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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  April 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> good thursday morning to you. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am julie banderas. thanks for catching "fox & friends first". >> we have brand new information in the case of trayvon martin. neighborhood watchman george zimmerman now officially charged with second degree murder. he's expect to do make his first court appearance today. we are following the developments. >> george zimmerman arrived in the county jail in florida late last night. hours before he turned himself in the judge evaluating zimmerman's mental health deciding whether to keep him in isolation or general population. meeting with him at the jail brus midnight zimmerman will be absolutely pleading not guilty to the charges. >> he is concerned about getting a fair trial and a fair
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presentation. there has been a lot of information flowing. i think a lot of it has been pro mature and maybe inappropriate. i don't think a case like this should be tried here and it's not going to be. >> zimmerman will also invoke florida's stand your ground law claiming he killed 17-year-old trayvon martin in self defense. that's the same law that protected him from legal action in the last month and a half since the shooting. all of that came as they announced the charges. trayvon's mother calling it a huge victory. >> i want to say thank god. we simply wanted an arrest. we wanted nothing more, nothing less. we just wanted an arrest and we got it. and i say thank you. thank you, lord, thank you, jesus. >> the special prosecutor in the case not detailing what evidence might not have emerged that
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caused them to charge zimmerman but she insists she was not influenced the public out cry. many are surprised the severity of the charge second degree murder charge has a sentence of life behind bars. it will make prosecutors prove he killed him intentionally and not in self defense. oo thanks elizabeth. the charges brought against george zimmerman are the big talk. t some daying the prosecutor over charged. >> what will be needed to make a conviction? bill o'reilly discussed just that. >> seems like it will be difficult for a florida prosecutor because unless they have an eyewitness to get the intent of second degree murder intent to do harm to trayvon martin. you have to put yourself inside the guy's mind and you have to
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basically see what the actions are. this special prosecutor looked confident almost looked juan tee out there. >> i think the whatever they presented to the grand jury whatever they came back with you could live with. you have to ask whether it is over indicted. i think it potentially can be. when you talk about second degree murder you are talking about as the judge indicated a depravity. was there depravity. >> you have to have witnesses. >> they did quite thorough investigation. >> speaking of that big public process. one of the big criticisms he feels zimmerman has brotheralren tried at media. >> he specifically takes aim at public figures and law painingers who rush to judgment.
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>> we put on the attorney for trayvon martin. put on the father of george zimmerman, robert zimmerman. i was criticized for even daring to talk to george zimmerman. trying to get to the truth. is the making comments with zaire evidence to back it up. you have a police car that was shot at a bounty on people's head, we have reports that these extreme racist neo nazi groups are engaged. we have talks about racial riots by the black panthers and blood flowing in the streets and these comments are made while this is all -- while none of this has been proven. i guess the sense of innocent until proven guilty is maybe gone. why have a trial in the minds of these members of congress? >> keep it right here on fox for
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the lathes developments of that issue. >> the launch of a north korean rocket could come at any moment. the command center's chief says the rocket is being injected at this very moment with fuel. the white house says any launch would be considered a provocation. the u.s. believes pyongyang is using it to skirt the missile programs. korea says it is sending a satellite in space. joining us now north korea takes on the world. gordon change. they are saying this law is ready. what does this mean for us? what's at stake? >> what's important is 40 years they will have intercontinental ballistic missile that will be able to hit the united states. this gives us a lot of
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information this test. they will be able to use it whether or not it is successful they will be able to aim then with pinpoint accuracy at u.s. citizens. >> they say they are launching a satellite to send back images and to get pictures for weather forecast. you are saying no. >> they said that this 98, 2009. there were no satellites. it is a ballistic missile test. united states need to do something about it. >> secretary clinton says don't do it we are not sending aid there. the chinese government sends aid they send 90 percent of energy to north korea. why isn't china stepping in? >> china sort of enjoys this. every time they do something provocative we say please restrain your north korean friends. they strak concessions for us with that. this plays into beijing's hands.
