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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 12, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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you are looking at brand new video of george zimmerman arriving at the sanford police station in florida. now he can be seen exiting from a black s.u.v. with his head and his face covered. his arrival happened autoshort time ago. these are the first images of him that we have seen since the police released surveillance video inside the station the night of the shooting. here's a look at the booking photo that was processed right after his arainfall. and brand new tonight, 45 days after the fatal shooting of 17-year-old trayvon martin, george zimmerman has been charged with second degree murder. prosecutor for the case held a press conference earlier this evening announcing the charges. let's take a look at this. >> let me emphasize that we do not prosecute by public pressure or by petition. we prosecute based on the facts of any given case, as well as the laws of the state of florida. today we filed an information charging george zimmerman with murder in the second degree.
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with the filing of that information and the issuance ever the capeaus, he will have the right to appear within 24 hours of his arrest and thus formal prosecution will begin. >> after he was charged the martin family, they responded. >> first of all, i want to say thank god. [applause] >> we simply wanted an arrest. we wanted nothing more, nothing less. we just wanted an arrest and we got it. and i say thank you. thank you, lord. thank you, jesus. secondly, i just want to speak from my heart to your heart because a heart has no color. it's not black, it's not white. it's red. and i want to say thank you from my heart to your heart. >> shortly of a zimmerman's newly-hired attorney, mark am of
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ara said he was not concerned about his mental state, zimmerman's men central state and he will not plead guilty to the charge. joining me is a criminal defense attorney rebecca rose woodland and also joining us prosecutor anna. did i get it right? >> yes. >> your heart goes out to the mother in this case. she lost her 17-year-old son. now here we are at this point, they did the investigation. a lot of attorneys have i have spoken to say they overcharged. first reaction? >> did they overcharge? how do we know that, sean? we don't know what the full evidence is here. we have seen some very dramatic situation happen. we have heard it in the 911 tape. we know there's an eyewitness who, from what we can tell, did not know who was screaming help. he couldn't identify -- >> murder with a debraved mind occurs when a person is killed by an action and a debraved mind
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showing no regard for human life. >> without premeditation. >> which would be first-degree murder and you have man slurring and different varying things. look, we don't know all the facts and this is my complaint from the very beginning. we have members of congress saying he was hunted down, meaning trayvon martin, like a rabid dog. we have people saying he was profiled, no evidence of that. and people saying he's an activist and putting a bounty on someone's head. there is so much surrounding this case, the special prosecutor says no influence whatsoever. >> i'm going to go with right now we don't know all the evidence. if you look at this special prosecutor, she was appointed on march 22nd. that's weeks ago and it took her until today to formally file the charges. i would say what it took like to me is she took her time. if it was political or public pressure, then why not have all these information and charges
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out in a few days. there's been some tapes that we've seen. there's been some 911 calls we her. you've got to believe, and i hope there's a lot more. >> let me go to shannon, who is on the ground. shannon, i still go back to i think the key interview up to this point. again, not having all the facts, not rushing to judgment on this program the way other networks have. we have three networks and we will deal with this later in the program. nbc evidence its a tape that makes is quite incriminating toward mr. zimmerman. and abc gets the video of mr. zimmerman going to the police station and they have to retract when they say no evidence of anywhere injuries. a closer minneapolis showed that. and another network had a retraction. off all of them retracting and irresponsible comments by members of congress we have a bounty on the head of george zimmerman, a lot of things surrounding this. what are you hearing on the ground? >> well, even marco told me he
