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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 20, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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president obama for obvious reasons is refusing to run on his record this election season. instead, he is resorting to the politics of division, by using outrageous class warfare rhetoric to attack his opponents. yesterday, he attempted to paint his chief rival, mitt romney, as an out-of--touch rival. >> i wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. michelle wasn't. but somebody gave us a chance. just like these folks up here are looking for a chance. >> sean: white house press secretary jay carney was asked about the cheap shot at today's briefing. look at this. >> was that in any way a preference -- reference to governor romney? >> those of you who have covered president obama know that he has used that phrase to describe his background many times in the past. i suppose anybody who thinks it was a reference to them might... might be a little over
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sensitive. >> sean: now, anybody in the obama administration that accuses member else of being oversensitive is suffering from a case of obama mania because it is very evident that class warfare has been and will continue to be the go-to strategy for the obama re-election machine. even members of the president's cabinet have been outselling this narrative that the apointed one is a man of the people. shawn donovan spoke at an event hosted by the reverend al sharpton. watch this. >> he knows what it's like to walk the halls of public housing because he's worked there. he knows what it's like to walk the streets in some of our city's poorest neighborhoods because he's lived there. what it's like to take a subway or a bus just to find a fresh piece of fruit in a grocery store. >> sean: to find a fresh piece of fruit. and mitt romney, wouldn't know anything about this. in order to win a second term
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and hang on to the white house and air force one and his beautiful helicopter, romney supporter, senator john mccain. senator, first of all, help me out with this. the president didn't have a silver spoon in his mouth, but he did go to harvard, he did go to columbia and ivy-league schools and had the best opportunities that america had to offer. he wasn't deprived either? >> no, i don't think he was. you know, if this is also so unnecessary. the people in arizona, sean, want to know how we are going to get their homes so they can live in them. they wantap economy, they want the unemployment down. they want jobs created. there are so many issues that we could address that the president could address, rather than this class warfare thing. by the way, one of the things that is especially aggravating, you know, he attacks paul ryan's budget, continuously, as you know in a draconian effect. paul ryan's budget is the first
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attempt to get the debt and deficit under control, which under the president's budget is totally unsustainable. we have already amassed a $5 trillion debt, under this pt presidency and there is no end in sight. and paul ryan tries to address, the issue of medicare to give people a choice and that's demagogue until the cows come home. it just goes on and on. i don't think that the class warfare is going to work. and we will be making the case that the difference is that barack obama believes that government creates jobs. mitt romney has a record and a belief that the business community creates jobs and he's gone out and he's created jobs olympics ined jobs, including, salt lake city. >> sean: let me go through the list and i will show you some of this. the president has said that the g.o.p. budget is an example of social darwinism.
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he said that republicans are members of the flat-earth society. he says that members of congress put their party ahead of country -- he said that a number of times. in the last campaign, he said that george bush was unpatriotic and irresponsible because of $4 trillion in debt. he has $5 trillion in new obama debt in less than four years in office. his allies are talking about a war on women. all of those distractions that he is involved -- i think nothing meet this is standard, that republicans want dirty air and dirty water. that's their plan. then he said this... >> who are these americans? many are someone's grandparents, who without medicaid won't be able to afford nursing home care without medicaid. many are poor children. some are middle-class families
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who have children with autism, or down's syndrome. some are kids with disabilities so severe they require 24-hour care. these are the people who count on medicaid. >> sean: then he went on to say, they have to fend for themselves. you know, if you are willing to say that, republicans want dirty air and -- he sounds like a host on ms-nbc, senator. [chuckles] >> they practically -- he practically is. but let me say, there was a famous heavyweight champion, joe lewis. he was fighting a great boxer, named billy con. he said, how can you catch up with him? he said, he can run, but he can't hide. president obama is running from his record by attacking in the ways that you just describe, which are really -- i have never seen quite -- language quite like that in a presidential campaign. and i have been around quite a few of them. so attack the republicans because he cannot defend a
