black panther movement. a pattern here. in 2007, obama spoke with the black panthers running for election. >> sean: picture of that. >> there is a photo. >> sean: with maliki shabazz. >> right. in 2008, the department of justice did not press charge against those inciting violence. >> sean: there is a bounty out on george zimmerman's head, so he is in hiding.
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i spoke to him but not on the record so i won't talk about the nature of the conversation. but there is a bounty on his head. how in this country when you hear this, talk of a race war, bounty on people's heads, why aren't people arrested? where is eric holder? >> they are absent as they were in the intimidation case in philadelphia. the new black panther motto is freedom and death. take them for what they are. don't get in race, but it's part of the issue. f.b.i. says terrorism is unlawful use of force and violence to intimidate or coerce government, civilian population or segment for political or social investment. i talk about this on the show. wayne helps me do this show. he lays them out. i can't read it. but look at them for what they are. domestic terrorists working with groups like hezbollah and others. homeland security issued
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memos. d.o.j. this is serious stuff. >> sean: this is a real threat. that also means that apparently the reports that nazi groups are going down there. same thing for them. >> this is holder's failure. lack of action. when he didn't do anything about them, the d.o.j. hadn't done he opened the door for every idiot group to go down there. >> this is dangerous for every citizen. this is where they say the blood has to be spilled and talk about what the "devil society" looks like. listen to this tape. >> got to reach a climax, got to reach a point that boils over, like a boil on your arm or leg in order for it to heal it has to boil over. all the greats talk about that, happens to be bloodshed involved with true revolution. that means bloodshed. blood is being spilled. we have to cross the red sea.
9:17 pm
you are going to have to cross the red sea. i know you thought it was talking about some sea in some middle eastern part of the world. hell, no. we are talking about blood. there are those who wish they could stand in this hour to see destruction of the devil world, devil society. it ain't talking about a dude underneath the ground with a pitchfork and wearing pantyhose. the blonde hair, blue eyes, caucasian walking around with a demonnistic mind set and nature to do evil and brutality. >> sean: bloodshed. the red sea, red sea of blood. white con caution, blonde hair, blue eyed, sometimes brown eyed caucasian walking around with a demonic mind set. this is all insanity. i want to know where the police are? where is eric holder? >> you are right. i write about this in the book "black lash." this is a color coded justice
9:18 pm
to look at it. i called the department of justice is the department of joke today, because they're not doing what they are supposed to be doing. they are shrekively going after who they think. it's all political, all political. president obama cannot run on his record. so what we are witnessing now is the race relations gined up in the country. dangerous game to play. >> sean: one more thing and give you the last word here. this is actually a black panther by the name of nickolai muhammad. listen to the last comment. >> the case for a young man walking down the sidewalk, on the telephone, does not appear to be a threat to anyone. here come a no good wicked white jew. his dadsy a liar, a criminal. he got on national tv and said my son didn't do anything. he was attacked. how can you attack someone with a phone in your hand talking. >> sean: here is my
9:19 pm
question, throughout the tapes. racism and antisemitism. where is this coming from? >> it's coming from a place that hate america for what it is. and hates anyone who is not like them. we have deal with them for what they are. domestic terrorists. this is hate. the narrative is race and hate to divide us. this administration wants to coalesce the black vote around obama. they fear people might make judgments for themselves. and the race that we talk about and the narrative is all to drive this. first, any rational american looks at him. the facts aren't out. zimmerman is not a white jew or hispanic. he is an american. he is human. the due process should be allowed to play out. but sean, you and i others warned, neap the conservative talk -- especially in conservative talk this would lead to ginning up. i want this to get louder. i want americans, not more violent but louder in the narrative around the country to see these people for who they are.
