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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 16, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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the news begins anew. on "studio b." current and former heads of the government agency that spend $1 million of your taxpayer dollars on a lavish las vegas bash face lawmakers. a conference included a clown, a mind reader and a team building exercise to build bicycles. plus, the death toll rises the day after more than 100 twisters flattened homes in the midwest. how much would you pay to spend the day with backup quaterback tim tebow? the answer has six figures for one couple. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b". but, first, from fox at 3:00 in new york city, a prostitute sex scandal is rocking the united states secret service. 11 agents and at least five u.s. troops are under investigation accused of bringing prostitutes to a hotel while preparing for
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president obama's visit to colombia and now the pentagon reports that more people have been involved. here is what we know so far. a prostitute at this hotel in the colombian capital refused to leave the agent's room without being paid. someone gave her money. but not before hotel officials called the police. who then contacted the state department. and the secret service. no one under investigation was a member of the president's personal protection detail. but the suspected misconduct potentially jeopardizes president obama's safety or that is what they tell us. keep in mind secret service personnel keep copies of the president's schedule which they told to lock up in the hotel room. yesterday the president himself weighed in own the controversy. >> if it turns out that some of the allegations made in the press are confirmed, then, of course, i'll be angry. we are here, on behalf of our people. and that means that we conduct
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ourselves with the utmost dignity. obviously what has been reported doesn't match up with those standards. >>shepard: the president will reserve judgment until the investigation is complete he says. and now to the white house, ed, multiple agencies are involved to track down what went down. report very secret service investigating. defense department looking at what kind of action was taken. and, of course, some republicans on capitol hill like peter king saying they build hold hearings to get to the bottom of this. we know that there were drinking, heavy partying going on among the secret service agents before the prostitute was involved and there was a dispute over $47. and an agent not paying a prostitute that amount of money, and that got her upset, led to the commotion, that supposed all of this and moments ago at the pentagon, the general revealed they are now looking at the
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possibility that more than the original five military officials were involved. the general saying he is "very upset" because he disappointed the president. >> i can speak for myself and my fellow chiefs. we are embarrassed by what kurd but we are not sure exactly what it is but what we know is that distracted several of our members, they distracted the issue from what was a very important regional engagement for the president and we let the boss down. >>reporter: the military officials involved who got in trouble were kept at that hotel in colombia but the secret service agents were flown home to the united states for the investigation and a new unit was rushed in to make sure the president was safe. >>shepard: any concerns this is not an isolated incident? >>reporter: a republican who is investigating this said you do not do something leak -- this
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once and there could be some sort of a pattern. he is more concerned about the long term ramifications because if some of the agents are back on the job after this investigation is conclude they could be blackmailed. >> i'm not concerned about this president in colombia. that is behind us. i'm concerned about future presidents, cabinet officers, other protected individuals, five, ten years from now. a question of whether or not the secret service has a plan to make sure they don't have anyone who is compromised working for them in the future. >>reporter: for the director of the secret service this is the second major embarrassment. a couple of years ago the salahis crashed the state dinner jeopardizing the vice president and the president. the author of a book on the secret service is saying because of both of these the director of the secret service should step down.
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>>shepard: and now we will bring if a veteran secret service agent a member of the service for 22 years and with the c.i.a. for six years and an author of a book about the secret service. how much concern over a matter leak this? >>guest: well, obviously, it is a great embarrassment to the secret service. when something like this comes up it is a great concern to the organization. but in terms of security to the president i would say the president was never in danger over the situation and i would say that the concerns for there being intelligence concerns are probably a little bit overstated. >>shepard: what about the matter they know where the president is going and they have scheduled and the rest. >>guest: well, you have been around the white house. and you know that a lost that
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information, while sensitive, is very, it is not classified. in fact, generally, the president's schedule and the motorcade routes are published if local newspapers. >>shepard: you have said this is not a scandal but more of an embarrassment. i bet it feels like a scandal to the families of those involved. >>guest: i suppose it is relative depending on would you are in the situation. embarrassment i would term it embarrassment. i don't think it meets the threshhold of scandal. here's allegations at this point that the 12 or 11 individuals were taken out of the situation, flown back to the united states where an investigation is now ensuing and i can assure you that whatever did happen, the secret service will get to the bottom it. >>shepard: veteran secret service agent and a c.i.a.-er.