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>> you are saying if it is successful or not it opens the door to a nuclear program. >> after 2006 and 09 they had long range missile tests. they are now digging a tunnel to detonate a third nuclear weapon. clearly we can see this within a couple weeks or couple months. but it will occur. >> there are a lot of signs on the -- scientists next to the rocket. there's a tarp ore the rocket. they are saying they are fuelling it up as we speak. that's the list stap they do before this thing takes off. >> it will happen in the next few days. >> once they start fuelling it it will core road the tubes inside. they were going to launch last night but they had too many clouds too much wind. nothing we can do about this? >> we probably can't stop this launch short of actually taking it out with a missile of our
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own. what we can do is stop the next launch. that's what the obama administration needs to do. they didn't stop their missiles before. >> julie, over to you. >> the gsa spending scandal continues to grow this morning. the latest tax payer money a trip to hawaii of all places. >> live in washington this morning hi there. hi. the week long trips to hawaii weren't all fun in the sun but there was a lot of that. according to a transcript from obviously ga inspector general with an employee passed along by the transportation and infrastructure committee who will hold a hearing on this on tuesday. the committee is suggesting these gsa workers would fly to hawaii for a week to participate in a brief ribbon cutting ceremony sometimes only an hour long. here's the relevant part of the transcript where the gsa's ig's
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office asks an employee the last trip where five through over for this ribbon cutting for the fbi office 5-7 days. the employee says, oh, yeah, 7 -- yeah, 5 to 7. i don't know what the other people's calendar looks like. the ig says i am sure they were working hard the whole time. the gsa employee said, i doubt it. that employee also said this was not an isolated incident. the inspector general also found out the gsa spent over 330,000 dollars to move one employee from denver to hawaii. the house oversight committee is ready to track down. >> we have gone to every agency and asked for five years worth of all of their conferences so we can begin to look at what we think is a systemic problem in government one that is clearly for three years this administration did nothing to
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stop. >> gshg gsa's new brass telling them everything is under review and everything needs to have a solid business justification all of these troops moving forward. >> peter doocy, thank you very much. time for the 5@5:00 trial. jury selection begins today in john edwards striel. they will determine if he use campaign money to hide rielle hunter. more than 2 dozen fire departments helped fight the fire from all angles. they had to do controlled burns because the fire was out of control. it burned more than 60 acres. this fire one of many we have been seeing popping up all over
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the country. overnight two powerful earthquakes hitting near the border of california 6.9 hitting off the baha coast. minutes before that a 6.2 magnitude quake hitting near mexico. just yesterday a magnitude 6.5 quake hit the southwest part of the country as well. the son of clark gable answering to police this morning after his girlfriend was apparently found dead in his malibu mansion. john clark gable junior pictured with actor james garner says his girlfriend told him he didn't feel well and went to sleep. by the time he tried to wake her she was already dead. police not suspecting foul play. >> our skyline is about to get bigger. the freedom tower is now on track to become the tallest building not only in new york city but the entire western hemisphere. the twin towers built in the 70s
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were the tallest buildings in new york until they went down september 11th. the freedom tower reached 100 floors and once the 101st floor stands it will be at 1254 feet 15 feet taller than the empire state building. those are your 5 at 5:00. >> time for your first degree weather update. storms threatening all across the central part of the country. >> hi there, janet. hello guys -- or ladies. >> it is girl power this morning. somewhere it's girl's night, right? free cop fee for everybody. that will continue across the central and southern high planes today. we are watching a very active west coast. some of that will come in and
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give us the severe threat heading into the weekend. chilly start in the ohio valley but in atlanta, georgia where temperatures are in the 40s this morning. let's take a look at the current temperatures. below freezing across the great lakes and the ohio river valley. the good news is we are going to see a warm-up as we head into the weekend. let's take a trip across the radar. we have light showers moving offshore across the northeast coast. things should improve there. we have the west coast action that continues to move ose ward seve -- eastward. we will keep an eye on that we will bring you the latest in watchings and warnings. back to you julie and ainsley. >> it is now 13 after the hour. think you don't like your job? a list of the ten worst jobs in the country. >> it is an extraordinary human experiment. exactly what sleep deprivation does to you. you are the one with the baby.
