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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 12, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> bill: the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> the thing about to happen to these honkies, these pigs, these pink peoples, these mother [bleep] it has been long overdue. >> bill: in the wake of the trayvon martin shooting the black panthers say there will be a race war in america. each as the florida prosecutor is ready to charge george zimmerman with a crime. we will have the very latest. >> you enjoy the arguing? >> sure. it's a battle of wits who is the quicker draw is i enjoy the joust. >> bill: chris wallace interviewed me a few years ago. comments on mr. wallace. >> santorum knows what he speaks. >> bill: women supporting barack obama and the titanic. >> shake it off. let's roll. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now.
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captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the talking points memo about rick santorum's campaign will be later in the dick morris segment because we have breaking news tonight in the trayvon martin case. just a short time ago, florida prosecutor angela corrie announced that george zimmerman has turned himself in and will be charged with second degree murder of trayvon martin. >> today we filed an information charging george zimmerman with murder in the second degree, a capious has been issued for his arrest. with the filing of that information and the issuance of a capious, he have a right to appear in front of a magistrate in seminole county within 24 hours of his arrest and, thus, formal prosecution will begin. >> bill: right now mr. zimmerman is being held without bond. that could change after the magistrate hearing. with us now criminal defense attorney joey jackson and from miami alex ferrera, a former
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judge in the sunshine state and host of the syndicated program judge alex. first of all, second degree murder in the state of florida, define that for us, judge. >> second degree murder just doesn't require an intent to kill, bill. it's basically florida defines it as performing an act imminently dangerous of another and depraved mind. which means it has to have been an act that resulted from ill will spite, evil intent. broke my windshield. i'm angry. overpass i throw a boggle -- bowling ball. no intent to kill him but dying. out of left field example. >> bill: what's the difference between that and manslaughter. >> typically manslaughter is basically any other killing. usually out of culpable negligence. for example, negligence itself just leads to a civil action. you know, you run a red light, you crash into somebody and they could die, you are not
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criminally charged you were just negligent. if you were cull culpablably negligent. you set up a target in backyard and bullet goes through a window and kills them. you didn't have any despite but so grossly negligent dui manslaughter, for example that's all culpable negligence which would lean to a manslaughter conviction. a big penalty for zimmerman, either one. >> it seems like it's going to be difficult for florida prosecutor because unless they have an eyewitness to get the intent of, you know, second degree murder. this guy intent to do harm to trayvon martin, zimmerman. that means you have got to put yourself inside the guy's mind. you have got to kind of basically see what the actions are but this special prosecutor, she looked pretty confident out there. she almost looked jaunty out there, did she not. >> she did, bill. i think that a grand jury should have went to the grand jury vehicle it would sort of institute public confidence
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and, therefore, whatever she presented to the grand jury whatever they came back with you can live with and that's that. now she has to answer questions as to whether it's overindicted. i think it potentially can be. here is why i say that when you talk about second degree murder you are talking about as the judge indicated a depravity. was there depravity here? >> bill: got to have witnesses. >> she has to have something. i'm assuming i know that they did a quite thorough investigation but why not take it through that public process? >> bill: i don't want to speculate here but did you see that judge? i thought ms. cory looked a little jaunty here giving like a political speech before she finally got down to what the charges were and where mr. zimmerman was. >> i don't know about jaunty. i think she is trying to walk a very narrow fence. half of the people are going to believe that if she doesn't charge a serious charge that this is racial white wash. and the other half are going to believe that she is responding to some kind of public outcry, mob mentality and that she feels a need to charge him.