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record, a record that promised that unemployment would be down at 6% or lower, if we pass the stimulus package. obamacare that over 60% of the american people believe not only should be replaced but it was one of the sleaziest chapters in the history of the united states senate, the way that the corn husker kickback and the louisiana purchase and all of that. he can't hide from a record of failure. one of the most effective ways that we can counter this kind of thing that he is doing is -- is repeating his own words-- i agree with you. >> in the 2008 campaign. remember? there was going to be no red state, no blue state. remember that. >> sean: only one united states. this is really interesting. i have come to the same conclusion that i think you are drawing here. as he goes forwards with thead thead -- adhom nin attacks and the chronic excuse-making, there
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is one thing that i keep remembering, he can't run on his record. if he can't run on his record, the one thing he had when he was running against you was in sm degree of likeability. he seems to be trivializing the -- the office of the presidency. and frankly, showing a -- you know, a smallness in terms of the agenda. he doesn't seem to have any ideas. he seems like he has run out of ideas. >> and the other thingue are right. the other thing we are going to do and i know that mit's going to do is give the americans a plan as to how we are going to get this economy back on track and how we are going to keep them in their homes and how we are going to create jobs. that's what he used to do in the private sector. in all due respect, president obama never created any jobs when he was part of the senate or the presidency. mitt romney -- he knows how to create jobs and he knows that sometimes businesses succeed and sometimes they fail. and government is not the
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answer. the free enterprise is. there is over 100,000 pages of regulation associated with obamacare that have already been printed. what do do you when you are a small business person? what do you do? >> sean: he certainly -- >> you go out and you have to hire an accountant or a tax lawyer? he seems to be shrinking the stature of the presidency, by every measure, he's failing. maybe he knows it's over. maybe he is auditioning for a job at ms-nbc. maybe that's a -- you know... that's a thought. >> i think it's going to be very, very close election. it is going to come down to five or six states, as you know, and a handful of votes. and the independent voter is going to be vital. let's have some straight talk. we are running behind. i think it's 5 or 6 points. but that comes-- that's not what the polls show. >> well, there is one -- there are 3 polls -- >> anyway, let's -- it's always better to run from behind.
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>> sean: i agree with that. >> or think you are behind. let's assume we are behind. that's, we have to hone our message and we can do that and i am convinced that the speeches that mitt romney has been making lately are laying out that agenda-- last question. >> yeah. sure. >> sean: what do you think of marco rubio for v.p.? >> i think he would be an excellent choice. i think rob portman, i think chris christie would be, the governor of new mexico. we have a lot of them. but marco is certainly one of them. >> sean: he really is. thanks for being with us, senator. >> thanks for having me back. >> sean: if i was ed schultz, i would be watching out for my job. an outspoken democrat on the issue of civility and mitt romney on twitter. but that's just the tip of the iceberg on the hipockcracy on democrats on the issue. and 30 seconds from now, find out the focus of tonight's
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>> sean: for democrats, it's say one thing and do another. the latest example, from congressman keith ellisson who retreat tweeted about mitt romney two 27,000 followers, reads a heartless d-bag who doesn't like animals or small children -- at least, that's what i have heard. this is ironic from a man who has spoken at great length about the need for civility and bipartisanship in politics. >> at times like this, it's also a good time to come together and remember that our nation was founded on a prayer for liberty and a belief that we are all in this together.
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a time to turn to each other, not on each other. when some of the loudest voices from our government and society say that the government can't help you, that the government's not there for you and that you are on your own, we can say, we are all in this thing together. >> really? quite the reversal of his retweet, i would say. the congressman has deleted the message and when our show reached out to him for a comment, his office told us, quote, as with all twitter accounts, a retweet is not an endorsement. he removed it because it appeared to support a uses of a nasty term, which is not what we wanted. oh really? here on the segment, we call insufficientlyity. they deal with beckel five days a week, eric bolling and kimberly guilfoyle. i like the jar he had to put up. >> yes. >> sean: wasn't it great -- it was very interesting to me.