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can>> good morning. it is 17 after the hour. tensions running high on the campus of the university of pittsburgh. the school receiving 57 bomb threats since february 13th. they are offering a 50,000 dollar reward for information regarding this arrest. take a look at this. a touchdown in northern california. national weather service confirming it hit just outside of stockton. it destroyed everything in its path including barns roofs and power lines in that area. now with stories you can bank on this morning. joining us from the fox business network is robert gray. we are learning about the program fight foreclosures. i love this. they have pretty big flaws. >> treasury's hardest hit find. contra it is criticized. in fact the program using funds
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from the 20078 car bailout. mostly because it is not including loans with fannie mae and freddie mac. >> why is the doj getting involved with apple? >> they are talking about price fixing. if you buy e books amazon wanted to sell them at 9.99. the government says these guys are getings together. three publishers are suing. >> a dollar for a gallon of gas. >> pumping gas like it's 1999. this was in pasadena texas. rolled back the clock. drove by a conico station there. dollar a gallon. word spread like wildfire. they ran out of gas at 1:30 in the morning people were lining up to fill up. >> i gbet the owner of the gas
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station was upset. >> they got a great discount. i am going to continue. it's now about 19 minutes after the hour. coming up, the list is out of the best and worst jobs in the country. which list is your job on? not ours. stick around to find out. a car dealership that looks more like a demolition derby. wait until you hear why a customer went berserk behind the wheel. a look at the prices at the pump the average dropping slightly to 3.90 a gallon.
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>> late last night connecticut's legislature vote to do repeal the death penalty for all future cases after years of failed attempts to do so. the governor says he will sign the bill into law. connecticut will be the 17th state to abolish the death penalty. check out this video. the front of a home in florida gone after a school bus went crashing right through it. the suv apparently ran a stop sign hitting the bus sending it into a home. two people were inside the house. the driver and aid and two children were on the bus. luckily no one was seriously hurt. you might think your job is the absolute worst. is it the worst job in the united states?
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diane macedo has the list of the worst jobs in america. >> they are out with their annual rankings for the 10 worst jobs in america. guess what? we made the list. taking into account work environment physical demands, job outlook income and stress the web site put lummer jacks at the stop spot noble hard to come by but among the world's hardest to come by. newspaper reporter at number 5. take a look at the other half of the list you will find broadcaster there. those two are both making a debut here siting on the job stress declining job opportunities and income levels. if these jobs stink what kind of a job do you want? the best job of 2012 software engineer. i don't know about you ainsley but i have trouble working my
5:25 am
blackberry sometimes. i won't be doing that job any time soon. >> that's why you make the big bucks if you are in that industry. i would think the worst job would be folding clothes. >> i would go with the dishwasher. i don't like to even load my dishwasher. >> i don't think i would want to be a butcher. but that is just me. >> or a lumberjack. the time is now about 25 minutes after the hour from the worst jobs to the best jobs. we are here next with three companies hiring right now. one of them is ranked number two on the best companies to work for. >> such a great segment. >> then it's an extraordinary human experiment. coming up what sleep deprivation does for you. >> on this day in history in 1954 bill haley and the come mets reported "rock around the clock." [ leanne ] appliance park has been here since the early 50s.
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my dad and grandfather spent their whole careers here. [ charlie ] we're the heartbeat of this place, the people on the line. we take pride in what we do. when that refrigerator ships out the door, it's us that work out here. [ michael ] we're on the forefront of revitalizing manufacturing. we're proving that it can be done here, and it can be done well. [ ilona ] i came to ge after the plant i was working at closed after 33 years. ge's giving me the chance to start back over.