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so i think she is trying to make it very clear. >> bill: hasn't she raised the bar fairly high by charging second degree murder? manslaughter would be a much easier beef to convict on, in my opinion. but, again. >> absolutely. >> bill: may have somebody who saw the whole thing go down and that's what i think they would need here. >> well, remember that on the tape he uses some derogatory terms and he mutters under his breath some things. those could be used to imply evil intent, spite, ill will. it's kind of weak that way. what we don't know is what they have in the autopsy report. that's going to show trajectory and stippling, the burning of the skin and material that shows the distance between the shooter and the victim. they may have annualized the tape and analyzed the voice of who was yelling help. all of those are critical in making a decision on whether second degree murder and manslaughter. she has information that frankly we don't. >> bill: finally counselor, you are a defense attorney, zimmerman's defense team quit. i mean, that is not a good
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sign. >> it isn't. but, you know, they did quit. i would suspect that he will get a new defense team. he will get it in short order. i think the defense here has to do two critical things. the first thing they have to do is make the first instance where he was pursuing him and shouldn't have been pursuing him. that's separate and apart from the critical moment you have to say anybody could pursue anything. it's not against the law to pursue someone even if you shouldn't. what i think they have to do is say that's one instawns. what happened in the critical moments leading to his death? was he in imminent fear for his life or grave bodily harm? >> bill: that's going to have to be defense. >> absolutely. >> bill: we are not going to try this on tv or speculate as other cable networks do. thank you for informative segment. more on the martin story including the black panthers calling for a race war. later, bernie goldberg on mike wallace and dennis miller will weigh in on the
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bill built continuing with lead story. george zimmerman will be arrested for the killing of trayvon martin. in fact already has been. already is in custody. joining us from chicago, brand new fox news analyst jackson, the eldest child of reverend jesse jackson. i'm glad we hired you, ms. jackson. i have to say. i'm glad we hired you. i have heard you on the radio. you did some radio. i want to have someone like to you go to pause these kinds of things get very convoluted.
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and that's what this segment is about tonight. first of all, your reaction on what happened today? are you happy about it? what's your reaction? >> well, i didn't think anyone can be very happy because we have a dead child here and we have man who feels hunted and haunted. i am very glad to see that the system of justice has been -- that the system does work. i mean, many people have been concerned that a son of influence. a son of a former judge could essentially stop our system of jurisdiction prudence and show we are very, very happy. many people that i have spoken to. i just want to see, we want to know what happened. >> bill: everybody does want to know what happened. so you now feel that you are satisfied with the process. the process has worked, right? the process has worked. >> it's working. >> bill: working, okay. >> it's working. >> bill: what about in the last couple of weeks where you heard all of these threats and all of this rhetoric and you got to do this and you have got to do that? should these people now apologize? al sharpton and all these other people? should they apologize for what they did.
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>> you are about to put reverend jackson in that. >> bill: he wasn't as vocal as sharpton i have to say. he was for a day or two. sharpton really made a career out of it. >> you know, what i will say is this. i think at the end of the day, you're listening to a lot of pain. a lot of pain. 400 years of pain. and so what i think what we need to do is pump the brakes a bit and lead us see what is going to happen as this goes to trial. >> bill: you don't feel an apology is necessary now from people who inflame the situation? >> you know what happens, bill o'reilly, i think we all make mistakes. i think we all say things. >> bill: make a mistake because we have kids who are hurt in michigan. we have other instances around where people got hurt by people saying this is trayvon payback. and the rhetoric was very inflamed, ms. jackson for the last couple of weeks, if it was a mistake, say it was a mistake. >> you are right. that having been said we have five dead people in tulsa. and we have inflamed
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atmosphere. many polls showing there is a divide opening in the united states about this particular case. it's become like a rorschach test for us. >> bill: i want to play this clip from a black pan ter woman and you have react to it? >> i want to say to all the listeners that's on this phone call, if you are having any doubt about getting suited, bulleted and armed up for this race war that we are in, that has never ended, let me tell you something, the things that's about to happen to these honkies, these crackers, these pigs, these pink people, these [bleep] people it has been long overdue. my prize this evening is going to be the bounty, the arrest, dead or alive, for george zimmerman. >> bill: all right. now she has apologized for those remarks that she was overrout. we know the black panther party is a minuscule operation. doesn't have a lot of people in it just like reverend farrakhan, minister farrakhan.