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bob didn't know when this incident happened this week, he didn't know we were on the air. >> he didn't know. >> sean: it was an innocent mistake. he has made it a few other times, not exactly that bad. but he made it before. but it's interesting, you guys immediately took to twitter to defend him. greg gutfeld took to twitter to defend him. conservatives defended him. all the conservatives -- would they do that for us? >> that's where he got the support. it was unbelievable. you would think his own camp would jump in. it was like crickets from his side. but we are a family. we are a team. so right away, we were protective of bob because we know he's a lovable teddy bear. >> when we do "the five," at least 50% of the segments, bob doesn't know we are back from the break. he didn't know. i mean, i feel bad. again, you and i, sean, both tweeted, immediately, hey, a mistake. >> sean: i would be fine living and working in an environment where people can say whatever they want. if president obama wants to take
12:17 am
his million dollars from maher who, uses the c-word, t-word and attacks the children of governor palin, i would be fine with tas long as we don't get the lectures from congressman ellison and barack obama about civility and not being civil. i can live with the insufficientlyity i. you have a problem with hipockcracy, the double standard. exactly. that's the problem. you know, obviously we should all strive tov civility in terms of our discourse and political banter back and forth. what you see right now is a real dissatisfaction on the part of the american people. gallup showed that 40% of people are identifying as independents, more than republican or democrats because they're tired of this angry-- 40% are conservative. >> yeah, that's going on right now-- here's a poll, by the way. this is, you know, is hate growing in america? this is a rasmussen poll. 55% say yes. >> okay. i would tend to agree with that
12:18 am
because there is so much hate speech going on, everywhere. the problem is -- >> class warfare. >> when things are said, oh, they are said in jest. but someone on the right says something, it's a racist remark or hate speech. but beckel made a mistake, right? we immediately took to the air and said, he made a mistake. ellison, on the other hand, doesn't admit it was a mistake. forget ducks. he says, what i did wasn't a mistake. a retweet doesn't constitute an agreement with the original tweet. you and i have spent a lot of time on twitter. sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. andrew breitbart -- god rest his soul, good friend of ours, used to retweet all the hateful things that were said about him. he wasn't saying-- that was to make a point. >> ellison should have owned up-- i don't believe what -- i don't believe the excuse, i
12:19 am
think it's flimsy. like president obama blames everybody. >> makes him look even worse. >> sean: nancy pelosi, town hall, health care protesters -- i'll let you decide. watch this. >> you be the judge and symbols like that alta town meeting on health care. >> sean: who is carrying swastikas. >> that's the problem. you wonder why people are so dissatisfied. they don't have any confidence in people in elected office because this is the type of rhetoric. they don't want one nation united. they want class warfare and strive and anger and hate and fear mongering, in order to get re-elected because that's all that matters. they don't care about the jobs. >> quickly, governor palin put up a map and she said, these are the districts we need to target. someone -- she didn't even do it. but one of the operatives put up what looked like a target, okay? fast forward a couple of months later, gabby giffords gets shot.