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hopes she made the charges because of what she found in the investigation. but it's hard to ignore everything that's been said and heard surrounding this case. she says she did this by the book and the attorney right now thinks that that was probably the way it went. i don't know. i think we will have to see when all this evidence comes out because there's a lot of stuff we still don't know yet. >> but you did have the one definitive interview. there was an eyewitness from day one, and you interviewed him, i believe it was immediately thereafter or pretty close there after, and your eyewitness was adamant in saying that he saw trayvon martin on top of george zimmerman, beating mr. zimmerman, which would be consistent with, a, the broken nose and the lacerations on the back of his head and the grass stains on the back of his shirt. >> all i can figure is he didn't see what happened right before
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that, and that's maybe how this prosecutor made that decision. we don't know if she interviewed this eyewitness. we assume that she did, but we haven't been able to talk to him since that day. so we don't know what he told her or what they found or even if sanford police talked to him. we know there's one other witness that says that same exact thing. so there are questions. >> that would then be two witnesses that corroborate, at least the story that trayvon was beating up mr. zimmerman, and i would argue, and you are a prosecutor, barring any new information we get, and we say that sincerely because i think we will learn new facts in the case, that at least on the surface seems to corroborate mr. zimmerman's story at the time. >> which again, this is a man who was not arrested right away, and then -- >> no. he had handcuffs on and he was brought into the police station. >> but they let him go. >> right. wasn't charged. >> in florida they have the decision-making power. and ultimately the prosecutor to
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file charges in the state of florida in a case like this they have to find there was probable cause and no justification. yes we have that. but we don't know the forensics. is the autopsy of trayvon martin could be roar great or does it disprove some of the things he said. if in the state of florida you can't use this defense if you are the attacker. who started the altercation? >> i spoke with mr. zimmerman's father anddy speak to mr. zimmerman. i will keep that conversation private and i will talk about the conversation with the father that was right here on this program. and his story was that in fact trayvon martin confronted him as he was making his way back to the car. we don't know. and i want to emphasize that. we don't know. i want justice in this case. if this was some type of racially motivated killing and george zimmerman does not seem to fit the profile of someone who mentored minority children, was involved in the case to defend an african-american homeless man that was beaten by the son of a local police officer, he doesn't seem to fit
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that profile. but there's been this rush of judgment by so many. do the injuries, the forensics, do you think that can make a difference in this case? because you will have competing forensic experts in the trial. >> you will have competing forensic experts, but he has the excuse to second degree murder in florida. his sudden combat, that will absolutely make the jury declare a not guilty. so if they can prove sudden combat or -- >> i see a grin on -- not a grin but a grimace perhaps. >> and the prosecution is going to have to prove -- >> that zimmerman confronted trayvon. >> and aggressive on him. >> aggressively. >> and that trayvon was completely aggressive. >> on the surface in your analysis of the law, it seems like there might be some overcharging here. now this is a prosecutor that charged a 13-year-old with first-degree murder, which, you know -- >> yeah, there is a bit of concern that she's a very aggressive prosecutor in
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general. but the issue is here sometimes when you overcharge, you see what happens in florida, the jury then aquits. >> look at the casey anthony changes that's exactly where i was going with this. exactly. >> actually i don't think they overcharged in the casey anthony case but getting back to this case, as long as a prosecutor is a good prosecutor, they are seeking justice, and not just convictions, then i want -- >> so do i. i want to know the truth. >> there's so many different ways the indication can go. even if it is not racially motivated that doesn't mean it does not equal a crime. and i say that not having the facts. was george zimmerman the aggression oregon was it trayvon martin? and if it was. >> his father is very adamant in saying he was confront bad but we don't know. that's what they are saying. but doesn't it seem pretty compelling? that's the one person that saw a lot of what went on that night.