9:20 pm
>> sean: there is an arrest made for people making bounties. scary. here i commireing real violence against innocent people. >> cultural danger. >> what else is concerning kids are watching and listening to this as well. >> sean: good point. >> the legacy of hate. that's what i call it. it comes down. >> sean: thank you both for being with us. appreciate it. coming up, brand new video evidence of members of the obama administration laughing about wasting your tax dollars. john stossel has that outrageous footage. first, is newt gingrich preparing to end his white house bid? could the announcement happen tonight on "hannity"? speculation is running wild. i don't think so. i talk to the former speaker next. cording to the signs,
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." what is the status of the presidential race? brit hume asked the former speaker over the weekend. watch. >> you seemed reconciled to the likelihood if not the inevitability of romney as the party's nominee. >> i think you have to be realistic. in the size of the organization given the number of primaries he's won, he is far and away the most likely republican nominee. if he does get to 1144 delegates, i'll support him. we'll go to defeat obama.
9:25 pm
the primary goal of the republican party those be to defeat barack obama. it makes it the more election of our lifetime. >> sean: joining us now is the former speaker of the house himself, newt gingrich. welcome back. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> what you played is exactly right. most likely not certain, if he gets there. that got somehow translated almost instantly into something i didn't say. i found it remarkable because yesterday afternoon i joined millions of americans in watching the masters. the two guys who ended up in the sudden death were neither one in first place when the last round began. now neither of them dropped out. i have been since june of last year, the elite media has said over and over and over and over, i'm dead. i should get out of it. when am i going to quit and
9:26 pm
recognize reality. i am in here, i'm going to get it tattooed up here. all the way to tampa. okay? >> sean: okay. >> we're fighting -- you have known me for years. we're fighting for big issues that matter to the future of our country. and the future of our children and grandchildren. i will do it as long as it's possible, period. it find it confusing why that is hard message to drive in the media. >> sean: it's not for me. i will be honest. i said this to governor romney, and i said it to you and rick santorum. i know maybe, you know, as an outsider looking in but having been on the campaign trail with all three of you, seeing how hard is it, and you actually were talking a little bit about this yesterday. watching, in a very odd and strange way, difficult and painful as i'm sure it's been for all of you at times, and
9:27 pm
maybe, i have also seen moments and joy for all of you. and reward. but you made each other better, stronger, tougher. don't you feel you are a lot different and so far this deep in the process? >> don't you find usually by the bowles the teams are better -- by the super bowl the teams are better than they were than the opening week? >> sean: well said. >> the democrats survive with obama and clinton fighting until late june. the panic-stricken national establishment paranoia is pure foolishness. the fact is there are big issues at stake. i'm talking to you from north carolina. callista is giving a speech in new york. i'm on the way to delaware on wednesday. stop off in philadelphia tuesday night. then going on to st. louis. i'll be back here in raleigh and greensboro on saturday.
9:28 pm
i don't know how to get across the reporters covering control picks that is a real -- covering politics that is a real campaign schedule. they can join me tomorrow in eastern carolina. i'd be glad to see them. join me wednesday in delaware. glad to see them. >> sean: you did mention, because it got intense at times, between you and governor romney in particular during this campaign. you did say that you were quote -- i want to get it right -- given up this -- you hit as hard as you could. he hit me as hard as he could. so you talked about that. have you met with, have you spoken with governor romney about how personal this has gotten? that you have gotten the point -- no, you haven't. >> well, no. we talked about it a little over time. but i talk to him about it publicly in several debates. i was trying to make a bigger point that i hope every
9:29 pm
conservative in the country will agree with. gingrich, santorum or romney, and i'd rather have it be gingrich, whoever we nominate, we have to beat obama. so when people say how are you going to get back together? it's simple. put up a picture of obama. i guarantee you that romney would support santorum or gingrich and santorum would support romney or gingrich. i'll support either santorum or romney. if the alternative is obama, not a difficult decision. people have to be realistic about it. >> sean: you talk a lot about how important the party platform is to you. that's what. explain what you mean by that. >> someone who has been active to build the party since 1960, platforms do matter because it's about more than one individual. the thing called a republican
9:30 pm
party. i will argue strongly for american independence plank that i think will be powerful. argue for young people to have a right to have a personal social security savings account. we should take royalties from oil and gas and put them in a special debt reduction fund to start paying off the national debt. there are other big areas we'll talk about that really matter. here is the challenge for governor romney. he said at the cpac speech he is severely conservative. he also had a communication director said the campaign is like an etch-a-sketch. evidence race it anyou can erast over. this is a platform to communicate to the country what a republican team would do and try senate and house candidates to sign up for a platform so people understand they are voting for real change. we don't just want not obama, we want to move washington
9:31 pm
back to conservative, limited got, implementing the tenth amendment to return power back home and hold series of steps that matter for america's future. this is something i've done my whole career and i believe deeply in the importance of the party standing for something real. i will campaign from here to cam pa to see if every delegate, whoever it happens to be for, for president, i hope every republican delegate will agree they want a solid conservative platform, a platform to give us a signal where we take america this fall. >> sean: i am willing to everything you are saying. you have always been a guy of big ideas. if we don't adopt what you mentioned, put them in writing and give people that positive reason to support a new administration, we won't turn the problem around. >> right. >> sean: we won't right the ship and get america on the right track. i agree with you. that is key.
