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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  April 16, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> i am starting with fox news contributor dominic nepatali and craig rivera. all of us have had very, very different experiences durgz tin this emergency. dominic has a grand stand seat in the action. craig was in the thick of things
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down on the street. i ironically was blocked inside the u.s. embassy. prevented from leaving until the first waive of attacks was over. let's start tonight then with craig's experience. >> at this juncture we don't know who. >> another large explosion. very significant explosion. >> they must have some cars planted in the area or they could have bau sgluk kbazooka's. we haven't seen any american military presence. machine gun bursts coming from the four star hotel this white building in the distance. numerous explosions. at least 8 explosions have occurred in the past 10 minutes. notice in the green here.
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shots fired. suicide attacks. two more explosions. >> the attacks spread mthrough out the city. attacks occurring through out the city. looks like there might be gun fire coming from there. saw smoke rising from one of the explosions. smoke rising also from behind this wire. any yoinjuries any casualties running through the square trying to find out where the attacksers are. three more large explosions. this is very significant. this is first major attack of this in kabul afghanistan the capital. our local producer in kabul. he has information they are
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targeting the british embassy. we are in the area of the british embassy the puffs of smoke. he believes it is possible they have taken position inside the hotel using rpg's to fire the rockets>> correct. the people i am talking to saying they have positions up along the rooftop on top of the building and from there they are trying to attack on these buildings or these embassies. >> that makes sense because we have seen most of the explosions and heard most of the explosions emanating from that white building. we haven't heard any explosions recently. we have seen the american troops come in. now we are hearing more machine gun fire. the last burst of machine gun fire sounded very loud. you heard the intense crackling
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as opposed the other sound of the machine gun fire. isolated the area. they have closed it off. not sure if there's a plan going into effect some kind of a counter strike being planned. >> afghan intelligence troops coming in. they are pointing their weapons at us. >> get back, frank. get back. large cracks of machine gun fire. we did see a couple of dozen afghan forces moving in the area that could be mixes ing it up rt now with the enemy.
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>> what does your friend say? >> it was a taliban spokesperson in kabul. he says that we are trying to attack the u.s. embassy, the british embassy and we also attack the parliament building as well. >> so this is the taliban spokesperson called you on the phone they are confirming responsibility for the attacks we witnessed here. >> we are in the laundry room of the united states em basz see. as we were walking here there was an explosion. we don't know yet if it was a suicide bomb error mortar or rpg but they have hunkered us all down. we are all together waiting for the all clear. listen to the warning.
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>> get away from the windows. take cover and await further instructions. >> tell you when we have got the all clear. >> more excitement than we bargained for. >> yes more than we bargained for. >> what do we have going? >> it's a situation but there appears to be multiple sources of attacks one southeast of here that we know of. reports of parliament receiving rocket fire. in the smoke dust fog and confusion it will take a while to sort all of this out. i have been in touch with my friend and battle buddy general
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allen. all of our folks are accounted for and safe. really don't know what's going on around town. but but the african gekt forc-- afghan security forces are responding to this so they seem to be getting it under control. >> it seems a setback to the over arching story the situation was improving. >> not a good thing. we hope and pray that they are not casualties among the afghan population of this city. it is pretty similar as it was in september. high profile yesable effectiveness. this is done more for the splash than a serious attempt to carry
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out a military operation. we have to see. >> where sdou think we -- do yo think we go now? does this set back the timetable? >> oh, no. kabul transitions to afghan security back last july. that's why they are responding to this. i don't think it will have an effect on the transition. >> are you distressed the trend going into the right direction to have something like this happen at the heart of the afghan government? >> it is not a good thing. how bad it is we don't know. we have to see how much damage today has been done when the dust settles and the insurgents are captured and killed. i don't want to underestimate it but i don't want to over dramatize it either. this is an active conflict zone. we know these things can happen. they can happen at any time.