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[ cindy ] there's construction workers everywhere. so what does thean? it means work. it means work for more people. [ brian ] there's a bright future here, and there's a chance to get on the ground floor of something big, something that will bring us back. not only this company, but this country. ♪
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". i am julie banderas. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> the entire world on edge watching as north korea prepares to launch a long range rocket. >> doug luzader is in washington with the latest. north korea defined u.s. sanctioning. part of a five day launch window. it could happen potential little later today. the north koreans have been making final preparation for this launch fuelling this
5:30 am
rocket. the government says it's a peaceful mission to launch a weather satellite. much of the world isn't buying that including the united states. >> if north korea wants a peaceful better future for their people it should not conduct another launch. it would be a direct threat to regional security. >> experts look at the launch with deep concern. this is a sophisticated multi stage rocket. it is beyond anything the north launched in the past. it is capable in theory of striking the united states. the real fear with this launch is what it could ultimately lead to which is a nuclear payload. >> we have a new laufrp vehicle that is much more improved much more refined and potentialality of being more successful than the previous two flights is very apparent. >> as always there are politics
5:31 am
at play. he is trying to prove his metal after king jong-il died late last year. the notoriously reclusive regime invited journalists to come to the launch site. they are getting an up close look as a clear provocation. it will happen sometime between today and monday. back to you guys. >> we have been watching it all night. the top five stories making nuss news at this hour ron paul has no plans to endorse him for president. he admits he is friendly with the gop frontrunner but supporters would be upset if he dropped out. he wants to continue to pick up more delegates. >> for the 12th time a board jeekted charles manson's bid for freedom. he still poses an unreasonable danger to others.
5:32 am
sharon tate was at the hearing. manson refused to attend the hearing. the cult leader could be 92 years old before he is eligible for another parole hearing. >> police releasing whitney houston's 911 calls or calls made about her made by a security guard moments after the singer was found dead in a bathtub. >> erie to hear that this morning. they are officially closing the investigation saying they will not be pressing any charges. >> the national symbol making a texas neighborhood a new home. a dad mom and baby bald eagle. wildlife experts say the
5:33 am
relocation is rare since bald eagles usually nest 75 feet or higher in the air. the nest is only 35-40 feet. the birds have become a spectac spectacle. many watching them spread their wings. they will likely migrate north in the coming months. >> you have heard about road rage. this man's rant happened off the road. a man totally destroying the showroom and several cars at a dealership in russia. you can see him employing into the vehicles with the shop's loaner car. he was angry waiting 20 minutes to pick up his car after repairs. look at this. he keeps going. he was restrained after the car became stuck. no one was injured. the man is on house arrest. the car is of little use now. those are the headlines at 5:30. >> remind me of the first driver's test i failed trying to parallel park. fortunately no charges against me. what in the world is going on?
5:34 am
janice is in the fox weather center with a closer look. >> warm and dry. one of the warmest driest winters on record, ladies. take a look at this. wildfire season starts early this year due to warm temperatures around the country. playses that usually start in late spring pop up along the east coast. several states east of the rockies saw the warm eggs testimo -- warmest temperatures on record. they combined with dryness and wind is a perfect recipe for out of control wildfires. they have red flag warnings wednesday but warnings also headed west arizona as, colorado, new mexico, utah, wyoming, montana and north dakota were on alert. a state of emergency was declared in certain areas. other hot spots included new york city staten island where nearly 20 acres burned and new
5:35 am
jersey's burlington county. two dozen homes were threatened before the blaze was contained. in florida almost 100 wildfires affecting nearly 16,000 acres were aplays on just tuesday alone. ironically it's wildfire awareness week in several states including florida. let's take a look at some of the wildfire alerts we have in terms of red flag danger across the four corners as well as the southeast including florida. so we are watching for high fire danger and all of these areas that you see in the pink and red. unfortunately we are not getting a lot of moisture in the moisture starved regions. we are looking at an active west and also potential for severe weather across the central and southern plains not only today, ladies, but into the weekend where we have a high threat for tornadoes. we head into the next three-days and keep you posted on the fox news extreme weather center.