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six people including a father and two young daughters are confirmed dead after an extraordinary number of tornadoes touched down, 120 in one day. that is the estimate from texas to minnesota, destroying homes and businesses, snapping power lines and tossing cars lie toys, all deaths and the worst of the damage in a town called woodward, oklahoma, 140 miles northwest of oklahoma city. most were caught off guard because lightning disabled the warning signal and the sirens never went off. >> we have all this area, here, that is just ... just flattened. and the people can't come out. i went in they were, why can't we come out? well, you just can't let that happen. but it's something i've never had to deal with and i don't
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ever want to have to deal with it again. >>shepard: the warning signature not problem is very serious but officials in the midwest credit the national weather service for saving lives after it took the rare step of warning people a day if advance of a possible life-threatening event. and rick is live on the scene in woodward, oklahoma. a last the people were sound alleave when it happens? rick: it is important to note that the sirens that are there are meant for daytime to get people inside or to get them watching the neighborhood not intended to wake people up so we say you knee a nooa radio to alert you. this hit at 12:18 not morning and it it is dark. surprisingly only six fatalities. that is large but it could have been worse considering the circumstances. you can see this house
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completely blown apart, portions of the roof are gone. and across the street, you can see this house back here, talk about being asleep, the couple was asleep not bedroom and you can see in the bed radio, they had a weather, they hear it and they got into safety. good news for them. >>shepard: it is my understanding you have been getting a lost stories, incredible stories of survivor. rick: the father would lost two daughters has an 18-month-old who survived the tornado. and a neighbor near there was a woman nine months pregnant and her trailer was tossed. she survived. and gave both that night and is in the hospitalout with her newborn baby. >>shepard: how is the baby? rick: everyone is fine. >>shepard: incredible right not heart of it all.
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thank you. the folks in charge of the government agency that is supposed to try to prevent wasteful spending left their fancy videos at home today and went to testify about an expensive las vegas conference and one of them has already refused to speak. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
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>>shepard: quite a day on capitol hill where lawmakers are drilling current and former executives at the government agency behind the conference that cost taxpayers $800,000. the man who organized that shindig is quiet, an executive different at the g.s.a., jeff
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neely on lebanese. he got a shout out in a video. ♪ a show like this ♪ when we see you ♪ rolling on ♪ >>shepard: a congressman read part of an e-mail where he seems to explain his motives, and he wrote, he wrote this. i know i'm bad. but as we often say, why not enjoy it while we have it and while we can. ain't gonna last forever. mr. neely it stops now. >>shepard: but when lawmakers started asking questions he does not have much to say. mike, this executive, neely pled the 5th.
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>>reporter: he did and there is lots of talk about him and his alleged actions including the suggestion he brought his wife along to enjoy some of the perks, they invited friends to join in on the taxpayer-funded fun but when the chairman tried to ask him five different questions he offered the same answer. >> did you approve the funding for the 2010 western regional conference? >> on the advice of my counsel i respectfully decline to answer based on my 5th amendment constitutional privilege. >> mr. neely what was the original budget for that conference? >> mr. chairman i respectfully decline to answer based upon my 5th amendment constitutional privilege. >>reporter: another question asked by many in the hearing room, was how he, at center of this controversy, was given a $9,000 bonus. >>shepard: wow. mike, he didn't speak but some
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of the others did. what did they give for an explanation? >>reporter: they suggested with the transition of leadership between administrations and administrators leashing perhaps some things fell through the cracks. here is the former administrator's explanation. >> the western region conference and economical training event not late 1990's had evolved into a raw cause extravagant arrogant event that ultimately belittled federal workers. leaders competed in entertainment rather than building performance capability. >>reporter: martha johnson is no longer on the hill and there will be at least four hearings on the staff guarantee spending from the g.s.a. >>shepard: and now, judge napolitano is with us.