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we conducted an embassy wide rule last night. you have to be ready for these things. you also have to be careful. there are international hot lines and afghan comrades not to over react. >> distressing none the less. >> yes. an awful lot of the folks that are here today in this mission went through the attacks. >> mr. ambassador, thank you very much. >> ambassador ryan brock ter ambassador to afghanistan. greg one thing we did not see was a suicide bomber. >> it wasn't a suicide bomber but these were suicide attackers. >> these buildings are around they started firing rpg's and
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machine guns. they had no care about their own personal safety. the african military the local police and national police came in force and they were hunting these guys down. they were with total disregard to their personal safety. >> not very effective dominic. >> exactly. that says a lot about the spectacular noisy attack. look at the number of casualties we have. at least two afghan nation until members dead. if this had been al qaeda for example you would see heavy casualties numbers in the dozens of people killed. we had multiple sites around the country 70 different sites proves to some extent that's all about the show. it's not really about capabilities hard hitting damage at the end of the day. >> let me take a break. when we come back you will hear from the general commanding our forces in afghanistan.
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we will be right back.
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>> we are in the captain ital o afghanistan. dominic, my brother craig. dominic, ambassador crocker told me this had all of the hall marks not of the taliban but at the criminal hatan i network. >> the debate in pakistan in the tribal areas there they are believed to be packed by the pakistani secret service. they blamed the attack on the haqqani. while the taliban has claimed responsibility the state department and u.s. military we have been hearing those arrested
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as part of the attacks in the past 17 hours have been saying they were sent here by the haqqani. >> that makes total sense to me having seen the attack. >> it was a well coordinated attack. it was outside of the gates of the green zone. they had targets in the british embassy they were going after the westerners that weren't targeting them as they normally do. >> our dear friend long time afghan producer he has the taliban spokesman on the line asks how he feels about getting his ass kicked? >> (speaking foreign language) >> t
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>> they showed their hower. >> you have 17 of your duds killed what did you accomplish? >> t (speaking foreign language >> he is making a speech. it's propaganda. >> what did he win? what did you win? >> what did you win? (speaking foreign language) >> we killed americans. >> you killed no americans. no westerners. nobody. up next we will get a hard-core analysis of these attacks from the u.s. military. >> we have damaged them a lot.
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>> before the sun came up i spoke with the spokesman of the u.s. nato forces. he gave me his take on the attacks. we were together a half hour before all hell broke lose yesterday. then i asked him a couple hours ago to assess the attacks. here is the navy captain. >> captain john kurr sri spokesman for the international security assistance force 35 minutes after we said good-bye today all hell broke lose. was it something i said? >> it's good to be back with you, geraldo. no, i don't think it had anything to do with you.
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i think this is the taliban took credit for this. this is what they claim to be the beginning of their spring offensive. >> the beginning of their spring offensive. there is more to come. why don't you describe exactly what they did today? >> it appears what they have done is conduct several i will say well coordinated attacks against afghan government facilities as well as some facilities of the international community some of the embassies including the u.s. embassy. clearly the attacks are aimed at trying to show there is vulnerability with the status of the afghan government and with the international community's presence here. in reality they accomplished very little. >> if their goal was to ter rise they accomplished that. if their goal was to kill us they failed miserably captain. >> i agree with you geraldo. i think what they were trying to do and this is not atypical for these types of terrorists these extremists these criminals. it is to send a message with
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every attack. the message they were trying to send was the government of afghanistan is not strong, it's not sovereign, it's not independent. the international community the foreigners here in this country are weak and ill legitimate. aside from the military failures they didn't have much of a military effect. if we look at afghan government and civility look how well they did today particularly the afghan national police. >> my brother craig was out in the attack watching as forces were turned back by the local comp saying they could handle it. is that a harbinger of something positive in the future? >> they ait speaks volumes not well they are doing with the strategy we put in place of