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this kind of stuff isn't openly repudiated by the so-called black leadership, the congressional black caucus, sharpton, your dad, they don't really come out and say hey, knock that off, do they? >> well, you know, first of all, when we talk about reverend jackson just moving forward let's speak of reverend jackson because my dad that's my dad that's a personal relationship. but that having been said, i think many of us, who you have mentioned are christian. we are not in the repudiation business. historically what we have done is we have been nonviolent. i think that it's a good thing that the young lady whose remarks i just heard, i think that she apologized, as well she should have. and many people are concerned that no one up to now has apologized for the death of trayvon martin. i think we should not be violent. indeed, we should follow the example of the trayvon martin family, his mother have called for peace and calm. they have behaved most -- they have been elm sem plars of calm and grace at this time. >> bill: attorneys and they have all conducted themselves
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well. i think you are making a mistake, ms. jackson, with all due respect. >> please call me santita, bill. >> bill: they are not doing the nation any good at all. i have got to governmental i will say. this i will say. this you know, most black leadership, this has not been the example that they have set. i wish we would concentrate on that. what the majority of people have done. they have marched peacefully and have called for peace and calm and they have pushed for this system of justice to work. i thank you for having me on your show tonight. >> bill: sure. and we will continue the conversation. directly ahead, the talking points memo on rick santorum giving up the fight. the tax man cometh. president obama looking for cash. michael also a interview
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>> bill: there are many lessons to be learned by the campaign run by rick santorum. the first one, nonpolitical. if you work hard in life, and don't give up, you are likely to succeed. nobody gave santorum much of a shot last summer. his polling at about 3%. pretty much on his own, he convinced the voters of iowa to support him. he did t by old fashioned meet the folks campaigning. secondly, the senator walked the walk. what he says he lives. of all the politicians i know, rick santorum is perhaps the most sincere. on the downside, however, mr. santorum allowed the media to tee fine him. that's a rookie mistake. i have made it myself. if you are a conservative republic running for office in this country, you must assume the media will try to hurt you. they will take things you say out of context. they will bait you with
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questions designed to make you look foolish. rick santorum allowed himself to be drawn into theological arguments. the press knows the senator is devout catholic. questions about his belief system were asked again and again. no politician should answer those questions. if they ask you about adam and eve you simply say they didn't have jobs and it's obama's fault. you keep the q and a on relevant issues. likewise on contraception. all santorum had to say was, hey, i've got seven kids, i don't know much about it. but the senator allowed the media to drag him into a swamp and that hurt his cause. like it or not, america is a secular nation. while most of the folks continue to believe they don't want religious instruction in the public arena. they don't want to be told how to live. rick santorum never quite learned that lesson. partly because his base of support was fervently religious and he had to play to. they all in all senator santorum ran a noble campaign.
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he challenged mitt romney in a way that gave voters insights into both men. the senator should be very proud. but now the presidential race is defined. it's between a free marketeer, mitt romney and social justice liberal president obama. the stakes, trawl high. the vote will be very close. very close. that's the memo. now the dick morris segment, the president has begun his campaign calling for restraints on wealthy americans and the free marketplace. this is nothing new. republic web site put together montage comparing the president's remarks about fiscal policy from last year to this year. >> this larger debate, that we're having, this larger debate that we'll be having, about the size and the role of government, about the size and role of government, it has been with us since our founding days. >> this debate has been with us since our founding days. >> during moments of great challenge and change, like the one we are living through now. >> during moments of great challenge and change like the
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ones that we are living through now. >> the debate gets sharper and get more vigorous. >> the debate gets sharper and more vigorous. >> bill: that's called recycling. either the president needs a new speech writer or he really loves those phrases. joining us from florida the purveyor of dick, mr. morris. so, you know, i mean, he gives the same speech again and again over andver. he kind of likes it, right? >> well, if he was saying the truth over and over, or saying things that work over and over, i would be for repetition. it's when you keep making the same mistake over and over that it becomes a bit of a problem. >> bill: it's not a mistake if he still leads in the polls. poll numbers have him up. so, he says to himself, look, i'm getting hammered by the opposition. they are not going to vote for me anyway. but what i'm saying generically speaking, hope and change it's going to get better. it's all bush's fault in the first place. i righted the ship.