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>> what they saw doesn't mean, one, are they accurate or are they mistaken? what happened before? what happened to trayvon martin that caused him to do that? >> there's a one minute time gap. >> a lot can happen in that one minute. >> i totally agree but you. by the way, you never lost a case. >> never lost a case. >> i have been fortunate. >> i have been fortunate. i would say talented might be a better word. all right, guys, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and as always, shannon butler, thank you for being with us. we have a lot more coming up on this tonight. it brings us to the text poll question of the evening, should george zimmerman have been charged? we have the results later this hour and still to come tonight, much more on the trayvon martin shooting case. tonight we examine the selective work of the justice department and eric holder affirming that his people are investigating if zimmerman broke any laws, but what about investigating the new black panther party and the bunt
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tough they have out for zimmerman? in other words, are the panthers about to get a pass from mr. holder? we will deal with that controversy and much more coming ♪
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prosecutor has announced george zimmerman is being charged with second degree murder in the case of tray mart. in addition, we've heard mr. zimmerman is in police custody at this hour. and for reaction we thought we should take a step back and go in depth to see how exactly we reached this point from the outrageous rhetoric to the blatant rush to judgment by lawmakers and even members of congress. there were many controversial moments related to this tragic case over the past month and a half. joining me now to talk about all of them, eric rush, along with fox news contributor monica crowley. i have said from the beginning i want to get to the truth. and it is amazing the things we've heard. in the next segment we are going to play, the new black panther party that is talking about race riots and blood in the streets n this segment we are going to analyze, though, congress, lawmakers, their rush to judgment like this.
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>> trayvon was hunted down like a rabid dog. he was shot in the street. he was racially profiled. >> just because someone wears a hoody does not make them a hoodlum. >> i really personally believe this is hate crime. >> next week we are looking forward to getting $1 million for the capture of george zimmerman. >> jed bush helped pave the way for this senseless tragedy. >> this investigation is laced with racial profiling, lies and murder. >> he was executed for wwbnagc. walking while black in a gated community. >> let's not play this double standard of trying to demonize who is dead. >> eric, let me start with you. hunted like a rabid dog, a bounty on his head, wanted dead
12:17 am
or alive, $10,000. a hate crime. killed because he's black. racial profiling. executed in a walking while black in a gated community. all these things said without any evidence yet presented proving any of these claims. i want to get your reaction. >> well, i think a lot of it speaks to the sort of world view that these folks have with regard to, you know, hate crimes, racial politics in general. a lot of them are really look for these sorts of things to happen so that they cab, you know, stand out, you know, sharpton, jackson, those guys, they are always looking for more exposure because that's their livelihood, and in that. but i think something else is going on in terms of the bigger picture with regard to activists such as the black panthers and people who are really a lot more on the radical side, even
12:18 am
including some of these congress people. because at this time they are looking to proment racial division. they want this sort of thing to happen because i think there are people who stand to gain politically from this sort of thing going on. >> we are going to deal with the issue of the black panthers in the next segment. we will also look at the media malpractice and their rush to judgment and the numerous mistakes they made in advancing a narrative that they have all had to retract. you know, one of the things we try to do here, i use the term, i was in atlanta when richard jewel was put in the atlanta constitution. he fits the profile of the lone bomber because he lives with his mother and i defended him that way. he happened to hear me as one that end up with me getting the first interview with him. and we put on, for example, the attorneys for trayvon martin, the attorney. we put on the father of george
12:19 am
zimmerman, robert zimmerman. i was criticized for even daring to talk to george zimmerman, confidential at this point, and all i tried to get to is the truth. these are congressmen and women making statements without zero evidence to back it up in the most volatile situation that's going on. >> the point for them is not search for truth. the point for them is to hijack the situation for political gain. it may be mr. zimmerman's account of that night is 1200% correct and the facts will bear it out or it may be that he is guilty of everything his detractors accused him of. the .nobody knows. for members of congress and others in the media like you are going to cover in a little bit, to go out there and hijack this case for their agenda purposes, and i think erica is correct, the left only operates on argument. they need the divisions in order to push through their agenda. we are in an aelection year.