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big party. government money. the agency that makes the irony thick. >>judge napolitano: it does because this agency exists in order to root out waste. it manages billions and billions of government assets. if you are a federal judge in a federal courthouse and you need the sink in the kitchen in your chairmanners fixed you call the g.s.a., they run, they manage the building. this type of behavior could be criminal because it could be abuse of power. it is misuse of taxpayer funds. and probably there could be conspiracy charges depending on who agreed to do what with whom. is this a pattern? does the g.s.a. do this all time? was mr. neely the end of many administrator whose authorized this? it could be. but that is not a defense. spending federal dollars on
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nongovernment-related activists like the crazy parties and bringing friends and spouses along is not authorized. >>shepard: you mentioned this could be a criminal act, but there could be. i guess that is why he took the agent. >>judge napolitano: of course. every lawyer would advise taking the 5th even where the answer is undisputed like how much was budgeted. that is a figure that congressman issa had. the rule is you cannot selectively take it. if you selectively take it, you answer some questions you like and don't answer some you do not want to answer you are deemed to have waived it and a judge can order you to answer all the questions so you must take the 5th completely even on questions you are anxious to answer and to which there is little controversy. what short of charges could be impossible on the surface? >>judge napolitano: well, malfeasance in office not doing
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way are paidst do or something other than what you are authorized and misuse of taxpayer funds is what the congressman is most concerned with. he chairs the committee to whom the government agencies answer so he has every right to inquire and to know how taxpayer funds were spent. it will go for a while. maybe some more tapes will show up. >>shepard: judge napolitano, thank you. one of the men accused of plotting a terrorist attack on the new york city subway system is on trial and today we learned one of the so-called shoe bomber's buddies could testify against him.
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>>shepard: one of the men accused of conspiring to blow up the new york city subway system on the anniversary of 9/11 continued other areas around manhattan. the prosecution says this man was among three high school friends from queens, new york, who traveled to pakistan and trained with al qaeda and returned to the united states and plotted what is now called one of most serious terror threats sin the attacks of 9/11. he is pleading not guilty. the lawyer says those men also discussed bombing times square, the new york stock exchange and grand central terminal and movie theaters. cops arrested the suspects two years ago, and his lawyers claim he was never a threat at all. but the two friends have already pleaded guilty, including the
3:24 pm
man on the right, here, who confessed to organizing this planned attack. and now, david lee is live outside of the courthouse. in brooklyn, new york. david lee, what is the defense saying since the other two guys pleaded guilty? >>reporter: well, in the opening statement the defense made it clear that the defendant here simply had a falling out with the two others and planned this attack and no time was the defendant going to be a suicide bomber. the two other alleged conspirators will tell a very different story, one on the stand throughout most of the day, said that the original plan called for a car bomb to be built but one of the defendants said he could not construct it because he lost the instructions that he needed so they decided to use suicide vests. and in addition to the two conspirators that pled guilty we could hear from a britain now in
3:25 pm
prison not u.k. convicted in 2005 for trying to put explosives in an american airlines flight on the way from paris to miami, a co-conspirator of richard reid and the temperature of another whose sentencing has been reduced from thin to 11 years. not clear if he will testify in person. >>shepard: has the government spelled out in detail what it alleges was the suspect's involvement if the subway plot? >>reporter: the government is starting to connect the dots. they say the defendant was going to way one of the suicide vests on a new york city subway train and kill innocent passengers. they also say, today, and this is from testimony of one of the convicted co-conspirators that the defendant had proposed that the bomb actually bibility in -e built in the apartment where he
3:26 pm
worked adds a doorman and, also, we are learning more about what happened the day he was arrested in a high speed chase. he crashed the car in f.b.i. pursuit, and he called 9-1-1 and the prosecution contends he did that to make sure that anyone who heard about that incident would not think it was an accident. >> operator, go ahead. >> >>reporter: we received word he was planning to make a tape. that never happened, with the purpose so everyone know that participating in the suicide plot was his choice. >>shepard: thank you from brooklyn, david lee. the senate is set to vote on the buffett rule today, the