12:20 am
horrible. but the left said, look what governor palin did-- and the president -- >> she had nothing-- you know who invented targeting districts? your colleague -- bob beckel invented it. >> you are defending him again, right? >> sean: have you to defend him again. as far as i'm concerned, the president himself will say to the republicans plan is for dirty air and dirty water and kids with autism, down's syndrome and the elderly to fend for themselves. if they are using a paul ryan look-alike to throw granny over a cliff, they will say anything. >> it's all about the win and taking home the trovey? >> keeping the house and the helicoptert and plane. >> absolutely. you look at level of corruption, there doesn't appear to be any oversight there. have been a number of opportunities for the president to show leadership like the bill maher situation. >> sean: i'm a huge fan of "the five." you have the break-out cable
12:21 am
show in the last year. i am proud and happy i. we have a great team and they have been very sentive. >> sean: how did you get the deal to not wear a tie, though? i want that deal. >> my beautiful wife is right there. we got married without a tie. i have never worn a tie. i said, what about the tie? he said, only you, bowling. >> sean: is that what he said? >> he gave me a pass on the tie. >> sean: i tried once. i think i can pull it off. >> i think so too. >> the reason "the five" works, we get along so well. >> sean: that's on and off the air. >> the commercial breaks -- if only they televised those. >> sean: i will be glad to run them right here, the out-takes every night. coming up, she was one of the most outspoken critics of george zimmerman's defense in the trayvon martin trag deism but now democratic congressman wilson's voting record is coming
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." as we explained, democrats not only refuse to practice what they pleach, but they are hypocrites when it comes to policy matters. tonight, we have the perfect example. in the height of the trayvon martin shooting, before all the facts were laid out, democratic florida ckwoman wilson was quick to jump in front of the tv cameras and fan the flames of hostility. listen to this. >> now, i'm not going to be politically correct. i am going to say it like i see it. trayvon was hunted down like a rabid dog. he was shot in the street. he was racially profiled. >> sean: guess what? in 2005, when she was a florida state senator, wilson voted for the self-defense law that is called stand your ground. that is exactly what george zimmerman claims that he was doing. now tappears that congresswoman
12:27 am
wilson -- well, she changes her position based upon the political climate. joining me with the reaction, our sirius xm radio host, and alexis mcgill johnson. you had an adorable baby girl. >> yes, i did. >> sean: that's very, very awesome. all right. you -- you were just telling me, prior to this, there is another case, stand your ground. >> right. this is the trevor duly case in florida, who is a black man who shot a white man during a fight. he's been charged with manslaughter that. case is going on this week. the hipockcracy here is what you pointed out. as a state senator, it was a 39-0 vote with one obstain for stand your ground and representative wilson was one of them. we can replay the last few appearances. what have i said? this is using the tragedy of trayvon martin's shooting, not letting due process play out and using it for political gain.
12:28 am
they are trying to coalesce the black vote. they need to do this and there is a lot more to-- you think this is connect to the election? >> absolutely! >> sean: of president obama. >> sean: rozlin, barack and the naacp said, what do we want? justice. when do we want it now? how do we get it? vote. they have voter registration drives at trayvon martin rallies. thisas a usery practice. really, be unpredictable as a bloc, that's political empowerment. otherwise, you are at the mercy of the party. >> i don't want disagree on having multiple strategies for participation with the black community. but this is -- this is not using a tragedy in that vain. i think what freed ricka wilson did was a shame. i think the stand your ground laws are kill-at-will laws. they went against the advice of
12:29 am
the police in florida. what we have seen-- i don't like that phrase "kill at will." i don't agree with that. >> how can she vote for something-- i don't agree with that terminology. >> that's fair. but she went against the advice of the police officer and she went against the police officer who is said that young black and brown kids are going to be the one who is experience -- are going to be on the other side of stand your ground for the most part. i think that's what the challenge is. >> you know, the laws are not about for the most part. trevor duly, black/white. it's about the law. there is a fair review of the law and that should be done. jennifer carol will do that. the governor, rick scott, has put a task force together. let the due process play. clarify it, correct what's necessary, but this has been turned into by ms-nbc, an
12:30 am