12:20 am
they are exploiting their case for their agenda and for their political purposes to maximize the situation. >> we have a police car that was shot at, we have a bounty on people's heads, we have reports that these extreme racist neo-nazi groups are now engaged. we have talks about racial riots by the new black panthers, i'll play that in the next segment, we have blood flowing in the streets and these comments are made while none of this have been proving. i guess the statement of innocent until proven guilty is -- why have a trial in the minds of these members of congress. >> i feel for the local enforcement down there because what have they are having to deal with. but also the question is to what degree is zimmerman a sort of unwilling, you know, pawn in this political game? not if. >> look, they are exploiting
12:21 am
this case and the facts will bear this out. we have a legal process that's ready to go. you get a charge, you get a trial, you get the assumption or the presumption of innocent until proven guilty. the burden is on the state to prove their case. >> yard. >> and then you get a verdict by the jury of your peers. that's the way it is supposed to right now. everybody needs to back off and let cool heads prevail and le the legal process go forward. >> all right, guys. thank you for being with us. the new black panther party outside a polling place holding a billy club and eric holder saw no reason to investigate whether this was voter intimidation and up to now he's turned a blind eye to the new black panther party down in florida as they issue a bounty on george zimmerman's head. when we come back we will take another closer look at a member of obama's inner circle as we vet the administration, the
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>> i can assure you that in this investigation, and in all cases, we will examine the facts and the law. if we find evidence of a potential federal criminal civil
12:26 am
rights crime, we will take appropriate action, and at every step the facts and the law will guide us forward. >> that was attorney general eric holder promising to take action if his department finds if george zimmerman broke any federal laws when he shot trayvon martin. as we continue to vet the president and his top advisors it's important to know not once in the press conference was there a mention made of the bounty the new black panther party has put on zimmerman's head. a look at this poster that's been distributed. jot george zimmerman wanted, dead or alive. and if that's not enough, countless statements made by the black panthers inciting a race war. we've played them for a number of weeks. why is not eric holder not investigating the new black panther party? that's not really a surprise considering he refused to investigate charges of voter intimidation against the group back in 2008. here with reaction and much more, ought authority of the number one new york times best-seller, a culture of
12:27 am
corruption, michelle is back. would you say this statement was made out of political pressure? why do you think he would ignore a bounty being put out, wanted dead or alive in this case, considering the volatility of the situation down in central florida? >> i think you have to look at eric holder's record and his history and his legacy as a government official at the department of justice under the clinton administration and now after four years in the obama administration has been one of turning the department of justice into the department of social justice. justice is supposed to be blind but he looks the a it with one left eye open. i think the assurances that he gives america aren't worth very much to people who have seen him pervert the rule of law time and again by putting politics and ideology above the facts and the law that he says he supports. >> and one of the things we are doing is going step by step, appointment by appointment, in
12:28 am
terms of who the president has put in these high positions of power. the attorney general is a powerful position. let's listen to the attorney general talking about the issue of race and saying that basically in many ways we are a nation of cowards, if you remember this remark. >> though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been, and i believe continue to be in too many ways essentially a nation of cowards. >> what are we to glean from that when the attorney general express that is view with all the power that comes with that position that he has? >> well, i think we are dealing with somebody who has always been nakedly a radical leftist in us ideology and the application of the law selectively. if you take a look at the states that he has demonized, states of that tried to enact voter id laws to ensure election
12:29 am
integrity, he's gone after state officials across the country that believes we need tore greater immigration enforcement. and he's demonized the large majority of americans who believe we shouldn't see the law through the prism of racial identity. this is somebody who used the phrase "my people" which was code word, and if you ask who are eric holder's people, it's the kind of people he stood with today, race husbandlers like al sharpton who have hosted other race husbandlers like the new black panther party, which as you mentioned, got special dispensation from this justice department. >> but the comment about being a nation of cowards, let's put those together with he's looking into civil rights and potential civil rights violations of george zimmerman, but hasn't said anything about the new black panther party. let's play that tape and this is one of many. this is the most recent comments by the new black panther party and then we have to ask the question why not look for civil rights violations here when
12:30 am