9:32 pm
i hope that is not a bat to be honest with you. i hope it's something we can agree on. having interviewed all of you it seems to be the point you are making are the ones that all of you seem to agree on. >> in 1984, a bunch of us led by jack kemp developed a no tax increase pledge against reagan white house staff. reagan liked it. his staff hated it. we fought over it for seven weeks. healthy for the party. decisively made us the antitax increase party in a way that lasted up to today. these kind of discussions, spending the next five months first of all finishing out the nomination. let me remind you, i am not conceding to governor romney. he is the front runner, not currently the nominee. he's got to win the delegates. they won't be given to him. i will do everything i can to get a delegate. every vote i get in north carolina or delaware is a vote for more conservative platform. proportional, a vote for the delegates to clearly vote for
9:33 pm
a more conservative platform. i want to campaign all the way up. we will get to tampa in the process. let's have a national conversation. not just beat obama. what do we do to replace his bad policies, bad bureaucrats and bad position to get america on the right track? >> sean: that is something that if people want to get the country on track, we bet ver the ideas, put them in writing, put them in the platform and hold everybody accountable to, which is big part of the occasion. good to see you, mr. speaker. see you on the campaign trail soon. >> all righty. >> sean: thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: up next, obama white house is at it again. refuse to take the blame for everything, including the lavish gsa convention in vegas. find out who he is pointing the fingers at for this one. john stossel has the answer and beckle in the great american panel. with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain.
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>> sean: one of the most pathetic attempt to mislead the american people in years, obama administration blaming bush administration for lavish gsa convention. $1 million taxpayer dollars wasted at that retreat. it happened a year after president bush left office. the administration claims it inherited the gsa spending problem from the predecessor, but the white house attempt to point the finger of blame elsewhere like always isn't working; particularly, with the house oversight committee and the chairman congressman darrell issa who is launching a full investigation of the conference. now the committee has also been releasing controversial videos made by government employees. by the way, we will show you in a moment exactly how the civil servants behave on the clock. the next guest points out this type of mismanagement and government waste will never go away as long as we continue to allow the feds to intrude in our daily lives and take your money. joining me with more, author of "no, they can't: why
9:39 pm
government fails an individuals succeed." from the fox business channel, john stossel. how are you? >> good, sean. >> sean: last time you were here, you had a chain saw. >> i was cutting up the budget. >> sean: $3 trillion isn't enough? $5 trillion in new obama debt. you did bring a prop again. >> i'm beginning my book tour so i am going around the country. >> sean: this is capitalism. >> what is? >> sean: this. people will choose, i hope they get it by the way, your book. you do great research. >> the point here is obama got elected on a "yes, we can" slogan. we can as individuals but "we" became the government. we can't. they are running the government and our lives. if you spend other people's money, you don't send it well. they keep failing but they spend more. we failed so give us more money next year.