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president's plan to raise taxes on the richest americans. that is next. and the baseball legend roger clemens back in court in connection with the steroid scandal. [ male announcer ] if you think tylenol
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not quite knowing what the next phase was going to be,
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you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪ >>shepard: this is "studio b"
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at bottom the hour and time for the to which the news. the so-called buffett rule goes before the senate for a vote requiring anyone making $1 million or more to pay a minimum 30 percent tax. the rule is named after the billionaire investor warren buffett who said he should not be paying a lower tax rate than any middle class americans include his own secretary. critics say it is an election year political gimmick that will not create jobs. and would affect only a small percentage of americans. but supporters say there is is about fairness and a vast majority of americans agreed: 60 percent in favor of this plan. and now like with us in washington this afternoon. james? >>reporter: this showdown will take the follow of three procedural votes in the senate before 6:00. it will not pass. let alone the house of representatives. but as a wedge issue the buffett rule will be with us all way to
3:32 pm
november. roughly 438,000 households will earn $1 million a year. or more. in 2015. less than half, 210,000 will be affected by the rule if it comes to pass and pay the higher tax rates. so the affected group comprises .1 percent of the 169 million taxpayers in america. now, crunching the 2009 numbers and you can see that roughly 27 million taxpayers earn between $50,000 and $100,000 that year and of those only 2 the paid the 30 percent tax rate and president obama insists millionaires should pay. what does it mean? it is good to be an accountant. in the senate in the last hour the leaders of boat -- both parties made their cases. >> it holds harmless every small business, 99 percent of small business is held hamless. it would maintain the deduction for charitable giving and it would be a small but important step toward restoring fiscal
3:33 pm
responsibility as we make difficult choices on how to spend and what could cut. >> all politics. all the time. somewhere along the way this president seems to have forgotten why he was elected. for him, it is not about jobs or the economy but his idea of fairness, imposing it on others. if we lose more jobs in the process, oh, well, so be it. >> chuck schumer threatened to name this going forward "the romney rule," a signpost of where we are headed with this. >>shepard: republicans got a notal boost from newt gingrich's billionaire donor donating $5 million to the super pac dedicated to protecting the g.o.p. majority not house, the couple focused their giving on the presidential hopeful newt
3:34 pm
gingrich and in all they have reportedly given more than $21 million to super pac's in 2012 mostly to newt gingrich, and more money than any other single dough increase. the seven time baseball cy young winner roger clemenss is back in court for his second trial. the prosecution argues he lied to congress in 2008 when he said this. >> let me be clear. i have never taken steroids or hgh. >>shepard: the first trial ended in a mistrial because the feds introduced evidence previously excluded. but the prosecution said that does not change their belief that he lied. with us now is is a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. anna, where do we go with this? >>guest: we will see what the jury says but a lot of people say should this be the caseening tried? the prosecution cannot pick and choose what they think is important and what is not. if it is the law they have to try and force it by bringing the
3:35 pm
people to trial. a lot more debate about should congress have the hearings at a time when we are certainly in fiscal dire straits to say the least with a lost other important things going on. but, if people are going before conditioning and lie and to that can be proven, the government has no choice but to bring that to trial and that is happening here so there was embarrassment the first time, when there was a big mistake and evidence went before the jury that should not have and now they have another chance. >>randy: strike one against the government. the star witness, the former assistant strength coach who knows, the government says, knows what roger clemens did because he gave him the drugs. but here the three strikes: he is a liar. now or then because he
3:36 pm
previously said roger clemens never did anything wrong the he is a former member of law enforcement who, when accused of trying to have sex with an undiscussion woman he drugged he denied being a strength coach for the yankees. and he is a former cop. so he has shown he can lie. and he has gotten a deal. no prosecution. he only gets the non-objection if he sings the tune the government wants. those are enormous issues. andy pettitte, very soft with him. and roger clemens, former teammate who will say, listen, we had a conversation 10 or 11 years ago and he mentioned something about hgh and steroids. 10 or 11 years ago and we have heard about the misremembering. it is about andy pettitte's memory and then anna-sigga is saying why we are adding another five or six trials to the new trial so they do not screw up.