anti-second amendment. they wrote the trayvon resolution. this is a political football. >> sean: you know what bothers me. you are an attorney, right? >> no, i'm not. >> sean: i thought you were an attorney. you know what bothers me? the new black panther party. a bounto somebody's head. they are talking about burning florida down. they are talking about race riots in florida. they say all of this -- i cannot believe that you can put a bounto somebody's head -- there is still no arrests. why aren't they arrestd? >> i don't think anybody takes them seriously-- you don't take that seriously? >> i don't think anybody can name a member of the black panther party. >> sean: malik, should youlu shabazz. >> perhaps you can -- >> that's not the point. the law is about the incident. freedom of speech is one thing, but to incite violence is a violation of the law. the law doesn't look at whether you can or cannot you commit the
12:31 am
crime. >> the new black panther party has been classified as a hate group by the law center, as they have classified many hate groups on the left and the right. and they have been disavowed by the original black panther party. >> sean: wait a minute -- david's a friend -- >> that's irrelevant. >> sean: if david put a bounto my head, he should be arrested -- and vice versa. you don't put bounties on people's heads, especially in situations like sanford, florida. it's dangerous, it's volatile. it's a terroristic threat, you are threatening to kill somebody for money. >> that's what the law is -- >> that's what the law said i. i think in terms of the relevance. we are giving them more promotion here -- >> the law is not based on relevance. you are trying to deflect from the real issue -- >> no, i am trying to say that they are a fringe group. >> so is timothy mcveigh, but
12:32 am
he killed a lot of people. one group can be a fringe. that's the problem -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: good to see you both. appreciate. congrats on the baby girl. the tape that team obama probably wishes they could make disappear. the president talking about eating dog meat. we have the tape. but first, it's our next installment of the real obam a. tonight, we vet the news media. by the way, while they should have been vetting the president, the liberal, mainstream media gave president obama a pass before the election. and we expose how they are giving him a pass prior to this election. election. that and much more, next. [ leanne ] appliance park has been here since the early 50s. my dad and grandfather spent their whole careers here. [ charlie ] we're the heartbeat of this place, the people on the line. we take pride in what we do. when that refrigerator ships out the door, it's us that work out here. [ michael ] we're on the forefront of revitalizing manufacturing. we're proving that it can be done here, and it can be done well. [ ilona ] i came to ge after the plant i was working at
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-every day. -every day. every day is a 5-hour energy day. [ male announcer ] 5-hour energy. every day. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity" time foreur next installment of the real obama. before he stepped into the oval office, president obama was given a free pass to help him push through his liberal agend a. here's examples of the very
12:37 am
tough questions that the so-called reputable members of the press, the independent, fair and balanced media asked then candidate obama to make sure he was prepared to be the leader of the free world. >> you are the equivalent of a rock star in politics? >> many of the texts that have come from john mccain's campaign have been, quite frankly, condescending. >> right. >> were you surprised by that? does it anger you. >> the bus ride along the ?oiy road to lebanon, new hampshire, i showed him this week's "newsweek," hot off the presses? highway does this feel, all the honors and publicity? >> last time we were here, i handed you a copy of "newsweek," have you held this? >> do you have a weakness on the campaign trail? something have you to have with you? >> i like a certain brand of green tea. >> coffee or tea? >> tea. >> beatles or rolling stones?
12:38 am
>> rolling stones. >> which president do you most want to be like? >> lincoln. >> joining me now, brent bozel. look, i don't mind a few fun questions. that's fair, that's fine. but i have to put a fine point on one thing. he started his career in bill ayers' house. he gave speeches, salt on boards with the guy, had a relationship with a number of terrorists. one question and a flimsy answer. that sums it up, doesn't it? this is the treatment he got before he got elected? >> if you listen-- the problem is this -- it is not just in the words and in calling him a rock star and that sort of thing. it's the tone. if there is one word that describes all of those clips that you just showed, it's awestruck. the media were awestruck, embarrassingly so, awestruck. get this statistic, sean. in the primaries in 2008, we counted 29 different times where the networks either called him a
12:39 am
rising star, an emerging star, a rock star or a super star. 29 different times. it. >> sean: you know -- the media claims -- now, this is what's interesting about this. i get criticized, i am a registered conservative in new york. i am not a registered republican. i wrote a book, "conservative victory,." i didn't write "republican victory." these are so called fair and balanced. there is a big difference here. they claim to be journalists. they act as though they are journalists. i believe in their own minds, they believe they are journalists. but if you even look at -- look back at the comments that they make, they predicted he would govern as a centrist. i was a lone voice in the wilderness, beat up by the very same media outlets, for accurately predicting how extreme he would be.