9:40 pm
we do. it drive mess crazy. we are paying -- i am paying $5 a gallon for a gallon of gasoline. >> sean: $5 a gallon. literally, hundreds of millions of dollars went to the belly up green energy companies. the president didn't want to drill. the president thought he had a better idea. he gave it to bundling buddies that helped him get election. >> to concede that the central planners in white house know which will be the new great thing. if they are so smart, why aren't they zillionaire investors to pick the next facebook and google. >> sean: those that can't d can, do. and those that can't go to government. >> beauty of the market, if you make a bad bet, you lose. i don't lose. market discipline. >> sean: market discipline. you mention the government employees. look at these are the government employees, gsa on your dime. you know, watch. watch how they work hard for you. ♪
9:41 pm
>> i walk around and make sure everybody else is working. so i don't have to do it. i was in the office earlier today. and i was actually trying to rest up for conference call. >> sean: i worked for all of my adult life. i don't have time for moments like that. do you? occasionally, but i'm glad the tapes keep coming out. >> they really do illustrate the arrogance. a lot of it. >> when they say they can fix everything, no they can't. >> no, they can't. >> sean: this is the dancing girl video. are you impressed? they rehearsed. the gumby outfit. lakers. >> i think it's -- does it say lakers?
9:42 pm
i can't see. >> this puts energy in their real work. that is not correct. the real work if they did it well it's a waste. >> sean: tell me about what you put in your book. healthcare dominating the news. the law professor never read marbury versus madison, the law of the land since 1803 and established precedence since 1803? >> the government told a wheat farmer how much wheat he could grow on his land. this moves us in the wrong direction. it says more people should have insurance. insurance is part of the problem. you are not spending your money. you don't know what things cost. tiny area where we have free market, like lasik eye surgery, price goes down and quality goes up.
9:43 pm
the doctors give you cell phone number and e-mail addresses because they look to please the customer. that's what makes any market work. big government moves away. >> i always believe we should have the medical savings account we manage as individuals. >> yes. >> sean: we agree on that. i also believe -- i would end the educational system. and i'll give people money. give them avoucher. here is what i think happens. free market competition. parents learn about where the good schools are and fight to get their kids in there. >> word will get out, the good teachers. are since we're spending $19,000 per student teachers will make $300,000 a year. they'll do a lot better. >> sean: let the stranglehold of government go. >> are you a libertarian? >> 100%. >> sean: who are you going to vote for? >> ron paul. >> sean: you will? what if he is not in general election? >> perry johnson. >> sean: half a vote for obama. >> well, i know you disagree with me on that. but look, i'm a libertarian. i believe in these guys and they are the only ones that really want to limit
9:44 pm
government. >> sean: i know. we have to legalize dope. pot. >> legalize everything between consenting adults. >> sean: we had that battle before. >> have it again. >> sean: congrats on the new book. "no, they can't." but we can. john stossel, fox business network. let not your heart be troubled, bob beckel is back. he has been on vacation somewhere. he doesn't show up anymore. great american panel next. [ male announcer ] the 2012 m-class continually monitors blind spots, scans the road to reveal potential threats, even helps awaken its driver if he begins to doze. so in the blink of an eye it will have performed more active safety measures than most cars will in a lifetime. the 2012 m-class. quite possibly the most advanced suv ever. from mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. from mercedes-benz. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper.
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9:48 pm
>> sean: all right. he's back. co-host of "the five," one and only bob beckel in the house. i like you in the suspenders and tie. looks great. michael brown, democratic strategist with us. and republican strategist noelle nikpour. we play the tapes earlier tonight. these are disturbing. where is eric holder? bounties on people's heads? the black panthers using racism and threatening bloodshed and revolution. the sea is going to be red. where is eric holder?