there's a bounty on the head of an individual who has not been proven guilty yet, been indicted, not proven guilty, but here's the tape. >> it's got to reach a climb max. it's got to reach a point where it boils over where you have a boil on your arm or leg, in order for it to heal the stuff has got to boil over. and all your greats talked about there happened to be bloodshed involved with revolution. true revolution means some bloodshed so there's blood being -- we have to cross the red sea. you have to cross the red sea. i know you are thought i was talking about some sea in the middle eastern part of the world. hell, no. we are talking about some blood. >> so would you connect the two remarks? very different times, but does it reveal a mind-set to you at all? and it's just a question. >> yeah. yeah. i think it's worth asking that question. you want to talk about racial
12:31 am
cowardes, he's questions need to be asked. it is considered brave by asking the questions because just by asking it you will be meant with an onslaught of being a racist or -- anyone who is a parent feels for the parents of trayvon martin. and it has to be said. on the other hand, the overreaction, the silence on the part of this white house to condemn all of this outpouring that's happening. it's disgusting. >> and the rush to judgment and the media rush to judgment and congressional rush to judgment and activists rush to judgments and statements likes hunted down lick a rabid dog, killed like he was hunting, and without any evidence to corroborate this. one last thing because we are
12:32 am
vetting the president. interesting on the issue of ksm, let's show you eric holder before and his shifting in position and what it says to us about him on this. >> those allegedly responsible for the attacks of september 11th will finally face justice. they will be brought to new york. to new york to answer for their alleged crimes in a courthouse just blocks away from where the twin towers once stood. >> now unfortunately since i made that decision, members of congress have intervened and imposed restrictions blocking the administration from bringing any guantanamo detainees to trial in the united states. regardless of the venue. >> reaction? >> i would say read page 118 to 126 of "culture of corruption." i prestaged all of the mess that we've seen with eric holder's botch of the handling of the gitmo terrorists and it all has
12:33 am
to do with the conflict of interest with his former law firm where he was a senior partner which, of course, represented many of these gitmo detainees and put, again, politics and corporate interests above national security and what americans want in terms of justice for 9/11. >> we are going to go back to the issue of eric. we haven't touched on pardons and mark rich and a lot more vetting on the president's voice for attorney general. and michelle, always good to see you. thank you for being with us. >> you bet. take care. >> coming up, tonight we talk to brazel. we go back and see how the media is covering the trayvon martin case out of florida. many networks have had to go out and apologize for really bad reporting. we will explain what they are leaving out of their reporting. leaving out of their reporting. our media mass have two car ins we're going to have you taste. the first one we're going to call x. go ahead and take a sip, and then let me know what the baby thinks of it. four million drivers switched to this car insurance last year.
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>> welcome back. time for media mash. all the ways the mainstream media is trying to put their liberal spin on the news. joining me now to short out this week's news, there's never a shortage, is. i'm going to mention three met works, abc, nbc and cnn and terror responsibility. let's start with nbc. we broke this story of how they edit add tape for the news programming. we have an update on it. just to remind everybody, they took out from the dispatch who are said is he white, black or hispanic. that was the question. we will show you both versions. >> this guy looks like he's up to no good. he looks black. >> did you see what he was wearing? >> yeah. a dark hoodie. >> the question the dispatcher said is is he white, black or hispanic before he said, "he's
12:39 am
black." we've had an update. a producer has been fired. name not revealed. they didn't mention this on their own air waves. that's what you've discovered. >> yeah. this is just a continuation of the arrogance of that network. one, they blamed it on an error in the editing process first which is nonsensical. then they fired a producer. they wouldn't say who it was and they called him a seasoned producer. then they said he was trying to save time. critical slip, less than two seconds. that's a lie. and then they put out a press release on good friday saying they apologize to their viewers but they won't say to their viewers we apologize to you. until they go on the today show and apologize, until they go on the nightly news and apologize and point out they did this five times, not once, five times, then they haven't apologized at all. we are going to congress and we are asking congress, which is looking a deal between comcast and verizon, and they are
12:40 am
looking at potential anti-trust issues, we are asking them what about the public trust? shouldn't you look at an anti-trust with comcast, with the fact this network just can't be trusted. >> it gets deeper. we have to put it into context. racial tensions are quite high. a bounty is out on george zimmerman's head, and they are editing a tape to make it sound almost entirely like on that 911 call that he's targeting trayvon martin because he's an african-american. that's how they are making it sound, in this environment. now one other piece of the puzzle. and when is the last time that nbc mentioned the new black panther party, which has a bounty on his head, which is calling for racial riots, who has made irresponsible statements, when is the last time they mentioned that. >> what you are seeing is radical bias by commission and radical bias by omission.