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>> now to the other big story we are watching. neighborhood watchman george zimmerman now officially charged with second degree murder in the shooting death of trayvon martin. he will make his first court appearance later today. steve is outside of the jail where zimmerman spent his first night in florida. hi there, steve. >> he is locked up for his first night. he is on a no bond stratus 1:30 eastern time he will have his first appearance inside the courthouse florida. he turned himself in at the police headquarters office. at the same time the special prosecutor was holding a news conference on the charges charging him with second degree murder in the shooting death of trayvon martin. he was driven down here to seminole county.
5:37 am
we could see he got out wearing a plaid shirt and he was booked into jail. he met with his new attorney. a new attorney was hired yesterday afternoon. we came out after he called george zimmerman. he used the word drained a couple times but he is concerned his clients. he was going to file a motion and new information regarding that and zimmerman. it's not clear whether the judge will have the authority to grant that today or make a decision. another bond hearing set for another date. zimmerman stays locked up here for now away from the general population. to protect his safety. >> a lot of people interested in
5:38 am
this. thank you very much. 38 after the hour. the markets will be keeping a close watch on this week's jobs numbers set to be released about an hour from now. in the meantime we p want those of you out there looking to be highered to listen to this next story. we have the three companies that are hiring today. >> good morning, ainsley. i have three great companies. the first one you know is the world's largest retailer. they have been opening up several new facilities in indiana of all places. jeffersonville indiana will open up they have 1,329 job ownings. this as mitch daniel's initiative to get amazon to come to open up the facility. they are doing it thousands of hoosiers are going to be employed by amazon a million
5:39 am
dollar investment. >> that's niece to see. amazon going bang busters. >> they are beating prices at wal-ma wal-mart. >> a lot of the brick and mortar companies best buy, target are about to go to war with amazon. they are showrooms for the on-line shopper. that is kind of true to be frank with you. you go into best buy you see what you can get and then you get it on-line. >> what about boston consulting groups? >> it is a very flexible type of position you have to have the resumes. worldwide consulting firm goes into and tells companies they have 2,000 companies. working mother magazine taiz says it's all about the flexible schedule. 75 offices 42 countries headed in boston.
5:40 am
these jobs are going to be global. again you have to have the qualifications. good job if you can get it. >> the flexible schedule is great. >> there is a huge movement right now in the organic food market. we are seeing a huge interest we were talking about wal-mart a moment ago. wall mark is trying to get organic food like whole foods. whole foods is hiring 1,000 openings across the united states right now. you make anywhere from 10-14 dollars an hour if you get stock options if you are full-time you get health benefits. john mackey only takes a dollar salary. he has had that in place since 2006. f they are conscious of how they treat their employees whether you are healthy and hap fee. i look at health benefits. that is a piece of the overall pie when you are looking at the job. if you are going to be paying for healthcare that can be 2, 3,
5:41 am
$400 out of the pocket a month. overall if you are unemployed if you need work and you need to consider your family, your dependents then these are the types of jobs you look for. we are looking for more companies at home get jobs. thank you so much, cheryl. >> job hunt at it will be on at noon today with another company that will be hiring. we will talk to him next week. we will be bringing folks in e-mail us let us know. >> you can catch the weekly column as well. >> all right ainsley 41 mention after the hour. stunning new information about the most wanted terrorist in the world using x becomes and play
5:42 am
station. it's an ex tawed nature re. the first real evidence what deep deprivation does for you.
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>> tracking terrorists and video games through the u.s. navy is lacking for a few good hackers to monitor data from gaming systems. terrorists are using video games to communicate under cover. is this the new battlefield on the war on terror. joining us with insight is
5:46 am
former commander and author. our kids have been using this forever. xbox is the rage among our kids. but for ten years apparently this has been going on where terrorists are communicating through these systems and planning worldwide terror attacks. >> you can go on play station and talk to somebody in japan in seconds. these guys get on to the network log on through secure pass word protected rooms and they talk to one another and plan attacks. >> i just want believe we are now just figuring e this out. can they make up for all of the time lost and all of the sensitive information that has been exchanged among these terrorists in order to thwart future attacks. >> their attention has been in operations in iraq and afghanistan.