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transition. they want that responsibility. >> i was locked in the embassy with ambassador crocker. craig was there but if you could tell us how many attacks there were nationwide. >> civil government. institutions i would say probably across the country i would ishave to say there was a dozen maybe less that a dozen would be my guess. >> the good news is they didn't kill any of us the bad news is there were so many attacks. >> they were able to do a coordinated series of attacks. i don't want to slhrug that off and make it sound like we aren't
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taking this seriously. clearly we are and we did. i think it's important to remember from a military perspective they didn't have any changeable effect. even from fear they didn't have any success either. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. thank you for having me. >> we are getting word now this finally may be over. >> in the past few minutes they reached the top level of the building where the last was supposed to be pulled up. they are seeing bodies being removed from the top of the building. it was up to as many as 6 in the building. they have been through floor by floor removing every gunman they can. they are at the top floor the indication is it could be well
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close to over. >> it looks like this attack finally caput. >> sounds like that is accurate. about two hours before our broadcast stopped we were on the roof and we heard loud explosions followed by machine gun fire. that was probably the assault of the police going into the building to take that building down finally. >> i also want to acknowledge in new york former reagan defense administration official kc mcfarland will be giving us her take on what has been going on here. we will give you the confirmation on the al-jazeera report that this is all over now that they have finally taken out the last of the attackers. i don't know what their goal was in the building. i went there i don't know what they hope to accomplish. >> it's ee well in advance.
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there were power weapons in the building. >> signed the constructed building. >> the security came forward in the site. they intimidate their way in. >> the commanding general brings in hope. o geraldo
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life from afghanistan. this is a fox news alert.
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i am geraldo rivera with dominic and craig rivera. you have a bulletin? >> the ministry information here is all have finished. 17 and a half hours of an assault by insurgent forces it is now all over. they will hold a press conference local time. wanted details on responding to it all. >> they have not said anything neither the president nor the security forces themselves. it is very buizarre. we want to be in charge of our own security here. we want a way to charge. >> timing is life>> i spoke with the commanding general i want nathsnal security forces in afghanistan. he is the u.s. commander of all of our forces in afghanistan. it is general john s.
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>> let's sit down and talk. >> right. >> you have had an interesting few months here? >> i have. >> it will be nine months shortly. i have had a chance to serve with some of the finest groups i had ever seen. >> there is overwhelming of troops who are magnificent doing their duties and fighting taking their fight and marines urinating on dead taliban with the korans being accidentally burned with the alleged atrocities. >> there have been tens of thousands of u.s. troops that come to this theater over the period of time in the conflict.
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the vast, vast majority of them have demonstrated great respect for the faith of islam, they have created great friends ships. deep friends ships. individual events can create a setback. they have. we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that the relationship is founded on the individual deets of courage and honor of tens of thousands on so many. >> this relationship is very resilient. it has been built on the shared sacrifice of our years with our troops. it has create add depth of the kr relationship that weathered the set backs. >> it has been 13 of the forces killed by afghan allied troops or police officers that we have
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been training. how can we go forward when you can't trust the very people to whom you want to give control. >> let's step back and look at the big picture. the big picture is every single day american and international forces serve with tens of thousands of afghans. they serve together across the entire battle space. they serve together in combat and training and serve together in their day-to-day lives. those tens of thousands of contacts every single day are defined trust and admiration and mutually shared sacrifice. and that should be what we should focus on. >> the incidents i started with, these unfortunate incidents they have done a lot to erode public support of the effort here. half of all americans surveyed say they wish the withdrawal pullout from afghanistan would be accelerated.