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it's working and i'm going to continue to sail. >> first of all as we go through is he not leading in the polls. he is tied in the polling of likely voters, which is the key thing. and tied at this point as an incumbent president means you probably lose by a lot because the undecided almost entirely goes against you. we have been down that road before. the problem is that he is completely abandoning the notion of any defense of his encouple incumbency, and is he completely focusing on the two choices they offer america as if he weren't an incumbent. voters aren't stupid. they know that he has been the incumbent. they know that these problems got worse and in many cases originated with his presidency. by failing to defend or attempting to defend. failing to even attempt to defend his own record in the face of that, he is just going to let romney pile up points about what a lousy, terrible record he has. and he ♪ going to be able to counter
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that. and to be able to think that he can win this election, because has got two or three issues where he might have a slight majority in the poll, like the buffet rule or something, and overlook the idea of the massive unemployment, the healthcare fiasco debacle that's about to be called unconstitutional maybe and in any case the public hates, to ignore those issues and to say that oh, i want to tax people that make more than a million dollars, 30% of their income, that's why you should vote for me is a ludicrous campaign strategy. it's ridiculous. >> bill: don't you think president obama is going to change once he sees that mitt romney, i think romney will probably have a little bump, all right? after santorum got out. a little bump up in the polls because now everybody focusing in on him and he will just hammer obama on the competency issue so have a little bump. i think president obama in the long run is going to fall back on the class warfare that romney is a rich guy. take stuff away from you. i'm going to give you stuff.
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if you really want to break it down, this is a campaign between a guy who preaches self-reliance, romney, against a guy who says i'm going to give you stuff and romney is going to take stuff away from you. that's what it comes down to, is it not? >> yeah. but it's -- there are two problems with that. first of all, is he not defending his inkepple incumbency. >> can't without mentioning you had a record. >> bill: for you that matters, for folks just getting by and thinks they might lose stuff, president obama's message is he is going to take stuff away from you. i'm going to give you stuff. that's what it is all about. >> yeah. it doesn't go to the fundamental issue that everybody knows when they look at a presidency, which is did the guy do a good job or not? and by failing to defend his incumbency, while romney is attacking him, he is going to see his job approval drop. he is going to see his re-election number dropped. to think that you can recover that like you were a
4:25 am
nonincumbent candidate based on issue differences and class warfare or whatever is reparticular columbus. it shows they have never run campaign for incumbent president. >> what i hear from you it's a slant slide for romney. >> no not walk in but win by a lot, yes. i think it will be a -- >> bill: buy dinners, i think it's going to be very close. did i assess rick santorum's campaign accurately? >> well, i disagreed with both points you made. i didn't know if you were accurate or not but i have a different view. i think the lesson for everybody is not hard work. i think he did that. but so did bachmann, so did a lot of them. the lesson for everybody is patience. he waited until there was opponent to mitt romney. he wait until the other five candidates, christie and everybody else decided not to run. he waited until cane destroyed himself and perry destroyed himself and bachmann was destroyed and gingrich was discredited and he stayed in
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the race the whole time knowing that he was the only alternative left to romney that it would become an impressive two-way fight because there was a fixed anti-manyromney vote. patience is the life message for him. >> bill: second? >> second thought i have is i believe after he won iowa he fell into the ecclesiastes evangelical trap. >> bill: that's what i think -- >> -- set there with manpower organization, money and everything else, and he embraced them but he he didn't have to. huckabee did. he was a pastor. robertson did. but he was a senator from pennsylvania. he could have gone after the tea party vote. gotten the evangelical vote and not made a big deal about the social issues. but by doing that he took a quick fix that made it impossible for him to win the election. >> bill: i think you agreed with me on the latter point, morse, you just didn't want to admit. >>it i don't want to have to buy you another dinner. >> bill: you are going to have to it's going to be a late
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election. the late mike wallace interviewed me a few years ago. we will show you that then, dennis miller on whether women will continue to support barack obama or come over to the republic side. miller also has some thoughts on the titanic's 100th anniversary. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, as you may know, mike wallace died on saturday, 93 years old. for my money, mr. wallace the best it v interviewer ever. and it wasn't even close. in 2004, sicket minutes did a profile of me, your humble correspondent with wallace the interrogator. >> you know, you're responsible for the o'reilly deal and i always tell everybody, you got a problem with me? you call mike wallace. he's responsible for the o'reilly deal. >> what are you talking about? >> when i was growing up, i didn't care about the news at all. i had no interest in the news.