12:40 am
>> yeah. if you were a guest on, say, tim russert's program, the late, great tim russert. he made you earn your keep because of the tough questions he asked you. but they were never unfair. never personal. >> they never came out of left field or right field. they were good, tough questions. that's perfectly fine. but if you are going to do that to the republicans, do it to the democrats. if you are going to gush over the democrats, gush over the republicans. but what you see is a consistent theme. you know, my colleague, rich noyes had a great insight. he said going after obama is like going after your grandmother. you just don't do it. i think that's really the way the media look at this. >> sean: i think the media agree with him but they don't have the courage to admit it so they do it in a backhanded way and they want access. they want the next interview.
12:41 am
without tyou know, i think they will go very far to get that access. let me give you an example. let's show a montage we put together since the president has been in office and the interviews that have taken place since then. >> you are so confident, mr. president and so focused. is your confidence ever shaken? do you ever wake up and say, damn, this is hard? >> i went to monticello, thomas jefferson's home, and one of the historians down there remined me that thomas jefferson once said that the presidency is a splinted misery. but at the end of his term, he also said, quote, that the presidency had brought him nothing but increasing grudgery and a daily loss of friends. i just wonder, have you lost any friends yet? >> what about the famous quote from another beleaguered president, abraham lincoln, who said he had been driven many times to his knees because his
12:42 am
own wisdom and that around him was insufficient for the deism i do a lot of praying. >> it occurs to me, we are sitting 30 feet from harry truman's official white house portrait. members of your base are asking, when are you going to get your harry truman on? >> if you want to know where the president goes online, which web sites do you surf? >> vian ipad. steve jobs gave it to my, a little bit early -- >> that's pretty cool. >> i am hoping to find nua reflective mood on a cloudy day, you were the first to speak to you off your summer vacation. how does that recharge you? what do you think about? what do you see? what about do you read about? >> a quick question about the family. do they have you on their ring tone now, singing? [president obama singing] >> sean: let me just go through this. you are so confident -- you are
12:43 am
so focused. is your confidence ever shaken? do you ever wake up and say this is hard? they compare him to truman, jefferson and lincoln and no conservative is treated this way -- why?! >> evan thomas compared him to god! my favorite was barbara walters who last december said, if you were a super hero and huone super power, what would it be? this is embarrassing. this is journalism today. >> sean: to eliminate fox news and talk radio all in one shot -- >> which is what -- very quickly, sean, this is why they were so upset when bret baier dared ask him-- he was great. that was the only interview, that was by far the best interview, bret baier. it will be interesting to see if he gets another interview. because i see that the so-called independent media, they are
12:44 am
sucking up to the president because they want brews and access. >> that's right. >> sean: you are so confident, mr. president, you are so -- is your confidence ever shaken, ever? i have to run. thank you, bret -- our great, great, great american panel is
12:45 am
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>> sean: and our great, great, great american panel. the senior spokesman for the hillary clinton campaign. mo elleithee is back with us. he is the president of the penn financial group, business expert, matt mccall. she, a contributor to the daily beast -- i saw your take on bill maher and beat him up pretty bad a couple of weeks ago. that was pretty good, i like that. >> appreciate it. >> sean: maybe obama will give back the million bucks to the guy who uses the c-word against sarah palin. >> i think obama is holding onto
12:49 am
the money. >> sean: you stood right up to him. >> if you are a nonliberal woman-- forget it. >> yeah. >> sean: we have doggate. now -- now this is interesting. we haven't spent a lot of time on it. but this is important. david axel rod sends out the tweet, it's a dig that mitt romney, years ago on a trip put one of those dog kennels on top of the car and drove from boston to canada. so david axleroad says how loving dog owners transport their dogs and puts up a picture of a photo of obama and his dog, beau. then we find out that president obama admit when is he was growing up, for a time in indonesia and... you know, said, you know, some things, including that he ate dog meat. said it. listen. >> with lo, lo, i earned to eat
12:50 am