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why wait until 2014. why not 2013? oo this is a campaign predicated on an agreed possible approach. it is brining the afghan security forces into the lead. united seen some of the afghans. you know they have improving capabilities their moral is high and they want the responsibility. >> i was impressed watching our special operators training the afghan local police. it was something impressive and if it is there an idea that's where it is. >> leaders unite in a mobilization for their own security will ask us for help at our special operators will then organize the sons of that village to provide duties. it is fully afghaned owned and
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fully afghan implemented. >> understand the frustration and feeling that are is a lack of gratitude for our enormous effort on their behalf. >> i don't agree with that. americans should talk to the afghan population. they have gone through 30 years of sheer chaos. most recently through the darkness of the taliban where the rights of virtually every afghan particularly minority and women were troded upon by those forces. you talked to the afghans in the towns and cities in the afghan national security forces they understand where they were and where they had been. they also know where they are and where they are today, a free people with a free media with educational opportunities they could not have imaged. when you talk to an afghan i am frequently thanked immediately
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for the sacrifices of the american people for the blood that ven spilled on the american people by the international community on their behalf for the pressure that has been spent. i don't believe for a second the afghans are not grateful for the sacrifice. >> we killed osama bin laden. we killed al qaeda that's what we came here for nation building isn't that what you were talking about. >> the purpose beyond preventing al qaeda from ever reestablishing a safe haven in afghanistan is to prevent the taliban from over throwing this government. once again providing a platform from which terrorists can victimize the united states or any of the elements. we are not trying to reshape this nation we are looking at key aspects of the security forces and military and even which can provide the efrp tus
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and opportunity ultimately stand on its own two feet. >> more money among the pundits, is once we withdraw the tal began will take over the country side the rural areas and government will keep the big cities and major roads that it might cascade back toward that ugly civil war that existed in the days before 9-11. >> i don't think that's going to happen. we should all be attentive to what's happening. the united states is engaged in a conversation with the afghan government for the negotiation of the strategic partnership agreement. nato is engaged with the afghan government to determine a long-term strategic relationship. two of those documents plus other bilateral arrangements with the afghans. the u.k., france italy and others. the combination of all of those agreements and documents means the international community is not leaving afghanistan.
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>> in the words of senator mccain when he was grilling you in washington were not going to abandon afghanistan again? >> we are not going to abandon afghanistan. it's a blow to the narrative. they will have their way with the government with these people once again. it's a blow to them. it is a message of reassurance. it is a message of stability for the region. it is a message of condition to afghanistan. >> what about the wrath that it is a failed narco state. we are a corrupt government with drug dealing self serving fill in the blank? >> afghanistan didn't find itself where it is today last tuesday. it is not going to solve all of the problems by next tuesday. what i will say is the minister for counter narcotics in this country has a campaign plan that we are beginning to see that campaign plan begin to come
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together. we have conducted operations and support of that campaign plan. we have operations to reduce the grit and corruption of this country. it is an institution we are going to have to chip away at over time. >> the market in kabul you have developments half done and no more work yet the prices of the condos going from 1 million to half a million. they are betting things will not be better after we leave. they are going to get worse after we leave. >> money is about courage. if you have the courage to invest money you want predictability about what will come back to you again. part i think of what you sees a symptom on the streets of an uncertainty about the future. that is about creating certainty. it's about creating optimism. i am not a wild eyed optimist
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but i am encouraged the strong strategic mess sangs in afghanistan today. it's a strong potential afghanistan has to have a credible economy. >> do you long for the days when war fighting was just the marines had landed big bayonets and there's the bad guy and that was the end of it, the warrior's job was over. >> i am honored to be a part of this. i am not sure a war was ever assembled as people would like to remember it being. it has always been complicated it has always required a measure of diplomacy and political awareness and a sense of the economy and understanding of the human factors associated with your own troops and those with whom you seek to save. >> final, aren't you heartened by the fact that even though americans wanted out of here yesterday they are so support i have of your -- supportive of your effort? >> the american people have been magnificent in their support and generosity and magnificent in their courage to support us in this long campaign. we are together in this.
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>> up next you will see how the special forces are helping the afghans fight their own battle after this.