12:41 am
they are destroying zimmerman before he gets to trial. the radical trial by omission, this black panther stuff where they are calling for bounties on people. >> dead or alive. >> and saying it on the street and there's no coverage for it. sean, i have two words for you. tea party. how many hundreds of stories did they deal on those peaceful marchers, the tea partying, trying to vilify them. now you have these people calling for bloodshed is and they won't cover them. >> abc breaks this story. this is where i first saw it. they got exclusive video of george zimmerman in handcuffs being brought to the police station. we will roll the tape. you know, the way they put this on their website was, oh, no apparent injuries. now they had to retract the story when it was first a daily caller that saw closer on george zimmerman's head it looked like in fact he had the injuries. so the point here is they had to retract. so nbc does. they had to.
12:42 am
and then we have a problem with cnn, as one of their, quote, audio experts determined very early on in this case that there was a racial slur used and then they get a more enhanced version and a new audio specialist says i don't think that's what it said. >> let's remind the viewers what that was. cnn said their experts had said that the words that they called it was bleeping coon. then about a week later the same reporter brought experts to say, no, he was saying it was bleeping cold. a little difference there. >> now we have to wait, there are still so many facts that north out there. to me the most incredible person is the one eyewitness that was there from day one and a story that's a very big part of this. we will see what other evidence exists as the case unfolds. and you have nbc, the home of brian williams and matt lauer and tom brokaw.
12:43 am
basically their entire news cable outlet is devoted to activism in this case. what is your reaction to that? >> sean, you and i don't know what happened. >> no. >> you and i said countless times we don't know what happened. but no matter what happened, no matter what the jury finally decides, you have some people on the left, including the media, that have been working the refs from day one. they have been pushing this narrative that there was an injustice done, that there was a murder committed, and they -- are you listening to me, al sharpton? you have no idea what you are talking about. you made it up. so did jesse jackson. so are the networks making it up because they simply do not know. >> they don't know, and members of congress don't know. and people that have been making declarative statements don't know and people that say it's racial profile or he was killed because he was black or he was hunted down like a rabid dog, all these things we don't know. and now i'm being criticized for talking to george zimmerman and, you know, pretty amazing. >> you are being criticized for
12:44 am
trying to find both sides of the story. the media don't want two sides. they only want one. >> brent, always good to see you. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, sean. >> let not your heart be troubled. ♪
12:45 am
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12:48 am
great american panel let's reveal the results of our text poll. as always, thank you all for voting. as we introduce our great american panel. she a fox news political analyst, republican strategist, angela mcglowan is here. she, a host of the nationally left wing radicals leslie marshall is with us. and she is the pennsylvania state director for americans for prosperity, tea party activists, jennifer stefano. let's go back to the issue of the new black panther party, eric holder, bounty on
12:49 am
zimmerman's head, and no investigation, no arrest, and this has been out there for weeks. let's roll this tape. >> the money is going to come from the black community. we are already getting support from athletes and entertainers as we speak. by next week we are looking forward to getting $1 million for the capture of george zimmerman. we are going to force our government to do their job properly, and if they don't, we will. >> then, of course, there was the issue added dead or alive on two occasions. angela. >> i'm very sad, sean, because that type of talk only creates more of a division in our community. we've had people who have died, sean, for us to have a right. and these people are taking us back to the dark ages. so i hope that this is not cause more of a racial division, but i think it will. >> how could it not? and where is eric holder? you are the liberal. where is eric holder? we are allowed to have bounties
12:50 am
on people's heads now and you don't get arrested? >> first of all, you have to investigate. second of all, there should be no violence. we are innocent until proven guilty. >> they are calling wanted, dead or alive. bounty. >> i agree. i agree something should be done. >> why hasn't it been done? where is eric holder? eric holder said he's going to have a civil rights investigation into zimmerman. >> and obama said if he had a son it would look like trayvon. everybody is politicizing this is we have a dead child here, a 17-year-old boy and everybody is trying to get something from this other than justice. >> and that boy will not get justice. those are accused are supposed to have justice too, even when they are guilty, but this plays exactly into the president and his administration's entire political strategy, which is divert attention away, which is what he is really doing, and engage in race warfare. get americans at each other's throats, getting them hating
12:51 am
each other. >> think of the controversy he's gauged in. santa fluke, he got involved in that. he took the million dollars from bill mauer. i thought that was hypocrite tal. he's gotten involved in this case. he attacked the supreme court. do you think it's a strategy to aof divert attention? >> correct. he's a hypocrite. when he says and what he does is exact opposite. we feels he wins by putting americans at each other's throats. >> but this is dangerous because people can lose their lives. those folks tharpe talking, they aren't playing. when you here the lead call people crackers and pigs, that is dangerous talk because people will take a seriously and go out and act. >> and i know i'm not african-american, okay? but president obama is. and he -- >> he's white and black. >> who cares what his color is?