3:37 pm
you may have taxpayers and juries saying, you've got to be kidding. >>shepard: the most important witness, is that a problem for you? >>guest: well, more than one case has been won with witnesses that have problems. but is it really surprising a guy that was willing to inject him with the her moan could have issues? you take, he has the needles, is the government going to introduce the d.n.a. evidence that will show it was clemens who received the needles into his body and andy pettitte. when he says he does remember this and he has every reason to remember you have to not look at each piece but together as a whole, it is not as weak as the process but who knows in the end what the jury will do. but i don't think this is anything that doesn't have a lot
3:38 pm
of merit going forward. >>shepard: a deadly storm system that spawned more than 100 tornadoes is now headed east and threatening a stretch from the nations of the gulf coast to the great lakes and the storm system on the heels of all the damage with rare high temperatures on the east coast. >> new york city is warmer than phoenix, arizona, at 77 and we are 85 and you are typically around 62 for a high. and washington, dc is 88. yes, that is all ahead of the cold front that continues to move east, the same cold front that brought over 100 tornadoes through the weekend. so, the warm temperatures will continue. for the next 24 hours and then it will drop significantly. so you can see the boundary between the warmer air and the cooler air and with that the potential of stronger storms.
3:39 pm
we had severe thunderstorm watches for parts of south carolina and an early warning south of corpus christi and look at the rainfall, from corpus christi, in some cases 6" to 8" and even 1' of rain in 12 hours. that is causing flash flooding and very warm temperatures in the east. not complaining. >>shepard: thank you, unanimous just. officials if afghanistan say the weekend attacks were well planned and deadly but there are signs that the afghan security sources did a good job fighting the militants.
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mhandle more than 165 billionl letters and packages a year. that's about 34 million pounds of mail every day. ever wonder what this costs you as a taxpayer? millions? tens of millions? hundreds of millions? not a single cent. the united states postal service doesn't run on your tax dollars. it's funded solely by stamps and postage. brought to you by the men and women of the american postal worker's union. >>shepard: a man who describes himself as resistance fighter seeming control of europe admitted he bombed and shot a
3:43 pm
series of events that killed 77 people, many of then teenagers. the shooter cried at the start of the trial but not for the victims, he broke down only when the court play add portion of a reason gain video he made in support of the new "crusade." and, today in court he gave a closed fisted salute before he claims the mass was was self against in the war against multiculturalism and the attacks were necessary to protect norway from muslim takeover. in july of last year the suspect first bombed the government building and went on a shooting spree at a left leaning youth camp and the court will decide whether to send the killer to prison or a mental institution. the lawyers say he is anxious to prove he is not insane and will caught right wing extremists and radical islamists to testify. a dudley 18 hour attack in afghanistan was the work of pakistani militants. that is according to the reporting of the pentagon.
3:44 pm
afghan officials say 36 insurgents, eight policemen, and three civilians died we in a series of tightly coordinated strikes, and they happened in kabul yesterday and described as one of the most serious assaults on the capital in the past decade. a foam intelligence officer from the secretary of defense currently the c.e.o. of security consulting firm. mike, good to see you. disturbing on the surface, at least. >>guest: it is. what it points to is the fact that this is this real mismatch between what we say is important and the facts on the ground. the administration and the national security council have to be upfront on this. either this really matters and it is worth having the presence in afghanistan and it is worth being there because pakistan has problems on one side and there are the issues with iran on the other side. afghanistan is in a strategic location, or it does not matter and we should get out.
3:45 pm
our stated policy is we are pulling out in 1 months and we are just looking to the exit, and, unfortunately, we have great soldiers trying to do the right thing and training the locals but there is no way did meet with success given heated confrontation with the taliban and the network. >>shepard: and your point is you cannot have it both ways. >>guest: exactly. again, either it matters and then the president needs to explain to the american people which is worth what it cost in blood and what it cost in treasure, or we will just come home because we is decided that it has been 10 years since 9/11 and al qaeda is not using this as a base and we have other conflicts to worry about including cyber security issues and confrontation with iran and things involving asia and china, fine, fair enough, but we will be straightforward and be honest about it. and, as i say, in our system, the military cannot be expected
3:46 pm
it play that role because their job is to carry out the orders and it is the executive branch, starting with the president and the national security advisor. they need to be clear why the sacrifices are worthwhile. we have not seen that. >>shepard: thank you, mike. fans at yankee stadium may have booed tim tebow over the weekend but some are still willing to shell out six figures to spend the day with the backup quaterback. plus, a psyche test for football fans. why some my have to pass an exam before they can get into a national football league stadium. call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>>shepard: the rate to hang out with tim tebow is $100,000.