4:31 am
but my father liked you. >> are you serious about this? >> i'm serious. no spin. i'm serious about everything, okay? ened i say that guy, is he pretty interesting. because he is giving people a hard time which is what you did. so then when i got older and i said there were three guys that i watched, you, howard cosell, this is how it -- loved him. my father hated him and tom snyder, because snyder knew how to work that camera. you were the three. so you are responsible, howard is dead, you can't blame him but you are still here. so if you don't like me, you go to wallace. >> you enjoy the arguing? you enjoy peddling what you call justice. you enjoy taking on people on your show? >> sure. it's a battle of wits, who is the quicker draw intellectually. i enjoy the joust and i think people enjoy watching the
4:32 am
joust and one of the reasons we are real successful. >> the factor is all about opinions. o'reilly's opinions. this about the leaders of iran. >> their nets. >> they're not nuts. >> yes, they're. >> bill: those mullahs are. >> the factor formula works. >> keep up the great work. it's made him incredibly popular and incredibly unpopular, too. >> when i tell people i'm going to do a profile of o'reilly. oh, wonderful. don't let him off the hook. go get him. bring him down. you're the guy who can do it. >> bill: why? why do they want me to be brought down? >> what. >> you can answer your own question. >> i suspect they are pinheads but i don't know for sure. >> o'reilly was raised irish catholic in long island, new york. the son of a middle class accountant. his dad said he was an under achiever who came to blows with him as a teenager. his dad made him scrappy which has served him well in his career. first though he had to work his way through college painting houses. >> painting houses taught me
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something. i didn't want to paint houses. [ laughter ] >> a month ago at the republic convention, the old boy's club there welcomed him with open arms. >> sorry. >> oh, yeah. the big man. there he is. >> good to see you. >> some folks would expect this reception for bill o'reilly a favorite of conservatives. but what you don't expect are views that sound more like they are coming from a democrat. >> you are progun control, right? >> bill: correct. >> against the death penalty? >> bill: correct. >> for civil unions for homosexuals? >> for everybody. not just homosexuals. for everybody. >> for gay adoptions? >> as a last resort. i would rather have nice, responsible, gay home than the system with four kids. what else? >> any other things. >> environment. environment. government has got to be proactive on environment. global warming is here. all these idiots running around saying it isn't here. that's ridiculous. >> he says is he a regular guy
4:34 am
from long island. >> when you are a working class guy like i used to paint houses. >> give me a break. you are a working class guy? >> i am. >> mike, you know that? >> you are addicted to the power. you are addicted to the money. you are addicted to the fact that i am bill o'reilly and everybody knows it. >> bill: dr. phil is back. how did he get in the room? >> come on. >> bill: you are crazy. i couldn't care less about bill o'reilly being known in iowa. doesn't matter to me. i don't throw my weight around. i'm not partying with puff daddy. i'm not cutting the line. >> bottom line though is he one of the most provocative news figures in america and for him that's enough. >> i will never win any awards for stuff i'm doing now. >> because the. >> because the intelligenceia who distributes the awards thinks that i'm misguided.
4:35 am
i'm a barbarian. i am a hun. >> and you hate cats? >> i love it. i love to be the outsider. >> bill: mike wallace is a bit of an outsider, too i think. this coming sunday 60 minutes will devote its full hour to the legendary mike wallace and i will be watching that, no he question. i really liked the guy. i had occasion to have a couple of dinners, i really liked him. barbara walters saying most tv journalists hide their political affiliation. bernie is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the weekdays with bernie seeing want tonight, let's go right to the purveyor of bernard who joins us now from miami. do you agree with me that mike wallace is the best tv interviewer, ever? >> are we including jesse
4:39 am
watters in that question? [ laughter ] >> bill: you know, you bully jesse. he is only 17 years old. all right, goldberg? he is doing pretty well. >> yes, i do agree with you. and it's not only about the journalism, even though mike was a very, very good journalist, and even though that's a very big part of it. mike understood the medium in which he worked. you are not supposed to say this outloud if you are in television but mike understood that there was a lot of show business in television news. he was a great performer. he was able to move seemlessly from putting on a velvet glove to putting on brass knuckles. best example of that he is interviewing the ayatollah khamenei. and he says, your holiness. this isn't me, i'm not saying, this please understand, this is -- i'm not saying. this that's the velvet glove and, then wham, but president sadat says you are a lunatic.