12:52 am
>> if you are one ounce of black blood in you, you are black." if you are half black you are black. >> you have white people vote fourth a black man. >> it has nothing to do in his race. not everything is about the color of one skin. aren't we suppose to judge people on their character? >> that's what dr. martin luther king says. >> we have to take a break and we have to come back. we will play more of the tape when we get back. there are some things that said that are so over the top that we will let you see it, you get to decide as we continue with our great, great american panel wake up!
12:53 am
that's good morning, veggie style.
12:54 am
hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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12:56 am
here's a part you didn't here of what we played earlier. >> give >> give me your comments and question. >> black power, brother shawn. this is the chief of staff for st. petersburg -- black power. i want to say to all the listeners on this phone call, if you are having any doubts about getting armed up for this race war that we are in that has never ended, ltd. me tell you something, the things that are about to happen to these
12:57 am
hompgies, these crackers, these pigs, these pink people, these [bleep] people, it has been long overdue! if you -- if you -- [inaudible] you better give your saul to god right now and [bleep] for what you know. this is a race war that has the laws against the black race since has been going over -- [inaudible] [bleep] that they laid on the slave ships. just know that this fight has never ended against us. the only thing these honkies have done is tolerate us. >> yeah, what she said was right. we have to suit up and boot up. we got to suit up and boot up and get the feds for the war that we are in. >> suit up, boot up, war that we are in. race war, honkies, crackers, long overdue. >> our president is about fairness. if you want fairness, take those words, have a white supremacy
12:58 am
group saying -- >> it's scary because we have white neo-nazi racists itch the southern poverty law center calls the new black panthers one of the most virulent race groups out there today. >> i am from mississippi. we had death threat when is i ran for office as the first black female to run in that district in the state. one white gentleman -- this is the danger here -- walked up to me and said, angel athere is going to be a race war and we are stockpiling guns. now, have you that down in mississippi. you have that across the country and people are feeding into it, sean -- >> let me ask you this question -- is this all of this rhetoric, this environment that exists, bounties, de laeration -- declarations by congress that trayvon martin was gunned down like a rabid dog,
12:59 am
could this influence the case of george zimmerman. >> yes. >> i think it influenced it in the sense that we need to take another look at all the facts. i have had police officers tell me, i am a cop, if i shoot a person who is armed, my gun is taken away. my badge is taken away -- >> next question -- does it influence the decision, do you all agree -- what if the verdict does not come back as -- >> i hope it's not -- rodney king. >> do i agree with that. >> i hope they don't burn down the city. >> you really believe that could happen? >> there is no -- >> god forbid. >> the blame game out there. it's your fault that i am not successful. people hang on that. i believe that it would be right. >> as one hockey white chick on the panel, the african-american community is angry at the criminal justice system. >> thanks for being with us. we will see you back here tomorrow night. here tomorrow night. >>ni


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