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>> the only hope that a village like this one can hold on to the new school and health clinic and freedom to run the businesses the way these people want to is the security against the taliban
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and other insurgents infiltrating the pakistan border 20 miles from here. they have a brand new local police force. these are afghan local police officers who have been trained by special warriors our own elite special forces. people like captain wilson and his group in training the local police force. do you trust them to do the job and trust them not to hurt you? >> we trust them to do the job because we trained them and they volunteered for this knowing what the circumstances were ahead of time. it's a mutual trust between one another. they trust us to train them properly and support them and we trust them to help protect us as we train them and work for them. >> you don't have any misgivings walking around? >> no geraldo. we do this on almost a daily basis come down interact with the locals help build rapport
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and show we can trust them and they can trust us. >> tell me about this village? >> this village it's pretty active. they sell a lot in the shops. today they have it well secured want to make sure everyone is safe. very friendly. we send interpreters down here a lot to buy foods for us in the camp. support i have of afghanistan and the coalition. >> how is business? >> very good. very good. >> recognizing the threat that the local police present to them the taliban already checked some of the checkpoints. there was a fatal attempt not far from here. six of the alp was killed. >> we are just doing our duties. continuing security. we want to defend our country. we are in our own line we are doing the security for the country. >> what is significant about attacks on the alp is insurgents
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know the alp are effective and the local people the rural people support them. now that has become the high payoff target because the alp are so effective. >> now these guys are being targeted? >> that's correct. what he just stated despite losses his men are willing to work and understand how important they are to the areas. >> the governor mentioned he is worried about the future if they don't get support they go to the bad old days. >> i think our biggest contribution is what we are doing right now with the village stability operations with the afghan local police developing a system that they are able to implement a sustainable system. it isn't about external forces or security, donations that goes back to the days when
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afghanistan was stable where you had the villagers volunteers for prog jekts f -- projects for wo or stability. >> with our military in education, finance, culture around the afghan people. we want to say again welcome to the states. thanks a lot. >> bravo to special forces and the afghan local police. why the half con trukted buildings fr -- constructed buildings from the economy are contributing to the insurgency after this.
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>> kt mcfarland in new york who
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won in kabul today? >> i have been in all of the places that were attacked today. i would say the afghan national army won in the immediate sense that they put it down, but the taliban won in the wrolong run they sent two signals for the united states that that there is going to be a civil war the minute we leave and will the united states continue to fund the government after we leave and sent a message to the afghan people pick your sides alliance, karzai, haqqan i network so in the long run the taliban won. >> pretty grim, casey. local businessman do you think the taliban is going to make a civil war here? >> i don't think so. the people in afghanistan won't accept that any more. it's my view that there might be
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an attempt but i don't believe that it will be a taliban like we used to. >> is business ruined by this fighting? >> obviously in business the security is a big issue. this kind of event has an impact. i don't believe in the long run that will be. we have more problems than just taliban. that is the destruction. it is corruption every where. >> one of the biggest impacts it's the announcement of the national community that has adverse impact on the business community here. but i --
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i don't want to interrupt you. frank was a combat photographer. frank, dominic, greg, fred, patrick. use the camera. when you think it was a bad mistake to announce the 2014 was withdraw date. >> absolutely. i think it has adverse psychological impact on the business community. >> you agree that was bad idea? >> yeah. it acknowledges in advance. at that point everybody heads for the exit. i think if we were going to stay, though, it is a very different calculation. if we have already decided i think the administration has it was a war we cannot win in a traditional sense why are we staying until 2014? the afghans want us to stay until 2020.
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the reality is when we come home will the united states continue to give hundreds of billions of dollars from the afghans to continue to fight? i think it's a real question if you look at our history what happened after vietnam? >> it is a billion dollars a week. >> a billion dollars a week here. >> are you going to leave? >> no. i will never leave. i am hopeful. if i wouldn't be hopeful i would not stay one day. i am telling you one thing that is important. the agreement between the united states strategic agreement and also the national community environment for fair and clean elections for 2014 that would ease a lot of things and gave a clear message to the enemy of this country. i will never leave. >> thank you. good luck. >> on behalfer our team in kabul
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afghanistan we will continue to monitor events here as we head home. we will be here in one piece. thank you for holding down the fort. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc.
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