3:50 pm
a day. that is how much a couple paid to spend with the jets backup quaterback. they keeping their identity a secret but they made a bid on friday as the tim tebow celebrity golf classic outside jacksonville. and even tim tebow was, well, stunned. >> it was humbling. you do not feel worthy, so, i feel like i have to do a few extra things. >>shepard: but this is all going toward a very good cause, and trace is live with the details. at first folks thought the charity thought it was j a bogus bid. >>trace: because they checked out the address of the unknown bidders and it cam back to part of the florida keys not known for the mansions and they decided after they checked the names not to worry. the couple in the keys want to brings him down to meet some needy kids, or as the tim tebow foundation says "they live in
3:51 pm
part of town that has a lot people in need and a last people with a lot of money." and she felt like bringing her to her downtown with change the town, and, of course, that is likely to happen. no doubt yet as for when tim tebow will be in the florida keys. >>shepard: we hope he get as good reception better from the fans year. >>trace: not a lot a love more tim tebow what was behind the third race with wade of the miami heat. early in the day the heat beats knicks and they booed wade so he put on the yankee hat so they cheered and tim tebow was wearing a yankee hat and they still booed him. >> it is about the fact that tim tebow is coming in, and the entire spotlight is on him. he is a backup quaterback and he
3:52 pm
had the biggest press conference of the year. they do not wind up sitting second row behind the dug out with wade. >>trace: or maybe, it is because yankees fans are giants fans and they just don't really like the jets and maybe you can attest. >>shepard: no hating. but, you know, prefer the especially giants. and especially will host saturday night like. did you see that? >>trace: it will be great. >>shepard: new rules for national football league fans. fans referly tossed from stadium will now have to take an anger management course before they have a chance to get back inside to watch a game. according to the post, fans booted from write the head security a let we of apology, and take a four hour $7,500 online course, and folks say the
3:53 pm
new program is part of the league's ongoingest to further improve the game day expense for fans. and now the legal panel, prosecutor anna-sigga and criminal defense attorney randy zelin. >>guest: if you are too rough and too rowdy, you have to take this online test, it is like an interactive checklist before they let you in. there is nothing unreasonable about it, just a way to tell you the bake rules. do not threaten. do not throw punches. do not jeer to get women to pull up their shirts. it is a family game. people take their kids to this stuff and that is all they are doing, it is a way to hammer home if you are coming back in you have to behave. >>randy: but it is so ridiculous. are they kidding? are they serious? first of all, these tests, if you are looking at someone for anger management issues you may
3:54 pm
want them in front of you if you have a red sox fan, how does he react to the ball going define his legs? online who do you know for sure is taking the test. and the tests are only accurate in you are serious about them and you tell the truth, and who are we relying on to determine if you ever did anything wrong to begin with? it is silly. ridiculous. a joke. and it is wrong. >>shepard: it does seem like it may not be a problem solver. seriously, online for anger mortage? >>guest: i agree. they are trying to soft pedal it but that really is what it is, soft pedaling, a way to do something before they let them back in. >>shepard: we are getting breaking news and date light, sanford, florida, the case of
3:55 pm
the teenage boy shot and killed by a man named george zimmerman who admits doing it. the person on the right is the one who is dead. george zimmerman's attorney asked for a new judge in the trayvon martin case citing conflict of interest with the current judge. here is the back story. this is a judge you see here. her husband is a law partner of the lawyer down there who was called to see if he could get a lawyer for george zimmerman and he declined and he now is working for cnn as an analyst and the judge mentioned that in court and said if this came up she might recuse herself and the lawyers have asked her to step aside. y new investing dashboard. everything's on one page.
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>>shepard: secretary of state clinton unwound last night after a day of diplomacy.
3:59 pm
in colombia. the photographs are blurry but you get the idea. she dancing the rhumba at a bar and, i don't know, having a beer. huh. secretary of state, hillary clinton ordered a dozen beers plus whiskey and water and the state department said this. >> i can confirm she did have a very good time and was just enjoying some of the night life. there is nothing to it. >>shepard: let her have some fun, already, would you? back tonight for the fox report at 7:00 eastern, and 4:00 pacific. the dow is having a decent day up 8 2 1/2. and now "your world," with neil cavuto and today stuart varney is here for neil.


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