5:47 am
these terrorists these global gi haddists are creative. they didn't have enough money they came back with twice the men. when they realized we had body armor they look to exploit any weakness we give them. >> they need a few good hackers out there. a bit more than 3 and 2. what are they looking for. they are requirements to monitor these games. they need to hack intoity system in ord-- hack into these system. provide monitoring for 6 new video game systems. what's that? >> what they are trying to talk about is looking at the wii, xbox, play station and nintendo ds. anything that has wireless or global communication the dod is looking at right now. >> also capture clean data. doesn't identify real people. >> they are using data to screen for words that would point to
5:48 am
terrorist attack. >> obviously there needs to be an explanation for this. >> americans are asking the question right now how much is this going to impinge on my personal property and freedom and liberty in the united states? >> now the u.s. navy is looking for the hackers. there are very smart people in the country. my thing and i hope this doesn't become an issue do you foresee any one infringing on the government. >> the thing that they need to realize we are at war the pentagon the dod said outright it is only going to be used o overseas. the greatest deterrents is americans asking the questions that you just asked of me. as long as we are asking the questions we are doing the right thing. >> we have to start somewhere.
5:49 am
don partial. ainsley about a can to you. >> thank you. an eye opening experience fore humors. ber making men starter? new research probably done by men saying yes it makes you smarter than sober friends. >> what's coming up on "fox & friends". >> when you talk about lack of sleep and a lot of beer you are talking my wife style. thank you for weaving me into the show. great job. jack girard the ceo of american petroleum institute joins us and talks about what the president needs to do to lower gas prices. the story behind the barefoot bandit. christie rapone. she is the capital of the u.s.
5:50 am
women's national team. doocy is my goalie. it's all happening at the top of the hour. ♪
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>> the count of weston passing an ordinance specifically bans nightclubs, dance halls and get this, even skating rings. none have ever existed in the suburban town. the mayor wants to keep it that
5:54 am
way. he says they attract quote undesirable activities. again hospital fans will remember this moment. luke and laura's wedding. abc confirmed they have renewed the soap for another season. the lower rated the revolution meeting a much different fate. it has been canceled. well, we hope you got to bed nice and early. four-hours doing the body good this morning. >> another study showing what can happen if you keep losing the z's. ed study in the science translational mag sglaen shows lack of sleep cannot only make you cranky but it can increase your risk of diabetes health problems and other things are being ore weight. >> they have looked at the effects of exhaust haugs. this is the first to do so in a completely controlled laboratory environment. it used 21 people.
5:55 am
each person forced to sleep the optimal period 10 hours a night. who gets 10 hours a night? the sleeping patterns of night shift workers like us here at fox and friends first. >> they found out their blood sugar was going up met pollick w -- metabolic was going down it was harder to burn col res than those who slept soundly. sleeping during the day doesn't have the health benefits as the nighttime sleeping does. >> i won't sleep until tomorrow. 40 percent of americans find the punk waited sleep. 55 after the hour. good news for all of you guys out there. beer making you smarter? >> then it's the word of the day all scrambled up. can you figure out what it is? >> stick around for the answer next. @@
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>> 2 minutes until the top of the hour. as we take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. the booze edition. first, the good. men, beer can make you smarter. researchers found that guys who drank 2 pints of beer solved 40% more brain teaseers than the
5:59 am
sober guys did and solved them quicker. next, the bad. an indianapolis man found sprawled out on the street with a blood alcohol level of .297 but he's apparently on the mend. last night he was found passed out with a level of .52, am i reading that right? soft serve beer. a japanese brewing company created this frozen foam machine and lets drinkers top off their beer with the foam like soft serve ice cream. would you like that? >> no. >> all righty. it's time now to get scrambled up. gretchen carlson is helping us out today. >> i'm a little nervous by this one. let's see. >> oh, boy. >> bankruptcy? no. >> what is it? >> what in the world? >> jambalaya. >> i have no idea. i'm just -- >> numerical. no. what's the first letter, that will help us? >> lumberjack. >> lumberjack. good job, all right! we've got that. >> bye,


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