rice. dog meat, tough. snake meat >> sean: like sandra fluke tbackfired. they don't want to talk about issues. they want to talk about dogs. it backfired again. you are a strategist. bad strategy? >> number 1, i would disagree that they are not talking about issues. they are talking about issues every single day. but put that aside. look, i am not -- i think all of this dog talk is silly from, both sides. >> sean: you say it backfired? >> no. >> i thought it was before -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: which one would you rather be -- >> a six-year-old boy who had food put in front of him -- is a
12:51 am
very different situation than an adult -- [overlapping dialogue] >> i would rather be neither. one is torture and the other is a death sentence. so these are the most unfriendly dog candidates we have ever seen. [laughter] >> sean: i tweeted out pictures of my dog. but what do you think? i would rather be the dog in the top in the kennel that made it? >> i am not a huge dog lover. you think about this. he ate the dog. that dog had to -- he's loving it up there. he is loving life on the way. it's a vacation. there is nothing wrong with him. >> sean: my dog loves to be in the kennel -- on top of a car. >> moving down the highway? >> and then jay carney said, he was only 6 or 7 years old. this happened with romney in 1983. >> he was a grown man. he was driving the car. >> people are emotional. this distorts the way i see the
12:52 am
candidates separate, thinking of these dogs, i get really upset. >> sean: one dog survived and one was a snack. >> but shamas on the roof-- he died a natural death. >> barack obama didn't go hunting for that dog-- doesn't matter. he ate it [overlapping dialogue] >> they both volunteered the anecdotes like they were normal occurrences. you put the dog on the roof, you eat a dog. they both voluntarily told reporters-- michelle obama has been outspoken about diet. is it okay to eat dog? >> absolutely not. >> sean: snake? >> talk about the tiger meat. >> sean: tiger blood. more with our great, great, great american panel, coming up ♪
12:53 am
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. with stuart varney as a regular guest on this program, economics are very important to you. frisson million americans in poverty. 27 million americans un- and under-employed. we see greece, spain, portugal ireland and the euro. i love hearing from stuart varney and robin leach, people
12:57 am
who understand socialism and they point out that america's going in the direction of bankruptcy, like these other countries. listen to robin leach. >> what obama is proposing... you have to cut right down to it, it is socialism. it is so ugly and evil. it doesn't work. it's never worked. but then there is this other group of people who think that the money should be taken away from the go-getters and the do-gooders because they are not going to do it and they can't do didt and they won't do it. and for as long as you have a president who is whipping up this racial war and this economic divide, which he's doing... quietly, but some of us see through it, you begin to realize that level the playing field is truly socialism. >> sean: all right. this is your area. with $5 trillion in debt, how do you run a campaign, except class warfare? >> have you to. it's the only way to do t. what obama is focusing on in this
12:58 am
campaign is there is 47 million in poverty. he is looking for their vote. how can they relate to mitt romney? they see mitt romney and the amount of mon hey makes. but people don't understand, there is a lot of millionaires and dillionaires, yes. but a lot of them came from nothing. a lot of them came from lower-middle class-- most. >> look at home depot and wal-mart. they vilify the companies. they started down south, small business that turned into companies-- i love both those stores. >> exactly. myself. >> sean: do you i. i respect wal-mart. i don't like hait has done to small towns in the south-- what do you mean? >> i love it because it's cheap but it has destroyed-- when have you a small hardware store that employs 4 people and you have a wal-mart that employs 400 pe, that's 396 people. now in that city, making money i. i am not arguing with you. >> you can see the charm erode from a small town square i. you
12:59 am
want charm or a job and pay your bills? >> which is why i support wal-mart -- >> how does the president run-- how does the president make the case we are better off than we were four years ago? >> i think he can easily make the case that we are doing better-- how, no, no. >> than we were doing four years ago. >> sean: not one net job increase. >> what we have had 23, 24 -- [overlapping dialogue] >> hang -- a lot of jobs that have been lost have been public-sector jobs, we are growing jobs in the private sector. i mean, it's been great-- we have less people working now than when he took office. >> it only gets worse with the cut, cap and balance plan from the republicans-- all right. that's all the time we have left. thanks. greta's next. see you tomorrow. >> greta: tonight, the silver spoon weaponnized. it's the newiest weapon in the battle for the white house. president o


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