4:40 am
now, that's great journalism, great television, and it's memorable. as far as the piece he did with you, if you have to take a wild guess in advance, that a mainstream news organization is going to do a piece about bill o'reilly of fox news, you figure they might hammer you. they might go after you. mike was just fair. he was fair. and i thought the piece he did with you was fair. and i think you did, too. >> bill: yeah, i did. don hewitt and mike wallace and peter jennings early on, all three of them figured out what we were doing here. they figured out that we were taking a sunday morning concept, bringing it to prime time. a lot of opinion, lot of confrontation, a lot of show business. no doubt the factor, a lot of show business. and we are doing it for a good purpose though. we are doing it to bring honest information. there is no subterfuge. you either agree with me or you don't. we lay it right out there.
4:41 am
those three guys respected that. that's why i got a fair cut on 60 minutes. they didn't bring in the ideological hammer. to be truthful, mike wallace was a liberal man. i never saw that in his presentation. did you? >> no. that's a very good point. i don't think mike ever understood the concept of liberal bias in the news because he would say what are you talking about? ronald reagan was elected twice. george bush was elected. the other republicans were elected. but that wasn't the essence of liberal bias. because the american people aren't zombies, that automatically follow what the liberal media says. but he was absolutely fair. and even if he didn't get the concept of liberal bias, it didn't matter because it didn't apply to him. he -- can i just tell you a quick story? he paid me a very high compliment once. can i do this very quickly. is that okay? >> bill: yeah, sure. >> i got -- i was at cbs one day and somebody uttered the
4:42 am
five words you never want to hear especially if you are the ceo of a big american company you don't want to hear it mike wallace on line one. you don't want to hear those words. so i'm going oh, what the heck is this about? so i pick up the phone. i say hey, mike, what's up? and you could bleep this if you want. he says -- he doesn't say hello. he doesn't say how are you. he said you son of a bitch. so i start laughing. i say because? and he says you did a story last night that was really, really good and i wanted to do it and you beat me to it. that's one of the highest compliments i have ever been paid and, mike, thank you, thank you. >> bill: he didn't have to do it? >> no, he didn't. he was very nice of him. >> bill: i want to run the barbara walters segment go. >> there are journalists opinion. >> there are others. >> i will give my opinion here
4:43 am
of. >> occasionally. >> but most of us do not -- you don't know whether we are republics or democrats or exhibitions or whatever. >> i know you are republic. >> we don't know if you are depressive. >> bill: barbara thinks that people don't know. >> bill, i know you like barbara so i will be kind. this woman is clueless. >> bill: that's kind. [ laughter ] >> that was my kind. you are right. first, i will give you just two very quick examples. back when clinton was president, a very reputable organization did a poll of washington journalists. 89% voted for bill clinton. 89%. 7% voted for george bush. now, in a democracy, nobody gets 89% of the vote. that 89% is what fidel castro and saddam hussein used to get. but washington journalists, 89% of them voted for bill clinton. okay? that's one thing.
4:44 am
fast forward to the last election. in my book a slobbering love affair, even liberal journalists acknowledged the obvious that the media was routing for barack obama. so, barbara, we do know if reporters are republicans or democrats. they are overwhelmingly democrats. >> they are democrats. >> they're overwhelmingly liberal. you don't have to take my word. they tell you that every time they go on the air. >> bill: bernie goldberg, everybody. dennis miller on deck. can republicans convince women to vote for them? and the titanic, it went down 100 years ago. miller moments away.