9:49 pm
where is the chief law enforcement officer? >> why are you asking me that question? is there an evidence they are taking bounty on somebody's head? >> sean: evidence, we have a tape they played of the panthers saying dead or alive, $10,000. >> specifically? >> sean: yeah. /played the audio of the antisemitic thing they said. >> one thing about the black panthers. black panthers have been around a long time and one element in the black community that happens to be a fairly radical -- >> sean: the black community. this is the black panthers. >> you can bring up all the quotes you want. i can bring them up from the ku klux klan. >> this is an organization to be done away with. >> sean: if you put a bounty on somebody's head, you get arrested. that is not happening. >> premeditated murder. >> nazis. they ought to be arrested. they are calling for race riots down there. >> first, the black panther
9:50 pm
party has done positive things throughout history. it doesn't mean everyone has to agree everything they say or everything they stand for. >> sean: talking about a race war. >> you don't have to agree with everything they said. they have done positive things in the african-american period and just the community period. >> what about batons at a voting place? >> what about the kids that are fed by the black panther party? yes, you get loud mouths to shoot their mouths off. but they are an organization like in some way like muslim brotherhood. >> sean: whoa, whoa, whoa. talking about the wicked white jews. bloodshed and revolution. prepare for a race war. >> no one is saying they agree with the sentiments. >> they called for bounty on george zimmerman's head. >> but talking about the voter intimidation, voter intimidation happens on both sides of the race aisle. in ohio, white police officers
9:51 pm
were keeping black folks coming to the pole. not organized? police department is not organized? >> are you telling me -- [over talk ] >> you know what happened a week before the election? every black family got a letter looking like an official letter from the treasury department -- or justice department saying if you vote at the wrong pretinct, $5,000 in fine or five years in jail. that to me -- >> sean: whoa. i agree with you. but i agree if we have a bounty on one individual's head, by an individual in the black panther party, we don't arrest them and they talk about bloodshed and race riot -- >> why isn't zimmerman in jail himself? >> sean: oh, you are rushing to judgment. >> i run to all the judgment i need. 9/11 said don't -- 911 said
9:52 pm
don't go after him and he did -- >> sean: i spoke to him. >> i know. >> why rush to judgment? go to trial. go to trial if we have to. >> an eyewitness that saw trayvon punch him out and -- >> another witness that says that is not true. >> have a trial. >> this is promoted by the media. >> it's promoted by a racist hispanic white guy. >> he spent spare time mentoring minority children. that doesn't fit the profile. you don't know what happened, you weren't there. >> so put him up for a trial. >> i love the rush to judgment. why not have a trial? why not hang him? >> we'd like to have a trial. racist. let him keep his gun. >> sean: innocent until proven guilty? >> a gun after you shoot somebody? >> sean: if it was
9:53 pm
self-defense. >> let's go to trial. >> sean: we'll be right back. fififiona here was just tee that ford dealers sell a new
9:54 pm
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9:56 pm
>> sean: continue with the great american panel. debbie waser machine schultz say republicans are rooting for economy to fail. watch this. >> what is bothersome to me, it almost seems like my
9:57 pm
republican colleagues in congress and mitt romney is rooting for economic failure. they have been hyper-focused on one job, barack obama's. >> sean: he fails, well, $5 trillion in debt. who is failing the economy? >> sean, this is a manufacturered crisis. you know what? if you could read debbie waserman schultz bubble, it would say i got nothing. manufacturer across this, what better to do than start this thing. cash for clunkers? what worked? >> the chair is right. that is what they are rooting for on the hill. >> no. >> absolutely. of course they are. >> economic failure? >> what else you going to run on? >> he has been the best foreign policy president in recent history. inherited an awful economy. >> sean: here we go. >> those are the facts. >> we have less oil than in the last 10 or 15 years. >> that is private land. >> the point is if you don't
9:58 pm
think the republicans that died when the unemployment rate fell to 8.2% you are kidding yourself. >> are you telling me you want to see economy improve and see obama re-elected of course you don't. >> sean: perfect is in. he failed on the economy. $5 trillion in debt. the only president that will go through four years -- >> excuse me. 2 million jobs. >> sean: and have fewer people working than when he took office. >> let me say this. he is the greatest economic president since roosevelt. >> you are out of your mind. >> he saved the economy. president obama saved the economy. stimulus style, he saved the economy. >> george bush was irresponsible for $4 trillion in eight years. he has given us $5.5 trillion in three years. >> nice to have a panel two against two and you look
9:59 pm
nervous. if you could see unemployment fall to 5% tomorrow, would you want that? and see obama get re-elected? >> sean: i see my americans out there who are in poverty no, jobs, kids suffering. >> if all of that went away -- >> sean: obama caused a lot of it. >> who caused the other part? george bush caused it. >> nancy pelosi did. >> you can't say that. >> sean: if you are feeling sad, blame bush, kiosk or the atm machine. >> i never s you that excited when you're up against two brilliant guys like us. >> sean: by the way, catch me on twitter and at sean hannity. news continues and greta is next. take it away.


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