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>> bill: back ever the book segment. miller time. new polls show women supporting barack obama over romney. if that holds the president will be in good shape in
4:48 am
november. why is that happening? what does dennis miller think about it? the sage of southern california joins us now from his perch in santa barbara. all right, so what's going on with the women, miller? >> i love the fact that you can't get this white house to concede a war on terror and, yet, they are at the barricades, for the war on women for god's sake. there is no war on women. this is a straw woman thrown up by this cat because he knows he is in trouble. by the way, if i prove out to be wrong, there is always a slight chance of anything happening in the universe. and there is, in fact, a war on women, and it was sparked by contraception, can we refer to it at least, billy as the trojan war in the trojan war? i'm just ribbing you. >> bill: i don't care. i don'ti don't get it it maybe k santorum can explain it to me. >> one folk fits all. -- one joke fits all. there is no war on women. >> bill: that was the cbs part
4:49 am
of the program here ladies and gentlemen. >> hey, if you didn't know what we were saying don't slow it down. just keep going. show is over, folks. >> bill: the trojan horse is an interesting observation because, you know, it's a structure that was put in the middle of the enemy camp and hoping the enemy would embrace it and i guess that has something to do with the war on women. all right. now, rick santorum spending his campaign the top of the program you might have heard, i said he ran a noble campaign but he allowed the media to define him and that brought him down. and you say? >> well, listen, i'm very happy and thankful to hear his daughter is on the mend. this guy has much bigger issues in life right now. i don't know how they are out there on the road like this to begin with. but i will say this. when he was going out the door, if these guys, like ron paul and rick santorum and newt gingrich are going to tell me in one breath that a second term for barack obama is the end of the republic as
4:50 am
we know it and in a second breath be so unwilling to circle the wagons about mitt romney it eats into the efficacy of their argument. >> bill: a lot of people said that to me today. rick santorum is a politician. this is what he does. by the way, miller was referring to his little 3-year-old daughter bella who was health issues and then the family is now devoting full time to see that these gets better. but politicians want the spotlight. so, he he has one spotlight. he he says i'm suspending the campaign. thanks for voting for me. our message will continue. the usual, da'da da'da da'da. then is he going to go with romney for another thing. and now i'm endorsing mitt romney. here we are. the hands together. they do the dance of love, they do whatever they do. so he gets the two instead of just one. that's why it happens, miller. >> well then they are all shallow goofballs, aren't they? >> bill: that's the way the
4:51 am
game is played. >> billy, the game doesn't work right now. it's silly to me. if the game is not working. if we are in as much trouble as they say, behind closed doors santorum is saying listen, i do think we are really at a junction box in this culture, somebody says let's get going with romney, no, i think can i get another tv appearance out of it, then he wasn't the guy for the job anyway. >> bill: i'm just telling you why they do what they do. they will all be behind romney. >> why they shouldn't do that is because it is hit the fan. it's tim for everybody to drop the artifice. we have got a 2012, november 6th election where we go one way or the other. and anybody who is really serious obama's way going to be problematic for this country because it's going -- there is no motivation. i was inventing my own word. they tax me for inventing a word.
4:52 am
there is no motivation left in the culture. >> bill: there is a tax on that right now. titanic 100 years ago, miller, went down in the north atlantic after sailing from great britain. if you were on the boat would you have survived, miller? >> well, all i know is this: i guarantee you if this administration had been in charge, there would have ban life boat tariff. anybody who could have anti-ed up. i was watching james cammeron the other night. what are liberals thinking? he gave me a good glimpse he did on this two hour special on sinking of the titanic. he was brilliant. how can he be so mindless sometimes in his politics. then at the end he said let me ask you this: if they had paddled towards the iceberg and got on there, could they all have been saved? he said it with no like -- he wasn't faking it. he said, you know, you could see that the drama of it really mattered to him. i said there, that helps me
4:53 am
figure out liberals, a brilliant man who at the end of the day needs that one little magic moment that's what they are going to do is paddle and get on the iceberg. that would work out. it gave me a good glimpse where they are at. they needed to be perfect in a way. it's never going to be perfect sometimes. we are always going to hit icebergs. i don't care how many folds we put into the ship's layers. >> bill: a little waxing philosophical along with the trojan references tonight. dennis miller, everyone. d man and i will be live in new york city on stage may 129. indianapolis june 22nd. chicago june 23rd. listen to this. you can actually meet miller and me. now why anyone would want to do that? no idea. but we do have some premium tickets available for that purpose. you can check it all out on bill o' pinheads and patriots on deck. ms. madonna once again in the zone. p and p just over two minutes
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